these are absolutely gorgeous

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You're always so pretty in your pictures, I aspire to be as pretty as you

Girl, I look rubbish the majority of the time. Please don’t compare yourself to me or anybody else, especially people online! People only upload what they want you to see, yanno? You’re absolutely gorgeous just the way you are and have the personality to match which can be seen by the fact that you’re spending time on being nice to strangers as opposed to being horrible, like others do.

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Your style is absolutely gorgeous 💛 I love your style so much! I especially love how you draw the details! Unbelievable and so amazing <33 I really loved the way you drew natsu on your recent sketch! He looks so handsome and cute! Keep up the amazing work I love your art so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much! 

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bencutio modern au headcanons?


  • so, romeo and mercutio have been best friends since childhood, right, and growing up, mercutio develops romantic feelings, of sorts, for Romeo
  • Romeo is, obviously, the most popular cliche heterosexual™ guy in their high school who loves Mercutio dearly but platonically; Mercutio realizes this and abandons any hope of their relationship ever getting anywhere other than what they share currently. However, he still helplessly gets jealous of the girls Romeo falls for/brings home sometimes, and Romeo, in his almost stupid obliviousness keeps causing Mercutio more and more pain
  • and then one day, Romeo’s cousin moves to Verona because his parents died (dramatic, I know, but this is R&J we’re talking about) and turns Mercutio’s world upside down
  • He is absolutely gorgeous and, to Mercutio’s utter wonder, innocent.
  • Mercutio comes over a lot to Romeo’s and so notices that the guy is an anomaly in a world of angry, hormonal teenagers - he respects his uncle & aunt to no end, reads book after book, and is overall just a soft boy™ who sometimes has blue paint on his face and looks sad when he thinks no one is looking. Mercutio is usually the only one who does notice.
  • When Mercutio learns his name he thinks it fits him perfectly. Benvolio. A good-will. He sometimes absentmindedly scribbles the name on the edges of his book when he’s thinking, and turns beet-red when he realizes that he has.
  • None of the arrogance and selfishness that even the nicest of boys his age all seem to possess can be found in Benvolio, and when he talks, Mercutio feels that if he ever curses, it would sound like prayers
  • and they talk a lot, and they eat together and dance together and sing together and play basketball together when Romeo is not around
  • Benvolio never hides or shies away from the feelings he forms for Mercutio over time, much to Mercutio’s annoyance - his name was not meant to be uttered by lips that seem to emit light and virtue.
  • As a defense mechanism, he starts talking endlessly about Romeo or some girl whenever he’s with Benvolio, doing the same thing to Benvolio that he had gone through with Romeo all these years
  • Benvolio’s love and affection never wavers, though, and he continues to love Mercutio through all his pain – he’s used to it by now
  • Mercutio hates himself for this but knows if he ever gives in, Benvolio, despite all his goodness, would leave him soon because he will undoubtedly realize he has chosen the wrong person - and then Mercutio would be worse off than he is now
  • They were both in pain before they met, a little more wouldn’t hurt
  • When they are together, just Benvolio and Mercutio, Benvolio talking about something he likes or being engrossed in a book, Mercutio thinks he could kiss him. It would be so easy. He would be able to taste Benvolio’s sweet scent of paint and chocolate. But he never does.
  • Their first kiss is their last, as Mercutio dies in Benvolio’s arms. There is no way he can leave me now, Mercutio thinks, for I am leaving him.
  • “You saved me,” Mercutio says as he goes.
  • Benvolio returns the words to a lifeless body.

Absolutely gorgeous day out today!💜🌈 Hope you all have a good one!

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I recently finished playing One Shot and it’s a gorgeous game, I love it. I am an absolute sucker for games that break the fourth wall and that take advantage of the fact you’re playing the game on a computer to solve puzzles. 10/10.

By the way this is Niko and the lightbulb, the sun. I just love everything about this game. E V E R Y T H I N G.


I was in the mood, so here are some Juniper Shorthalt doodles.

1. Child to adult, troublemaking young village gnome to adventurous and super strong hero gnome.
2. She’s dancing, and her hair is down. Her hair is a ridiculous length when it’s let down, but it’s absolutely gorgeous.
3. This is how she dealt with being an adventurer and a single mother. Scanlan spent much of his infanthood in many of those little baby wrap things, up close to Mama as she fought off a bunch of bandits.
4. They’re just singing, they did it quite often and it always sounded amazing

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My crush is tall and slender, with shoulder-length brown hair and gray-blue eyes. She is really smart, a master of science in engineering. She's even funnier than she is smart. She has a narrow face, her nose has the cutest little upward bend near the tip; she wears a septum piercing. Her wrists and hands are as elegant and slender as the whole of her, she sometimes wears this absolutely gorgeous burgundy nail polish. I see her every day at work and she said no when I asked her out.

I’m so sorry about that… I hope you can get over those feelings soon. It must be painful to see her everyday :-/

“We can escape to the great sunshine

We made it out to the other side…”

  • me, at the new overwatch skins: oh my god
  • me, at the widowmaker skin specifically: OH MY G O D
  • me, when i see's and zenyatta's new highlight intros: OH MY G OD OMG
  • me, when i play the new brawl and hear the pre-reap reyes voice: HOLY FUCK OH MY G OOOOOD

My small wish: Benedict and Martin filming a cop movie.
I want Benedict as a new, enthusiastic stubborn cop and Martin as a bad dirty cop. They hate each other at first but soon realize they’re actually good partners.

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Ya know this blog has so much Yuuri-love I start to believe you're Viktor's long lost twin. You seem to love him more than I do and I thought this was impossible.

ohmygosh hahah I’m not cool enough to be victor’s long lost twin, but I do love yuuri !!! a lot !!! this is a yuuri appreciation blog <3

me when yuuri shows up: