these are a few of my favorite things


So last night I had this dream that I was playing this (totally awesome!) new Sonic game and throughout the levels there would be different characters that were hidden and you could receive objectives from them. I was playing as Shadow, and Shadow had this device that let him shapeshift to look like whatever/whoever he wanted, and while playing I noticed Amy and went to go see what her objective was, but instead of just walking up and pressing the A button or something, it turned into a cut scene. 

In the cut scene, Shadow used the device to make himself look like Sonic and approached Amy, and then as she was trying to talk to “Sonic” he just walked up and kissed her hard on the face… then I sadly woke up. Why?!?!?!?! I will never know what was going on or what happened next!

Confession:  I haven’t played Inquisition yet. I feel like it’s the only undiscovered adventure I have left after pretty much consuming origins and II, and I’m trying to savour it. Even though I really look forward to playing. It’s like that time I got a wrapped package in the mail and left it unopened on my desk for two days, just because it made my heart flutter a little with anticipation every time I looked at it.