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I dream of far away places, far away adventures, and a life that’s fun to live. I’m just not like that though. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the guts to step out the door. I have the want but I can’t quite grasp the need.

It always comes back to the fact that actions have consequences. I can’t just leave with no plan. Yet I want to leave; I need to leave. I need change. I need to seize the day. I just don’t know how.

The fact that I can’t, makes it that much worse because I see all of these other people doing exactly that. Being spontaneous and living their lives, while I’m stuck here in my monotonous routine.

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Would any of the 104th + Vets have gone through a scene/emo phase when they were younger (if they had the time and weren't being eaten every five years)

Mikasa: Definitely scene, later turned to goth
Reiner: The one who always made fun of emo kids
Bertholdt: Totally had an emo phase and is ashamed
Annie: Emo phase and proud
Eren: Had it and denies it
Jean: Pretends it didn’t happen
Marco: Didn’t have it
Sasha: Had it admits it and is ashamed
Connie: Makes fun of other’s emo phases until they bring up his
Historia: Had one and is proud
Armin: Didn’t really have an emo phase, but has enough second hand embarrassment for the others
Ymir: Had one and loved it
Levi: You all know he’s still in there
Hanji: Had one and sometimes goes back to it just for fun
Erwin: Was too busy being a nerd
Nanaba: Had it, knows it and doesn’t wanna talk
Mike: Tries to forget about his scene days
Moblit: Wants to go back to when life was easy


From Slow Burn

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Dinners at the House of Wind slowly became one of Elain’s favorite occurrences. Back when she was human, dinners in their hovel were always meager and somber. When they moved to the estate it was always just she and Nesta. Elain loved her sister, but Nesta wasn’t exactly the best at making conversation. Now, dinners were fun. The conversations were entertaining and kept her enthralled. Elain was mostly quiet; however, she enjoyed occasionally chiming into the banter that whipped across the table. Plus, the food as always delicious.

It was almost as if everyone had assigned seats now that Elain and Nesta had joined the inner circle. Rhys and Feyre always sat across from her, Feyre would sit next to Nesta, Cassian next to Nesta at the head of the table. Opposite Cassian sat Amren, while Mor sat on Cassian’s left. Next to her was Azriel, and always without fail Elain found a spot next to the Shadowsinger.

In the beginning, she had clung to Azriel like a lifeline. She had no control of when the visions would come and being next to him made her feel more grounded. He could always tell when one came over her, and would listen intently. Every time he would ask her questions and help her make sense of it all. She craved the steadiness he gave her.

Now, she just enjoyed his company more than anything or anyone else. They had even gotten to the point where they wordlessly passed food to each other. Elain had never been a fan of tomatoes, but Azriel loved them, so she would pass them onto his plate instead. Azriel would in turn give her any strawberries or blackberries. He didn’t like the seeds getting stuck in his teeth.

Their dinner tonight was trout from the Sidra wrapped in prosciutto with a pistachio pesto, roasted broccoli, steamed brussels sprouts, and potatoes with rosemary. Amren, who was still getting used to being truly Fae, was the only one at the table that had a plate of just lamb chops, still practically bleeding. Amren scowled when anyone suggested that she try to eat some vegetables. Her palate hadn’t quite grown that far yet.

Elain was so full she still had a quarter of her fish and most of the potatoes still left on her plate. Azriel was about to fork the bit of trout off her plate when a red-tinged mist pulled her plate to the other side of the table.

“Very mature, Cassian,” huffed Azriel.

“Well, I didn’t see you ask before you went for her food,” Cassian taunted.

Mor rolled her eyes, “We have a system, Cassian. Azriel gets Elain’s leftovers, you get Nesta’s.”

Cassian cut his eyes to the woman sitting next to him, down at her empty plate, then back at Mor. Pointedly, he dumped Elain’s food onto his plate.

Azriel just shook his head and leaned back in his chair, throwing an arm around the back of Elain’s. This was Elain’s favorite part; when they had all finished, but didn’t want to leave this handsome bubble of post-dinner happiness. Elain tuned out the conversation in her blissful state, focusing only on the presence of those around her.

Elain drew herself back into the conversation when she heard Nesta, who looked at Cassian still stuffing his face, say, “You’re a pig. You’d think that someone who talks about their looks so much would be more concerned with how much went in their mouth.”

Cassian, with food still in his mouth, winking at her he said, “It takes a lot of energy to carry the biggest wingspan, Sweetheart.”

When she heard a collective groan from all the others at the table, Elain’s brow scrunched.

“But Azriel has the biggest wingspan.”

Rhys choked on his wine, Cassian coughed up the food in his mouth, Mor murmured “Oh, Caldron,” all while Amren chuckled delightfully. Nesta looked at her in stunned silence, Feyre was trying not to laugh while smacking Rhys on the back. She turned to look at Azriel in confusion to see his face had gone completely red.

Glancing at her sideways he cleared his throat and winced, “He didn’t literally mean wingspan, Sunshine.”

“Then what did he mean?”

Silence answered her while, Feyre and Mor met eyes. Elain was wondering why it was such a big deal, what horrible faux paus she had committed, when Feyre finally spoke.

“Well, um… Illyrians have this thing about their wingspan size relating to the size of, you know…” stammered Feyre. Mor finished, “…uh, a different body part.”

Elain blanked, having no idea what they were talking about. Why couldn’t they just say that they were referring to. Unless… Oh.

Elain felt her face heat when she realized exactly what they were talking about. She covered her face with her hands. A self-deprecating laugh bubbled from her and she whispered, “Oh Mother, that’s so embarrassing.”  

She heard Azriel whisper with a smile in his voice, “I’m flattered, El. Really.”

Elain looked at Azriel with a pretend glare, and jabbed him playfully in the side, making him laugh.

She heard Cassian across the table say, “I’d be happy to prove it right now. Interested in finding out who would win, Ness?”

Nesta glared at him, “I’d be surprised if you had anything down there to measure, bat.”

Cassian threw a hand over his heart, feigning pain and looked at Elain with mirthful eyes.

Elain pretended to consider him, then said, “I bet 20 gold marks Az still wins.”

Stunned silence and gaping mouths turned her way, then everyone boomed with laughter.

Rhys’ groaned and leaned over the table, “Oh, innocent Elain, I’m going to be sick.”

Azriel, with his arm still around her chair and a blush still staining his cheeks, chuckled, “Well, who are any of us to argue with a seer?”

The rest of the evening continued in the dining room with cheerful banter, placing bets, and a not-so-friendly competition to see who indeed had the largest wingspan. Elain left with a smile on her face and 50 gold marks richer.

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#7 with Sirius?

#7: “Well, fuck what, am I supposed to be impressed? You’re just another set of bones to lay to rest”

You tried to block out the sounds of their laughter, the heartbreak never ceasing to burn faster as it was spurred on. They didn’t even notice how upset you had gotten until you stood, tears in your eyes, making a beeline for the door. Saturday nights were usually filled with a fun air, the boys all drunk off hidden firewhisky that they always shared with you. But this evening had been horrible for you, as the image of Sirius’ hands all over that other girl had been ingrained into your mind. 

He caught you at the stairs, pulling you by the arm to stop you. His touch no longer made wild butterflies dance in your stomach, but rather a vile poison bubble in the depths of your heart.

“What’s wrong?” He slurred, his dark lashes fluttering as he lent against the wall to hold himself up.

“Nothing.” You declared, your tone quiet but impact-full. “Go run off to that girl you were snogging.”

“Oh no, I’ve already had my way with her.” He smirked triumphantly. “I’m actually going to be paying a visit to that cute Ravenclaw girl I have Potions with.”

You scoffed. “Two in one night. Congrats, you’re a real gentleman.” 

“Hey, I don’t judge you for who you want to sleep with.” He poked, failing to analyse how taught the atmosphere had gotten. 

“Really Sirius, I’m impressed. You never fail to shock me with how ignorant you can be.” You bit the inside of your cheek to keep you from crying. 

“(Y/n)?” He frowned, straightening his body. “You’re not saying-?”

“No. I’m not saying it.” You said. “Because I don’t want you anymore. I was foolish to even fall for someone like you.”

Sirius grasped at you, but you easily wriggled out of his grip. “Don’t do this (Y/n), please, if I had known-”

“You’ve always known!” You yelled. “Deep down you always have. Now let me go. The least you can do is let me try to find happiness without you.”

It hurt that he didn’t stop you when you finally reached the bottom step. But he knew that you were right. He was a poison, and he no longer wanted to inflict this agony onto you. So he let you go - the one person who could’ve been his antidote. 

*Request a song lyric drabble*

Babes! what even is this!? how are there 450 of you following me? first off, THANK YOU. when i created octavia back in july of the last year i never imagined i would ever make it to almost a year of writing her. i was just having fun for the time being, writing a character i had fallen in love with. it never even crossed my mind that so many of you would enjoy my take on her. now, i can’t imagine not being on this blog. i’ve made so many memories & strong friendships that i’ll carry with me always. i just really wanted to thank you all for being so amazing and kind & it’s a pleasure seeing you all on the dash. each day your guy’s writing inspires me in so many ways. my octavia would be nothing without you guys!

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Just wanted to say your arts amazing, Also, what got you into art in the first place?

Thank you!
I was born into it, kind of? My parents and both of my grandfathers have background in arts/are professional artists, and I’ve been drawing since I can remember. I’ve always been doing it mostly for fun, it’s kinda like a natural need for me, but recently I finally realized that it’s what I want to do as a profession. Before that I thought I might be fine keeping it just as a hobby and explore other careers but then I figured why not at least try embracing the one passion I know is going to be with me forever. So right now I’m making do as a freelance artist and trying to find some way to further my art education (since I never got any formal education in Arts) to expand my skillset and explore more career opportunities as an artist. 

Hello everyone! 

So another Joker and Harley Week has come and gone. As always @joker-x-harley and I ( @mrjandmrshq ) are so grateful to all of you that have participated in making round two just as great as round one. 

We just want to issue a quick thank you to you all. It’s your dedication, skill, and support of everyone in this fandom that makes these JxH week’s so fun. These weeks would be nothing without a fandom that is so sweet and supportive of those around them. 

So thank you all! We’ll keep you updated for round three.  

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the heir is one of the founders kids! you decide which one. you usually switch when they become a young adult and then try to form a family

thank you! <3 sounds perfect :3 

i was just confused as to how the actual generation transitions into the next one and at what age but your explanation makes a bunch of sense.

side note: i’m probably going to switch to gen 2 with lukah/pink a few days into parenthood bc i want to explore it with them a little and pink is still a child and lukah is still a teen! but i’ll probably do a poll and have people vote on the next “heir” because those always looked super fun! (if anyone wants too!) 

lmao ok i’m done rambling ;-; 

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Predictions for season 3 of Supergirl?

Originally posted by awaywiththeclouds

Lmao! That’s basically it tbh!!!

If I’m being realistic, these are my predictions:

  • First few episodes Kara will still be sufferingTM about m*n-el (unless they listen to the critics and forget about him….);
  • Lena will have some very good episodes;
  • Lillian will be as badass as always;
  • James will show up from time to time…maybe, who knows???
  • Maybe Jeremiah will make an appearance to remind everyone he is still alive;
  • Sanvers will continue to be the saving grace of the show until Maggie has to go….which I’m still wondering about what exactly they’ll do with her….
  • the new baddie has the potential to be the best yet!
  • …so um, what about the president being an alien??? Will they do something with that?? Who knows???? that’s part of the fun, kids!!!!

Now, if I’m being optimistic:

  • Kara will go through her heartbreak, but she’ll soon realize that she doesn’t need a significant other to be happy;
  • Lena will be tested on her own capacity (nothing related to Supergirl/Kara);
  • Kara and Lena will hit some bumps on the road (as all friendships do), but being the healthy people they are, they’ll talk it out and come to an understanding;
  • J’onn will continue to be the best dad on the show;
  • Alex and Kara will go back to spending time together without their conversation revolving around their significant others.
Killer, Sanji and Ace with a shy S/O

Thank you for the request and sorry for the late!


- I think Killer will prefer a shy S/O. He is not shy but not really extrovert so he would not really like a crazy girl, screaming and running everywhere. 

- He likes to spend time with her because he knows that it will be peacfull compared to his pirate life. 

- He would never make fun of her because of his shyness. He knows that it is not really easy for her, so why make it harder ? 

-When you live with Eustass Captain Kid you really need someone normal and calm. For your own health. 


-Sanji would not really care. He loves his S/O, no matter what. 

-Same as Killer, he would NEVER make fun of her. NEVER. Perfect gentleman until the end. 

- Will always be be her side. Because if something happen to her because of her shyness (example: someone is making fun of her) he will end this bastard in two seconds. 

-In fact, they complete each other perfectly. 

- He found the shyness really cute and that’s certainly one of the reason he fall in love with her. 


-If you live with portgas d ace, you better not be shy. 

- This fool is the center of the attention. So if his S/O wants to be by his side, she will have to learn being the center of attention too. Sorry. 

-Of course he will try to be a little bit less “awesome” so he doesn’t embarass his S/O. 

-At the end of the day, he will apologize to his S/O (again) and will cuddle her as strong as he can. You cannot be made with Ace. 

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some head canons about Mikejima Madara? plz i can't get enough of this cowboy >w<

i took my time for that one, i wanted to have more info about this festival guy before i tried my hand at headcanons for him ! he’s really fun to write about though~ i hope you’ll like them !! - mod mademoiselle ♥

  • He gets up with the sun and goes to sleep rather early at night. His favorite moment of the day is sunrise ! It makes him feel like he’s seizing one of the best things in life when he can watch it !
  • This boy is literally always warm. In winter it’s perfect because he’s essentially one big cuddle blanket, but in summer it just makes you want to push him away. And of course he finds it funny and hugs you some more to piss you off.
  • A tease master. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it, and he won’t stop. I hope you’re prepared, because he certainly is.
  • He’s always 120% excited about anything and everything. Good food ? Wow, what a great meal !! He just saw an animal ? His day was made !!! You look especially cute today ? Damn, this is the best day of his life !!!!
  • No matter what the weather is like, he’ll have fun during dates. Sunny ? Awesome, the two of you can go out ! Rainy ? He’s already dragging you outside to dance together in the rain ! Snowy ? Great, time for a snowball fight !
  • He can’t keep his hands to himself and will literally always be touching, hugging or kissing you absent-mindedly if you’re close to him. He doesn’t even notice he does that ! Sometimes he’s holding you close in the middle of a conversation he’s having with someone else and won’t let you go unless you start hitting him.
  • He loves board games and will trick you into playing them with him. He’s unbeatable at Monopoly, so I hope you know what you’re doing. He never cheats though, it’s just “natural talent”, as he claims.
  • Sneezes so loudly you get scared every time. Every single time. He even needs to tell himself “bless you”, because most people are usually recovering from the fright he gave them as the goddamn sneeze monster he is.
  • Will turn anything and everything into a competition, but it’s not because he wants to win. He genuinely wants someone to play with, and he’ll actually lose on purpose just to make them happy !
  • He often laughs while sleeping and you still have no idea why. It’s extremely creepy, you don’t think you’re ever going to get used to it. Of course, he’s forgotten it all once he wakes up.
  • He has a talent to make friends with strangers in record time. Shopping with him ? He’s chatting with one of the store employees. Out on a date at a café ? The waiter is now his best bud. And things always go this way. Always.
  • He doesn’t think things through and often causes disasters at your place while trying to make a nice surprise for you. He once made a huge hole in your bedroom’s wall while trying to hang a framed picture of the two of you. You still have no idea how he managed to do that with just a hammer. He’s now banned from touching anything in your house without your help.
  • He literally can’t help but spoil the ending when you’re trying to watch a movie with him. It just slips his mouth and next thing he knows, you’re hitting him with a pillow. He always promises he won’t do it next time, but he does anyway. He’s just so chatty and invested in the story, he forgets you don’t know the end yet…
  • When you’re cuddling with him, he only needs three (3) seconds before he falls asleep and starts to snore in your arms. And he’s heavy, too. Of course, you’re pinned under him and stuck there until he wakes up. Good luck with that.
  • He eats so much ???? Is he still growing ??? Whenever you cook for him, you need to make really big portions because he gets hungry ridiculously fast if he eats anything normal-sized. That’s why he’ll eat almost everything when you’re sharing a tub of ice cream with him. He just doesn’t notice.
  • Loves ridiculous and loud smooches, especially in public, and you can bet he’s doing them just to get you embarrassed or annoyed. That and patting your head, often ruining your hair in the process. He claims it’s a reflex and he’s trying to fix it, but you suspect he’s doing it on purpose.
  • He’ll carry you randomly with ease, often chanting “wasshoi wasshoi~” while lifting you up and down. Yes, he basically treats you like a mikoshi. How terribly romantic. He loves it though, claiming that your surprised face is the absolute best !

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I normally find you insightful and balanced, but I cna't agree with this MS thing. How do you know what he and Misha are fighting about? You assume MS is angry bc Crowley was killed and Cas wasn't and he's jealous of Misha bc he has more fans or sthing - I see nothing on his twitter that confrms that reading. Truth is, we don't know what happened between them, and why MS is unhappy with SPN, so calling him a diva and telling him to calm down seems disrespectful to me. Just my two cents.

I don’t know what the deal is and I’ve never claimed to! I really don’t care at all why Mark is making such a fuss, but people keep bringing it into my inbox. 

Mark like a a tweet of someone saying something along the lines of “If only Mark has obsessed fans. mark has ALWAYS made fun of Misha and Cas in his panels in a way that came off more jealous than good natured ribbing. He’s always had his sour, surly disposition but it’s not always been cute and it’s not cute now.

I’m entitled to my opinion, but you don’t have to agree with it but I do not give a single fuck about being “respectful” to a guy who acts like this.

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Arme x Reader. Reader really like Ain in Hamel Arctic outfit and always steal his cape if have chance. Ain don't like this, because he don't want be someone saw Reader, but Reader always escapes speaking "Catch me, if you want this" and have much fun. Ain don't have time to this game, but someday, he have time to this game and he catch Reader. Fluff and funny ♥ Thank you ♥

“Catch me, if you want this~”

It was time for your favorite game. The “steal Ain’s coat and run as far as you can before getting caught” game. It’s a really dangerous game, but that’s what makes it fun.

Unfortunately Ain doesn’t like to play. Recently whenever you steal his coat for fun he just tells you to give it back and never chases you. He’s been too busy to play your games, you thought. Suddenly downcast, you slow down and sighed. The coat that hung from your hands felt a little too heavy for you, you didn’t want to play anymore.

“Why’d you stop?” someone asked right behind you, so unexpectedly that you were startled alert. You turned your head to find Ain there, already taking the coat out of your hands. “Do I win this dumb game today? Will you stop?”

You gave it some thought, but then swiped back his coat when he was looking at you.

“Not a chance! You should always stay on your guard!”

You shouted back to him as you already broke into a sprint, far from Ain now. You smirked, imagining his annoyed face right now. It was a fun game for everyone.

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I agree with you about Cami always trying to get Cole's attention. I've noticed it numerous times but thought I was crazy. I wonder if she is jealous that Cole was so into Lili from the start and didn't even remember her from NYU. I don't find Cami attractive at all, but that's just my personal opinion. From the first videos and pictures we saw of the cast, Cole/Lili always had heart eyes for each other. Cami tries to get his attention but usually doesn't.

I agree, she’s cute at the most—-Lili’s completely beautiful, as is Mads.

She talks about Cole not remembering her a LOT in interviews (like dude, move on) and made a huge thing out of the ONE time she hung out with him and not everyone else—-(you know something he does with Lili all the time and has similarly done with KJ and Skeet). To say nothing of the TP picture of her he drew (to make fun of her) that she made her icon.

And since she isn’t self effacing, it isn’t like she’s just being cool about it, either….

I’m sure she’s hugely jealous that the guy who never gave her the time of day in college immediately fell all over himself upon meeting someone else, they then received the better story lines AND are both vastly more talented—-plus all the attention Lili gets from just that, as well as getting to be friends with his friends, etc….

In a lot of ways, she’s more @ficmuse LLR Vermin than TV Vermin is (and I still do not think LLR Vermin has remotely suffered enough…..). Lili better be sure and never accept any coffee, particularly Starbucks from Crabmilla

I’m just going to throw this out there. I am totally fine and still open to reading any relevant meta of S4 that might help to make it clear things up. I have always loved the metas. They are both challenging, and fun. BUT…if you are simultaneously belittling the feelings of people who have been hurt throughout this ‘experiment’ of a show, I don’t give a damn WHAT you write. People are entitled to be frustrated and confused, without their questioning of the writers reasons behind their plots, being made fun of, and there have already been many valid theories written about this godforsaken series. Think you got the gold? Cool. Try catching flies with honey, for a change. I swear, the arrogance levels are off-the-chain tonight.