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I am a hardcore Destiel shipper (and Sam/Eileen tbh), but I am losing hope that it will ever be made obvious on screen. I choose to see it as canon, but how do you think they would make it extra obvious to less-shippy fans? I'd be down for a hug and some hand holding, but I can't think of an outcome that doesn't sound like some fan fiction - and therefor being called out as fan service. Thoughts?

Honestly I’m really confused how anyone can be losing hope after having just witnessed season 12.

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We just had a whole season of:

- Multiple near-death moments, hugs, reunions that are more and more emotional every time, by the time we get to 12x19 they both look so strained they could strain Rowena’s tea leaves with their eye balls. Let alone Cas’s “DEAN!” moment right in front of Sam and Mary in 12x23, completely ignoring them, and Dean’s “where the hell have you been?!” standard pissed off wife raging at Cas in 12x19 in front of Sam. Attempts at hiding it from these two have really gone out the window by this point…

-Sam being SO DONE and rolling his eyes practically every time they are in the same room together, even when they aren’t, yes, I’m looking at you 12x10: “you’re going to storm in….right now”. 


- Mary treating Cas like he is Dean’s husband, comforting him when he’s missing, the ‘computing’ look at their reunion hug, looking pointedly at DEAN when asking if Cas will go along with their plan in 12x23 etc etc etc.

- DEAN GIVING CAS A MIXTAPE OF HIS FAVOURITE BAND, A BAND THAT IS LINKED TO SEDUCTION IN THE SHOW. Cas wondering if he has to return it now that Dean seems so upset with him, again, a standard romantic “returning your stuff” break up trope, but Dean waves him away, no, I forgive you, just PLEASE STAY WITH ME.

- In 12x19 Dean being angry and acting like a wife who’s husband is late home from the pub, because he was worried but then IMMEDIATELY forgiving Cas, asking Cas to stay, to be a “we”, even in 12x19 still defending him, by 12x23 saying that they will “work things out”, Cas telling Dean that he would die to protect him, that he loves him, loves all of them etc etc etc.

- Now Dean is learning to let his walls down and the catalyst occurs in the FINALE, oh, coincidentally, JUST before Cas gets taken brutally away from him right in front of his eyes and he doesn’t even compute it, is still in shock by the time the credits roll….

This whole season has been what I see as the middle ground, the link between the previous seasons where the Dean / Cas relationship has been extremely subtextual, and the next season(s) where it will culminate in canon.

You can’t just randomly show casual viewers Dean and Cas making out, so many people won’t have seen the subtext (I was just talking to a viewer this weekend, who was like Destiel? Nope, I don’t see it. When I explained the story, he was like OMG YES I never noticed that! That makes so much more sense - talking about s11 and the undercurrent of Dean’s feelings since the show and how they link to the overall plot) - So the casual viewers need it to be much more obvious before it is canon, but also it’s a long running show, it cannot just SUDDENLY become obvious, it needs to feel organic.

Therefore season 12 was for US very blatant, but for casual viewers they are just getting strong hints of it. It was around 12x10 - 12x12 that I got a few asks saying things like “I never shipped Destiel but now I do”… and after 12x19 I think many of these ideas were cemented into peoples minds, the same as after 12x22 I think many people will now understand Performing!Dean and the side that was the facade and what is real, they will look at the show in hindsight and see it where they hadn’t so much before.

Therefore next season should be even more blatant. And what could be more blatant than Cas being dead and us seeing Dean in MOURNING, fighting to WIN HIM BACK (again, this is a standard romantic trope and the next part of the story in line with the standard romantic storyline that they are abiding to, for more info search #break up theory on my blog).

Next season should be even stronger with the subtext and we will see things coming into the text much more than even in season 12. 

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In season 12 we had hugs, worrying for your boyfriend and a freaking mixtape. 

I think season 13 will raise us something along the lines of mourning like a widower, Sam supporting Dean in this widower role, an awkward accidental date, talking about feelings, working on something together while laughing and doing the heart eyes and probably some kind of accidental kiss / falling over each other or whatever if they want to get really blatant about it ;)

With regards to how they will make it canon, these are two BAMF guys who, yes, are actually also deep down very soft and sweet in their personalities but are not going to start running bubble baths and giving each other bouquets of flowers on screen. All we need and want is a couple of shots of Cas shuffling into the kitchen in Dean’s dead guy robe for a couple of cups of coffee in the morning and Dean’s gruff “coming Cas?” as he goes off to bed, a shot of them giving each other a cute look over lunch while Sam rolls his eyes, thats all we need after the initial love declaration or 1 kiss of whatever way they decide to go…

I mean, I’m being really arrogant here, but Destiel isn’t the only thing that me and the other meta writers write about and we are all basking in the glory of the fact that pretty much everything we speculated would happen character wise in s12 has happened and that pretty much all our endgame speculation has either happened already or looks very much on track to being so. It would be weird if we were right about all the rest and not about Destiel, which is one of the most blatant ones of all…

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Also: The camera switches to Dean's face. During the "I love all of you" Cas' voice is a lot more steady, he looks up to Sam (I think), but his eyes dart straight back to Dean (who seems to be trying to say something). One other thing! Cas' didn't say "I love you. All of you", she made two independent sentences, as though he tried to show that he was talking about two different things. But I am no meta writer, so I'd love to know what you think about it.(sry for any English faults btw) 2/2

Hello, dear! I believe you sent me two messages (because of the 2/2), but unfortunately I never received message number 1. However, let’s talk about the infamous “I love you” you mentioned in this message.  

In someone else’s post about that specific scene that I reblogged probably a day after the episode aired, I said that when Cas first said “I love you”, I understood it as his way of expressing his feelings for the three Winchesters present. However, WHY IN THE NAME OF CHUCK DID CAS FEEL THE NEED TO CLARIFY HIS “I LOVE YOU”?

The moment he said “I love all of you”, I had to stop and think for a moment. That simple sentence completely changed the meaning of the first one. It’s obvious that Cas felt he needed to clarify because the first “I love you” wasn’t clear enough. That was an incredibly ambiguous scene because there are three ways in which we could read the whole thing:

  • Interpretation 1: When Cas said “I love you” he meant the three of them, but he thought that because his history with Mary is very brief compared to the one he has with the brothers, she wouldn’t think his statement included her. That’s why he wanted to make sure she understood that he loves HER as much as he loves her sons.
  • Interpretation 2: When Cas said “I love you” he meant the three of them, but he thought that both Sam and Mary wouldn’t think they were included there because of the more profound bond he shares with Dean. That’s why he wanted to ensure that all three Winchesters knew they mean a lot to him, not just Dean.
  • Interpretation 3: When Cas said “I love you” he said it for Dean, but then he wanted to extend the feeling to the rest of his family because he wanted them to know the three of them were important to him.

The audience was in charge of deciding which interpretation they preferred. The people who can’t pick up on any kind of subtext probably thought the first “I love you” was for Dean and Sam and the clarification was meant to include Mary. On the contrary, the biggest Destiel shippers probably picked the third interpretation, the one in which the first “I love you” was meant for Dean.

Although the three interpretations are equally valid, the first one makes more sense only in text. When you watch the scene, though, the third interpretation is more logical. Why do I say that? It’s just that when Cas starts giving his speech, he has no trouble looking at the three Winchesters. His eyes go from Sam to Dean to Mary and over again. He doesn’t keep eye contact with any of them for too long but looks at the three of them. Even when he says, “You’re my family”, he looks at Sam, then at Dean, then at Mary, but then he does this:

He can’t meet anybody’s eyes! Why does Cas avoid eye contact?

Besides, as you pointed out, the camera immediately switches to Dean. Why? Why would they do that?

When Cas says “I love all of you”, he doesn’t look at the three of them as he did when he said they were his family. He just briefly looks at Sam and then keeps eye contact with Dean like this:

And Dean’s reaction? He looks like he just figured out what Cas meant (just as the rest of us did):

If we just read the transcript of the episode, we may interpret Cas’ lines differently. The thing is that the camera shots, Misha’s and Jensen’s acting choices, all that contribute to a Destiel-friendly interpretation of the whole thing. 

Let’s also remember that only two episodes before, Dean was kinda established as Castiel’s human weakness (AGAIN). Just two episodes before we learned that angels can have feelings for humans.

In conclusion, we’re not delusional. We’re just reading the signs that the writers, directors, actors, and editors are putting there.

If people decide they prefer interpretation 2 that I mentioned above, it’s still Destiel-friendly. It still means Cas himself thinks that if he says “I love you” when Dean is present, people won’t include themselves in the statement because they will think that Cas means only Dean. Cas feels he needs to clarify who he means because people will associate Cas’ I love you to Dean for default.

Personally, I’m OK with interpretations 2 and 3, but I’ll stick with the third one because it’s the one that makes more sense when you’re actually watching the scene without wearing heteronormative goggles.

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I'd also like to point out that that snow thingy happened right after that chapter where jon decided to keep his Snow name. Idk it might be nothing but my shipper heart just found it so beautiful i cried lol!!

Yes it is something Anony.

And I was about to answer a comment from cruyffsbeckenbauer (I love Jonsa and I will go to Jonsa hell for saying this but…Ramsay was also a snow.) To explain more about the snow symbolism. So here you go:

@cruyffsbeckenbauer​ YES, Ramsay WAS also a Snow. He was a Snow before he was legitimazed as Ramsay Bolton by King Tommen Baratheon as a reward for betraying House Stark.

Ramsay Bolton is a minor character and has zero links to Sansa herself in the books (I HATE D&D for what they did to Sansa in the TV series) and Ramsay has zero links to actual snow more than his former surname. 

On the contrary, Jon is not only a Snow, he is the bastard of House Stark, The Wardens of The North. The Starks motto is “Winter is coming”. Jon is always associated with snow (his surname, his white as snow direwolf Ghost), ice (The Wall), winter (Starks motto) and The North (Winterfell, home):

The boy absorbed that all in silence. He had the Stark face if not the name: long, solemn, guarded, a face that gave nothing away. Whoever his mother had been, she had left little of herself in her son. 

A Game of Thrones - Tyrion II

She might have overlooked a dozen bastards for Ned’s sake, so long as they were out of sight. Jon was never out of sight, and as he grew, he looked more like Ned than any of the trueborn sons she bore him.

A Game of Thrones - Catelyn II

“A shade more exhausting than needlework,” Jon observed.
“A shade more fun than needlework,” Arya gave back at him. Jon grinned, reached over, and messed up her hair. Arya flushed. They had always been close. Jon had their father’s face, as she did

A Game of Thrones - Arya I

Sansa could never understand how two sisters, born only two years apart, could be so different. It would have been easier if Arya had been a bastard, like their half brother Jon. She even looked like Jon, with the long face and brown hair of the Starks, and nothing of their lady mother in her face or her coloring. 

A Game of Thrones - Sansa I

“Who’s this one now?“ Craster said before Jon could go. “He has the look of a Stark.”

“My steward and squire, Jon Snow.”

—A Clash of Kings - Jon III

His northern features are the perfect disguise to hide his true parentage. He is acknowledged as a Stark just by looking at his face. He looks like a younger version of Ned.

And to talk about what the Anony said, the association that Sansa made between the lover’s kisses and snowflakes happened right after the chapter where Jon decided to keep his Snow name (Stannis offered him to be legitimazed as Jon Stark and become the Lord of Winterfell). I wrote a really long post about it, you can read it here. So I’m going to repeat some important points that I mentioned on that post:

  • (…) the seventh Sansa’s chapter of A Storm of Swords (the one where Sansa builds a Snow Castle {Winterfell}) comes immediately after the twelfth Jon’s chapter, the chapter where he found his answer to Stannis offer of Winterfell. And what it was that helped John to find his answer? His beloved direwolf, Ghost.
  • (…) instead of Tyrion, Willas or even Robert, who pursue Sansa’s claim over her, there is a man that has been offered Winterfell and choose her over it: By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.“ “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” Among all the high lords interested in becoming the Lord of Winterfell by marrying Sansa Stark, the bastard Jon Snow refused to despoil his sister Sansa of her rights, even if her claim is the one thing he has wanted as much as he had ever wanted anything. Don’t you find this very romantic? I mean, when Sansa thinks: “No one will ever marry me for love” (Because everyone only wants her claim to Winterfell), at the other part of the world is Jon Snow saying more than once: By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.“ “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” This for me is one of the most romantic passages of the books. 
  • (…) at the same time, Jon and Sansa had an important realization concerning to their lost and broken home, Winterfell. And what that helped them to reach that realization was the snow. Literally snow in Sansa’s case and Ghost, the direwolf as white as snow, in Jon’s case.

And finally, I just wanted to point out that Jon and Sansa both loved Robb very much and both of them remember the last time they saw him at Winterfell describing him with snowflakes in his hair:

Outside the flakes drifted down as soft and silent as memory. Was this what woke me? Already the snowfall lay thick upon the garden below, blanketing the grass, dusting the shrubs and statues with white and weighing down the branches of the trees. The sight took Sansa back to cold nights long ago, in the long summer of her childhood.

She had last seen snow the day she’d left Winterfell. That was a lighter fall than this, she remembered. Robb had melting flakes in his hair when he hugged me, and the snowball Arya tried to make kept coming apart in her hands. It hurt to remember how happy she had been that morning. Hullen had helped her mount, and she’d ridden out with the snowflakes swirling around her, off to see the great wide world. I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done.

—A Storm of Swords - Sansa VII

“She has more courage than she knows,” said Sam.

“So do you, Sam. Have a swift, safe voyage, and take care of her and Aemon and the child.” The cold trickles on his face reminded Jon of the day he’d bid farewell to Robb at Winterfell, never knowing that it was for the last time. “And pull your hood up. The snowflakes are melting in your hair.”

—A Dance with Dragons - Jon II

Jon flexed the fingers of his sword hand. The Night’s Watch takes no part. He closed his fist and opened it again. What you propose is nothing less than treason. He thought of Robb, with snowflakes melting in his hair. Kill the boy and let the man be born. (…)

—A Dance with Dragons - Jon XIII

So, the snowflakes always appear as a symbol of love, happiness and home.

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Hi! Im a big fan of your metas and I wanted your opinion in something I was looking at the paladin quiz in the official site and in the "deepest fear" question Keith's answer is feelings. I don't really think this is right, Lance's answer (losing) seems more accurate for Keith. But what do you think?

I’ve heard mixed input on the “paladin quiz” and not sure how I feel about it myself (part of it is I haven’t experienced it personally) but I think “feelings” could make sense for Keith.

Not necessarily in that he’s afraid of feeling, but, getting close to anyone in any sense, platonic or romantic, is a very scary prospect for someone who’s both starved for affection and terrified of isolation. I’ve talked before but I feel like in Keith there’s the conflicting impulse to try and not get too attached to people because he’s a defeatist who assumes they’ll leave eventually and he doesn’t want to be hurt when it happens- and also this powerful urge to attach to people as much as possible because he so badly wants to feel loved in any sense.

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Why fyoya? I mean, what is it based on? is there any actual thing or it's just the fandom that invented it? As far as i know there was no interaction between the two of them...i'm just curious, i'm not here to judge, i love bsd and i love chuuya (i just wanted to say that i'm not here to spread hate, y' know)

There is nothing we’re just a bunch of fuckers who like to ship chuuya with various attractive characters. 

Well technically despite being a fyoya shipper myself I don’t know why that ship blew up all of a sudden either since it’s undeniably a crack ship. Though what I’m guessing is that people think the relationship dynamic is interesting, possibly due to one of the followings (totally subjected to my own opinion):

- Manipulative evil genius who is emotionally constipated getting together with angry straightforward violent tsundere. I mean, well, it’s an appeal all on its own (e.g. shizaya from drrr, sarumi from K, and *snorts* skk from bsd).

- It’s canon in manga that Dazai says he and Fyodor are similar in too many ways, and, coughs, doesn’t that mean if Dazai has a particular taste in a certain wine cabinet then fyodor might just, think the same thing.

- Dazai knows Fyodor from past encounter so there’s a possibility that Chuuya also knows him because skk were partners back in the day n they probably had important missions together.

- Fyodor and Chuuya seem to have… really classy (lmao) tastes? They just seem to be able to bond over dinner with expensive wine and classical music and art museum dates Idek.

- Fyodor appreciates art. Chuuya… is a work of art. Even with corruption. Especially with Corruption. Fite me.

- It’s kind of a wildly popular theory that Fyodor might manipulate Chuuya to use corruption in the future. And to do that he might need to get close and personal first. So yeah. Angst heaven. 

Tl; dr There is nothing, but I still ship it anyway. It’s pure fun, it’s up to other people whether to ship it or not so as long as we’re all at peace with one another life is happy.

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Omg? Idk you were from Korea that's so cool!! I'd really like to know how K-army's see the other members, I mean as an i-army there are so many hard to find strong powered Jimin fics and not motherly Jin fics. I mean don't get me wrong I'm always down to read whatever as long as it has a good plot, and characterization but I want to know your point of view or how k-army's generally view BTS and shipping and all tht good stuff. By the way ILYSM !!! I want to be just as good as you when writing.


Hahah I did receive most of my school in an English-speaking country but yup, I’ve also spent many years in Korea and living in Korea now! :) And ooh, I’m glad you asked because this is a very interesting topic! I’ll go briefly into how k-army views and characterizes the boys, but keep in mind, Koreans tend to also go into extremes in certain cases (like making some of them complete psychopaths for the storyline….but Ill exclude those). 

Jin is very VERY rarely (if not never) depicted as a motherly figure. He’s the one that gets sort of picked on by the others (playfully of course) but is also the rational one that gets the scariest when angry. Oftentimes paired with Jungkook.

Rough-spoken, swears a lot, a giant tsundere who’s generally like “fuck all of you” until he meets the other one. Usually really good at fighting too and will beat the shit out of people bullying his love interest. Never initiates a relationship and the other party has to pursue him till the end of the world and Yoongi tends to regret not being with the person in the first place and always make the move “too late”

Surprisingly he’s written oftentimes as this big dork who only gets serious when it comes to just him and his love interest (like when it’s just the two of them together). Interesting fact…Namjin isn’t big at all in Korea. I think the top pair with Namjoon is with Hoseok or Yoongi actually?

Happy. Screamy. Silly. But usually always has some sort of a really sad past or is the one suffering from one-sided love that he doesn’t show for YEARS. Oftentimes third wheeling it HARD or is the one who leaves his lover for the “good of the other party.”

Sassy, super manly, calm and collected. Outwardly, his speech pattern is very clipped and almost like how Yoongi’s is perceived, but everyone knows he’s sweet inside. Cares a lot but doesn’t blatantly show it and will instead try to protect people on his own. (It’s either that or he’s made fun of relentlessly by other members lol)

Now Tae is interesting, because he’s either written as this cold, calculated, oftentimes powerful and intimidating guy who takes charge (and is smooth as fuck) or as the lost, confused little bunny (who somehow is still smooth as fuck??) OR EVEN BOTH. I think it stems from how he speaks cutely in Seoul dialect and how his demeanor/language pattern changes when he speaks Daegu dialect (and the difference between Taetae and V). Keep in mind that writers in Korea explore both dialects when writing.

Mostly written as crazy, wild, out-of-control, “I do whatever the fuck I wantttttt” character. Jeonlous. Will aggressively and relentlessly pursue someone not caring if the person is like STOBIT. He’s oftentimes the REBOUND of another pair and I still don’t know why that’s the case. Number one choice for the villain of the piece (why kookie why!!)

I think the biggest difference when it comes to writing for k-writers and i-writers is that k-writers REALLY expand their creative horizon…to the point where I actually have come to stay away from a lot of their materials, because some of them include romanticizing violent relationships, rape and other abusive behavior (Don’t get me wrong, not all of them are like that). Korean writing, by nature, don’t really include super fluffy characters, because the culture is based on suppressing emotions, but you will see them doing extreme things for the love of their lives (which also leads to so much heartache and misunderstandings that oftentimes breakups…my heartu). But when it comes to angst…o god, all the well-written ones are usually deathfics or fics of heartbreaks…which is why I’m generally frolicking in AO3 and not on a Korean blog. 

So yeah! There you have it! Honestly, I’ve only read the super popular ones (none of them with jikook, yoonseok or namjin unfortunately…sadface) and posts with people talking about different pairs but these were the patterns I picked up :) I must say, when it comes to a good deathfic, high school teens dealing with super angsty situations or something extreme, Korean writers really know what’s up.

Oh, and in Korea, I feel like most authors don’t stick to a single pair. They will try basically ANY ship and write about it…which is probably why you won’t find any hardcore shippers or ship wars in the k-community! At the same time, they’re also not very concerned about being PC, but that’s usually because of the difference in culture lol. So what do you think? Which would you prefer? Im curious!

Dear Frozen fandom...

So today has been eventful. 

I received my very first unnecessary and completely unprompted hate message for liking and shipping Elsanna. 

I’ve never got one of these before guys; they were mythical, like something I’ve only heard stories of and never experienced for myself.

So some highlights:

“You ship…Elsa/Anna?! But…they’re sisters! That’s incest!”

What? N-NO! This can’t be! I thought…I mean…I couldn’t…I didn’t know!


“You’re disgusting! You must not have siblings…you need to stop! It’s gross!”

Don’t you see? I can’t!

Also, I do have siblings, two younger brothers. But I can separate fiction from reality. It’s a nifty skill.

“You missed the whole message of the movie! People like you always do.”

I missed the entire point of the movie? You mean the whole concept of believing in someone when they can’t believe in themselves; or supporting your family through the hardest times; or accepting someone for their uniqueness; or the act of true love can be familial and entirely platonic; or that love is putting someone else’s needs before yours?

I think I need to make a few points, if I may.

• I’m tired of people’s arguments that because a person is an Elsanna shipper that they’ve entirely missed the point of the film. Or that they didn’t understand the intentions of the film makers.It’s a crappy argument that holds very little ground.

• I’m tired of people assuming that because the pairing is incestuous, that we shippers are either incestuous deviants ourselves. Or that we don’t have siblings to begin with, so we can’t understand the platonic love and sibling dynamic. Ugh, this one kills me. I have two younger brothers, myself, as I’ve said, and I in no way want to have anything remotely close to a romantic relationship with either of them. I can separate fiction from reality.

But! That isn’t to say that there’s anything inherently wrong with it either. I’m not personally interested in, nor involved with, an incestuous relationship. I am, however, a firm believer that as long as it’s two consenting adults they have as much right to be happy as the rest of us.

I’m also not bothered by anything that deviates from the gender binary norm and heteronormativity of our society. Speaking as a genderqueer pansexual myself, I know how hard it is to find acceptance in our society. So no, the fact that Elsa and Anna are both girls, and not only would their relationship be incestuous, but also gay, does not bother me in the slightest. 

• I’m tired of the gross overexaggeration that we have associated with us. Just because our pairing deviates from the norm a little does not mean we’re “into kinky shit”. I mean, sure some of us are, but I can guarantee you that it is not a staple of the Elsanna shippers to also support rape, noncon in general, or anything else equally as out there.

• Lastly, I’m sick and tired of unnecessary hate. You’re taking time out of your day to ruin mine. What for? You think saying these hurtful things will make me repent and see the error of my ways? Of course it won’t. I see absolutely nothing wrong with my choices in the matter. What I do see, is someone going out of their way to disrespect something I never forced on them. You can avoid Elsanna things by steering clear of the tag, or by simply scrolling past it.

I don’t like Hanna, for example, but I don’t go around looking for blogs or supporters of the pairing to shit on their day. I just move on by, because hey, everyone is entitled to like what they like. 

If you don’t like something, take a lesson from Elsa, and just let it go.

In conclusion, hateful notes like that really don’t garner whatever effect you’re hoping for. I’m not about to stop shipping these lovely girls, nor am I going to start some kind of war with you over it.

So, Elsanna shippers, Kristanna shippers, Hanna shippers, Helsa shippers, and all other Frozen related shippers, lets all just agree to get along. We’re here because we love Disney’s Frozen, and the characters involved, so lets treat one another with the same respect we’d treat out beloved cast.

Yo we all give Mimi Santos shit in Asagao Academy but like-

(Spoilers for the Completion Bonus after getting all Endings) -What if the reason that Mimi is so cold and mean to people is because she’s been used by people who she thought were her friends? Her family basically runs the IBK company, so obviously there must have been people who leeched off of her, controlled her and “befriended” her because she was so rich and successful thanks to IBK’s and when they all spat in her face and left her, Mimi became cold-hearted and manipulative because she didn’t want people to control her and make her feel like she was basically nothing? Mimi Santos could’ve been a really sweet girl but then she was fucked over by a bunch of jerks that made her literally cautious of everyone and everything, and she wouldn’t take shit from anyone anymore. Maybe the reason that she doesn’t like Hana is because she sees everything that she was in Hana: a naive, shy girl who just wanted to make friends. A girl who was also ridiculed and manipulated by her peers. Mimi can’t stand the sight of Hana because she reminds Mimi so much of herself before she came to Asagao. But the thing that must hurt Mimi is that Hana got by, made friends and even got a boyfriend with literally nothing, and she didn’t even change or pretend to act like someone else. It annoys Mimi that Hana didn’t even try to become popular, it just happened because Hana’s a main character. She evens says to Hana “You win again.” before slamming her door in Hana’s face. You gotta wonder what a blow that is to Mimi, how someone that she was like once didn’t have to change her personality or act differently to become popular, and Mimi probably hates herself even more for this reason.

Of course, it up to anyone’s interpretation. But this is how I headcanon it to be.

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What'd think of the claims that Lorna/Nicky is an abusive relationship? I mean it defiantly isn't the healthiest but I wouldn't go as far as saying it's that toxic but I'd never want to ignore someone's discomfort either

-rubs hands together- Okay, I’ve been waiting to answer this one until I had finished S4 so I would know everything and would be able to answer this completely and properly. I’ve been thinking about this question a lot since I saw it, because when I did see it, I hadn’t really seen anything on the show that I would imagine being construed as abusive. However, now that I’ve seen the S4 finale, I can kind of see where people would pick up that idea.

It’s a bit confusing though, so this is going to get long, I apologize.

First off, no, it definitely is not the winning article of a healthy relationship by any means. I mean, the obvious reason for that being that they are both criminals in prison. One is a drug addict with a self decrepit personality and the other is a very mentally ill person who is getting no diagnosis or treatment or even acknowledgment that she is not anything other than a straight up stalker. I mean, she IS, but it’s also very evident that she has a mental disorder that is driving that, because she also seems to have a very bad anger management problem that is coupled with it.

Do I think it’s toxic? Not necessarily. Unhealthy, yes, but with all the demons the two have personally as well as being in prison, there never was a chance of it being healthy or normal. However, Nichorello doesn’t really negatively affect anyone. The relationship itself, when not beaten down by the woes of prison life, actually seems to make both characters better. For instance, after the whole thing with Christopher in S2 and the staircase scene when Lorna finally realized that someone understood her and loved her even with her flaws, she seemed to be doing a lot better from what we’ve seen of S3. It was only after Nicky was gone did she retreat back into an unhealthy mental state. It was also after this scene that Nicky finally gave up the heroin she had stashed and while I do believe a majority of the reason for giving it up was for her own health as well as for Red, I do think a little bit of it was for Lorna too. She seems to want to stay off the drugs when Lorna is involved.

Of course, I’m not saying that’s a good thing entirely. Dependency on one person that is not yourself is not healthy, but it does show that the two want and do do better when they’re around each other. 

I also think basing any reasoning behind an abusive relationship from this past season is a bit invalid, because 99% of Nicky’s actions were driven by her drug use and falling off the wagon. For me, she was out of character quite a lot this season. At least, from the Nicky we know and love from the past three seasons and whether that’s bad writing or the drugs or both, I’m not sure.

Any abusive like tendencies that people see as such seem to come from both of the characters’ personal afflictions. Do I think they could work right now? No, absolutely not. But, if Nicky got serious help for her addiction and managed to stay off the drugs and be in a good place mentally and Lorna got help for her mental disorder (like ACTUAL help that’s y’know, helpful) I think they’d have a very fine relationship. They both have personal problems that they need to work out on their own. Nicky shouldn’t even be trying to start something up with Lorna right now because it’s unhealthy to start a relationship so quickly after getting off of drugs, as it develops a dependency that isn’t good for either of them.

Sooooo, in summary, the relationship itself is not toxic or abusive (in my opinion). It’s either characters’ personal problems that are causing the conflict and both need to be sorted properly; not just for the sake of a healthy relationship, but for the sake of a healthy life for both of them separately. It’s obvious to me that if they can work through those trouble of their own, they could work out, because they both show a deep love and attraction toward each other and there is no direct abuse that is coming solely from the relationship. Nicky is not yelling because Lorna won’t give it up to her, Nicky is yelling because Lorna is living in a fantasy that nobody seems to bother trying to tell her is a delusion and Lorna is not crying because Nicky is yelling at her, Lorna is crying because she understands she’s falling back into the pit of everything that happened with Christopher.

It’s not like Vauseman (which, I apologize to Vauseman shippers, I like it when it’s in the hands of the fandom, but not the show), which is very much a toxic relationship. Because Piper is emotionally abusive and tries to control every aspect of that relationship. All that’s coming from Nicky and Lorna is two lost people who both need help, with Nicky being the only person who understands Lorna as well as being self destructive on her own. Nobody is trying to hurt or control the other in this relationship. Nicky tries to help in areas that Morello obviously needs help in and Morello is too buried in her own delusions because nobody (aside from Nicky) tells her the truth, but instead, feeds her fantasies. Morello also doesn’t seem to understand that her parading about with someone else hurts Nicky, because Nicky is too stubborn to admit any feelings (of course that also comes from her undying belief that she is a horrible person and undeserving of love, which they actually BOTH have). For all Morello knows, Nicky just wants to have sex with her, because that’s her wall that she hides behind. That’s another thing they need is a nice little chat where they sit down and discuss where they’re at and how they feel, which I think would sort things out very well if Nicky would open up.

However, if someone is uncomfortable with Nichorello, I totally understand and wouldn’t want to ignore their discomfort either. I don’t have the same opinion, but that’s the whole point of an opinion; people can have different points of view on it. So it’s fine if someone thinks it’s abusive, it’s better than ignoring something that is abusive and lots of people have different triggers. 

But that long ass reply up there is my opinion on the matter <3

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Your Luhan analysis was hilarious & wonderful and they really need to be putting a bell on that kid & keeping buckets of water handy if they don't want a Dispatch expose. Would you do a Kaisoo analysis if you have time? I was eating up what you were saying about Jongin & I'd love to read more!

If there was a dispatch scandal, the only thing SM would do is pretend that Luhan is either a girl OR magically another one of his members would suddenly have a girlfriend. Most likely Chanyeol this time since I still think they hunch in the dark when they think no one is looking.

For Kaisoo. 

Now before I start, I want people to know that Kaisoo isn’t really a ship to me. They are kind of like Jongkey. They are taken as a given. That’s the basis of them to me. They simply existed. Even if I wasn’t to get a single example of skinship going foward, they would still exist. 

Most of this stems from just watching the two of them in the same room, especially around the time they debut because I was under the impression that they couldn’t stand each other (we now hear the stories of how Jongin was scared to death of Kyungsoo). Then I saw this just randomly: 

Well excuse the fuck out of me

side-note: any ship that surprises me usually is a permanent ship. combine the fact that if I find a quality fanfic about them (HELLO ANTEROGRADE TOMORROW\) within a week, it’s a canon pairing to idc idc idc ic  

This ship seems one sided if you’re like standing across the street and you’re squinting and the sun is in your eyes. I mean Jongin is obsessive when it comes to Kyungsoo. To the point of VISIBLE jealousy.

Like it knocks the fucking cool out of Jongin QUICK o see Kyungsoo with someone else.

External image

Legit the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. 

There is an attachment there. I know SM Ent is the DRAGON MASTER of selling ships to us fans but there is some stuff you can throw at us (like..HunHan -sorry!HunHan shippers!- for instance) and there is some stuff you can’t hide. Whatever attachment Jongin has towards Kyungsoo? 

No hiding that. 

It’s either a legit crush, pure childlike adoration, the reflection of their close friendship or the tail end of a relationship we are not privy too.

Not for Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is beloved by all. He is the pinnacle poster child for the popularity of SM. Men, women, children, frogs, deer, dragons, pandas, lightening bolts, rabbits…all of ‘em, love Kyungsoo. So trying to seperae his interactions with the rest, and differentiating them from his interactions with Jongin….a little harder than Jongin’s pure straightforward infautation, but it’s there.

From the way he takes care of Jongin 

External image

to the way he dotes on him and is constantly complimenting him

or this post

Who has the best body? 

Or how Kyungsoo’s face used to LIGHT UP LIKE THE LAS VEGAS STRIP during their part in Angel?

And let’s make no mistake. Kyungsoo gets jealous too. 

Like hilariously jealous

My theory, there is nothing that I’ve seen from the two of them that would refute a relationship. Nothing. Because this evidence, not SM planted evidence. This is shit someone just HAPPENED to catch. 

So that sums them up on a very basic level. 

Disclaimer: I don’t think I have to go into some long drawn out “these gifs aren’t mine” because I can’t even MAKE gifs so…

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Hi, first, I'd be very interested in what you have to say about Louis' lad crew. Also, how did you come across Larry t)& what convinced you that it was real? :)

I can’t answer both questions at once, because I’m super long-winded (but at one point I’ll try and write something about Louis’ friends).

At the beginning of this year all I knew about One Direction was that Zayn was the best one, because he had tweeted #FreePalestine and Harry was the worst, because he had tweeted “RIP Baroness Thatcher”.  I think I might have read the Guardian profile of them from the end of last year, but nothing in it had stuck.

I’d become a little obsessed with podcasts after Serial came out (if you haven’t listened to it it’s amazing – if you have make sure you also listen to Undisclosed).  A friend of mine was listening to a podcast called ‘Reply All’.  He told me that Episode #6 ‘Larry Shippers’ was really good and about One Direction fans. I didn’t love reply all – it seemed to explore the internet from the perspective of male hipsters who lived in Brooklyn – a perspective I tire of easily.  But I kept listening and did find ‘Larry Shippers’ very interesting.

Interesting, but weird – what would make all these people believe that two members of a boyband were in a relationship? So I googled “Larry Stylinson”.

It wasn’t long before I found Top 30 Iconic Larry Stylinson Moments (and the next 30 and the next). By about half-way through the first video I was like “Oh that’s why people think they’re together.”  And then I kept watching videos and reading masterposts.

At first I told myself that I was looking at all this because I was really interested in the fandom response. I resembled nothing so much as Louis Tomlinson in those early denials.  “Some people genuninely think they’re in a relationship – isn’t that interesting” I thought to myself as I watched all the Freddieismyqueen videos. “They genuinely think that” as I read the Treatise. “People genuinely think that” as I made my way through bulletproofhalo’s tags (and then I bit Harry’s back).

I’m still fascinated by the fandom.  I’ve just let myself admit that this is the greatest love story of all time and there’s nothing wrong with being obsessed with it.


Some part of me believed that Harry & Louis were together before I was 100% sure of Louis’ name (later I’d say to a friend – it’s when you can reliably tell Liam and Niall apart that you’ll know you’re in it too deep). I mean the moment where Harry pats Louis’ knee in the Irish interview? That’s something else.

As I tried to make sense of what was going on, the thing that was most likely to make me wonder if maybe there was another explanation was other people’s certainty.  I’d read posts saying ‘best friends don’t…’ and more often than not I’d disagree.  My best friend has been the most important part of my life for a super long time. I’ve seen all sorts of friendships and all sorts of relationships.

What I came to realise is that it’s not any one thing that ‘best friends don’t, but the combination. I’ve known friends who make sexual inneuendo and mock-make out, I’ve known friends who touch each other intimately, I’ve known friends who are the centre of each other’s worlds and talk about that, I’ve known friends who stare at each other lovingly, but the only people I’ve known who do all those things were either together, or in one of those weird, long, pre-togethers that sometimes happen and no-one else understands.

Like lots of people, for a while I wasn’t sure what was going on now.  It was clear they were into each other when they were younger, but there was nothing recent.

That changed when I understood the timeline, when I saw all these things that happened not as isolated moments, but how they fitted together. The big one was understanding the way everything was shut down in 2012 and that that that did not and could not have reflected a change in their relationship. But almost as important for me was more recent events. In January this year, ‘Not that important’, the dagger and Bullshit 2.0 were only a few months ago. Understanding that Harry had spent an entire publicity day with the goal of communicating that he is attracted to men, and then louis_tomlinson had tweeted about how he was in fact straight, but then Louis had got the dagger that fandom had been talking about for so long was huge.  Once I understood that I was reasonably certain that they were still together now and also that they wanted to come out, so it was OK to talk about it.

It didn’t take long though. Less than a month after I listened to the podcast, I stayed up late on the night of Harry’s birthday hoping for confirmation that Louis would be there.  I still remember where I was when Lairport happened.

When I googled ‘Larry Stylinson’ I lost a couple of months of my life and I spend multiple hours a day following One Direction now.  I have no regrets.

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Do you think they really kissed? i didn't even know about karlie and taylor's friendship back in 2014 but i remember a lot of articles about them being bffs. there were pap photos, vogue cover, etc and suddenly it just stopped. and then i remember that weird insta photo that taylor posted on karlie's birthday...

Oh god pre-kissgate kaylor is such a blur at this point tbh. So idk what you’re aware of specifically? But in my view Kaylor history can be divided very neatly into two separate eras: BKG (before kissgate) and AKG (after kissgate) and both are going to inform my answer to your question. So the first part of this is a very basic Kaylor timeline and the second part is my actual answer. (This got long, I’m really sorry.)

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I'd like to get a point across.

I don’t understand how the most popular ship with Peridot was created the moment she was debuted, and to think it’s gone nowhere, with how they butchered Lapis’ character so much. Like seriously, they had a good character to start with, and now she’s a Mary Sue, an over powered, boring character with a traumatic back story played for laughs. But really, why is Lapidot so popular? I’ve never really seen the appeal, so they were the only two Homeworld gems, okay? That’s like shipping Pearlmethyst because they were the only other two gems on the team, oh wait. But really, it’s not like Amedot shippers had a point either, that was until it was created immediately after Too Far aired and countless numbers of fan theories storm the internet, all saying Amedot will happen, and I completely agree. Why else would there be specific detail on the leash snapping when she couldn’t break it before? Why else would they have close ups on their wide eyed faces? Why would they do an anime romance cliche? If it doesn’t add up to something, why would you put it there? And at least Amedot shippers have SOMETHING to be worked up about, unlike Pearlmethyst and Lapidot. The crew doesn’t talk about it and it seems like they actively avoid speaking about it, they don’t draw, except for that one drawing that was immediately deleted, and all their interactions are flirting. What other conclusion are we supposed to come to!? And I have about three things to say; don’t make people ship polygems, it’s stupid and really isn’t any fun. When in a debate and you’re backed into a corner, don’t say “well I just want everyone to be single” or “how bout everyone just stays single?”, and if that were to have happened, Garnet wouldn’t be a main character, so that’s a thing. And three, stop saying that when someone provides evidence for one ship it’s hate against another. So, let’s say I’m in a debate against someone who ships Lapidot and someone else who ships Pearlmethyst and then I ship Amedot. Let’s say, I provide the drill scene as evidence, and it’s major piece of evidence that the other ships don’t have and won’t have, is that considered hate or crushing of hope? Cause it just sounds to me you don’t like something that’s different. It’s funny really, it seems that when you put feelings aside and just look at what’s in front of you, in opens your eyes. And as a closing statement which will certainly cause some hurt butts, Lapis doesn’t want a relationship and probably won’t, Amethyst needs a relationship with someone that gets her, and Peridot thinks Amethyst is the best gem there, and not because she’s a Quartz, she’s said before she hates Jasper and she’s also a Quartz. And really now, what would be the point of Lapidot or Pearlmethyst happening? Lapis wouldn’t change, Pearl’s development with S would be meaningless, and Peridot’s affection towards Amethyst would be meaningless and vice versa. And to knock down a few more points, yes Pearl knew Amethyst for longer, but she was in love with Rose at the time, so they really would only have 14 years of romance build up, and from what I can tell it’s not really happening. And yes, Lapis and Peridot live together, but that doesn’t mean anything, in fact I think it means we’ll get to see less of their development, thus killing any chance of their romance ever even being considered. And again yes, some of the crew ships these ships, but they didn’t create the concepts, the creator did. And no, ship aren’t doesn’t equal canonicity, it kind of kills it actually of ever happening. Look, I’m sorry if this comes off as rude or untasteful, but then again, if a popular shipper calls you a racist sexist waste of space scumbag, then I guess you’re doing something right. Thanks for the nickname @drawbautchery, couldn’t have done it without you.

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This might be a stupid question, but I've been starting to I guess, not exactly reevaluate my position, like I know the baby is fake. But I guess it's just going on a lot longer than I'd ever expected, and instead of getting neater and better, things are getting messier and worse. Realistically speaking, how long could Simon and syco have this tenuous hold on the band? I wanted to hold on, and as a fan of the band I will, but sometimes I feel like I'm forcing myself to still have faith in Larry.

Anon, I’m not going to give you a worst case scenario about how long Syco could hold the band hostage, because that would lead to a hundred other anons saying “YOU REALLY THINK….!!?!?!?” Because no, I don’t really think ‘worst case scenario.’

As for Larry, babe, if you’re forcing yourself to believe that it’s real and true, please stop.  If you don’t want to leave the fandom, but you really don’t think Larry is real anymore, just ship like a shipper. Have fun with it, ignore the “you must believe or you’re an idiot” blogs. 

Hell, I believe 110% and I still eyeroll at some of the “proof” posts. But I don’t mock them, I ignore or post block them. 

What we know for certain, all other things aside, is that things will NOT continue as they have been for much longer.

  • We will be told the band’s plans (or about their break-up)
  • Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall will be able, eventually, to say what they think (within the boundaries of celebrity) and will stop being so consistently evasive and shady
  • We will learn what the management situation is as a band and individually in a way that leaves little room for doubt.
  • Louis will stop getting papped every 15 minutes doing nothing but looking miserable.

We will never know everything, we’re not supposed to know everything about celebrities. But this will shake out into something resembling normal.

When? A couple of months, tops, in my opinion, but if it’s longer, it’s longer. There is not one single thing we can do about it.

So if you feel like you don’t believe that HL will come out, or that babygate will end, or that the band is going to get back together, it’s okay. You have to trust yourself over and above people telling you something that doesn’t seem true.

Personally, I get mad at anti’s mocking and ignoring any good points we make, but I don’t get mad that they don’t believe what we do. So do you babe, just don’t be an ass to people that disagree and it’ll be fine.

And when we do get some answers and you want to reevaluate and maybe join back in, you can!  The only people that won’t be welcome are those that were ugly and mean about it.

I’m not going to try and convince you to hold on. I want to convince you to trust yourself, even if you’re wrong (or I am), staying true to yourself is far more important.

So who sleeps in the second bedroom?

Okay, kids, I wanted to throw my two cents in on the Alaric/Stefan confrontation scene in 7x19. 

Be forewarned: I only watched the SC clips from the episode on YouTube, and I’ve only seen 7x01 through 7x06 all season. So maybe take what I’m about to say with a vat of salt. Another disclaimer: I am in no way trying to justify the writing choices made this season; I have hated them and complained about them at length. This is only my attempt to make sense of some of them from a character standpoint.

I get that the scene left a bad taste in a lot of mouths because it commented upon the sex that Caroline wasn’t having and came across as two guys fighting in a dick measuring contest.

However, while I think that’s a valid interpretation from Alaric’s perspective, I couldn’t help but see the scene differently, and I don’t think that’s the way Stefan meant it or even where he’s coming from.

Let me explain:

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Can you give share some suspicious things about baekyeol that made you think they're real and internally said "that's it, you two" Because I do and I'd love to see yours! :D

Hello there darling~ <3 I’ve already answered a question that is very similar to yours, but I’ll still answer you bc THAT ANSWER OF MINE DIDN’T GET THE RECOGNITION I THINK IT DESERVES. Haha, so let’s get started already shall we? ^^

Well, err….this is Bh showing us how horny and thirsty he is for Cy being all clingy and doing footsies and wow is that not intimate af? Which part of this ain’t suspicious mygosh. Control yourself Bh.

Y is Bh staring at Cy so much, the other members were just nodding along and Suho just spared a sec to glance quickly at Cy. But look at Bh dayum.

Ye coz that’s totally normal.

Legend: green- Jongdae // orange- Cy // violet or gray or both(idk bruh)- Bh

Excuse me Cy, but Bh was the one who’s being asked, not you.

Do I even need to explain why I think this is suspicious? I mean, srsly Cy, can you please enlighten us as to why you think Bh’s pinky toe is better than the other members’ pinky toe? I DON’T EVEN GAF ABT BH’s PINKY TOE TBH BUT NOW I’M INTRIGUED BC NORMAL PPL DON’T JUST OBSERVE THEIR FRIEND’S’ PINKY TOE.

Bh, Cy was the one who’s supposed to be answering. And my fave 3rd wheeler is here. He’s just laughing at his own misery wow.

Even though Cy said he doesn’t have a fave line/verse in their album bc he likes them all, Bh insisted on it as if he knows it’s not possible that Cy doesn’t have one (and he obv knows Cy has a fave verse). And there goes Bh singing a part of Cy’s fave verse. And why in the world does Bh seem to know Cy better than himself? Is this not suspicious? argh

This almost went unnoticed, (except by BaekYeol shippers ofc) but did you notice that when Cy called Bh to drink the remaining bitter drinks (I think there were 9 glasses left)  with him during Happy Camp bc Bh was teasing Cy so Bh should suffer, Cy divided the drinks in a very unequal way.

And no, Cy didn’t divide the drinks to his advantage. Cy divided it in a way that Bh would drink lesser drinks compared to him. Cy only gave Bh 3 drinks, whereas Cy voluntarily got himself 6 drinks.

Weird bc Cy’s purpose for calling Bh to drink the bitter drinks with him was bc Bh was teasing him and he wanted to “pay back” Bh. But I guess Cy’s soft spot for Bh overpowered him so he ended up sacrificing his taste buds in the end for Bh’s comfort. Watch the vid (if you want) it happened at around 1:13:30

Here we can see Cy running towards Bh and Jongin who just finished doing the Ice bucket challenge (that’s why they’re wet) with towels in his hands. And in the following photos, you will see Cy distributing the towels.

Here comes Cy with his unequal ways yet again. But ofc his unequal ways will always be towards Bh’s advantage in some way. Maybe Cy got 5 towels by accident so he ended up having to divide the towels unequally, but still, he chose to give Bh the one extra towel.

Even though Cy claims that he is Jongin’s fan, and he even announces his love for Jongin…His soft spot for Bh acted up again, causing him to give more towels to Bh instead of Jongin. (be it consciously or unconsciously, either way it’s still ideal boyfriend AF)

Here we can see Cy opening the door of a car. This happened during the program “18 seconds” and Cy is supposed to make sandwiches for (80?) students and just read the subtitles ughh.

And here we have Bh saying that he wanted to open the door himself, but right after the car arrived, Cy immediately rushed to the passenger side and opened the door for Bh. That is absolutely gentleman and ideal bf af bruh.

Cy did it with no hesitation and it’s as if opening the door for Bh is already normal for him. Which has got me believing this one “fact” I read online that said “Cy always let Bh get in the car before him as a form of respect(Idk the exact words but it was like this).

It just means that Cy actually respects Bh a lot. Which is a very large contributor to love. Because you can NOT love a person that you do not respect.

Cy with his unequal ways yet again. Cy is carrying two plastic bags(which are heavy af). Whereas Bh is just holding one plastic bag and a bunch of onions on his other hand(which isn’t as heavy as one plastic bag filled with ingredients).

Bc Cy’s soft spot for Bh just couldn’t let Bh carry too much stuff ugh.

Like c’mon, would a normal dude be that considerate towards his platonic hommie? All the stuff I pointed out abt Cy being so considerate towards Bh is just plain suspicious. 


Why you ask? Bruhhhhh Bh said he smelled like powder milk a lot. But right after he said that, Cy looked at him disbelievingly. And after seeing this, Bh admitted that he does not smell like powder milk, but instead, smells like oil.

And dayum, Just why did Cy immediately look at Bh when he said he smelled like powder milk as if he knows that Bh does NOT smell like that? Cy’s face was saying: “wtf r u saying u don’t smell like that.”

And tbh the only thing that was running through my mind while I was watching that was: “DOES CY KNOW HOW BH SMELL BC IT LOOKS LIKE HE DOES.” I mean Cy won’t look at Bh that disbelievingly if he didn’t know what Bh actually smelled like now would he? Ok that was so delulu but meh it was suspicious for me haha

That’s it BaekYeol. I’m so done.

(majority of the content in this post came from my other rant but I still put it here bc like I said, that post is so underrated HAHA)

So yes, that’s it darling! I’m sorry if this was delayed TT___TT I’m reaaaaaally sorry pls forgive me >< You can read more in THIS POST and I’m pretty sure you’ll be quite satisfied. ^^ Thank you so much for dropping a message, and I hope you have a good day! <3

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Hi Jen, do you think you'll make any posts about tvd season 7 and how you feel about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Yeah… I was going to totally write a post on TVD and forgot! 

See, this is probably why reopenning my asks is a good idea. You guys remind me of stuff all the time! So thank you! Let’s do this.

Oh man… TVD. Where to begin? Let’s start with what I’m enjoying (it’ll be quick.) I like the flash forwards. I know some people think it’s lazy storytelling, but I love flash forwards. Total sucker for them. I like piece puzzles together and what’s more fun than a backward puzzle? Not a whole lot! Good times!

I am enjoying that the Salvatores are Elena free and can simply be bros. I was enjoying Steroline, but I have a few complaints. And of course, I always love Damon and Bonnie. I also like that Damon is getting his mojo back. I miss old Damon. Didn’t particularly enjoy Elena whipped Damon. I like Damon when he’s being Damon - which is bad.

And that’s about the it. TVD lost me right about the time they wrote Candace Accola’s pregnancy into the show. Excuse me Dries, but have you heard of a Birkin bag? It’s this beautiful, designer, EXTREMELY LARGE, purse Caroline could carry around to hide her burgenoning belly. It worked for Kerry Washington on Scandal! Other options were also, couches, plants, grocery bags…. maybe just have Stefan stand in front of her. Whatever.

ANYTHING BUT writing the pregnancy into the show would have been fine to me. My major beef is that they undid a basic tennant of Vampire Diaries mythology. Not the first time TVD has done this (won’t be the last either) but they made the situation all the worse by making Caroline and Alaric “a thing” in the future. I mean… GROSS. Alaric and Caroline????? 

I don’t particularly care that they are simply trying to keep Stefan and Caroline apart so the audience is wondering if they’ll be together again (Spoiler Alert: they will). Pick another guy. Any other guy. NOT ALARIC. I sort of feel like they just did it because it was so bizarre. TVD writing is basically, “Hey… this will shock them because it makes absolutely NO SENSE” since about Season 4.

My other beef is Steroline. Things were clipping along nicely until they essentially decided to repeat Stelena’s entire Season 2 storyline. Remember how Stefan’s first love Katherine came back in Season 2 and how she wreaked havoc on Stelena’s relationship, including making Elena feel insecure about their relationship and Stefan reexamine his history with his first love? 

SOUND FAMILIAR? It should. Because that’s basically what they are doing with this whole Stefan, Caroline, Valerie nonesense. I don’t mind Steroline, but I do mind Steroline when they are retreading Stelena storylines. Find a new theme writers and if you can’t… end the damn show.

Also, I can’t stand insecure Caroline. Elena, even at her most insecure, was always pretty damn confident about Stefan’s love for her. Caroline insecure is the actual worst. That’s Season 1 Caroline and quite frankly the character has come way to far to regress like this. Hard pass.

I’m pretty bored with the bad guy too. It’s a bummer because we’re coming off a great Season 6 bad guy with Kai. C’est la vie. Lily and her “kids” are just boring to me. I did enjoy her complicated relationship with the Salvatore brothers, but of course TVD has to kill off an interesting female character the Salvatores are not romantically involved with just as the storyline is heating up. Sigh.

Other issues? Not enough Damon and Bonnie. I’m a Bamon shipper through and through. So imagine my disappointment that Bonnie is with Enzo in the future. My disappointment is not 100% Bamon related. I don’t like Enzo. At all. I realize I’m the minority in this but that’s where I’m at.

As I always say, I’m in TVD until the bitter end, but we’re rapidly approaching bitter. Hell, I’m there. It’s time to wrap this show up. Also, Nick has completely stopped watching and he’s been a Steroline shipper for 7 years. The show is so bad h e couldn’t even stick around to see his ship shail finally. Poor bastard.

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How is it you simultaniously get upset at people calling Makorra unhealthy and actual LGBT people being upset people like you are still salty to the point of telling them they support a ship where the woman is basically emotionally abused, while at the same time say stuff like 'I'd never tell Korrasami people to not like their ship' and all. You're super passive aggressive and I know this won't get published but it needs to be said in case you legitimately weren't aware.

(I don’t know if all of these are by the same person or not, but I’m answering them all together regardless because I don’t think this fandom needs more posts on this junk.)

Because you’re turning what I said into a ridiculous caricature of itself and then attempting to hold me responsible for it.  -_-  I have never made such a claim.  What I have said is that, due to some serious miscalculations on the part of the writers, the scenes at the end of Book 3 have some Unfortunate Implications when a romantic interpretation is forced on them, but that’s a Doylistic claim rather than a Watsonian one.  (The worst thing that can be said about Asami is that she offers the help she thinks Korra needs without really understanding what Korra actually needs.  =P  It’s not an ideal trait in a significant other, but it’s certainly not emotionally abusive.)

Also: I’m not sure if you noticed, but I publish nearly everything I receive (and most of the things I don’t publish are people who annoy me by demanding that I involve myself in fights I’m not interested in).  I’m of the opinion that people who spread anon hate discredit themselves.

I’m also of the opinion that there’s a difference between telling off people who have gone on the offensive against me and going on the offensive against people who are minding their own business.  =P

It’s mad unfair to blame that girl leaving tumblr on ‘korrasami people using it to start a war’ and junk, you know a lot of the hate came from makorra people who thought it was dumb too right? We didn’t meet at the secret korrasami hideout and say 'muahaha this will work’. We don’t need to fight a war, honey, we won despite what bigots like you think.

Yeah, I know there were a lot of Makorra people who participated in that debacle, but I think it’s disingenuous to ignore the fact that the reason they felt so compelled to pile on was to avoid the accusations being spread against all Makorra shippers by Korrasami fans.

To look at a few choice responses using the tag viewer (note: I blocked names for a reason – do not go after people for this; I just need to make a point about general trends):

The OP (who is, IIRC, a Makorra fan) pointed out that she was putting it in the tag so “you can all see this,” likely as a way of distancing herself from the position in the eyes of the Korrasami fandom.

The tags on the reblog demonstrate exactly why she might have wanted to do that – the Korrasami fandom holds all Makorra shippers (and sometimes all straight people, as if the two things are interchangeable!) responsible for the actions of one person.

So, yeah, the Makorra side of the fandom isn’t innocent.  But don’t go acting like you’ve got better things to do than fight a war when it’s pretty clear that certain portions of your side of the fandom are acting like they’re under siege.

response to your post “go watch one of the million other shows where a het couple becomes canon etc."Okay, for you, you should go watch something a little more rudimentary, like Teletubbies, because I don’t think that you actually understand what “narrative consistency” means. I don’t think there’s any shipping in Teletubbies—at least I hope to goodness there isn’t…oh who am I kidding, there is…I’m going to go do something productive now to cleanse my mind.

I’m highly inclined to suspect that this came from the same person who threw unsupported accusations about "narrative consistency” before, so I’m just going to refer you back to my response to that.  =P  Needless to say, I’m not the one who needs to go back to watching Teletubbies.

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Hey baby! Have you made a master post where you analyse our babies' hug? I'm scrolling through your blog like crazy and can't find it, so I was wondering if you've even written it and posted it already :) please let me know, I'd love to read your thoughts!

Hi There My Beautiful Friend,

Before anything else I want to acknowledge that you my dear are a master question asker and an amazing CARYL Analysis Writer all by yourself AND therefore I am encouraging anyone seeing this to literally run to your page and enjoy some of the most thought-provoking and most uplifting CARYL material I have read in a long time.
Seriously you have been outdoing yourself lately and I couldn’t praise you enough!

Thank you for reminding me about the “Epic Hug” Post because I got several asks to do a detailed analysis on IT after some of my other write-ups kind of touched upon it but maybe didn’t necessarily focus exactly on the actions themselves.
I am combining 4 asks for this post because they all essentially asked the same thing;
What elements of the CARYL Reunion Hug made the embrace not familial/friendly/platonic in nature?
What specific gestures made Daryl’s reaction significant for CARYL?

To make this a little more orderly I decided to essentially do a breakdown of the individual motions or steps of the embrace itself and in turn discuss each point by point in detail, to show why the design of the scene appears crucial to me, especially if we want to even attempt to “label” it in any shape of form.
I will note right away that I am not going to classify the “hug” as either simply romantic or simply platonic in nature because the feelings behind what occurred are yet to be verbalized concretely and definitively by either side.
That being said my personal opinion and perception of the reunion hug falls into a much deeper category than one or other BUT the intensity, passion and overwhelming “need” shown by Daryl leads me to believe that the embrace meant a lot more to him than any other physical or emotional encounter we have seen him engage since the very beginning of the series.
It’s also important to mention that Daryl’s past and previous demeanor have portrayed him as someone who has a certain level of aversion to physical contact and as someone who tends to calculate every move he makes - both physically and mentally.
We also haven’t seen Daryl share much of his personal self in the past BUT we are keenly aware of the stoic facade he tends to portray in front of other people and the fact that he is an expert at hiding his vulnerability and his feelings.
In other words Daryl Dixon likes to be in control of himself at all times.

The Daryl Dixon at the end of “No Sanctuary” with Carol in his sight forgot the rules and regulations his psyche dictated and as he barrelled towards her, all passion and no finesse, the audience was given a glimpse of vulnerability and tenderness most people didn’t think he was even capable of.

The Daryl we saw during those moments was anything BUT in control of both his emotional and physical responses - the reaction and feeling we saw was raw, completely un-coordinated and a reflection of his subconscious want.
Nobody and I really mean nobody - not even the most optimistic CARYL shipper truly expected the kind of emotion and the kind of intimacy we were given in that scene.

1. At this point the group is still reeling from the Terminus escape, with adrenaline and fear rushing through their bodies and while the others were trying to talk Rick out of putting all of them in further danger, Daryl remained silent and seemingly unopposed to either decision.

Carol approaches the group in a very hesitant, unsure, cautious way, with fatigue and almost resigned anxiety reflected on her face. It’s easy to see that she is concerned about the reactionary welcome she might receive and despite the fact that she had been responsible for saving their lives it stands to credence that she isn’t putting much stock into that. We already know from Carols personality and Gimples own comments on Talking Dead confirm that she went into Terminus out of love and not obligation or redemption of any sort.

Everything Carol does for the group, whether she is putting her life in danger to save theirs or making sure the prison had enough water, is and always has been out of love. Her approach in this scene mirrors that perfectly - she is hesitating because to her she hadn’t done anything extra-ordinary just then, she saved them because she could and there was no expectation or conditionality on her part. Rick might be the one that locks eyes with her first but he is not the one her eyes are searching for as she stops dead in her tracks.

2. Here we see Daryl turn his head following both Rick’s lead and the sound of rustling leafs behind him. There is a very slight pause where he freezes up with recognition and almost a twinge of panic as he takes in her sagging slight form and hitches up his breath.

It’s difficult to tell what part of her body he focuses on but I think it’s safe to say that aside from “Carol” he didn’t register all that much. Nothing else matters other than it’s HER standing there - not his surroundings, not the spectators and not even the fact that they are most likely “hunted” by the Termites and he is from what we see completely weaponless. The panic in his gaze has nothing to do with their lives being in danger and everything to do with his fear of her vision not being real.
And. Then. He. Is. Running.

3. Carol is not that far away from him - there was no need to RUN, there was no danger he needed to slay, there was nobody timing him here AND yet he is off and running haphazardly towards her as if he simply can’t get there fast enough.

The one and only person whose mere presence holds that much power over Daryl’s own self-awareness and the one person who is apparently able to get a Dixon to forget everything else in the world around him was and had always been - CAROL.
He literally SPRINTS the very short distance between them, arms wide open, an actual GRIN on his face and with so much passionate urgency that he ends up slamming into her with enough power that she is almost knocked right over.
Daryl couldn’t get to Carol fast enough.

4. The initial act of this “hug” is so physically intense that you can both hear and see the surprise and unpreparedness on Carols face as she feels herself almost scooped up into Daryl’s arms. The way he encircles her body frame gives the impression of an embrace that he doesn’t intend on ending anytime soon (if ever!).

The scene makes it clear that it’s a short distance between them and yet by the time he has his arms around her, Daryl is audibly panting as he forces himself to exhale, to breathe, to calm himself down…but just the sheer fact that she is right there with him is overwhelming his emotions AND it only takes a second for the sobs to start wracking his body as he holds on for dear life.
There are several slight instances where you can see him tightening his grip around her, almost as if he can’t get close enough, like the feel of her against him can’t get real enough AND everything around them simply evaporates as the moment is savoured.

5. The embrace in itself is awkward because he’s uncoordinated and there is a sense of sensory overwhelm, disbelief, pure joy and staggering relief, all wrapped up in a very “Un-Daryl” like way.

He is stumbling, swaying, lifting, holding, sobbing, nuzzling and desperately gripping all at the same time…as everybody simply looks on in amazement and it’s hard to tell if they are marvelling at HIS reaction or HER appearance.
It’s important to mention that almost all of this is Daryl, not Carol - she is simply holding on to him, hands soothingly patting his back as he tries to find both his emotional and physical balance. Her arms grip his shoulders, pulling him closer and holding on even tighter as they both gasp out sobs of joyful disbelief.
CARYL has always been about the soft gestures and small touches that both mean and feel so much AND here we see the same thing because even though the embrace in itself is at a HUGE scale, the affection and feeling is communicated through a flurry of smaller motions that couldn’t be contained at the realization that they were once again TOGETHER.

6. The soft gestures of this union is essentially what separates this embrace from the one Carol receives from Rick and had received from Tyreese back at the Grove. The fact that the soft tenderness comes from Daryl magnifies the significance ten-fold because everything he does is so much out of his comfort zone and is something we have never seen him share before.
As her feet come back into contact with the ground, he continues the embrace on his own accord as he brings his hand up to the back of her head, pulling her fiercely into himself and essentially muffles the sounds of their collective sobs as their breathing slowly falls back into a unified sync.
He rocks her, he sways her, he lifts her, he caresses her head, he nuzzles her neck, he snuggles into her chest…he cries, he sobs, he pulls her, he crumbles against her….HE can’t get enough of HER and it is HER that pulls away from HIM!
Carol intimately cradled his face, had her fingers intertwined with his, had her finger tips brushed through his hair and even made an attempt to wipe off the hot tears that he unashamedly shed for HER, over HER and because of the feelings HER return brought out in HIM.

7. It doesn’t take a lot of insight into Daryl’s character to figure out that a man like him with an aversion to physical contact wouldn’t be one too comfortable with public displays of affection either.

That side of him was completely lost in that very moment - not only did he HUG Carol but HE cried, HE sobbed, HE nuzzled, HE rocked, HE snuggled and HE went back into her after SHE pulled back away to look at HIM.
A man usually quiet, cautious, hardened and so reserved with everyone else didn’t even have a flinch of hesitation about rushing towards her, scooping her entire body up and letting tears, sobs and small whimpers simply seep out of him.
Daryl made a HUGE statement with his reaction to seeing Carol again AND HE did it in front of RICK, almost the whole group and four virtual strangers to him.

At first they are all in shock at seeing her there but once they see the tenderness and passion with which Daryl has greeted her there are smiles on all of their faces - Rick, Maggie, Carl, Sasha and even Bob can’t help but be moved by the emotion they are witnessing.
Gradually, they all step forward, timidly at first, almost afraid to break the happy spell Carol and Daryl are entranced with BUT they too want to greet their family - their sweet, loving Carol.
That scene wasn’t about Daryl claiming Carol for HIS OWN but more about Daryl showing who already had HIM claimed, whether either of them knew it already or not.
He Was Her Person And She Was His And Now Everybody Knew It.

8. Carol starts out the encounter very unsure, hesitant and guarded even, because when she approached them she had to be wondering how they would feel about her - how HE feels about HER after her confession to Rick.
Would Daryl reject HER? Would HE look at HER differently? Does HE even know?
The moment she is in his arms, the minute he grabs her, holds her, cradles her so unabashedly SHE knows SHE is safe and just like that HER whole-entire face lights up and even as her tears mix with his own she laughs with all the humanity her tender heart holds and there is a painful exhale heard that just about rips him in half.
Daryl wants HER with HIM, with THEM and SHE is just so HAPPY about it ALL!
Even as she pulls away they both continue crying and staring at each other as if they want to memorize this moment, to cherish this brief minute of happiness because they both know interludes like that are few and far in between.

9. The final part of the embrace is probably one that is the most telling to me. As she pulls back their shoulders sag in relief and they both let out the slightest of sighs in this resolved relief that they’ve been found.
The shock at being right there in that moment starts to fade and you can almost feel the resolution and comforting calm Carol delivers HIM as she gently cups his face and caresses his neck.

Daryl however isn’t ready to let her go so he pulls at her a tiny bit more and just drops his head ever so lightly against her lower neck and try to nuzzle her closer, with tears continuing to fall. It almost looks like his entire body is finally able to rest even though the overwhelming emotion at her being in front of him has short-circuited every coping mechanism he had ever had.

Instead of panicking or trying to reel himself back in to composure once he reluctantly steps aside Daryl still continues to cry and whimper as he watches her reunion with Rick. He doesn’t go far, he doesn’t leave her sight and even though he’s still overcome with his emotion he stands guard in case she needs him.

After Rick asks: “Did you do that?” Carol doesn’t answer and just as Rick takes that first step to approach her there is a very slight protective movement on Daryl’s end indicating that he was “with her” in case she needed him. He stands back, crying and whimpering quite openly but nonetheless he stands watch over her reunions AND something tells me that she won’t be leaving his sight for a very long time.

10. An important part of the reunion scene and one a lot of people overlook is the fact that it contains no dialogue whatsoever and yet so much is being told.

Bear McCreary composes music for a lot of the emotionally intense and action packed scenes in TWD and the CARYL Reunion scene is scored perfectly to highlight the overpowering feeling of significance during the exchange.

The music begins the moment Daryl spots Carol for the first time and continues to build up right away BUT interestingly enough start to fade out as soon as Rick gets involved.

We were meant to focus on that scene and so was the general audience.

If nothing else that reunion reinforced and stated loudly just how much Daryl needed Carol in his presence - how much she mattered - how much he missed her and how just how significant she really was for HIS happiness!

Nobody can take that away from US!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come



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So, kind of related to the fandom mood tonight, I'd love your thoughts on something if you have the time. I've only been a larrie since the beginning of babygate (even then I missed the trauma of the very start) so no matter how much I read about previous years, I'm lacking perspective: what do the think the toughest times have been for the fandom? And then what about for HL, when do you think it's been the roughest for them?

I would say that the five worst times in the fandom were BS 1.0, Haylor, BS 2.0. the pregnancy announcement in People Magazine, and the aftermath of the release of the Louis/baby pics. I think the roughest time for Harry and Louis was probably Haylor, and I think that BS 2.0 was really hard on Louis in particular.

BS 1.0 was difficult for the fandom because that obviously was a wake-up call for all of us - the closet doors had been closing more tightly throughout 2012, but that tweet really cemented it. BS 1.0 is also really when the bullying of Larries picked up because suddenly fans were given the impression that Louis was pissed off by Larry shippers.

Haylor was really difficult because both Harry and Louis were really unhappy throughout it and it was clearly very difficult for them, and it was hard for all of us to see that. The entire thing was gross - Harry was 18 years old and had to walk out of a hotel HOLDING HIS CLOTHES IN HIS HANDS (nobody could find him a bag? sure), clearly implying that they were sleeping together. Louis in particular was heartbreaking to watch and we saw him visibly drunk a lot that month. He and Harry both looked dead inside anytime Harry was with Taylor. It also just really tainted some things - it tainted their Madison Square Garden show because Harry had to hang out with Taylor afterwards and it kept Harry away from Louis for New Years. It was pushed very hard and was very widely publicized (more so than any of Harry’s other bearding relationships except maybe Hendall), and the fact that they were both visibly devastated makes me think it was really difficult for them. I mean, they got their ship and compass during that stunt and they were incredibly obvious about it because they got it the same day, from the same person, in the same style. Their demeanor and those tattoos really showed that they struggled - not in their relationship, but in terms of dealing with the stunt. And because we could see how difficult it was for them, it was harder for us to deal with too.

BS 2.0 doesn’t really require much of an explanation - obviously it was homophobic and disgusting, and it took away from what Louis had done when he wore that shirt proudly. Louis had just refused to speak out against Larry rumors during the Four livestream, and it was like he was punished with those disgusting tweets. It was particularly difficult for LGBTQ+ members of the fandom because obviously the tweets were homophobic and awful. I remember a lot of people wanting to leave the fandom and a lot of people declaring that they could no longer support the band after something like that. The reason I think it was also very difficult on Louis is because he got the dagger tattoo a couple of weeks later, which I don’t think he really planned much in advance. I think that was very much him taking back his power and showing who he was in the only way he was able to because they had taken away his voice and tainted a supportive gesture of his with lies and homophobia.

And finally, there’s the babygate stuff, which you were here for and understand. Babygate has been difficult because it was unexpected and it’s very unpredictable and quite frankly, incomprehensible a lot of the time. We have definitely seen some really tough times since babygate began, even compared to everything that happened before.

Anyway, this was really long and obviously it’s my personal opinion, but hopefully this answers your question sufficiently.