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Romantic headcanon for Seto Kaiba? :)

Hello! Thank you so much for your follow and your ask :) 
I have a Seto OC (lmfao my lame ass) but I’m gonna keep this pretty generic as I don’t think his personality will change much depending on who he’s dating! ANYHOW, sorry I get so wordy it’s late and I’m rather mouthy at night lmfao

♡ - romantic headcanon - 
man where do I begin? Over all I think Seto has a hard time expressing how he feels; whether it be a romantic or platonic relationship. Running a business, winning card games, doing his best to be a good big brother is a piece of cake compared to mumbo jumbo romance nonsense. But once he does catch some feelings I think he’s hooked. He’s still the same Seto on the outside, but he will make gestures that are easy to miss if you aren’t looking for them. Suddenly, he wants to hold s/o’s hand discreetly while at the table. Their presence makes him ease in posture immediately. He craves the affection but will not admit it; he’d rather make his s/o crave him more than he craves them. Because it’s Kaiba.
I don’t understand when people either characterize him as a suddenly doofy love struck idiot or a sex driven love interest: he doesn’t have many friends so I feel, especially with his first significant other, he is a bit more shy than he’d like to be. S/O can tell he has innocent experience with kissing, doesn’t know where to put his hands. It takes a bit for him to allow himself to be vulnerable to his s/o, so they had better be patient. After a bit of experience, he’s fine but still has that touch of awkwardness. Despite the awkwardness, he’s always standing tall next to his s/o, and is pretty protective. He definitely has a jealous streak, taking it a personal blow to his ego when someone thinks they can swoop in an attempt to talk to HIS s/o. 

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24, 31, and 41 please

24: you receive £60 without any reason, what do you spend it on?             

i converted this to my country’s currency and apparently its enough for two 3ds games so thats what im gonna do

pokemon moon and mario kart wait for me

31: what were you doing an hour ago?                


41:if someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?              

yea bc im slow af and if they tried to give me any hints i wouldnt pick up on them at all

good thing no one likes me i dont wanna have to deal w/ that lmFAO