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i just thought about if dan came out and phil was all like "look at my best friend doing great thing everyone give dan some love" or just being supportive and retweeting the tweet for the video i don't fucking know but i love phil and he's good friend i'm crying :((

the idea of phil smiling when people mention the video during his liveshow and saying he really likes the video and it’s very dan like he always says it is and not really commenting on it but hes smiling big because hes happy for his best friend just gave me depression

BTS as your best friend


The type of best friend who truly cares about your well-being (not saying the others wouldn’t) but he’d watch over you every second he’s with you. If you need help with anything, Jin will be right there. He’d ask you to give advice on how to improve his vocal skills, even if you don’t have the nicest voice. Your opinion means a lot to him. He jokes around a lot and loves making you laugh. He’d cook surprise dishes for you a lot, almost like it’s a game. You two would pick on the other members so often, they’d start to call you Lady Jin.


He will tease you all the time just to get on your nerves. He likes to annoy you, but when you annoy him, it’s game over. You two would bicker a lot over dumb things, which would be pretty humorous to other people. When you’re having problems, he’s not really the best therapist, but he will listen to you with no hesitation. Most of the time Yoongi will act like he doesn’t care much about what you do, but deep down he always cares about you and wants only the best for you.


A very bright friendship. You two would do everything together. Hoseok isn’t really one for thrilling things, but if you like it, he’ll make an exception. If you’re feeling down, Hoseok doesn’t even have to talk to you about what’s going on, he can just tell. His way of helping you is to just simply spend time with you. He’d bring you around to the practice room a lot just to critique his dancing, your comments would mean a lot to him. His high spirits would rub off on you, and you two would just be the happiest of people.


You two would be a very sophisticated pair. He’d call you at random times of the day just to tell you about a new song he heard, or tell you about a new book he’s reading. He’d surprise you with books all the time and would force you to read them. You two would always have intellectual conversations, it would actually annoy the other members. Like Jin, he’d watch over you and make sure you don’t do anything stupid. He’s always up for giving you advice, even for the most uncomfortable topics. He’d be very overprotective of you, being very stubborn when it came to guys entering your life.


No one would ever be fully sure if you two are just friends or if you’re something more. This friendship would be very flirtatious, but you both know when it gets to be too much. Jimin would take you shopping a lot and would have no problem buying you clothes, but whenever you’re together, he gives you something of his. He’d be very easy to gossip with, whether it’s about what’s going on in the kpop world, or just about the other members. You two would tease each other a lot and would be such jokesters. Like Namjoon, he’d be incredibly overprotective of you, maybe he’d even be slightly jealous.


With Taehyung, you’re laughing constantly. Being friends with him is the healthiest thing for your mental, spiritual and emotional health. He’ll take you on adventures to any place you can think of. Even if it’s somewhere extremely far, he’ll take you there. Even though you’re friends, he loves cuddling with you. Tae would surprise you with little things he’d pick up while on tour or things he’d buy while out and about in Seoul. He’d love being with you, Jimin and Jungkook because when it’s the four of you, it’s always a fun time filled with nothing but laughter.


A very active pair. He’ll take you bowling a lot, but if you get bored of that, he’ll never get the hint. You have to tell him you want to do something else, otherwise he’ll continue to think you’re having a good time. He likes dancing to music with you, even if you both look like idiots. If you’re feeling down, he wouldn’t really know what to do, so he’d just hold you until you’re feeling better. He’d play a song for you that he feels will cheer you up, maybe even sing it to you if you’re that upset. Like Jimin, you two would tease each other a lot, but they’re jokes filled with love.

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I had an idea that if a Fae were to fall in love with a human, it would be horrifying, beautiful, and terrible. Truly, a monstrous love. What devotion would set this thing who would eat stars and drink in knowledge like wine want with a human? And then I remember that they respect (and idolize) those with wit and a sharp tongue and just the right amount of bravery, who, despite all odds, beat the best at their own game, and took what came with it.

Beauty takes many forms in the Elsewhere, and so does love. Respect is harder-earned but less abstract, and worth infinitely more.

“Everything I do is for you...”

Can we talk about this quote?? Just when I think Barry Allen can’t top himself in the off the cuff ‘wedding vow’ department he proves me wrong every single time.

I’m a sucker for a good love declaration so it doesn’t take much to make me happy but there was something about this one that was like a kick to the gut–in the best way possible. It’s one thing to say, “I’d do anything for you.” because that’s a HUGE declaration but it’s another thing entirely to say “Everything I do is for you.”

That’s all she wrote. There is not coming back from that. That’s the whole kit & caboodle. It’s a wrap.

To Barry, she is everything. Making her happy and keeping her safe are his priorities because SHE is his #1 priority. She comes before everyone else in his eyes and we’re seeing more and more of it as the weeks go by. They’re adorable together and you can literally feel the love emanating off of him when he looks at her. The smile he gets on his face when he listens to her talk or right before he kisses her is so wide it shocks me that it doesn’t crack his face. I love how light and happy he is with her. He literally has the weight of the world on his shoulders but coaxing one smile out of Iris is enough to make him feel like the luckiest had happiest person in the world.  

He is so in love with Iris West and he’s not afraid to show it. And I can’t say enough how important it is to see a black woman on television be loved. Not just loved but adored and prioritized first. Her life matters, her safety matters, her mental well-being matters. She matters.

also my dash is p dead rn so i’m sorry for the spam, i’m going to bed istg, but i just wanted to make another mushy post saying that i srsly love everyone i’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with here, from likes to memes, to threads to smol ooc chats: i appreciate every single one of u & i love u ♥ u might be thinking that’s weird like i don’t really know u or u me but trust me when i say you matter to me. u reading this? if you feel ever like u want to talk, my ims are open to everyone and so is my askbox ♥

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#70, pretty please with sprinkles on top :D

Hi!  Sorry this took so long to get done!  I wrote this with a splitting headache so I’m sorry if it doesn’t seem like my best work.  Someone else also asked for #70 with Noct or Nyx so obviously I had to choose Nyx … blame the anon who gave me him as one of the options!

This is something of a continuation of THIS.  I hope you enjoy.


Nyx Ulric x Reader

“Damnit,” Nyx tried to catch the tray before it clattered to the kitchen floor but only succeeded in making more noise.  “Fuck it,” he breathed as he leaned over to pick it up from the floor, “Try to surprise her and at this rate, all you’ll do is terrify her.”  He placed the tray back on the worktop and set about emptying out the other bags he’d brought with him.  He knew all about your sweet tooth and after a week spent on warp class duty, he figured that you could use a bit of a pick-me-up.  Cupcakes, cheesecake slices, home baked chocolate cake and all from your favourite bakery soon covered the island in your kitchen as he set about fixing you a very, very sweet treat.  He had let himself in with your spare key and before long, he had the cakes arranged on the tray, taking care not to drop the thing on the floor this time, and he had a pot of Ebony brewing.

You and Pelna had spent your week putting the recruits through their paces, Drautos seeing fit to torture you.  Not that you minded spending time with Pelna, he was a good friend, but the after-effects of hours of warping definitely had you beat.  Best thing was, the captain saw fit to assign you to those same classes until you could train yourself not to have such an adverse reaction to hours upon hours of warping.  It wouldn’t be so bad if Nyx had the same assignment but, in true Drautos fashion, he’d changed Nyx’s assignment at the last minute and so you’d been left to suffer without the comfort of your partner’s presence.  The least he could do, he thought, was to treat you before he had to be back on duty.  

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Patrick Martin Stump: The best kind of PMS.

i feel like patrick would be one of the best people to take care of someone during pms.

‘hey, i’ve heard your horror story is coming up.  let me take care of you.’

‘i will feed you.’

‘i got you all the fluffy things!’

‘would you like me to sing you a song?’

‘you want cereal? should i go buy nine kinds from the store?’

‘yes, i’ll get candy too.’

‘and cookies.  of course, cookies.’

‘and presents bc you deserve them.’

‘we will just hang out in our pajamas all day and eat food.’

‘don’t forget the tea!’

‘hold up.  where the fuck are the rom-coms?’

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This is just out of sheer curiosity, but how do you two know each other? When I first started listening to the podcast, I thought you might have met through the show, but you keep referencing knowing each other for 17 years! I really admire your cross-country best friendship, especially since I'm about to graduate my undergrad and all my best friends are about to scatter in a similar way. If you don't mind sharing, how did Clarin come to be? :)

We met in college! I (claire) was a sophomore and Erin was a freshman. This was like, I think, 2000-2001? There was a cluster of people in Erin’s friend posse who were in a play that I wrote, so I got to know kind of the whole gang after that, and then the next semester I ended up moving into their dorm section, and we just clicked immediately.  If there’s such a thing as falling in friend-love with someone at first sight, that is how I felt about the girl in the olive khaki military surplus jumpsuit with an encyclopedic knowledge of The Monkees and Jane Austen.  She was just immediately my favorite person.  It really happened that fast. 

We were best friends all through college, and then she and her husband Jordan (also a friend of mine; I actually met him first) moved to Portland for a few years after they got married, so we got to see each other a lot.  Jordan’s best friend lives in Portland too, so there were a lot of years of beach trips and game nights and hanging out at our favorite bar drinking flaming Spanish coffees. 

A lot happened in those years; Jordan and I both lost parents.  It was really hard for a long time being so far apart for such a long time; Erin flew out to Portland in August 2015 to see my play, and we’ve seen each other twice since then - I was there last Thanksgiving and then she was here last May for her birthday when we got tattoos and interviewed Mike Beach - but before that, I think we hadn’t seen each other for at least four years, which was AWFUL.

One thing that’s been really amazing, though, is how the show and the podcast have like brought us even closer together, in a crazy way.  When you love someone so much but you’re apart for a long time, it feels like every time you talk you have to like cram everything in and do all the big life stuff - marriage, career, family drama, life, etc. - and all the little day-to-day stuff that really forms the foundation of a relationship can sort of be hard to keep up with.  So after S2 ended and Erin was like “Claire I’m hooked on this show COME BE HOOKED ON IT WITH ME” we were like Gchatting nonstop while I binged the first two seasons and exchanging HUNDREDS  of emails and talking on the phone for HOURS, and I know this might sound kind of silly but like this show had had such a huge impact on our relationship because it was this big fun thing we could share together.  And then the podcast being like a project we took on together that keeps us really connected all the time has been amazing.  It’s still like so, so hard to live this far apart, and we’re both 35 and you hit a point where you’re kind of like “…. unless a miracle happens we’re probably not ever going to live in the same city again.”  And there are times when that’s really difficult, because we love each other such a ridiculous amount.  But we also feel really lucky that we hung onto each other for this long.



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okay but did you really need to reblog that image of Mark (love of my life) Tuan in a low cut USA flag tank and ripped jeans because????? literally the best ever???? Just Right era Mark is going to get replaced. all srs tho is that from a photoshoot and can I have more???

I HAVE GREAT NEWS. It’s from their 2nd photo book and some ANGEL scanned the whole thing and you can find it here:  THERE ARE LIKE A MILLION AND A HALF PHOTOS YOU’RE GONNA DIE I ALREADY DID



More extremely good Pokemon Treasures things: out total and complete love for Dunsparce causing us to create a pre-evolution AND a regular evolution

and of course, Medusa Tangela, who as far as I know never got a name

All these done by a user known as Cuddles, who remains one of the best spriters I’ve ever seen like everything looks SO good

Obama’s Top Three Things He Regrets Not Doing as President

(PICTURED: Me, Barack Obama, the U.S. President from 2009-2017)

My time as the President of the United States was the best time of my life. To serve you, the American people, was a honor. Not every time was great, like the times Joe tried to get me into this band called “Phish”; but I’m glad we made the most of it. I do regret not fulfilling all of my campaign promises though. I’ve compiled a list of the top three promises I regret not making true.

3. Taking All of Your Guns Away

I hate those fucking mouth-breathing chickenshit rednecks that kept threatening to assassinate me and establishing militias while I was in office. I would love to pry their precious little guns right from their fucking hands while they cry, and I would lower myself to their ear and say “save the crocodile tears for later bitch.” Really though, I hope those buck-toothed bastards die. I hate every single one of those smelly fucks.

2. Establishing National Sharia Law

I REALLY regret this one. It wasn’t my fault though. Every time I was about to surprise everyone with an executive order that said “Enact National Sharia Law Starting Now!”, those conservative radio loonies would always predict it RIGHT before it happened. How the hell did they know that I was about to do it? I’m willing to bet someone in my staff was leaking the info to them. I never found who the squealer was, but I would have showed them a new definition of pain if I found them. If there’s one thing I hate more than hillbillies, it’s snitches.

1. Initiating Communism in America

This one is the one I will regret all of my life. I wasn’t even close to establishing the perfect communist state. Not even damn close. It makes me so upset, you wouldn’t know. Just ask Michelle. The closet I ever got was with the Affordable Care Act, and that was only a fraction of actual universal health care, what I really wanted. And now with that orange dipshit Donald in office, all of that will more than likely go away. The only thing I have going for me is that Donald doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing. I mean, look at him! Dude is legit going to have a stroke within a year. I’m gonna be so fucking happy when I see him have one while giving a half-ass speech that only his braindead fans will like.

I would like to thank tumbler-real-news for letting me reveal my greatest regrets while in office. It was an honor to write to you. Stay safe, and also stay sane. You know it will be hard while the Talking Cheeto is in office!

OKAY BUT SMELL THE SWEET VALIDATION, that latest promo brings all my headcanons home to roost about Hardy and Miller sharing the same shitty sense of humour, Hardy being really good at making Miller laugh, Hardy being a complete arsehole to everyone but her (and Daisy), Miller finding it amusing and endearing when he’s being a knob, Hardy getting all fussy around her because that is his Best Friend, Hardy and Miller still bickering when things get stressful because that’s just what they do, but making up easily afterwards… and the amount of costumes I’ve seen that are practically identical is frankly hilarious and also so sweet, that they unconsciously dress like each other all the time now. 

I’m convinced we’re going to see a lot of Hardy being quite nice to Ellie, probably while not saying a single word - like he’ll just silently open doors for her, slide kit kats across the table, make her coffee and tea just the way she likes it, and Ellie will be similarly nice but more upfront about, e.g. yelling “OY FUCKTRUCK IT’S COLD, WEAR THE SCARF I BOUGHT FOR YOU.” But doubtless there will still be some embarrassment about physical contact. ENTER YE OLDE FANFICTION TROPE OF “their hands accidentally brush while reaching for (x) and they pull away embarrassed” or “they bump into each other and blush” or “she takes his hand to get across a puddle.” I think there’s going to be tiny little touches here and there and they’ll act like dumb teenagers about it.

HHHHHH this is INVIGORATING, I’ve had to put up with people saying “they hate each other” and “they’re not compatible” and “they’re only working together because they have to” and now Chibbers has shot out of the blocks like “THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS AND LOVE EACH OTHER A WHOLE LOT, LOOK AT THE DORKS IN MATCHING CLOTHES SMILING AT EACH OTHER WHILE THEY WORK” 

I don’t even mind if it doesn’t end in explicit romance, if I get a whole season of them being best friends and openly adoring and supporting one another I’ll die happy.

Dating Renzo Shima would include:

(I recently decided that Renzo was my fave human male character, he’s a stupid piece of shit and I love him)

Warning: Major manga spoilers

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  • He would always flirt with all the other girls
  • So at first you thought he wouldn’t be good boyfriend material
  • As soon as you two became a thing he stopped flirting all the time and instead spent it gushing to everyone about you
  • He is always holding your hand
  • He genuinely is interested in what you say
  • He listens and remembers the little things you tell him
  • His hugs are the best
  • Has a habit of playing with your hair
  • He loves introducing you to everyone as his girlfriend
  • You love chilling out and watching anime together
  • And reading manga
  • He loves taking you on dates
  • Places like the cinema, bowling, cafes, Mepphyland, the beach, and the park
  • It’s important that you get along well with his family
  • Which you do
  • His brothers like you and tell him to treat you well
  • Kinzou always questions him on how Renzou scored a person like you
  • He loves that you can be serious when need be 
  • But goofy and childish at heart
  • You were beyond shocked and felt betrayed when you found out he was the Illuminati spy
  • You even broke up for a while
  • He was heartbroken
  • Renzou kept telling you how he wanted to tell you more then anything
  • But he was sworn to secrecy 
  • And he didn’t want to put your life at risk
  • He reassured you he kept it hidden to protect you
  • You eventually got back together
  • You trust him
  • He trusts you
  • Helping each other study for regular and cram school
  • Study dates that turn into heavy make out sessions
  • He loves taking you shopping
  • You find it cute how he remembers the names of all of your plushies
  • Your always cuddling
  • He loves holding you in his arms
  • With his face buried in your hair
  • He loves the shampoo you use
  • He loves kissing your cheek and your forehead
  • Does so all the time, even in class which annoys a lot of people
  • Eating lunch together 
  • Sometimes feeding each other bits from the others bento
  • Tickle fights
  • Play fights

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hi :D i like your art and think you're cool! I've wanted to make comics for a long time but I lack inspiration. What do you do when you have art block?

You can practice things you want to improve on, or use prompts or random idea generators to get you going! Getting ideas going for bigger projects can be a bigger project, but it really all goes back to motivation and determination. As cliche as it sounds, drawing every day is the best solution for art block. Here are some things I like to use!

Line-of-Action (formerly pixel lovely)

for practicing human and animal anatomy

Art Prompts

for all kinds of random ideas you can use!

Color Palette Challenge

cool colors can be fun!

Also if there’s books, comics, artists, whatever, that you like, sometimes looking at them for a bit can be a good place to look for inspiration! Or try drawing things you like and see if it takes you anywhere interesting!

Why Didn’t You Tell Me? (Josh Zerker)


There were many things that you haven’t told Josh

Which is quite strange considering that you are best friends 

Josh tells you everything and you feel bad because you don’t do the same thing in return 

There was just somethings you couldn’t tell him

Like your feelings

Yes, you had feeling for your best friend

Mr Josh Zerker

Josh also doesn’t know that you are diabetic

All these years, you’ve done a good job of hiding it from him because you didn’t want him to worry about you 

You was always on top of your diabetes 

But there was two people that did know about them 

Vik and Freya

Josh was always worrying about you 

Even when he was with Freya

You and Freya never saw eye to eye and your diabetes was the reason for that 

She and Vik saw you in the kitchen injecting your insulin and they ended up finding out that Josh doesn’t know 

Freya always said you should tell Josh but you never did and that is why you didn’t see eye to eye

Josh understood that you and Freya weren’t on the best of terms so he tried his best not to put you in awkward situations with her

He never ditched you to hang out with Freya

Josh is an amazing best friend to you

That is probably why you like him

But today was like any other day for you and Josh 

You and him were playing fifa in his room at the Sidemen house

And he was currently kicking your arse

“GO ON, GET IN THE GOAL, OH FOR GOD SAKE!” you scream as you stand up and stamp your foot down on the floor

This has Josh in stitches

“Is little Y/N getting all upset because her team is losing, awwww” Josh says cheekily 

You roll your eyes as you sit back down and carry on playing 

It wasn’t that you was bad at Fifa

It’s just that Josh is good at it

He does play Fifa for a living

It isn’t long before Josh’s team is about to score a goal

“OH COME ON, WHERE IS MY DEFENCE? WHAT THE HELL, GO GO GO!” You scream again as Josh’s team completely pass yours and score a goal

You stand up and throw your controller down to the floor 

Josh pauses the game before looking up at you 

Out the corner of your eye, you could see your hands shaking

Surely you didn’t get that angry?

“I’m going to go and get a drink” you say before you walk away 

As you walk through Josh’s room, you start to feel dizzy

All of a sudden, you feel yourself drop and everything goes black


I hear a sudden thud on the floor

I turn my head to see Y/N laying on the floor

In a panic, I drop my controller and rush over to her 

“Y/N!” I exclaim

I shake her to try and wake her up

“Please wake up” I mumble

She doesn’t respond


I suddenly hear doors slamming

Simon is first to rush in 

“What the hell happened?” he asks

“I don’t know!” I tell him

There is the suddenly noise of more footsteps

“Is she breathing?” Simon asks

I lean down and I could feel her breathing on my face

I nod my head

I feel for her pulse, it was steady but weaker than it should be

“Oh my god what happened?” i hear a voice ask

I look up to see Vik

“I honestly don’t know, I heard a thud and I saw Y/N laying on the floor” I explain

“Where is Y/N’s bag?” Vik asks

I get up and grab her bag that was laying on the floor next to my bed

When I get back over to everyone, I hand it to Vik

He opens it and gets a little pack out

“What is that?” I question

Out the corner of my eye, I could see Simon looking at Vik with a raise eyebrow 

Vik doesn’t reply, he just opens up the pack

I see him get a pen like object out

He lifts Y/N’s hand and puts the pen against her finger before he presses down on the top before we hear a click

“Vik, what the hell is going on?” I ask

He puts a small strip of paper up to her finger that I could see blood spring to 

The blood gathers on the strip and Vik inserts it into a machine

“VIK!” Simon shouts


Me and Simon look at each other

Why didn’t Y/N tell me?

We are meant to be best friends

There is a sudden beep 

Vik lifts the machine in his hand and he looks at it 

“2.5″ Vik mumbles before he grabs the pack

“Vik, what’s going on?” I ask really panicking on the inside about what was happening

“Y/N’s blood sugar levels are really low, she needs some kind of sugar, when was the last time you saw her eat?” Vik asks

I look at Simon 

“I can’t remember” I mumble

How could I of been so stupid?

I didn’t even notice that my own best friend wasn’t eating properly

I see that Simon is on his phone

“Right it says if someone passes out due to low blood sugar levels then they need to be injected with glucagon which is a hormone that rapidly raises blood sugar” Simon reads from the internet

Out the corner of my eye, I see JJ rush into the room

“I’m sorry, I had my headphones on, what’s happening?” JJ asks

“Y/N is diabetic and her blood sugar levels have dropped” Simon explains

I pick up the pack and I see there is a extra insulin cartridge 

I take it out and it says “Emergency Glucagon” on the side

Whilst in a rush, I take out her insulin pen and try and change the cartridge 

Once I get the cartridge in the pen, I make it click so I know that it is in properly

“Josh, what are you doing?” JJ asks

“Saving Y/N’s life” I mumble as I move closer to her

“Josh you don’t know where to inject it” Vik says wearily 

I hum before Simon speaks up and says

“Online it says to inject around the abdomen, at least 2 inches from the belly button” 

I nod as I lift her t-shirt up and I see there is a tiny little mark on her abdomen

She must inject there 

I take a few deep breaths before I slowly push the needle in there

When the needle is there, I inject the contents into her body before I remove the needle gently

I then put the needle back in the pack

I take Y/N’s hand in mine 

“Please don’t leave me Y/N, I need you” I plead

Out the corner of my eye, I could see Simon, Vik and JJ smiling at the sight in front of them

“Josh it says that the Glucagon could take at least 10 to 15 minutes to work, maybe we should give her some room” Simon suggests

My head snaps up towards him

“No, I can’t leave her she needs me” I mumble as I interwind our fingers together

I can’t leave Y/N, I need to stay with her 

Vik gets up and comes and pats me on the back

“She will be fine” he says before he starts to put everything back in the pack

Simon and JJ stay down on the floor where they are with hope very clear in their eyes

The next 10 minutes are a waiting game

JJ and Simon were on the phone to NHS Direct making sure we was doing everything right

Every minute that was going by my heart was aching for Y/N to wake up

When she wakes up, I think I will finally tell her how I feel 

Ever since before me and Freya broke up, Y/N has been on my mind

(No disrespect to Freya, I love her but for the purpose of this one shot they are broken up)

We have known each other for so long and there isn’t a day where I don’t think about her or worry about her

I love her

I close my eyes as I sit there and pray to god that Y/N will wake up

I just need her to open her (Y/E/C) eyes

JJ looks at his phone

“It’s been 12 minutes” He says with a sigh

I feel a tear roll down my face

“Please don’t leave me” I mumble before I lean down and press a kiss to Y/N’s forehead

I rest my forehead against her as I breath gently

Suddenly I feel Y/N’s eyelashes brush against my cheek

I move away from her to see her eyes slowly opening

My breath gets caught in my throat as Y/N opens her eyes 

“J-Josh?” Y/N stutters

I wipe the tear away from my face that had slipped down from my eye before I pull her into a big hug

“Y/N” I mumble into her shoulder

I feel her sigh as we hug

I pull away from the hug and look into her eyes

“I can’t go any longer without telling you that I like you and I have for a while” I admit to her

Y/N doesn’t say anything but a smile just appears on her face

She slowly puts her hand on my cheek before softly pulling me into a kiss

The kiss is soft and gentle

We pull away and I smile

“I like you too” Y/N says with a smile

Me and Y/N move in for another kiss but we are interrupted by a sudden outburst 


I recognise this to be JJ but I don’t look away from Y/N

“Well this is my room so we can do what we want” I say before I pull Y/N into another kiss

I hear groaning and the patter of footsteps

Not long after we pull away from the kiss, I see that all 3 boys have disappeared

“I guess it’s just us then” Y/N says

I look at Y/N with a playful smirk on my face before I get up and pick her up bridal style

I gently take her over to my bed and place her down before I lay down next to her

“I guess it is just us” I mumble before I gently place my lips on her

Alexander Gideon Lightwood is a rather… impulsive individual. He does often work based off his feelings rather than logic, - at least, if he’s needing to make a split second decision - and he is a rather emotional. Especially for a Shadowhunter. This has been proven on several occasions. Perhaps we could reference when his Parabatai had gone missing? How ready he was to put his own life at risk to find him? This is a very good example. But… The choice that made his vulnerability shine the brightest was easily the moment he had jumped off that ledge. If not for Magnus, he would have died. At best, he would have broken all of the bones in his body and been near death, needing to be healed as soon as psychically possible before he loses too much blood and that heart beat Magnus adored listening to on late nights would have evaporated. Magnus didn’t blame him for these things. He knew what it was like to be depressed and to feel impotent. But he certainly took notice to this trait Alec possessed. In a way, Magnus was happy that Alexander wasn’t a picture perfect Nephilim. If he was, he likely would not have stopped his own wedding and wouldn’t have chosen Magnus over Lydia Branwell. Magnus was glad that his Alexander wasn’t a cookie cutter example of what The Clave can make of a person. But… The impulsiveness wasn’t the easiest thing to deal with. Of course, everyone has their flaws..and Magnus knows this. He does not wish to change Alexander in anyway and loves him more than words can explain. Flaws and all. Though, the difficulty for him was when the target of Alec’s aggressive outbursts happened to be Magnus himself. He can handle most things, but it is not the best feeling in the world when the love says those types of things towards you.

“You knew enough.”

The sentence echoed in Magnus’ brain, repeating over and over like mantra. He tried to form words to protest - explain himself at the very least - but the most that came out of his mouth was the taller male’s name. This did not make the Lightwood boy look back or even stop. Instead, the feeling of a delicate hand with slender fingers grabbing his arm and yanking him back pulled his attention back to his boyfriend. He turned his head to glare at Magnus, and the sight before him made his stomach turn. Magnus didn’t look scary. Not even mad. He looked as though he were holding back tears. Though…Who can blame him? Not long before this all, Alec was in bed with him. Their lips almost never separating and their bodies being brought as close together as they could manage. Wanting to feel the other’s skin against their own.. Wanting to feel each-others hands along their flesh. Those feelings drove them both mad. 
Soon after that- Alec was reassuring Magnus that he was sure about them. Together. But now they were here. Pointing fingers all too quickly and moving without a second thought. 
The expression on Magnus’ face felt like a punch to the gut for Alec, and he instantly felt the need to pull his boyfriend into a hug. He moved to do so, his body stiffened when Magnus held to hand up to signal he didn’t want to hug Alexander at this very moment. His glamoured eyes closed as the shorter male of the two calmly requested his boyfriend remember all Magnus has done in the past few days and ask himself if he could see Magnus doing whatever Alec is currently accusing him of. Alec thought back to these times and scrunched his nose when looking towards his sister and the Downworlder picking himself up off the floor. 
“N-No.. No I can’t.” Alec softly replied.
“Would you please… Let me explain?”
“I… Y-Yeah.” Alec felt embarrassed - largely due to the feeling that everyone in the room was staring at him - which for the most part was very true. It also didn’t feel like a good time to sit down and discuss the situation, but seeing the shine in Magnus’ eyes made his toes curl. 

So… They sat. Alexander sat down and listened to all that his boyfriend wished to say- and Magnus couldn’t help but smile.

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Everything you hate about snape is funny bc literally all teachers are worse than him, and Neville was endangered worse by his own head of house than him. Like really. If You're going to hate someone for being a bad teacher, then hate all bad teachers.

Hey anon! My dislike of Snape is totally separate from a discussion about the unsafe practices of Hogwart’s curriculum. I don’t hate Snape for being a bad teacher (in fact, if he wasn’t an abusive asshole, he’d probably actually be a good teacher). My problem with him is a very long list of things which also happen to make him a bad teacher.

1. That time that he called his supposed best friend and crush a racial slur and then demanded that she listen to his apology, despite the fact that he didn’t actually care that he had used a slur, only that he said it to her.

2. That time he became a wizard Nazi

3. That time he was totally cool with infant murder as long as his crush stayed alive

4. That time he was an abusive asshole to his crush’s son for no other reason then the kid’s dad used to bully him

5. That time he was an abusive asshole to some poor kid for struggling in his class (Neville), and basically tried to kill his frog. He frightened Neville so bad that he was his greatest fear

6. That time he outed a fellow faculty member (who was one of the few competent teachers at Hogwarts and was the best DADA teacher that taught during Harry’s time at school), for a condition that was under control and not a threat to the students. This faculty member resigned under fire from parents, and then was discriminated against until his death.

7. Blatant favoritism for his own house.

8. Taking points away from students because they know the answers to his questions.

9. When one of his students was hit by an errant curse, he did not say that she should be allowed to go to the hospital wing, instead, he said that “he saw no difference” despite the fact that her front teeth had grown past her chin.

10. Breaking and entering, and then taking a personal letter that did not belong to him because it had his crush’s signature on it.

I could probably come up with more if I really thought about it, but I haven’t read the books in a while so my memory is a little foggy.

Are you honestly saying to me that reckless endangerment and systematic abuse are the same thing?

Look, appreciate Snape as an interesting character. But remember this: Every good thing that Snape did was either related to personal loyalty (like Malfoy) or because of his crush on the long dead Lily Potter, not because he actually cared about doing the right thing.

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who would you say your top 5 blogs were?

ughhh this is a hard one but i will try !

@glowinghowell – i have been a fan of emily’s blog as long as i can remember. she makes the most amazing gifs and honestly like everything about her is just so great. she’s an actual angel, so kind and pretty. if you haven’t please go follow, she has a stunning blog.

@phanz – ann has an amazing blog okay? it’s so unique and i love the color coding so much, ever since the black and white one i have been stanning so hard and it inspired me to have some type of color scheme as well. (i’m also a huge fan of ann’s face like wow) 

@amazedphill – sara, what can i tell you about sara. first of all her art is ethereal af and she’s so talented wth. i love her blog and her vlogs are the best thing ever (i stan his brother honestly these two make me laugh so hard) sara is a sweetheart with a beautiful smile and stunning eyes.

@fuckinlester – where can i even start. sofía is so beautiful okay? her blog is so nice and i love her posts so much (also she’s so funny ??) her moodboards are always so pretty and i love the filters in her posts ahh. one of the kindest people you can find from this site. 

@pyrrhicphil – if i could i would reblog everything from this blog. blaise’s blog is full of quality content and aaaaa i seriously can’t get over how can a blog be so perfect. i always get so excited when i see blaise reblogging something from me it makes me feel so special.

and bc i’m an awkward child who’s too scared to tag some amazing ppl, here are some of my favourites who are not my mutuals/phan blogs but have beautiful blogs and i adore them so much
xx, x, x, x, x