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Oh man I didn't know there were multiple occasions// ahh I've been a casual Shinee Stan of like three year and I want to get to know them! And then I saw all these posts about Minho hugging my little guy :'( and honestly any video of that would be just fine

minho hugging the little guy is actually my favorite thing so i’m just going to tell u about every time it’s happened (that i know of) so i can remember there is a good thing in this world and that good thing is minho

juliette win 090605

jonghyun is a precious sobbing mess. while minho doesn’t swoop in to save him until about 1:10, jonghyun spends that first minute sobbing loudly into the shoulders of some sj members before minho comes in to wipe his tears away and  hold him really close and pictures from this day also make me really emotional

tokyo dome 150315

honestly every second of this video makes me emotional more than words can express. key starts crying first and jjong goes into hug him while the other members stand to the side and smile at them. at about 6:00, key points out that jjong has started to cry and Precious Sunshine Boy minho comes in to pat his back. jonghyun then makes the most pathetic and emotional waddle over to hug taemin, then jinki–all while minho babe is standing off to the side, waiting for jjong–spitty, teary, boogery jjong–to hug him too at about 7:03. minho is extra precious here because he sways while they’re hugging and pats him a lot and i just ;;;; minho ;;;;

swc iii 140309

jjong bb just ;;; so ;;; teary and emotional. honestly he’s such an ugly and gross crier i wouldn’t come near him yet minho is just “my bro :’)”. he even wipes jjong’s tears away with his thumb and holds him from the side and then gets him a towel to cry into. minho is such a good boy.

blue night 170403

throughout this whole broadcast i just wanted someone to swoop in and hug jonghyun since he was crying so hard but no one did… and then minho came in to save the day. to save the Tiny Man. as soon as minho appears jjong does this weird thing with his neck, almost like he didn’t want minho to come, but then he gets up from his chair and minho is walking toward him with his arms outstretched and jjong just //melts//. he goes all limp in minho’s arms and lets minho sway him around. then at the end they hug again and pat each other’s butts and it’s so important to me.

in conclusion minho is the sweetest human being ever and there’s no one i’d rather have wipe away jjong bb’s tears ;;;

What if Neil wrote in a journal everyday and it basically became a sort of scrapbook and his reminder that he has a home and reason to finally stay

  • It was Bee’s idea because Neil finally confined in her that he still has the urge to run some days 
  • Mainly on days when he wakes up from nightmares of his Fathers men and Lola grabbing and torturing him all over again
  • Bee goes through her bookshelves and finds a leather journal that she hasn’t used yet and gives it to him
  • Her advices was to write the date on the top of the page and when the day is done to write everything he’s done or put little mementos in it (e.g. receipt, tickets, pictures

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EXO Reaction ~ They Think You’re Cheating On Them but The Guy You’ve Been Seen With Is Your Brother.

Request:  Exo reaction Ot12 when they think you are cheating on them because of rumors of you dating with a guy but the guy was your brother :D thanks ILoveUrBlog

A/N: Okay so I’m going to type up the next Aesthetic tonight, hopefully have it posted tonight too ~ ily all 


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Suho would go completely from being mad at you, to the horrible rumors then at himself for believing in that kind of nonsense knowing you wouldn’t do such thing. He’d apologize to you and your brother repeatedly for any harm caused by any hateful EXO-Ls and would do anything to make it up to you.

Ah Jagiya, I should have knew he was your brother - You look so alike…”  


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Baekhyun had no idea that you had a brother so when saw you being hugged in the sm lobby by a ‘suspicious male’ he ran and told Kyungsoo that he saw you with another guy straight away not wanting him to find out from the media. When Soo found out his heart dropped and had to find out himself by checking the security cameras. 

To say Baek got a ‘small’ beating after Soo saw it was your brother dropping you off was an understatement. 

How was I supposed to know they were siblings?!


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Sehun almost shit himself when he saw all the rumors and pictures this mystery guy was in with your family on your instagram. He took a pile of screenshots and you only laughed at him for a few hours.

“Oh my gosh it’s not funny, y/n. I was generally annoyed… I haven’t even got into one of your family pics yet.”


Originally posted by xiundeer

Would be literal shocked when he found out that the guy you were rumored to be rumored to be cheating on him with is your brother, making him feel bad for ranting at you.

In my defense you look nothing alike and you were hugging in that picture…


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Tries to make up four hundred and ten excuses under the sun on how that he never doubted you for a second but he was actually really intimidated by your death glare.

This was fate trying to test us, I swear ~ but I never trusted those shady rumors in the first place…


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Kris would look up from his phone and shrug it off as if it wasn’t a big deal, pulling you onto his lap.

As if you would cheat on me, I’m totally your style.


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Once this little shit realized that he got into a complete misunderstanding, he would try to make it up to you with the worst possible aegyo and a bunch of gifts even though you already told him it was all chill.

But jagi I feel bad, have this plushy bear please.. It’ll make me feel a little better


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When Chanyeol found out through the rumors, he was running around your shared apartment punching the air saying how no other man was allowed to touch his girl. After you explained the ‘other man’ was your brother he nearly dropped like a fish.

I knew that, I was practicing my throws for when guys actually started to flirt with you.


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Not at all did you expect the reaction you had got from Yixing, who straight up ranted at you with an actual vocal list on how much better “that guy you’re supposedly cheating on him with” he is. What shocked you the most was when he told you that his penis was cute and what shocked HIM was when you told him that that “guy you aren’t cheating on him with” is your big bro.

Well shit fam… My penis is still Kawaii…


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Okay but you walk home and see Jongin dancing in the kitchen to Sexy Back and he’s running his fingers through his hair looking at you like he wants to bring you to the bedroom.

Jongin Please, if this is about those rumors he’s my brother and I will show u fucking baby pictures.”


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Will bring you to all of your favorite places to make it up to you for accusing you of cheating because of filthy rumors but gets super pissed off when some guy at the hot dog stand in the theme park starts to hit on you; so he knocks him out for six.

Jesus Christ, Baekhyun… I thought we established already that I wasn’t leaving you for anyone.


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Would have a silent hissy fit to himself even though he found out the guy was actually your brother, because in the process he found out he was a Gucci model too and owned more collections than him.

Are you sure he won’t lend me his 2015 Summer Collection Leather Jacket?

~ Admin Bry/Kai

I had too much fun making this omfg.

Behold the lord of flies, and embrace his vile grace

I was gonna try and draw the Jersey Devil, but my old Beelzebub picture got some new favorites and that inspired me to take another whack at the lord of Flies. Beelzebub’s an interesting figure since while he’s “suppose” to be the devil there’s little to no actual detail on how he appears other than “Lord of Flies” really. So just make him into a over the top brightly colored demon fly!

Shut up and kiss me - Auston Matthews (Part 2)

A/N: It has taken me a while, but I’ve finally written it. This was requested by @itsall-aboutthat, who supports me so much and I couldn’t be more grateful. I hope you enjoy it!

Word count: 1032

Warnings: Mild swearing. Mentions of sexual intercourse. Mentions of Auston’s junk. Fluff.

Part 1

Master list

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“Are you sure you didn’t pack up your entire parents’ house?” Auston asks, carrying the last box from my car.

“I’m positive” I answer him, opening the door wider for him to fit in with the box.

“You have a lot of stuff” he huffs, putting the box down, next to the rest of my things.

“Well, this isn’t temporary. I’m not going back to my parents’…I hope” I say, starting to open up boxes.

“Uh uh, it’s you and me now. Always” He whispers, hugging my waist from behind and I melt in his arms.

I haven’t actually brought that much stuff, to be honest. Most of my clothes, my favorite books, some appliances like a straightener, pictures of my family and friends and my school stuff. I have transferred to the University of Toronto to finish my degree.

It takes us a couple hours to unpack everything and a couple arguments until we decide where everything goes in his apartment. I try my best to give him space to decide since it is HIS apartment and I don’t want to step on his toes.

“The place looks so much girlier now” he jokes and I give him a dirty look.

“Careful, I’m gonna paint the walls pink when you are away on the road”

“Don’t play games with me on your first night here, babe” he slaps my butt and I laugh.

“Oh, I want to play many games with you…” I lean in for a kiss when the doorbell goes off.

Auston frowns and walks away from me, opening the front door.

“The welcome-to-Toronto-party is here!” I hear Mitch’s voice as he pushes Auston out of the way and gets in, followed by Willy and Morgan.

“Hello, guys” I say, leaning on the kitchen counter.

“Hi, (y/n)” Willy says, putting down four pizza boxes next to me.

“It’s five of us… do we really need that much pizza?” I ask, looking at the huge boxes.

“Your boyfriend eats one by himself” Morgan says and Auston shrugs.

“I’m a big guy”

“That you are…” I agree and Mitch gives me a disgusted face.

“Too much information” he whines and I burst into laughter.

“You see him naked as much as I do”

“I don’t look at his…” Mitch turns beet red “junk as much as you do!”

“I wouldn’t blame you if you d…”

“(y/n), stop!” Mitch yells and everyone laughs.

We all sit on the couches in Auston’s… actually our living room and eat while watching TV. Auston keeps changing the channel looking for something to watch, but there is nothing actually worth watching.

“Let’s play some videogames” I suggest, tired of the channel changing nonsense, “something fun”

“NHL 2017?” Willy asks and I shake my head.

“I was thinking about something like Just Dance”

All of them look at me like I’m crazy, but after I look at all of them with my best puppy eyes they agree to give it a try. They are all shy at first, not really moving much, but after three songs all of them are dancing like they were in ‘Dancing with the stars’.

“This is a hell of a workout” Morgan says after dancing to ‘Single ladies’ by Beyoncé.

He and Mitch were competing against each other and it had been hilarious to watch… maybe too hilarious to not share it with the world on an Instagram story.

“Guys, it’s almost midnight and we have practice tomorrow at 10am” Auston states, looking at his phone.

“Oh yeah, we should go” Mitch agrees, getting on his feet and walking towards the door, Morgan and Willy following him, “good night, guys”

“Good night, thanks for coming” I walk them to the door, waving them goodbye.

“Finally” a pair of strong arms encage me against Auston’s body and I chuckle.

“Don’t say that. It was very kind of them to come”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to share you with anyone else tonight” his breath is hot against my neck and I shiver.

“But you need to go the sleep, you have practice tomorrow” I try to walk away from him, but he doesn’t let me go.

“I lied, it’s only 10pm”

“Auston! That’s beyond rude” I scream, turning around in his arms to slap him across the chest.

“You know what would be rude too?” he asks and I raise an eyebrow.

“Surprise me”

“It would be really rude if I don’t make sure you go to bed satisfied tonight” he whispers and I can fell my face heating up.

“Baby, I’ve just moved in with you. This isn’t our wedding night” I say and he smirks.

“Let me give you a teaser of what our wedding night will look like” and before I realize what’s going on he has me on his arms and is carrying me to the bedroom.

He sets me carefully on the bed and I look down, thinking about his words. He actually wanted to marry me… or at least he said that he wanted to have a wedding night and to have a wedding night you need to get married… My head is still working at the speed of light when he grabs my chin between his thumb and index finger and makes me look at him.

“Hey… what’s wrong?” he asks softly.

“You said that…” I don’t know how to say it without sounding like an idiot, “about the wedding night…”

“Yes…” his stare is so intense I feel like I’m melting under it.

“You want to get married… to me?” I blurt out and he looks at me, confusion clear on his face before he suddenly gets it.

“(y/n), I want it all with you. I want a family with you. I want to call you my wife” he confesses and my heart flutters “not yet, but someday I’ll pop the question and if you say yes it will make me the happiest man on Earth”

“You know that I’ll say y…” he interrupts me putting his finger on my lips.

“Shut up and kiss me” and I laugh and we kiss and I’m already more than satisfied.

Kitty Kisses

A birthday gift to one of my very amazing friends, @ladyserendipitous <3333 Hope it was an amazing day, you sparkling sandstone! This is written off of something you said about reveal by kitty kisses a week or so ago!

Summary: Marinette sees if Chat Noir’s cat tendencies extend to slow blinks, or, as she liked to call them, kitty kisses.


It all started when the light of the sun began to fade, and the lights of the city began to illuminate the darkening sky. It had never been unusual for Marinette to be out past the the setting of the sun, for her parents understood her need for inspiration. So when she laid down on a bench in the park nearby her home, as she so often did, she hadn’t expected company.

A dark figure had leaped from the rooftops and landed nearby her, thankfully not startling her because she’d already been tracking its movements from some distance away. She gave him a nod of acknowledgement before returning her attention to the landscape of her city.

Chat Noir didn’t speak right away, but instead sat in front of the bench and settled himself so that his head tilted back, pressing into Marinette’s arm. He watched the city with her, enjoying the moment of peaceful calm that had fallen over Paris. Even with the comfortable silence, Chat couldn’t keep from talking any longer.

“You’re out pretty late, Marinette,” he commented, going the route of obvious observations.

She hummed in response, tracing the lines of the buildings with her eyes. When she finally spoke, her voice was quiet in a way that perfectly matched the atmosphere of the city. “I have art block. This usually helps.”

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Who is Fiore Marchesi?

By far the most asks I received were about Fio and who he is, but it’s been a really busy weekend for me with traveling and errands and so on, so this took longer than I wanted.  I finally got some time to sit down and sort through my inbox, so hopefully I’ve answered all your questions, and if not, just send me another message : )  

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Favorite Mother/Child Pairings

I’d like to share some of my favorite mother/child pairings and interactions that I’ve found so far in Fire Emblem Fates. If you consider this a spoiler, don’t read it I guess haha.

Oboro & Asugi/Saizo/Gaius

I don’t have a picture of it here, but when they both make their frowning face they look extremely similar, too!

Orochi & Dwyer

Orochi’s mothering goes well with Dwyer’s personality and supports. Not to mention she is the only support I have found with Jakob where he’s not a jerk (besides his supports with Corrin) and she actually manipulates him which is a nice change of pace.

Camilla & Velouria

I love everything about this family!! Camilla doesn’t take Flannel’s (yes I keep thinking of him in his Japanese name since it’s cuter) shit and makes him come out and say the things he needs to. Not to mention Velouria is a cuddle monster and so is Camilla so it’s a perfect match! Velouria’s eyes also resemble Camilla’s so they’ve got the parent/child resemblance going on. Camilla’s ending with Flannel in Conquest is also quite cute.

Azura & Selkie 

Azura’s supports with Kaden are the only ones I have found so far that have made her look cute. If you find anymore, please comment because it’s like digging for gold <_<.


Here’s a little nugget I found that I’m sure is a coincidence but also hilariously goes with Orochi!Dwyer


So I have finally finished this series, took me like two three months bc I’ve been so fucking busy but I loved writing it so much so without further ado, it’s time for the second half of the Busan line, our sweetest lil bunny boy with the cutest smile, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • We all know that Jungkook loves himself some dark colored hair, he always goes back to it but normally he has that dark brown, he had the blonde hair for like two days and I loved it so fucking much still one of my favorites on him in all honesty
  • But typically he’s got this chocolate/dark brown hair that can sometimes look black but when he has the actual black hair oh my g o d
  • Just look at this shit it’s ridiculously nice (ight so this one may not be fully black bc there are a couple pictures that look like it could just be a dark brown but it’s close enough and it still makes my heart hurt)
  • Should one singular person every look that nice is my question bc Jungkook already is 1000000/10 good fucking shit but then you add in that lil forehead peek and the black hair and fucking just take my heart
  • Like you know the War of Hormone hair or the DNA hair that’s my everything, one of my favorite Jungkook looks to this day is that one log he made during the War of Hormone era (I looked it up, it’s the 141021 one) where he’s got a white shirt, a black bucket hat type of hat and then the black hair with the tiny forehead peek it’s so fucking good idk why I love it so much can a scientist explain it to me bc no hairdo should look that good on someone
  • Okay so for outfits here’s the thing
  • I have less links and more of a visual for this so I’m gonna link some other outfits and some moodboard type of things but the main outfit I think would be his white t-shirt black jeans look bc oh lord
  • This one is the one that’s just perfect in my mind bc look at that shit that’s just a really fucking good look on him like what happened to your precious lil bby who wore all red in the Harlem Shake video and was still pretty big but still lil and smol and we all wanted to just tuck him into our pockets to keep him safe and now bitch’s out here looking like a fucking man who would treat you r i gh t
  • Like honestly here what the hell happened what are they feeding this kid I fucking blinked and he’s all broad and shit he’s not fitting it anyone’s fucking pocket anymore
  • But some more ideas for pirate!kook are here, here, here, here, here part two and here (lol this is pretty much the same look as the first one)
  • A fighter
  • He runs the training for the hand to hand combat, while Jimin handles the fencing/sword fighting shit (I’m sure there’s a term for it but idk what it is)
  • I’ve said it about a million times and I will continue to say it bc I’m not over it but kookie is literally so fucking strong the dude was lifting up Jimin at the age of 15/16 in every No More Dream performance they had !!!!
  • Like why do isn’t this talked about all day the dude was a b a b y and he was lifting up another bby like it was no big deal
  • And he’s only gotten stronger since then, he doesn’t even stutter when someone decides he’s gonna give them a piggyback ride, he tossed Jimin over his shoulder like he was a fucking ragdoll, he carries these grown ass men around like they’re toddlers so I’m quite sure Jungkook would be strong enough to hold his own in a fight
  • He’s also incredibly fast which is helpful in a fight bc good luck getting any hits on that kid lol
  • He’s so smug after taking over a new ship and as he’s kicking all the old crew off of it, he’s just got this smirk on his face and he probably gets sarcastic and cocky and gives them a lil bow as they make their way to the escape boat bc tell me you can’t picture him pulling that shit
  • He’s smart, he’s fast, he’s strong, he’s got a loyal crew, he’s got a shit ton of ships, he’s pretty much indestructible
  • And he’s so young when he’s doing all of this so a lot of the other pirates don’t take him too seriously bc they think oh it’s just some kid with a big boat and a couple of wooden swords and he uses that to his advantage
  • He’s a competitor, he’s pretty damn competitive so it’s all one big game to him, how many ships can he get, how many captains can he piss off and how many crew members can he get
  • He loves adventure and I think that would be his base reason for becoming a pirate, he loves seeing new things and exploring and I think he would love being out on the sea, just in a ship with his best friends, exploring the world together
  • Dresses up as a pirate for Halloween and spends the entire night just giggling at his own joke
  • But you can bet your ass he’s still gonna give candy out to the lil kids who come onto the dock
  • He just sits on one of the posts with this giant ass bowl of candy that he gets some of his crew to refill whenever it’s nearly empty and probably eats half the bowl himself before the first kid even arrives 
  • But he sees another lil mini pirate and gives him his hat bc you know what the kid was super cute and so happy about getting an actual sized candy bar instead of the mini ones and he deserves an actual pirate’s hat
  • He gets so :D watching the lil kid skip away with their new hat
  • You two meet when he’s docked for a bit to pick up new supplies
  • You instantly recognize him bc you’d actually seen him before but you’d never talked to him so when you see him a second time, you take the chance and start up a conversation bc you already let him go without starting anything once, you don’t wanna do it again
  • He’s actually kinda shy?? and flustered that you’re talking to HIM out of all the people around him and it’s actually really cute to look back on once you know just how amazing of a pirate the dude actually is
  • The same man that’s never lost a battle, that laughs during fights, that just smiles and waves to his opponents after he’s won is now giving you lil shy smiles and acting all cute
  • He doesn’t tell anyone but you two spends the rest of his time there together and then, just a month later, he’s back bc he “ran out of supplies” again even though they rarely ever go to the same dock more than once or twice
  • The boys start getting suspicious when it’s their fifth time back there and kookie’s gone the entire time and comes back wearing your necklace around his neck, something he definitely didn’t have when they got there
  • He eventually tells them the truth, that the two of you have been together for a few months and that’s trying to build up a relationship before inviting you onto the ship with them bc he doesn’t wanna have you come onto the ship and realize you hate him or that you don’t get along
  • Plus he’s young and in love and one of the hardest things for a young, in love person to do is be away from their loved one so he may make an excuse here and there to spend more time docked and visit that dock much more often than they should
  • It’s around the sixth trip back that he decides to invite you to join him, after already having told you what it is he does and all of that and you saw yes to coming with him of course
  • He’s so smiley the entire first night you’re on the ship with him and he clears out a drawer for you and it’s basically like moving in with him you’re just on a ship and it’s just, he’s really really happy

Hi ! It’s me, Drew :D 
Yesterday I suddenly started drawing my favorite personalities from YouTube as chibis ! So here they are, enjoy !

Ian - Smosh
Starting this chibi parade with Ian Hecox, yessss. Do I need to say again how much I love Smosh or did I make that clear already ? They’re the first people I started watching on YouTube and kept watching for many many years, and still never miss one of their videos. Since many years, they made me smile, made me laugh, made me happy. For all the happiness they give, they deserve all the best in the world. 

Anthony - Smosh
And Anthony Padilla, of course. They could have been on the same picture cause they’re equally awesome, but yeah. Actually, they’re supposed to do a high five if you put them side by side :D Cause they make high fives 20% cooler. 

Felix - PewDiePie
Pewds, Pewdie, Poods, Felix, whatever, he’s FABULOUS. The reason why I enjoy gaming youtubers is that I have some kind of “routine”, every night before I sleep I watch my Pewds videos -u- and it makes me happy (not saying gaming videos are better or not better, I’m glad there’s all kind of videos on YouTube !) That’s how Felix became one of my favorites. *sobs* when I started watching him years ago he wasn’t so FREAKING POPULAR jkdhfjhd happy for him tho, he’s great~

Lucas - Squeezie
Squeezie is a French YouTuber and he’s just awesome. I was talking about before-sleep-routine, well it’s just perfect if it’s a day with a Squeezie video. He makes me laugh and WHY DID I DRAW HIM WITH THAT LAMP LOL. Oh and yep I drew him making that “YO tout l'monde c'est Squeezie” move XD PEACE !

Jack/Sean - JackSepticEye
TOP IN THE MORNING YA LADDIES ! The most energetic video game commentator on YouTube, for sure. Jack never fails to give me energy, he’s great and really adorbs. He’s the kind of person who can communicate joy. Also his intro and outro are the best, seriously. 

Mark - Markiplier
Mark is pretty awesome and also very touching, I must say. I’ve been enjoying his videos since some times now ! And I’m very thankful to how happy he makes my friend Des (check her for awesome Markiplier art !).

Jack - Jacksfilms
Ahh, Jack. Someone else that I’ve been watching since a lonnng time. He just has so many talents. His sense of humour is kinda unique - at least among the people I watch on YouTube. YGS is probably my favorite “series” of his, I laughed so much. Oh and I must say I’m a big fan of Jack’s voice XD like really really. Especially his “angry voice”, dunno if you see what I mean. Annnd I didn’t know exactly how to draw him so I tried to draw his >:) face but haha idk bye.

Toby - Tobuscus
First of all, thanks Toby for being the only representative of green eyes in this list XD TEAM GREEN EYES ! I’m starting to think this is more rare than blue eyes ! Like Jack, Toby has so many talents, it’s amazing. GOSH I love when he sings. I’ve been listening to his songs a lot. Pretty much all of his videos, on all his channels, are great.

Fred - Joueur du Grenier
And another French YouTuber ! Actually I should have said Fred AND Seb cause they both are “Joueur du Grenier”, aren’t they ? So yeah, this one if a little bit different, yet I watch their videos SO MUCH. I just rewatch them all the time XD It’s like that very good show that you never get tired of rewatching. JDG absolutely deserved a place in this chibi parade ! (Désolée Seb la prochaine fois je te dessine aussi !)

iridescentreidtwo  asked:

random question! what's your favorite picture of matthew/spencer?

It’s actually impossible to pick one…like I can’t do it and you can’t make me. LOL. But here are some of my favs.


Who gave him the right to be this beautiful?

Like, he’s so cute, I can’t even.

His smile is bananas and makes me want to combust with happiness.

Ovary bursting. That is all.

This is the ovary burster for me. Like. Curly hair and glass. *sigh*

My babe is deep in thought.

See? He was happy once! :’(

My current icon, though mine is a pen drawing. 

I MIGHT have gone a bit overboard….sorry not sorry.


cardboardhydrates-liked said to it-refused:

What about something where Grillby and Sans run into someone Sans knew as a kid, a classmate or a teacher or something, and Grillby gets to hear stories about Sans when he’s little?

This doesn’t fit in the series, really, but that doesn’t really matter and it’s a good prompt so here’s a few hundred words of Sans being miserable.

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 13

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1965

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: This is probably the last part for this week. Expect Part 14 Monday night. I’ve got to say this is setting up for one of my favorite scenes. Before I even knew how I wanted this story to go I had this all lined out <3. I always love hearing from you guys. I hope you enjoy it! Tags are at the bottom – let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged. x

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Originally posted by wandas-maximofff

“Can I just go with you?” I asked quietly as Bucky packed his bags hurriedly.

He paused with a small smile, “I wish doll. But Fury was very direct that I was supposed to come alone.” I responded with a frown and was about to say something before he cut me off. “Listen, I don’t want to argue – I don’t want to spend the last few minutes I have with you arguing…” he looked at me sincerely. “I hate being away from you, but you have to sit out of this fight… just this once,” he finished as he crossed the room to stand in front of me.

“Fine – but you better tell Fury that if you come back looking the way you looked the other day… he’s going to have to deal with me,” I answered stubbornly. I still wasn’t happy that he was having to leave immediately after Thanksgiving. He smiled and kissed me.

“Deal—I will see you back in New York.” I couldn’t help but notice that his smile didn’t reach his eyes nor did he seem thrilled to be leaving again. 

“Come here,” I demanded sweetly as I grabbed his hand and brought him to the bed. “Just a few more minutes.” He smiled at me softly as we sat down on the edge.

“I already miss you,” he murmured into my ear as he pulled away from kissing my cheek.

“Then don’t go,” I added playfully. He sighed heavily as he ran his hands through his hair. I knew he had to go, but it didn’t mean I had to like it. He stood up from the bed and paused to look at me. I blushed violently – it was very early and I was still a complete mess. “What?” I asked shyly.

“You’re just so damn beautiful. Don’t go falling in love with someone while I’m gone,” he replied as he took my hand and pulled me up to stand in front of him. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on top of mine for a moment. With a sigh he pulled away and kissed me one last time before he turned to grab his bags and leave. He hesitated at the door but didn’t turn to look at me. “You know what I told Natalie the other day… I…. It’s true… I do…” he said quietly. He was out the door before I could even register the importance of the phrase or reply.

I was incredibly happy but completely terrified at the same time. This is what I had wanted but now it made losing him seem so much more of a possibility.

“Earth to Y/N.” Wanda’s voice effectively snapped my attention back into the car. I had been lost in thought as we departed Clint’s to head back to the city. Most of the trip had been passed by Wanda talking at me while I stared out the window thoughtfully and added the occasional yes, no, or hm. Bucky had left to meet Fury the day before and I had been in a fog ever since – mainly because I kept replaying what he said before he left.

“He told me he loved me,” I whispered as I watched the countryside melt into the city. “Well I mean not in that many words… but…”

“That’s amazing!” Wanda exclaimed.

“Why do you sound less than thrilled?” Nat chipped in from the backseat. I had forgotten she was there and the sound of her voice made me jump.

“I mean… I don’t know… I love him – that’s absolutely obvious to me, but the prospect of love for people like us… I feel like it’s thumbing your nose at fate. It’s a strength and a weakness… I feel like loving someone as an Avenger…. Well it puts them in a very dangerous position…” I trailed off. My words came out in fragments because my thoughts were in fragments. I had felt an increasing amount of dread as we left Clint’s to come back. Everything had felt so natural and perfect there, but now it felt like we were coming back to reality and with reality came worry.

“I mean Clint has a family and a life outside of being an Avenger so I think it’s possible, but I understand what you mean,” Nat replied thoughtfully.

“Did you say it back?” Wanda asked.

“Say what?” I asked confused

Wanda rolled her eyes. “Did you tell him you loved him?”

I began to panic a little bit. “Well he didn’t directly say it and he didn’t give me time to think about what he said or formulate a response. By the time I opened my mouth to say something he was gone,” I replied miserably.

The rest of the drive into the city was mainly in silence. I rested my head against the cold glass of my window and closed my eyes hoping to focus on something other than not immediately telling Bucky that I loved him back. I must have dozed off because I awoke to Wanda shaking my shoulder gently and telling me we were back. I walked wearily behind the others with my bags in hand. I was ready to lay down and sleep for a solid week. Something about resuming the day-to-day always made me feel weary.

I passed Bucky’s room and sighed while continuing down the hallway. I entered my room and fell face first onto my bed. I was planning a solid hibernation when F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice cut through the silence. “Ma’am – Sargent Barnes left a message for you late last night. Shall I play it?”

My pulse quickened at the sound of his name. “Go ahead.”

Bucky’s voice filled my room suddenly. “Hey doll, I just wanted to let you know that I got to D.C. okay – plans have changed. I’m not sure how long I’ll be out on this one. I’ll try to make it home in time for Christmas and the gala… I…. I miss you. Bye.” His voice sounded distant and uneasy which furthered my miserable mood. I was definitely back in the real world again and for some reason I wished I had never left Clint’s. I squeezed my pillow to my chest and laid in silence until I finally fell asleep.

Wanda huffed at me impatiently as I stared reluctantly at the store front. “Well Barnes is planning on being home tomorrow right? It’s the Gala and Christmas Eve!” She repeated – I hadn’t been really listening to her. Bucky had been gone for weeks and I hadn’t received so much as a ‘Hey – not dead’ text since his voicemail he left letting me know he would try to make it back in time for Christmas and the gala.

“I don’t really know,” I shrugged helplessly. “I haven’t heard from him since we got back to the city, but I guess it’s better safe than sorry.” I set my jaw bravely and followed Wanda into the lingerie store. She had convinced me that I needed to make the gala a night for Bucky to remember, and for some reason I had consented – either out of sheer exhaustion or the nervous excitement that kept growing inside of me as the hopeful date of his arrival drew nearer.

An hour later  we emerged with something that Wanda seemed to think was appropriate. If I had known how many various shades of red and black lace existed in the universe I would have never agreed to the outing in the first place. I was still nervous – I had put off Christmas shopping for Bucky because I had no idea what to get him. Friend-Bucky had always been easy to shop for, but Boyfriend-Bucky seemed daunting to shop for. As we walked down the cold city street something caught my attention in a window display. I stopped midstride and Wanda ran into me with an audible, “Hey!” I pointed at the wonderfully crafter leather photo album that was perched between frames showing pictures of happy couples and families.

“I have an idea for Bucky’s Christmas present,” I said as I grabbed Wanda’s hand and pulled her behind me into the shop. The shopkeeper graciously plucked the album from the display and flipped through the pages affectionately.

“This was one of the last albums my father designed before he passed. We make all of these by hand you see,” he explained. He was an older, slight man with rough hands from his years of tinkering. “You know – I can customize this for you if you want – with your initials or?” He asked inquisitively.

“That would be wonderful! Except it isn’t for me… it’s a gift for someone. Could you put J.B.B.?” I liked the idea of adding a personal touch for Bucky.

“Absolutely my dear! Give me one moment please!” He hurried back to his workbench to complete the task. A few minutes later he came back with the album wrapped in delicate tissue paper and finished our transaction.

Wanda and I rushed home. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a lot of time to execute the plan. I rushed around the compound like a half-crazed person and informed everyone that I needed their favorite pictures of the group or any they liked that they had taken with Bucky. I saved Steve for last because it was much more than a few group pictures that I wanted from him.

“Hey Steve,” I said softly as I knocked on his door.

“Come in!” He called back. I walked in to see him sitting on his bed with a plethora of pictures spread out on the comforter.

“Hey… I was just wondering if you maybe have any pictures from before the War of Bucky…” I said a little lamely. I was beginning to wonder if my idea was too mushy or too intrusive after all.

“Yeah! Actually I heard you talking to Sam and I started going through all the pictures I have…. I think I’ve picked out some of my favorites… Will these work?” He asked sheepishly as he handed me a rather large stack.

As I flipped through them my face broke into a smile, “Steve! These are seriously perfect! But… do you think this is too much? Will he hate it?”

“Y/N it’s perfect. I think he will love it,” he replied earnestly as he smiled at me.

“Thanks Steve,” I called behind me as I strolled out the door and back to my room across the hall. I set to work immediately— figuring out which pictures should go where. I was so lost in the organization that I lost all sense of time. I couldn’t help but laugh as I looked through all the photos. There was one of Bucky holding Sam’s leg as he attempted to fly away—Bucky’s face was red from laughing. Another one was the year that Tony made everyone wear ugly Christmas Sweaters. He had, of course, made a competition out of it so everyone looked absolutely ridiculous. Somehow I had convinced Bucky to wear matching reindeer antlers for our ensemble – he looked absolutely put out as I laughed beside him. The memories went on and on and every single one of them made me miss him that much more.

Finally, I finished the book with a heavy sigh and looked up at my clock –It showed 3 a.m. “Oh shit… I need to go to bed,” I muttered as I placed the book on my nightstand and slid under my covers. I was trying desperately to quell the excitement I had about Bucky’s possible return in case it didn’t happen. I closed my eyes and sighed. I hadn’t realized how tired I was – thankfully I fell asleep almost immediately.

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I think you’re not getting enough protein. I can recommend a few brands if you want.

MAN. I still don’t really like myself as Akihiko, but I just love him too much to not try again and again and again…
I actually wanted to wear a different cosplay but I made the mistake to go to the Akihamu Tag on tumblr… Well, here is my favorite boy again!
AND since I haven’t been wearing him all that much for a few years, I forgot a lot at home (the SEES arm thingy and the little bandaid… WHELP)

My friend Nana took the time to take some pictures in front of that great grafitti! Kinda Tartarus-y, don’t you think?

anonymous asked:

Oh man, I never really shipped Janny before because I liked Jydia and I never saw Jackson as anything other than straight, but I think I might have loved it if they'd given us Janny in 6b. Like, it would have brought back a canonically gay POC & beloved character, it would have given the fans a ship that a lot of people actually DID like, and it would have undone some of the damage that was Dethan, by giving Danny a relationship with his best friend instead of a shitty murderer. *Sigh* if only.

Yeah, I never shipped Jackson with anyone except Lydia to be honest, and Jydia is still far and away my favorite ship for either of them.

I never saw Danny and Jackson as a romantic thing but, thinking back, I can actually picture Jackson being attracted to Danny. There were some moments in the early seasons where Jackson seemed to want Danny to be attracted to him and was frustrated when he wasn’t (”I’m everyone’s type”), and while that could absolutely just be an ego thing, it could also echo shades of Stiles’ “am I attractive to gay guys?” explorations.

Danny’s actually kind of the harder sell to me, because Danny –– despite being out and very comfortable with his sexuality and what he wanted –– was very much not interested in Jackson (thus Jackson’s frustration). 

Then again, things change. Back in sophomore year, Danny probably wouldn’t have even let his thoughts go there because Jackson wasn’t available. Besides him being with Lydia (and being very much in love with Lydia, despite their various toxic behaviors), Jackson wasn’t aware that he was bi even if Danny was (which, let’s be real, he probably would have been). Danny didn’t seem like the kind of guy for a training wheels relationship –– he seemed to go for more confident people who had their shit together (see: him also not giving Stiles the time of day, being interested in Derek and people at the Jungle who were mostly older and most definitely out) –– and wouldn’t have been attracted to someone as insecure and posturing as Jackson, even if he considered him a friend.

But if they stayed in touch after Jackson left, or reconnected after Danny left to… who the hell knows where, Danny would have gotten to know a very different Jackson. I can only imagine that the kanima experience would have humbled Jackson somewhat, making him rethink his priorities and stripping away a lot of that false bravado, leaving him a lot more emotionally mature. I feel like post-kanima Jackson would be someone that Danny could be really attracted to, and with a couple of years for them to grow and for Jackson to figure out his sexuality… yeah, I can absolutely see them connecting in that way.

That’s a story that would have made a lot of sense. Hell, it would have even explained where Danny went when he randomly vanished between seasons. (If Danny went to study abroad to escape the horrors of Beacon Hills, staying with his childhood friend’s family.)

I still ship Jydia more, but I could have gotten on board with Janny and it could have been good. Instead we’re getting… well. This.


I thought for fun I’d submit a few pictures of some shelter dogs! The first is my new favorite, since he’s so super smart, after we played fetch for an hour to lower his high stress. The two pitties here are being goofballs, so I just had to share the pictures. The white jindo mix is actually from a Korean dog meat farm that was shut down. He’s six months here, and has made amazing progress from when we received him several months ago. He went outside to play with another dog after the picture was taken, so please don’t worry of the state of the run he’s in, as I obsess over giving my dogs plenty of squishy blankets to snuggle up in!

Excellent photos, thank you!


Favorite Bias(es) Tag ❤︎ 
Rules: post 9 pictures of my bias
-I was tagged by the lovely @dayeemah
Since I did my last one with Jaebum, I knew it would only be right to do the tag this time with Tae Tae. 😍
Tagging anyone who want’s to do this. 💛

He Tells You He Likes You - Grayson

“Hey y/n i have a question.” Grayson said from my bed. I looked up from my laptop and looked at him. “What is it?” I asked.”Well i actually want some advice.” He said. “On what?” I asked. “Girls…” He said embarrassed. “What about them?” I asked.

“Well I like this girl… And I don’t know how to tell her.” He said. I hurt me that he liked someone else. I’ve liked him since a couple years ago. “Well you can like all her post on Instagram and comment your feelings on your favorite picture.” I said.

“I thought girls didn’t like when guys text their feelings?” He asked asked confused. “Well i mean i like when boys do that. I guess i don’t even know what girls like.” I said laughing. He nodded going to his phone as i went back to my laptop. A couple minutes passed and my phone buzzed.

GraysonDolan liked 100 pictures of yours

GraysonDolan Commented on your picture.

I unlocked my phone going on Instagram reading the comment

GraysonDolan- I Like you….A lot actually. I might even love you. Actually I do love you. I love you a lot. I love your laugh, smile, personalty. And not to mention your really beautiful.