these are bad and i should feel bad

Unknown Gotham fact: Mr. Freeze runs the best D&D games.

Nightwing #29, Gotham Resistance Part 2. A.k.a. a lesson I should shut up about people being sidelined. But we’ll get to that. Now, I need to say this crossover seriously reads like a D&D game, with levels of the dungeon and bosses and secrets. Nightwing’s narration tries to pass it as more serious and dire and Damain is trying to launch some drama, but it really feels like a fun adventure. It’s both good and bad. Good because, well, it’s fun a good crossover should be. Bad because it’s distracting when the story takes itself too seriously.

I must admit, I like this format for events much more than others. Instead of forced tie-ins you run one of smaller, normal crossovers as one tie-in and you do like two of them. Hope more events will try this instead of wasting whole arcs for an event tie-in.

One complaint to this issue would be some of the banter. Most of the times it’s natural but there is rather forced “natural twenty” joke from Harley. And Raven calling Enchantress an “Elder Goth”. Like, no. It doesn’t work. Stop.

Speaking of which, rest of Teen Titans teams up with rest of Suicide Squad….to get captured and Jokerized by Edgelord Robin. They were no match for his brilliant plan of “throw dozens of dad’s Rabid Robins at them”. I guess that explains their absence as larger part of the event in the advertisement. Although, Raven and Goliath aren’t present on the final page. I hope this isn’t just omission and Dick’s D&D party will soon get a mage and a gargoyle….

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I have been incredibly busy lately. To the point where I don't sleep much, I rarely eat, and just last weekend, almost passed out. It's not that I can't handle it, because I've handled it before, I've just fallen into a bit of a rut. I decided to fake being sick to have a personal day, to just relax, get caught up on a few important things, but mainly care for myself. Is that bad?

it’s not bad at all!!! ur only human and u need a break. working urself like that to the point where u nearly pass out is not healthy, regardless of whether or not u can handle it. ur health and wellbeing should always be a priority and u shouldn’t feel bad for taking care of urself. in the future tho pls avoid pushing urself to such drastic measures!!! taking a day off to look after yourself isn’t a bad thing but it’s preferable not to have to do so after working urself to the bone

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I am the whiniest person ever right now, so I apologize in advance but ughhhhhh today sucked. I got a bad grade on an assignment I worked hard on, I had to listen to s guest speaker who was just INCREDIBLY rude and nasty, and I feel so sick and gross. Just wanna lay around and cry honestly. 🏫

You should just skip tomorrow honestly. You sound like you need a break! I’m sorry you are having a bad day, love! 

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sometimes I feel bad for being a trans guy because I feel like I'm taking advantage of male privilege that trans women don't/can't receive. like, trans women receive a lot of violence and hate and I hate that I don't have it as bad? that sounds weird but I feel bad for the privilege I have as male because others can't have that. idk what I'm trying to say tbh

However you feel it’s okay but being trans isn’t some big competition between all of us.
I think you should try to accept yourself as who you are and, while be sympathetic with other trans people don’t make yourself feel bad about different experiences -Matt

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Hi there, a baby witch here. So I have a problem and I'm not sure how to fix it. I talk to people who have problems with themselves & the world etc. I take away their bad vibes so they can close a chapter or move on. But lately I thought about why I'm so bitter/sour all the time and I had all these bad thought etc. but they aren't mine. It feels like people's bad vibes found refuge in me and I don't know how to get them out. Any thing to get it out or atleast have them stop from getting in?

I think your method of removing energy is what’s ailing you. You don’t have to take on others’ energy to remove it. 

First, I think you should stop removing others’ energy for a time and focus on cleansing yourself. Do some letting go spells, cleansing, grounding, crysla healing, anything that helps clear your energy. Second, when you work with others again, I think you need a new method. Find a way to dispel their energy without taking it all in yourself. You can wear a protective amulet on yourself when you take energy, so example, or you can dispel the energy through elemental energy to clear them out. There are many other methods that will work; find out what’s best for you. (=゚ω゚)ノ

Freshly pampered nails this morning. Kyle does such a good job. Considering how good he’s made them look, I should feel bad about the fact I’m thinking about refusing to touch him with these hands tonight when I see him.

But I don’t feel bad. At all. In fact, I love to make him want me more than he’s ever wanted anything else before - and then deny him me. 😈

I wonder what else, and with whom else, these hands can get up to tonight instead… 💋

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For the people saying my comment on your shower post is bad... I get I worded it very dramatically like "showering is a waste of time," but I reeeeally didn't mean you should never shower. I just said that cause I find showering annoying, I feel like I'm wasting time I could be spending doing other things. That's just a personal thing. I still do it though, just not every day. The purpose of my comment was really to say that humans don't actually need to wash our skin & hair as much as we do.

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Did someone say… ULTRA  |ω•`)

*sigh* I guess my Sinnoh remake will have to wait huhu
Arceus please >.<

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

PSA: if your grown ass man is too scared to accidentally brush up against a wrapped tampon, it’s time to find a new man. Your period is natural and shouldn’t freak him out. #RemoveTheStigma #PrettyLittlePSA


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖