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Hey, I'm just wondering, do you think it's possible to be a Ravenclaw if you don't particularly like learning? Say, if you possess other Ravenclaw traits (that are very important to you)? Or is love of learning a must?

Okay so the thing is hogwarts houses are less about traits than they are about values and ravenclaw is a place for people who value learning, individuality, and acceptance

And I don’t want to be the person who sits here and says ‘you have to fit into this box to be a ravenclaw’ because ravenclaw is all about being your own person but like, all three of those are equally important and pretty key to the whole ravenclaw philosophy

But like I said it’s not about necessarily having those traits, but they’re what you aspire to. Like I wish I could go against the crowd and wear outrageous clothes everyday and have people admire my originality but fuck man judgement is scary! Or maybe you’re not great at maths but you never take your education for granted and are determined to learn as much as you can

Speaking of which, you probably do have a love of learning. I think most people do but they don’t realise because it’s not in the traditional sense. Maybe you love travelling and learning about other cultures, or you’ve spent hours reading books about ancient mythology, or you’ve taught yourself the names and meanings of all the flowers in your garden, or you’re teaching yourself how to play your fifth instrument. Sure it’s not differentiation but it shows you have a love of learning more about the world around you

So I’d say yes, you probably do need a love of learning, but by no means does that imply you have to be book smart

Professionalism- A Cedric Diggory Imagine

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this up after part two of Alone Together! I think I’m slowly running out of the beginner-blog motivation I had. Hopefully I can get at least another two imagines up by the end of this week though! Enjoy, my loves.

Request from Anon: Cedric x reader. Cedric is watching his girlfriend play quidditch. Some of the guys from the other team talk about what they’d like to do to her sexually. Cedric shows them who you belong to when she returns to the ground.

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Cedric stared up into the sky, watching blurred colors of yellow and black zoom back and forth across the pitch. He squinted slightly, as the sunshine was beginning to make it difficult to see. Although, that wouldn’t break his concentration for a moment. He was invested in this scrimmage match, knowing that it would determine the rest of the season’s chances of winning the cup. Nothing could break him of the trance he was in, watching the different techniques of the prospective players.

Well, nothing except your name, of course.

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Hey, Justin, you play Guild Wars 2, right? How would you sort the races? I think Norn would probably be mostly Gryffindors and Asura would be mostly Ravenclaws, but I'm not sure about the other races.

(Disclaimer: I am speaking here how each race’s CULTURAL and RACIAL views align with the houses. I am not claiming every race is entirely composed of just one house. All races are composed of all houses.)

Norn are definitely hardcore Gryffindor. A society valuing power and seeking glory to become a legend, I really don’t know how else to explain it. They are bold and courageous to the core. Perfect examples of the textbook (stereotypical?) Gryffindor. 

Asura are actually predominately Slytherin. I hate that they have become the “cute” race in GW2. While their defining factor is still their incredible intelligence and a society balanced around the three colleges, this does not make them Ravenclaw. Asura as a culture view themselves as superior to the other races, caring very little about their well-being. They are primarily interested in their own individual talents and projects, shamelessly sabotaging others to improve their chances of success. Furthermore, as quoted in The Movement of the World article: “The Asura believe they are destined to rule the larger, less intelligent races of the world. They see humans, especially, as quite good for heavy lifting, and in general terms, view other races as merely pawns to be manipulated in Asuran schemes.”

Sylvari are Ravenclaw. As the newest race to the world, Slyvari are primarily interested in discovering both the world and their own identities with immense curiosity. Many of the dreamers also share a strong connection with each other and value acceptance of others, largely influenced by Ventari’s teaching: “All things have a right to grow. The blossom is brother to the weed.”
Although having darker aims, even the Nightmare Court share many of these Ravenclaw traits of curiosity and especially seeking independence from the influence of the Pale Tree.

Humans are a race that I would align mostly with Hufflepuff, despite that one follower rudely disagreeing, due to their faith in their six gods and incredible perseverance. The game does a poor job at explaining it in detail, but the Humans are essentially on their last legs. Their home in Kryta is the last remaining human kingdom on Tyria with both Ascalon and Orr being abolished. Elona and Cantha may still exist; however, all communication is seemingly cut off. Despite this, and despite being attacked from every side of their land (and literally their city being attacked in the most recent update), the humans remain strong. The “unafraid of toil” of Hufflepuff is incredibly present for the humans. In addition, the Gods have not been heard from in over 250 years. The humans, though essentially being abandoned, still largely remain faithful to The Six for guidance. Seriously. It says it all in the human story intro:

“The human race once ruled Tyria. Now, we struggle to hold our ground.
 We’ve been defeated, driven back, and broken – but we will not surrender.
So many nations have fallen. Only Kryta still stands.
Our faith is strong, despite the silence of the Six Gods.”

Charr are a rough mix of Gryffindor and Slytherin. Honestly, I would put them in Durmstrang if I could. The in-game description describes them as such:

“The charr race was forged in the merciless crucible of war. It is all they know. War defines them, and their quest for dominion drives them ever onward. The weakling and the fool have no place among the charr. Victory is all that matters, and it must be achieved by any means and at any cost.”

From descriptions alone, the Charr can be very Slytherin in their cutthroat pursuit for power and control; however, it cannot be denied that the charr are also innately defined by their boldness and courage valued in Gryffindor.

-Justin (Slytherin)

Honestly my #1 hope for Cursed Child is that JKR actually splits up the Weasley/Potter kids and doesn’t just throw everyone in Gryffindor.

I love Gryffindor and appreciate all the good qualities it is known for and when the golden trio were in school, yes, being daring really was the best thing to be. But now the war is over, and I think it would be amazing if the other houses were given a chance to shine. 

I can see James Sirius being in Gryffindor and wanting to live up to the Potter legacy but I also can see:

Rose Weasley being sorted into Ravenclaw, because she’s just as smart as her mother and wants to learn everything she can about both the muggle and wizarding world

Albus Severus being sorted into Slytherin and totally owning it and working tirelessly to promote inter-house relationships and get rid of the stereotypes surrounding each house

Hugo Weasley being sorted into Hufflepuff because he is just as loyal as Ron was, and since he’s not quite as smart as his older sister he works twice as hard at everything and is always willing to help others

Lily Luna being sorted into Gryffindor because she’s a little spitfire and an exact replica of Ginny 

Scorpius Malfoy being sorted into Ravenclaw, not Slytherin. He decides going into Hogwarts that he does not want to keep the family tradition going, he wants to be around people who appreciate him for his abilities, his wit, his cleverness, and not simply his surname. He wants to learn about people and he wants to chase knowledge, especially after his father has warned him about the dangers of chasing power

Turning Page (Sirius Black x Reader)

A/N: Based on a request for a Sirius imagine where the Ravenclaw reader is a bookworm that gets Sirius into reading. Hope you like it!

Sirius knew that by being friends with you, he would have to embrace your quirks. He had seen you in the corridors on the way to classes many times, your nose always stuck in a book. You rarely saw each other, you being a Ravenclaw, so it wasn’t like he knew you.

At the beginning of sixth year, he would often see you walking around, your face hidden by your book, the only thing visible being your curly hair. His words were mocking as you passed by, criticizing your reading habits. Of course, you ignored him, merely turning the page of the book you were reading that day.

It wasn’t until you were assigned to tutor Sirius that he took note of your beauty.

He never noticed your Y/E/C eyes that twinkled brightly as you spoke. He never noticed your curly hair that bounced around, occasionally falling into your eyes before you brushed it away. Your voice was soft and calm as you explained quietly what he was doing wrong with his classwork. He had grown to live for your input.

“Why do you read so much?” He questioned you one evening. You sat across from him in the library, a book in front of you as you waited for him to finish a short paper for class. You had decided it was the perfect time to finish the chapter you had started before the study session began.

“‘Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing,’” you whispered, looking up at him with a distant expression. Sirius felt his heart swell at your words, the look in your eyes making him realize that he was falling for you.

“And where did you read that?” He asked knowingly.

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” you told him with a smile. “It’s by Harper Lee.”

“You memorized a quote from it? That’s true dedication, love,” he joked as he leaned back in his chair.

“Well, it’s one of my favorite books,” you admitted, closing your book and copying his actions.

“Will you lend it to me?”

“The Sirius Black actually wants to read a book?” You gasped dramatically. He rolled his eyes and softly kicked your foot under the table. “Have I travelled to another dimension? Merlin, I think I see the light!”

“Enough out of you, Y/L/N,” he laughed as you pretended to faint in your chair.

“I can’t resound to you, Sirius,” you replied, eyes shut and head resting on the back of your chair as you kept the act up. “I’m dead, I can’t talk.”

“Oh, really?” He quipped before continuing. “I guess I’ll just have to go burn all the books in your room in the Gryffindor common room.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” You exclaimed, sitting up as your eyes popped open.

“Watch me,” he said with a wink before gathering his things and taking off in the direction of the Ravenclaw common room.

“Sirius!” You whined, grabbing your own things and chasing after him. Once out in the corridor, you let out a squeal as you ran into Sirius’ chest. It seemed that he was waiting for you to come after him.

“So,” he began. “You’re going to lend that book to me, right, love?”

You let out a groan as you were pulled out of a deep sleep. Rolling over in bed to face whoever had poked you awake, you found Sirius kneeling beside your bed.

“How did you get in here?” You asked through your shock.

“One of your friends, Jane? Yeah, Jane, let me in. She was out late with Remus, if you know what I mean, and they found me by the fireplace with your book. James came down from the rooms and they were all harassing me for reading! The bloody idiots don’t understand that once you start a good book you have to finish it!”

“Y/N,” one of the girls in your room called out quietly. “Make your boyfriend be quiet.”

“Sorry, Minnie!” You apologized before turning back to Sirius. “That doesn’t explain how you got in here.”

“Jane felt bad so she let me in,” he explained. “Plus, I wanted a cuddle so I could finish the book with good company.”

“You came to my room at four am to cuddle?”

“It appears so.”

“Fine, but don’t hog my sheets.”

Sirius let out a chuckle and climbed into your bed. You moved so your head was resting on his chest, your eyes watching as he pulled out the book and used his wand for a dim light. You read along with him for a while before your eyes drooped shut, a soft snore falling from your lips.

Sirius smiled at the sight of you curly hair strewn against his chest, your body snuggled into his. He placed a soft kiss on your forehead and put his book and wand on your nightstand. His arms wrapped around you and he let out a content sigh.

He felt at peace as he laid in the bed of the Ravenclaw bookworm. The bed of the girl he loved.

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The problem with the fifth book is that all Harry does is complain. He literally complains through the entire book. It's like we get it Harry life is hard. But HARRY YOU ARE A WIZARD! Therefore, your life is inherently better than mine. Be interesting.

Shit Harry was dealing with in Order of the Phoenix:

  • seeing one of his friends literally murdered in front of his eyes
  • one of his favourite teachers was not only not who he said to be but also out to kill him who wouldn’t have trust issues after that??
  • his friends completely shut him out for months over the summer
  • the closest thing he has to a father figure fucking DIES
  • the second closest thing he has to a father figure ignores him for most of the book
  • the entire wizarding world thinks he’s a liar and is constantly saying shit about him
  • he now has to suffer through two abusive teachers who make him do shit like carve words into his own skin and intrude on his happiest memories
  • he can’t even play quidditch which is his favourite thing ever
  • oh also he thinks he’s being possessed by voldemort and is a danger to everyone around him
  • and on top of all that he’s 15 and hormonal 
A Ravenclaw/Slytherin Relationship Would Include...
Other Pairings

* * *

  • The most amazing mastermind duo in the history of forever
  • Also probably the scariest 
  • Everyone is extremely intimidated by them but at the same time loves them a lot together
  • Them both being two sides of the same coin 
  • Often saying the same thing at the same time and getting really excited every time it happens 
  • The two working together and pulling off the best pranks ever and no one finding them out
  • The Ravenclaw being extremely good at getting the Slytherin out of trouble while the Slytherin grumbles“I was doing fine on my own”
  • Road trips
  • A lot of spontaneous adventures happening 
  • The two being able to pull of the hottest selfies 
  • but if you scroll through them they all end up being silly ones
  • The Ravenclaw always taking sneaky photos of their beloved Slytherin
  • The Slytherin always watching and studying the Ravenclaw because they love them so much
  • loud singing 
  • Pun wars that go on for hours
  • Also sass wars
  • People think that the two hate each other because of all the sassiness and “arguing” but it’s just they way they show affection 
  • pretty travel pics of exotic places 
  • both of them trying to stifle their laughs when they hear an innuendo and make eye contact 
  • Never ever being the gross “lovey-dovey” couple except for when they’re alone 

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What houses do you think that the "official" princesses in the Disney Princess line-up would be in?

Our Gryffindor admin had already done a sort, but I’m going to give my opinion as well  -Amy

Snow White: Hufflepuff; very loyal and hard working

Cinderella: Gryffindor

Aurora: Slytherin; she knows what she wants and she goes for it

Ariel: I’m stuck between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Belle: I know most people put her in Ravenclaw because of the love of reading and learning, but I feel like what really drives her is her love of adventure, which I feel is a more Gryffindor quality.  Thus Gryffindor.

Jasmine: Slytherin; like Aurora, she knows what she wants and goes for it.  She is ambitious and cunning when she needs to be

Pocahontas: Ravenclaw or Gryffindor

Mulan: Hufflepuff; super loyal to her family and works super hard to bring honor to them

Tiana: Hufflepuff; loyal to her family and her dream… no one works harder than her.

Rapunzel: Gryffindor; she dares to challenge Gothel and go out on her own, facing all the things she has feared before

Merida: Slytherin; she is super ambitious for the things she believes in (she wants to have things her way) and very cunning to get what she wants.  I know the stereotype is Gryffindor, but that’s too easy.

Elsa: (According to Wikipedia, she will become an “official” princess”) I’m on the fence between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.  On the one hand, she remains loyal to her family, but on the other she wants to learn about her powers

Anna: (See above) Hufflepuff; girl is super loyal to her family and she’s got a sense of justice like a Hufflepuff.

It’s Theory Time

I have this theory that the Sorting Hat puts people into houses based on what said witch or wizard does to the hat. 

For Gryffindor you have to have the courage to speak to the hat. When Harry had the hat placed on his head he said “Not Slytherin.” I’m willing to bet that everyone in Gryffindor spoke to the hat. Hermione even said on the train to Harry and Ron, “I hear Gryffindor’s the best.” Imagine little Hermione being thrown into a world she never knew existed, knowing next to nothing about the wizarding world. She only wanted to make friends, she wanted to be a Gryffindor because she heard great things, so she asked the hat. Then there’s Ron, who’s entire family expects him to be a Gryffindor, like the rest of them. As he sits with the hat on his head, he crosses his fingers and repeats to himself over and over,” Gryffindor. Gryffindor. Gryffindor.” I could go on but I think that I’ve made my point.

The rest is mostly speculation but stay with me 

In Slytherin, the students there are from (mainly) all Slytherin families. They have already accepted their fate as a Slytherin. Of course with a few exceptions, such as Sirius Black. 

Ravenclaws would, obviously, began to try and unravel the hat’s inner workings. I mean come on, Ravenclaws are naturally driven to know things so future Ravenclaws would piece together who and what the hat is while the hat is picking at their brain. 

Last but not least, Hufflepuffs. Now this one took me a while to understand, but I believe that I have come up with a convincing argument. As we all know Hufflepuffs typically center around equality. When the sorting hat is placed on a witch or wizards head that is destined for Hufflepuff, the Hufflepuff speaks to the hat. Not in the way that a Gryffindor would, but in a way all their own. A Hufflepuff would open up their mind to each house, even Slytherin, and ask the Hat to put them where they needed to go. That is honestly what seperates the Hufflepuffs from the rest of the houses, they were willing to go to any house.  

Now a lot of people say that the Sorting Hat is not a great way to sort kids because they are at a defining age and will change over time. While that is true, the Sorting Hat is in fact a genius way to sort children. Nothing defines us better than our actions. We become who we are by our own actions, by who we want to be. By putting us with people who started the same way as us, we can learn from their experiences because they know  how it was in the beginning.  

I think I made my point 

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Your ships are the beeeest! Could I have one too please? Im a 5'7 heterosexual Latina female Ravenclaw. I have wavy brown hair and brown eyes. I love reading, poetry and music. I usually hide my emotions in fear that they will be seen as weak and I laugh off my insecurities, though inside they're slowly eating away at me. Thank you!

I ship you with Stephen!

Your interest in music and poetry is something he likes. He can just enjoy all of these things with you, and maybe even attempt to write some poetry of his own for you. There isn’t any need to hide your feelings around them, he’s so charming he’d more than likely bring them out in you. In his eyes you have nothing to be insecure about.

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Introduction of myself!

I’d might as well introduce myself to the community.

Hey! I’m Savvy and I’m new at studyblr. I made this a while ago so I could reblog and save study inspo, but I want to turn it in a blog and hopefully post some of my own studyblr elements to the page. I’m a ravenclaw, cancer, holosexual ;), and lover of all things beautiful. I love science in particular because it’s one of the few classes in which I have the time to take pretty notes. 

I made this page to help get my school life back on track from getting lazy and knocking myself down from top student down to just above average. It sounds silly, but it matters a lot to me, and I want to get back on track.

Biggest inspirations: @studypetals @studyplants @studyblr @strive-for-da-best @elkstudies @em-spacestudy @soymilkstudies !

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Hello! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering where you would sort the pevensie children? Sorry if you've already done them and I'm being thick. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Oh, my darling Pevensies. (Note for new friends: primary is WHY you do things, and secondary is HOW). 

Lucy, with her confidence, certainty, and firm internal ground to stand on, is one of the shiniest examples of a young Gryffindor Primary that I’ve yet met. The way she gets things done is with friendship (see: Mr. Tumnus), kindness, and service— Hufflepuff Secondary

Peter is her opposite: a Hufflepuff Primary, Gryffindor Secondary. Instead of a Gryffindor Primary’s steady internal moral compass, his drives hinge on the needs of the people around him, on his community’s expectations, on the things he considers to be his duty. He is kingly, where Lucy is the personification of faith. He has a Gryffindor Secondary’s honesty, nobility, and stubbornness. He cannot be anything other than himself. (Whereas Lucy cannot believe anything other than her truths). 

Edmund is not a Slytherin Primary. First and foremost, this boy is not a Slytherin. He betrayed his people, and then spends the rest of his life repenting. A Slytherin does not, on a whim, for candy, betray His People. But wait– perhaps his siblings were not in fact within his inner circle? And that is why he could betray them? Sure–except if that was the case, he wouldn’t feel bad about it later. He’d shrug and eat some more Turkish Delight. But Edmund? Edmund feels guilty. Edmund spends his life repenting. This is not a Slytherin. 

I read Edmund as a Ravenclaw Primary who had not yet figured out his moral system. Because for Edmund, substantially more than for Lucy and Peter, his morality, his dedication to Aslan, and his title of “Just” are choices, not a drive. At his lowest point, with the White Witch, he looks at his life and decides this is not who I want to be, and holds with that until the end of him. 

His secondary might be Ravenclaw too–he’s precise and purposeful, logical. But I don’t recall–is Edmund, master of the spies, a movie or fandom headcanon, or is it in the text? Because that might push my opinion over into Slytherin Secondary instead–adaptable, quick on his feet, observant. 

Susan, in the books, is one of the cold Houses for her Primary–Ravenclaw or Slytherin. She follows social scripts and performs very precisely as the proper and worried older sister. She does not believe easy–she doesn’t feel it like Lucy and Peter do, and she does not build and invest morally the way Edmund learns to.

This could easily be a Ravenclaw Primary still–she has built a way she thinks the world works, and it takes a hell of a lot to convince a convinced Ravenclaw to abandon their system. Edmund had to be at the bottom of the deepest, saddest well of his life to make that call and change–and then he never wavers from it.

By the end of their first rule in Narnia, however, Susan is convinced, at least about the way the world works–practicality, not morality. And she is shattered when they go home–betrayed. Her reluctance on the return journey to bury herself in Narnia again, as the indefatigable Lucy does, speaks of either a “fallen” Ravenclaw Primary, disillusioned and aching, or a Slytherin Primary’s exhausted self-preservation. 

Best guess on secondary is Ravenclaw–she’s practical and logical, not prone to Peter’s forthrightness or Lucy’s kindness and faith. 

But the Pevensie children are all a bit more of exemplifications of virtues/sins/archetypes than they are people. But all the same. 


P.S. When I write Susan, I write her as a Slytherin Primary. The defiant lifted chin, the shameless self-worth, and the tendency to build things within your own world was the easiest way for me to write the stories I wanted: ones where Susan reclaims her world, self, and worth, and holds tight; a story where her life is not a loss, or a scar, but her own, and worth living. 

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so a thought occurred to me earlier and i thought id come here for help. I also looked through the other characteristic lists for the houses but would you mind doing a list for common flaws and more negative characteristics of each house? i feel that the positives are talked about all the time and the negatives glossed over

I can do that sweetie~ xxx


  1. Hot-headed
  2. Brash
  3. Reckless
  4. Argumentative
  5. Disregard of their own safety
  6. Glory-obsessed
  7. Arrogance
  8. Shortage of common sense
  9. Accidentally offensive occasionally
  10. Bossy


  1. Naive
  2. Passive-aggressive
  3. Too safe
  4. Easily frustrated
  5. Stubborn
  6. Let people walk over them sometimes
  7. Reluctant to express opinions
  8. Doesn’t accomplish much when they’re alone
  9. Puts too much emphasis on what ‘everyone’ thinks
  10. Reject change


  1. Anti-social
  2. Rude
  3. Daydreamers
  4. Dismissive
  5. Emotionless
  6. Only put effort into things they like
  7. Superiority complex
  8. Arrogant
  9. Snobby
  10. Self-entitled


  1. Bossy
  2. Bad losers
  3. Obsessed with success
  4. Exclude others
  5. Liars/Too honest
  6. Greed
  7. Intolerance
  8. Cruel
  9. Suspicious
  10. Have ulterior motives

-Amy (Slytherin)

I am so on board with

  • ADHD and dyslexic Ravenclaws who struggle in classes but love to go exploring on their own 
  • shy, quiet Gryffindors who seem like complete pushovers until someone hits on that ONE THING they really care about
  • daredevil Hufflepuffs who train really hard to perfect stunts that even the Gryffs hesitate to attempt
  • easygoing Slytherins who use their cunning to get their way AND maintain their integrity

Like why continue with all these stereotypes when you can have super interesting characters no one expects that still fit in with their respective houses?

Title: The Day She Saw The Black Cat / Hogwarts!AU

Summary: When Marinette is being followed by a black cat, three days after coming back to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she doesn’t know yet that this cat will probably change her life forever.

Note: Finally I’ve been able to write this. Thought about this story a long time and wanted to write it down ever since I got the idea for a crossover between Miraculous Ladybug and Harry Potter. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading! :)

You can also read it here on ao3

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I say Cassian is Ravenclaw cuz I think he's very intelligent and logical, but sometimes gets too caught up in his own head. Plus, K2 would totally be a Ravenclaw. Or a very aggressive owl. I think Jyn is Gryffindor. Just because she has had to do bad things to survive, doesn't make her any less brave or courageous.

I have to admit defeat and that you all have shoved me into the Jyn-Erso-Is-A-Gryffindor Camp :D (though I still maintain that, like Harry Potter, she would have done well in Slytherin)

K-2SO is, without a doubt, in Ravenclaw. (Or, as he would say, the chances of him succeeding in one of the other houses is less than one percent)

However, I just can’t see Cassian in Ravenclaw. Don’t get me wrong: Cassian Andor is incredibly smart and clever, both strong Ravenclaw traits. However, being smart doesn’t automatically put you in Ravenclaw. (If that was true in the HP universe, then Hermione Granger and Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort all would have been placed in Ravenclaw.) I feel like Cassian lacks the creative and innovative outlook that Ravenclaws have on life. Also, I feel that intelligence isn’t the number one trait (out of intelligence, ambition, bravery, and loyalty) that Cassian would value in his life (slightly ironic, considering he’s an intelligence officer), which rules out Ravenclaw for me.

Though, of course, these are all just personal headcanons and you all are free to be like “What nonsense is this chick talking about. Cassian Andor is OBIVOUSLY in [insert House here]”. Just my personal opinion  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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How do you feel about Namjoon's Hogwarts sorting of the BTS members? (I sent the last ask too btw asdfghjkl SORRY, it's just, I love how you analyze things!)

!!! PLEase don’t apologize!!! i’m so flattered and lowkey spazzing because this question got me thinking for 2 days and im just jfdkslf excited about it (and when i’m excited i usually write essays so;;;) i know you didn’t ask me for my own sorting but i’m slipping it in here anyway SORRY

here’s namjoon’s sorting ––

gryffindor: namjoon, jin 
hufflepuff: hoseok, tae
ravenclaw: jungkook 
slytherin: jimin, yoongi

first of all, sorting is like inherently flawed because it’s so hard to categorize every human being in four houses and understandably there’s gonna be a lot of discourse… plus there’s that idea behind sorting that the individual is placed into the house that has qualities they admire, not necessarily qualities they exhibit? imo  people who end up being really unfit for their houses are rare though, since i think people tend to appreciate their own positive traits anyway – but i tried to avoid considering what the members would want too much and instead think about what their habits are, if that makes sense?

AH so this is mine, after much deliberation (* confusion) ––

gryffindor: jungkook, jin*
hufflepuff: hoseok, tae*
ravenclaw: namjoon
slytherin: jimin, yoongi

i didn’t realize until after i thought about it for 2 days (haha;) but mine is very similar to namjoon’s actually?? i’m going to throw out some explanations:

gryffindor: jungkook, jin*

if namjoon was thinking about jungkook wanting to learn a lot of things, being good at a lot of things, i’d say i can see where the ravenclaw sorting comes from - but other than that, courageous, loyal, headstrong, honorable, morally/belief-driven… much more jungkook imo. jin because he’s very headstrong and belief-driven as well (ex. he’s still this way now, but in high school he also wanted to be a news reporter to give second-class citizens a voice), but for a moment i was deliberating ravenclaw too, because jin seems very invested in specific areas of interest and dives deep into those areas. if i was forced to sort jin into one house though, i don’t see ravenclaw embodying his primary functions…. for a hot second i also thought about slytherin bc jin has a very “me and my own” mentality, but again, i find him less ambitious than he is clear-headed! so gryffindor it is

hufflepuff: hoseok, tae*

hoseok (along with yoongi) is one of the sortings i think most people agree on? friendly/loving, patient, hard-working, community-driven. i think maybe ppl generally agree on tae as hufflepuff too, but he was actually a toss-up for me because i think he totally could be in gryffindor (would maybe want to be in gryffindor too) but he’s in hufflepuff because he puts family first, admires his father for being family-oriented, open to making friends with a variety of people, always making sure the other members feel loved, etc. :) 

ravenclaw: namjoon

i really really respect namjoon’s own sorting of himself, because in many ways that’s the most accurate sorting there is. this is just me being unable to resist sorting him into ravenclaw, mainly because i think he’s so, so instinctually ravenclaw, and being in ravenclaw doesn’t mean he can’t also be courageous, honorable, etc! intelligent, creative, witty, knowledgeable, most importantly, thinkers who value examining something thoroughly before deciding whether it’s right/wrong/neither

slytherin: jimin, yoongi

super agree with namjoon on this one. yoongi is simple (especially since he would totally sort himself into slytherin too lolol); ambitious, cunning, resourceful… and i dont think it’s just me, but honestly the more i consider jimin, the more slytherin he seems. i think the conception of like, hufflepuff!jimin originates from him being hardworking and nice + loyal to his loved-ones, but slytherins are also supposed to be dedicated and fiercely loyal, just to their own inner circle. this definitely applies to jimin imo, more so than hufflepuff because i don’t think jimin’s actually all that open/accepting to everyone – and i don’t mean that in a negative way? just that he knows who he cares about and he cares about them a lot. ultimately jimin’s also very driven, and imo, extra aware of how he portrays himself to different ppl, and can be ‘cunning’ in that regard. in the second aspect he’s more classically slytherin than yoongi tbh

(NOTE: i found this brief interview thing from a while ago i think, where the members answer the top 3 things they need for happiness – i find it it kind of funnily accurate/relevant to their sortings?? i love jin’s and namjoon’s answers tbh) 

ness-paula  asked:

Can I have matchup? Female, bisexual, I think I was around 5'4 or 5'3 last time I checked, blue eyes, brown hair,  for personality typing stuff my MBTI is INTP,  zodiac is pisces, specifically a pisces/Aquarius cusp. My sister says my personality fits more on the Aquarius side. My Enneagram is Type 5 and my Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw. I'm pretty introverted and I only really let a few people into my little bubble. Not even most of my family is in my bubble. (pt 1/? also this is gonna be long)

Usually I need some space alone and I need to be allowed to do my own thing and be myself. I don’t like forced social interaction or people invading my bubble. I’m not great with emotionally demanding people at all, I’m bad at expressing my emotions outwardly and if you want to know if I really like you I’ll interact with you more and show you things that I think would make a good conversation point or if I want to see your reaction. (pt 2/?)

I’m not really big on ‘social niceties’ and I’ve been called rude by my own parents for hanging up without saying bye, stuff like that. I don’t see why they get so worked up about that stuff. I can’t fucking stand crass people who talk about shit, farts, overly sexual stuff, etc. Pardon my language. On hobbies/stuff I like to do in my freetime, I’m very very big on video games, it’s a big thing for me other than scouring the Internet. (pt 3/?)

I absolutely love learning, if there’s someone who’s particularly interested in something and would like to share, I’m all ears. I guess you could also say I’m pretty analytical, I love speculating on certain topics which is why anything mysterious is hugely attractive to me. I adore a good mystery. Hell, I have an entire side blog dedicated to investigating and offering insights about a very mysterious blog. I really like bugs and cats. (pt 4/? I’m so sorry for making this so long)

When I can I like to explore, not anything like high risk urban exploration, usually just exploring the nooks and crannies of neighborhoods, parks, etc. I tend to worry about coming off as pretentious or a know-it-all or just generally annoying. I have a pretty feminine side as well, I like makeup and some “kiddie” stuff like plushies and just by looking at my blog you can tell my favorite color is pink. (pt 5/?)

I don’t really care if my match is into that stuff, I only care if they can respect my interests and tastes. I’m not a huge fan of people who are too rambunctious or loud or speak a whole lot and go on tangents. I’m actually pretty afraid of people thinking I’m annoying so I’m not really confident about speaking up and pointing out issues with what someone said, another reason being I don’t like causing too much trouble or tension. (pt 6/?)

I’ve got depression, anxiety and I’ve been diagnosed with OCD by a professional psychologist, so these can lead to some ‘down’ moments but I try to take care of those problems myself, but I may need some support. I also have secondary insomnia and I have trouble staying asleep and sometimes falling asleep.SWEET JESUS sorry for dumping my whole life story on you, I figured my match would be more accurate the more detailed my description was. (pt 7/7)

After much thinking and actually having an internal debate between two characters, I chose for you Jotaro Kujo!

Honestly, I find you quite similar to him, for instance your facette towards others is rather silent or distant, although yours is something you reflect on your personality while Araki’s said that Jotaro’s kind of misunderstood since he believes that people can see what he feels right by looking at him and therefore doesn’t really put an effort on showing too much. But you also said you are not much into social niceties and that is so good honestly because he’s not a person much into that either and you both would probably realize son how well you get on this. Your way of coming off at others is quite complementary as well and since you both seem to be not all much into extroversion I believe you’d both enjoy each other’s company even if there are not many words exchanged between the two sometimes. While he doesn’t particularily do well at videogames (he sucks) and doesn’t find them much interesting, he’ll be okay wth spending some quality time at home with you playing videogames while he reads or works on something, as long as you set a reasonable volume for the game that does not make it difficult for him to focus on what he’s doing; although if the game’s murmuring becomes too unbearable or you’re just not willing to play on a lower volume (which is normal tbh get wrekt joots), he’ll have no problem in leaving you on the couch and retreat to his room (yare yares implied)

He’ll actually enjoy talking to you about the things he really is passionate about, his conversations with you about this will probably make him open up quicker and chats will progressively become longer. He will especially like the fact that you’re willing to listen to his knowledge and will find delight if you also provide to the conversation. HOWEVER prepare to listen to this man bubble about the sea and his studies about it one hour after the other if you keep showing interest from the beginning. But believe me, pay attention to what this man has to actually say about his inner interests and you’ll open the gate of a reciprocate and more open heart – he’ll also return the favor by listening to you as communication between the two turns a little more emotional, and after learning about your different disorders he’ll try to show his support the best he can – we know that Jotaro’s way of expression is also quite misconceived, but he’ll begin by getting an insight on what you’re going through – Reading books first rather than facing you directly to explain to him about them. Then, he’ll make sure that you’re not late to any of the doctor or psychologyst appointments if you ever have to go to one, ask you from time to time for how well you’re doing and eventually you’ll talk about how he can help handle the situation if you come across a relapse.