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a cute youngjae


favourite costumes → Merlin (part one)

High waist Liu Jo Bottom up Jeans and Leggins Accessory

Hi ^ ^ I can finally share this jeans inspired by LiuJo (shocking eh?! XD),unfortunately is not HQ so don’t expect much and the back of the jeans is a bit too dark,I’m sorry :( I did my best for this one but the images I worked with were just meh!I also made it as an accessory (legging category),so the download is a file rar,you just have to unzip it and choose wich one you want or keep them both.Base game compatible,standalone item,palette and thumbnail in photo.So sorry for the blurry and bad preview,the top my sim is wearing is made by me but I don’t know if I will share it or not,too much texture problems and low quality details… I have to think about it. Many many thanks for downloading my CC ❤ ❤ ❤ and if you have problem with the package please contact me and Happy Simming ^^.

Download link via simfileshare  CLICK ME

CC Used: Shoes @madlensims Necklace @pralinesims Iphone @inabadromance Nails@TSR Skintone @golyhawhaw Hair@hallowsims

TOU: Do not re-upload it elsewhere and claim as your own.If you use it please tag me so I can reblog you :) Please don’t convert the item and don’t use my texture.

sleepysundae  asked:

Do you think maybe it's in bad taste to make the English dubbed episodes available for download? Nickelodeon is doing everything they can to make their episodes accessible to people, which includes putting them up for stream on their own website. It's not hard to support them by watching it from their own sources. I'd hate to find out that they're not going to dub season 2 because you guys keep putting their versions up for download.

I understand your concern but there are a couple of problems with the your statements:

“Nickelodeon is doing everything they can to make their episodes accessible to people“

¤ Nickelodeon doesn’t make their episodes accessible to all people, only US citizens.

¤ Ultimately, I don’t put it up for those who can access it - I put it up for those who are like me: the show is not aired in their country and they want to watch it in English in HD (because in certain countries there’s not even nickelodeon in HD…).
> Just so you know, those people cannot even buy the series on iTunes under normal circumstances either. :(
So if someone downloads it who can access them normally - shame on them. :(

¤ The more people can get access to the show, the better: the fandom will spread and more people who are serious fans of the show will support it because they know it won’t go on without some money. If they can’t see it, how are they going to do that?

¤ As for supporting the show: I’m the type who prefers digital content but what about the others? A lot of people would love to have some merchandise and it’s just not available yet. :/ Or have the physical DVDs/BDs on their shelves. Why would they pay for the digital ones then? They are just waiting for other stuff to pay for, which is totally fine in my opinion. People are already making toys and other stuff because there is a lack in merchandise (except for the lucky Koreans) and I think that shows how there is an interest in buying those kinds of things but the means are missing.

“I’d hate to find out that they’re not going to dub season 2 because you guys keep putting their versions up for download.”

¤ The placeholder language for the animation is already English so I don’t think they would stop doing the dubs.

¤ The series is doing quite well, its popularity is spreading > you’ll see how merchandise will help the creators earn even more, in fact, most of the money is made from merchandise.

¤ People who download the episodes while they have the means to access them legally > those are the ones who may get the iTunes versions from torrent sites and whatnot, (even if I don’t put them up), which is a far more serious thing in my opinion ^^” those are not distributed for free at all…
> Not to mention that the iTunes files have a really bad issue with quality, which is why I find it important for people to get access to the best version available so far, which is still the nick one… :(

This is my policy. Actually, I’ve never heard of any series that was this successful (getting 2 other season before even airing in the US!) so if this show can ever get canceled because of the uploaded raws… well, the cause must be quite extraordinary, or just the usual excuse for canceling good animated shows: not being able to make toys out of it…

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I always see you making gifs, but are you able to upload a high quality picture (For my new background)? I tried, but no matter what I did it always looked bad. It was from the higher quality of the longer SU intro, and the frame I tried taking was the one where Yellow diamond turns around along with the other homeworld gems + Crystal gems. If you can do that, I'd be forever thankful!

it’s pretty hard to find that in high quality because it’s from a youtube video but I downloaded the video in 1080p and this is the best I can do

I put it on Imgur too, I don’t know if that helps or not