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Can you feel the love tonight
The peace the evening brings
The world for once
In perfect harmony
With all its living things

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So many things to tell her
But how to make her see
The truth about my past? Impossible!
She’d turn away from me

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He’s holding back he’s hiding
But what I can’t decide
Why won’t he be the king I know he is
The king I see inside?

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Can you feel the love tonight
The peace the evening brings
The world for once
In perfect harmony
With all its living things

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Can you feel the love tonight
You didnt need to look too far
Stealing through
The night’s uncertainties
Love is where we are

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the blog will run on queue from tonight until march 6th, at least, which means i won’t be able to reply to your asks or messages. i think i will close the asks until i’m back. 

here are the links i get most asks about:

updates page - what i’m working on, what’s getting updated, etc.
fic recs blog - i reblog my favorite fics here, so if you’re looking for something, it might be there
- all other links are here

i don’t know when i’ll be updating what because i won’t be able to write for the next two weeks, so getting asks about it only makes me feel worse. i mean, i wish i could write all day every day, but i won’t be able to do anything, and when i get back, i’ll have to catch up with all my uni work that i’ll miss while i’m on this trip, so bear with me! the first things i’ll update will be sin city and benefits because i made most progress with those two this week. :)

Transcript (OK, I guess we’re going to do something a little bit different today. I thought this sounded fun, to take a video. But, I’m going for a walk today. I woke up, and I was just not feeling very good. My boyfriend’s sick, I’ve been all over the place, and I haven’t been sleeping well at all. I say stuff like this all the time but a lifestyle change, a fitness routine, or a healthy eating plan is not all or nothing. You can just do something. It’s a lot more about keeping up good habits then it is going the whole way the whole time. If running really fast or lifting really heavy does not sound very appealing, you don’t have to do the whole thing! You can just do something! So, I’m going to go for a walk today. I think want I need today more than anything is just the magnificence of the Earth, as cheesy as that sounds. It’s still beautiful outside! Well, that was my spiel. Have a good day, guys!)

Benefits of my walk today

It was a gorgeous morning. Sunny, and foggy. Just under 50 F at about 9 AM when I left. I am OBSESSED with the lake and Metro Park when it’s foggy. It’s like being in Silent Hill but with no dying. The noises of quacking ducks and geese flying overhead as the waves lapped against the shore, all wrapped up in fog and sunlight. Zen, my morning zen. Can’t wait for Spring.

  • Smiling like a maniac and saying hello to every fool who crosses my path.
  • Nature noises were highly relaxing.
  • Old past time of running up to the gas station up the road and getting a Faygo. Don’t hate on my Faygo; this is childhood.
  • More gorgeous pictures of St. Clair with fog.
  • 80 whole minutes of perfectly good exercise.
WA Predictions

Even though we only got 2 solid minutes of westallen last night I’m still all up in my feels. First of all I think this was the first time Barry has kissed anyone in his suit period. “Everything I do is for you.” and “I plan on living a long life with and nothing’s gonna take that away from me.” Barry loves Iris so so much and the way she looks at him when he says those things to her, she loves him just as much. Now I’m definitely expecting at least a proposal attempt before the season is over and I say attempt because there’s a chance that he could get trapped in the speedforce before he has a chance to ask her.

Barry isn’t gonna live without Iris, there’s no way. He’d become dark!Barry and it’s become more and more evident with each passing episode that he hasn’t even thought about the possibility of living without her because he can’t. The next episode after Attack on Central City is The Wrath of Savitar which he somehow gets out because Wally starts seeing visions of his dead mother. As of right now Savitar is still in the speedforce, so he’s not a real threat and that’s why they’re just focusing on the future news headlines. But I’m guessing Savitar’s return will make her possible death very real for Barry and Iris and that’s what threatens their happiness.

The writer of episode 19 teased that it’s about the importance of Iris West and that could go one of 2 ways: the episode will show us a horrible future in which the team fails to prevent her death. The city is up in flames, Barry is either non-existent meaning he’s too depressed to function or he’s gone off the deep end killing criminals violently. Joe is drinking himself to death and blames Barry for her death, Wally is doing what he can for the both of them while trying to keep himself and the city together, and the team isn’t the same anymore. I’d personally like to see that future, further cementing the fact that nothing will be the same without her.

Or the episode could be about her importance to the flash family legacy aka the start of the bloodline of all future speedsters. Maybe that’s why Savitar wants to kill her to not only hurt Barry but erase the future speedsters before they be conceived / born. I personally don’t think that’s what the episode is gonna be about I think what I mentioned above because as of right now her flash family legacy isn’t as important as what’s going to happen in the future.

The Forever That Didn’t Last Forever.

A memory lasts longer than usual if the person associated with it holds an exceptional position in your life. There were times when I used to boast about how my life couldn’t be profoundly influenced by any person, event or thing. I had never imagined that the absence of one, and only one person from my life would make me feel so crushed and bereft. I was proved wrong.

Along the way, I have realized that expectations do hurt, because we are so enthralled by the beauty of the moment that we forget about all the other possibilities. We invest all our time in that one person. We prioritize them instead of putting ourselves first. And while we envisage the “everlasting euphoria”, we end up giving them the power to destroy us.

He is that one person who left his impression upon my soul. The scars left by him are just like footprints on sand, the only difference being that no wave could ever wash away those footprints and that the scars grew deeper with time. The man who changed my life completely had the twinkle in his eyes that made me believe in forever. His presence slowly turned into my existence. And then came the day when I closed my eyes for a fleeting second, and he was gone. It was like watching the world around me fade into a million shades of wretchedness and despair. It was like drowning in a sea of rejection and solitude. I couldn’t breathe. And then a few words started to echo in my mind. The words that were said to me by a loved one long ago. The voice said repeatedly, “You think you have forever, but you don’t”.

Today, I have learned to live with the memories and I absolutely don’t hate him. My life is nothing, but a paradox, because he is the best and the worst thing that ever happened to me. I just know that he’ll be a part of my existence always. And even though he’s a thousand worlds away from me, his presence will be felt always. His words will echo in my mind always. I’ll see his face every time I’ll close my eyes. I will remember his smile, his laugh, his voice, the twinkle in his eyes that made me weak, and the way he cared about me. Always. He will be remembered forever because all men seem pale beside him till today. The world will always try to portray him badly, but I’ll never believe them because nobody will ever know him as deeply as I did. I still have that tiny bit of hope hidden somewhere in my heart, but I do not have any expectations. And at the end of each day, I just wish that I could’ve uttered these few words to him the day he left - “In a world full of transient memories and ephemeral souls, I wanted you to be my forever”.


I feel like my recent posts are all negative about sso recently. So to make up for that and remind us all why we still love the game, here’s 10 things I love about SSO.

1. The horses! As a horse lover the well animated horses catch my eye and make me want them all.

2. The plot line. I could on all day about the main story. It’s such a perfect blend of fantasy and reality that it makes magic look almost realistic. The plot emphasizes the importance of the bond between horse and rider, the most cherished thing an equestrian has making it seem even better. It isn’t just a moral lesson for kids like a lot of games towards the age group targeted by sso are, it’s a deep detailed plot that can get quite dark.

3. All of you guys. I wouldn’t have met any of you without this game, and I love each and every one of you. I thank sso for bringing us together as friends and as a community.

4. The NPCs. Sso has a lot of unique characters. The soul riders each have a unique personality that sso plans to show even further when they update their appearances. Each character has their own quirks, and while they still don’t move around or get any of their own stuff done we still end up loving a good amount of them.

5. Sso took a gaming stereotype and bashed it in the head. Gaming is generally looked at as something guys mainly do and tons of games reflect that only letting you play as a male protagonist. Sso flipped that around and says you have to play as a girl. That’s why I get mad when guys are like “sso needs to add guys cause we play it too”. Girls have played so many games as guys because there was no female character. Even the first Pokemon games were like this! Putting the guys in our shoes might help them realize what’s wrong with a good amount of games or at least accept games with only female characters as well. Kudos to all the male players out there who are perfectly fine playing as a girl and play sso anyway, you are awesome people. You guys can accept a good game as a good game no matter what gender the character is. To sum this one up (it’s a bit long oops) I actually like the statement it makes having to only play as a girl.

6. Races. They didn’t just go and follow every other horse game out there with either racing on a track or following a certain discipline. They allow us to race cross country, giving equestrians something decently realistic (real XC is timed after all) and people who just like racing something fast paced. It’s also something to do when there’s no quests. Plus the way leveling and stats works is really fair in my opinion.

7. Their social media presence. As annoying as some parts of this can be, it’s nice to see them out there with their players hosting contests, leaving sneak peeks and other things. A good game is usually involved with their players.

8. Humor. Sso tends to make jokes and make their videos funny. It makes everything a bit more engaging.

9. Redeem codes. A lot of games don’t give away anything for free at all. Yet sso gives away star coins and star rider time quite a bit. It’s just downright nice of them, and it shows they think of the ones who can’t afford to buy star rider. I have a friend who is like level 13 now from just free codes. (I might actually get her lifetime for her birthday in summer if I can afford it).

10. Lifetime. Almost every game is a paid subscription. I’m old enough where I have to buy games myself unless they are gifts, but I don’t have a credit card. So I can’t buy myself subscriptions unless I want my mom telling me I owe her every *insert time period here*. Lifetime allowed me to actually buy it for myself and not have to worry about it running out. Plus they even have a little free stuff shop and some codes just for lifetimes. I saw online someone calculated lifetime was completely worth it if you plan on playing more then 9 months (I think that was the number). I’ve been on it for almost two years, so I got my money’s worth.

To anyone else kinda annoyed at sso lately, I challenge you to do this. If a lot of stuff you’ve said about them recently is negative, give this a shot!

Our tax return arrived in our bank account this morning. I paid off all the credit cards, my leftover student debt and moved a bunch into the savings account for when hubby’s truck needs tires as planned. But now I’m feeling all anxious cause I just made thousands of dollars disappear from my bank account and have nothing to show for it. I hope I’ll come around to excited about the lack of debt soon but now I’m just kinda freaked about that much money just going away so quick.

Oily connection?

I never did get into the practice of making my smilies like that. I’ve always either done it like :) or like ^_^. Writing them like (: feels off to me. To each their own.

… Oil slick. OIL SLICK. 

Uh… is there a connection between him and the oil that keeps showing up in all of the retcon images?!!

Karkat, this is quite difficult for us to believe. Honestly, from what I’ve seen of Jack, he’s about as angry as you are about things. That’s why you look up to him. 

So what did you do to make some of those other stabbings intentional? 

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I really hate myself for being a lesbian. I'm so afraid and I don't think I could ever come out or live a happy life. I feel so isolated and alone. My friends say homophobic things all the time and it makes me feel like shit and I don't think they'd want to be friends with me if they knew. The only person who knows is my sister and we don't talk about it at all even if I try to mention it she gets super uncomfortable. I'm just so sad and I don't know what to do.

hey dear! i’m sorry you’re feeling this way and it’s completely normal to feel the way you do but i promise there are looots of people who don’t care about your sexuality and will still be friends with you regardless of who you like or want to date! 

please don’t hate yourself for being who you are. i know it’s difficult a lot of times but being a lesbian is a beautiful thing and unfortunately people can be rude but sometimes they’ll surprise you and be supportive!

i would try to make some friends with other gay girls so you feel less alone— if you can’t join an lgbt/allies club or something similar you can find community on the internet! i know lots of sapphic girls on tumblr are always looking to make friends with other sapphics and i promise there are so many people out there who are super supportive and caring and you have so many good things in your future!!  

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I love that we're all being driven insane by the Love mv even though I get the feeling that we're all feeling it for a million different reasons - but we all 'get it' in the same way, you know? I mean it's like they've touched a very essentially human nerve that we all have about something we all desire above all else in the grand scheme of things. I can't put my finger on it, but it feels so... familiar(?) but also brand new? Dunno if I'm articulating this well, I just think that's so cool. <3

World building Project: Shoutout to Ionian blogs

//Eyy wassup!

So - this is a shoutout to Ionian blogs just because of mutual interests, but it’s also valid for any blog who wants to participate.

Alright here goes. So, lately I have been trying to reach out to some blogs who I respect a lot as worldbuilders. Blogs such as @themasterofwuju, for example. The reason lies in something i have posted about some time ago. I have many plans for things I want to get accomplished, and one of them is having some worldbuilding going. However, as much as I think reblogging photos of scenery/clutter/whatever is nice I think it’s a little… impersonal for my tastes. It works. it’s certainly a valid way to go about it but I feel like it doesn’t connect muses to these pictures, so all you have there is just a bunch of (in ionia’s case) asian photos of temples and whatnot and… it’s all just lying there, you know.

The point of bringing this up is that I would like to know who of you are interested in worldbuilding Ionia. Headcanons, discussions and all that spicy stuff. I wanted to use some of that to flesh out Ionia in this hobo’s eyes (and also share some headcanons with those who are interested). I have said this before but, one of the perks of roleplaying a wanderer is he gets to be everywhere… well ok maybe not the placidium or places he’s as good as dead but hey I can appeal to his past yes?

Either way. To those who know about my headcanons, I have stated he paints (the samurai receive education on many aspects when they study their art, not just sword techniques) some of the scenery he finds around. Either because he needs to keep track of places for many purposes or simply because ‘hey this place looks damn good let me take a piece of it with me’ kind of thing. I have already started these series with this post over here and I am super satisfied with the result. In it you can notice Yasuo is the one who describes how things are (or rather, ‘were’ in this case) and there is the painting he did right below and I love to tie these things up with the muse. It adds a great deal of depth.

The reason I am so slow to continue varies. From commissions, personal shit thats making my mood plummet into a shithole and mostly worries about canon stuff. Riot hasn’t yet given us a map and I’m afraid all the hard work will go to the waste bin once they do. But hey, if I were to embrace this project and work with more people, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing and we could adapt as lore progresses. Furthermore I think it’s a great way to bring some people close and it’s productive to everyone aswell.

Sooo yeah. Lemme know if anyone is interested please. I might even make a discord group for discussions, headcanon sharing, and a place for people who want to draw something to share their ideas and paintings overall. Please let me know what you think and reblog if you find the idea to be interesting and want other people to participate aswell!

Thanks a lot!

Writing has either been coming really hard lately or not at all. I’ve been opening a lot at work and I’m just tired all the time. So today I’m trying something new.

On my lunch break at work, I wrote for about 15 mins after I finished eating. I wrote by hand and listened to some music to block out the background noise. When I get home, I plan on typing it up and seeing where it goes from there. I plan to write for at least an additional 30 mins to an hour once I type up what I hand wrote.

I’ve been feeling the need to write things by hand lately, my computer screen hasn’t been helping me lay down my thoughts at all. I’m also hoping that by starting my scene earlier in the day, then taking a break, and then coming back to it and essentially re writing it before adding anything else, it will jump start my creative process when I get home from work for the day.

I’ll keep you guys update on how it goes ^.^

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How do you feel about sterotypes? 'Cause all my (short) life I've been insulting by my classmates mostly beaceause of it. You know blonde = dumb, wears glasses = conectied, short = weak, has passion = freak, etc., etc. I've been beaten because of it, and I've gron to hate myself. And all beceause of people who are judging others by stereotypes... It really bugs me for this day, so... What do you think about it?

Magnus - Stereotypes are one the worst things there are in this world, my dear, I’m sorry you have been hurt because of this… People have stereotyped me all my life, if it’s not for my Asian background, it’s my demonic side. I even started to believe them in a negative way, and that’s when they won. Don’t let them get you down, dear. They are only stereotypes, they don’t define you as a person unless you let them.

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Spill thy Leo tea please. ☕️

i really don’t have a lot of horrible things to say about leo.  they’re honestly a sign that in my experience isn’t too bad but people just bitch about them all the time bcos they have a super bad reputation.  like idk im trying to be really genuine with my drags rn rather than just list the archetype’s bad qualities but i’ve genuinely never met a leo that pissed me off.  i mean, y’all are super obnoxious about wanting attention and SO bad about flirting lowkey just so you get compliments.  but idk i straight up feel no deep seated anger towards any leos’ personalities i really think y’all are just good, generous people that want to be appreciated for being special.  some of y’all are whiny fuckin brats though OH AND IF ANYBODY SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT LEOS Y’ALL LOVE TO GO AWF AND TALK ABOUT HOW GREAT U ARE lik be quiet

Conferences vs. taking care of yourself

Hi all. I just got back from a conference and I am just…so wiped out. Every time I go to a conference I feel such a weird mix of happiness/extroversion and simultaneous extreme discouragement/imposter syndrome/”oh my god all these grad students are better than me.” I also feel like conferences expose this big academic lie that we are all disembodied brains…by which I mean, conferences totally wreck my body. Today I want to take a break from fashion to talk about how much that sucks and how I try to deal with it, and if anyone else has ideas I would really love to hear them…

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My GF is sick right now and I'm a little stressed about her but I know she'll be alright but on the bright side tomorrow we're gonna spend like all day cuddling and watching old movies and I'm gonna make her some soup and it's going to be such a good time and I love her so much!!!

why are you all sending in these things that make me wish i had a gf. i wish i had a gf. i want a gf. (tell your gf i hope she feels better, & sick days are good days💕)

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your last anon is basically putting into words all my thoughts about Yoongi.. especially the Yoonjin thing.. he's always so rude to Jin, for exemple when he's telling his jokes and stuff. But then I remember that they've been roommates for the longest time and that Yoongi said that Jin is the best roommate he's ever had and yeah i'm confused

as i’ve said before, i seriously don’t doubt their closeness and friendship. they’re super cute nd all. but i feel like this is yoongi @ jin in front of a camera. i don’t think he’s rude to him otherwise

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Why are all the good guys taken? I have feelings for my friend & I know we'd be great together, we're into all the same things, we can spend hours talking about everything & nothing & there are times I could swear we'd share a moment, a real moment, but then it's gone and I'm just 1 of the "buddies" again. & I remember he's with someone, for a while now, and I can't even call her a bitch, she's so nice. We've known each other so long, but I see him slipping away. Why are all the good guys taken?

Dear Buddies Anon,

As painful as it might be, I advise you to step away from Mr. Good Guy and try to find your very own Good Guy. Otherwise you’ll just drive yourself crazy. I’m confident you’ll find him - but in the current situation you’ll just keep making yourself unhappy.

With love,