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(This is an amazing blog and your artwork is beautiful). Also V, no matter what anyone says to you, you are precious, and look adorable

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//THANK YOU SO MUCH @scxmanderr t_-T & sorry for taking so long with your ask! I actually have a lot of trouble drawing V so I really appreciate it. though It’s What He Deserves

Monsta X as Dads


  • Awkward Dad Jokes
  • all the kids love going to his house cuz snacks and a swirly slide inside the house??
  • always asked to chaperone things at the school functions 
  • makes funny faces to get his kids to cheer up 
  • takes any opportunity to dance with his kids 
  • “Jackson, you can’t keep saving the fish from drowning”

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  • certified helicopter dad
  • loves to brag on his child at any chance he can get 
  • follows all his kids on social media and comments on every post
  • “This looks so good!” 
  • “You’re so cute! Look at my daughter!”
  • sets up playdates with all the moms in the neighborhoods 
  • weekend trips to Grandma’s cafe
  • Pancakes with faces every morning for breakfast

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  • loves blanket forts and movie nights 
  • especially on school nights
  • vice president of the PTA
  • ALWAYS at the school doing something for his kids 
  • has pictures of his kids everywhere, even has a mug with their pictures on it
  • Leaves cute notes in their lunch boxes
  • “Daddy loves you” he says as he cries when they go to school 

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  • President of the PTA 
  • disciplines with his facial expressions
  • lowkey/highkey threatens the people who bully his children
  • “he did what?? LET ME TALK TO HIS MOTHER”
  • does all the baking for school fundraisers
  • loves to gossip about other moms
  • “seriously who still store buys their cookies??”
  • Wakes the kids up at 6 am if they forget to do the dishes

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  • Actually makes children sleep at sleepovers
  • Brunch and Brinner are things because no one gets up before 12 on the weekends and breakfast is the easiest to make
  • Always late for school 
  • Kids are always dressed nicely 
  • Aesthetics
  • never goes to PTA meetings because hes binge watching Netflix with the fam
  • Loves museums because they are quiet and take minimal effort
  • Lowkey goofy and plays with his kids in the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese

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  • Always matches with his kids
  • A L W A Y S
  • actually checks under the bed and the closet for monsters
  • gives them hugs and kisses whenever he can
  • embarrassing dad at all the school functions
  • secretly follows his kids when they go on dates
  • Dresses up for tea parties and princess play time 

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  • doesnt know what discipline is
  • encourages free expression at all times
  • “Why should I stifle their creativity??”
  • Always brings his kids and their friends lunch 
  • made up their own way to say “I love you”
  • Has all the newest games at the house
  • “listen, dont tell your mom but…”
  • they’ve got all kinds of pets 

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Misunderstood - Jungkook au

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Misunderstood (a request short story inspired by the Manga “Kimi ni Todoke”)

Parts: One shot

Pairing: Jungkook x Y/N

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 2.801

Synopsis: being an outcast because people think you look like the girl from The ring, isn’t easy but the minute you meet Jung Kook everything changes.

The minute that people started to compare you to the girl from the movie the rings, your social life was over. You became an outcast and everyone avoided you, just because they were afraid or apologetic. They acted like you could actually see and talk to ghosts, which was ridiculous, to be honest.

You were walking alone to school when you saw a guy looking completely lost, he had a document in his hands and was trying to figure out where to go, he had the same school uniform as you, so he must be new.

“Excuse me? Are you looking for West high?” The guy turned around and your heart stopped for a second because he was the most handsome guy you had ever seen. “It’s that way.” You quickly finished your sentence and you were surprised to see him come closer. You tried to hide behind your hair but couldn’t help but look at him. “Thank you.” He sounded really nice and you just had to look up, you nodded and wanted to walk away, when suddenly flower blossoms started to fall and he actually picked one out of your hair, which gave you a good view of his handsome face.

“It has a strange shape, take a look.” he gently put it in your hands and you were surprised that it was shaped into a heart, you were studying it and couldn’t help but smile a little. The guy was looking intensely at you and even smiled, which had never happened to you before, there were no guys around here who even took a glance at you and stayed by your side, so this was something new. He actually looked genuinely friendly and a bit curious.

“Jung Kook-ah!” His eyes roamed to where the voice came from and behind you were his friends emerging and he quickly bowed and ran off, leaving you standing there in the morning sun, completely shocked about what had happened and your heart fluttered a bit. “So his name is Jungkook.” You muttered to yourself and nodded in joy, maybe this could be a start to something new.

You quickly found out that Jungkook, was really popular and good in everything he did, he loved to dance and boy could he sing! You were totally in love with him but he didn’t know this as he didn’t even look at you after that first day at least that was what you thought, little did you know that he was quite curious about you, especially after hearing those rumors. One day you had to collect homework but of course like always nobody dared to come near you and as everyone put the homework at the table at your left he suddenly offered his homework to you, he was even saying your name. This startled you and you actually grabbed his homework together with the rest and ran out.  

Everything changed from that day on, you even gained new friends, you started to feel more comfortable in your own skin. You even got asked out by them and it was like all the clouds were disappearing, you were slowly lowering your wall and actually let people in. The girls even taught you how to play soccer, which was not easy as you couldn’t even kick a ball at first but slowly you learned. “Y/N, wait up for a second.” you stopped and waited until Jungkook caught up with you, he looked really handsome today, he had a new hairstyle, it was a shame you didn’t see him that often as he was on the road with his band, which was really awesome because they made good music but the times he did spend on school he always made sure to spend time with you.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, I just wanted to ask you if you would like to come to one of our shows, together with the others of course.” his eyes were twinkling as he waited for your answer. “Really? But what if your band members don’t like me?” You were already worried that they also would see you as that girl from the ring. Jungkook knew that they bullied you with this and his smile disappeared slightly, this always happened when you talked about that and not because he felt pity for you but because it made him angry.

“Don’t worry about that because there is nothing wrong with you, you’re just shy and there is nothing wrong with that.” You nodded but you didn’t really listen, it was like your brain didn’t want to hear stuff like that.

“So, will you come?” You nodded and smiled at him, which earned you his bunny smile. Whenever you saw interviews with him, he always seemed so quiet but in real life, he was actually the opposite of what you saw on tv, it was fascinating. “I will send you the details later okay?”

“Okay, do you have to go already?”

“I do, I have a tight schedule but don’t worry we will get something to eat soon.” he ruffled your hair like he often did. He did this when he thought you looked cute, which was weird because you didn’t think you were cute at all but you also didn’t mind him touching you, actually every time he touched you, your heart skipped a beat but you already saw how people were looking at you two and it wasn’t good, there were rumors everywhere and every time something happened to him or his band members, you got the blame for giving him bad luck, so you did try to keep some distance but he always found you.

You talked to the girls about that show Jungkook had invited you to and they suddenly smiled at you, they were looking mischievous, which you couldn’t really place so you let it go. Not long after you got a text from Jungkook telling you when the show was and that he would bring the backstage tickets himself. “Yah Y/N, you should stay away from Jungkook!” You were shocked to hear a girl yell at you and when you looked up from your phone, you locked eyes with the most popular girl in school, everyone knew she had been spending a lot of time with Jungkook and people even said they were dating and now she had her eyes on you because of the amount of time Jungkook spent with you. “Okay.” you quickly agreed because even though you wanted to defend yourself, you lacked courage. You let your hair fall down around your face, so it was hidden, this made the girl chuckle.

“Good, just focus on your ghosts and play with them.” she was being extremely cruel today, maybe she would leave you alone if you would give that ticket to her. “Don’t even think about that!” one of your friends told you right away, she was getting good at reading your thoughts, she said it was because you were an open book. “JK gave them to you!” This really wasn’t the time to talk about that.

“What did Jungkook do?” when you didn’t answer her she grabbed you by the collar, she completely forgot about her fear for you and that’s when it all clicked, she was probably one of the people who made the rumor, now that you thought about it, she was indeed at the playground the day everyone started to compare you that that wretched girl from the ring but was it really worth getting all angry at her, yes did she ruin my high school life and did she made me into this shy, socially awkward person but on the other side, it did give me these friends. “It’s none of your business.” she was shocked in hearing you talk back to her and it actually felt good and to think that you finally had friends who would back you up if needed, this made you feel a bit better.

“You better tell me.”

“And if she doesn’t?” you all turned around and were shocked to see Jungkook standing there observing you, the way he looked at her, made you feel good for some reason because it made it perfectly clear that he didn’t like her one bit. “Y/N, are you okay?” you nodded and even stuck up your thumb, which you had never done before and that made him chuckle. “Just so you know, I invited her and her friends to a show.” he quickly came closer and put his arm around your shoulders, you could hear people whispering when he did that and you were already trying to pull away but he held you firmly in place.

“Don’t you think you guys have taken it far enough? You should stop making stuff up. How in the world does she see ghosts and did she kill someone? I don’t think so, she just has long hair and when she bows down it gets in front of her face, the only reason why she looks scary according to you is when she tries not to cry.” he was actually scolding everyone and it had never been this quiet before, no one was whispering right now but you felt their eyes on you, which made you feel anxious because before, they acted like you weren’t even there and they only made fun of you once in awhile but now that this had happened, your life was about to change but was it going to a be a good or bad change.

“Let’s go!” he pulled you with him and didn’t stop until you were at the dance studio, there was no one right now because the school was over for today. “Why do you always let them talk badly about you?” he was angry, which made you feel flustered again, you hated nothing than people who raised their voice at you, for whatever reason.

“It’s a habit I guess and I think it’s easier to let them talk.” you shrugged as he suddenly pulled you in his arms, this shocked you but you still stayed still. “Have you been living like this for a long time?” you nodded against his shoulder and you felt him sigh deeply before he buried his face into your hair. “Don’t worry about those rumors anymore okay?” he asked you sounding worried, you couldn’t ignore the warmth that spread through your body when he said this. He was like your personal sun and there was no way you would ever let go of him as a friend even though you secretly wanted more but he probably didn’t feel the same. He must’ve seen you as a little sister instead of a woman and you couldn’t blame him, you looked younger because you sheltered yourself for this kind of things, so maybe you were slightly naive but that was only because you didn’t have any experience with guys.

“I have to go now but call me when they try to make fun of you again!” he ruffled your hair again before running out. This was an annoying but cute little habit between the two of you and as you put your hair back up you decided it was time to let that wall down, the minute you did that people were actually starting to talk to you, which was refreshing.

The day of the show had finally arrived and to your biggest surprise, there was actually a car waiting for you and your friends. For the occasion, you had put on black skinny jeans and a light pink sweater, your hair was pulled into a high bun and you were wearing puma shoes, you got them for your birthday, which was on new year’s eve. You didn’t know who had sent them to you as there was no note with it but you absolutely loved them and they were really comfortable. The minute you stopped at the stadium, you couldn’t help but feel proud of Jungkook because you really had to see all those people waiting to get inside. They were singing happy birthday to one of the members and that’s when you knew that you loved these fans already. You were being steered into a different direction as the fans and the second you reached the door, it flew open to reveal none other than Jungkook himself.

He looked impressed when he saw you and you couldn’t help but see him swallow a few times before opening his mouth. “You look amazing.” he smiled at you and let you guys pass, you didn’t get far though as he grabbed your hand. You felt the tiny shock but didn’t say anything about it as you all walked towards a certain direction. Before he opened the door, he actually yelled if everyone was decent, which made you giggle. You felt their eyes on you the minute that it happened “Did you just giggle?” Jungkook asked in complete shock.

“Ya haven’t you heard someone giggle before?” you were embarrassed to admit that this was the first time you had ever giggled in front of others but they apparently had noticed. He pulled you into his arms and cuddled you before opening the door. “Guys these are my friends.” he introduced you to the guys but stopped for a second before telling them who you were.

“This is Y/N.” the guys chuckled as they bowed in front of you, you did the same and that’s how the remaining day went, you talked and hung out with the guys and watched them do soundcheck. You even ate with each other, you could really tell this was one big family and the old man jokes were flying around. You knew that Jungkook was watching your every move and normally this would bother you but when he did it, you didn’t seem to care. “Thirty minutes before it’s showtime.” one of the managers mentioned and you quickly took your seat so that you could enjoy the show and that was exactly what you did. They were amazing and you eventually danced and sang along to all the songs. The way they were with their fans was amazing and the way the fans sang along was really emotional. You couldn’t feel more proud and you couldn’t wait to congratulate them on a successful show. When the show was about to end, one of the security guys came to get you and he told you to get into one of the rooms, this was not the dressing room but it was funny because this room had a comfy couch and there was food but you didn’t touch it just out of fear it wasn’t yours.

After a while, the door finally opened and Jungkook entered, you could tell that he had come straight from the stage and that he didn’t have the time to get changed yet. He looked really good even with him sweating like crazy, what surprised you was that he didn’t smell bad. “Did you enjoy the show?”

“I did, you guys are awesome, congratulations on your first show.” you stuck up you thumb, which was really lame but you were already doing it so there was no way back without it being awkward. “Did anyone at school give you any problems?” you shook your head because after his angry outburst no one had said a thing, okay some people were still avoiding you but that was about it, which was nice as you could enjoy school after so many years. “Thank you for that by the way.”

“It was all I could do. I only returned because I was worried about you.” he came close but as you didn’t feel uncomfortable with him you just stayed there and let him pull you into his arms even though he was sweaty. “You are sweaty.” you tried to tease him but he immediately let go of you. “Right, I’m sorry!”

“Ani, it’s fine, I really don’t mind.”


“Of course, I don’t mind your hugs.”

“You don’t?” he was observing you as you shook your head. “I really don’t mind.” he came closer again but didn’t touch you at first. He just studied your face to see if there was any resistance but to be honest you really did like him but were afraid to tell him first. He saw it in your face as a smile appeared on his face and without any hesitation he put his hand gently on your face and traced the shape of your lips, which made your heart beat faster, he put his other hand on your waist and gently pulled you closer and when he finally had you where he wanted, he bowed slightly and kissed you.

Dream GOTY: autistic and her story is about how the idea of “overcoming” disability is bad and it’s ok to be unable to do things and you don’t have to be “useful” or “inspiring” to be happy and worthy of love and respect.

Also her plot doesn’t revolve around a school/getting bullied/having trouble in school and she still gets to go on a cool adventure of self discovery (like how jess got to go to the jungle, luciana gets to go to space camp, I haven’t read that many GOTY books but each girl seems to have something cool happen to them to sell playsets.) I’d always read adventure books as a kid and be sad that I wouldn’t be able to go on that adventure. I want an autistic kid to have a super cool adventure

I don’t know what her special interest would be but I want her to be bad at math and absolutely no solving mysteries or model trains.

I’d want her to have glasses and curly hair. I’d also want her to have noise canceling headphones, chewable jewelry, and tiny stim toys as accessories you could buy her. Her clothes would be cute and brightly colored but also all made of soft fabrics and she’d have a big cozy jacket she wears as much as possible. Also at least one sweater that’s so big it covers her hands and makes hand flapping extra fun

witch seokjin

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  • guess what this is the first thing i’ve never typed so like, i was literally sitting in trig right, writing in a notebook
  • i love this blog and i wanna update more often and my education isn’t worth it
  • jk it is
  • my mom and me are fighting over this very topic lmao
  • who even needs trig
  • okay but this one im super stoked about?
  • like think of cute witch seokjin with a huge black hat atop his head and he has a huge robe that he always ends up tripping over right?
  • also!! earrings bcuz seokjin and earrings is my weakness?
  • so he has the two in his left ear and the bottom one is a hoop like the cool mental ones all them wear and the second on is a cute lil cobweb
  • he also really loved wearing long shirts with black and white striped leggings because wowow his legs are killer
  • also has a bunch of cute hand knife scarves
  • he loves wearing his hat around because it’s super cute and he loves being a witch
  • except guess what people can be rude and so a lot of the time he just wears the hat at home
  • he owns a little tea shop and the upstairs is his little apartment
  • his home is super decorated like he has lots of random gems and crystals everywhere and a crystal ball in the kitchen and a lot of oriental rugs hanging up in door frames instead of actual doors
  • he has a black cat too who follows him around religiously
  • her name is broomhilda btw and she is beautiful
  • and yes jin does have a broom and when the moon is full he’ll go on midnight joyrides
  • okay but the tea shop
  • jin’s strong point is potions
  • he’s not very good at spell casting (having once turned jeongguk into a bunny when he went to turn his hair navy blue)
  • he’s not very good with magical beasts honestly one time a unicorn almost bit his hand off and that was just a unicorn
  • but wow boy knows how to make potions, it’s just like cooking to him, with the only difference being some funky ingredients,,,
  • he can make a potion for anything though
  • like you’re throwing up butterflies because god only knows why? jin can make something for that
  • you can’t get over your lousy ex boyfriend? well jin can make something for fix that one up too and make you feel much better
  • and the best part is that his teas taste really super good and everyone constantly raves about how delicious everything he makes is!!
  • to which he gets all blushy and shy and hides behind his hands
  • okay anyway
  • you love seokjin’s tea shop!
  • like you are always there, chilling in the back of the corner of the lil shop, reading your book or sketching or playing your DS or whatever, while sipping your herbal tea of course
  • and broomhilda always chills on your lap and seokjin constantly has heart eyes because that cat absolutely despises everyone but him
  • the more you come to the cafe, the more jin finds himself falling harder and harder for you
  • like you’re just so cute?
  • just chilling there on the armchair, curled up, broomhilda purring happily
  • seokjin thinks it’s so cute how you react to your book (because it’s usually a book you bring yah?) like when you get excited you kick your feet and chant to yourself under your breath
  • or when you’re upset you’ll pout your bottom lip out and slam the book closed
  • jin is so shy to talk to you though
  • he wants to whip himself up a confidence booster potion but gosh he’s too shy to even attempt that
  • unlike you’ll come up to the counter and smile at him and goon he’s dead, like he’s melting right then and there
  • like one time okay
  • you’ve ordered your drink and you’re sitting in your chair right??
  • seokjin is organizing his tea leaves in his color coded jars
  • “um excuse me seokjin?”
  • he drops the pink jaebum to the ground and it shatters into a million pieces because he was so surprised you spoke to him and called him by his name??
  • he spins around so awkwardly like his shoulders are tended up and he’s trying to keep a straight face but he’s about to smile and his face is as red as the apples sitting in the bowl on the back counter
  • “uh got jar”
  • “it’s okay!!” he manages to squeak out “i’ll clean it up later!!”
  • you nod slowly but give a tiny smile “i just um, i got a papercut and i was wondering if you had a bandaid”
  • he does
  • they have cute baby ghosts on them
  • he takes your finger and gingerly wraps it up
  • you glance up at him and you never really realized how gorgeous he is up close
  • his eyes are brighter than your future tbh
  • i’m kidding
  • anyway his lashes are long and beautiful
  • and his lips are so full that you kinda just wanna lean up and kiss them
  • you two are standing there, silently, staring at each other, him still holding onto your hand
  • and he kinda blurts out “i like seeing you around, if you drop by again maybe i can come and sit with you a bit or something??”
  • and your cheeks get all rosy and you hide behind your sleeves because what a babe?
  • “you could just sit with me now you know”
  • after that seokjin joins you whenever business has slowed down and you two sit and talk about everything and anything
  • you find out he’s super interested in botany and plants but he’s also super into history and he gets super duper excited when talking about the egyptians especially because he thinks their mythology is the coolest and he absolutely loves how fascinated they were by magic
  • sometimes you’ll ask him why his tea is so good and he’ll just give you an innocent smile and shrug
  • but really it’s like magic or something (you don’t say)
  • like one day you come into the the shop and there were dark bags under your eyes and your hair was in horrible disarray and you had your shirt on backwards
  • and jin goes into panic mode because you look awful and that worries him more than it should
  • you lean up on the counter and broomhilda comes over and licks your face and that gets you laughing a bit
  • “jeez seokjin, you think these nightmares would be gone by now…”
  • “nightmares? wait i could find you something for that”
  • he tells you to sit and meanwhile he ducks into the kitchen
  • when he emerges like fifteen minutes later he has a huge midnight blue jaebum filled with a mixture of leave and various other ingredients you can’t decipher
  • he’s also holding a little charm that looks like a z but with two more lines both above and below the bottom and top of the z
  • like two lines under the top of the z and two lines above the bottom of the z
  • “here these will help…” and he’s all bashful and shy as he hands them over
  • you pull out your wallet to pay and he immediately shakes his head and in a moment of wild confidence he says “make it up to me for joining for dinner tonight?”
  • and you of course get even more blushy and you stammer and smile and nod and he’s blushing too and both of you are both awkwardly trying to talk to each other but it’s not going so well because you’re trying to talk but then you but then you interrupt one another
  • but his shop is about to close anyway and he closes a little earlier than usual and is like “we’re just going upstairs i hope that’s okay,,,”
  • he smiles all shyly when opening the door up for you because his place is such a mess and maybe even a little sketch
  • like what if you think he’s part of an occult or something??
  • seokjin isn’t an occult member
  • he doesn’t even have chairs like legit an array of cushions dot the floor and he gets all embarrassed because it’s not usually a problem, hoseok likes pillows cause they remind him of clouds, jeongguk is too uncivilized for chairs anyhow, tae is always floating anyway, yoongi sleeps half the time, jimin is too kind to complain, and namjoon is used to pillows, seeing as how he used to be carried around on one
  • did i just hint at the other members
  • spooky
  • “i um could maybe-”
  • but you’re one the purple one already and you sigh in content because it’s so warm and snuggly?
  • you start to play with the tassels but then glance to your right and it’s a book of spells and you go to pick it up and seokjin panics and immediately coughs and draws attention to himself
  • “dinner??”
  • you put the back down and follow him into the kitchen and while you’re staring at the crystal ball he’s desperately trying to cram toadstool and and canned hyena laughs into a cupboard
  • “can you read your fortunes?!”
  • you’re smiling so wide and you seem so amazed and seokjin doesn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to impress you so e motions you to sit and he sits across from you
  • he rests his hand on the crystal and asks you to do the same and you do and your fingers are touching and he’s so blushy and jittery!!
  • he mumbles some latin under his breath like idk “sic semper tyrannis” to sound all spooky
  • your breath hitches in your throat as smokes spirals around within the crystal
  • jin’s voice gets ominously low and he says “i see a handsome man in your future”
  • you blink then smile a bit but then he adds “oh wait that’s just my reflection, never mind”
  • you roll your eyes but smile wider anyhow because that wouldn’t be half bad
  • he says he has a premade pizza he’ll bake up real quick and you nod but then you’re like wait bathroom? and he directs you down the hall
  • you come back though after a few minutes
  • and seokjin is exposed
  • he dropped a plate or something and he has a broom sweeping up the mess on its own, by magic of course, while he uses magic to open the oven while he instead sets the table
  • everything comes to a screeching halt when you gulp though
  • he looks at you and his eyes go wide as saucers and he shakes his head and then covers his mouth and then rushes to try and stand in front of the broom as if that’s gonna help or something
  • “whoa seokjin are you a-”
  • “don’t say warlock, it sounds so crotchety and gross”
  • you giggle “okay… so a witch?”
  • he nods shyly and poofs his hat into his hands, and places it on his head
  • you blush a little because he can really rock that
  • he tells you to sit at the table which is really a little cardboard box surrounded by cushions
  • and he allows you to ask him whatever your little heart so desires about him and you’re so innocently curious and he finds this so adorable
  • also the fact you’re not scared away or phased melts his heart and he’s like yup this is the one
  • you guys eat your pizza and he jokingly tells you that there’s snails and puppy tails hidden in the crust
  • he also!! also let’s you wear the witch hat and wow he’s smitten by the sight
  • okay but you guys finish dinner and he takes you on a tour of the house and he shows you his cauldron and some cool ancient artifacts and hexes and whatever he’s collected throughout the years
  • ahh he grabs a special charm right it’s a crescent moon on its back so it’s like a smile with three tear drops hanging from it, two on the ends and one in the middle okay
  • and it’s on a necklace and he brushes the hair from your neck and he gently ties it around your neck yah??
  • like his breath is warm against your skin and he’s practically pushed up against you and wowow you’re gonna die
  • “i guess it’s okay to give this to you? because i want you to be safe and be taken care of anD HAVE A GOOD LIFE”
  • he gets all embarrassed and you laugh a bit but your face is burning just as bad as his is,,,
  • okay but then he gets this glorious idea right he’s like wowow jin you are so smooth you are quite the charmer
  • he says he wants to show you something super special that only you have ever witnessed before!!
  • your hearts speeds up because what?? only you?? out of all people?? jin wants to show you??
  • you get all excited and tag behind him like a puppy as he leads you back downstairs and out back
  • and would you guess it, there’s his broom
  • your eyes get all wide and you just stare at it because it’s not even a witch broom, it’s like a swiffer
  • you giggle and he gets all !! “it’s the only one they had left!”
  • but he motions you over and within moments he gets the thing levitating
  • without a chance to think about it, you hop on and he climbs on behind you and he wraps his arms around your waist
  • your eyes get all wide for the third time that night but you snuggle up to him and he’s so surprised he nearly falls off the side of the broom
  • but with a few words in a language you’ve never heard, the broom is up in the air and you squeal a little bit and he laughs at this
  • the wind blows through your hair and nips at your skin and you reach out the touch the stars, and the faster you go, the smaller the world below you appears
  • like it’s just stars soon and you swear you must be dreaming or something becase you’re actually flying?
  • you know you’re going incredibly fast but it’s like all time has stopped for you, you can’t even come to grip with reality in that moment
  • after you’ve soared around town, seokjin takes you to his favorite spot which is above the lake in the middle of the forest because he can see the reflection of the stars and moon, but also be right amongst them
  • he doesn’t move his arms from around your waist though and you don’t actually mind
  • nothing has ever felt more right
  • you turn to thank him but you find jin already staring down at you
  • he apologizes and gets all red
  • but you shake your head and quickly press your lips to his
  • you pull away after a mere moment though and jin is toon stunned to do anything but gape
  • but then he wakes from his stupor and kisses you back
  • you cup his face in your hands and you two spend the night finding constellations and stealing kisses
  • when he finally flies you back to earth, it’s way too dark and late for you to walk home so he kinda just suggests you stay the night
  • of course you say yes how could you resist the puppy eyes and the cute lil pout
  • he lends you some of his clothes to sleep in and then ushers you into his room which is literally another cushion fort with seventy two million blankets
  • you snuggle yourself in the pile and he immediately flops down beside you
  • and then cuddles up to you and pulls you into his arms because he’s like a teddy bear don’t lie to yourself
  • “you won’t have any bad dreams with me around…” he whispers into your ear before you doze off
  • and he’s right, you don’t
  • because all you can dream about is your future with the cutest little witch on the face of the planet
°♡●BTS as Boyfriends●♡°

♡》》Jin《《♡ (the married-like couple)

- husband material

- always makes time for you

- if he ever notices that you are sad he will everything to cheer you up

- cooks you your favourite dish

- finds the cutest clothes for couples so you will be like cute twins

- supports you in everything you do

- your cuddle buddy

- skinship, “I love you” and “Babe, are you hungry” 24/7

- starts some kind of food fights like trowing flour at you on the rare days when you would bake a cake with him

♡》》V《《♡ (the fashionable couple)

- suprises you by buying you a dog because you once told him you would want to get one yourself but because you were busy you could not

- GUCCI GANG; you both wearing matching Gucci clothes

- him doing weird things to get you to laugh

- talking about you all the time

- you and him petting every dog that you see in miles

- playing together video games

- him singing with you while dancing to your favourite song

- skinship is a must

- always has your hand in his

- you and him have a special greeting that only you too can do

♡》》RM《《♡ (the aesthetic couple)

- the smart one

- always brings you to libraries because you both love reading

- will read for you his favourite book

- spends time with you

- always texts you in the middle of the night just because he remembered something that hapened hours, days, months or even years ago and wanted to share it with you

- 24/7 at his office to chill because you inspire him

- “I love you” every 2 minutes

- will sing random parts from “Expensive girl”

- “I love you” non stop because he thinks he is the luckiest man alive to have you by his side

- creates a spotify playlist just for you two whit your and his favourite songs

- goes on vacation with you around the world

♡》Jungkook《《♡ (the art couple)

- mah gawd, kookie

- sometimes he can be the sweetest cookie you have ever saw in your life

- the rest of the time he will be showing you how strong he is by picking you up or caring super heavy things around the house like dumbells

- will be carying you bridal style

- “Well Im carying my girlfriend around the house because…. well because I can”

- always talks to the rest of the boys about you

- always plays games with you

- he is your cuddle bear

- you are his princess so he always gets you something like new clothing or new stuff even if you told him not to, only because he thinks you need it

- will always let you win while playing with him

- looooves you for wearing his shirts

- you and him drawing and painting because you both like it

- pinching your cheaks all the time

- him always taking pictures of you

♡》》Jimin《《♡(the cute couple)

- cutest couple

- selcas everytime and everywhere

- sings with you everytime you make start humming a song

- “You are so adorable”

- makes you wear a cute costume just so you can take a picture

- laughs at your aego

- clearly the cutest couple ever

- people complimating you about how you both look so good together

- WARNING: Christian Chim Chim alert

- boi, you better know what’s waiting for you

- WARNING: Cute Mochi is back

- cups your face whenever he kisses so your cheecks look really puffy(and cute)

♡》》Suga《《♡ (the home couple)

- lazy weeks and weekends together

- just chilling while you are sitting in bed jist listening to music

- he always shows you the way he sings and you love it even if you now knew why he didn’t go to join the vocal line

- also HIS music inspiration

- bed is your actual house

- always orders pizza ; always scolds you for wearing his shirts but he lowkey loves it

- babysitting or just playing with his dog; Netflix and chill

- there are rare days when he would like to just walk in the park

- just being in home is enough if you will be together

- loves showing you off

- if there is something that bothers him he would tell you

♡》》J-Hope《《♡ (the sunshine couple)

- always gets you to smile

- so hype whenever you see him

- okay, you are both hype whenever you see eachother

- always dances with you

- creating a special little dance you two would do together

- “Dancing stars” all the time

- he clearly wins but just because you are really special to him, he will let you win

- singing with him some songs that you both think are beautiful

- you would beg him to sing you to sleep

- takes you out on dates and secretly takes a picture of you

- making you laugh all the time

- tickle fights

- creating good memories with him

- him taking something like souvenir from the places you were so he will have a thing to remember all this good moments

Dating Sami Zayn would include... (Extended version)

I made this because Sami is the cutest ray of sunshine ever and I love him, though i wasn’t expecting it to turn out so long. Enjoy!

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Something Crazy ( Au)

Summary: You are really bored with your life and decide to go to one adventure with your Best Friend Natasha. What could happen?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1111 ( I love this.)

Warnings: This is a series probably it’s going to have 7 parts.

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You wake up feeling bored with your life. This feeling isn’t something new it’s been awhile since you felt the thrill of being young and being in your early 20, you are sick of your boring job and the day to day responsibility’s.

You stay in bed for a while and think about everything you could do in this Saturday. Read a book and watch TV it seems a really mundane activity for the beautiful sunny day that was today.

You wanted to do something new and adventurous.

You barge in your roommate and best friend Natasha room and sit in her bed “ Do you want to do something crazy today ?” she sits up “ I am always up for crazy. What do you have in mind?” you gave her a mischievous smile “Pack your bags for one week. Basics only.”

Half hour later you two are in the car and you are driving. “So what got in to you? You never this spontaneous.“ You want to argue but you know that she is right she was the fun friend you were the responsible one.

” A month’s i wanted to go to the beach and do nothing for one whole week but i always postpone so today i wake up and think why not?“ she laughs and grabs her coffee ” I like this side of yours its wild and was time you leave the house of your own free will.“

"Shut up Nat.” she offers you a donut of your favorite coffee shop” I only saying its being 8 months since you broke up with him you need to have fun.“ you groan and take a bite of your donut "I went out last week to the night club with you. I had fun even”

“Okay but what was the last time you had a orgasm?” you pretend to think for a while “Last night.“ she chokes on her drink “One that you didn’t gave yourself.” This time you really think about it “About two years and yes he never gave me one orgasm he was really selfish in bed.“

“And you still date him for more than one year. You only dump him when you found it that he was lying for you about his job. You need a new man someone who will make you fell alive and enjoy yourself. ”

She was right maybe you should try to date again before your ex you really enjoyed sex with other people “Put some music we still have two and half hours until we arrive at my parents’ beach house and i tired of talking about my sex life or the lack off.“

For the rest of the trip you two continue to talk about your lives, sing every song that came in to the radio and eat all the junk food that was in the car .After three hours, a lot of heartbroken songs, i don’t need man songs and 4 bathroom breaks in gas station you are finally at your parent’s beach house.

The house was exactly like you remember the big pool in the backyard, the living room decorated all in blue and white and your room in a light pink shade. It’s been so much time since you being here.

“You can put your things in the guest room.” She agrees and disappears. You place your things on the bed and change in your favorite black bikini, a pair of shorts and a plain comfy white t-shit.

In 15 minutes you are both with your feet’s on the pool talking “This place is amazing i would be here every weekend if i were you.” You laugh “When i was teenager i even had my first time in this house but when I got accept in college i didn’t have the time anymore. Life became too crazy”

“You don’t have any food here let’s go to the market before i die of starvation.” You laugh and help her to get up “How dramatic are you? Let’s go drama queen.“

You two split in the supermarket and you catch everything you wouldn’t eat in your regular basis. Cookies, chocolate bars, Twinkies and other things really caloric are in your basket. You see your favorite chips in the highest shelf you try to catch but you can’t. Why these things have to be so high?

After a god 5 minutes jumping you hear someone laughing. A tall really handsome man with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair grabs the chips and hand to you “Thank you so much.”

“It’s my pleasure i couldn’t let a beautiful girl without her chips.” Oh boy he was trouble “Please tell me this is not you trying to hit on me.“ he laughs and push his hair back “Of course not Doll, i am simply being honest… I am Bucky.’

You laugh and introduce yourself to him "What kind of name is Bucky?” he is waking with you in the aisle grabbing a few things for him “ My name is James but my friends call me Bucky.” you grin at him “We are friends now?“

"We can whatever you wanted to be.” Before you can respond you hear Natasha screaming your name “Here you are i look everywhere for you. Who is the guy? He is cute and has nice hair not my type but cute.”

“Natasha, please forgive her she was born without a filter.” he laughs” The best people usually are.“ You feel something inside you he was flirting with her? You wouldn’t be jealous of a guy that you just meet could you? "So doll can i have your number? I could cook you some real dinner or help you drink all that vodka.”

You give him a small smile “Of course she is going to give you her number, you two had a meet cute is destiny,“ feeling bold and a little flirt ” No if it’s meant to be we are going to meet again.“ You give him a kiss on the cheek and went straight to the register.

Five minutes later Nat enter the car with you ” You were fearless back them. I am proud of you.“ You give her a smile and roll your eyes ” He wanted sex darling i only put him in his place.“ she aggress again "But he was cute.” you make a weird face “Super cute.”

“Let’s go we have a pool to ourselves and this ice cream is not going to eat itself.“ she gives you cheeky smile” The same goes to the vodka sweetheart and i don’t put my favorite bikini for nothing.”

Part 2

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As far as first jobs were concerned, being a barista at the Coffee Haus wasn’t so bad. Filling out the paperwork was kind of a nightmare, but the manager was so starved for willing employees with an open availability that they were able to overlook Erica’s lack of… solid credentials. Privately owned businesses had a little more leeway than big corporations, so Erica was eternally grateful she wasn’t trying to get a job at Starbucks. She finished her first shift with only the minimal amount of damage. She couldn’t understand the sorcery behind frappuccino cream-based fillers and the right technique for creating foam with the milk steamer, but she’d figure it out. And the aprons were so cute. She could tie her hair back and give off the cute barista vibe to all the coffee drinkers of Beacon Hills… until she messed up their order than they became evil demons in less than two seconds.

After hanging up her apron and making herself a cappuccino to work on creating milk foam, she clocked out and made her way to the only open table left in the cafe. It wasn’t that there were many people there, it’s that every one person took up a whole table with their shit, making there over two dozen empty chairs everywhere but no where to actually sit. As she brought her cup to her lips, she could feel someone nearby, probably eyeing the same location as her. “I just got off work. Let me have two seconds to give my poor feet a rest and you can have the whole table.”

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so i was think, a lot of cute dad!shawn imagines w shawn and his little kid with him backstage is ADORABLE!! but if shawn had kids at like 30ish (average age for kids) then people like geoff and andrew, even some of his friends will be married and have kids, so i feel like it would be as special, i know that's confusing but i just kinda thot of it

no that is a nice thought. Eventually the boys club backstage would turn into a family place, all the wives bringing the kids along, toys everywhere and food and snacks. That is so cute to think about omg. 

I hate when I find a cute blog and it’s full or BUTTS gifs of girls trying to be cute and wiggling their butts or just posing like as if they were trying to fart … or someone’s saggy boobs… why does tumblr have so much nudity like if it’s not a porn blog, then it’s just a regular blog but once u scroll down a bit it’s full of people showing off their half naked bodies. I want to vomit. Why are all these hoes trying so hard to be sexy??? WHY ARE BUTTS EVERYWHERE LEAVE ME ALONE LOL 😹😹💀

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May I have a chubby! Mc headcanon please?Where R.F.A members make her feel better about herself.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Gosh I have a terrible view of my own body image, so it was hard to think of what they would all do because I just automatically assume people would be rude. I tried my best!

-Goes into whiny puppy mode.

-“Why would you say that!?”

-“Did someone say something mean about you? I will fight them!!” Sounds tough but he just looks too cute.

-Hugs MC close.

-“I wuv youuu!!! You are beautiful!!!”

-Gives cute little kisses everywhere.

-I dunno why but see him playful biting MC?


-“I could just gobble you up! You’re so sweet!!”

-So much hugging and nuzzling.

-“More for me to love, MC!!!”

-“I’ll cook for you, anything you want!!”


-You??? Nahhhh!!!

-You wanna see pudge???

-Pulls out a picture of a rather large cat.

-Now that’s pudgy!!!

-You are so smol!!!

-But since you say there’s pudge, I gotta pinch it!!

-“Ahhh!! ”

-“So excited!”

-He’ll nuzzle into MC extra.

-“You’re so soft!!

-Kisses every inch of MC.

-You’re perfect!!!

-Nuzzle. Nuzzle. Nuzzle.

-Just so much kissing that MC will forget what she even said about her weight.

-They can cook together for the better of both their healths.

-You know what would make this recipe better? Honey buddha chips!!!

-Finds the extra pudge cute.

-“Just more for me to kiss~”

-Every time MC makes any comment about her “chubbyness” he steals a kiss.

-“My arms are to chu—” boom there he is kissing her and holding her tightly.

-“Don’t be naughty and don’t say such bad things.”

-It will only make me want to kiss you more~

-If MC is concerned about the weight, he’ll offer his chef to make the finest and healthiest dishes.

-Very understanding.

-“I get you there. I haven’t eaten properly in a long time.”

-“Let’s change that together.”

-MC and Jaehee would then make every breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.

-They’ll look up cool recipes online.

-Buy lots of recipe books they found in the store.

-“Oo that looks delicious! Let’s make that!”

-Will motivate each other.

-Never guilt tripping the other for eating a sweet.

-“Oh that looks tasty! Let me try some too MC!”

-Will kiss MC a lot.

-“You’re perfect just the way you are~”

-“Oh love there is nothing wrong with a little more~”

-Kisses MC more than usual.

-“I love you, babe.”

-Will work out together. He’ll find all the bests regimes.

-Totally will have matching work out outfits.

-Will make all kinds of delicious and healthy foods.

-Will always be there to motivate her.

-Will let her totally sneak in a cookie.

-Let’s have a fun diet~ Eat the cookie when you want the cookie.

-Will kiss MC so much.

-You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met~

-Let me love you~

-Your beauty is stronger than anything in the world~

-Sometimes he’ll get too lovey dovey.

-Will probably be naughty and try to refrain himself.

-I can’t help it~ You’re so beautiful~

-Your size doesn’t matter~ only the beauty of your heart~


-A bit confused but will deny any time MC says that about herself.

-Will touch her arms, cheeks, etc….and say all kinds of sweet things about each one.

-“It just makes it more for me to love.”

-Will be a lot of kissing.

-“You think this area is too chubby? Nu uh uh.” And will proceed to kiss it and say how beautiful MC is.

-Will hug MC a lot.

-“Please don’t say hurtful things!”

-Will take lots of photos.

-Here! I’ll take photos of you. To show the world how beautiful you are~

-This will help you feel more confident too.

-Be my muse~ Be my model~

-You’ll end up being featured in a gallery he made about body image.

-He calls it -‘The birth of a butterfly.’

-The first few days she was photographed, she was scared, nervous, trying to cover herself. Embarrassed in her own shoes.

-But as MC looks down the list of photos, the more confident she looked.

-The more interesting poses.

-The more happier her.

-He’ll pick up the most recent photo.

-“This one’s my favourite.”
-It’s the last image of the set. And he picks up the very first one.

-“You are still you in your beauty~ but your happiness has radiated through you. Look at how much you’ve changed. How comfortable you’ve gotten since day one. I love you~”

-“I’m happy you’re more confident about yourself. I love that.”

-Doesn’t really get why MC is sensitive to it.

-“What are you talking about? You’re fine.”

-I see him being a bit tsundere about it.

-When MC brings it up, he gets flustered. ‘Why does she think that way? Does she realize what she’s saying? I think she looks great’ he thinks and looks away blushy.

-MC may take it the wrong way like 'Am I really….that chubby?’

-And when she says it all sad and defeated, he can’t take it anymore.

-Pulls her into an embrace and kisses MC deeply.

-I’m just a bit shy….

-I love your body.

-You don’t know how much I’m trying to restrain myself from… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-F-f-forget it! Just hug me you dork!!

-I will kiss you everywhere, till the ends of the Earth.

-I will hold onto MC closer than ever when you downgrade yourself like this.

-Whenever MC from now on gets upset, he’ll hold her close and whisper sweetness into her ears.

-Will cook for her. “I’ll find the best dishes! We can work together!”

-Will probably be more active. Doing some form of sport like Tennis.

-Won’t ever bring up the weight. He doesn’t want her to think of that part of her. He wants to see her smile and will continue to support her. He doesn’t want to see her think negatively of herself.

-Removes all those weight scales from the house.

Thoughts at pride...
  • Me: Look at all these supporters! This is awesome!
  • Me: Cute Lgbt couples! Cute couples everywhere!
  • Me: Cute people! Cute people everywhere!
  • Me: there's glitter in my mouth.
  • Me: Am I the only single one here?
  • Me: That place looks fun! Let's go there!
  • Me: I can't go in there I'm not 21 FucK.
  • Me: I'm slowly being roasted by the sun but THIS IS SO EXCITING.
Yamaguchi Tadashi Headcannons

This is lowkey a gift for the lovely @hq-dream since we both agreed that Yams needs more love!


- When his s/o confesses to him, he takes a long time to respond, since he’s thinking they’re using him as practice for when they confess to Tsukki. His s/o reassures him that the confession was for him and the widest smile spreads across his face because he’s sO HAPPY.

- When his s/o runs their fingers along his freckle-peppered cheeks he blushes as red as a tomato and get’s really flustered and it’s the cutest thing ever.

- If his s/o plays with his hair he will nuzzle against their hand like a dog if they stop all of a sudden because he just loves the soothing feeling of their fingers in his hair.

- Yamaguchi gets flustered with any sort of physical contact, unless it’s something simple like hand holding or linking pinkies together as they walk. Everytime his s/o kisses his cheeks or lips or hugs him, he doesn’t shrug them off, he laughs softly and nervously as his cheeks heat up in a blush.

- He’s very ticklish, so if his s/o ever tickles him he will have tears leaking out the corner of his eyes because he’s juST SO TICKLISH.

- The first time he and his s/o kissed, he ended up with basically a full body blush, and he giggled so softly and so nervously that his s/o couldn’t help but cuddle him, which only made the poor boy blush even more than he already was.

- His kisses are so soft, and they’re over almost as quick as they began, but no matter how short they are, his s/o can feel the passion and love behind them and they love them.

- He’s a huge fan of butterfly kisses, eskimo kisses, and soft little kisses along his freckles whenever he’s alone with his s/o, and he’s more than happy to return them.

- He’s likes being the small spoon when they cuddle, but will not hesitate to be the big spoon if his s/o is in a particularly down mood.

- If he ever sees his s/o crying he will always pull them into a warm and comforting hug, burying his face in their neck and whispering everything he loves about them to them, no matter how flustered he appears to be. In that moment he doesn’t care how red he goes, he just wants his s/o to know he’s there.

- If his s/o ever catches him crying, he likes to hide his face so they don’t see,so he tends to bury his face either into their shirt or into their hair, since they always end up pulling him into a hug, and peppering kisses along his damp cheeks, muttering how much they love him which always makes him feel a lot better.

- Lazy days are his ideal idea of a date, he loves cuddling up close to his loved one, watching movies and eating takeaway foods, but he’s not opposed to going out somewhere either.

- I feel like Yamaguchi would be SO easily flustered if his s/o wore glasses, he’d just think they’re so cute and adorable.

- That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like people who don’t wear glasses! Even if his s/o doesn’t wear glasses he will still think they’re cute and adorable because they’re his and he’s head over heels for them.

- He will always call his s/o ‘(Name)-chan!’ and would get all blushy and flustered if his s/o called him something cute too.

Overall I just think Yamaguchi would be a precious baby and I just want him to be loved forever and ever and i really hope there’s more Yamaguchi everywhere because I love my freckled son so much.

Please protect Yamaguchi Tadashi at all costs

NCT Kissing Their Idol Girlfriend in Public


You’d both be huddled in a corner of a cafe. The speakers above your heads softly playing music that you were only somewhat registering until Taeil leaned over and pressed his lips against yours. It’d be quick and Taeil would pull away, much to your disappointment. You’d look at him to realize that he was turning red, his eyes dancing around the room until they landed back on you. 

You’re the one that kissed me first! Why are you red? You’d ask as he only giggled and smiled shyly at you.

Originally posted by zeusmayo


He likes to randomly kiss you while in public. Nothing above pg rated but he loves to make you blush. 

You’d be walking along the river or just down a random street with little shops and he just casually jumps ahead of you to grab your face and kiss you softly as he grins against your mouth. 

Then he’d let go of your face and walk next to you as if nothing had happened. 

Taeyong what was that? 

What? He’d look at you all wide eyed and innocent. I didn’t do anything.

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Doyoung would probably kiss you right before getting out of the car. Or really whenever he felt like it. He’d have put the vehicle in park and just as you turn to open the door he’d steal one from you. 

Wait! He’d say worriedly. 

What? You whip around in concern only to find him inches from your face. 

You forgot something. He whispers as he captures your lips. 

This guy just loves catching you off guard. 

Originally posted by taesyong


I don’t see him particularly caring who saw, or who was around. You’d both be waiting for the bus or standing in line and he’d have is arms wrapped around you from behind. Every once in a while he’d lean down and peck you on the cheek or forehead. Sometimes if there’s barely anyone around he’d playfully bite your bottom lip while kissing you, being the absolute tease he is.

And unlike Taeyong, he lives to make you blush.

Someone’s blushing. He’d say once he loosened his arms around you and observed your flustered state like he wasn’t the cause of it.

Originally posted by taeyongitslow


Alright. This guy is the biggest tease ever. He loves to rile you up only to completely let go of you and smile mischievously.

He’d pull you in a dark corner or when no one was looking he’d press his lips down on yours hard as he licks your bottom lip and runs his hands through your hair. Knowing very well how crazy he’s driving you and then yank himself away, lifting a brow like some sort of challenge for you to top that. 

Then he’d drag you back out to the street, or main hall, where there’s people everywhere

You feeling okay Y/N? You’re a little pink there. He’d smile down wickedly at you.

Originally posted by jinhwansdoft


So so so adorable. He’d peck your cheek while you were staring at a display or writing something down. Because you just look way too cute to him when you’re concentrating and he couldn’t help himself. You’d be standing there minding your own business all the while Mark’s next to you practically dying from cuteness because how dare you make that puppy face. 

You’re so cute. You’d hear him comment right before he kisses you.

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Um, What Did He Say?

Simon X Reader
Summary(Requested): Y/N and Simon film and Omegle video.

“Well, guys, you’ve been wanting a new Omegle video and I’m finally doing one. And I’ve got my lovely girlfriend, Y/N, with me.” You waved at the camera from where you sat next to Simon.
“Hi, guys.” The first few people you talked to were fans and they were extremely sweet. After about five people, a guy came up and he was not what anything you were expecting. It was obvious he was jacking off, even if you couldn’t actually see from the waist down.
And then he said something about you getting your tits out.
“Um, what did say?” you asked Simon. Simon quickly pushed your chair out of view of the webcam.
“What the hell, man? This is about the Sidemen and you’re just wanking about. A lot of the people on here are young or don’t want to see some random guy wanking. And that’s my girlfriend, talk to her with a little respect. That’s her body and she doesn’t have to do anything with it she doesn’t want to. Now, get the hell off Omegle if you’re going to be a sick bastard.”
The video chat flipped and there was a group of giggling girls as you rolled back over. They were extreme;y cute and asked the two of you to kiss. You obliged and kissed him sweetly to which they all started screaming and yelling about how cute you were.
About a week later, once he’d actually posted the video, the response was not what you were expecting. There were GIFs of your kiss everywhere. People were saying how cute you were and that you almost rivaled Freya and Josh.
That stunned you because for the longest time you’d looked up to Freya and Josh’s relationship, so to even be compared was a big deal for you.
Simon was also very happy with their response. He wanted to be able to be with you in front of the fans and there response was all it took. He wanted you to be with him all the time, whether you were actually in the video or just in the background. He wanted you around and he wanted the fans to see the two of you. And they loved it.

More cute Shamy… Today: reading 📚

You loved this style so I decided to do a few more. And I love to draw them like this. So cute! 😍

Today a very nice and big account on weibo showed my drawings to his/her followers and lots of people started to following me there. Thank you so much to all the people for the love they sent to me! And thanks to all my followers everywhere, you are always so nice. 😊

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*drawing more cuteness to save my soul LoL*