these are all so adorable

(part of) the french revolution happened while jupiter was in scorpio with uranus, neptune, and pluto involved in a trine with one another in the earth signs… talk about lasting, significant, history-making change

y'all the whole “lizard overlords” shit is based on an antisemitic conspiracy theory created by David Icke

Can we fucking stop with the fantasy about lizard overlords? Like just. Stop. Think critically for a moment about why there might be a dominant fantasy about a group of minority people who are presented as barely human and who oppress the massses and what effect this fantasy has in real life for real people

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I have to say... 2 birthdays in a row and a toxic family... *shrugs* celebrated it today and lemme tell u. It fucking sucked. Like... stuck between trying to find help, declining health, and financial issues and... lots of bullshit and it's not been great. I'm just happy to pass by yalls blogs just to have at least a good laugh. And this is probably the sweetest fandom ever. I just wish i could participate in stuff more and wasn't having a shitstorm problem where im useless TT^TT

If any of my shitposts brings a smile to your life in a time where it’s hard to find any reason to smile, then I consider my job on tumblr to be accomplished. Y’all have helped me smile in my low times, and I have got to return the favor in the only ways I can.

I haven’t been able to participate in many fandom things that I wish I could, but it’s not happening rn with my limited time and energy, lol! But the good thing about this great fandom is that it’s always going strong, and I believe that for the most part it’s positive and supportive. So let it be the wind in your sails for a bit, anon. We’re always happy to help. ❤️ with thirst


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel


🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉

Anna Kendrick: Sassy, sarcastic smartass constantly on social media and interviews. We get new projects and personal anecdotes all the time

Alycia Debnam Carey: Slightly shy but still has presence on social media and regularly appears on interviews. We have a steady presence and some minor personal anecdotes

Katie McGrath:Wild and funny she lives in the shadows. Appears once in a Blue Moon to pet your dog before she retreats back to the Land of the Fae. Interviews are rare and treasured and personal anecdotes even more so. Who is she? When was she was born? Is she an Ancient Goddess? Nobody knows

Things You Will See in This Video:

-Misha not able to speak properly but frustratedly trying to get his point across anyway
-Maison and West just positively cracking up with laughter
-Vicki desperately running away from the camera