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I draw:

  • NFSW-ish ( The ‘’ish’’ is very important, I will not draw something that makes me uncomfortable ).
  • Angsty\Fluffy\funny stuff~ Always fun and nice to do.
  • Ships 
  • Little ( Very little! ) comic. Like a 2 to 4 panels comic. But the price will have to be discussed.
  • Animals (It can’t just be an animal, but they can be in the drawing).
  • Backgrounds (Might have to charge extra $, depending on the complexity).

I do not draw:

  • Porn\Hentai\NSFW stuff
  • Ocs
  • Nudity


  • I’ll only draw My Hero Academia related art.
  • I’m taking a very very very limited number of commissions 
  • I am a student that has exams and studies, so please be patient! ( You can still ask to see the progression of the piece ) 
  • I have the right to reject your commission. Either it’s because I’m not comfortable drawing it or because I have too many already.
  • You can ask to see the sketch before paying.
  • Use Paypal.
  • The commission will be done after the payment. ( That way, I can be sure to not be scammed. )
  • The prices are in CAD $

So, wanna commission me? Awesome!! ♥

Here how to do it properly~

- Send me an e-mail at

- Give me your name or a nickname.

- Write if you want a sketch\lineart, a coloured drawing, or an uncoloured one and precise whether you want a bust shot or a full body.

- Name the character(s) that you want.

- Give ALL the details of what you want.

- Then give me the nickname you want me to use so I can write ‘’ Commissioned by ______ ‘’

Here’s an example:


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Do any of the Butcher Gang frequent the Sanctuary? For some reason I feel like Striker and Alice would get along well!

(They do frequent Sanctuary, but it’s not because Striker gets along with Alice; the opposite… TBG essentially constantly blackmails Alice with their memories of what she did to their incarnations down in JD Studios, in exchange for free booze and a buyers contract to stock Sanctuary with their moonshine.

It puts Alice out a few bucks and TBG aren’t the most polite customers (not that most Sanctuary-goers are particularly manners-oriented), but the arrangement is mostly mutually beneficial. Alice’s secret sordid past is safe, and TBG is always in business. Plus, little by little, them making mayhem in Sanctuary is whittling away at their resentment for Alice; and they’re definitely a fun bunch at the least. These exchanges also keep their business relationship with her and the other toons pretty strong; even if it puts Alice in an awkward position. -HG)

“Old Flames” ( Jooheon Smut)

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

Title: Old Flames

Featuring: Jooheon (Monsta x ) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: Mature. Smutty car sex

Summary: You take Jooheon to a Halloween party being thrown by an old friend, who he feels is a little too close to you.

Requested by 2 anons! Thank you! 

You assessed yourself in the mirror, wearing a gold and white German-style dirndl dress with a long gold cape tied around your neck.  White stockings slipped into black Mary Janes’ and you hair neatly braided into pigtails on each shoulder.  You thought you pulled off the Goldilocks look quite well.

You left your room to find Jooheon standin in the living room, and let out a squeal when you saw him.

He had on one of those full-body kigurumi animal outfits on in the style of a fluffy brown bear, and he pouted at you.

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Does Anie know that Abel is technically not loyal? It’s was mentioned before on vampires posts

Well, so many people have asked me about that, and although I’ve said it many times, I’ll say it again, but I’ll be clearer. uwu
Anie knows PERFECTLY that Abel is not faithful or loyal,how you want to say it.
Even Abel warned her, Abel told her perfectly the risks of loving him, and let me tell you because Anie even after knowing this, she continues to help him and loves him entirely.
Anie fell in love with Abel some time ago.
The spark of love that Anie feels for Abel grew from the first time she saw him protecting a small toons.
Anie could not help falling in love with such a strong and rude angel, and the fact of protecting thats toons of annoying brabuches made her fall in love more of him, BUT, in that moment, there were many ladies and gentlemen who were fascinated by the act so heroic of Abel, surrounding him to flood it without even giving Anie the opportunity to talk to him. Since then, Anie knew perfectly that Abel is a angel so desired, many toons want a part of it, toons more beautiful and attractive than her.
All Anie’s friends said the same thing over and over again, “Abel is not loyal, “He does not love you as you want,” “find someone loyal to you,” “find someone who truly makes you happy-”.
But, Anie just can’t stop loving him, she really wanted to meet him, but she was not courage enough to do it, not mention the thousands of doubts running through her head.
Until … one day, Abel was the one who approached her, even knowing that she could only ignore her, reassured her when him simply could have left or mocked her (in the end, it was not the first time, she would taken it as a logical thing), warned her the risks that she runs to love him, one of them is the fact that it is vicious, criminal and unfaithful … but you know why Anie still wanted to help him and she don’t stop to love him?, well, because she never expected anything of Abel more that would allow her to help him in times when he had no one.
Anie never expects Abel to give him flowers, jewelry, dresses, a car, affection, faithful to her, to love her as she loves him, to consent to her, to do what she asks, to be gentle with her , that he says that she is the only one for him, protects her, NOTHING! …
She only wants to help him, to listen to him, to pamper him with food, hugs, kisses or some gifts, heal his wounds, to do what she has at his hands to help Abel and to show him that she loves him,even though Abel is not loyal, Anie will always love him, and will always want to help him while he allows it.
For Anie, too much is what Abel has done for her, protect her, to allow her to help him when he is hurt, allow her to pamper him with food, not to make fun of her when she makes fools or when she blushes enough to catch fire, even that first kiss Anie will never forget.
No matter what everyone says about Abel, even if Abel some day decides to leave her for something better, Anie will always believe that Abel is wonderful, and she will thank every second that allowed she to be with him. There are different loves, Anie is a disinterested love, she just wants to help him and love him as if there was no a tomorrow. nun

I’m very sorry if this is not understood perfectly, sorry for my bad English. q_q

Lena Luthor x reader (Worked it out, and figured you out)

Request: I love your writing! Can you do one with Lena x fem!reader? It’s Lena’s first time in the DEO and sees reader training and gets hit with gay panic. Then both flirting over being complete science nerds. Thanks!!     

a/n: YOU BET I CAN. And also… thank YOU! All the prompts you folks send me is what keeps this blog going! I’m getting at it at a relatively steady pace I think, sometimes it’s a little bit difficult than other days to find inspiration, but somehow you all manage to surprise me and remind me of how wonderful this fandom is, and then it makes me want to work even harder and contribute what I can to it! So thank y’all so much!!

Fun little sidenote, it’s actually my birthday today! :D I have too many cute fic ideas swimming around in my head (which is a little bit of a rarity these days) and I’m not even sure when I’m going to get to write for them if I’m going to be off being a loud, delinquent dumbass all weekend. But, yeah! I’m feeling extra inspirational and thankful today… maybe that might even translate into some fics that nobody asked for LOL.

Have fun with this fic though y’all! I was in the mood to write something cracky with J’onn in it and I have not a clue as to why… You’re also a little bit of an ass in this one too but it’s totally fine, it’s part of your charm obviously

- - - - -

For as long as you can remember, you have always been a force of nature. You knew how to work hard and you knew just how hard to push yourself to make the reward that much sweeter.

Simply put, you had fun living life, and despite the handful of troubling setbacks and the unavoidable years-long turmoil that is the discomfort of adolescence, you still looked at the world like it was your playground.

As rambunctious and tenacious as you were, you had just as much discipline, and it paid off deliciously in a plethora of ways.

You would say the human body is a blessed vessel; the tone and curves of some, the muscle and elegance of others, the ability to persevere and flourish, to deconstruct and to rebuild, it amazed you all the same.

What amazed you particularly (and was frequently the subject of ire around all your friends) is how you could eat like absolute shit and still maintain the form that you do.

As it was, you found yourself at the DEO working off last night’s conquest of an army’s weight of cheesy garlic bread and a late night call with Domino’s.

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I Know The Feeling

@captain–americanna asked: Could I request a Richie X Fem!Reader where the reader is like 2 years older than the losers and Richie is head over heels for her, but thinks she would never like him back because of the age gap, but she totally does?

Pairing -> Richie x Reader (why so many?😂)

Warnings -> Swearing(this is Richie guys😹)

A/N: I twigged it slightly if thats alright! The Loser’s are also around 15 here cause i has this idea for this request☺️ Henry Bowers and his gang is still in here as well☺️


The Loser’s Club had gotten use to Richie having a major crush on you, Bill’s older sister. It had all started when they were all sleeping over at yours and Bill’s house. You had sleepily walked down the stairs, tired from all the exams you had been studying for, when you spotted them all huddled in the living room. You had walked into the room and coughed, making them jump backwards and stare frighteningly at you. Shaking your head, you had asked them if they all wanted hot chocolates. And this is when Richie was gone.

He didn’t know what it was about you. The way you had felt comfortable around them in just a long baggy shirt or how when you were properly dressed, you wore leather jackets and ripped jeans. Richie liked your personality too; you were confident, you weren’t afraid to swear or speak your mind but you were also caring and funny. There was one problem though.

He was two years younger than you.

Growing older had done Richie good. He was still a lanky boy, but now he reached about 5'10, with only Stan taller than him(“I will fucking grow taller than you so i can bash your head in with a stick” Richie had threatened) He no longer wore his big ass glasses and instead used smaller sized ones. Richie had slightly grown his hair out, so it was now a bundle of black curls. No longer were Hawaiian shirts his thing, Richie wore all black. The only thing stopping him from asking you out was this two year age gap. You were graduating high school this year while Richie still had two years left.


Pushing open the school doors, you walked along the corridors, backpack slung over one shoulder, heading towards your lessons. You didn’t really skip lessons, you didn’t really pay attention in the less important ones. All you wanted to do when your graduated was leave Derry. Anywhere would be good that was away from your parents. It’s not that you didn’t like them, it’s just ever since Georgie’s death, which was about three years ago, your parents stopped caring for you and Bill. You understood that they had to grieve and everything, but so did you and Bill.

“Hey Bill, you alright guys?” You called out to them

“H-Hey Sis, w-we’re fine” Bill smiled

Nodding, you smile at the rest of the Loser’s and head along the corridor, passing Henry Bowers and his gang. You hated them with a passion. Henry always seemed to act like you were ‘his’ but still had the nerve to make fun and pick at your brother and his friends.

“Hey Y/N, you free after school hottie?” Henry calls out in front of everyone

“Go away asshole” You mutter, pushing past everyone

“Aww come on Y/N your little loser brother is big enough now” Henry coos

“Hey Henry, being a Dick won’t make yours any bigger. In fact, it won’t every work because it can’t even qualify for a shrimp!” You shout

Smirking, you walk past the laughing crowd and into your classroom, leaving an annoyed Henry and a shocked Loser’s Club staring at where you were standing.

“Dude…that was fucking hot” Richie mumbles

“R-Richie…sh-hut it” Bill groans




Looking up from you seat in the canteen, you see a panting Stan staring wide eyed at you. Why had Richie gotten into a fight? Dumping the rest of your sandwich onto the tray, you grab your backpack and run out of the canteen. Heading along the path, you jog onto the field, seeing a huge amount of school kids and teachers on there. Throwing your backpack to the floor, you sprint over to the crowd and mingle your way through. Getting to the edge, you see the Loser’s Club gathered around a obviously sitting Richie. Walking over, you stand next to Bill and stare down at Richie, who was scowling at the ground.

“What the hell happened?” You ask

“Don’t ask Y/N. Richie will just get worked up even more” Beverly sighs

Nodding, you grab Richie’s forearm and pull him up, pulling him through the crowd and away from them.

“Where the fuck are we going?” Richie moans

“Can you shut up please? I’m taking you home so you can get bandaged up idiot” You sigh

You would also be able to get some answers.


“What the hell were you thinking Rich?” You ask, placing an ice pack on his eye.

Richie hisses and grabs the counter top, squeezing it till his knuckles turned white. Sighing, you grab a tea towel and wrap the ice pack in it, placing it back onto his eye. From looking at his injures, you could tell Richie had put up a pretty good fight. His eye was bruised and swollen along with his lip, his right cheek was bruised and so were his hands with little cuts dotted over them.

“What do you expect me to do Y/N? Let Henry talk shit about you? You would of punched him as well if you had heard what he had been saying”

“What did he say?”

“He was saying how he would ask you to your dance and be all gentlemanly and shit but then I said you would never go with him. Henry ignored me and then started talking about what he would do with you after the dance and I got mad and shit so I punched him. And then this happened”

Staring at Richie, you smile and place the ice pack onto the counter. Leaning up, you place a kiss on Richie’s cheek. He stares at you as you move back, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. Giggling slightly, you go back over to the fridge and place the ice pack into the bottom cupboard.

“I like you”

Turning round, you stare at Richie as he looks straight back at you, black curls tumbling over his eyes. You walk back over and lean onto the opposite counter, continuing to look at him.

“You l-like me?”

“Yeah. In fact, I’ve liked you a long fucking time but, being a stupid shit, I was just nervous that you’d turn me down because I’m two years younger than you”

Laughing, you reach over and grab his hand, pulling him into a tight hug, laughing into his broad shoulders. Richie stands there but soon warms up, wrapping his arms around your back.

“Let me guess! This is the time where you tell me I’m too young for you and th–”

“I like you as well idiot. There was no need to be scared”

Richie laughs and hugs you tighter, lifting you off your feet slightly.

“Well shit…someone’s excited” you say, laughing

“Well yeah… You would be if the person you were head over heels for liked you back” Richie says

“Yeah I know the feeling”


A/N: May or may not have something to do with my story😉🤷🏼‍♀️

“you haven’t lost your voice. you’re screaming, ms. hart.”

UNPOPULAR OPINION: maya didn’t become riley, maya was finally being herself. letting herself have feelings about a guy that her best friend wanted too. dressing and wearing her hair the way she wanted to. she didn’t lost her voice, she was screaming. she was screaming because she didn’t know how to handle it. before, she was a mess, always doing what was expected of her. the problem wasn’t that she wasn’t maya anymore, is was that she didn’t know who maya was. the real maya isn’t just the one who mess with people and makes fun of lucas, like she thought. the real maya is a broken smart beautiful girl who would do anything for her friends, which happened to be in love with the same boy that her best friend. so she believed that she was becoming riley because she didn’t think that she was that person. she believed she lost herself because she wouldn’t do anything to hurt riley in any way. she must have become riley to do such thing like take interest on someone she liked. she convinced herself that she was protecting her. but maya wasn’t acting like riley, for example, in girl meets texas (where the two girls have they different own ways to show they love for him: riley supports lucas and maya is scared that he is going to get hurt because they care about him). 

Originally posted by gmwlucayababes


maya was always maya. until they convinced her she wasn’t.

so, yeah, i’m still bitter. maya deserved better. 

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Prompt fic: what if Mulder's rise from depression pre-revival is due to another woman who helped him? I'm on angst phase and I need it...

Hi anon. I’m not sure this is what you wanted, but the whole thing got away from me. In length and just about everything. Set pre-revival. 

Tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic

With shaky hands Mulder adjusts his sunglasses. The dark shades provide him with a sense of deceptive safety as he steps inside the coffee shop. A small bell over the door announces his entrance but no one seems to notice or care. Straightening his back, Mulder makes his way over to the counter. 

“Hi, how can I help you?“ The barista’s smile is sweet, her voice is sugar. Mulder blinks, realizes she can’t even see his eyes. 

"Tall coffee,” he mumbles, “black, please.” Four words he practiced on his way here. They roll off his tongue uneasily as if they were a strange language he doesn’t speak. 

“Here you go, Sir.” The young barista hands him his coffee and Mulder thanks her with a small nod of his head. The coffee is deliciously hot as he takes a sip, sitting down. It’s quiet here in this small town, but for someone who has been by himself, holed up in an unremarkable house in the middle of nowhere, it sounds like New York City during rush hour.

“The sun doesn’t shine in here, you know.” Mulder turns towards the voice. A woman, hips on her hands, tells him, her voice a challenge. 

“My eyes.” Mulder croaks out, his voice still warming up.

“What’s wrong with them?" She sits down at his table, uninvited, cradling her own coffee. 

"Are you an eye specialist?” When she laughs Mulder is reminded of bells; not like the one over the door. A soft sound, melodic and smooth. 

“No. I’m a school teacher. I always tell my students not to be rude. Wearing sunglasses inside is considered rude.” She takes a sip of her coffee and eyes him over the rim of her cup. Mulder feels the weight of the glasses on his nose. His hands still shaking, he takes them off. The light hits him in the face and he squints, grimaces. A moment later he opens his eyes, sees the woman still sitting there, grinning at him. 

“See? You’ve got nice eyes, Mr. Sunglasses. I’ve never seen you here before. Are you new in town or just visiting?" Years ago, when Scully took him out of the house for the first time in years, she told him to squeeze his hand whenever he felt uncomfortable. ‘I’m with you, Mulder’, she’d told him, ‘always remember that’. The muscles in his hand remember now, make him squeeze his coffee tightly. It’s been years since he’s been out, with Scully or by himself. She always asked him, up until the very end, and he shook his head, not looking at her, telling her to leave him there by himself. Have fun without him. He doesn’t know if she ever did have fun.

"I’m Elise,” the woman, either worse at reading social cues than he is, or simply not caring, goes on, “I moved here a couple of months ago from Chicago. You looked like someone who might understand.”

“Fox.” He says and her eyebrows shoot up. This woman looks nothing like Scully with her tall height, her long blond hair and dark eyes, but Mulder can’t help but think of all the times her eyebrows did the same in their regular 'you can’t be serious, Mulder’ manner. “That’s my name. Fox.”

“Your parents must have an interesting sense of humor, Fox.” She laughs again, the same gentle sound as earlier. Mulder has no idea who she is, this Elise, but for the first time in months he feels like the invisible hands around his throat loosen up. He feels like he can breathe, think. Mulder stares into this woman’s eyes and finds he doesn’t want to flee after all.

“It could have been worse” he says taking a sip from his own coffee, the taste deep and dark, calling him back to life, “they could have named me Kevin.” Elise laughs again, loud and free. Mulder flinches, recovers quickly. Amazed, he watches her, listens to the sounds she makes. For the next five minutes he doesn’t think about Scully, doesn’t think about darkness.

They meet again. And again and again. Mulder goes to bed at night, his heart fluttering just a tiny bit stronger, knowing that the next morning he gets to see Elise. These days he has a strict schedule. There is a time to get up, have breakfast, take his meds, go to the coffee shop. Scully would be proud of him. She is. She left a message on his machine yesterday; they’re always missing each other these days, their schedules no longer in sync. Her words quick, the sound of the hospital echoing behind her, she told him that she’s happy he’s working on getting better. Mulder smiled all through her message, imaging her in her oversized scrubs in between patients, thinking of him. He erased the message, no longer clinging to fleeting moments, went to bed and dreamed about Elise. 

Once their conversations turn darker, turn to lost sisters, forgotten children and love doomed, they move on. Move outside to take walks. Move further away to her home.

“Come inside, Fox. Come on.” Elise, Mulder has noticed, smiles a lot. She is younger than he is, even younger than Scully, but not by much. Yet she is the opposite of the both of them. Smiling with the sun, sometimes even brighter, laughing whenever she can. When Mulder is around her, he feels the cloak of despair lift off him, even if just for a moment, as she sprinkles him with her warmth, wraps him in it. She pours him a tea and the scent of hot peppermint fills her small living room.

“Coffee is not good this time of day, Fox,” she tells him, dropping a cube of sugar in her own cup, “so how about a movie tonight?” He drinks his tea as instructed, nods. 

He keeps a diary because his therapist suggested it. His daily writing becomes as much of a routine as his coffees with Elise. Tonight, though, there are no words. His pen is poised on the paper leaving a big, black dot. There is nothing on his mind except the message Scully left him earlier. He came in whistling, and wouldn’t Scully have found that just adorable?, when his machine blinked at him. A smile on his face already, a leftover from another day with Elise, he pressed the button as he untied his shoes. 'Mulder hi,’ there was a pause, a loud rustling, 'just wanted to tell you that I’ll be gone over the weekend in case you,’ another pause, 'wanted to call. I’ll be in Florida with a… a friend. Take care, Mulder. I’ll call you when I get back… bye.’ Mulder, one shoe still on his foot, listened to the message 62 times. That’s when the band snapped, erasing it for forever.

He doesn’t sleep that night. When the sun comes up in the morning, he is still wearing one shoe. He doesn’t shower but manages to swallow his pill with a glass of milk. His eyes burn as he gets on the bus to meet Elise. Her smile fades as soon as she sees him, but Mulder barely registers. His mind is elsewhere, on its way to Florida, to the past. Anywhere but here.

“You all right?” She asks him.

“I’m fine.” He answers and grimaces. Scully, he thinks. Fine like Scully. “Let’s get coffee. Find us a table.” Easy sentences for when he’s overwhelmed. No complications, no commas or dashes. 

Elise eyes him carefully, and he realizes he doesn’t know her well enough to read her expression. He hands her the coffee and she takes a sip, groans.

“What is this, Fox?”

“Your coffee.” He answers simply, drinking his own. Hot, black and bitter. Perfect. 

“That’s not my coffee. Did they get your order wrong? Here try it. I’m getting a new one.” Mulder watches her approach the counter and sips her coffee. The taste on his tongue is familiar; he ordered Scully’s favorite coffee. Elise comes back, mishap forgotten and smiling, and Mulder thinks he is going to be sick.

He lets Elise take him home with her. She asks if he wants a tea, but he declines. He is restless. He wants to fly to Florida, find Scully, talk to her. Meet her friend. Friend. What does she call Mulder these days, he wonders. Her ex. Ex what? Her friend might ask. Ex-partner, ex-friend, ex-lover. Just an ex. 

“You’re quiet today, Fox.” Elise touches his arm and it feels gentle, comforting. Mulder restrains himself from pushing her away. 

“Nothing to say.”

“Did anything happen? I’m here if you want to talk.”

“You’re not my fucking therapist.” His voice is even, almost indifferent. Elise jumps off the couch as if he’s just hit her. “I’m sorry, Elise.” He says loudly into the empty room. She returns a moment later, her eyes red-rimmed. 

“I’m trying to be your friend, Fox. I don’t want to be your therapist.” She kneels in front of him and takes his face into her hands. Her breath tickles his lips, his nose before her face moves closer and her lips open before she is even there. Friend, it blinks in his mind. 

Mulder closes his eyes as his mind replays Scully’s message. Gone away. With a friend. A friend, a friend, a friend. Elise’s lips land on his, don’t fit right and she moves against him trying to make them fit. Scully, he thinks, squeezing his eyes shut. He can’t do this. He can’t have a friend, a girlfriend, a lover or a meaningless fuck. If he can’t have Scully, he doesn’t want anything else.

'I need you to get better for yourself, Mulder. Not for me. Not out of some misguided sense of guilt. For you.’ Her words, said right before she left him all this time ago, override her answering machine message in his mind.

“Elise, I can’t.” Mulder gently pushes her away. He licks his lips, tastes her, and wishes she were someone else.

“I thought… I thought this, us, was leading somewhere." 

"Elise, listen," 

"Don’t even start, Fox. I get it.”

“No, I don’t think you do. Please listen to me, Elise. I can’t give you this because I am in love with someone else. She is the love of my life. She is everything. She is the reason I forced myself to get out of the house one morning because she told me I had to get better. And you know what, Elise? That’s when I met you. I have been better ever since I’ve met you. I see it now and it’s because of you. You showed me that there is still light in this world filtering through the dark clouds. Last night I spiraled. She called me to tell me she was going on a trip with a friend. I freaked out. I haven’t freaked out in months, Elise. I didn’t have the strength. I didn’t care. I do now. I care.” She sniffs, gives a short laugh, and Mulder chimes in. His own laughter sounds strange, almost hollow in his ears. As they both erupt in even more giggles and laughter, his laugh finds a melody. It doesn’t quite rhyme with hers, but it’s not supposed to, and it works.

“Thank you, Elise. For bringing the light back into my life.” She doesn’t say a word, but touches his lips; a farewell.

Inktober/Anti Awareness Month Day 18 - Laughter is the Best Medicine 

ṣ̵͈̞̞͙̻́̓̈̅͌͋́͐̿̚m̧͖̤̬̝͇̖̙̀̈̈̽̐̋͘͢͠i͓͓͓̪̥̅̽̂̀̈́̏͘̕l̬̭͕̲͇͚̥̱̈̓͆̓̓̚̕͜͡e͕̩̮̹̞̠̲̗̅̈́͗̒͑́͆ f̷̰̠͉͔̙̰̟͐͆̊͛̐̆́͘͢͞o̡̨̻͍̩͔͖̽̊̄̅̉̽̐͢r̨̧͈̻̬͖̄̓̽͆̕͘͘ t̢̝̪̘̙̭͌̈́̋̀̂́ͅh̷̡̼̻̜̝̬̬̤͌͑̒́̂̆͌e̢̥̙̥̳͋͊̽̐̉̒͌͑̓̂ c̶̞̤̪̤̰͉̤̗̩̊̄̆̉̐̓̏a̷̡̛͙̥͖͔̘͗͗͑̌̕͜m̵̡̭͓͓̯̯͋́̑̋͆̐̋͟͢͞ͅe̡͎͚͕̟͗̏̄͊͐ř̲̩̣̠͓̻̗͈̓̀̿̔̃̿̚̕ă̛͕̣̺̣̭̜͒̓̊͛̿͠

This one was so much fun to make! I’ve always loved this kind of style, where the characters overlap the edge of the background :D Tons of fun to try out, especially with Anti’s color scheme 

Anti-themed prompts by @thedarkenedkeeper


Trans Jeremy Heere

For: @jeremyheereprotectionsquad (here you go bb hope you like)

  • The first person he came out to was Michael in 8th grade
  • He was very supportive and did his research
  • Michael bought Jeremy’s first binder
  • It had little pac mans on it
  • He had stayed in the closet for two years until 10th grade when he came out to his parents
  • They were also supportive of him and his decision
  • After that he cut his hair short and started wearing more masculine clothes
  • Then the squipcident happened
  • And the squip squad was born
  • Jeremy came out to them
  • You guessed it, they were all supportive

Alright now onto some general hc’s:

  • Michael has to remind Jeremy to take off his binder every 8 hours
  • If Jeremy’s ever feeling dysphoric Mikey’s always by his side
  • Sometimes he’ll give Jere The Sweatshirt™ to make him feel better
  • When Jeremy gets period cramps he always calls Christine
  • She the Mom Friend™
  • Rich will fight anyone who makes fun of Jeremy
  • He’s surprisingly strong
  • I like to imagine the squip squad coming together for Jere’s birthday and getting him Testosterone pills
  • It was the best day of his life
  • Then Jeremy’s dad teaches him how to shave even though he already knows how to

Keith’s birthday week

Prompt: Home

Keith didn’t have a home that much was true. Well, he used to not have a home. Now he found a home with a man who loves to bake and build hybrid robotic cookies. Now he has a sister who loves computers and offten says random facts, now he had a brother who remained supportive of him.

Now he had an Uncle who loved making fun of him for his height, and a sister who often stayed up late and when Keith couldn’t sleep he’d join her.

Now Keith has a family with Hunk, Lance, Shiro, Allura, Coran and pidge. Now Keith wasn’t alone. Now Keith had a lover who always made sure to let him know that he would never get tired of him.

( Prompts from @koganetwork! )

anonymous asked:

I just want to say that I really love your fantasy AU and all the work you put into it. You always draw updates so fast and they're always so beautiful and the story telling is amazing and honestly every time I see your art I just get so happy (I bought the fantasy AU zine n spent like a whole week just looking at it all the time bc your art makes me rlly happy) and idk where I was going with this but I want u to kno that I appreciate u and the work u put into your art!

thank you so much dude!!! i really really wanna thank everyone who has been enjoying it and encouraging me to continue because it really is very fun!! so thank YOU!!!! 

I glance over to the side, and suddenly I’ve got over 1000 followers! Wow. Did I mention this before or did it slip past me?

Thank you all very much for coming along for the ride with me. It honestly feels like just yesterday I had people peering through what I was doing, shitposting on /v/ and tossing game ideas back and forth with everyone, wondering if I’ll ever actually put something out. And now here I am, actually making things.

Every single one of you, thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I don’t know where we’ll go next, but I’ll do my best to continue making fun and interesting things. Please enjoy, and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of things, how you feel about things, or what you’d like to see! I can’t cover everything, but I’m always happy to shoot the shit with whoever about whatever.

Let’s have fun, mates.

anonymous asked:

I am trans!! A trans boy. There are very terrible people at my school that make fun of me for it but thats ok!! Because i have a cute cat, other great friends who'll protect me, and my gay spirit which will always be strong!!! Have hope everyone ❤️💕💕❤️💕✨ I love you all!!

Thats great that you’re so positive! Keep your head up and don’t let the bullies get you down

Dude.  Dudes.  Look what I found today!

It’s a giant puffball mushroom!  I’ve never seen a giant one before!  I used to play with these things when I was a kid, but those were always little like… tennis ball sized at best.  

Fun fact I didn’t know until recently:  Puffballs are edible.  I didn’t intend to take it home with me, but I broke it away from its base while I was checking it out, so home with me it came.

Don’t worry - I cross-referenced it extensively online and double checked with someone who knows mushrooms first.  It’s definitely a puffball, and definitely safe to eat.  I cooked some up with onions and steak for dinner and it was super tasty.  Gonna be trying a bunch of puffball recipes over the next few days because daaang I have a lot of mushroom to use up.

hasushin  asked:

Heyy! Could i request a hc of Terushima, Oikawa, Bokuto and Yahaba being a project group leader, and how they would interact with their teammates?

Sure thing, darling ✿


Their group would be a bit slacking, more carefree and fun. Yuuji wouldn’t take himself too seriously, but also wouldn’t be so air-headed. He would value all that each person brings to the group. He’d make his group feel comfortable.


Tooru is a good leader, as long as you follow his instructions. If his group wasn’t doing the work the way he wanted, he’d have to bite his lip & grit his teeth to refrain from being too controlling. But he would still probably take over the work.


Koutarou is an enthusiastic group leader, always excited to work as a team and became fast friends. He would be fun, but if his group tried to take advantage of that, he would switch to serious to make sure that they get the work done.


Shigeru would be serious, not wanting to fail or make any mistakes. He wouldn’t be afraid to call out the slackers. Like Tooru, he would try not to be too controlling but would still end up being just like that.

Bias Tag

Tagged by @m0onbean @astro-lovelies @vocalpmh and @spoopyrocko (I hope that’s everyone!) THANK YOU, MY LOVELY FRIENDS 😊💕

Make a list of your biases for whichever groups you stan and tag 10 people you want to do it too! You can include one bias wrecker, if necessary! ~ Have fun!!!

  • ASTRO - Jinjin, my ultimate bias! 
    • Bias wrecker: Mj 
  • BAP - Yongguk
    • Bias wrecker: Jongup is always fighting me 😤
  • Day6 - This is always tough for me..But either Dowoon or Young K. but Jae also owns my ass and Wonpil is basically me so I relate and love him. Sungjin is such a cute leader hasdilhasoih. DAY6 IS TOO PERFECT OK
  • Bigbang - G-dragon/Jiyong brings out the swag in me LOL I love him so so much 
  • SF9 - Hwiyoung and his dolphin screams/laughs
    • Bias wrecker: Youngbin!!
  • SHINee - Taemin’s got me thirsty (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ 
  • BTS - Yoongi 
    • Bias wrecker: Namjoon and his dimples
  • Knk - Inseong
    • Bias wrecker: Seungjun or Jihun
  • Got7 - *DABS* can you guess who  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Monsta X - I.M..or maybe Minhyuk? Jooheon?? Tbh I’m still getting to know them but these three 😍 I’ll probably narrow it down more in a few weeks!
  • 2PM - Wooyoung 

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*Deep breath*

“OK. Dude? Weekly, if not more than that, I am having to field questions asking if I have a dog vagina.”

“I DON’T.”

“And there’s only some many ways I can say that, make it humorous, and not get annoyed at it. So if I seem salty, there’s a reason why!”

“I get it, I do. There’s a fun dynamic for anthromorphic dogs that catch frisbees with their face, munch dog biscuits like cookies, and maybe even live in a dog house that’s bigger on the inside like Snoopy’s. I’m not knocking that. Hell, that’s literally what Ty is all about.”

“I’ve got all the anatomy of a Ken doll and am always TV-Y7 friendly!”

“But that ain’t my shtick. In the context of my story, and the world I exist in, more feral traits could actually be a bad thing. The more developed they are, the less human I am. They are, much like the servants in Silberschmidt’s house during that story arc, a warning, a sign of what could be if I’m not careful. My story isn’t about how much like a feral dog I can be. It isn’t about the barkbarkwoof, so much as dealing with changes that have happened. My story is about someone rediscovering who they are after an insanely dramatic change in their life, finding out what that means for them going forward, and how they will adapt, and how it will impact those around them.”

“Yes, I do in fact have some feral traits.

- My teeth count is that of a normal dog’s, though their shape is a blend of human and canine in spots. I also have really long canines up top.

-I will tilt my head sharply to the side when confused or curious

-I tend to sleep and stretch in a very dog like manner.

-For the purposes of the Ask Blog and Artwork, my favorite treat is a dog biscuit in coffee. Again though, Tumblr only, and not the actual story.

But these are not signs that I am built like a feral dog, or that I should be a feral dog. They’re traits, character quirks, something to make my character seem a bit alien even in the context of even being around other Demihumans in my story. The dog biscuit/coffee thing is just a joke because it’s cute! They exist to develop personality and behaviors, and reflect on things you can relate to my character at a glance.”

“Also, kibble is gross.”