these are actually different

it just hit me that lance most likely doesn’t even remember actually shooting sendak at all. his “apparently” automatically turns this statement into that of a third person account, the words of someone who wasn’t there to actually witness the event itself. not to mention the fact that his recollection of the encounter is different than what actually happened, which would make sense if all he knew about that moment was what was told to him by 4 different people who experienced it differently during a hectic situation. 

lance has been shown on multiple occasions to doubt his abilities when the upmost trust is placed upon them. we’ve seen it on beta traz and with the mermaids. it’s not so far out of left field to think that he has doubts as to whether or not he actually did what the team told him he did.

lance was one of the most essential aspects of their victory that night, and he doesn’t even genuinely believe it happened. 

Modern Lúthien and Beren :)

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Are all mymbles female?

Yes, so it appears. All species in Moominvalley are more like different types of people than actual biological species. Mymbles represent certain type of women and femininity. Mymble (senior) seems to have male children among her offspring but the books never address them seperately or comment what they are supposed to be called. So all known mymbles are indeed female.

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here’s me appreciating my got7 bbys!! i love them a lot look at us with our cute lil flower crown thingies they look so cute and i look .. dead .. 

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Do you think the new Spider-Man trailer gave away too much of the movie and focus too much on Tony Stark?

I think the new trailer did seem to give pretty much away. There was a lot in it that probably should have been left for viewers to see in the theaters. But, with that being said, I’ve thought that about movies several times and then after I see them I realize the trailer didn’t actually show me much or was framed way differently.
About Tony? I think it makes sense that he has quite a bit of focus on him since peter is still figuring out how to be spiderman and a superhero. Tony will clearly have a big role in helping him do that. Plus I always love some Tony Stark

So I’ve started reading the Witcher books in Polish. I feel a bit the same as when I was reading Tolkien in English except I actually could speak English at that time xD But oh well I like a good challenge I guess. Anyway I’m using my french books as translation to help me make sense of it and I must say that a lot of Sapkowski’s talent and writing style gets lost in translation. There are times in the french version when I stumbled upon some overly complicated sentences which I didn’t think were very nice to read. Turns out those sentences are actually VERY different in the original version, because yeah some things are so easily said in Polish by just writing one or two words and using the right grammatical case. And it’s completely impossible to translate that into French so the french translation is a loooong and complicated sentence struggling to convey the meaning of it. I’ve read maybe 10 pages so far but I’m already 100% convinced that it’s not possible to have an accurate idea of Sapkowski’s writing if you are not reading these books in Polish (or another Slavic language with similar grammar rules). I seriously even feel bad for the french translator because it’s obvious while reading the 2 versions that translating those books was a real struggle xD And I’m kinda falling in love with the books (and the polish language) all over again here. Anyway I’ll make sure to write a longer post about it afterwards, considering the time I’m taking to read it I’ll probably be done with Ostatnie życzenie in something like 5 years. Hopefully I’ll make some progress with my Polish in the meantime.

Sometimes I think about the fact that I spent almost the entirety of my teenage years under the influence of dozens of hypnotists. I think about how different my life would be, and how different a person I would be, if I’d actually been in control of my own brain during that time. My adult personality was shaped by, and I suppose you could even say created by, a load of strangers I met online. I don’t know which thoughts and desires and dreams are my own and which ones were written into my subconscious mind by other people. I have no idea who the “real me” is, underneath all that brainwashing, and sometimes that terrifies me.

But then I think… I know who I am. I’m a good girl. And good girls obey.

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Personal opinion. I think David comes off kind of douchey. Like he stated before that he doesn't like to look back at his old work. Doesn't like reunions. Although I like him. And have been watching him from Buffy, Angel, to Bones. But it seemed like he didn't want to be there. Makes you wonder how much they had to pay him. Honestly the cover should've been the whole cast. Or just SMG. Side not; Sarah is dead set on never playing Buffy again lol.

That’s exactly the vibe I kind of got, but I didn’t want to get into that. David was extremely outspoken about how reluctant he is about revisiting his past roles (and he was talking about BTVS specifically…) very, very recently. So it’s very likely that cover was the result of different deals they made with the actors to actually get them to be there. So, in that sense, I’m super grateful because otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten most of the cast (I’m still heartbroken about Anthony and Eliza not being there!) in the photo shoot.

I got 7 of these shirts but in different colours the other day, and I actually quite like how this one looks on me! It’s slightly darker than it looks in this :)

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I want to start experimenting with they/they pronouns and a different name, but I dont know how to do that without asking my family to change anything because Im not out to them yet (and i dont plan to be until i know what my identity is fully)

Well, friends are good for this. If they’re supportive, you could try asking them to change pronouns and names for you, see how it feels. Also, try out referring to yourself with different pronouns/name. It’s actually really helpful talking to yourself and seeing how it fits!

Online is always helpful! Try going by a different name, different pronouns on social media. After a while, you might get a feel for it. 

Write little things about yourself using your preferred name/pronouns. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just simple sentences, even. For example:

Ellis typed away on their computer. They wondered if they were doing okay at answering the asks sent to them.

You don’t need to figure it out right away. Take time to think about it, try out names and pronouns. No one’s saying you have to come out soon, or even at all. 

Some sorrow

I had a college best friend, E. We met at honors orientation and were fast friends. She and I were an odd couple. She was very girly and loved fashion, makeup, and cute things. She wanted to be a pediatrician and help sick kids no matter what. E struggled a lot more than I did in premed classes. She was very driven and determined but would try to memorize everything. I had/have the traits of being very sarcastic, logical, and focused. I was pretty sure I wanted to do something critical care oriented. But I have the traits of being competitive and blunt while she was prone to constant anxiety about school to where she would study 12 hours a day and would not come to social events.

We bonded over going through premed together because we were different than the others. We actually believed in trying the very best for our patients. Money didn’t even cross our minds when we picked what we wanted to do. I helped her with school work and she helped me with public speaking. We balanced each other.

She ended up taking 1 gap year and is now a 3rd year at a DO school in the southeast. We had a falling out during my first gap year, I think. I don’t even remember what it was about. Isn’t that sad, that I can’t remember what went wrong? So we stopped talking. It’s been probably 3 years. 

I decided to look up the match list for her school, as someone who graduated with us from undergrad is a 4th year and hopefully matched. I ended up googling E. She has some sort of profile that’s similar to linked in.

I found out that she now wants to be a radiologist. Which is so different than peds. I kept googling and found her wedding registry. She’s getting married next year to another DO student. My mouth dropped. So much had changed. We truly though when we graduated that we still still be best friends. We’d be each other’s bridesmaids. Once we were debt free, we’d go on vacation together and spend all day shopping. 

She had an awful experience with a guy in undergrad. Who basically took her virginity then ghosted her like a month or 2 later. First love too. She was heartbroken and I was there for her. Sometimes she would cry and ask why wasn’t she good enough or if anyone would ever love her. I told her that of course she’s good enough and that she’ll fine someone worth of her soon. And now she presumably found the one and I wasn’t there for that.

I found her email address online. I creeped on her fiance and saw his fb pages loaded with pictures of him and her. He’s very cute too. 

I’m torn on whether or not to contact her. It’s been so long. There’s a part of me that feels that it’s selfish to contact her and to bring up all that bad stuff. She hated our undergrad too. So I’m probably bundled up in all those memories of a chapter in her life. I don’t know how to start this email. 

I don’t know if it would hurt too bad.

ok i’m not sure if i’m wording this well at all dfigjncvclvnx but…i really like cartoons that are pretty silly most of the time but will still have some episodes that r really dark or sad a LOT more than i do when they’re serious or if they like… start out light and end up being Dark™ later on…

cause with the first any sad stuff actually has a big impact because it’s DIFFERENT…like even when you know it’s coming when the rest of a show is so lighthearted any really emotional scenes will have a big effect

but with the second thing you just. get used to it. it’s especially bad with the kinda stuff that does start out light cause for a while it’ll feel like the first thing i described and then it shifts into Full Time Serious Mode and…nothing feels really new…when they keep doing sad stuff every episode there’s never any change in atmosphere. it stops feeling sad and starts feeling just like a normal thing. 

i dunno how much any of that actually makes sense but…yea hopefully u can see what i mean…anyway this is why i haven’t cried over a single episode of su but i’ve cried literally more times than i can count over pinky and the brain

Philosophy of nothingness.

Is the idea of nothing completely non existent and only created in the mind?

did our minds just create the existence of nothing, for no reason. Did we just created something out of nothing?


What is outside of this universe? -Nothing right?


If our universe is in nothing, then what contains that nothingness? Something needs to be outside of the nothingness?

If we create a small enough space completely comprised of nothing, with not a single atom or quark. Would this type of nothing match the same type of nothing located outside of the universe?

How many different kinds of nothing are there? And if the example types of nothings are actually completely different, then that is something. And something always needs to be contained in something.

So nothing is truly something?

So if nothing doesn’t actually exist… is that nothing? Who invented nothing anyway?

"Arrow": What's really going on with Helix

In response to @rua1412 ’s reply that Felicity is already a killer (check notes on OP):

I think there’s a HUGE difference between being unable to STOP the killing and actually DOING the killing. Felicity may be responsible for where the killings OCCURRED (by diverting the one nuke she couldn’t stop), but she is not the CAUSE of the deaths - that’s ALL on Damien Darhk.