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Male Mc Mystic Messenger: ZEN Route Day 5: {Hours 14:42 & 16: 56 +ZEN Call}

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Hour 14:42 Echo girl?? OMG

Zack was determined to get a job… but it seemed determination wasn’t enough to land a job. No. You’re not what we’re looking for. We need someone with more experience I’m sorry. It was just one thing after the other. He felt so… useless. Sure he was in school and just trying to get by but… this was ridiculous. He walked into his favorite coffee shop and noticed a sign on their counter. “Now Hiring” it read. Well, Zack hated customer service as he wasn’t too fond of strangers, but a job was a job. It wasn’t what he was picturing sure but he couldn’t be picky. Rika’s apartment may have been paid for but the groceries and his college necessities weren’t. 

“Excuse me.” Zack looked up at the barista and pointed to the sign. “Are you still hiring?” 

“Sure am!” 

“G-great.” Was she the manager? Zack loved this place but he didn’t pay too much attention to the staff. “U-Um can I send in my application? Or what do I-” 

“You want a job?” She leveled with him. 


“Then you’re hired. I’ve seen you around so I know you’re no creep. You get discounts on the coffee and can take leftover pastries home with you. I had two other employees but one of them bounced so it’s just you and one other. He works nights so you’ll never meet.” 

“A-alright. When do I start?” 

She tossed her long hair to the side and ushered to the back of the counter. “Aprons in the back.”  

A bit dumbfounded and startled Zack replayed the conversation in his head before nodding and heading to the back. He was overdressed for a coffee shop but… Well, he had a job and he wanted to tell ZEN!

Oh, and everyone else as well. 

Apron over his body and hair pinned back, Zack walked out into the shop seeing a bustle of lunch goers walking in. “Ah.” Zack felt overwhelmed as a bustle of order came in. No orientation no nothing? He was just thrown in? He panicked a little inside and felt a cold sweat run down. his back. The manager was telling him orders in a kind and helpful and the customers as well. At least some of them were nice. Feeling exhausted after the first hour, Zack leaned his arms into the counter and stretched his back. 

“Here.” The manager handed him a paper. “Sign this and I can start putting you on our paycheck system.” 

“Yes. Er I mean, yes ma’am.” He read over it when the barrage of people slowed down to just a few customers here and there. Zack leaned on the counter and read over the papers. He logged into the RFA and saw that he had missed a chat with Yoosung. Well, oh well. He was busy. Zack pressed his lips to the palm of his hand as he translated the document and read over the information he needed to put down. He pulled out his phone and wallet and read over the chat as he put down the required information. 

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Just Roommates: Part 3

Plot- Jungkook as your roommate+College Adventures lol.

Characters- Y/N, Jungkook, Jimin, Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, Jin, Namjoon

Word Count- 1.6k+

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  Part 4  

casual texting shit- part 1, part 2  



This was definitely weird. I was no longer in the position to function like a real dude. I was frozen and shook. I was literally so vulnerable to death and threatened by a hung set of lingerie.

“JK, please. Get used to it now. It was bound to happen in the process of living with the opposite gender.” I try to cheer up myself and get the blood flowing into my body again. But honestly, my blood was rushing to different places where I didn’t want it to.


I somehow managed to take the shower but wasn’t feeling okay. I wasn’t okay, perhaps the feeling of a sexually frustrated boy and mine were strangely similar. Part of me wanted several things to happen.



I wrapped the towel around my stream waist, just below my belly button and slightly about the V line. I exist the bathroom and saw Y/N?! She was right there sat on the floor eavesdropping maybe? WTF?! She gave me a slight smile and rushed inside to quickly collect her garments. In less than 5 seconds she was out of my way from the door. “SORRY. I’ll just go now.” She stutters and bow at me in apology. The way she ran was faster than anything in that moment.

We apologize to each other so much. It was like every action contains an apology, no matter what it is. GOSH! WHY IS EVERYTHING SO WEIRD?!


MAN. I SAW HIM SHIRTLESS AND WET AND Holy Shitzo. R.I.P. Innocence. 



I rushed to the door and opened it.

“Excuse me? Y/N, so rude of you, you didn’t even give me your number.” Jimin tells me jokingly. 

“I uh-“

“Park Jimin, you cunt, what the hell?! Where were you all this time? I told you to stay here till I got back but you didn’t.” Jungkook was lowkey mad.

“Yah, relax. Y/N had come in at that time. She seemed trustworthy so I left.” Jimin gave that bright cheeky smile of his.

“Ah, seriously You-!” he told, meanwhile I was stood there smiling like an idiot.

“Okay, you both quickly grab your asses to the college, we have an orientation lecture today.” Jimin informed us.

Jungkook and I both got dressed as quickly as possible and left with Jimin to the college. It felt so awkward and awesome just walking between those two handsome hunks. I couldn’t help but notice Jungkook’s fashion. It was nothing too much, but his looks were kind of killing me. We accidentally managed to brush our arms several times while we were on our way. We exchanged looks and quickly increased the distance as to avoid any more awkward moments. we soon reached the campus hall and then, we all found seats to get on.

Little did I know, I was amused to see a good bunch of guys walking towards us. I was really shook and scared. “College ragging, perhaps?” I thought.

“Yah, you, you and you, tell us all you know about yourself.”, the guy with blonde hair spoke.

“Uh- I- Well, I’m Y/N. Hi. I’m from-“ I was cut off.

“Yah, you’re kinda pretty. Jungkook-ah, Jimin-ah, how did you manage to get along with such a princess?” The guy with a pretty smile said, making me blush.

“Y/N is Jungkook’s roommate!” Jimin busted out.

“Oh Shit down you! Really? Oh my god.” The handsome tall guy just came out of nowhere and said so. SHIIIIT. HE WAS SO ATTRACTIVE I WAS ALMOST UNCONCIOUSLY SWEATING AT HIS PERFECT VISUAL. I was just there contemplating as to what did I do to deserve this. I was stood there, kind of embarrassed and lamely smiling BETWEEN SUCH BEAUTIFUL GUYS I CANT-

“DAEBAK JUNGKOOK! How did you score without even telling us omg, this is crazy. I’m jealous!” The pretty smiled, guy hit him in the arm and I was going to explode with embarrassment.

“Hyung! Shut the fuck up OMG. She is just my roommate! I didn’t even know her before that! Omg, you’re embarrassing, hyung! Sorry Y/N, this hyung is crazy.” Jungkook blushed as he splattered out his madness. 

“That’s okay.” I laughed it off. I actually, uncomfortably scoffed and wanted to cry in the corner and leave the college right away. I couldn’t stand the company of such hot dudes.

“Anyway, Y/N, these are our hyungs and seniors, except this Taehyung, he’s gonna be with us.” Jimin told me comforting from all the fluster they caused.

“Hi, I’m Namjoon, from Physics major. This is Hoseok, from dancing Maj department and of course our little Taehyung, from literature department. Sorry for being so abrupt, I hope you’re fine.” The blonde, Namjoon introduced themselves. They were actually sweet! I thought they must be the creepy seniors who would rag us for weed money.


Somehow I couldn’t keep my eyes off Taehyung. His eerie-ness was attractive. I was dumbed so bad at that moment. We took our seats in the lecture hall and boy orientation got me so good! I was inspired to learn and score and learn! This was going to be a very exciting journey for me. I didn’t think about any of the guys who were around me.

After a while, the boys left and I was all alone, so I kind of started wandering about the campus and trying to socialize with others. As I was walking by, I hear some girls talking about “some hot guys” and being the ass I was, started to eavesdrop.

“Did you see the black haired guy! Omg, Stef, he is SO HOT! Ah-!” some girl said.

“I would literally do anything to get in those pants of his! WISH I COULD BE HIS GIRLFRIEND! UGH” I was still suspicious of as to who they were talking about.

“I know right! But he will be my score, I’m telling you that.” The blond girl said.

“But did you see that guy, Jimin! Holy cow! He’s like the sweetest guy! I would strip for him right now if he wants!”. 


“Oh look at you, slut!” i hear them.

I looked around and saw the boys sat under a tree and talking and giggling. I was so flushed at seeing Jungkook smile like that and I wanted to go and hug him for being so sweet all this time, already. WAIT-  these girls were talking about them! I felt  lucky to be the roommate of the guy who every girl wanted to fuck right there. I smirked to myself but also got sad, because the girls were really pretty and he might just end up with one of them.

Anyway, I didn’t want to ruin the day, so I left the place and went to explore the city.


Hyungs embarrassed the heck out of me should today! What would Y/N even think of me now! *cries*

“Hyungs, seriously though, please don’t bring out the perv inside of y’all in front of my roommate.” Jungkook decently told.

“Wooooohuuuu! Kookie got possessive. Y/N is cute though, isn’t she! Did you guys talk?”, Taehyung asked like an excited child.


“Not much. We just met, you know. “I said. 

“Yah, Kookie, she is your roommate now. You better get to know her before you pass out and sweat the fuck out of your body just in the process of ignoring her.”. “Yoongi hyung!” I scream as I see him. We both did a bro hug. “How have you been?!” I ask him happily. “I’m all good. I’m a to the g to the u to the std. You know that.” He made his infamous sassy face. “Aigo hyung I missed you. I wish we could talk more. I really seem to be needing your help.” I tell.

“Yah! What about us? Huh? Huh? Huuuh?” Hoseok hyung said. 

“You seem to have forgotten me, kook?”. It was Jin Hyung, finally! I trusted him with life. 


“Kookie you’ve grown up well. How is life here? Did you move yet?” he asked.

“I am in kind of trouble. When I was moving, I was told that I’ll have another scholar from another country living with me… and guess what? It’s Y/N and she is a girl. Kill me.” I face-palmed with sadness and the amount of ‘awkward’ that had built up in in the past 30 hours.

“Aww, you guys should bond together. I suggest you to go to for a nice hike with her over the weekend. So, that you guys get to know each other better.” Jin told. Everyone started woo-ing at me and the idea of me bonding with my ‘roommate’. “H-Hike? With a girl?! Hyung! Hell no! I will die.” I cried.

“Plus, Y/N doesn’t have many friends here, so she will have a good company over the weekend. I would so do this, JK!” Jimin exclaimed. 

“She seems harmless anyway… You won’t get raped. Chill.” Taehyung mocked me while everyone laughed along. I legit was having a panic attack. 

“Jungkook! This is now or never. You either suffer once or suffer for 4 years straight. GTFO, and tell her this if she doesn’t have plans yet. Trust us, we’ve been with girls. We know how this all works.” Yoongi ordered. 

“Jungki, don’t think too much bro. You’re not taking her on a date. She is just your roommate. You feel me?” Namjoon added, making my hart skip a beat. 

Everyone was excited with the idea of it, but I was dying. I was in pain. I couldn’t refuse and I was about to it regardless. 

I need to get over this, War Of Hormones. 


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I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry I’ll try to post often. I have been really busy with college and stuff. :’( 

Things will get exciting and saucy af in the next one, I promise. ~w~

Mystinct- A fanfic

“What do you mean, Candela? Blanche… a girl?”

“S-Spark? You were listening?” Candela muttered, turning around to face the third person in the meeting room. Behind her, Blanche had fallen silent. Spark was smiling but his eyes were searching, confused.

“You said it, right? You called… You called Blanche a girl.”



“Dude, are you seriously asking that? Blanche’s always been a- oh. Oooh. Damn it.”

Knowing she had screwed up big time, despite not understanding the problem or the implications, the leader for Valor cringed before withdrawing at a fast walk. She just paused to tell the uncomfortable Blanche that she would be at the shop if she needed her. Both leaders stared at the door she had disappeared through.

When she left, silence reclaimed the meeting room again.

Blanche tried to assure herself that she had done nothing wrong. And really, this was nothing but a big misunderstanding. One that Spark had started.

Though it might be her fault for just going along.

Oh man, she was supposed to be the representation of wisdom and logic but she had refused to see what this was all leading to. Candela might feel guilty now, but she was nothing but a detonator — this had been coming ever since it started.


Spark had finally turned to look at her. Blanche immediately cast her gaze down, unnerved by this unsmiling Spark.

“Let me get this straight. You, Blanche, are a girl, correct?”

Blanche nodded, her voice untrustworthy.

“And you… you- uh, Candela knew?”

Another nod, this time, she bit her lip, awkward at the way the other leader seemed unable to finish whatever he really wanted to ask.

“Who else?”


“Who else knew, Blanche?”

“…I- well, everyone.”

“Except me.”


“Holy fuck.”

At this, the dark-skinned leader flinched, fully expecting the blond to start yelling or waving his arms or… whatever Spark did when he got angry. Spark raised his arms to his hair, messing with it. “Holy fuck,” he repeated, meeting her eyes with surprise. “Blanche, what the fuck?”

“…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on. I got swept away by—“you”—by the circumstances and before I knew it… I never could seem to find the right time to- it took me far too long to realize you didn’t… know but-“Blanche, ever insightful and serene Blanche, stuttered out as she hugged herself. Not even minding or noticing Spark’s foul language — which she always chastised him on and had been the whole reason he did it. Alarm crossed Spark’s face for a moment. He opened his mouth… but Blanche beat him to it with another, “I’m really sorry.”

“But hang on, wait a minute, where the fuck are your boobs then?” The yellow-clothed leader exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger to a suddenly flabbergasted Blanche. He squinted seriously as if trying to see something in her torso that he had missed, effectively making the other leader blush and scowl and try to hide herself.

“Spark! How many times have I told you to not be so vulgar!”

“Never in this sort of circumstances. After all, I’m both the meme lord …and the gay king… Right?” Spark said, the fool smile on his face slipping into something more serious. “I had been boisterously loud with my orientation — some of my new recruits are struggling with these things, you see —, why me, Blanche?” He ended with that beg, voice quivering slightly and making Blanche feel a little like scum.

“I- May I be perfectly honest?”

“Hit me. I sorely need you to be upfront with me. Including the boobs.”

One slap to the nose later (logically thinking, so much as bumping your nose hurt, so slapping it would be more painful, but circumvented the risk of a broken nose), Blanche started, tucking a stray hair back into place.

“Well. I was aware of your reputation — I mean after all you included it in your introduction and your presentation cards when we met after being elected for team leaders. But, I was saying, I… I started harboring feelings for you and I got carried away by your advances. I thought that maybe… maybe I was different. That I… was interesting to you, despite me being… well, not a man.”

Spark’s face had frozen over as his mind ran the phrase ‘Oh man, oh crap, oh no,’ over and over again in his mind, there was no denying he had truly messed up and he was the only one at fault and he was a real idiot for not noticing —realizing, Blanche’s true gender.

“Wait, was that why you kept asking me if it was alright with me?”

“Well… yes.”

“Oh man, Blanche I’m so sorry for not noticing before.”

“It’s okay.” Mystic’s leader said with a sad smile. If she weren’t so emotionally drained she would have smacked him for even thinking she was anything but a woman. “At least it’s all out now. I don’t know how long I’d be able to stand not telling you.

“So, do you perhaps think we can at least remain friends?”

Spark paused, smile drooping (and inwardly making Blanche panic) as he stared at her in silence.

“Blanche, I- The time I’ve spent with you, the memories, everything…” Instinct’s leader started, thinking out loud, before he noticed how his words could be (and were being) misinterpreted and he hurriedly waved his hands in front of him, hastily adding, “Oh my god, calm down, I’m- uhhh, sorry I realized this must sound like I want to break contact with you- no, that’s not it. “ Their eyes met for a brief moment, wide and a little scared as they both waited for Spark’s next words.

“To be perfectly honest, I fell in love with a man named Blanche. Who was odd. Weird at times. Fulltime serious and part-time eccentric. A very clever scientist, a passionate researcher, a pokemon nerd and an absolute dork.” When Blanche lowered her gaze again, feeling inadequate, Spark found the courage to walk forward to grasp her cheeks with soft, tender hands and coaxed her into looking at him. “I loved every single aspect of you because it was you. As it turns out, I do not care what gender you are, female, male, it doesn’t matter. You’re Blanche and that’s what matters.”

“You’re not…you’re not mad?”

“Well… You’re still manlier than I’ll ever be. You even have that six-pack.”

“If you’re trying to assure me, let me tell you, you’re just confusing me.”


“And your observational skills are absolute crap.”

“Blanche!” Spark exclaimed, torn between scandalized and amused, not noticing how his breath ghosted over the other’s skin. She usually didn’t curse and smacked him whenever he did. He then flushed pink as a thought occurred him. He missed how the woman’s blush deepened as he pushed his face even closer in concentration. “You’re not mad at me? For thinking you were a man all along?”

“Uh…” Blanche said coherently, trying to come up with something. “To be honest, I’ve always been confused for a man ever since I was little so I’m used to it…”

At that point the tension broke as Blanche was suddenly thrown into Spark’s chest as he hugged her head, successfully suffocating her. Spark mock sobbed as he spouted, “I shall protect you from evil, no one gets to call my Blanche a guy except for myself!”

Blanche blushed down to the roots of her hair even as she mentally agreed with a vision of Candela that said that Spark was really an idiot.

Her idiot, apparently.


Spark then proceeded to put on his Heelies, telling a confused Blanche he was going out because he needed to wear his Heelies to escape his feelies.

Author’s notes

Hey guys, guess who decided to write some PokemonGo fanfics instead of playing the game? (I do play, do not be offended)

Just a couple things. This story belongs to me, Raining Sky Guy, you can find my profile in here. I’m posting it here since there’s no category for pokemon go (should there even be one omg) I was also inspired by this tumblr user’s art.

Also, I ship any combination involving those three leaders, and yes, I think Mystinct should be Blanche’s and Spark’s ship name.Last thing. At the start I had never doubted Blanche’s gender to be anything but a man. Turns out I was wrong haha, but since I still see Blanche as a man sometimes, and she’s androgynous  enough (and the debate still seems to be raging lol) I might make more stories with male!Blanche. Not canon, yes, but I think fanfiction rarely is.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot about the nonbinary headcannon, That one too is just as cool. I mean, you don’t get to see such an androgynous character on a regular basis, so it’s pretty cool too. But I don’t know how to write such a character anyone could give me a hand? What about pronouns? I don’t like the use of “they”, it’s just awkward grammar then.

mcrdeviantclub  asked:

What are some of your favorite Killjoy headcanons? 👀

It’s a long list so sorry for that but here we go:

- Deaf!Fun Ghoul - he mostly just lip reads, but taught Show Pony and Kobra Kid ASL so they talk about the others in front of them or pretend to be while actually discussing random crap. They often pretend to share inside jokes when they’re really just talking about the weather or other meaningless stuff, but it drives the others crazy, wondering what they’re saying. He was born deaf and given a hearing aid to “fix” him by Battery City (to prevent Deaf Cultures from developing), but he ripped it out soon after arriving in the Zones.

- Killjoys speak Esperanto (I sent this as an HC {on anon for some reason idk why oops} to another DD blog, @anthemofthezones so that’s explained there - also their blog is amazing omg)

- Kobra Kid has a strong belief in the Phoenix Witch, more in a spiritual guide sense than in a devout worshipper sense. Sometimes goes on solitary walks to confide in her during hard times, and, very occasionally, he gets an answer. He keeps crows’ feathers in a small drawer and brings at least one with him everywhere he goes to protect him.

- Extension of ^^: Kobra Kid is a very spiritual, almost superstitious person - it helps him to separate between BL/I (it was an atheist society so that there could be no higher power above them, and no places to congregate and organise rebellion) and the Zones.

- When they escaped the City, Party Poison had a hard time coming off the drugs they made him so reliant on - he and Kobra Kid had to spend over a week travelling from place to place to find Shade Shacks (HC: Shade Shacks - small hostels dotted around the Zones for wave heads and ex-drug addicts to stay and recover, out of the sun’s heat. Problem is, as most of the people there are weak and vulnerable, they’re easy targets for BL/I, so they constantly have to be on the move)

- Jet Star tells everyone he’s a Native Zoner, but he was actually born in the slums of the city. His parents had him ‘kidnapped’ and he was left to various groups, who passed him around, teaching him different skills and tricks as a young child before arriving at Doctor Death-Defying’s doorstep, who lets everyone believe Jet was born there. He feels he needs to feel like he belongs, and, after all, he did grow up there.

- Fun Ghoul spent a lot of time in the underbelly of the City, finding out info, getting high, wreaking havoc underground. He left with a few of his friends in the dead of the night, but they were caught while he hid among forgotten droid bodies littering the outskirts of the city for hours until it was safe to leave

- Even though Fun Ghoul can’t hear the music, he loves going to the music events out in the Zones, the heavier the better - the vibrations pulsing in his chest remind him that he’s alive. Party Poison takes him to various gigs (the other two aren’t such fans of the noise and sweat of it all) and they always come back with at least a bruise or two.

- Jet Star claims not to believe in the Phoenix Witch or DESTROYA, but in moments of desperation or in the middle of the night after/before a devastating raid, he’ll pray to them silently. Only Party Poison knows about this, having overheard him one night after Kobra Kid was hurt badly in a raid, but nobody else (including Jet Star) knows that he knows.

- Party Poison and Kobra Kid speak in an amalgamation of English, Japanese and Esperanto - Battery City is an English and Japanese dominated City, no other languages, but after having arrived in the Zones, the languages often get mixed up, forming neologisms and combining words from various languages. The two know exactly what the other means, others often have to take a second to decipher what they’re saying

- Kobra Kid has a small collection of cacti sitting on a dusty window ledge. They all have names, and they all have too-weird-to-be-fake stories of how they ended up there (told in a possibly exaggerated manner by Kobra Kid)

- Party Poison mixes his own hair dye with various items lying around the desert, including dye from plants, food, paint and, rarely, leftover dregs from hair dye packets sitting on shelves in local stores or lying somewhere in the dust from a time before all this. He hasn’t had his natural brown hair since being in the City, and he refuses to go back - the colour symbolises his freedom and rebellion against BL/I

- In the Zones, the Killjoys like to make lullabies for The Girl. Lullabies weren’t really a thing in Battery City because they made reference to impossible stories of wonder as well as old, ‘impure’ cultures, so when Killjoys found out about The Girl, they made songs for her. This tradition was continued for years to come, even amongst those who had only ever heard her ‘name’ and knew little else about her. Killjoys throughout the Zones now use these songs for comfort and hope when things get hard.

- Some Killjoys live in areas known as Steel Graveyards - places scattered around the Zones where ruins of old buildings, factories and more lie in heaps and ruins. Some of them have managed to find crevices inside the fallen heaps of metal and made homes inside overturned caravans, cafes split in half and skyscrapers lying flat on their sides.

- Killjoys fall into various groups/clans that don’t all live right next to each other, but live in roughly the same area and have similar styles, ‘jobs’, attitudes… Those living in the Steel Graveyards are often cold and untrusting, but handy and resourceful in times of need. The Fab Four live in a Sand Canyon - just a chunk of desert with its own distinct culture e.g. the DJ’s, the radio station (which has extended its fame to the various other clans) - fairly music and punk oriented. Garden Babies live in the sparse areas with bits of grass and try and farm/harvest it the best they can, often with little success but with lots of love. The clans often get together for big events, but much of the time, they keep stay in their own areas (mostly because it can be hard to get from zone to zone without a car, which are pretty rare)

Thank you!
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The first time I met Edgar was in a train. He was with one of my friend and I didn’t know him at all. I remember how impressed I was about him. His hair were so long and I couldn’t stop this thought in my head «Is it a boy or a girl?». He was handsome. And still are. He inspired me for my zine project. I wanna find androgyne people around where I live, take their picture and ask them some questions about them. I’m so interested about you people. Here’s my first interview project. 

PS: I am not English and either a journalist. So I apology for any spelling. This interview have been recorded in french.

  • ELISA: Are you a boy or a girl?
  • EDGAR: Wow, can’t even reply to the first question, ahah! Mmh, well, do you mean physically or like in my head?
  • ELISA: Physically!
  • EDGAR: Oh, than, yes, I am a boy.
  • ELISA: Introduce yourself!
  • EDGAR: I’m Edgar Allan, I’m 17, and I’m in a photography college in Vevey (Switzerland).
  • ELISA: How would you describe your clothes? More female or male?
  • EDGAR: More female but I don’t wear any skirt or dress or whatever. It’s feminine but androgynous and subtle. I would say both but more feminine.
  • ELISA: Are you trying not to look too much like a girl or do you not care at all?
  • EDGAR: I wear what I like. I don’t really ask myself too many questions about it. For example this —showing his fabulous fur coat— . When I look at my clothes, I don’t think that it’s that girly, it’s usually black or beige and I keep it neutral. I like to play with this “in between” situation. In between masculine and feminine. The point is not to delude anyone. I’m not trying to pretend to be a girl. To answer to your first question, it’s that, physically, I’m a boy but in my head, I am unisex, you feel? I don’t have any defined gender in my head so I guess you can actually see that on my outfits. For example my shoes —he’s showing them on his feet— they’re heels but not completely at the same time, they’re more like high platforms, it’s subtle and it’s what I like.
  • ELISA: Wow, omg Edgar. You’re so interesting!
  • EDGAR: Ahah, thank you.
  • ELISA: Did you ever wish you were the oposite sex?
  • EDGAR: Yes, for ages actually.
  • My dad is from Venezuela and the culture there is really macho, it’s really important to be manly, a “real man”. And you know, when I was a kid, I had super long hair and I always dressed up like a girl and the fact that I was like that was a real problem for myself, it was kind of wrong. To be “normal” I had to become a girl. I used to think like that before, and really later I understood that I didn’t really want to be one, just to be myself, like the way I am and not change anything about it - androgynous. And that, for me, it is a human right, to be a boy but have long hair and dress up like a girl and feel comfortable like that. It’s a right.
  • ELISA: I completly agree with you. I think it’s sad that you absolutly have to categorise some people that doesn’t really need to be. 
  • EDGAR: Exactly. It’s such a shame! The fact that you’re a boy and that because of that you are not allowed to be interested in other things “not made for boys” is so sad.
  • ELISA: It’s crazy when I think about girls that dress up a bit like boys they seem less discriminated against than guys when they do the same.
  • EDGAR: Because it’s everywhere in our culture that a guy absolutly have to be masculine and it’s aweful because it’s in everyone’s head and thoughts. And for me, I felt like I wasn’t like everyone else, like the way “I should be” wasn’t me at all. And that’s why now I fight about this, I mean kind of, because I don’t really fight with anyone, but I mean, in a sense that I fight to defend that you have the right to! You don’t have to become a girl just because you like girl stuff and that you hang out with girls. You have to accept yourself as a boy that likes these kind of things and that it’s ok!
  • ELISA: That’s so true, oh my god. And about that, have you ever been threated or hurt in the street by strangers?
  • EDGAR: Well never hurt, at least not physically … mmh … but like, surprisingly, I didn’t recieve a lot of insults really, it’s more like questions. It’s really interesting because sometimes, chavs come up to me in the street and ask me, “Are you a boy or a girl?”, completly surprised after telling them that I was actually a boy. I expected more insults before that, but no, weirdly they are just wondering. Sometimes, they even congratuates me! It’s incredible!  
  • ELISA: No way! That’s insane! I didn’t expect that! So you never had any problem about this? What about your family? 
  • EDGAR: I was scared, but it was more like a judgment fear than a violent one.
  • ELISA: I see
  • EDGAR: But you know it happens so frequently that people ask me if i’m a boy or a girl. I hear people outside asking this aloud.
  • ELISA: Do you feel like people are shy to ask you this question infront of you or do they do it completly naturally?
  • EDGAR: Well oddly, people aren’t shy at all about asking this right infront of you.
  • ELISA: Really?
  • EDGAR: You never noticed? Even when people ask you if you’re a “fag” or a “queer” they ask you just like that, cash.
  • ELISA: Mmmh, I guess. I didn’t had this question a lot because people don’t risk it, it’s delicate, at least, for me. But maybe, it depends on the person and their level of rudeness. Who knows? 
  • ELISA: Anyway, to get back to you, even me the first time I saw you I asked myself this question, but I would never ask this like that, I don’t know, it’s such a personal question, you can’t ask this just like that! 
  • EDGAR: Exactly, it’s such an intimate question. And even about sexual orientation. Except, maybe, if you are actually interested in me, but other than that? It’s none of your business. Why do you need to know this?
  • ELISA: I totally understand. They ask you this question in two seconds. When questions that aren’t affecting them personally at all- that are just pure curiosity, but it’s a question that you asked yourself all your life.
  • EDGAR: That’s incredible! It’s exactly what I mean! Pure curiosity, just that.
  • ELISA: Do you talk about it freely now around you?
  • EDGAR: A lot more, now, yes.
  • ELISA: Was it hard before?
  • EDGAR: Yes, of course, but it’s like that with everything. It was hard because I actually wasn’t even sure about it myself, so, it’s such a weird feeling. I grew like a girl. I had a girl room, girl stuff, you see? That’s why for me it wasn’t logical. I used to not understand, you know?
  • ELISA: Was it your parents who bought these girl stuff for you or were you choosing it yourself?
  • EDGAR: Oh no, it was me who asked for it. 
  • ELISA: And you’re parents agreed with it?
  • EDGAR: Well… my mom didn’t actually. One day I told her, “Mom, I’d like to be a girl.” and she told me not to do that. At first I didn’t understand, you know? And after that she told me “Well you see, for me, you always been this special boy. The way you are. And I think it would be a shame that you lost this unique thing about you”. Now, I understand what she ment. And she was right. It was a long long way to get there in my head. I was asking myself so many questions, there were a thousend things to think about and it was pretty complicated.
  • ELISA: Wow, I can only imagine.
  • ELISA: Where did you grew by the way, in Geneva?
  • EDGAR: Yes, in this flat. (where the interview is happening)
  • ELISA: This room always been your own?
  • EDGAR: Yes.
  • ELISA:  I bet it’s changed a lot. (looking at it impressed)
  • EDGAR: It changed so much. It changes with me and every different phase of my life.
  • ELISA: It’s crazy, it looks like you just moved in. (little joke about the extreme minimalism of the decor)
  • EDGAR: Yes, it was a lot more filled in but i wanted to make it as simple as possible.
  • ELISA: Impressive!
  • EDGAR: Thank you!

by Elisa Siro, personal project 

Model Edgar Allan Torres 

Love In Our Days

So here’s part 2 of A Modern Romace (which you should probably read before this, otherwise this won’t make a whole lot of sense). 

  • Do you think it’s okay to stab your best friend a little bit?
  • Sirius doesn’t know how respond to the text. He doesn’t even know who it’s from.
  • Um. I personally don’t take too kindly to being stabbed, even if it’s just a little bit. 
  • Who is this?
  • Oh, fuck, should’ve introduced myself first. 
  • Hi, it’s Remus :)
  • I mean. Howlingatthemoon. You probably don’t know my name. 
  • It’s Remus. 
  • My name is, I mean. 
  • Sirius’ heart does not flutter and his fingers do not shake. And the thought ‘how do I sound cool and sexy’ absolutely does not cross his mind because Sirius Black does not need to sound cool and sexy, he is cool and sexy. 
  • Oh, I just call you sexy hazel eyed twink in my head.
  • And if your best friend is anything like mine, I can understand your impulse to stab. 
  • On the other end of London, Lily Evans observes her strange best friend as he squeals and pushes his head under the pillow, convulsing and whining, only to emerge a moment later, all wide eyes and wild hair, to shove his phone in her face. 
  • I will have you know that I am a /jock/
  • What?! How can you say that? Have you seen the way Steve makes googly eyes at Bucky??? They are SO meant to be. 
  • Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I even talk to you
  • Why would you cover James’ clothes in gooey things if you’re not even going to make it look like it’s nosey
  • Nosey?
  • Oh sorry, I mean snot
  • You did WHAT?
  • Let me make you feel better about yourself
  • I accidentally pushed an old lady down the stairs
  • and then
  • I burst out crying so hard that she had to calm me down and help /me/ instead of the other way around
  • and it wasn’t even pretty crying
  • there was snot everywhere
  • Don’t you mean nosey?
  • I want to hear your voice. 
  • Is that weird? I don’t have very innocent reasons for hearing your voice either. 
  • ….Are you trying to give me an aneurysm? STOP SAYING THINGS LIKE THAT
  • It’s so unfair that I can’t see you blush. Or hear you get flustered. 
  • What do you sound like?
  • Like I’ve just started puberty. 
  • You also think you look horrible, so forgive me if I don’t trust your judgement. 
  • My sexual orientation is literally your hair. 
  • Everytime I watch your videos I feel like pushing you down on any available flat surface and just running my fingers through your hair.
  • Or pulling at them and hearing you make embarrassing sounds. 
  • Mmm. That’s be nice. 
  • There’s this gay friendly bar in central London if you wanna go there?
  • Woah, I just wanted to meet for a chat but apparently you have gay shenanigans on your mind.
  • …How do I get myself out of this.
  • Jamey, does this shirt say ‘hot and sexy’ or ‘I’m desperate for your affection please love me’? 
  • Remus Lupin, if you don’t stop fiddling with your hair in 2 seconds I WILL CUT YOUR HANDS OFF
  • LILYYYYYYY YOU DON’T GET IT! He’s perfect without even trying and I try so hard but I’m not half as good. Maybe I shouldn’t go. You know what? I’m telling him the plan’s off. I can’t do this. What the hell was I thinking-HEY! YOU CAN’T JUST PUSH ME OUT OF MY OWN HOUSE!
  • It’s a spiritual experience watching Remus awkwardly stand and fidget near the entry of the bar, trying to locate Sirius. Sirius wants to go to him, or at least wave to indicate where he is, but his muscles seem to have frozen up. Even his lungs aren’t working properly.
  • And then, over the head of a man vomiting his guts out, their eyes meet for the first time. 
  • And it’s like Sirius can breathe again. 
  • “Uh, hi,” Remus says and Sirius wants to melt into a puddle by his feet because his voice sounds like the colour of his eyes, deep, warm and so kind“So this is awkwar-Umph!”
  • It isn’t till he hears a low moan from Remus that Sirius realises that he has Remus pushed against a wall and is kissing him like he’s been thirsty for the feel of his lips his entire life. And a few other past lives. 
  • When they finally break apart, Sirius is panting while Remus is trying very hard to control his breathing. 
  • “Well, that definitely takes the UST out of the equation,” he says, running his tongue across his already glossy bottom lip, looking so debauched that Sirius can’t help but kiss him again.
  • “What’s UST?” he asks when they’ve managed to pull themselves apart once more.
  • “Unresolved sexual tension,” Remus answers, his cheeks turning an even brighter shade of red. 
  • “Why do you know that?” Sirius is grinning now because finally, finally, he can see Remus blush and get flustered and see how he bites his lips and pulls at the sleeves of his sweater, not meeting Sirius’ eyes.
  • “I must have read it somewhere on the internet.”
  • “Somewhere like..I don’t know, or archiveofourown?”

So. That’s it. The end. I hope it matches everyone’s expectations and I WAS SMILING SO MUCH AND BLUSHING WHILE I WAS WRITING THIS LIKE WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

(Bossy Lily is my life)

anonymous asked:

Willet! Violet and Wilbur(:


  • who cooks normally?

WILBUR.  He’d be so impressed with himself, cooking her little meals ^.^

  • how often do they fight?

Meh, not a lot but they do argue.  Most of the time they fight about how Wilbur can be too cocky and how Violet puts up too many walls.  It’s the kind of stuff that they resolve after a fight but not all the way, like they still have personal issues, but they’re willing to make it work.

  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?

Aww, they’d be the lovesick teenagers that never want to be apart.  Violet would doodle him on her schoolpapers, and whenever Wilbur found cool abandoned parts from his dad’s inventions, he’d be like “Hey Vi, check it out— oh..”  But then he’d start looking for things he could invent to see her again

  • nicknames for each other?

Wilbur calls her Vi, sometimes Invisible Girl, but she rolls her eyes at that one cause she doesn’t like to see herself as a hero, plus sometimes she sees her powers as freakish, so she doesn’t always appreciate his invisible-oriented nicknames.  Violet, on the other hand, calls him Time Traveling Guy when they first meet.  Later she’d call him Cowlick because of the hair xD

  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?

“No, no, Vi, I got it.”  "Wilbur do you even have money for this?“  "That’s…beside the point…” He’d probably try and talk her into sneaking out without paying heheh

  • who steals the covers at night?

Wilbuuuuuuur omg.  Then Violet just goes into another room to sleep because she’s cold god dammit then the next morning Wilbur is like “Vi where’d you go?” and she’s like “call me when you stop being a cover hog”

  • what would they get each other for gifts?

Wilbur would get Violet some cool futuristic gadget, and Violet would get him probably a picture of them together so that whenever they had to be apart he could have something of hers.  Ooh! Or like her hair ribbon or something.  He would reeeally appreciate all the sentimental gifts

  • who kissed who first?

Actually I think Violet would.  Like he’s dropping her off at her doorstep after their date and she’s thanking him and he rubs his neck like “sure, I had a good time” then they look at each other for a moment, she puts a hand on his cheek and kisses him and says “me too” before rushing inside, and Wilbur’s just sputtering on her doorstep blushing but then he gets this bIG DORKY SMILE HNNG BABIES

  • who made the first move?

Please, definitely Wilbur.  I could see him like doing douchey eyebrow flicks and stupid stuff like that to get her attention but she just rolls her eyes and walks away but he always finds himself trying to flirt with her again and he realizes he has a crush on her and then one day he drops the cool guy act and is just like “look I think you’re really cool, would you wanna maybe go out sometime?” and she’d grin and say yes and ahhh

  • who remembers things?

Hmm, I’d have to say Wilbur.  I mean he totally inherited that celebratory tendency from his relatives so I could see him picking her up and like blowing a noise maker in her face like “HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY VIOLET” and throwing confetti at her and stupid stuff like that for the tiniest occasions ^.^

  • who started the relationship?

What I like to think happened was at some point they were talking, maybe she’s resting her head in his lap or something, and he calls her his girlfriend.  And she just pops up and looks at him really surprised like “I’m your…girlfriend?”  And then Wilbur starts worrying that she doesn’t want that and starts stuttering like “but only if you want to be, and like you toootally don’t have to be no pressure” but then she kisses him

  • who cusses more?

I could see Wilbur using like futuristic swears that haven’t been invented yet but Violet knows that it’s a swear and she’s like pestering him to tell her what the hell “glakmar” means and he refuses mostly because he thinks she’s cute when she’s annoyed

  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?

Violet would try to find help and get worried and talk really fast, never wanting to take her hands off him, and Wilbur would get really quiet and just softly go “Vi..?” Maybe try and make a joke to cheer her up but underneath be really scared.

melissabosquez-deactivated20150  asked:

Rumbelle teacher/student smut. This is my favorite trope so I will take all I can get. lol

this is probably the last one I do tonight, but I will straight up tell you it’s my favorite too and I couldn’t resist (and there’s some Golden Lace of this trope on the AU prompts link on my page)



Belle was reluctant to admit that she had made something of a study of Mr. Gold, but she had, and she knew that he noticed breasts, and that he liked blue. So, tonight she was wearing her short blue dress, with a pendant strategically placed–not in her cleavage, since she didn’t have enough–to draw the eye to her chest. Her legs were her best feature, and she had bought a cheap pair of what could only be called ‘fuck-me heels’ in scarlet. They matched the belt on the navy dress, and her hair was pulled up carefully.

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