these are actually different

Watching movies in my target languages is really difficult for me because often everyone talks super fast and their speech is really slurred too but!
Disney movies are a lot easier to understand because 1) they’re aimed at children so the words they use aren’t too unusual or hard to understand and 2) the voices were recorded in a studio, with a microphone, rather than in front of a camera. This actually makes a huuuuge difference; I had the same realization when i had just started watching movies in English - cartoons or dubbed movies were super easy to understand but movies like Star Wars or Batman weren’t.

So if you feel like you can’t watch movies and it frustrates you, watch Disney, even if you think technically you’re supposed to be at a level high enough to understand movies like Batman.

Listening comprehension is a separate skill that needs to be practiced and not understanding a movie in your target language doesn’t mean that your speaking, reading or writing skills aren’t as good as you thought they were. It just means you need to work on your listening skills! If you watch a movie with subtitles in your TL you’ll often find that you know most of the words, you just can’t distinguish the individual words when you hear the actors talk and that’s something that’ll definitely get better with time!

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What did non binary ppl do to u fam lmao

Pretended there were more than two genders. It’s not a personal thing. If an individual comes up to me and identifies as non-binary I’m not going to be an asshole about it. I’m just not going to pretend I think you’re actually a brand-new gender because sometimes you wear different kinds of clothes.

Sunday Six

Harry returned about an hour later, laden with grocery bags- and didn’t get two steps into his house before he froze, the immediate sense of something wrong taking him by the throat.  There was someone else there.  Harry was still for less than a second while he processed all that, got on his guard, and was moving again as if he suspected nothing amiss.  It was a pause only someone who did that sort of thing for a living would have noticed at all.

Harry’s guest did do that sort of thing for a living.  “Sorry,” he said.  “Didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Eggsy,” Harry said.  He relaxed, flicked on the light, and saw Eggsy in the sitting room, curled up in an armchair.  Eggsy was blinking to adjust to the new brightness; just how long had he been sitting there in the dark?  “If I’d known you would be back already I would’ve offered to pick you up.“

Eggsy’s mouth twisted and he shrugged.

Harry didn’t know if he had done something wrong.  It made him feel awkward.  "I wasn’t sure if you would want to go home or not.”

“I did,” Eggsy said. 

He didn’t elaborate further, and for a second Harry couldn’t have moved if his life depended on it.  He envisioned Eggsy thinking of this- of him- as home and it made him weak, made him foolish.  He normally tried to be upbeat about all this, tried not to wallow in how desperately he wanted Eggsy and how much it would hurt if it never did work out- but Eggsy’s abrupt departure had made him think and feel things he had meant to put behind him.  It was residual bitterness from that period, Harry told himself, that made him so unreasonably angry for the no-doubt unintended double meaning.  Eggsy hadn’t been saying that

i’m waiting for my family to come home and for some reason my anxiety levels are over the roof so here’s sth i did while trying to think about sth more plesant 

so he’s my mc for the arcana game aka my oc which has gone through a dozen of different fandoms

her actual name is marinette but everyone calles her magpie since she’s a dirty (literally) thief and loves shiny. also suprisingly good at tarot?? will fight u 24/7 no matter who u are and especially if ur sneaking up on her

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Why people insist that Eren and Mikasa see eachother as siblings?.... wouldn't they call eachother "oneechan, aniki or some shit Likes that ?

oh the very old grandma in me that has had the same discussion 15454654875 times since 2013 really wishes she wouldn’t have to talk about this again because she is tired lol *sigh*

okay one more time I guess because new season *grunts*

well, I don’t think Mikasa talks family in the literal sense, she might have loved the Yeagers like her 2nd family, but that’s different from considering them as her actual parents
she calls Eren’s father “Dr Yeager” or when talking to Eren “your father”
she calls Carla “aunt Carla”/”your mother”
and well, she has never referred to Eren as brother, but she uses the word family many times, and family for Mikasa I guess is not in the literal sense, but is more of an emotional bond, in that sense Armin is family to Mikasa too
and I do think she considers him so

we don’t know how things would be if she has lived with them more than one year, but that didn’t happen anyway

besides, Isayama has never referred to them like that, nor does the narrative through the other characters in the story

when you tell people this, they get mad because for whatever freaking reason, they think if you say Eren and Mikasa aren’t regarded as siblings then you must be saying their relationship is purely romantic

like hold your horses, it doesn’t have to be either this or that?
(talking about the nature of the relationship here not the individual feelings)

of course people interpret canon differently and that’s okay, right or wrong that’s another story, I’m not bothered with people who respectfully express their opinion and back it up with arguments

I do think a lot of people mix things up though and don’t understand where the interpretation starts and when it ends, example:

interpretation: I think Eren and Mikasa’s bond is sibling-like/familial/purely platonic
not an interpretation/wrong fact: Eren and Mikasa are siblings

lastly, remember nobody’s opinion is gonna change the actual story, so does it really matter?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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i see all these edits with khonjin and pent interacting and wonder something to you. If they had met under different circumstances, would they actually have got along ok?

The real answer is probably no. Pent has very little patience and khonjin is suuuper annoying.


This was @thatgirlfromwindsor’s reply to this ask here and I just thought everything was really well said, so I’m gonna repost it. -Admin Gilfairy

“Feel free to post this into an actual post if you’d like admins: There’s a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. No one is telling anyone not to listen to kpop, or learn the language. If it’s something that inspires you, then good! That’s great. Cultural appreciation is something great and the sharing of new and different views is amazing. The problem is when people appropriate. There’s a lot of issues with Exp, but the main one is the fact that they aren’t Asian. Now, you don’t have to be Korean to be in K-pop, as evidenced by the mass presence of Chinese, Thai and Japanese idols. There’s also Alex Reid from BP Rania who’s full black. But the difference between her and Exp is that she put in the effort. No, her Korean isn’t good, but she’s trying. She’s learning, she’s growing. Her members are helping her through it. She’s a PART of a kpop group that’s based in Korea. She’s not making her own and claiming that it’s kpop. Exp is taking something that’s inherently Korean, and taking the Korean out of it. It’s a similar thing as to when white girls wear corn rows, or if someone that’s not Desi or Indian uses gems above their eyebrows. White people (or people not in that specific culture) take something and use it as a trend. They’re praised and deemed cool, whereas poc are ridiculed and discriminated against for the same thing. Exp was created out of a social experiment. They don’t get to call themselves K-pop idols because they 1) Can’t speak or even at the very least pronounce Korean 2) Didn’t put in the effort or training like idols from if companies do. Do I think they are talented men? Yes. Do I think they have potential? Yes. But not in this way. They should not be marketed as K-pop idols in a kpop group. You can’t just take a bunch of white guys, wrap em in some “trendy K-pop” clothes and eyeliner and call it a day. K-pop and Asian Culture is so much more than just looking exotic and edgy. We were shit on because of this same culture that the west has decided is now trendy. Exp makes me super fucking uncomfortable. Appreciate me and my culture, but you don’t have to take it and do it yourself. No one said you had to become a kpop star if you like kpop. And there’s such a double standard as to where it comes from too. This is my culture and I welcome you all to appreciate it. But please, for the God. Don’t take it and make it your own. My culture isn’t something for you to pick up as a hobby because you seem it’s trendy. You get to wipe away the makeup and forget the language and the culture at the end of the day. Me? I’m stuck with my skin tone, with my eyes with my race. You don’t face the same discrimination as we do. You don’t get to claim something that’s ours if you don’t face the hardships. I think Jae will feel similarly to me on this note. You can’t just pick certain parts of the culture that you want without acknowledging the rest. My people are not your fashion accessory.”


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the first was taken exactly six years before the second, and oh my GOD you guys can see that i was really not at my best in eighth grade. this is a Rachel i’ve tried to erase from my memory, and thankfully literally everything about my face has improved since then. i took the last pic two days ago on my way to work and tbh i think i look great

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so today i told my co-workers that I was going to a local festival with my best friend. he then asked me if my boyfriend would be jealous that i called this other guy my best friend and I was like…no. my boyfriend is not my best friend. and that perplexed him because he kept on insisting that my boyfriend SHOULD BE my best friend and that it was wrong that he isn’t. because david and i not being best friends meant that our relationship wasn’t correct. 

and as I was telling this story to my actual best friend after the festival, he asked me what the difference was and…sometimes, it’s hard to put in words, but the reason is because when i wake up, the first person I want to see is david. 

i want the moments where we don’t say anything, i want the moments as we lay side by side and we are both together in two bodies. i want the life i see us building together as a unit. i want us.

best friends are great and i love them, but i don’t build my life with them. i live life near them, but we don’t wake up every morning together and lay the bricks to our future side by side. we don’t map out our future around what the other person is doing. there is no us per say, just two people who care about each other living their lives in our own directions (which are usually in the same direction) and that’s okay.

so, no, my boyfriend is not my best friend. he’s in a category all his own–my partner, my spouse, my other half–and that’s okay too.  

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When I first started reading killing stalking I was like "ehh" because of the art, but I came around, I actually really like the art, it's different and sets the mood for this type of story. I've never read a (manhwa?) Before but ks as a first is a good choice? Idk I really like it. It's very interesting, yes fucked up to many but interesting and enjoyable in my opinion. Also I wanna see more of the cop, my heart was racing when he was in Sangwoo's house. I can't wait to see him again.

Me, if you need more recommendation

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Princess and the frog is a good movie

-Majority of cast is POC
-most of the music is jazz, which is super fitting
-one of the characters gives up her love interest to help her friends
-some of the scenes are so pretty like look at this fucking art it’s beautiful
-Some encouraging af words
-also character motive?? Lots of motive
-shows interracial friendship between a poor black girl and a white rich girl, their friendship is major to the plot and never actually points out the difference in colour.

Cons? They kill a character

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I get my emotions confused often, especially with physical manifestations. I used to believe that I liked to be sad, because I liked to cry. But after finally being able to separate them, I think I like crying as a regulator. And not just for sensory stuff (sort of like stunning I guess?), but also general emotions. Crying helps regulate that. And not just for sad emotions, but anger, fear, happiness, or when my routine has changed. Or after/during a meltdown. Is this normal???

That is pretty much the entire purpose of crying! We usually associate crying with sadness, but - fun Science! fact - studies have shown that crying while experiencing different emotions actually changes the chemicals in the tears!

Basically, crying is exactly the way you describe it - it is a release, and it really doesn’t matter which emotion causes it. If the emotion is strong enough, it can make you cry. How strong depends on the emotion and the person - it is different in everyone, and everyone’s emotions are different.

Personally, I find crying extremely cathartic - whether I am happy, sad, angry, experiencing a physical sensation, whatever, I always feel better after crying.

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Would it be alright if I wrote something from what seems to be your take on the surface in undertale? It feels almost like all the underground AU's were all existing in the same world or universe together, and gradually monsters kept breaking free to the surface and for some reason there's a lot of people who are sort of like you but also different, but they just try not to think about it too hard. I dunno I might be reading too far into this but a world like that would be a blast to write!

Absolutely, that sounds like a lovely idea!  I know I’ve seen a couple of takes on the Surface that do it like “The Underground is actually really huge, so the AU’s come onto the Surface in different spots” kinda thing.  So if you do write something based on that, I’d love to see it~

If you’re talking about the Surface in SSLL, then it’s actually a little different.  I haven’t addressed how all the skeletons came to live together yet, but let’s just say it’s nothing original.  It definitely has to do with the broken machine and timeline shenanigans.