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Do you kinda feel they already spoiled a lot of the good Misty scenes in the preview? I mean I know we'll obviously get more stuff, but it seems like all the big Misty scenes like her introduction, the hearts image, her running from Caterpie, etc. were taken from the first ep and shown already, so it won't feel "new" when we see them in the ep. I think Misty's best moments will come in her battle in the second ep, but I'm not sure how many more memorable scenes she'll have in the first.

Let’s just wait for the episodes and see? I’d expect two 20 minutes long episodes to include a bit more stuff than like 2 collective minutes of previews, even if the screentime is going to be shared between many characters. Personally I really don’t mind being spoiled stuff unless it’s really some M. Night Shyamalan twist or something, I often even go through the episodes screencaps on right before watching to decide if it’s going to be interesting lol.

CS ff: “My Eyes, They Speak for Me” (Sneak Peek)

Summary: Just after Emma gets torn from her family, she forgets them. Killian goes back to the Enchanted Forest and has to remember every minute detail of the woman he’s just lost. During the Lost Year and beyond, the pieces and parts that are missing add up to two mending hearts.

Rating: T

A/N: So I’m not very good at canon divergence, so I’ve taken on some missing scenes/divergence from the missing year and when Killian goes to find Emma to bring back her memories. Title today from Adele’s “All I Ask” because I haven’t cried enough, apparently. (Yeah, try listening to this thinking about Killian watching Emma crossing that town line. Do it, I dare you…)

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The moments driving away from Storybrooke are so painful because there in her rear view mirror, she has to say goodbye. She memorizes the details quickly before she forgets them forever: her parents crying, Regina sullen and heartbroken, Neal wistful and sad over what could’ve been, and Hook… She swallows down the sob that threatens to break free.

Her family, her past, her future, all huddled together at the town line as the curse comes to take them away. She turns it into a joke as she puts the Bug in gear and drives forward. My parents, my ex, and a pirate walk into a bar… and the absurdity pushes a smile onto her face. She’s wearing that smile when they cross the town line and…

She doesn’t know why she’s smiling, other than her son is in the passenger seat taking in the scenery like he’s never seen it before. Which is ridiculous, of course, because he saw it on the drive up. This was just what they needed. A small escape from reality before starting fresh. She’s not excited about finding a new place to live, or buying new clothes, or finding a new school for Henry, but she knows it is all stuff that has to be done when they get to New York.

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Ok so I read your theories and the Beth GSW survival and it would be a great twist but way too far fetched. It can be explained with flashbacks i'm sure but it would be a bold and risky move with this miracle survival. Suspending my disbelief.... She may have been unconscious/coma but she would have been left by the group for a while before any medical help... but Im sure Maggie was crying at some fresh grave after the event... anyway I went laughing at this theory to debating it so well done

Since this ask and the previous one from the same person, I’m attaching your other post so I can answer them together:

Anyway, thank you for actually checking out my site. I appreciate the effort.

Firstly, Beth’s GSW to the head is survival, as you noticed, and it’s completely plausible. Carl was shot in the face and saved by a psychiatrist with almost no experience in surgery. The show doesn’t give a flying fuck about realism. If people can accept the illogical events in 5x08, then they can accept this too, especially if there are flashbacks/a bottle episode like Morgan to explain what happened. The headshot is also the only way there could be a public death and TF not knife her in the head. They’d think her brainstem was destroyed so she wouldn’t turn. It would actually save her life.

Throughout the entirety of filming for season 5, Emily Kinney was spotted, filming taken place that has never been seen on screen. Known as the unseen filming spoilers, these include the cast filming at two white houses in late May 2014, Emily filming a lot at the hospital, and Emily being photographed on set in mid-November 2014, months after 5x09 was filmed. You can check them out in my filming spoilers tag (X). It is believed that Emily filmed all of her return scenes ahead of time, so she wouldn’t be spotted on set filming during season 6, when the world would think Beth was “dead.” (T$DF later removed many of these spoilers after 5x08, including one that mentioned Beth being seen driving away from the hospital in a police car).


Greg Nicotero gave an interview that for 5x08, mentioning that they filmed an upwards of 800 walkers, and yet we never saw close to that many. Then in Tyreese’s 5x09 flashbacks, we saw the men running, waving guns in a parking lot, twice. A major theory is that when Beth was brought out into the courtyard, a giant herd descended upon the group, forcing them to flee. Unable to carry Beth, they put her in the trunk of a car to protect her. When they came back for her, she was gone, hence the lack of onscreen burial. This theory stems from that interview, those scenes, and from the female walkers we’ve seen in cars, going back to 4b. The two most prevalent were the 5x09 focused on TWICE and the one Maggie found in the trunk. Even before she opened it and saw the kidnapped walker, she looked disturbed. In that episode (5x10), Daryl didn’t even go near cars. Coupled with the fact that he and Beth hid from a herd in a car trunk in 4x12 (which had a 03 written in dust inside) and the fact that she was taken in a car, it indicates that Beth and cars are deeply linked.

Maggie was NOT crying by a grave. She was crying by a small fire, and the context of that scene was never explained (X). In the original trailer, which was the first 2 minutes of 5x09, we saw all of these flashes that were never explained, including the men waving their guns. For the Talking Dead after that episode, Nicotero confirmed that they deliberately made it look like Beth’s funeral even though it was actually Tyreese’s. You don’t do a bait and switch like that unless there’s a reason. No one thought there would be another major character death, so it’s not like they had to worry about that.

“We look not what can be seen, for what is seen is temporal, but we look at what cannot be seen, for what cannot be seen is eternal.” Father Gabriel said that twice during Tyreese’s funeral montage.

You know’s what unseen? Beth’s body. And in fake-outs, a missing body is a big fat component. I’ve studied them and grew up with them, my father involved with the Death of Superman graphic novel. Beth’s fits the fake out arc perfectly.

Grady is the only settlement that Team Family encountered that wasn’t destroyed. That was for a reason. As far as we know, it’s still out there, and Edwards was close to Beth. He could save her. 

Also, the theme song played in Coda. An episode titled after a musical term, which featured the “death” of the character who embodied music, and the theme song played. For main character deaths, it is silence or sad music, especially under Gimple’s reign. Beth’s is the only outlier. You know who else had theme music in the closing credits of their “death” episode? 

Glenn in 6x03.

I would say more, but that would take days. Just look up Beth-Andrea parallels, Beth-Rick parallels, the music box, etc. It’s all stored here in my evidence page: X.

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Gertrude mentioned Regina never looking happier then when she is with Robin and Roland, (debatable), in that scene. That's one of the major issues I have with it. Despite the fact that Regina was confronted with the fact that Emma was planning on taking Henry back to New York, like 20 minutes earlier, and the issue not being resolved, she's happy and smiling with her new man and substitute son. Apparently, Regina doesn't care that Henry could be taken away from her!

EXACTLY. Which is incredibly out of character. All in favor of the relationship that was developed over the course of 2 episodes.

3 seasons of consistency just out the window.


I’m not going to lie, I’m preeeeeeeetty drunk right now. This is going to be LEGIT the worst, least informative, most useless, horrific summary you’ll come across. Enjoy.


Week by week I’ve been telling you to stop making me like you and YOU’RE JUST NOT LISTENING. Never ever, EVER, should someone belittle their intelligence or talent for the sake of settling or friendship or some girlfriend’s kid. I am SO GLAD she applied. I wish her all the luck in the medical world.


She really reminded me of Cristina this week but like… a neuro version and a less good version so, that’s not a compliment. I did enjoy her being distracted by a boy this week and I’d like to take a second to appreciate her perfect eye roll when hot guitar man was wooing her. #literallyme


If I’m not licking the screen over Omelia, I’m prooooobably licking it over these three. And considering Owen and Amelia weren’t even in the same scenes this week… I love them. CABINET DOORS. Perfection. Mer and Amelia in particular remind me of me and my sister. So unimpressed with each other but yet an underlying tone of respect and love. Ellen and Caterina play it perfectly!


In @superheroshepherdess‘ words “has gone psycho”. Sort of have to agree. When April and Arizona are talking at the end and that glint behind the weird smile appeared I was like- babes, no, what did you do? And then Arzona said it for me. She is such a dick. She was just performing dick moves all over the shop this episode. The baby doesn’t even exist yet and this has all happened. AND JACKSON GAVE HER A CRIB. Don’t… just don’t.


I just don’t know what to say. When Owen said all that stuff, my whole body went tense and I literally didn’t move anything but my fingers for a good 2 minutes. Then I had to take a sip of my drink…obviously. I hate liars, and so far I can’t tell which one is lying. What do you think? So far all I know is that it’s taken 9 episodes for very little to be revealed…!


“Grey, Bailey, Pierce, Amelia… You can’t just take more people away from me.”

Let me just sob over his use of her, and only her, first name.

Quote of the episode

“Drop the mic and walk away” - Callie. That scene and the one following about Alex and Callie getting sex was genius, perfect comedy timing from Sara and Justin.

I didn’t love

Ben’s sacrifice. We all know Bailey ain’t giving Chief up for you babes, which forecasts drama in that storyline- a storyline I don’t want to dedicate more than 2 scenes an episode to.

I didn’t hate

Patient with what turned out to be a lovely mum. Also, I sort of jumped on the Richard and Catherine ship this week (pretty sure Caterina is sailing that ship alone but…). They were cute.


Bed time.

Thoughts on the new companion

As I posted the other day, I was travelling when the big reveal of Pearl Mackie as the new companion happened. The good thing about this is I had a few days to think over my first impressions and general thoughts about the new arrival.

I wish I could say my first impression was glowing, but it isn’t. I didn’t like the preview scene at all. I don’t know if it was specially shot or taken from the Christmas special, but I really felt it just didn’t work. There was no chemistry between the Doctor and Bill, Bill was annoying with her stereotypical “dumb companion” questions, and even the Doctor ended up coming off as annoying. That is not good.

Take any 2 minute segment from any of the introductory companion episodes of the last 10 years (does not matter which - this has nothing to do with Clara so feel free to use Smith and Jones of Eleventh Hour or Runaway Bride or Rose - or the 1996 TV movie, for that matter) and any of them gave a much better impression of the companion and her chemistry with the Doctor than this one, which to be honest felt like a step backwards. This is nothing against Pearl Mackie, but I call it as I see it and I just can’t pass any judgement one way or the other on Bill or the actress based on what I felt was a very below-average couple of minutes. For the first time in decades Doctor Who felt like a children’s show.

That said, I think Pearl will ultimately do fine and I am certainly not “hating” on her - or on the character. I am glad there is a new dynamic, I am pleased that (and this was evident in the two minutes) the likelihood of romance is put aside since as I’ve said before, the one-two punch of Clara and River I think closed the book on that aspect for a while (plus if either return the Doctor doesn’t need that complication). And if it’s true that the character is from an earlier decade, that could be a neat twist. So I am looking forward to what is done with the new character. But based solely upon those two minutes, they better up their game with Bill otherwise she’ll utterly vanish into the wallpaper the moment Michelle Gomez - or Jenna Coleman - appears on screen again.

I debated about not posting anything because these kinds of posts can attract flames and “how dare yous” and the like. So can I please reiterate that I have nothing against Pearl or the Bill character and am just criticizing what I feel was a poor introduction? It’s not as if I’m planning to throw out my Whouvian membership card or anything.

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what i'd like to have them do different? all of it. not show poc getting tortured for minutes because it's shocking or whatever to viewers. not have bellamy hallucinate and beg for mercy while he gets beaten and trampled when nobody has to ask for redemption like that -not murphy, Clarke, l.exa or anyone. (Btw isn’t he going to be beaten by Octavia soon?how long do you think that scene will last?) not have raven screaming because they're digging into her bones or she’s awaken during surgery 1/3

or she got blown away by an explosion or she’s tied to a stump and cut open. not have lincoln chained up, unclothed and tortured and have his humanity taken away from him or again tied and nearly die so he could be brought back to health by…? not have faves die/get hurt to support the story of a white girl. All of these scenes were unnecessary and/or prolonged.. If you’re going to treat all characters equally than I need all the white people who accidentally/ willingly murdered/hurt someone 2/3

to get beaten half to death. Or y’know, they don’t even have to do anything. They could be framed (like raven) and sliced up. This sounds equal to you? I’d like you to name the minutes of torture undergone by white people as compared to poc and see if it’s equal. I’m not sure whether I should talk about poc being second in command or sidelined or dethroned and replaced by white people (jaha by abby and kane, aya by lex) because I’m not sure if that’s bad treatment or just poor representation 3/3

This is in no way to counteract what you’ve said but it’s a genuine look at listing all of what I can remember happening.

Octavia chained up by Lincoln without explanation when one could easily have been given.

Jasper speared and tied to the tree as panther bait.

Abby was shock-lashed & that scene was extended. She was also drilled.

Finn’s death scene. (pretty extended)

L.exa’s death scene. (we’re ONLY talking about white people right now)

Monroe’s death scene. (more extended than necessary) & shot w/ arrow

Harper being drilled. (similar length to Raven, no?)

Maya’s death scene. (extended) 

Fox killed & tossed down the chute.

Cage’s hand being cut off & Lincoln shooting him up with drugs.(extended)

Emerson being chained up in Polis.

Dante’s death scene & being held at gunpoint. (extended) 

Major Byrne’s arm getting ripped off by Pauna

Nyko & his whole getting supplies from Mt Weather story

Nyko tied to a log being led off to Mt Weather. 

Octavia taking Nyko captive to bargain for Lincoln (extended scene) 

Nyko held in a pen w/ others when Finn was losing his shit. Also extended.

Sterling’s death scene. (granted, that was his own stupidity)

Queen Nia’s death scene.

Not sure whether Wick & Raven blowing the dam together counts…

Clarke captured and dragged around by Roan. 

Roan held captive by Lexa (in the lap of luxury, but still)

Roan forced to fight Lexa against his will.

Gustus’s death scene (extended)

Vera Kane’s death scene (somewhat extended)

Jake Griffin (floating scene)

Drew’s death scene with white girl (both killed by fog in S1)

Atom’s death scene (extended)

Charlotte’s suicide

Gina’s death scene (extended)

Myles - injured in S1 by Grounders w/ arrow

Niylah - beaten by Ice Nation guy (fairly extended) 

Otan’s death scene

Dax’s death & fight scene with Bell & Clarke

Quint was sliced by Lexa & left to Pauna

Lovejoy’s death scene (extended)


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Fic prompt: Barry falls asleep on Caitlin's shoulder. Canon universe :)

title | Let Your Heart be Light

notes | Since it was specifically asked to fit into canon verse, I chose episode 1x09 because having it set around that Christmas scene got stuck in my head. It’s less on the romance-y side and more on the depth of their friendship side, but i hope it’s still what you were looking for anon!

It’s late, by the time everyone begins to trickle away, the clock ticking steadily forward toward Christmas. Cisco is the first to go, reluctant but heavy with the burden of his family get together early the next morning (he pretends to hate it, but Caitlin at least knows better—his relationship with his immediate family may be strained, but his younger cousins adore him and the feeling is adorably mutual). Iris and Eddie follow not long after, promising to return as soon as the Thawne family brunch finishes up.

Joe, Barry and Caitlin linger awhile, listening to the soft strands of old Christmas songs spilling lazily from the radio, caught up in quiet conversation (happy memories only, of holidays long past and traditions that have stood the test of time) and the warm glow of the lights. It’s not until the minute hand is well past the midnight hour that Joe stands, fingers slack around his empty mug of heady Christmas cheer and announces he’s turning in. They bid him goodnight and then he’s through the kitchen and up the backstairs, the sound of his socks a dull beat in the background of Frosty the Snowman.

Sensing the evening coming to an end, Caitlin stands as a moment later, her own mug clutched in one hand while the other soothes the hem of her skirt. “I guess I should get going then,” she breathes, the sound still quiet against the calm of the night. 

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