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Gym person again

It makes it really hard on us if people stay past close because a lot of us are students and have class immediately after work. If people are still there we have to work around them, which is super annoying and inconvenient.

This mom comes in the mornings and I despise her. She seems to think that we’re a day care or a nanny service rather than a safe, fun place for her daughter to be while she works out.

She always comes in about an hour before we close and is often times the last one there. Today she decided to nurse her daughter at the precise time that we closed. All the other kids had left and we were vacuuming and cleaning. SHE DID NOT TAKE THE HINT. She’s welcome to nurse in the hallway, or if she wants somewhere more private there’s changing areas in the locker room with curtains and chairs. We’re not trying to stop her, we just need her to get out of the room.

Anyway, at 12:05 the mom was still there, she says “oh I’ll be done in a minute”, and it took all my energy not to scream at her that she’s had 5 extra minutes, and she needs to leave.

TL:DR i hate entitled people


This is a potoo. They are a nocturnal bird that seriously looks like a bizarre Muppet or the most terrifying thing to find at night. My idea was to make a kenku potoo. But I want to have fun with it.

Imagine a 6.7 ft potoo kenku with that stupid face. It’ll be a berserker that never speaks and always makes that face. Their only good stats are strength and endurance type stuff. No one in the party knows anything about them, but they just started following them around and the party went along with it.

Could you imagine being a barbarian or thief trying to attack this weak looking party when all of the sudden this bastard lurks out of the shadows and rips your compatriots to shreads without even breaking a sweat or even changing their expression. You would totally book it.

Feel free to use the idea if you want


anyway i’m glad i love zayn and that zayn is a genuinely kind person who doesn’t feel the need to make fun of other ppl n lie in the process just to make himself feel better and always refuses to take the bait when prompted to :p

here’s a long list of headcanons because i love my kids
-Lance is slightly taller than Keith. Like, an inch taller. Keith insists that 1 inch doesn’t make a difference but Lance will constantly poke fun at Keith for being ‘short’.
     -Pidge looks into the camera like they’re in the office.
-Lance and Allura are BEST FRIENDS. They absolutely have sleepovers together and complain about their dumb boyfriends.
     -Pidge is also a recurring guest in these sleepovers because they always have THE BEST gossip. 
          -Pidge knows everything about everyone. There’s no hiding from them.
     -Lance is very good at doing Allura’s hair.
     -Lance: *kicks down door* allura you are not going to BELIEVE what keith just did!!!!!
-Hunk and Keith bond over dumb things Lance has done because Hunk is more than happy to share all sorts of embarrassing stories.
     -Lance has never felt so betrayed.
-Everyone catches on to Lance feeling bad about himself sometimes and they all band together to make Lance the most appreciated person on the planet.
     -They made a banner that says ‘we love lance <3’ and honestly it looks like a group of kindergartners drew it.
     -Hunk makes a cake.
           -Keith ‘helped’ make it but that boy can’t cook to save his life ok he just did the icing and it looked terrible.
     -in conclusion they all love lance so much and Lance has never been more proud to call these losers his friends.
-Shiro is the ultimate dad friend. Cares very much but too emotionally distant
-keith is so gay for Lance and he’s open about it to everyone but lance.
     -anytime someone says something about lance Keith immediately shows up to be like “yea lance is amazing right?????”
-Shiro is the embodiment of the ‘i have crippling depression’ meme
     -he makes so many self-deprecating jokes no one knows if they should laugh or give him a hug
           -the answer is both.
-Lance is the kind of person who’s like “haha im such a bad person haha” but as soon as someone else does it he’s all “!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING AND I WOULD DIE FOR YOU”
-Lance has two moods:
     -”i am shit”
     -”i am The Shit”
-Keith has a 32 slide powerpoint on why mothman is real.
     -Pidge helped.
-”mothman is real he sucked my dick in a denny’s parking lot” -keith probably
-Hunk is everyone’s shoulder to cry on. 
     -you need to rant abt something??? Cool hunk will listen and make you some tea
     -relationship trouble??? Here comes Hunk back at it again with helpful advice
-Shiro on the other hand has the emotional empathy of a rock.
     -he has good intentions but he’s so awkward honestly so his advice is just the worst
-Lance has no concept of personal space
     -everyone is used to his constant need for physical contact
     -keith is the victim of this more often than not.
     -Lance claims it’s because keith is really warm but everyone knows that is a Blatant Lie
-There are often debates on cats vs dogs
     -keith, shiro, and pidge are team cats
     -hunk, lance and allura are team dogs
     -coran is the one who needs to break up the argument before there’s a fight
-everyone is basically an older sibling to pidge
     -every single one of them will throw hands at the ready for them
     -there’s no debate ok you mess with pidge and you will be catching The Hands of six very angry friends
-Allura is not to be fucked with ok like she’s nice and sweet and all but will not hesitate to kick ass
-Coran has dirt on everybody. He’s just too nice to use it
-pidge, however, will not hesitate to blackmail everyone with every piece of info they can get their petty little hands on
-Lance is an absolute baby when he’s sick
      -no one is safe from his desperate clinging and begging to be taken care of
      -n o  o n e
-Lance will latch onto anything in the vicinity when he’s asleep
     -pillows, stuffed animals, and keith are his main victims
-Keith will go actual days without sleep until someone (usually lance or shiro) legitimately force him to sleep
     -Lance actually sat on top of keith for hours once to force keith to stay in bed
     -lance ended up falling asleep too
     -pidge still has pictures of them cuddling
     -lance still denies that it happened despite the cold hard Facts
-Lance would rather die than admit his massive crush on Keith “Mullethead” Kogane
     -everyone already knows
-everyone is sick of the klance mutual pining
     -everyone is guilty of trying to play matchmaker at least once
          -pidge is more guilty than anyone
     -keith and lance are dumb and cant admit their feelings and it pisses everyone off

In conclusion i love my children

A Fresh Start (part 3)

A/N: As always thank you so much for all your love and support with this story :) All your feedback makes me so happy!

The weeks passed by quickly, it’s already been two months since Lucy moved to Magnolia with her son. Working plus taking care of Kade was taking up majority of her time… and honestly she was drained. So drained she took up Levy’s offer to hangout with her and her friends tonight. It’s been over 3 years since she had a night of fun with friends, she wasn’t a bad mother for taking one night away from Kade… right?

Lucy contemplated her actions as she drove her son to daycare for the day. Her heart had shame for spending a night out with friends and not with her baby boy. Even though he would be taken care of and entertained. Momon’s mother, Eclair, offered to watch Kade for her. Eclair and Lucy have had little conversations throughout the weeks, Eclair always saying how Momon talked about Kade constantly and wanted him to come over so they could play. So when Lucy mentioned her coworker wanting to take her out with her friends, Eclair said she’d watch him free of charge. Lucy was hesitant at first, but with a little begging from her son she relented.

Eclair was a single mother like she was, having Momon the same age she had Kade. Lucy felt that it made them have a closer bond since they had an understanding of being a single teenage mother. Lucy was just a worry wart when it came to her son, it was just one night… why did she already feel so guilty about it?

She sighed as she put her car in park and stepped out.

“Whats wrong Mommy?” Kade asked as Lucy opened up his side to get him out of his car seat.

“Nothing honey. Mommy’s just nervous about leaving you tonight.” She replied picking him up.

“Mommy I’ll be okay, Momon and his Mommy are going to be with me!” He reassured his mother, wrapping his little arms around her neck tightly.

This made Lucy hold him tighter. “I know. Mommy just doesn’t like to be away from you.”

“Kade!” Momon shouted as soon as they stepped through the door. “Mommy said she was baking us dragon shaped cookies!”

“Really!” Kade squirmed in his mother’s arms until she let him go. “Mommy! Cookies!”

“What are you going to say to Eclair before you have a cookie?” Lucy questioned.

“I’m going to say please and thank you.” He replied which made Lucy smile.

“Good. Eclair also has my phone number and I told her to call me if you cause any trouble. Be on your best behavior and maybe we’ll set up more playdates with you and Momon.” Lucy said, her heart slightly melting at how happy her son looked when she said that.

“Really Mommy? If I’m good I can play with Momon more?” Lucy nodded. “Momon! We gotta be good so we can play dragons more!”

Lucy laughed at the two before bending down wrapping her arms around Kade for a hug. “I’ll pick you up later tonight, be on your best behavior.” Kade nodded in his mother’s neck. “I love you, see you later tonight.”

“I love you too Mommy!” Kade said before running off with Momon. Lucy watched them run off into the playroom before she turned and walked out the doors, her eyes a little misty.

She really hoped having a night of fun didn’t make her a bad mother.


“I’m so happy that you’re finally going out with us!” Levy exclaimed as she got inside Lucy’s car.

“Yeah, me too.” Lucy said with a slight smile, leaving Kade for the night still weighing heavily on her.

“We’re going to this great pasta place, it’s kind of fancy so that’s why I asked you to dress up.” Levy stated, straightening out her long sleeved orange dress.

“I never really have an excuse to dress up anymore, so I’m happy to do it.” Lucy’s outfit was a long sleeved black dress that hugged all of her curves, the skirt ending right above the knees and paired with black stilettos. “I can’t even remember the last time I dressed up was.”

“Well, maybe dressing up will attract a man eh?” Levy said with a grin. “You know, there are two single men in our party tonight. Be wary of one though, one woman is kind of obsessive when it comes to one of them.”

Lucy sighed. “I really appreciate it Levy-chan, but right now I’m too busy to even think about dating.”

“I understand Lu-chan.” Levy said with a sympathetic pat on her thigh. “It doesn’t hurt to look though.”

Lucy shrugged. “I guess not…”

“Anyways, just take a left up here. Thanks for driving me by the way, Gajeel had to work so he dropped me off and took the car.”

“Not a problem! I’m real anxious about meeting your boyfriend.” Lucy chirped.

“He has a real rough look, but he’s honestly just a giant teddy bear.” She explained.

“Or is it just he’s a softy to you?” Lucy teased back, pulling into the restaurant. “Oh man. I’ve been telling Kade I would take him here whenever I got the chance….”

“It’s so cute your son’s always first on your mind.” Levy sighed. “I can’t wait until I’m a mom.”

“Being a mother is amazing.” An affectionate smile lit up Lucy’s face. “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Levy just smiled at the blonde before stepping out of Lucy’s car. Lucy’s long, blonde hair swayed lightly in the wind as her heels clicked again the pavement. She was nervous beyond relief. Hell, she woke up an hour earlier than usual just to make sure she looked presentable. At work she went to the bathroom every hour on the hour to see if her makeup was smudged. Lucy realized this was probably overboard, but she never really had friends before. She was homeschooled until high school and years of neglect from her father making her have an introverted personality, so talking to people wasn’t exactly easy. It was already overwhelming enough talking to Levy, the fact that she was about to meet her friend’s had Lucy’s anxiety sky high.


Lucy snapped her head to her shorter friend. “Oh, I’m sorry Levy-chan.”

“Don’t worry about it!” Levy replied, stepping in the doors. “They’re right over here.”

Lucy’s heart raced as she made her way over to the table. She did a headcount, five? Five people? How does someone have that many friends?

“About time you got here Levy.” Gajeel grunted, standing up to greet his girlfriend.

“Nice to see you too dear.” Levy rolled her eyes, but greeted him with a kiss anyway. “Everyone, this is Lucy.”

Lucy’s face flushed noticing they were all looking at her. She waved shyly. “H-Hello.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” A stunning redhead stood up, walking over to Lucy. The blonde couldn’t help but notice this woman’s stunning figure and dark brown eyes. When she stopped in front of Lucy, she stuck out her hand. “I’m Erza Fernandez. The man with blue hair is my husband Jellal.”

Lucy shook Erza’s hand before turning to Jellal with a kind smile. “It’s nice to meet you guys.”

“You as well.” Jellal kindly replied.

“I’m sure Levy here brags about me all the time,” A man with long, wild black hair said with a smirk, “But names Gajeel.”

“Oh, you’re Levy’s boyfriend right?”

“The one and only. Knew you bragged about me at work.” Gajeel teased his girlfriend, who slapped his chest in response.

“Oi, quit flirting would ya, it’s sickening.” Another man with dark hair said.

“You’re just jealous Ice Breath. Y'know, if you’d get your damned head outta your prissy ass, I bet Juvia would love flirt with ya.” Lucy didn’t think Gajeel could smirk any wider than he already was.

“G-Gajeel-kun!” Juvia exclaimed.

Gajeel shrugged. “What? It’s the truth ain’t it?”

“You sure are making a first impression on your girlfriend’s friend Metalhead.” He grumbled before setting his gaze on Lucy. “Sorry about him, he’s a bit of an asshole.”

“That’s not true!” Gajeel growled.

“You’re right, you’re not kind of an asshole, you are a total asshole my bad.” The dark haired man laughed at Gajeel’s obviously rising temper.

“I suggest you guys stop your bickering before I have to explain to the staff why there’s blood stains in the carpet.” Erza calmly said, sipping her tea.

Lucy watched as both men shivered at Erza’s threat, in all honestly she didn’t know if she was joking or not. While Gajeel sat down, the other man looked back at Lucy. “Names Gray.”

“L-Lucy.” She wasn’t going to lie, the bickering between Gajeel and Gray made her want to run. How could two friends act like that towards one another?

“Juvia apologizes for Gray-sama and Gajeel-kun.” A woman with longer blue hair said with an apologetic smile. “Juvia is Juvia! It’s nice to meet you Lucy!”

“It’s nice to meet you too.” She returned Juvia’s smile.

She watched as Levy looked around, a frown on her face before she said, “Where’s our other stooge at?”

“He’s on his way, he had to shower.” Gray replied quickly.

“Very well.” Erza stated from her seat. “We’ll wait for him then.”

“So Lucy,” Jellal asked. “Levy said you just moved here, how are you liking it?”

“I love it here.” She replied, a dreamy look in her eyes. “All the beautiful sights just really pull you in.”

“Indeed.” Erza said with a smile. “It’s my favorite part about this town, besides the fact that it’s known for the best strawberry cake.”

“Is it?” Lucy replied in surprise. “I’ll have to try it sometime then.”

“We will have to set up a time to go to the bakery together, I receive a discount there.”

Lucy tilted her head. “Really? Do you work there?”

Gray snorted. “Hardly, she just orders so much from there she basically keeps them in business.”

“W-Well,” Erza’s face was the color of her hair, “It’s still a kind gesture on their part.”

Gray opened his mouth to reply when a booming voice filled the room.

“Yo guys! The party has arrived!”

“Oh great, he’s here.” Lucy heard Gray mumbled underneath his breath. Lucy turned around to the voice, eyes locking with him. They both stared at each other for a few seconds before the voice spoke again.


Lucy finally found her voice again. “Natsu?”

Natsu laughed. “What are the odds you were the one Levy talked about meeting?”

“Wait.” Levy asked confused. “You two know each other?”

“Yeah, I met her a few weeks back.” Natsu grinned, taking the empty seat next to Lucy. “Whats wrong Lucy? You should close your mouth, you’re gonna catch flies.”

“I’m just surprised is all.”

“At what? The fact that I’m here or the fact that I look a helluva better without a dirty clothes and sweat all over my body?” Lucy’s face burned at Natsu’s statement, making him grin teasingly.

“Where did you two meet at?” Erza asked curiously.

“The Sports Complex, she was signing her son up for soccer.” Natsu announced with a shrug.

Lucy watched at all eyes locked on her, she gulped audibly.

She could have killed Natsu.

She wanted to ease into the subject of her having a child, she just met these people for goodness sakes! She felt the back of her eyes burn, afraid of the impending judgement.

“You have a kid?” Gray said more to himself than anyone. “Oh, so she’s the pretty blonde you were talking about-”

Natsu kicked Gray underneath the table, his face aflame. “Shut up asshole!” Natsu looked over to Lucy, seeing if she heard what Gray said. Fortunately for him, it seems she didn’t.

“You got to meet her son?” Levy frowned.

Natsu chuckled. “Sure did! And let me tell ya, he’s great.”

“I would like to meet him too, he sounds charming.” Erza commented.

“The best friend gets to meet the little cutie next.” Lecy proclaimed. “Right Lu-chan?”

“U-Uh.” Lucy stuttered, feeling relieved that they didn’t seem judgemental. “I would like to get to know you guys before I bring my son around…”

“Understandable.” Erza stated with a nod. “What’s his name?”


“Poor guy having Natsu as a soccer coach.” Gray grinned when Natsu growled. “If he ever wants to play hockey, let me know.”

The thought of Kade on ice falling and breaking his bones didn’t sit well with Lucy. “We’ll have to see about that.”

“That reminds me.” Natsu turned to Lucy. “Practice starts in three weeks.”

“Okay,” Lucy replied. “I really haven’t had time to get the things Kade needs, I wanted to do some research to see which would be best for him. I don’t know if I’ll have time for that though.”

Natsu snorted. “Why would ya need to research? I’ll go help you pick out his things.”

Lucy’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Of course! I’ve been wanting to see the little tyke again.”

“More like flirt with his mom.” Gray muttered, earning him another kick.

“Anyway,” Natsu drawled, “How about next weekend? I’m free and will be needing a break from this Ice Muncher.”

Lucy tilted her head. “What do you mean?”

“We’re roommates unfortunately.” Gray sighed. “We work together during the week, and we see each other at home too. I get tired of seeing his ugly mug twenty-four seven.”

“You got something to say Ice Face?” Natsu stood up, leaning his face dangerously close to Gray’s.

Gray stood up and did the same, pushing his head against Natsu’s. “I already said it Fire Ass.”

Soon, the two felt their heads pulled back before being smashed together. They groaned in pain as they fell to the floor, holding their sore heads they looked up at a very angry Erza.

“How many times have I told you not to fight, especially in front of a new face!” She scolded.

“S-Sorry Erza…” They shivered under the red heads intense gaze.

“Is Gray-sama okay?” Juvia asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Just peachy.” He replied, rubbing his head.

“Ya can’t even take on Erza? You guys are weak.” Gajeel laughed until Erza turned to him with a deadly glare, making him shut up instantly.

“Oh? Would you like a piece of me Gajeel?” Erza said popping her knuckles.

“Now dear.” Jellal interrupted. “Your actions will get us kicked out of here… again.”

“Y-Yeah.” Gajeel stuttered “I-I’m not scared of you either.”

Erza humphed before turning her back on the three and taking her seat by her husband. Lucy was shocked when the four recovered quickly, acting as if nothing happened.

“A-Are they always like this?” Lucy whispered in Levy’s ear.

She laughed in response. “Yep! You get used to it though.”

Lucy gulped, just what craziness had Levy gotten her into?

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Can you tell us how Alex is as Draco?

I love Alex as Draco. He’s incredibly fun and brings so much to the character. He has some of the funniest lines in the play and he always aces them. “Is that a farmer’s market” always gets a huge laugh. He and Paul Thornley have developed this absolutely gorgeous animosity between Draco and Ron and it’s one of my favourite parts. Like, when Hermione makes Ron appologise to Draco, he does so, but you can tell he doesn’t mean it and that Draco knows he doesn’t mean it. When Paul/Ron says “you more intense people” he’s looking directly at Alex/Draco and Alex glares at him. And when Alex counters that being Voldemort “requires precision” he’s very clearly taking a dig at Ron. Pretty sure the “And I’m mildly enjoying it” line is intended to make Ron furious a well, and it succeeds.

And, argh, the chemistry between him and Jamie/Harry–speaking as a drarry fan–gives me life. It’s not shippy at all, but it’s right. He’s just so angry at Harry in the very beginning. He hates him for not doing more to help Scorpius and because of, well, everything. And yet he’s also very focussed on Harry, going out of his way to jeer at him during the EGM. He’s still desperate for Harry’s attention any way he can get it. He really does want to hurt Harry during the duel… But then he uses the mildest hexes and laughs through the whole thing. And then as things start to improve between them, he’s still focussed on Harry. There’s something so pleased and hopeful about the way he approaches Harry with the second Time-Turner. And then when Ron says “You may be all chummy chummy with Harry”, Alex/Draco turns around to check Harry’s reaction.

He’s brilliant at the serious stuff too. The speech he gives about Astoria and Scorpius is heart-breaking. And he’s amazing in the Voldemort AR office scene. He starts off almost brutally strict but then melts, and you can see his love and admiration for Scorpius clearly. It’s devastating, because you know that he doesn’t want to be in that world and is ashamed of the part he plays in it.

He doesn’t look like my internal Draco and I don’t love the gruff voice Alex chose to give him, but I still really love him as Draco in the play.

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Who's your fellow teammates?

Menudo is really nice! He’s a bit grouchy though. My trainer says he’s just tired all the time. He sometimes gets stuff for me if I ask.

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Bisque speak, but she likes to make sure everyone is okay all the time. Solyanka jokingly calls her “Mom” a lot.

Velouté sleeps a lot and is really calm all the time. She lets me lay on top of her a lot!

Ajiaco is super cool! But I don’t always understand what he says. My trainer says that he just likes to give “non-answers” a ton.

Solyanka is the best! She’s fun and likes to mess around and super super friendly! 

Everyone is super strong too, I’m the youngest of everyone and just sort of recently joined! :D

I love my bf so much?? He’s so soft and goofy and sweet and never fails to let me know how much he loves me. I feel so safe and comfy around him. He’s patient and sensitive. He loves his mom and older sisters. He loves stuffed animals and bubbly pop songs. He always suggests we wear dorky matching couple clothes in public. He loves blanket forts and cuddling. He always texts me good morning and goodnight. He sends me long heartfelt texts like modern day love letters. He fantasizes about having a life with me in the future. He’s so unabashedly excited to marry me one day. And he’s also my best friend. He makes me laugh and tells me everything. We sing together in the car and play video games and show each other funny stuff on our phones. He let me give him a makeover one time and it was so fun. I’ve seen him cry. We disagree but we never fight. He never raises his voice at me, never pressures me. He loves me and only ever treats me with respect and kindness. We trust each other. He’s always there for me and I’m always there for him and wow I just love him so much?? I love my bf so much

Man people are reading into NR’s “mom” comment. He wasn’t saying Daryl sees Carol has his mom. He was making fun of his own delivery of that one particular line because of how his voice broke. Now I’m not saying that defending caryl ship, to me it’s still in the same “well maybe” spot it’s always been. But the fact that so many people are clinging onto one sentence spoke off the cuff on a live show is crazy. (As is saying he’s been ageist….really, guys?)

I used to be really salty cause I am very competitive and I love winning, but I started playing with this guy recently and he tilts almost every single game. I always try to make him enjoy the game and not take it seriously and I started following my own advice. I stopped flaming and I try to be sweet and nice to everyone, until now it worked. I stopped taking LoL seriously and now everything is more fun.

monsta x and nights out with you

shownu: is always in close proximity to you or the other members, likes to embarrass you on the dance floor especially when he’s had a few drinks, is always checking on everyone, holds you up when you get wobbly, holds your heels when your feet hurt, sits by your unattended drinks to make sure nothing happens to them, watches over the maknae a lot, stays with you while you wait for a taxi, calls/texts to makes sure you got home safe

wonho: is really outgoing to begin with, checks in on you throughout the night, brings kihyun water/juice because he’s adamant about not leaving the booth, always teasing/picking on changkyun (in good fun), likes to sit and drink with shownu, has long and bubbly conversations with minhyuk, dances with you when guys are bothering you, doesn’t stop until they leave you alone, is really touchy feely after he’s had a few, likes to pull you aside and just talk to you about everything and nothing, also just likes to sit and listen to you talk because it’s comforting for him.

hyungwon: is really quiet for the most part, likes to interact on the dance floor despite being nervous, is always making sure you’re alright from afar, watches your drinks when you ask, pulls you onto the dance floor when someone is bothering you, asks you to come out for fresh air every now and then, ruffles your hair a lot, is always close to/talking with minhyuk, mostly sits and talks with kihyun throughout the night

minhyuk: club sunshine, always laughing with you, always dancing crazily with you, makes sure you drink some water in between other drinks, pulls you aside to help cheer up hyungwon when he’s a little quiet, lots of crazy dancing and shouting with jooheon and changkyun, takes a lot of polaroid pictures of the night, laughs the next morning when he sees they’re all out of focus but still loves them anyway

kihyun: ddm (designated driver mom), sits and enjoys the music quietly, talks with shownu a lot, makes sure everyone is being sensible, always checking the time, always watching over hyungwon, small bants with wonho over who’s dancing is the worst, sings along to the music a lot, is in charge of watching over everyone’s belongings, has only really spoken with you once throughout the night because he’s happily on his own in the booth

jooheon: sings… a lot, dances carefree, always at the bar requesting surprises, sir raps-a-lot, adopts his stage persona the more he drinks, is still a little honey bee towards you, always dancing and laughing with changkyun and minhyuk, takes a lot of pictures on his phone, especially of you, no you look fine, jagi, always hugging you, acts tough when other guys try to talk with you, is really close with changkyun, you can probably always find with him changkyun tbh, sometimes catches some fresh air with hyungwon.

changkyun: always dancing even by himself, gets lost in the music, sometimes in the booth with kihyun writing things in a notebook, is kind of shy around you, sings badly which makes you laugh a lot, tries to teach you mx dance moves even when you’re both tripping over your own feet, is teased a lot by the other members, tom and jerry shenanigans with wonho all night, likes to sit with wonho and talk about random things and sometimes you, always watching over jooheon, also calls/texts you to make sure you got home safe.

Here’s a substantial update of Upward-Facing Dog (to make it up to you after a long hiatus), edited by the fantastic @ladycyprus. A bit of melodrama for the Lannisters and for SanSan… but who said it couldn’t be fun, like the Lion’s Breath which gave this chapter its title? As always, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

You can read it on AO3 here.

No messages, let alone a phone call. For the hundredth time, Sansa glanced at her phone but she already knew the answer: Sandor remained awfully quiet since their brief exchange one hour ago. She had taken refuge in her bedroom and pretended to study one of her history books. Meryn Trant was somewhere in the big house - he shuffled between the hallway and the family room. At 8 o’clock, she heard Cersei’s coupé in the yard then the clicking of her heels on the floor. Later on, she made out Tommen’s voice but she wasn’t sure if he had come back home with his mother or if some of his friends’ parents had given him a ride. As sympathetic as Tommen had been lately, she didn’t feel bold enough to go and talk to him. She therefore stayed in her room, sitting cross-legged on her bed, her book open on her lap but her eyes fixed on the door, dreading what was next.

And then, around 9, the slam of a couple of doors announced the arrival of Joffrey, most likely with Sandor in tow.  The end is nigh. From where she was, Sansa heard him shouting orders and summoning people to what used to be Robert’s office. There were protestations and questions, Tommen asked if Sansa should come too but Joffrey answered that it wasn’t her business. Finally the office door closed.

Sansa waited a minute before sticking her head around the door and sneaking out of her bedroom, heart pounding in her chest. No one in sight. She couldn’t stay in her hiding place any longer and she needed to know what was going on in the office.

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The boys dont think anything of it bc dwarves live so long. they dont realize quite how long merles been around for. Dwarven or not, he's getting old. He's always been slower so they dont question it. he's always been a little rough looking, but he is known to not take great care of himself, so again, they dont think anything of it. He forgets his spells at times per usual. One day though, he can't remember how to cast it. zone of truth. He calls for it, but cant remember how his body casts it.

i’m just trying to have fun an live my life and y’all are making me sad about Boys…. i won’t stand for this, Boycrime

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Can you pls draw Movie!Cole with C6??? Thank u very much your art ks beautiful!!!

First of..thank you SO much! <3 

..and of course! One gorgeous boy for you coming up!

I bet Lloyd is either holding a speech or is yet again on the edge of tears and Cole..doesn’t care. Shame on you, my boy!

(also I would have written the characters on his gi..but I can’t fully make them out..always those arms in the way..)

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I've been doing workouts to build muscle and after a few days everything hurts and im dying. My friend has been helping with the workouts but he has gotten busy. Any tips for starting to workout alone? Both working out tips and motivation tips?

Ha yeah that means you’re doing it right. Make sure you’re sleeping, hydrating, and maybe consider a bcaa-based post workout.

For motivation I surround myself with ridiculously beautiful people and then hate myself. It’s not a great model to follow, at least the second half. Also logging your workouts helps a bit because you can see your improvement. Bodyspace even emails you a weekly synopsis giving you tips based on your work, which is really fun.

I almost always workout alone. Create a longass workout playlist ahead of time to avoid waits in between exercises except to record what you’re doing. Carefully watch other people and learn from them. Every time you try a new thing do it with absolute minimal weight and work up. You’ll probably find your actual working weight within a day or two. Don’t be embarrassed by the size of your plates or stacks. You’re always moving forward and if you don’t start now you’ll never get to level Henry Cavill.

Check out for programs with some free video training in them too. That really boosted my progress.

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First off I want to say that your blog gives me life, inspires me, and gives me all the happy feels because it's so nice to see such an amazing blog center around such an amazing character. Sadly some don't see her the same as we do, so I would like some advice for when myself and others encounter horrible Lizzie/Cielizzie hate. (I saw a comment describing an incredibly OOC Ciel harming and making fun of Lizzie which made my great day turn sour. Tysm for your help!!)

OH SWEETIE, I know EXACTLY how you feel! 

Things like that get to me so easily, too! It can ruin your day completely, I understand.  So let me try to give you some advice, it won’t always work and it won’t really save your day but it might help you get rid of your negative emotions faster. So, here we go:

  • Go away. Don’t go over the hateful text over and over again. When we care for something and someone attacks it we easily suck on it. The more often you read it the more it’ll hurt you. And for the love of God, don’t check the answers to see how many people agree and what else they are saying. Leave. Go back to a safe space.
  • Never respond. You’ll just pick a fight that in numbers you might even lose. Shipping wars can end ugly and no matter who you’re fighting with or who comes to your aid, a shipping war requires time and every answer you get will upset you more and ruin more of your days. Your life is too short for that.
  • Remind yourself that their opinions don’t matter in the slightest. Everybody is allowed to have opinions and you don’t need to change yours, but be certain: Their opinions don’t matter. Whatever they think or say won’t ever change how things truely are.


and this

and this

are all things that have really happened. No matter what they say about Ciel hating Lizzie, it doesn’t matter. This is Yana Toboso’s canon and nothing they can say will ever change what Yana makes/made real.

  • Which brings us to the next point: Reread the manga. Proof to yourself how wrong they are. It’ll make things easier.
  • If you’re stuck in some deep hole because they’ve dragged you down so low, read fanfics. A nice otp fanfic can be very calming. For this it might be helpful to have a small liberary with your favorites. It’s better to have them marked to go to them directly rather than searching through a huge list and possibly stumble over fanfics that only spread more hate.
  • Distance yourself from the ship for some time. Ships are supposed to be fun. If they insulted yours and it’s mention only brings you negative emotions, leave it be for some time. Let the negative feelings subside. I definitly prefer this over trying to forcefully stick with Ciel and Lizzie because shipping in that dark state of mind is no fun. It always gives me twisted feelings so I distance myself for a bit and wait till they come back to me naturally. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at cute pictures anymore or anything. Just don’t force yourself. (Maybe you don’t have that problem. If you’re as devoted as I am you might now what I’m talking about, tho.)
  • Talk to me. Or anyone else for that matter. Ranting will free your heart and your doubts might even subside if you have someone directly dishevel them. Talk to a friend, a sibling, me, or post it on your blog. ATTENTION! Don’t just rant to anyone. For example, some people don’t like to hear such things so check who you can talk to first. I for example only take rants in a private chat, not over asks. If you decide to rant on your blog you might want to tag it so people can blacklist it in case they don’t like to read it.
  • Never send hate. Don’t go to the blogs who post the stuff you don’t like and bother them in any way. You should be a better person than that. That includes ship hate. You hate it when there’s ship hate in your ship tag, don’t sink to that level. 
  • Blacklist. Google Chrome has that super useful device called tumblr saviour. You can blacklist certain words and all posts that are tagged that will not be visable to you. Out of sight, out of mind, right? When you don’t see their shit you don’t have to be upset about it.
  • Block. If someone doesn’t tag their shit right, and they keep posting in your beloved ship tag and you fear you might have to abandon it, don’t. Just block the blog and you will not see any of their posts in the tags again. That should help.

So, that was all I got right now. I hope it helped and didn’t sound too narrow-minded. I guess the topic just brings that in naturally. XD

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Hit me up with the Aquarian facts sis I know you don't like them but I love hearing about your astrology facts!

aquarians bout to start roasting me

- they always think they’re right
- always giving advice when no one ask for it
- fun ppl
- literally will curse you out in front of all of ur friends n family, then b like ‘bruh it’s not that serious. why u taking it to heart’
- can’t hold grudges despite how mad they can get
- headasses
- they’re normally physically cute
- makes me wanna choke myself
- always tryna b the peer mediator of the group of friends
- wild in a good way
- for some reason, aquarians are normally such art hoes
- 50% head 50% ass