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First night shift ever - check

Peds of the only rotation so far where I’ve had to do night shifts (9pm - after rounds the next morning ~9:30am) and let me tell you it’s hard. PGY friends hats off to you because I’m on day 1-3 and it’s pretty hard to change your sleep schedule!

I got there at 9 and everything was looking good. ED was slow.. didn’t seem like there might be an admission. Turns out my junior resident is my preceptor from MS1 (she was MS4) and had taught me the basics of the H&P! We helped with blood draws and placing an IV on a baby that was just a few hours old (mind you my role was handing her stuff because baby veins). Then an admission came for me and it was(I/strongly believe) a presentation of Crohn’s. Which was a godsend because I suck at remembering Crohn’s vs UC and now I had the perfect clinical application and hopefully will never forget! After I finished my admission it was like 2:30-3 am and the resident asked if I wanted to go home and come back for rounds and present. I would have totally said YES YES YES, but I was scared to walk back home so late at night alone and tired. So I stayed, initially it wasn’t too bad. The intern is amazing the Sub I is amazing. I worked on my CV which eventually needs to be turned in for my dean’s letter.

But come rounds (8:30am) my brain felt as if it was made of potatoes and my CSF was oatmeal. Just mush. Thankfully my team let me present first so that I could BOLT. The content and ?order of my presentation was pretty good, but man I felt like I couldn’t string words together and my diction was off. I literally felt like I was drunk. I gave my assessment and plan, which was different in some ways to what the team had decided to do (just in terms of which labs were necessary and which weren’t) and To my surprise my attending agreed. Wait then we found the GI attending and he gave THE EXACT assessment and plan that I gave. It felt great especially after literally having trouble speaking from how tired I was. I mean it was a pretty straight forward Crohn’s vs appendicitis vs Crohn’s and appendicitis A&P but it’s a little victory.

Anyways now I’m at home. Settling for bed. It’s hard to fall asleep at 10 am regardless of how long I’ve been up.

My writing was terrible but guys my brain is mush

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