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There’s a point I’ve been wanting to make for a while but never found the right opportunity. 

I’ve noticed people within this fandom (and I’m sure it happens in most communities, I just so happen to be most active in this one) have a nasty habit of putting themselves down when comparing themselves to, or even when complimenting other people.

I know it’s something we all do, I’m certainly not innocent of it. However, I’m not really qualified to talk about other aspects of this, so for the sake of this post, I’ll be focusing on the art side of things.

Now, for me at least, I find this attitude can be very damaging, both for those who are putting themselves down and those who you’re attempting to compliment by doing so. This may just be me, but I find that when others put themselves down in comparison to my works, it gives me a sense of guilt and generally doesn’t even register as a compliment.

It’s important to remember that within art, we’re all working and constantly improving, whether that improvement is immediately noticeable or not. No artist is perfect and no artist is 100% happy with everything or maybe even anything they make. No matter if it’s their first or their one-millionth drawing. The important thing is to keep creating and keep having fun doing so.

I guess the overall thing I’d like to say, is that no matter what you create, or what skill level you are, your art is important and valid. The art you create isn’t worth any more or any less than anyone else’s, even despite varying skill levels. You sat down, took a blank canvas and made something out of it. Whether that thing is a stick man or a complex study, you took something that is nothing and made it into something. There is literally nothing cooler than that and you should be incredibly proud of yourself for it.

Art is a journey, not a race. You should be proud of yourself for taking the time to create something, not belittling yourself for not doing it in the same way that other people are. So have fun with it and be kind to both yourselves and your art.

just woke up from a dream where my dad and i were confronted on a drive by a delinquent group of white guys with spiked bats and these layered streetwear-esque black outfits and they were getting all threatening but i distracted them by complimenting their clothes and i took one of their bats. then we became friends

later this security guy in a denim jacket catches us and is about to arrest us because we’re standing around carrying weapons but i distract him by dragging his jacket and saying we should give him a makeover and later he’s in new clothes looking excited and I’m losing my shit

now I’m not saying that was clearly some kind of d&d campaign highlighted by successful persuasion rolls but come on

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Ok. So, I'm in church and I was looking at King Dice x Devil art/porn and my pastor saw it. Instead of judging me. He was completely cool about it. We talked about how it's not wrong at all, but instead it's a blessing. He said it's a form of art and there's nothing wrong with it at all. We are all human! He never judges anyone and is very understanding. The best part is, he's about 70 something years old, and a pastor. I showed him some porn art I did, and he was complimenting me on it all!!

thats fucking awesome dude! that actually sounds like a once in a lifetime experience :^0 (sorry for the late response!)

Recent language wins 11/12/17
  • I wrote an e-mail to my old Italian teacher today completely in Italian and it felt so natural. When I had her as a teacher 1,5 years ago I wasn’t able to do that.
  • When this semester started and I looked at an old exam my teacher had given us and realized you were supposed to write it in Italian I was sure I couldn’t do it. Today I did write an exam completely in Italian and it didn’t feel difficult at all.
  • I have gotten a lot of compliments on my Italian pronunciation recently which makes me very happy.
  • When I first found out that all of my courses would be in Italian like one month before uni started I got nervous and thought it would be super hard. Now I manage more or less all of my school work in Italian with ease.
  • I found Bigflo & Oli a couple of days ago thanks to this post and I really like their music and I can understand more or less all of it without trouble.

You’d watched her for a long time. Admired her. Longed for her. She was special, everyone could see that. Whenever she spoke, the whole room hung on her every word. Her smile meant as much as a thousand compliments from anyone else. All you wanted, all you hoped for, was that she would one day look at you the way you looked at her.

After months of pining, you finally plucked up the courage to tell her your feelings. You figured she’d reject you, and that would be that. Maybe then you could move on. But that’s not what happened. You caught her alone, and after a few deep breaths you opened your mouth to speak your confession.

But before you could say a word, she hypnotized you and made you hers.

Was it right? Was it moral? Was it fair? Maybe, maybe not. But none of those things matter to you anymore. If ever you felt the slightest hint of discontent, all she would have to do is press you up against the wall and fasten her lips around your ear, your most sensitive spot. Then, all your concerns and worries would melt into a blissful, pink fog, along with all your other thoughts.

She did that to you. She made you this way. You don’t understand how, but you know she did. She made you unable to resist, unable to refuse, unable to think for yourself. Deep down, you know the old you would be terrified of that. But that doesn’t matter to you anymore. What matters is that you are hers, you belong to her, and she takes good care of her possessions.

Because you finally got what you always wanted, always hoped for. Now that she owns you, she finally looks at you the way you used to look at her.

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Your blog reminds me 'Call It What You Want' by Taylor Swift, that soft and cute. Also 'Spring Day' by BTS.


Please stop using body shapes as a compliment

Telling people that they look super skinny, like an hourglass, thicc etc. is going to continue to instill these body standards in the minds of young kids, teens, and even adults. If you want to compliment someone, tell them they look happy and healthy, that their smile is blinding, that they’re gorgeous as their individual self, that the beauty of their personality is emanating out of them and that they’re capable of bringing joy to a quiet room, tell them you admire their fashion sense, their makeup or jewelry, their music taste, say you admire their strength and drive, and that they are beautiful in every sense of the word. I guarantee that you’ll be doing our society a favor and the recipient of your compliments will be far more grateful and excited for personal compliments like these. Spread love, y’all!

So I tried my hand at drawing for the first time in a while. I was thinking about how in Marvel Rising, Gwen is gonna have a new code name, Ghost-Spider. So I decided to try and design a look for if she ever adopted that name in the comics.

The premise would be that after a hard fought battle, her costume is messed up. For whatever reason, she can’t go to Reed for new duds, so Cap says that she’ll have SHIELD whip her something up. Not only would it be a SHIELD suit, it would come with all types of gadgets that compliment and enhance Gwen’s skills.

Let me know what you think.

the signs as underrated animated films

Aries -  Meet The Robinsons

Taurus - Treasure Planet

Gemini - The Black Cauldron

Cancer -  The Iron Giant

Leo - The Road to El Dorado

Virgo - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Libra - Brother Bear

Scorpio - The Rescuers Down Under

Sagittarius - Anastasia

Capricorn - Balto

Aquarius - Ferngully

Pisces - Oliver & Company