these are actual serious conversations that happen at my

BTS Reaction: Their S/O talks in their sleep.
  • Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • You while sleeping: Here. Kitty.
  • Jin: ??
  • Jin: meow?
  • You: -Snoring-
  • Jin: You made me say meow to no one and embarrass myself.
  • Jin: I don't know how you Manage to do this even in your sleep.
  • Jin: Stob it.
  • You: Hmm? Jin? Stop talking to the air, I'm sleeping.
  • Jin: -Deep breath- IwillnotthrowmygirlfriendIwillnot-
  • Min Yoongi/Suga:
  • YG: -Listens-
  • You: Jae6
  • YG: You need to unfollow Jae and his meme fans.
  • YG: I should have never introduced you to them.
  • You: Rock
  • YG: Where did that even come from?
  • You: ShhhH
  • YG: Ah so you're awake
  • You: -Actually Sleeping-
  • YG: I don't think I can process what just happened. Even in your sleep you have the audacity to shush me.
  • Jung Hoseok/J-Hope:
  • JH: -Pinches your cheeks-
  • You: -Somehow targets his cheeks and slaps em-
  • JH: My butt wasn't even in range. Confess you're awake.
  • You: Pretty
  • JH: We are having a long and serious conversation when you wake up.
  • JH: What are you even dreaming about?
  • You: -Sleeping-
  • JH: Fine then don't answer. -Bitter-
  • You: -smacks him-
  • JH: HoW???
  • Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:
  • RM: Cute Cute Cute
  • You: Cute
  • RM: Namjoon is great
  • You: Grape
  • RM: No. Great!
  • You: Grape
  • RM: I shouldn't have gone purple for Not Today.
  • You: Grapejoon
  • RM: This is unbelievable. -Shakes you and realizes you're actually saying this in your sleep-
  • RM: In your sleep you insult me, This is not okay.
  • Park Jimin/Jimin:
  • JM: -Finds it odd but cute- What could you be dreaming about?
  • You: I.. Bub..ble
  • JM: You're not a bubble well at leat last time I checked you were human.
  • You: J apeach
  • JM: Oh no. I know where this is going no—
  • You: Jimin is apeach
  • JM: I'm not..
  • You: Jpeach
  • JM: I'm begging of you, don't remember this. I don't want to be Jpeach on your contacts.
  • Kim Taehyung/V:
  • You: Tae
  • TH: Ohh?
  • You: lunch
  • TH: ?
  • You: plunge
  • TH: Tae plunge? Tae Lunch?
  • TH: -On Google typing- Should I be worried if my girlfriend is calling me a plunge.// What does it mean to be my girlfriends lunch?
  • Jeon Jungkook/Johnkook:
  • You: Memekook
  • JK: Stop acting asleep
  • You: Kookie
  • JK: -Shakes you around-
  • You: -Still asleep- Bad
  • JK: Oh my god you're actually sleeping.
  • You: Jung
  • JK: kook?
  • You: yuck
  • JK: Watch me block you on all my socials. Just watch.
Brotherly Love ~ An Archangels Story

A/N: This is a none-ship story about the archangels finding out that chuck has a daughter, another archangel.

Just a quick idea I had. Maybe I will do more parts, maybe not, who knows  ;)

Thoughts are very welcome  :)

Read Part 2 here! :)

Charachters: Chuck/God, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Y/N

Warnings: None, besides fluff I guess? :)

Originally posted by lucifersagents

It took Chuck a lot overcoming to finally get three of his sons at one table but he was even more nervous about the thing he was about to tell them. It wasn’t exactly planned that they would find it out like this but the only way to clean up the mess the birth of Lucifers child, Jack, made, was to introduce them to their little sister Y/N and hope they would agree to work together.

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Weeping Angels   ~David Tennant/Tenth Doctor Imagine~

Hello humans! So I started watching Doctor Who about 2 weeks ago and I’m addicted, so I thought I would do a tenth doctor imagine! It’s not that great, but I hope you like it! :)

*Not My Gif*


I slowly walked into kitchen, trying not to run into anything. I had recently moved into a new flat and every time I went to get a glass
of water or snack at midnight, I always managed to stub my toe on something. When I reached the cabinet, I pulled out a glass and poured
some water into it. I took a sip as I stared out the kitchen window. The alley out back was filled with trash and rain puddles. As I
stared, I noticed something I had never noticed before. A grey statue towards the back of the alley. The statue looked like a angel
that was crying. Although I had never seen it in the alley before, I had definitely seen it somewhere else earlier that day. I shook it
off and looked away. I started to open the fridge for a snack, when it suddenly slammed close. Before I could react, I felt two arms
wrap around my torso and pull me back. I started to scream, but was muted by a hand covering my mouth. The glass fell out of my hand
and shattered on the floor in front of me.
“Shhh I’m not going to hurt you…listen Y/N don’t blink! That isn’t just a statue, it’s a weeping angel. If you blink you’re dead. Don’t
blink!” A male voice said.
My head was racing with a million different thoughts. How did he know my name? What the hell was a weeping angel? Why can’t I blink?
And how the hell did he get into my flat?!
I looked forward and the statue that was once in the alley, was now standing in front of me. It’s head was up and it’s eyes were stuck
on me. I started to breath rapidly as I stared at it. What the hell was going on?
“Don’t look away from it Y/N. Don’t blink.” He spoke again.
I stared at the statue and tried not to run away from both the statue and the man. He held me close to him as he started backing up
“Follow me.” He said as he let me go.
My knees were weak from panic, so I ended up accidentally falling to my knees as my right hand hit the shattered glass. I felt the pain,
but ignored it as I realized I had taken my eyes off the statue. I slowly looked up and the statue was now it my face with its arms
out like it was going to grab me. I quickly stood up and backed away. I felt the guy grab my hand and pull me into a blue box. The door
quickly shut as he ran towards a control panel. I stood up in shock and looked at my surroundings. How was this possible? It was…
bigger on the inside. The room had a huge control panel looking thing in the middle and a yellow tint to it. Suddenly, everything
started moving as if there was an earthquake happening. The movement knocked me to the floor of the strange room. I looked up to see the
guy holding onto one of the levers on the panel. Once the shaking stopped, the guy turned to me and smiled brightly.
“Cute pajamas.” He said.
“Who are you?” I automatically replied.
“I’m the doctor.” He said proudly.
“What is this? Why is it bigger on the inside?” I asked.
“This is the tardis, it’s my spaceship. I’m a time lord, last of them actually.” He said.
“Yeah…” I said as I studied his features.
His hair was brown and stuck up in the front. He wore a brown suit with white converse. He was an overall attractive guy, but he must
of been crazy. A time lord? Really?
“Really, I could take you anywhere. Past or present.” He said.
He didn’t look like he was crazy, he looked completely serious about what he was saying.
“Let’s say I did believe you, how did you get into my flat? And how did you know that was going to happen to me?” I questioned.
“I told you, I’m a time lord. I saw it happen in the future. It’s a long story really. My tardis accidentally landed in your kitchen,
which is how I got into your flat.” He explained.
I nodded as he explained. Did I actually believe him?
“Oh, you got a nasty cut on your hand there.” He said as he walked over to me.
I looked at my hand and noticed the gash in it.
“Oh, I didn’t even realize…” I said, trailing off.
He stood in front of me and held his hand out to help me up. I grabbed his hand and stood up, smiling slightly at him.
“Let’s get that cleaned up.” He said sweetly.
He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the seat next to the control panel. I sat down as he pulled out a pair of glasses from his
coat and put them on. I looked at him, then looked down as my cheeks turned red. He definitely looked adorable wearing glasses.
He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed the wound slightly as I tried to not winch in pain. Then he tied the handkerchief
around my hand to stop the bleeding.
“Better?” He asked looking at me with a smile.
I smiled and nodded.
“So what happens now?” I questioned.
“Well, I made the weeping angels look at each other, so they won’t be trying to hurt you any more. I would definitely recommend moving
somewhere else though. Weeping angels aren’t exactly the best decor.” He said, laughing a bit.
I smiled and laughed a bit too.
“Unless…” He started to say.
“Unless?” I questioned.
“You want to come with me..” He suggested.
I was shocked by his offer.
“Go traveling with a stranger?” I questioned aloud.
“It’s time traveling and I did just save your life.” He said as he laughed.
I thought about it. He did make a good point. I smiled and looked up at him.
“Okay.” I simply said.
“Really?” He asked with a smile.
I smiled and nodded.
“If I can pick where we go.” I added.
“Anywhere you’d like.” He said with a cheeky smile.

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An Actual Conversation About Delphi
  • My mom finished cursed child and we were discussing Delphi's existence in the car after we got home from shopping.
  • Mom: I just don't see how Voldemort could've had sex
  • Me: *goes into brief psychoanalysis of Voldemort's inability to love based on Tumblr posts*
  • Mom: ...I mean you see his non-existent nose, God knows what's happened to his penis from all that dark magic...
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me:'re the one with the psychology degree.
  • Mom: so?
  • Me: *busts out laughing* are you serious?!
  • Mom: *gives me a straight face* yes!
  • Me: *literally gasping for breath* I think she was hatched, from an egg.
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom: you're an idiot *leaves the car*

Title: sucky roommates

Pairing: RoyalChaos, TehFawkes, past GaZe

Rating: MA

Summary: "Wanna catch a movie on Saturday? I hear that new Marvel movie is good,“ Steven says when Anthony gets back from his last class of the day. The Bold and the Restless is on, and Steven isn’t even ashamed to admit that he’s been drawn into the soap opera ever since he first saw Sarah and Rick kiss in season three.

Notes: blowjobs, boys being silly, college au, lots of mentions of a soap opera, dating, not dating

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I stopped talking to others when I met you. I enjoyed how we talked about silly and serious things. It’s an everyday routine, actually. Our conversation is like we knew each other for a very long time. I even forgot about my other life – It’s like my world revolves around you. You are one of the best things that has happened to me but I guess, I am not the best for you. All of the shared thoughts are wasted, because you found someone who is better to have midnight talks rather than me.

Nothing serious (Simon Request)

“Its our favourite Sugg!” JJ grins when him and Vikk see you on the blue carpet.
Of course, you were here at the premiere of your twin brother, Joe, and Caspar’s second hit the road film. The crowd were insane and the evening had already been going brilliantly. Everyone adored your tomboy style outfit and you loved seeing how excited your brother was about the whole night.
“Hey guys” You grin, giving your best friend JJ a big hug.
“Looking not so ugly I see” He jokes, receiving a hit on his arm from you.
“Well good because they want photos of us two” You comment and one of the organisers leads the pair of you over whilst Vikk takes photos with fans.
Plenty of cameras flash around you, all taking photos of you and your best friend from every angle possible. It would always overwhelm you but was also something you were used to now, being so involved with YouTubers nowadays. It started with your older sister, Zoe, and then moved to your twin and soon you were brought into the online world, never having your own channel but being in plenty of videos. And it led to you meeting your crazy best friend as well as Simon. The guy you had always flirted back and forth with. You thought it was harmless until you realised you had feelings for him. That’s when everything turned on its head…
And of course, he would be here tonight. And you had promised to keep yourself as casual as possible. Tonight was about your brother.
“Come on let’s have the best trio of the century together” Joe calls, standing on the other side of you to take some photos with you and Jide.
After plenty of photos, you split off to go and meet as many viewers as possible.
“Hey (y/n)” A familiar voice shouts and you turn to see Josh waving at you with Simon by his side.
“Hello boys" You chuckle and go to give them a hug.
“you look…amazing” Simon stutters and Josh pats him on the shoulder before going to see his friends.
“Why thank you Minter” You blush slightly, evident through your lack of makeup.
“So we should probably head inside” He says, wiping his hands on his trousers.
“Yeah of course” You smile and he links his arm with yours, both of you walking inside swiftly.
“Come on (y/n) we need you for this photo” Joe calls and you rush over, crouching in front of him to join the huge group photo about to be taken.
You begin to head back off after the photo but your brother stops you.
“You and Simon then?” He raises his brows.
“Oh shut up Joe” You roll your eyes.
“I’ll take that as a yes” He scoffs.
“Why should it matter you dickhead?” You question and get interrupted by JJ
“Come on guys, you can’t be late to your own film Joe” He points out and you split off to follow him into where your seats were.
Some of the boys were already piled in and you step aside to let JJ in first, causing yourself to be sat between Simon and him.
“Popcorn my lady?” He mumbles, turning the big pot towards you.
“I’ll pass” You chuckle, “I’ve got my magic stars”
“Oooh I think we’ve got ourselves a feast” He grins and stuffs some popcorn into his mouth.
You laugh at his idiotic behaviour though can’t help but love him even more for it. You and him always had the same sense of humour, it couldn’t be helped that he always found a way to make you laugh.
“You guys gonna be quiet?” JJ questions.
Simon rolls his eyes and turns to the screen though nothing is actually happening yet.
“What’s wrong with you at the minute?” You ask him.
“Nothing” He smiles, turning to the screen and clearly grateful to see the events begin to commence.
~~~Time Skip~~~
The after party was what more people seemed to be happy about after the hilarious film and you all got there quickly, welcomed with drinks automatically.
“No come on I don’t see how that’s possible” You laugh, obviously amid a conversation with Simon.
“I’m serious! Ive-” He begins explaining though it cut off when your brother approaches.
“And what can I hell you with today my dear twin?” You ask in a posh voice and he guides you over to a quiet corner.
“Look, I know that you like Simon and its obvious he likes you too but I want you to be careful okay?” He says, protective brother mode overtaking.
“Yeah I’ll watch out, I’ve heard hes a bit dangerous” You mention sarcastically.
“Come on, I’m serious. You know he can be a little bit ‘acts before he thinks’ sometimes and I don’t want you getting hurt” He warns.
“Joseph Graham Sugg, I’m having a bit of fun. Nothing serious okay?” You raise your brows.
“Alright alright” He lifts his hands in defence, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”
You roll your eyes and go to grab yourself a drink
On your way back, JJ swoops in to speak to you on his own.
“Oh for God’s sakes not you too” You grumble and watch him grab Simon as well.
“Right you two are my two best friends and all that shit okay?” He begins, clearly having prepared this beforehand, “And you obviously like each other”
“I-” Simon starts but is cut off.
“I just want to clear this up. If you god damn hurt her I will physically make it my duty to make sure I hurt you twice as much okay?” He turns to Simon.
You look to the floor with a smile, finding his protective attitude completely hilarious.
“And you” He focuses on you, “If he ever does anything to you, I’m the first person you come to. And then go to your brother because you can stay with him if you need to and-”
“JJ calm down” you laugh, “We’re not even together! You don’t need to start planning my escape route. Both you and Joe need to learn to bloody shut up. I’m fine!”
He exhales and glances between the pair of you before leaving, clearly knowing his attempts would have no effect.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s with him honestly” You sigh.
“I just don’t think he likes the idea of you being my babygirl” He mutters, “I mean what?”
You laugh at his awkwardness, “Your babygirl ay?”
“What can I say?” He winks and you find yourself blushing even more.
(Ahh bet you thought I was going to forget it this time @supsdmn, neverrr)

Games We Play

GAMES WE PLAY: in which ( y/n ) and justin are exes who claim they’re over each other, but when justin consistently sabotages ( y/n )’s dates ( who frankly is trying to move on ), she decides that two can play that game and promptly wages a war on justin. in the midst of it all, they’re forced to come to terms with the fact that maybe they’re not completely over each other despite what they may think [ contains mature content ] 

alright so i know i said i wouldn’t be posting, but one of my major assignments got moved to next week so i had a lot of free time to finish this up. with that being said, games we play will be my last original imagine until i finish the requests i’ve been given. anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this one as much as i enjoyed writing it !!

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sooo @fangirling-saved-me turns 16 today and i wasnt sure exactly what i wanted to do but i do have to make at least one big mushy post. i just wanted to say that i honestly cant believe its been over a year since i met you because so many things have happened since last may. sending that first ask to you was honestly the greatest decision ive made on this website. youre the sweetest and most amazing person ive ever met even if you dont think it. we have conversations that can range from being 100 gifs to having actual serious chats. we have so many inside jokes that still make me laugh when i think about them, and i mean we even have our own special gif. youve been through all my awkard fandom obsessions and keyboard smashes. youve been through the most horrible icons ive ever made to the ones that even ended being the one you changed your theme for. youve introduced me to so many of my favorite things that i never would have found without you. we’ve had so many late night conversations that were always worth staying up for. we’ve posted so many things that nobody else got but it made us happy. youve been there for me when i really just needed someone to talk to and you always know the right thing to say. you always pay attention to all the new things im in to even if you dont like them yourself. youve written so many amazing stories even one of them being the reason all my urls are the way they are. youre always the first one to reach out to someone who just needs some kind words. you love your s/o’s with all your heart and idk about if anyone else feels the same but it really gives me hope for a future relationship. seeing you post or like my stuff always brightens my day and im sure its the same for others. seeing you get into new things is honestly so amazing because i love to see you happy. you have so much talent even if you dont see it. youve imapcted my life and so many others in the best way possible. and i know ive said this a million times but im honestly so lucky to have you as a best friend and im so happy we’ve made it through another year. so heres to the next one, may so many amazing things come your way because you deserve the world and more.


I feel like whenever eyebrows are brought up in this fandom everyone immediately thinks of either Jonas or Even but consider this: Noora trying to have a serious conversation with William and getting only his eyebrows in return is a thing that actually happened once.

you would literally not believe how excited I was to see this cosplayer, I was busy having a serious conversation with my friends and then, mid-sentence, squeaked loudly and dashed out to get a picture


if this was you, please let me know, because you made my weekend! :D

Friend: You know, the girls in my class are so weird. 


Friend : Can you believe it? They  *whispers* have crushes on anime guys. They serioulsy have fallen in love with them. 

Me : *poker face*

Friend: No, no I’m not talking about you, I mean, I know you like anime but not in a weird way, you’re not that obsessed.

Me : Oh

Friend: I swear. One of them even skipped class because she wanted to celebrate his birthday. An anime guy has his own birthday. Can you imagine?

Me: ……..

Me: *sweats nervously*


richietozzzier  asked:

"you were sat in my reserved train seat and refused to move so i sat on your lap and now we’re both too annoyed and awkwardly turned on to move sterek au"

okay i don’t really know how reserved seating on trains works, so let’s change that to seat-i-always-sit-in

excuse stiles being a jerk; he’s having a bad day

“Excuse me,” a man says, looking down at Derek. “That’s my seat.”

Derek’s been taking a train to work for the past four years, and there are several things he knows about them; you don’t talk to strangers, if there are no seats then you shut up and stand, and only the luxury sections have reserved seating. Now, while Derek normally takes a different train, today he’s visiting Laura and this is his train, and this is his seat, and he is most certainly not getting out of it. Especially because he may not have noticed that there was gum on it till he sat down, and there’s no way he’s standing on a train full of people with pink bubblegum stuck to his ass.

Rather than explaining all that to this random jerk, he says, “I was here first,” and goes back to reading his newspaper.

“Um, no,” the guys says, and his voice conveys that he’s struggling to keep his cool. Which, really, is ridiculous. “I was here first.”

“Really?” Derek asks, setting the paper in his lap and raising an eyebrow in mock surprise. “Because I could’ve sworn I sat here three stops ago, and haven’t moved since.”

Looking at him now, Derek is annoyed to see how cute the guy is. His hair is dark, his eyes are a bright whiskey color, and parts of his face and neck are covered in little moles. It would be a lot easier to argue with someone who isn’t exactly his type. The universe is really out to get him today.

“Listen,” the man says. “I am having a shitty, shitty day, and you’re sitting in my seat, and I need you to get up.”

Normally Derek might comply just to make the guy go away, but again, he’s sitting in gum, so, no. He’s just going to have to deal with it.

“There are no other seats,” Derek points out, glancing around the train.

“Which is why I want that one.”

“Which is why I want this one.”

“Okay, well, it’s mine. I ride this train at this exact time every single day, and this is my seat.” He grabs the shoulder of a blonde woman wearing a gold necklace that reads Erica, sitting two rows down, who’s watching them not-so-surreptitiously. “You ride this train a lot. Is that not always my seat?”

“It is,” she says, smirking a little. “But he was there first.”

“Ugh,” he groans, turning back to Derek. “That doesn’t mean anything. It’s mine.”

“I don’t see your name on it,” Derek says, which might be a bit childish, but so is this guy. Maybe it’s the way to get through to him.

“Fine,” he says, pulling off his backpack and digging through it till he produces a black Sharpie. He leans down, and when Derek moves the tiniest bit to the right to avoid the marker, he scrawls his name onto the back of Derek’s chair. “Now you do.”

“Well, Stiles,” Derek says, craning his neck to read the name. “I believe that’s called vandalism.”

“Call a cop,” Stiles says, shrugging. “Preferably from a payphone, as far away from this seat as possible.”

“Maybe I will,” Derek says, picking his paper up again in a vain attempt to get back into the sports section.

“Good luck,” Stiles says, actually snatching the paper and tossing it over his shoulder. Derek is too surprised to be angry. “My dad’s the sheriff.”

Derek’s about to point out that that really doesn’t legalize his behavior, when the man suddenly turns around and plops himself down on Derek’s lap.

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Santa is going to fill you with Christmas spirit!

Oh my, what a big joystick you have!

Could you ask your reindeer to stop staring at me like that?

What a tight little chimney!

Careful, Santa, you’re you’re knocking all the soot off my walls!

How am I going to explain to Mrs Clause why I was late?

I’m bursting with Christmas cheer… deck my halls, baby!

We’re going to hell.

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Can you describe Friendship between INFP and INTP?

It doesn’t get more accurate than this.

Also memes all the time. You’re sad? Memes. You’re happy? Memes. You’re hungry? “Haha look space pizza. Hey let’s get pizza”

Conversations range from world politics to “What could happen if I chopped off my dick too close to the torso and couldn’t stop the blood flow? Do I just tourniquet my waist?”, which is an actual conversation I’ve had with a friend I only recently discovered is an INTP.

On a more serious note, these two hardcore feeling deniers could quite possibly be each other’s only person they trust enough to vent about everything. But they still mostly communicate in memes tho.

no-longer-wandering  asked:

Waking up with Harry (smut if you want :)

A/N: This conversation actually happened between Adam and I this morning, so I decided to make it kinda fluffly instead, hope that’s okay! xx

“Love, hey, love, you gotta wake up,” Harry’s deep voice mumbles directly into your ear, “Babe, I’m serious,” He whines, shaking you gently until you finally respond.

God, Harry,” You groan, looking over your shoulder in frustration, “It’s too early for this shit, let me sleep.”

“No, babe, you don’t understand,” He continues to whine, pulling on the arm that you head was comfortably nestled into, “I can’t feel my arm and I really need to pee.”

“Then go pee,” You mutter, pushing him away from you and snuggling into your pillow, “Just stop talking.”

“Babe, don’t be mad,” He whispers, kissing your bare shoulder lovingly, “It’s not my fault I need to pee.”

“Oh my god, just go fucking pee already,” You order, pushing him off the bed with your cool feet.

“Okay, okay, I’m going,” He chuckles hoarsely, sliding out of bed and hurrying towards the bathroom.

You are slowly drifting back to sleep when he returns from the bathroom and you have to strongly resist the urge to complain as he not so quietly climbs back into bed, “Hey babe?” He almost purrs, his strong arm wrapping around your waist as he pulls you back into him, “Since we’re both awake, you wanna fool around?”

“I swear to God, if you do not let me sleep,” You start, shoving your butt hard against him so he gets the hint and backs away, “I will suffocate you with your own damn pillow,” You warn him seriously, smiling internally when he apologizes quietly before rolling onto his back to finally let you sleep.

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So what antics ended up happening at that conference? I can't imagine that it went smoothly lol

 GO D 

ok so trucy’s?? not all that great at school. she’s very smart and obviously has a lot of passion, but just…..not for school. she’s been struggling particularly with math and miles has been focusing a lot of his free time in helping her, but he mainly wanted to set up this meeting to discuss her performance in that area. he really doesn’t want such a bright young girl being held back purely because she’s not school-orientated, esp since she’s doing fine in other areas like reading and writing, and this is a conversation that needs to happen in private between him, the student, and her guardian

so miles is all ready to have a lengthy discussion with the father of his arguably favorite student (not that you’ll ever actually get him to admit that) present as well, he’s ready for a Serious Parent-Teacher Conference

and then he opens the door and finds himself face to face with the really cute and funny guy from the bar a month ago he swore he was going to forget about and he’s just. fuck my entire life im going to get so fired as soon as this is over

the meeting  happens and it’s about as terrible as expected - p/e refuse to make eye contact pretty much the entire time, trucy is just ????? so perplexed by the usually perfectly composed and articulated mr. edgeworth stumbling over the occasional word and why are his and daddy’s faces still so red

like it smooths out somewhat as time progresses and they talk about what needs to be talked about and p/e start at least trying to look each other in the face again, but it’s still super weird in the room up until the end

and then when they’re done phoenix says ‘trucy please go wait outside I need to talk to mr. edgeworth about one last thing’ and as soon as the door shuts behind her miles is IMMEDIATELY like “liSTEN I AM. SO SORRY I SWEAR I DON’T DO THIS NORMALLY” referring to their no-strings attached hookup bc like ?? he’s had to deal with a lot of complaining parents before but never for anything like this, he’s probably terrified that phoenix is going to take this up to the school board or something, he’s had upset parents do a lot more with a lot less, but phoenix is just “nO LOOK IT’S OKAY I GET IT DONT WORRY ABOUT IT I WAS THERE FOR THE SAME REASON MYSELF RIGHT I can tell you’re a good guy and an exceptional teacher I’m not going to hold you accountable for that night alright”

and miles is just so relieved bc he loves this district and his job and “yes alright fantastic thank you mr. wright please do consider what we’ve discussed pertaining to trucy’s performance in my class” 

and phoenix promises he will, he’s glad this meeting happened regardless of how uncomfortable it was bc it has to do with his daughter and as he’s opening the door to leave he’s not even thinking he just says “we probably reached the point where you can drop the ‘mr’ and just call me ‘phoenix’ a while ago, though” and he is. Shocked at what just came out of his own mouth he nearly slams the door shut again as he collects trucy and books it out of the school like oh my god why did i do t hat

like nothing more comes out of that disastrous second meeting other than the name thing because well this has just been an painful experience for everyone involved

but then a few weeks later trucy comes home w a field trip permission form and begs phoenix to be one of the parent chaperones and he obv can’t say no to trucy now can he but he also 100% has Ulterior Motives

and it’s still awkward af when they start out, miles has been internally freaking out about this meeting ever since trucy walked up to his desk a week ago and gave him the chaperone form with ‘phoenix wright’ written in blocky letters across the bottom and phoenix is probably a huge loser and spends far too much time in front of his closet the morning of and it doesn’t even matter they’re going to a botanical garden he’s going to get dirt on his pants no matter what he does

but then when the kids are doing an activity that doesn’t require their assistance or attention they wander off and start talking and hit it off even better than they did at the bar and phoenix starts showing up more often at school to pick trucy up at the front gate and miles is somehow always around when they do and trucy is suddenly getting Bs on all of her math tests and really won’t stop talking about mr. edgeworth now and then finally one of them sucks it up and asks the other out for dinner (”and just to clarify - this would be a date. if you’re interested”) and then suddenly a year has passed and then three and trucy’s starting middle school and i don;t they probably get engaged at this point bc they’re gay and im gay anD

i get so invested in every single one of the aus I wind up drawing lmao im ….so sorry

What if

Set after season 12.

“Do you believe in destiny?” she asked all of a sudden.

They had been married for almost two months now, and they were still getting to know each other. Many nights they would just lay awake, not touching or anything, but just staring at the ceiling or into each other’s eyes, talking.

“I’ve never thought about it, actually.” Owen said matter of factly. They were both naked, him laying on his back while she was staring at him, propped on her elbows. “To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever understood what destiny actually means.”

“Come on! You can’t be serious. Are you telling me that you’ve never, not even once in your life, thought about what would’ve happened if something had been different? Where would you be now?”

“I don’t. I mean, I’m happy with my life. Why would I waste my time thinking about stuff that didn’t happen anyway?”

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sdgwg and my HEADCANNON conversation inspiration:

So last night I was exhausted and loopy and I sent a video of myself singing horribly to my book-partner-in-crime-bestie sdgwg . The video was a horrible cover of Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Before singing Blank Space I had been humming along to the previous song on my phone. The thing is though, it couldn’t really be called humming because all I was doing was making weird screaming noises in my throat that sort of matched up with the song. Sort of.

This is highly unusual for me to do. I am normally a quiet person, and my family is used to my silence. (Once, my mom even came to my room to make sure I was actually in the house because she hadn’t seen me all day.)

Anyway, last night my dad, who I guess had overheard me “humming”, threw open my door and (100% serious) asked if I was okay. I quickly said I was fine and waited until he firmly closed my door before I grabbed my phone and texted sdgwg about what had just happened to me. Today she texted me about an idea inspired by my situation last night, which led to our headcannon conversation above.