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Genre: Roommate/Best Friend, Fluff, Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Dedication/Inspiration: @taetimewithsuga

The majority of the world’s population would agree with the quote “Nothing good happens after 2am.” but for Y/N… nothing bad ever happened after 2am. The wee hour of the morning consisted of laughs. deep conversations, tons of junk food, and sometimes even harmless food fights with her roommate and best friend Jungkook. Their 2am’s never resulted in not so innocent touches, or an awkward morning of waking up naked next to someone who was supposed to be sleeping in the next room over. For 4 years they became more alive at 2am. the weekend habit of staying up together way past 2am soon became tradition. They spoke of thier pasts, thier present and what they wished to be in their future. They talked of relationships, friendships, and hardships.

 Nothing bad ever happened after 2am….


The cool tiled floor sent a shiver up your spine as you made your way to Jungkook’s bedroom door.

“Kookie?” You whispered from the doorway walking quietly to the bed that held a sleeping Jungkook. The blankets rustled for a quick moment before he lifted it as an invitation for you to join him in a good nights slumber. Without hesitation you wiggled your way under the covers facing his heavy eyes and half awake bunny smile.

“What was it tonight?” He asked, his words coated in sleep and concern.

“Level 7 nightmare.”

“Turn around.” You turned to face the wall as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed his chest to your back, his soft breath hitting your neck. This concept wasnt foreign to you; Jungkook allowing you to sleep with him after a bad nightmare or a sudden wave of loneliness that is too overwhelming to sleep alone. Sometimes even he would come and crawl into bed with you if he had something on his mind that was too much for him to handle alone. Its just the kind of friends yall were.

“Thank you kookie..” you whispered softly as sleep began to creep up on you and claim you as its own.

“Shhh Y/N. Just sleep, the nightmares are gone now.” He gave you a reassuring squeeze as yall both dozed off into a dreamless sleep.

The Saturday sun peeking in through Jungkook’s blinds had no effect on either one of you due to the lack of plans laid out for the day. You tossed and turned a bit before eventually burying your face in your roomates chest to try and make the sun go away.

A groan had left the boys mouth as he pulled the blanket over yalls head and adjusted his eyes to you in his chest.

“Y/N-ah, tell the sun to leave.” He whined playing with your hair until you let out a sleepy chuckle and met his brown eyes. “I cant tell the sun to leave but I can tell you to leave and to stop hogging all the mother fucking blankets.” Without any hesitation you shoved the brown haired boy off the bed causing him to land with a thud. You threw your head against his pillow and erupted with laughter at his shocked expression. You looked over at him and watched as his wide eyed expression changed to a forced frown and squinted eyes. Ready for revenge.

“OH ITS ON KID!” He shouted jumping onto the bed and finding every tickle spot he knew you had, he tickled you until you were laughing so hard no sound was coming out, and tears ran down your cheeks. “I hate you Jeon Jungkook. I really hate you.” You muttered standing up and walking towards the door.

“And I really love you too Y/N Y/L/N. I really love you too.”


“Y/N?” His voice echoed laced with excitement, you quickly rushed to the door; in your bunny shorts and and black tanktop, with a smile to match his.

“Whats with the wine?” You asked wiggling your eyebrows knowing damn well he only brings home wine when its accompanied by good news.

“Tonight, we drink like kings! We celebrate my new found glory, we celebrate the profound news.. of me.. getting handed… A PRODUCERS CARD! HE HEARD ME SINGING IN THE CAFE AND HE STOPPED ME AND TOLD ME HOW GOOD I AM AND TOLD ME TO CALL HIM IF I AM INTRESTED IN PURSUING MUSIC!”

You wrapped your arms tightly around his waist as a congratulations and kissed his cheek softly. “Jungkookie, I am so happy for you! Today we do celebrate like kings, tonight we have our famous Jungkook/ Y/N game nights and drink…..the oh mighty bottle.” You looked up at your roomate only to see his mouth slightly drop open and his eyes get as big as golf balls.

“You mean-”

“Yes. I mean we are drinking Chateau Latour 1990.” You skipped over to the kitchen unaware of the quick stares your best friend gave you as you turned.

“But y/n, you said when we moved in you were saving it for the day one of us gets engaged.”

“This is big for you Jungkook. Its huge. I want to treat you like a king in celebration… you deserve it.” Before he could reply you reached for the 1990’s bottle that was set on the highest shelf; your shirt riding up in the back reveling a good amount of your bare back. Jungkook’s eyes raked over your body slowly before he quickly looked a way and mumbled that he was going to change quickly.

While you poured the glasses of wine, and grabbed some blankets from the hall closet you smiled as you heard footsteps headed towards the living room. Jungkook sat down beside you and together yall began the night thst you knew wouldnt be over till after 2.

Jungkook closed his eyes while he took another sip of the dark, complex smelling liquid. Your eyes traveled from his slightly messy hair down to his nicely fit white tshirt , that perfectly complemented his wonderful muscles. It wasnt unusual to stare in awe at the boy sitting next to you, you did that quite alot to be honest knowing exactly why you felt the need to.

Hours went by as yall made yalls way to the bottom of the bottle, laughing at eachothers drunken jokes and bad puns.

“Y/n, you are such a loud drunk.” Jungkook laughed falling over and clutching his stomach.

“You are an ass Jeon Jungkook!” You shouted jumping ontop of him and tickling him where you knew he was ticklish, causing his laughter to increase.

Not realizing that you were straddling your best friend, you shifted until he remained perfectly still, and earned a groan from him. “Oh my god kookie, I’m not even tickling you anymore. Stop groaning.” You laughed causing a slight movement ontop of him. “Y/n.” He groaned again. The laughter ceased to exist as you looked down at the boy and yalls position, before you could realize he wasnt groaning because of the tickling you felt him slightly raise his hips to meet your core. You felt his memeber slightly harden underneath you as you looked down to see his brown eyes darken and his lip caught between his perfect teeth.

Everything felt so unreal, the way his hands ran all over youe body, the way his pink lips attached themselves to your most sensitive of areas, the way yalls moans mixed in beautifuly with each others, but by the time you laid naked next to your best friend, your eyes drifted to the clock on the wall.

3am. Nothing good happens after 2am.


Your eyes fluttered open to find yourself sleeping in the living which never usually happens. You sat up quickly, the blanket falling from your chest allowing a cool breeze to hit. Why do I feel a breeze? You thought. You slowly looked down at your naked body letting out a loud shriek and having realization hit you in the face.

I slept with Jungkook? I kissed Jungkook? My best friend.. I slept with my best friend. My best friend who stole my heart sometime 4 years ago. I slept with him. What if this ruins our friendship? What if he wakes up disgusted that he slept with me?

You quickly sprung off the couch grabbing all your clothes and racing towards your room.

Me: Taehyungie, meet me at the café asap. Its urgent.

You typed as fast as your fingers would let you, slipping on some jeans and a baggy shirt as if you were trying to hide what you had done the nigh prior. Walking over to your mirror to examine the damage done, you gasped as your fingers grazed the numerous dark purple love bites all along your neck.

He sure did mark me good.

Taehyungie: Already on my way precious. I’ll order us some coffee.

Me: Thanks Tae. Prepare for an ear full..

Taehyungie: Baby girl, I’m always ready.

You and Taehyung met a year before you met Jungkook; he was the sill friend that was always up for anything. He was a child in a grown mans body, obsessed with the idea that fun should never die due to the age you are.

You quickly covered the marks as best as you could before you raced out the front door and headed towards the local café, not even stealing a glance at the adorable bunny boy still sound asleep on the couch.

“Okay so you had sex with Jungkook. The boy you have been in love with for a year now, and you stormed out of the house like there was a fire?!” Taehyung asked questioning why you felt the need to run away. He was never the kind of person to run away from his issues, or beat around the bush; he faced them head on and bluntly.

“Tae, you don’t understand-” Taehyung reached over the table and grabbed both your hands in his.

“No y/n, you don’t understand. You are 24 years old and are still so scared of possibilities, you run and hide the minute you get scared when you should be taking life by the balls. You love this boy and you wont ever know if he loves you too until you tell him. You are a beautiful girl and one hell of a friend, if he doesn’t share the same feelings then he is stupid. BUT even if he doesn’t share the same feelings yall can talk about it and keep everything like it was.”

He was right.

“Nothing good happens after 2am..” you mumbled taking a long sip of your Vanilla Coffee.

“I’m not so sure. 2am was always you and Jungkook’s golden hour, and while this time something unexpected happened it still made you work up the courage to tell him how you feel. Its a big step you are taking because of the events that happened after 2am. 2am events are only bad if you make them that way.”

“Tae, how did you become so wise?”

“My hyung’s can be aright sometimes.” He winked, causing you to chuckle and take a deep breathe.

Your phone buzzed softly in your hand as you exited the café, giving Taehyung a big hug and a peck on the cheek.

Kookie: I’m not sure where you went, or when you left.. but whenever you can, could you please come home. We can’t just ignore what happened last night.

Me: I’m actually on my way home right now.

Kookie: Okay.

“K-Kookie?” You managed to shout. You heard rustling up stairs and slowly followed the noise. You followed the noise all the way to his room and stopped. You froze in your tracks scared to meet the face on the other side of the door, without another thought you slowly turned the door handle and peeked inside.


You gasped as he turned around, noticing three dark purple marks on his neck, his hair was still slightly messy, his lips were curved into a tight smile.


You walked forward and met his eyes that were slightly watery causing you too pull him into a tight hug; the tales of yesterday not even coming to mind.

“What’s wrong Kookie.?” The silence that followed that question lasted up to a good minute before his eyes latched onto yours

“Don’t leave me y/n. Its okay if you regret it, or if you don’t love me back but please don’t leave me. Even if this is a mistake to you I don’t want our friendship to suffer or change. I -”

If you don’t love me too?

Did he just say too?

You made your way to him and placed a chaste kiss on his slightly quivering lips. “It- It wasn’t a mistake….I don’t regret it. Granted I do wish we weren’t slightly drunk.” you confessed looking everywhere but at him.

He lifted your chin to look you in the eyes and took a deep breath.

“Y/n, 4 years we have lived together and in those four years I have watched you fall for the wrong guys, I’ve watched you cry and laugh, I’ve slept in your bed just as many times as you slept in mine… during these four years I’ve grown to love you more then a friend. I noticed the way your eyes crinkle in the corners when you laugh, the way you hate making eye contact when your nervous, the way you are scared of everything except me. I watched you slowly fall in love with me at the same pace I fell in love with you. I wasn’t sure if you loved me until you left so early this morning to run away from this. You never run away unless your scared and in that moment I knew you were running away from the possibility of ruining our friendship because you were scared I didn’t love you back.“  He searched your eyes for any sign of confirmation that you had heard him correctly and as though something took over your body, you pressed your body against his and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Kiss me Kookie. Kiss me sober.” With no hesitation he pressed his perfect rose pink lips against yours and kissed you like it was the last time he’d ever see you. His lips moved at a perfect pace with yours, only fitting more perfectly together as time went on. After what felt to be ages but was actually a few seconds you pulled away to be greeted by the bunny smile you loved so much.

“I love you Jeon Jungkook. I really love you.” You whispered burying your face in his marked up neck.


I still stand by what I said about how Nothing bad happens after 2am, because really its all up to you. Granted our love story started off like a cliché show where the pair doesn’t know they are in love, nor do they do anything to fix it so their complicated romance lasts for 8 seasons until FINALLY the end up together. We took it upon ourselves to speak up and skip past the remaining seasons. Life is too short to wait and wonder, sometimes you have to take life by the balls.. you have to speak up before its too late.

So as I lay here with my head resting on Jungkook’s chest and his arms stay wrapped around my waist as we whisper sweet nothings to each other I thank the bottle of wine that made us act upon our most secret desires. I thank Jungkook for speaking up and handling this like the adult he is. I thank the cliché shows, and stupid phrases that made me what to prove them wrong.

Nothing bad happens after 2 am if you know how to handle it.

(This is my first fan fiction in SUCH a long time. I’m so sorry if it sucks.)

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Could you write a niall blurb about being mad at eachother and he keeps trying to fix it every time he does whatever it is wrong by buying chocolate an flowers and your tired of him doing that to make up for his wrong doing?

Niall had been known to disappear when he was recording.  When the two of you started dating, he took off after your third date because the group was in the middle of recording FOUR.  You didn’t hear from him for almost two weeks.  You moved on, even said yes to a date with another guy.  So when Niall called up the night before your date like nothing was wrong, it took him three hours to get you to understand.  

What made you finally crack and give him another chance?  Any man who would spend three hours on the phone trying to convince you he wasn’t playing with your head was probably someone worth taking another look at.

When the group went off to record Made in the A.M. it wasn’t such a shock.  In fact, you weathered the almost three week absence rather well.  You had classes and exams to take your focus anyway.

Besides, when Niall finally returned…he was good at making it up to you.  Very good.

It had been a week since he’d kissed your forehead, told you he would call you later and walked out of your house.  He hadn’t called or texted since.  It was like he’d dropped off the face of the earth.  He didn’t even come home for a change of clothes.  

And it wouldn’t have bothered you, if he hadn’t left you sitting next to an empty chair across from your parents at an expensive Italian restaurant.  Your mother did what she always did, she tried to ignore the elephant in the room while your father boisterously exclaimed that he loved Italian food and this was some of the best he’d ever had.

Humiliated didn’t even begin to explain how you felt.  Alone, empty, betrayed and generally pissed off came close.  

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Damage Control | Tom Holland Imagine

Requested: no, but I love makeup so much and I also love Tom holland so much so this was bound to happen ya know.
Rating: PG-13, this is fluffy as heck, just some mild cursing
Summary: Tom notices some blemishes the day of an award show and recruits you to work your magic and do some damage control with makeup.

“YN!” Tom whined loudly from your living room. He was sat on the couch in your apartment, feet draped over the arm rest, head positioned at the middle of the couch, arms holding his phone above his face, tilting his head to stare at the reflection in the Snapchat camera.

You peeked your head in from your kitchen, seeing To examining himself you walk over.

“Yes?” You leaned over the back of the couch so you could lean over his face, casting a slight shadow.
“Look at this-” he pointed to his cheek- “I do not want to go to the award show tonight with this-” he motioned around the right side of his face with his hand, “going on.” He dropped his phone on his chest, looking at you.

“Tom, babe, what are you talking about?”
He sighed, sitting up so his face would be closer to yours. “Look at the spots,” he whined. You gently took his jaw in your hand and tilted his head to the right slightly to see what he was talking about.

Up close, you could see what he was referring to. Three small red spots were forming on Tom’s face, barely noticeable unless you were up close. “They’re gonna have cameras all over me, can you cover them up, please? We need damage control here!” Your hand fell from his face and he turned so his eyes met yours, pleading.

“Tom, it really isn’t that bad, I’m sure nobody would even notice, you don’t have to cover up for tonight I’ll be with the hottest guy there no matter what,” you smiled at him, figuring this would put him at ease enough to drop the subject, but it wasn’t- so about 15 minuets later, the two of you were in the car on the way to the closest Ulta, to find a foundation shade for Tom.

Tom had his camera on for the drive, live streaming the two of you singing to the radio and dancing a bit in your seats. You parked the car and turned off the engine, the two of you getting out and locking the doors behind you as you walked into the mall. It only took a few minuets and a few dozen swatches for you to find a shade that worked with Tom’s coloring and undertones, with a good amount of coverage.

Tom rocked from the balls of his feet to his heels, back and forth in excitement, paying for the tube of foundation and leaving the store.

Tom pulled out his phone again as you entered the car. “Hey again, guys, still out here with YN, just got some makeup for tonight!” Tom laughed at the comments, telling him that “maybe a drag look isn’t best for tonight” or “remember when in doubt blend it out”
“Guys, don’t worry I’m gonna look good- YN’s doing my makeup, she’s a genius with this stuff, I mean look how good she looks!”

He flipped the camera so everyone could see you, turning into your apartment’s parking lot. “Tom, I’m not even wearing makeup yet, I’m going to do mine after I do yours for tonight,” you explained with a laugh, parking the car. Tom kept the camera on as you walked into your apartment building. “YN, are you excited to do my makeup for tonight? You’ll do it like a pro, right?”

You smiled, walking up the stairs to your flat. “Yes, I am this’ll be fun!” You held up the Ulta bag and jokingly shook it around so the camera could see it. “And yes, don’t worry I won’t send you out looking like a clown, love.”

Now the comments had turned to mostly “Awww” and “they’re so good for eachother”. You unlocked your door and followed Tom into your bathroom, flipping on the lights as Tom sat down on the counter.

“I’ll be right back, you guys keep him company while I get my tools,” you joked at the camera, grinning as you left the room. You could hear Tom talking all the way in your bedroom, and as you pulled brushes and sponges from your vanity, could hear every word of what Tom was saying to the camera.
“Yeah, I’m excited as hell. YN is so good with this stuff, seriously- she makes it look so easy,

I watch her do it and she makes it all match and it’ll be the same color as the tiniest detail of her outfit- I don’t think she knows that I notice but I do, she’s so talented, you guys-” he stood himself from continuing as you re-enter the bathroom, setting a pile of goods down on the counter next to Tom.

“Alright, we gonna livestream this?” You giggled, positioning yourself between his legs to acquire the best access to your boyfriend’s face. Tom nodded, holding the phone so both of you were visible to his viewers. “Okay, well you washed your face before we left so it’s clean, I’m gonna put on this moisturizer, doesn’t it smell good?”

You smiled, beginning to apply the product to his face lightly. Talking Tom and his countless viewers through the process of primer and a green color corrector, “to cancel out the redness-” you explained, blending it gently with your fingertips where there was redness on his face. Layering on the foundation you tapped at his face with a sponge, him making jokes about being beaten to death, you rolling your eyes but grinning all the same.

You added a subtle amount of bronzer and a bit of concealer and powderbelow his eyes, Tom winced as you blended so close to his waterline and you rewarded him with a kiss on the top of his head, his lips and his neck, as not to mess up his makeup. Tom grinned, looking at his reflection in the mirror,

“geez, you’re so good at this YN, my face looks so good, if I do say myself, he pulled you close by your waist and kissing your lips, camera still pointing into the mirror.

"You could be a pro, y'know. You look so gorgeous, by the way.” Tom smiled at you, checking his reflection in the car mirror one more time later that night before the two of you left your car, handing your keys to the valet attendant outside of the theatre, beginning to walk down the red carpet, hand in hand.

“Thanks, ” and blushed. “And maybe, I suppose,” you grinned. “The only critique I’d really want is yours though- heard what ya said earlier in the bathroom, ‘as really nice, thank you, by the way,”

Tom blushed, pulling you close as you waited in line to be photographed in front of the sheet with a logo printed all over it. “Of course, darlin’, meant every word of it.”

Now it was his turn to go in front of the photographers, not a worry in his mind about blemishes- thanks to you.

mercy pt 2

Genre: Angst

Length: 3.9k words

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader/Jimin

Summary: You knew the relationship was falling apart, you just couldn’t accept it. 

Part One

“Answer me Y/N.” Yoongi growled stepping closer not taking his eyes off of Jimin. His face was a bright shade of red and his breathing was unsteady.

“It’s not wha-” I choked out trying to make words come out as clear as they could.

“Then what the FUCK IS IT?” He shouted, “Huh Y/N? EXPLAIN.” He hissed grabbing my wrist pulling me closer to him. I grimaced at his touch and struggled to release myself from his grip sobbing.

Jimin quickly steps in taking my wrist in one hand and pushing Yoongi’s chest away in another. Yoongi falls back catching himself before he could fall and tries to regain his balance.

“Don’t. fucking. touch. her.” Jimin raised his voice at him growling. I felt my heart inside my chest pounding louder than I thought was possible, I had tears streaming down my face and I probably looked like a mess but I didn’t care. I was more scared of what was going to happen next and was trying to figure out why the hell Yoongi reacted the way he did.

“What the hell do you want from her man?” Jimin roared, “Haven’t you done enough?”

“Jimin calm down” I cried trying to get his attention on me instead of Yoongi because God knows what else could happen.

“Fuck you. You don’t fucking know anything!” Yoongi snarled running his hands through his hair, “Y/N let’s go.” He turned to me, “Now.”

Jimin stepped in front of me blocking me from Yoongi, “You must be insane if you think I’m going to let that happen.”

Yoongi charged up to Jimin grabbing him by the collar and pushing him to the wall at full force. “Who the fuck are you to tell me that?” He screamed. “You’re not her hero! You don’t fucking know what she wants!” Suddenly I saw Yoongi’s fist flying in the air landing on Jimin’s face and before I could step in both of them were at each other’s throats. Without thinking I threw myself in the middle and pushed Yoongi off screaming at them to both stop, both boys were out of breath grunting in pain and for what felt like hours no one said a word. It wasn’t until I got my sobbing under control that I noticed a bitter taste in my mouth. Blood. I brought my hand to my face and sure enough my lip was bleeding. I groaned in frustration and looked both of them dead in the eyes.

“What the fu-” They started to say realizing what happened.

“I don’t care who the fuck it was this is ridiculous,” I hissed, “Yoongi, what are you doing here?” I spat turning my attention to him.

“You weren’t answering your damn phone Y/N,” he responded softening his eyes once his eyes met mine. “So I came over wondering what was going on but I didn’t expect this shit.” He cursed shooting daggers at Jimin.

“You should go back to your girlfriend Yoongi,” I mumbled tearing my gaze away and looking at the floor.

“No. Not until you tell me who the hell this little shit is,” He barked moving closer to me, “Who is he Y/N?”

“You heard her Yoongi, get back to your girlfriend.” Jimin mockingly answered for me, “And by the way.. if you really want Y/N to be happy then leave her alone.”

I remained quiet knowing Yoongi was expecting an answer from me and when it didn’t come he growled in anger hitting the wall behind him leaving us with three words, “This isn’t over.” And with that.. he was gone.

I heard Jimin let out a deep breath and he brought his hand up to my busted lip with guilty eyes.

“I have a first aid kit inside my car, let me fix that up.” He hesitantly said. I didn’t give him an answer and instead looked at the gym building. Crap. It’s been at least an hour since he’s been outside with me, I started to panic at the thought of him not going back to work because of my stupid problems.

“What about work Jimin?” I asked, “shit you’re probably going to be in trouble because of me.” I began to feel bad and thought if I never came outside none of this would’ve happened.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just call them and tell them something came up.” He reassured me.

He grabbed my hand and I felt myself relax, “Let’s go get you cleaned up Y/N.” I nodded and followed him to his car reminding myself I need to somehow repay him for everything he’s done.

“Get in” He ordered opening the passenger door of his car, “I’ll go get the first aid, it’s in my trunk.”

I got inside and ran my fingers through my hair with endless thoughts running through my head. I had so many questions, but no answers. What the hell just happened? I snapped back to reality when I heard Jimin get inside the car with the first aid kit in hand. Opening it he shakingly got the things he needed, “Let me see Y/N,” He said gently grabbing my face. I did as he told me and grimaced in pain once he touched the cut.

“Please make it fast,” I mumbled closing my eyes in hope that would ease the pain. He nodded and my mind once again went elsewhere and began to feel a huge dread of guilt once I remembered Yoongi’s face when I told him to leave, he looked hurt. It was like I disappointed him tonight, and that felt much worse than this stupid busted lip.

“Alright Y/N all set.” Jimin finally said, “again I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you,” I whispered, “For everything. For what you did tonight. You surely didn’t have to step in for me. I’m sorry about Yoongi, he shouldn’t have hit you.” I added looking down at my trembling hands.

“You don’t have to apologize. If I wasn’t there you would’ve went with him and he would’ve sweet talked you making you feel amazing until you were left hurt.” He replied a little too harshly.

Truth is.. Jimin was right. As much as it hurts to hear, he was absolutely correct. If I never left my house I would’ve picked up his calls and agreed to whatever he had to say. I would’ve thrown myself in this cycle all over again. But the worst part of this fucked up situation is that I regret not leaving with Yoongi. A part of me wishes I could go back in time and stayed in bed and just waited.

“I-I should go I have work in the morning and my head feels like it’s going to explode.” I said, “But thank you Jimin, I really am thankful for everything you did tonight.” I added covering my face in my hands.

“Let me atleast take you home.” He pleaded, “I know a lot happened tonight, and there is no way I’m letting you go alone” I looked up at him and smiled nodding at him.

“We can walk from here,” I began to say, “I don’t live far I promise.”

“Sounds good to me, that means more time with you.” He responded immediately. I felt my cheeks grow hot and I certainly didn’t need a mirror to see that I was blushing.

We got out of the car and I led him to the direction of my house. I noticed he started walking slower than me and I chuckled to myself and caught on to what he was doing.

“What’s so funny?” He asked pouting at me.

“I didn’t laugh!” I gasped pretending I didn’t know what he was talking about.

His eyes widened “YA! You just did!” He accused. This time I let out a laugh and slapped his arm out of habit.

“I just think it’s cute how you’re walking slower than I thought was possible.” I explained tucking my hair behind my ear to get it out of my face as we made it to the front of my door.  

“Well if you think it’s that cute then why don’t you give me your number?” He blurted out smirking at me. I shot my head up at him and smirked back, “A little too early for that don’t you think? We barely know eachother” I replied.

“I mean I did fight your asshole of an ex tonight, that is pretty big for barely knowing each other.” He noted with a grin on his face.

“Ahh you got me there” I said, “How bout this… hmm let’s meet again, if you show up then I’ll think about it.”

He nodded at me and agreed “Same time tomorrow then?” He asked.

“Same time tomorrow.” I confirmed making my way to my door.

I woke up the next morning to my alarm and I quickly got ready for another at work. I grabbed my phone and to my surprise I had a dozen texts and calls from Yoongi the most recent text being at 4am.

“Please get back to me Y/N”

“I can’t sleep”

“Please call me back.”

I sighed and the guilt started rushing in. Why was he acting like this? Ever since our breakup he never acted like he still cared about me. I should’ve never went to that gym, I should’ve stayed and answered Yoongi. I huffed and decided I would text him back later that day.

Work was surprisingly busy and before I knew it, my shift was over. I made it home and made myself some food for dinner. I ate my meal while scrolling through my phone and I noticed a follow request. Park_jimin. I smiled to myself debating on accepting him or not, guess he was too impatient on waiting for my number. I clicked on his profile and I found myself scrolling through his pictures and grinning like a child. I glanced at the time and realized it was almost 8pm, instantly I got up and proceeded to wash the dishes. Once I was finished I changed into decent clothes and plopped on my couch to watch some TV. I wasn’t supposed to meet Jimin for another two hours so I had some time before I had to go. Around twenty minutes later I felt my phone vibrate next to me. From Yoongi: I love you Y/N. My mind wandered over to the thought of Yoongi and I felt my heart sink. I couldn’t get the look of his face off my head, no matter how hard I tried. Should I even go with Jimin? Am I being stupid for this? Maybe I should just stay in tonight, who am I kidding thinking I’m actually ready to meet some other guy when I’m clearly not over my ex. I moved my fingers over the keyboard as I began to type out a reply.

“I love you too.” sent.

I woke up to a bang and I jolted up from the couch startled only to find the sound came from the TV I forgot to turn off. I grunted dragging myself across the floor trying to fully wake myself up. It was then I realized my apartment was dark and I ran to the window seeing it was still night. I grabbed my phone checking the time 9:43pm it read. In all honesty I was hoping I’d sleep through the night, more because I did want to avoid meeting Jimin. But at the same time, I was happy that I woke up. I walked over to my bathroom and splashed water on my face then looked at myself in the mirror. I took one last breath before I changed my mind and I found myself heading towards my front door. Well Y/N… it’s now or never.

I paced down the sidewalk moving slower than usual as I made my way to the one spot I knew a little too well. As I got closer I refused to see if he was there yet or not, I kept my eyes glued to the ground stepping on every leaf that I managed to find. Eventually I looked up and my stomach dropped when I saw the spot was empty. I sighed and sat down putting headphones in my ears to listen to music as I waited. It was around a fully playlist of songs later that I starting to grow impatient and checked the time.


“Is he really not coming?” I thought frowning to myself. Annoyed I stood up and began to make my way home. I reached the sidewalk and suddenly felt a hand on shoulder stopping me in my tracks.

I turned around and came face to face with Jimin. “I was just leaving” I mumbled under my breath.

I noticed he wasn’t in his usual work clothes and instead was wearing a simple black t-shirt with ripped jeans. As simple as the outfit seemed, he made it look.. good.

“What? Why?” He responded with a sad look on his face.

“What do you mean why? I got here almost an hour ago, I thought you weren’t going to show up.” I harshly replied. His face softened and he smiled. I raised my eyebrow at him confused.

“Actually Y/N you’re wrong,” He informed, “I was here before you actually and as creepy as it sounds I was watching you the whole time.” He finished with a grin on his face.

I widened my eyes, “What? Jimin you creep what’s the point of that?” I hissed wanting to wipe that smile off his face.

“I wanted to see how long you’d wait, and it seems like you’re not a patient person.” I rolled my eyes at him softly hitting him on the shoulder.

“It seems like you aren’t either considering you already sent me a follow request.” I replied smirking at him.

He chuckled, “I thought you weren’t going to show up, so I had to find you on my own just in case.” I blushed at his response. “I’m just really glad you came.” He added.

I saw him reach inside his pockets taking his keys out and waved them in the air looking at me, “Care for some ice cream?” He asked and I eagerly nodded following him to his car. We got in and put our seatbelts on and Jimin began driving. “So how have you been?” Jimin asked making me giggle, “It’s been a day Jimin,” I replied still laughing.

“Well… how was your day Y/N?” He confidently asked not taking his eyes off the road.

“It was good I guess,” I responded “It was busy at work and I didn’t do much when I got home, what about your day?”

“For the most part I stayed in bed the whole day, did usual adult responsibilities, and spent a good while trying to find anything that led to you.” He shamelessly said, “believe it or not it took me a long time to find your profile.” He huffed coming to a stop at a red light.

I shook my head at him, “Not even you just weren’t looking hard enough.” I lightly teased causing him to look at me.

He scoffed at me “I ended up finding it didn’t I?”

I stuck my tongue out at him, “I want ice cream!” I whined throwing a small tantrum.

“Aish you child! We’re almost there!”

I nodded satisfied as I saw him pulling into the parking lot and once he parked I immediately got out running towards the entrance.

“Hurry up you old man they’re almost closing!” I impatiently yelled seeing him take his time walking. He chuckled jogging to the front door and opened the door for us.

It took me less than two minutes to pick what flavor I wanted while it took Jimin a whole fifteen minutes to decide on what he wanted. We got our ice cream and left the shop just as they switched the sign from open to closed.

“Who takes fifteen minutes to pick a flavor?” I asked in disbelief while eating a spoonful of my treat.

“Ahh Y/N you don’t understand” he replied rolling his eyes at me, “I needed time to see what my body wanted tonight.”

I let out a laugh mumbling something about him being ridiculous and continued walking along the sidewalk.

“Thanks for the ice cream by the way.” I said eating another spoonful happily. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I went to check it. I sighed seeing that it was more texts from Yoongi and decided to ignore them turning my attention back to Jimin. However he caught on to the frown on my face and raised his eyebrow.

“Is that him?” He curiously asked.

I nodded, “Can we not talk about Yoongi tonight?” I added looking at his face for an answer.

His face lit up “That sounds good to me.”

I put my phone back in my pocket and continued eating stealing a spoonful of Jimin’s ice cream. He pouted shooting me a look.

“I swear you’re a child.” He mumbled.

“I know” I responded shrugging my shoulders.

“About your phone number..” he hesitantly asked looking at his feet.

“Give me your phone.” I bluntly said causing a puzzled look on his face, “so I can put my phone number on there.” I pointed out. He stuffed his hands in his pockets grabbing his phone and handed it to me with a beaming smile on his face.

Maybe things were looking up for me..

Two weeks quickly went by and I found myself spending all my time at work. A manager position opened up at work and for as long as I could remember I was throwing myself into long hours of overtime to earn the position. I constantly told myself not to give up hope and it eventually paid off when my boss called me telling me I got the position. Although it meant more hours, it also meant more money and skills. For the first time in a while, I didn’t feel useless and that made me more happy than I thought it would. I sent Namjoon a text informing him about the good news and he congratulated me promising me a night to celebrate later that week. I also sent Jimin a text and he insisted on taking me out to eat to celebrate, I texted back a yes and made my way to my bathroom to get ready for the night.

I got out of my car texting Jimin letting him know I was here and sat on a bench in front of the restaurant occupying myself with my phone. I heard a car door open and I looked up to see Jimin getting out walking towards me.

“Y/N! Congratulations!” Jimin exclaimed pulling me into a tight hug.

“Thank you Jiminie!” I squealed, “I’m so happy and thank you for taking me out.”

“We have to celebrate of course!” He replied leading me inside the restaurant. We then got seated and both of us immediately reached for the menu trying to find what to order.

“I’m buying you a drink.” Jimin stated looking at the alcohol menu.

I shot him a look, “ahh you know I don’t really drink.” I whined.

“I’m not taking no for answer, it’s just one drink”

Rolling my eyes I realized one drink wouldn’t hurt and agreed. I started telling him all the new benefits I would get and the raise I earned and he eagerly listened. The drinks came out before the food and I hesitantly took a sip. I made a face at the strong taste and Jimin laughed at me taking it away keeping it for himself. By then the food got there and we started eating taking a bite of each other’s food here and there. As I was taking another bite of my burger I spotted Jimin’s expression darken and swallowed my food, “What’s up?” I curiously asked following his stare only for it to land on one person we both didn’t want to see. Yoongi. To make things worse it wasn’t just Yoongi, it was her too. She however didn’t seem to notice us and even if she did I certainly don’t think she knows anything about me. My heart sank and I felt my throat close seeing her. She was beautiful, it’s no wonder why he chose her. Both Jimin and Yoongi were glaring at each other and even from tables away I could feel how tense the room was. Yoongi looked pissed. We met eyes and I looked away as fast as I could averting my attention back to Jimin. His fists were clenched and I softly grabbed them making him relax.

“We should go.” I stuttered grabbing my things. Jimin nodded and asked for the check and we both hurried out of there as fast as we could. We both walked in silence to my car, “I’m sorry Y/N I didn’t think he’d be there.” Jimin spoke up grabbing my face making me look at him.

“Don’t apologize” I said with tears in my eyes, “It’s not your fault.”

He forced a smile and opened my car door, “Want to get dessert?”

I shook my head “I have to be up early tomorrow, I think I’m going to call it a night plus don’t you have a night shift soon mister?” I said giving him a stern look.

He gave me a pout, “You’re right, but I’m coming over tomorrow after you get off. I want to know all about your first day as manager.” He added grinning at me. I giggled at him throwing myself in his arms.

“Goodnight Jiminie, thank you for tonight” I said getting into my car.

“Goodnight Y/N.” He replied as he closed my door.

Jimin’s POV

“Have a good workout!” I said as I signed the usual customers in at the front desk. I went back to cleaning the machines and having my head wander over to the thought of Y/N. Although tonight could’ve gone way better, I’m glad I still got to be with her. I reached for my phone and saw a goodnight text from her and I smiled to myself. Just as I was about to text her back my manager interrupted me letting me know it was time for my break. I nodded and started walking towards the exit to go to the usual spot. I unlocked my phone and texted Y/N back and went to play some music. From the corner of my eye I saw someone coming closer to me and I turned to get a better look at them.

“Jimin right?” His deep voice said. As he got closer I realized who it was and my fists immediately clenched. He noticed this right away, “No no.. I’m not here to punch you in the face again.” He said smirking at me.

“What the fuck do you want Yoongi.” I snarled at him looking at him with pure disgust.

He let out a small chuckle, “Why are you so defensive? I’m only here to talk.” He calmly said.

I scoffed “Talk? Bullshit.”

“I saw the way you looked at her.” He began, “I know what you want.”

“Yeah?” I sarcastically asked, “then what do I want?”

He looked away and put his hands in his pockets, “You want her to be yours.”

I didn’t answer this time and instead glared at him.

“But guess what” Yoongi whispered stepping closer to me to the point where his face was inches away from mine. “Deep down inside you know she will never love you as much as she loves me.”

“And that kills you.”

author’s note: thank you guys for reading part one! i’m sorry for the wait but i hope you guys like it!! Also thank you to my lovely cousin for editing this @graciela-97 :)


Description: you finally find the soulmate you write messages on your wrist to.

pairing: Ethan x reader

warnings: swearing as always


You’d been searching for your soulmate for as long as you had known about it. When you were four and your mother explained the soulmate bond you were instantly hooked. The fact that art you drew on your skin would show up on your soulmates made your life that much more interesting. You began to become a better artist everyday so that the things you put on your skin would be beautiful enough to please whoever you were linked to.

You drew beautiful things and the you drew the stupidest shit you could think of in discreet places. On your hips there would be horse and dog morphs or turtle bags. But your arms, legs, and feet would be covered in geometric designs and creatures of a new fantasy you were able to create. Your grocery lists would show up on his palm or wrist which he would smile at as you wrote down the silliest words to help you remember.

But his favorite thing by far had to be the motivational and loving words that would pop up on his palm or inner elbow. When his day would get rough he could simply ask for some encouraging words and you were easily cheering him up in seconds. It was the way it was written in the loopy cursive he had designated as yours and the way it was portrayed. Like a poet had spoken those words, but when he googled them no one showed up they were your own. So he began journaling your poems and words in a little book his brother thought was the cutest thing ever.

It just so happened that you stumbled across the dolan twins earlier that day and had been watching all of their videos quickly figuring out that they posted every Tuesday. It was also quite intriguing that Ethan had such familiar drawings across his fingers and biceps. And when he would hold his hands out your loopy cursive sat there on his wrist sometimes spelling out the words milk, eggs, and flour. Baking and drawing. those were your passions and now you had found the person you were supposed to share those passions with. It was Sunday and yesterday they had posted a video, one of their random day ones, telling their fans to send in questions for them to answer. So you devised a plan to let him know you were watching and you finally knew who he was.

So you tweeted out to him. “@ethandolan if you answer this please message me before so I can write something on your wrist.” And I just so happened that the next day, Monday, when they were filming Ethan dolan messaged you on twitter.

“Hey.” It said the nervous and suspicious emoji faces after it. You raced around to find the nearest pen and began writing on your wrist.

“Hi, my names Y/n I’m suprised we’ve never asked for eachothers names before.”

The next message you received from his twitter was in all caps lock and seemed to be from him and Grayson.

“HOLY SHIT. NO FUCKING WAY I CANT BELIEVE DO YOU THINK I COULD HAVE YOUR NUMBER TO FACETIME OR SOMETHING.” You snickered as your phone lit up with another message. You expected it to be Ethan but Grayson’s twitter user was popped up and waiting.

“You hurt him I hurt you.” Your eyes widened at the words before you relaxed.

“I hurt him I will gladly let you break my nose.” You turned back to your wrist and wrote your number down. Your twitter then lit up again and you saw that Grayson had responded.

“He looks like a kid on Christmas. If you get a call in like an hour it’s probably him.” Your eyes widened as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked like a mess and honestly you weren’t going to let Ethan’s first impression of you be you and your room looking like a hurricane rolled through.

“Thanks for the heads up it looks like hurricane Katrina just went thorugh my room.” Grayson snorted from his spot next to Ethan who looked up his eyes lit up.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Your soulmate.”

“What? What’d she say.” Grayson showed him the text and he smiled. “Honestly same. Omg bro do I look okay what if she watches this video and I look like shit?” Ethan’s eyes widened and Grayson began calming him down as you on the other side of the US cleaned your room to perfection. Your desk was now spotless as was your floor. It was easy seeing as you being in college at the early age of 16, you didn’t have much in your dorm room.

You pulled out your makeup with 30 minutes left on the metaphorical clock Grayson had given you. You did an easy nude look and the sharpest eyeliner you’d ever managed to pull off. Happy with your eyes you applied mascara and highlight for days. You looked like a glazed donut by the time you were done.

“Incoming in like 5 minutes.” Grayson sent you another message and you breathed out a sigh of relief.

“So I’m guessing you’re editing the video today?” You sent back to him.

“Definitely Ethan will be too busy admiring you to be able to do it. I’ll just have to force him to help. The title ETHAN FINDS HIS SOULMATE.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“No I’m dead serious.”

“Do not do that Grayson.”

“Too bad half the content is him freaking out about your drawings and the tweet.”


“Seriously, you’ll see in tommorow video.”

“Oh god on a scale of 1-10 how crazy you does it get.”

“He almost did the splits.”

“Fuck.” Just then your phone rang and a new number popped up in the screen. 916-***-**** would like to FaceTime.

“That’s him.” Grayson messaged you. A deep breath in and you answered the call.

“Hi.” Your voice was quiet as Ethan stared at you with the same intensity you stared at him.

“Holy shit.” You both muttered. “You’re beautiful.”

“Probably more beautiful in real life.” He added.

“Are you in LA right now?” You asked.

“Yeah where does your beautiful self reside at the moment?” He asked his eyes still scanning all he could as you set your phone down on your desk propped up on you computer mouse.

“The other side of the country, New York.”

“Damn. And what is a beautiful woman like yourself doing in New York?”



“Trying to master in cooking and the culinary art. And major in the literary and fine arts.”

“Damn my woman’s artistically inclined can I get any luckier.”

“Damn my mans a hilarious human being that makes me smile in the darkest times can I get any luckier.” You didn’t mean just his videos with Grayson. No, you weren’t the only one to write encouraging words to the other. His handwriting would pop up in the middle of class telling you to have a good day and hang in there when you had ranted to him the night before through your skin.

Your smiles couldn’t possibly get any bigger as Grayson called Ethan in to help him edit in the warehouse.

“And let me see your woman.” Ethan pulled Grayson into frame as you blushed at the new found atttention you were getting.

“Aw she’s blushing.” Grayson cooed as you buried your head into your hands.

“Leave me alone you goof. I just met the guy I’m going to try to spend the rest of my life with. When you meet yours show me how you react and I’ll make fun of you.” It was Ethan’s turn to turn bright red at you words.

You actually accepted him as your soulmate. You actually wanted him. And he hoped not just for the fame.

“I think I’m done editing.” It was Tuesday in New York and LA, now it was 8 am in New York and 1 am in LA. “Sneak peak for the special woman in Ethan’s life.” Ethan flipped the camera as Grayson jumped to a random part of the video. It was Grayson reading the tweet you had tweeted to Ethan.

“’@ethandolan if you answer this please message me so I can write something on your wrist.’ How can someone write something on your wrist if they’re not the-” Grayson cut himself off as they looked at the mandalas on Ethan left arm. “You think?” Grayson whispered.

“Only one way to find out.” Ethan typed out the message he had sent to you and showed it to the camera. “And now we wait.” Grayson paused the video and turned in the skinny chair.

“You’ll have to watch the rest in the video. Which will be up in 6 hours.” You laughed as Grayson and Ethan got hyped and stuck their tongues out.

“Well obviously that will have to wait. I have classes to get to and you two should go sleep. I’d rather not have you dead when I want to talk to you.”

“Aw really.” Ethan pouted.

“Yeah but we’ll talk later just get some sleep god knows you need it.”

“Alright. I’ll see you later y/n.”

“See yah Ethan.” You hung up and stared straight forward before a squeal left your lips and you clutched your only form of contract to your chest.

Your phone which had all the space you could want, but more importantly the skin which had kept you sane all this time.

You were waiting at a cute little cafe, sipping a chai latte while glancing around. Your eyes searched for the famous black hair and thick frames of your date, always flinching whenever you lay your eyes upon someone similar, but sighing once you realize it wasn’t him.

You adjusted the tubes in your nose from your oxygen tank while awkwardly perusing the menu once more, knowing exactly what you decided to order anyway.

“Hello ma'am. Are we waiting for another or are you ready to order?” the waiter asked with a gentle smile. You cough softly and shook your head, “I’m waiting for my late date,” you chuckle and watched the waiter nod and walk away.

A few songs had passed and you decide to take a look at your vibrating phone, seeing a message from Clark. Sorry, I’m running late due to some.. problems. Don’t hesitate to order, I don’t want you to get hungry because of me. Clark.

You smile bitterly, a bit disappointed not at Clark but at his busy life. You never thought being a reporter would require so much time. Nevertheless, you didn’t judge. You continued to sip the latte and keep yourself occupied somehow.

Your phone vibrated once more, but it was a phone call from your friend, Kathy, “Hey (y/n)! Did you watch the news yet? Jesus christ, it’s crazy. Are you alright?” her voice was panicked and wild, as if she’d burst into tears at any moment.

“Kathy, what’s wrong?” you ask while asking a waiter to turn on the television to the news channel. It looked like an apocalypse. Metropolis, a city not far from you, was being destroyed by bombings and explosions. The headlines read “Superman and the U.S Army forces take on foreign enemy. 1200 dead and counting”. You cover your mouth while listening to the news anchor rapidly describe the incident. The customers around you began to panic and the wave of loud voices filled the cafe up. People began leaving frantically while you held up your oxygen tank close to you, hoping nobody would bump into it. The waiters and waitresses yelled to calm everybody down, but it was no use. Your waiter came to your aid and escorted you out the back, carrying your oxygen tank as you hugged your bag.

“Do you have anywhere to go, madam?” he asked, opening the door to follow his fellow co workers out of the shop. You nod, “Yes, don’t worry about me. You should get home too,” you both smile at eachother and he asks if you needed a ride. You comply and gracefully put yourself into his blue kia.

Suddenly, the ground began shaking and the distant buildings down the street started exploding. You realized the fight migrated near you, sending fear into your spine and a lump appeared in your throat. The waiter patted your shoulder and quickly stepped on the accelerator and drove off onto the street. From your rearview mirror, you watched several buildings explode, collapse, and catch on fire. There were large tanks and vehicles driving around the area as well as jets flying over you two. You began hyperventilating and quickly turning the knob on the tank to deliver more oxygen. This is really bad, you were thinking about various outcomes. Either you’d safely leave this area of danger alive and well or you’d get caught in the middle and end up dying. You clenched your fists, wishing the waiter would drive a bit more faster.

Unexpectedly, a semi-truck crashes down in front of you two, sending the car to crash into the obstacle. You hear the wind-shield glass shatter but luckily your seatbelt prevented a possible concussion.

“Are you–” you gazed upon a lifeless body of such a polite and generous man. His blonde hair now soaked in his own blood. There was debris all over you and some had found its way into the man’s skull, killing him instantaneously. You shudder at the view and bust your way out of the car, trembling onto the cluttered road full of wrecked cars and shattered glass. It was a disaster.

You heard distant cries and screaming as well as crashes and the destruction of the buildings not far from you. There was smoke everywhere, covering the once blue sky. Your mind was a blank canvas with no painter. You felt nothing for a minute or so, until you fell onto your knees. Your eyes sadly glanced down at your palms and your veins. You then shut your eyes and begin to speak softly without any emotion, “Clark, I’m sorry. I hope you don’t feel bad about being busy, I’m not mad..” your eyes begin to drip with tears, “Clark, I wish I could see you one more time..”

Life began to fade from you as your oxygen tank had been punctured from the crash. Your lungs had always been weak and required oxygen, but now it seemed to say that you were on your way to death. Not a moment after your realization, you looked up and gazed upon a man in a navy blue suit. His red cape flew over you and his face. His face looked so very pained and heartbroken. His eyes couldn’t contain his lost anger, but the rest of his face showed a deadly rage. “(y/n),” he whispered before picking you up gently. He glanced over to your oxygen tank and quickly set you back down and began CPR. All of a sudden, you could breathe and life seemed to be more clear now. Once you had a decent supply to breathe from, you looked over to your right and saw a man in a black suit, stomping over.

“Bruce, please take her to a hospital. She needs her oxygen tank replaced.” The man nodded and they both exchanged looks before the man in blue bolted into the air and within a second, became as small as an ant in the sky.

While at the hospital, fully replenished with oxygen, you glance to your right and noticed Clark sleeping beside you on a chair. He was in his usual flannel outfit with his signature frames.

“Clark,” you mutter, rising up from your bed. He quickly rose to aid you, kissing your forehead and apologizing for his lateness.

“(y/n), I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there to help you. Jesus, you almost di-” he stopped as he choked on his words, squeezing his eyes tightly. His muscles, the many of them, clenched and contracted in anger. You suddenly noticed a similarity between the man in blue and your boyfriend of one year.

“Clark, it’s all right. It’s not your fault,” you place your fragile hands on his sharp jawline and gently pull his face up to look at him. You both smile sadly and Clark then kisses you softly across your dry lips.

“Thank god the superman guy was there, or I think I’d actually be gone. We really do need people like him,” you rub your arm and glance out of the window. The smoke from the area in Metropolis covered large part of the sky, but it was now no where near you. Turning over to your boyfriend, you caught him examining you carefully.

“Clark?” you raised an eyebrow at his strange behavior. He shook out of his trance and smiled, “Just glad you’re not badly hurt.”

“I’m not hurt, that’s true,” you say, “but one of the waiters at that cafe died..” You look at Clark who looked upset now.

“Clark, do you have something to tell me?” the question made him widne his eyes, stuttering to find an answer. “W-why would you say that, (y/n)?” he smiled a bit nervously.

You slowly raised your hand and tried to remove his glasses, but he had grasped your hand tenderly. “(y/n)…” he shut his eyes as you completely removed his frames, examining his face.

“You’re the man of steel.” You felt astonished, feeling relieved the scattered puzzle pieces had gone into place now. He furrowed his brows and averted his eyes.

“I was going to tell you someday, but I never could find the time. I–” he huffed in frustration but your benevolent smile caused him to do a double take, “You’re fine, Clark. I’m very proud that I have met someone like you. You do wonders, superman. I love you,” your smiling lips gradually met with his and the kiss sealed their bond of understanding one another.

You Gotta Be Shittin Me, Right?

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: Hey, idk if this has been requested but I watched a behind the scenes thing for TWD and the director was talking about Daryl’s sexual situation and he said he thought he was a virgin bc he felt he wasn’t the type of person to get close enough w someone to have sex w them so if u have the time could u please write a smut where it’s Daryl’s first time and the reader takes his virginity and he’s like shy and nervous bc he doesn’t wanna be bad at it?

Summary: I really loved this idea. Can you imagine? Daryl is a virgin and the reader takes his virginity. Season 3. Prison. This one got long, enjoy!


You looked over and watched the man that was the center of all your thoughts since you had joined Rick’s group at the prison. You watched as Daryl’s strong arms pierced a steel rod swiftly through the chain linked fence and connect with walker face, on the other side. You stare at his determined clenched jaw and his eyes focused straight ahead at the task in front of him. He heaved his body back and then forth again, piercing another. You watched him as he worked in the steaming heat, although it never seemed to slow you him down, he was hard working man.

You had had feelings for Daryl since nearly the minute you had arrived at the prison. You had been rescued from some walkers by Maggie and Glenn and taken in to the prison. You had only been here for a few weeks, but you had wasted no time at all getting to know people. Maggie and Glenn made sure to introduce you around to everyone and always invited you to eat with them and the others. You were used to being a loner, but you thought it was nice that they tried to include you.

Every meal the entire group would gather around a large table in the middle of the cell block. They would all laugh and talk merrily with eachother, Maggie had told her that things had become peaceful for the group again after setting up the prison encampment. It had been a long time since any of them had a chance to relax a little and call a place home again. You had never had much of a home even in the old world, you were orphaned as a young girl and spent most of your life in the foster care system. You learned real young how to protect yourself, you had had to.

You look back over at Daryl working the fence and rub your neck, peering at the man questioningly. You had been here nearly two weeks and the man had barely said a word to anyone, he worked his ass off and was one of the most respected from what you had gathered, you wondered why he was so silent. You wondered if he had had a similar life, you had known kids who simply, “shut off,” after being in the system so long. He seemed like such a good guy and in this world that was rare. You smile a little to yourself, taking him in and letting your eyes wander gratuitously up and down his gorgeous frame. He was so damn beautiful to look at, you thought as you bite your lip and roam his unsuspecting body.

“I wouldn’t go workin’ too hard on that crush of yours, Y/N.”

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BRAD - One Last Question

You pushed the door open to your little apartment and you let your friend in as you pulled off your heels. You laid them on the ground next to the door and you sat down on the couch next to your friend and relaxed a little.She looked over at you and grinned.

“Oh you liked him” she said. You looked at her puzzled. She wasn’t even looking at you, she was just staring at the roof smiling.


“You know what I mean…”

“Nope, no idea.”

“Brad silly” she said, this time she did look at you.

“Pfff. Yeah right. He was a complete jerk”

“But you liked it. I know you did.

“No, I didn’t. Quit messing with me, I went with you to hang out with your crazy friends today, so please, leave me alone”

“Whatever, you like him” she said to herself but she still heard. You rolled your eyes. She grinned.

You had met her friends before tonight, Brad too. You had never liked each other though. You didn’t understand why she thought anything else this time.

Oh whatever, you would never. Never.

“Y/N?” She said. She was laying on the couch now with a wet cloth over her forehead.


“How do you feel about blind dates?”

“It’s just- I met this guy, not for me of course, but I feel like he would be perfect for you…”

“Ehhh, I guess you have good taste in guys” You said smiling.

“So is that a yes?”

“I guess, but he better be good”

“Definetly. You’ll love him”

“Does this seem appropriate?” You said as you adjusted your dress.

“Umm, I mean, you look amazing but… maybe put on a jacket or something over because it’s a bit-”

“Too exposed?”

“Not really, just put on jacket over top, you’ll be fine” Your friend reassured. You stared at the mirror a little running your hand over your dress. Once you were happy with the way you looked, you head out to your car. You said goodbye to your friend. She grinned at you and wished you good luck in tone that sounded a bit sarcastic.

You got in your car and rushed to the restaurant. You were late.

when you finally got to the restaurant, you looked for a table where he might be.

Then you saw him.

“Oh my god” you rolled your eyes. You walked over to the table and sat down in the chair. You didn’t say hello. You leaned on the back of the chair and you crossed your arms. He looked surprised.

“Oh, now this is what I call a cruel joke” Brad said. You rolled your eyes again, you had a feeling you’d be doing that a lot throughout the night.

“I’m gonna kill her. Now I have to look at you for the rest of the night” you complained. He chuckled.

He took a sipp of his water and then the waiter came by. He handed you the menu.

“Is there anything you need?”

“Just a water thanks” you said. The waiter nodded and left.

“Oh, so you’re staying after all…” Brad said smirking.

“Well I didn’t get all dressed up for nothing”

“Aha, sure” he smiled.


“You want to stay”

“Ha! Keep dreaming boy” you smiled this time. The waiter came with the water. “Thank you” you said and took your water. He stared at you with a grin. It made you uncomfortable.

“Out of all the people… It just had to be you”. You didn’t know exactly what he meant. It was probably about the date set up. But the way he said it was a bit weird.

“Fine. If you hate me that much, I’ll leave.” you said and waved to the waiter signaling for the check. You pulled some money out of your purse to pay for the water.

“No, no you don’t have to pay” he admitted.

“It’s just some water I’m not letting you pay.”

“Fine, then have more than just water”


“I never said I wanted you to leave, I got all dressed up too”

“Alright. Since you’ll miss me so much, I’ll stay.” You decided. “But I’m not letting you pay”

“Even though it’s you, I still am a gentleman. I pay”


“Fine, then let’s play a game to make this date less miserable.” he grinned.You cupped your hands around your face and leaned on the table paying attention.

“Loser pays for dinner. We ask each other stuff and have normal conversations. But, we can’t answer anything with yes or no.”

“Okay” you agreed. The waiter came by.

“Did you need something?”

“Ye-” You looked at Brad. “I wanted to order actually”

“Almost lost the game” Brad cut in.

“Oh, I’m gonna win. Prepare your wallet, I’m ordering expensive.”

“Same here”

The waiter laughed discretely. But you both noticed. You ordered your food and continued to try and trick each other into saying yes or no. Neither of you lost.

It had already been a few hours.Once you really got to know  him, he wasn’t that bd, you were actually worried you would catch some feelings. No. Just focus on the game. Don’t lose.

You took of your jacket exposing your bare shoulders. Your friend had told you to wear a jacket for a reason. Brad’s eyes widened, but he tried to hide it. You tried to hide your grin.
“Trying to distract me with your looks, huh? Cheater” he said and unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt leaving part of his chest out for everyone to see. You blushed and tried to look away.

“Where you really that disappointed when you saw I was your date?” he asked. You thought carefully about your answer, avoiding the words yes or no.

“I guess I was just expecting something else… I mean, everyone knows we’re not too fond of eachother”

“I think you just assume too much of me, I mean yeah, sometimes I can be a jerk, but if you really get to know me, I’m more that I appear.”

“I’ve noticed”

He smiled at you.

You actually were having a good time, though you refused to admit it. You were a bit worried you would lose, because even though the food was amazing, it was really expensive. Brad was staring at you with a grin, making you uncomfortable once again.

“I really thought one of us would have lost by now, anyways, I’m full” He said as he leaned back in his chair and he waved to the waiter to come.

The waiter came by and looked at Brad.

“Um, check please, you don’t want anything else do you?” He said to you.

“No, thanks”

He gave an evil smile.

“What?” you said confused.

“I win”

“What?” you gasped.

“I hate you!” you said once you realized you had answered with ‘No’.

“Ha! Check please.” The waiter nodded and left. You crossed your arms and leaned back into your chair. The waiter came and handed you the bill.

”Let me see” Brad said.

“Wow. Ok. Like I said earlier, even though it’s you, I’m still a gentleman. Let’s split the bill because I don’t even have this much money on me right now.”

“Thanks” you said relieved.

Once you both got out of there he walked you to your car.

“So, now that we’re done, can I ask you one last question?” Brad said.


“Do you like me?” he asked. You blushed.

“Can I answer with yes or no?”

“I would rather you answered with yes”

“Then yes”

“Good” he said and he put his hand behind your neck to pull you in for a kiss.

You walked in and closed the door to you apartment. You leaned on the door and smiled. Your friend was sitting on he couch. She looked over at you and saw you smiling.

“I knew it”

Never Had

@wanderlustingandwandering asked: Could I possibly get a coffee shop!au where the reader is a barista and Poe is one of the local hipster musicians that plays on open mic nights? Pretty Please with sugar on top?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I recently listened to Oscar Isaac’s ‘Never Had’ and just thought it would be perfect for this prompt, so I kinda turned it into a songfic!)

Plot Summary: You and Poe have lived in the same small town since you were young, and stayed friends since childhood as others moved away. Move along to your adult years, and not too much has changed.  You work as a barista in a small cafe, a job you genuinely enjoy. Part of it being a good job, the other being your friend performing every Friday on open mic nights. You enjoy the slowness, the safety and security of nothing ever changing. However, when he dedicates to you a song he wrote when you were young, is the same thing, over and over, worth it?

I recommend listening to Oscar Isaac’s ‘Never Had’ while reading this fic!

Originally posted by germanladybug1980

“Two coffees, one black, one with two sugars and cream?” You called out into the half-filled cafe as a teenage couple picked up their order.

“Thank you!” The girl smiled, as you returned the gesture.

“It’s nothing. Enjoy the show, my friend should be here pretty soon.” You waved as they sat at their table, before you stretched your arms from behind the counter.

As you leaned your back against the fridge, you heard the familiar bell jingle as the cafe’s door opened.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” You said, not even bothering to look up.

“Come on, Y/N. You can’t remember what this handsome face always gets?” Your eyes shot up as Poe chuckled, yourself sighing.

“Poe, you have to call me so I can get yours ready beforehand, you know that!” You smiled, hugging him from over the counter.

“Sorry! Just wanted to surprise you tonight. I have a big surprise for tonight’s open mic.”

“Oh really? Another one of your covers?” You joked as he shoved you lightly.

“No, you’ll see it soon!”

You groaned jokingly as you got his usual ready. “Poe, you can’t just tell me something and then leave me in the dark!”

“Sorry, Y/N. That’s the way life works!” He chuckled as you whined.

“You’re lucky we’ve been friends for so long, or I would have just not even bothered to make your coffee for you.” You smirked, setting his mug down as he sat on one of the counter seats.

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Dating Tao would include

- every morning when u wake up, Tao won’t even kiss u until you’ve brushed your teeth, he don’t play that fictional good morning kiss lmao

- feeding him breakfast but then having to rub his belly for like 30 minutes after because he thought that he could eat 5 pancakes

- him dragging you to the mall, like you’re the one standing off to the side holding like 4 bags on each arm like Tao can we go please but he doesn’t even hear you, he’s in the other aisle trying to find his size in some sneakers

- he the type to take you to buy lingerie but then get all blushy when you come out in it, looking away like omg ur half naked in front of everyone what, he didn’t think it through

- having a group chat that consists of you, him, and Sehun. But you don’t go on it because every time you do they just start roasting you for no reason

- him giving you little kisses behind your ear while he brushed your hair back, playing with it while he just laid with you, telling you he loves you every 5 minutes

- the type to buy matching rings or watches for you both, he gets mad whenever u don’t wear it like how will ppl know u r my gf /:< and ur like Tao,….literally no one can know

- when he has to leave really early in the mornings he doesn’t want to wake you so he just tucks you in, makes sure you’re warm, and leaves you a letter and kisses you on the cheek (◕‿◕✿)

- he has this little weak spot behind his ear and you reach so you can bite at it whenever you’re feeling needy, but Tao probably already knows because he’s in tune to your body so well already

- secret dinners together at restaurants, using the menus to create a fort around your faces and Tao probably tries to pick off ur plate but u let him because he’s the love of ur life

- his dog liking you more than him probably, and he doesn’t get mad he kind of nods like “yeah, I like more than me too”

- his mom always asking for you whenever she calls Tao, always tells him to tell you that she loves you, probably doesn’t even say it to Tao and he’s like mom…wth

- dealing with him blasting his music in the car, he probably rolls the windows down while he’s going 90 mph and when you guys get to your destination he’s like woah, what happened to ur hair?

- trying to fix ur hair in the bathroom and then Tao sneaks in like “hey ;-)” and starts feeling you up and pressing you against the mirror and u push him back like not today, not now, I’m hideous

- him trying to teach you some martial arts just in case you ever need it, but you probably end up nailing him in the crotch with some nunchucks

- Tao trying to take a selfie with you literally like every half hour and you’re like Tao we look the same, wyd

- pet names left and right, one day you’re his honey bunny and the next day you’re his angel but here for it

- smacking your hand on his butt whenever he pulls an attitude with you, which is like a lot cause he always got one

- playing soft sad songs that come up on your playlist and you’re jamming but then you turn around and see Tao staring out the window wit a single tear running down his cheek

- “you ever…you ever think about how we’re all gonna die one day?”

- then you can’t handle emo Tao and put on some bops and tao’s mood did a 180 and he’s striking poses on ya bed

- wanting to hold his hand but he gets sweaty so easy and when you poke fun he won’t hold ya hand for like 15 mins but then he gives in because he loves u

- you love him too so you don’t even care that his hand sweat gets all over u

- Tao the type to see like, one rumor about himself online and call you like what! Is! This! Slander! And you’re like Tao, chill lmao

- watches videos of his own self and asks you what you think

- you’re tired of him, but you play along like, you’re like OMG who is that God of a man!!???? & he play blushes like Y/n stop it!!!!

- sometimes you catch him staring at you and he doesn’t can realize you’ve caught his ass until you’re like, hello Tao?

- “what? You had something on your face.”

- complains he always hungry n then when you try an feed him he act like he not

- doesn’t look it but is the type to eat all of your leftovers

- does this super cute thing that melts your heart, whenever he’s gone from you he’ll always take the time to find you an adorable postcard and write you a small little letter and send it to you, you collect them and look at them when you really miss him

- not giving him any wine past 8 because then he turns into drunk aunt and tries to challenge the neighbor to an arm wrestling match and you gotta shove him back inside like sorry!!! Excuse us!

- sometimes when you get sick he worries a lot, and drops everything so that he could feed you soup and assure you that you still look cute with snot crusted on your nose

- smelling like him usually because he is so goddamn extra with the cologne but you ain’t complaining cause he smells good

- when it’s cold he gives you his jackets and you’re like oh my thank u boo, but then he puts it on you and it weighs more than you and you’re struggling to stand up and when Tao looks at you you look up at him like a little ball of coat like help

- tao’s cold wandering night hands when you’re trying to sleep because you’re both cold but no one wants to get up to turn on the heater so tao’s like, hey I know another way we can keep warm

- making him lil treats that he bugs you about, like he leaves recipes around for you with smiley faces like can u please make me these

- Tao mocking you whenever you yell at him for doing some shit and when you catch him he just smiles at you like him n Chen just didn’t stick their tongues out at you

- your guys’ first date was skating together and you still don’t know why he chose it because he held onto the bar the entire time while you tried to help him up countless times from the floor

- he tried to be cute and romantic and pull you on top of him but you guys just bumped foreheads and you both had a bright ass red bump lmao

- swaddling him like a baby before bed and laughing at him try and get out while you take videos and he yells at you

- Tao trying to send you sexy pictures but you look closely and Sehun in the background grabbing his own ass in the mirror, kyungsoo lookin like the grudge sitting in the corner, why he send u this

- Christmas pictures with the puppy that Tao sets as his wallpaper lock screen frames it sends 8 copies to his mom

- letting him know how much he means to you and he he’s all sentimental because he loves you so much he didn’t think it was possible and everyday even if y'all annoy eachother there can be literally nothing that can separate you both because y'all are so heart eyes and it makes everyone else sick

I’ll Take Care of You. {Carl Grimes x Reader}

Warnings: Nothing really.

Request: Can you do a Carl one-shot were the reader is sick and Carl decides to take care of her, super fluffy



The stinging pain of vomit emitted in the back of my throat as I hunched over the toilet. Everything I just ate all came up in several intervals making my stomach feel empty. 

“Fuck.” I whispered looking at myself in the mirror. My hair had barf in it and my face was pale. I ran hot water washing the puke out of my hair, brushing my teeth, and face. I had just finished when there was a knock at your door.

“Y/N it’s Carl can I come in?” Carl asked through the thin wood that made the door. 

“Yeah come on in-” I was cut off by barf making it’s way up my throat making me run to the toilet and dispose of all of my solid and liquids. The door opened and fast foot steps made their way to me. 

“Y/N! Are you okay?!” Carl asked kneeling next to me, pulling my hair out of my face. I didn’t respond as I emptied everything into the toilet. “It’s okay. Go ahead and let it out.” Carl said rubbing my back. I spit as my stomach decided to stop being a little shit. 

“Sorry you had to see that.” I said wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. 

“No it’s okay. But you should stay in bed for today.” Carl said helping you stand up and walk out of the bathroom. 

“But we were supposed to find more comics today.” I said as he pulled back the covers and helped me under. 

“We can do that when you’re better.” Carl said chuckling. He tucked me in and went to the bathroom grabbing the clean trashcan and bringing it next to me. 

“You can just go with Enid. Just don’t read them without me.” I said coughing.

“Hey. You’re my comic buddy. I’m okay with waiting. Be patient.” Carl said sitting on the edge of my bed. 

“Uhh I feel like shit.” I said sitting up to face him. 

“No you should lay down. Maybe if you sleep you’ll feel better tomorrow.” Carl said pushing me gently so I would lay down. He covered me back up before standing up and taking off hi jacket and shoes, setting his hat on my dresser. “I’ll lay with you so you don’t get lonely.” Carl said walking around to the other side of my bed. He pulled up the covers and hopped in turning to me. I turned to face him and we stared at eachother for a while. 

“Y/N can I tell you something?” Carl asked scooting toward me a little. 

“Yeah. What is it?” I asked confused. He leaned in closer until our lips were almost touching. My heart beat rose as he did because I’ve had a crush on him for the longest time and to figure out he liked me back was dream come true.

“You’re breath sticks.” Carl said pulling away from me laughing. I hit him on the shoulder and we both hit each other back and forth. Of course he hit my lightly because I’m a girl or something like that. But somehow we ended up with him on top of me between my legs. 

“Carl I need to tell something?” I asked ready to confess my feelings to him.

“What’s that?” He asked looking down at me smirking.

“I-I think I love you.” I said looking anywhere but his eyes. He held his weight with one arm and grabbed my cheek with the other.

“Well I know I love you.” Carl said leaning down and gently pressing his lips to mine. He pulled away and rolled off me chuckling as he did so. “I think we should get some rest.” Carl said wrapping his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. 

~The next morning~

I awoke with a great feeling in my stomach. I turned to look at Carl to find we was already awake hunched over on the side of the bed. 

“Carl you were right. I feel great.” I said stretching. 

“Yeah that’s great.”  Carl said sweetly. 

“Carl are you okay?” I asked turning to him. 

“ I think you got me si-” Before he could finish his sentence the sound of him puking filled the room. I reached over and pulled his hair back and rubbed his back. 

“Here we go again.” I said chuckling.

This was fun to write thanks for requesting anon. I have so many requests and I just want to say thank you all for reading and requesting. I will say tho writing all these will take some time so I’m sorry if you have to wait!! Okay love you guys byeee!!!!

Sunday: Bechloe week


“You won’t know until you try,”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Beca, really? I’ve been building this for years, and with the help of Stacie I think it’s going to be fine.”

That time travel bechloe au PREVIEW OF A FULL FIC IM GONNA WRITE EVENTUALLY nobody asked for, as the Sunday prompt.

It started when they returned from worlds, Bellas began packing up their rooms and boxes of stuff started to clutter the living room. By the end of the week, Cynthia Rose was leaving and Amy soon after. Emily had already gone home for the summer, and the rest of the bellas were leaving Saturday.

Except Beca and Chloe.

Becas flight to LA didn’t leave until 10pm Sunday, Chloe driving her to the airport before making her way back to her parents house in Florida.

Many tears and hours of loading different girls boxes into cars, the two sat curled up together on the couch for one last night.

“Strip monopoly?” Chloe offered after close to an hour of cuddling in silence, all other bellas gone.

Beca gave an amused yet sad smile, Chloe mirroring her. “I’ll grab the booze.” She slowly got off the couch and made her way to the kitchen.

Chloe pulled out monopoly and began setting it up, placing a small metal pair of headphones and a music note (courtesy of Lily) on Go.

Beca returned, plopping onto the ground across from her friend and pouring two shots of Jiggle Juice, leftover from the other night.

“One last time?”

“Hand it over Wierdo, let’s do this.”

No less than fifteen minutes into the game, Chloe owned 7 spaces and was currently only wearing her bra and underwear, as well as taking her 4th shot. Beca however in the same amount of clothing, on her 6th shot.

“You landed on go, finally!” Chloe exclaimed, grabbing the empty bottle they kept for the game and spinning it in the middle of the board.

“Dude there’s nobody else here, why are you even spinning the bottle?” Beca laughed and smiled when it pointed towards Chloe.

“Truth or Dare, Becs,”


Chloe began thinking long and hard, she needed something from Beca before they left tomorrow evening. Something to let her know that the brunette could possibly care about her in the way that she did.

“I dare you to kiss me.” Chloe said, locking eyes with her best friend.

“What? Chlo, come on,”

“A dares a dare. Either you kiss me, or take off that sexy bra of yours.” Chloe challenged, either would be a win in her book, but the first all the better.

“Fine,” Beca said, getting up and sitting on the couch where Chloe had moved to not to long ago.

The ginger grinned, pulling Beca closer and waiting for the other woman to make the first move.

“Do I have to?” Beca asked, hands already on Chloes cheeks, her friends at the back of her neck.

Chloe nodded, smiling that smile that said ‘I am so in love and happy right now’ that she always seemed to have on around Beca. The brunette groaned quietly but slowly moved forward, inching their faces together.


It was 1 in the afternoon when Chloe woke up, Beca wrapped tightly around her which wasn’t unusual, they often fell asleep in eachothers beds and woke tangled together.

She didn’t remember much, only that they had been playing strip monopoly and had kissed on the couch. That’s where she couldn’t remember anything.

She remembered what they had been wearing, and that it was only a short time until they were in their underwear, but how they had gotten into Chloes bed? And how they had ended up…underwear-less?

As in naked.

As in why were there hickies all over Becas neck.

As in why the hell did Chloes back hurt and—

And they were currently naked together in Chloes bed.


The day wasn’t awkward at all, actually.

They had taken a shower together, testing the acoustics for the first, and last time together in the Bella Household before snacking on the couch all day.

Chloe wanted to ask so bad, what had even happened last night, besides the obvious sexy times.


The hardest part was quite possibly when all of Becas boxes, a total of 2 and a suitcase, as well as Chloes stuff was in the gingers car, and they were locking the house.


“Yeah?” The brunette asked, smiling as she took Chloes hand after walking down the front porch.

“Last night was…the best night of my whole college career.” Chloes eyes misted over, her voice becoming thick with emotion quite quickly.

“Chloe,” Beca said softly, cupping her best friends face with her hand and pulling them into a soft kiss.

“I just want you to know that– that I really love you Beca. And I don’t know what I’m going to do without you anymore, we’re going to be on opposite sides of the country.” A tear fell down the red heads cheek, followed by another and another.

“We’ll call and Skype and text Chlo, don’t cry–”

“Come with me.”

“What? Chloe I–”

“Beca. I’m in love with you. I need you, please come with me to Florida, you don’t have a job yet in LA, just come with and we can build a life together. Please?” Chloe asked, tears falling quickly.

“Chloe I can’t I just…LA’s my dream and it has been for like 5 years, I can’t just drop everything and go to Florida,”


The car ride to the airport was silent. Uncomfortably silent, like it had never been before.

“Goodbye Beca.” Chloe said, tears once again falling as she held tightly to her best friends hands at the gate.

“Goodbye Chloe, I’ll call you when I land, okay?”

Chloe nodded, and Beca pulled her in for a tight hug, burying her face into red hair.

“I love you too, and I’m so, so sorry,” she whispered as she pulled away, someone calling for the final minutes to board.

Chloe only nodded and allowed herself to be pulled into a kiss, long, passionate, and filed with all sorts of emotion and tears on both sides.

“I’m sorry,” Beca said, turning and not looking back as she boarded the plane to LA.


She didn’t call, didn’t text, didn’t Skype or even Snapchat Chloe when she landed.

Worst. Sunday. Ever.


(3 years later)

“You won’t know until you try,”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Beca, really? I’ve been building this for years, and with the help of Stacie I think it’s going to be fine.”

“What if I say yes this time and we make it to Florida, but she changes her mind?”

“The woman is getting married tomorrow Beca, the best shot you have is to go back to that Sunday, Saturday night actually, and fix what you broke 3 years ago.”


Basically just some parts of a story I’m going to write in the near future, in which Beca travels back in time to that Saturday and Sunday where things finally happened between her and Chloe.

It’s All Jokes And Giggles Until Someone’s Pregnant

Anonymous asked:  Pls write an Alex x reader w/ him coming back from war to find y/n pregnant?

A/N: I’m back from vacation, but school’s starting soon. I got ((somewhat)) of a stock pile so we should be a-okay. I’ll still be posting every other day ((fanfiction wise))!!

Word Count: 1608

TW: Pregnancy, murder mention, throw up mention, dying/death mention, sex illusion stuff.

AU: Hamiltime!

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

“So, what is it, doctor?” You asked, nervously wringing your hands in your lap. You had thrown up every morning the past week, and your husband had just returned to the war. You needed to get better, quickly. “Am I dying?”

The doctor laughed heartily. It nearly shook the room. After looking down at his makeshift clipboard, he met your gaze. “Quite the opposite, actually.”

Your heart stopped, and still managed to jump in all these different directions. “What do you mean?”

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Actions Overlap Words

@jedishrubbery asked: I loved your Obi-Wan College AU so much! It got me thinking! May I request reader and Hux were both dance instructors. Him being pointe ballet and reader being hip hop. After Hux and reader were seen working on a duet together, all of their students can see the romantic tension when ever the two are teaching a class together but the two are too shy to say anything to each other? I love both of your writing! Stay beautiful you two! 💛

Author: Zoe

(I’m so glad you liked my College AU fic! I’m actually a dancer myself, so this is right in my comfort zone and my style~!)

Plot Summary: Brendol Hux graduated from the National Academy of Dance. You won a few underground street dance competitions, and Hux still wonders how the hell you were able to land a choreography job at the Galaxy Dance Studios. The students at GDS are split between the proper pointe ballet class Hux teaches, and your more vigorous street dance class. However, when your company is getting ready for the International Dance showcase, it’s required for the choreographers to provide their own number. When your dancers manage to find your rehearsal room, it’s obvious to them that your rehearsal is much more than just a dance.

I decided to throw in a song for part of this story, so listen to Hozier’s “Like Real People Do” when Reader and Hux’s dance comes along!

Originally posted by juliettepirouette

The speakers rang softly as an orchestral score rose from the audio, the class ready to rehearse from first position.

Brendol Hux stood narrow at the front of the classroom, never daring to relax ever so slightly and even graze his body against the bar to rest his weight.

“One, two, ready and… Left, right, prep, and cabriole. Right, left, turn and dessus. Glissade et arriere, petit jete and stop.” He commanded as each dancer followed his instructions.

“Again. One, two, ready and…” He repeated again, the company rushing back to their former positions. He would have continued on to the next section, but more pressing matters came into view. The studio next door was blaring bass and the teacher was just as rowdy as the students, if not more.

Hux sighed in frustration and ended the section. “You have a five minute break.” He walked across the room as the dancers split off, stretching and having their only water break since morning while he marched into your studio, the music blaring into the lobby as soon as the door opened.

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  • Kaga: I hate when people are like "dick would cuddle with wally and be so scared of horror movies and wally would be brave and strong" like scuse U???
  • Kaga: they're the kind of people who'll be sitting beside each other totally badmouthing the movie and every jump scare and then refuse to go to the bathroom alone
  • Kaga: and they'd make up dumb excuses like
  • "we should go together so we can keep talking and I'll wait outside the door and then we can swap" or something
  • Kaga: shota robin smh Ugh
  • Danekez: those are beautiful
  • Danekez: yes theyd totally just sit on the couch next to each other, both with their legs crossed kinda towards each other and one arm on the back of the couch half-way to the "yawn'n'stretch" move. theyd look like mirror images of each other all laughing and smack talking
  • Danekez: then WHAM and depending on how much they were paying attention they'd each react differentlyDanekez: if Wallys really paying attention then he can see the movie frame by frame and it wont bother him, and if dick is paying attention too much then he'll accidentally analyze the movie too much and ficgure out when everything, including the jump scares will happen
  • Danekez: so tey talk to eachother to distract eachother
  • Danekez: and it ddrives everyone else NUTTS
  • Kaga: everyone is so sick of them talking and they could be more quiet about it but like
  • Kaga: come on
  • it's them
  • Danekez: half the reason theyre so loud is just to piss them off
  • Kaga: basically
  • ANd if we're setting
  • Kaga: this in YJ verse
  • Kaga: the amount of times they've tried pranking the others into believing a big jump scare is coming is ridiculous
  • Kaga: it's almost as many as the times they've tried actually scaring their teammates after watching a particularly nasty horror movie
  • Kaga: they hide in dark places and jump out and they're total idiots really
  • Danekez: and it NEVER works on superboy
  • Danekez: in fact they only tried it on him like
  • Danekez: three times maybe
  • Danekez: and he just god confused or mild secondhand embarrassment and Dick and wally would just kinda
  • Danekez: hahahaaahahahhh
  • Danekez: hhha
  • Danekez: k bye
  • Kaga: oh man totally
  • Danekez: but eventually superboy caught onto the pranking and if he was ever in the vicinity of someone else getting prabked he started acting surprised
  • Danekez: just for novelty
  • Danekez: but the acting is never quite right. its not obvious to anyone whos not paying attention to him, but to wally and dick theyre like "i know what you do and i kind of appreciate it. bro mode bro"
  • Kaga: eventually Artemis can not stand it any more so she goes to m'gann before the movie and practically begs the Martian to scare the crap outta the two later on by growing like ten arms out of her head or something
  • m'ganns kinda hesitant because that's a bit mean u know but she caves and after sinister, a rather yucky movie, she trades a look with Artemis and, feeling incredibly guilty, hides in the shadows as wally and dick head off for more supplies from the kitchen before the next movie
  • the shriek wally produces and tries to break off into a cough is nothing short of beautiful and Artemis practically cries with laughter and dick cracks up too, thankful his brief, sharp inhale of breath and slight pause in his step had been ignored because of Wally's amazing reaction
  • Kaga: omg supes rocks tbh
  • Kaga: wally has never been so embarrassed though he does his absolute best to play it off like "haha, not even that scary - just trying to make your prank seem good, beautiful" but it's RLY obvious U know
  • Danekez: everyone thinks artemis is gonna be the one who never lets hi forget it, but no. its Dick.
  • Kaga: dick is as his name implies
  • especially over this matter
  • Kaga: seriously, they’ll be chilling in the cave or something and then they’ll have some kind of mini argument and start bringing up past memories like “remember that one time you tried to land on a dumpster lid but it caved in?” and dick’s like “remember that one time m’gann grew two arms out of her head and you screamed like a girl?"
  • Kaga: “low blow, dude"
  • Danekez: yes its canon

Fic Request! Yeah I know it’s been a while, life kinda happened :p 

Chekov x reader fic where they meet on shore leave and then they have to find eachother again since they work on different ships

Chekov x Reader:

You sighed happily as you walked into the book store. You were on shore leave for another four days and you didn’t know how long it would be until you were able to buy more reading material.

Keep reading

Jealousy suits.

Your name: submit What is this?

“You think I wanted this, Dean? ANY OF THIS? How dare you! You should be fucking ashamed, after everything I have done for you, for this damn family. Bobby always said, ‘Family don’t end in blood and it don’t start there too’. ” You stared at Dean while tears fell down your face, holding your ground you kept a tight grip on your character. In the corner of your eyes you see Jared making silly faces at you, trying to break you and after 6 takes, crying becomes annoying. You bit the insides of your cheek as your boyfriend walked up to you with a slight smirk on his face. **

“Don’t you dare bring Bobby into this. This is your fault and there’s n- DAMMIT JARED” Jensen broke out of his character as soon as Bob yelled cut. Everyone laughed at the 36 year old man acting like a complete child. Jensen’s face scrunched up in amusement and the crow feet wrinkles besides his eyes became defined. Jared came up to you with an idiotic proud smile.

“Great take Mr and Mrs. I don’t know how to act” Jared said. If it were anyone else they would have been offended but Jared’s intentions were always good and he constantly joked around. Everyone knew You, Jared, Misha, Jensen, Mark or anyone who comes onto Supernatural is a great actor. I mean there’s a couple of million people in our fanbase that prove we try our best. Plus if you were a horrible actor than you think they would’ve killed you off 4 season’s ago when you started.

“Yeh okay Mr. 9 year old stuck in a 50 year old man’s body” Jared gasped as he pretended to be offended, he instead picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. You squealed seeing your world upside down, your hair was sprawled all over your face as the blood rushed to your head.

“Damn Y/N, I have a great view of your butt from here and you never told me you did squats” You tried your best to cover your bum but you failed since Jared pinned your arms together, you felt the rumble of his laugh on your belly and you looked up to see Jensen’s pissed expression.

Over the years you and the actor developed feelings for eachother and about 4 months ago you both confessed to each other so you two were officially together. Though what you didn’t know was Jensen was the jealous type, if Misha kissed you on the cheek then Jensen’s grip on your waist became tighter. Or if Jared threw you over his shoulder and complimented your ass then Jensen would give him the death glare, sort of like now.

“Jaarrreeeeeeeed” You whined in his ear. “Put me downnn” You accidenatly pulled on his hair which earned a playful moan from Jared.

“Y/N… I thought we were suppose to keep my hair pulling kink private” You laughed at his flirtatious behaviour but your boyfriend was having none of it.

“Jared Tristian Padalecki put my girlfriend down” Jared snickered at his best friends commanding voice and agonizingly slowly he put you down. He loved teasing Jensen because normally he wouldn’t be affected by anything but if you’re involved he becomes a totally different person.

“You’re an ass you know that” Jared shrugged and he looked at you yet again with nothing but mischief in his eyes. You tilted your head, sort of like confused Cas, and your eyes widened when his face came closer to yours.

“No.. Jared… don’t you dare” you tried pulling your face away in time but he quickly held your face and licked your cheek. You cringed in disgust with your hands flailing at the beast of a man. You pulled away and ran to Jensen laughing but he was simply pissed. He stared Jared down and he slowly walked away with your hand, tight in his. You turned around to see Jared crouched over laughing, making kissy faces directed at you.

On the way to the trailer you were trying to get rid of all the germs Padalecki had passed on to you by wiping your hand on your cheek. As you entered the trailer Jensen sat on the bed while you looked for some baby wipes. You found the wonderful germ killer and started cleaning your face, removing some makeup in the process. You looked over to your unusually quiet boyfriend and suddenly you became worried.

“Jensen, baby. You okay?” He looked at you with those melting green eyes that make your legs want to give up.

“Are you happy with me?” Your brain didn’t process that question till five seconds later when you let out an extremely confused grunt.

“I mean you and Jared look happy together, if you don’t want to be together then I won’t forc-” you cut him off by laughing at his horrible accusation. He looked hurt when you started laughing but how could you not? That was absurd.

“Me and Jared… baby no?” You said in between laughs. You saw his sour expression slightly falter and you tossed your wipe in the nearest bin while walking over to Jensen. You sat in his lap with your arms around his neck. You pulled his face up to yours and kissed him passionately making sure you put in every loving emotion you could in that single kiss.

“Jared is my friend, nothing more. Well he’s more like a brother, when he’s not being a complete ass. “ Jensen looked down at your belt chuckling before looking back up to your eyes with love and kindness.

“You are the man for me Jensen Ross Ackles, not anyone else.” He smiled, kissing your lips one more time before speaking again.

“Not even Channing Tatum?” You teased him by pretending to think hard about that question but you shook your head.

“Not even Channing Tatum” You stated before attacking his lips once more, things between the two of you became heated as Jensen slipped off your leather jacket. So you slipped off his, you started to unbutton his pants while your hands slightly grazed over his crotch. He moaned in your mouth which created goosebumps all over your body.

“HEY FACE-SUCKERS. BOB WANTS US FOR SCENE 4… WHICH REQUIRES CLOTHES” Jared rudely interrupted your makeout session. Dean groaned and fixed up his messy hair, which you love.

“One day I’m going to kill him and make sure he stays dead” You giggled at his frustration while you fixed yourself up too in the mirror. Jensen came up behind you and kissed your neck.

“You know, jealous suits you. It’s an adorable look. You look like a puppy who’s had his favourite toy taken away from him.” Jensen pretended to be offended at your analogy.

“Psht. Women… I’d be a wolf since I’m a man” He deepened his voice even fuirther, you didnt think that were possible. You walked out of his trailer with him behind you.

“Nah… more like a poodle” You laughed when he chased you all the way to set where everyone had been discussing scene 4. You looked around feeling content, in the arms of the man you love surrounded by the people you loved and life was absolutely perfect.

Request: Child’s Play

Request: My request about Bamf!Reader and TFW was like this, they get shrunken into their childforms but their personalities would stay the same… and maybe a little bit of DeanxReader even though they are always fighting but just to keep their affection for eachother secret…

Word count: 889

Sorry about the waiting and problems with this, but I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

Something isn’t quite right – you know that as soon as you regain consciousness. You don’t pinpoint quite what, however, until the footsteps in the doorway alert you to Bobby’s presence.

“Balls!” He exclaims, looking at your half-sleeping form. You’re jolted into full wakefulness by that and you groan.

“Bobby?” You ask, and are instantly surprised by the squeakiness of your voice. You open your mouth to query what’s going on – that’s when a child runs into the room. A young boy, maybe aged five – if he’s lucky – wobbles into the room and stares at Bobby.

“Bobby?” He asks quietly – then his eyes land on you. The kid has green, green eyes.

Then, it hits you.

Something’s not right – that would be because you’re in a child’s freaking body. Or, more accurately, you’re on your own body. You’ve just been de-aged about 25 years. You yelp in fear, nearly tumbling from the couch and landing on the floor. You just catch yourself, toddling over to Bobby in confusion.

“Dean?” You ask and he nods in return.


“Where’s ‘Ammy?” You demand, looking up at Bobby. The older man sighs.

Today is going to be a long, long day.


“Dean!” You wail, grappling for the teddy bear held tightly in the boy’s arms, “Dean, that’s mine! Give it back!”

“Nuh-huh.” He shakes his head defensively, “’S mine now.”

“No.” You glare at him as best you can with those adorable child’s eyes and scowl angrily when he doesn’t flinch, “Give. Me. The. Bear.”

“No.” He says stubbornly and you scream, like some sort of battle cry, before launching yourself onto him. He topples to the ground as you pummel at him – yet, he won’t let go of the bear. Sam lets out a terrified scream but you don’t even look at him, scrabbling at Dean in an attempt to get your bear from the other kid.

“Hey, kids, guess who joined the – Y/N?! Dean?!” Bobby interrupts himself as he sees the tussle going on on his floor. You look up at him, thinking for a half-second, before going back in desperation to get to the bear. You’re lifted off by a strong arm a few moments later, though, and dropped unceremoniously onto the couch.

“Y/N? What the he- what are you doing?” Bobby asks, firm but not unkind. You sniffle a little, shaking your head miserably.

“He took my bear.” You say sadly, pointing at Dean. The bear is gone – he’s hiding it behind his back.

“Dean?” Bobby asks, raising an eyebrow at the boy. He’s a little older than you are, and a bit bigger – not so much as you can’t hold your own, however.

“I didn’t.” He denies fervently, shaking his head. Bobby frowns.

“Show me your hands, then.”

Dean shakes his head, earning a sharp look from Bobby.

“Give Y/N her bear. You have your own.”

“But mine is lonely.” Dean whines, producing the bear from behind his back. You frown at him, before bouncing forward and taking the bear from him.

“Why didn’t you say?” You ask, hugging it tight to your chest, “We could have a tea party together, or-“

“But that’s a girl game!” Dean complains. You groan.

“I don’t want to play p’lice again.” You shake your head frustratedly. You’re about to end up in an argument about what to play when you’re interrupted.

“Actually, we need to talk.” Bobby says, squatting down between you. You realise there’s a bundle in his hands and you frown, peering into the blankets – there’s a sleeping kid in there, pale skin and a tuft of black hair. Maybe two or three – a little younger than you.

“Cas?” Dean asks, looking at you. You frown and nod.

“That’s right. Since he’s sleeping, why don’t you three follow?” Bobby suggests. You nod, grabbing Dean’s arm before running off to the mattresses set up a little earlier as beds you couldn’t fall off of. He follows, grabbing his own bear on the way. You fall asleep together, one duvet over the both of you.


“Ugh…” You groan, blinking a few times as you sit up. You realise you’re only wearing a t-shirt and underwear, and you look around.

You’re in Bobby’s sitting room, and there’s a warmth next to you.

“Dean!” You hiss, leaning down to his ear, “Dean, wake up!”

His face is buried into the pillow beside you, and he groans, mirroring your eye-clearing blinks as he straightens.

“Y/N? What’s going on?” He asks, looking up at you.

“You don’t remember?”

“Oh, I remember. The damn bears?”

“That’s the one.” You laugh, running a hand through your hair, “Oh, what I’d give for some coffee.” You lie back down, comfortable where you are. Dean smiles slightly, looking at you.

“It’s like you read my mind.” Dean agrees, throwing a haphazard arm over your waist. You stiffen slightly – it’s not like you’ve never thought about being in a situation like this before, but… it’s different. Not that you’re complaining.

“Dean?” You ask softly, looking over at him. He raises an eyebrow, and you roll in closer to him, “You’re so warm.”

“It’s all this hotness.” He winks, and you laugh, closing your eyes.

“I quite like this naptime thing. We should do it more often.”

“As long as I’m with you,” He grins, “I don’t even care.”