these appeal to me yes

I think what frustrates me the most about the whole f*elicity fans wanting her in the comics thing is that they don’t understand the extent of the situation?

 DC as an entire company is doing a rebirth, not just of Green Arrow but most of their properties. Because the New52 failed. Their reboot lasted like 5 years, because it just didn’t work. The sales figures weren’t good enough, they weren’t turning over enough profit. So they’re starting over, AGAIN. And DC’s rebirth promises to combine aspects of the old comics that people miss, with a few things from the New52 that they believe they can better incorporate.

 I hate Lobdell, he destroyed Roy’s character, completely wiped his Navajo heritage (as if there wasn’t already a lack of Native American representation as it is). And the New52 version of him doesn’t appeal to me at all. And yes, I vent it on my blog, but I tag it appropriately so that people who are fans don’t have to see it. I would never go onto his Twitter and bombard his timeline and disrespect his professional opinion just because I personally don’t agree with it.

 If they’re including Diggle, it’s because they think he’s a character that will work in their new interpretation, and he represents a dynamic that no other existing character does. There are a ton of computer hacker type characters in comics already, a lot of them are women. 

 And it’s not about misogyny, because Arrow treats its female characters worse. Thea’s only real storyline is about her being manipulated by a man into killing a LGBT female to save himself from another man. Laurel’s death was just to further the manpain. Amanda Waller was de-aged unnecessarily and arguably sexualised (they hired a model-esque beautiful actress as if there was something wrong with the traditional older, larger Waller). Then killed her without cause to give her job to a white woman.

 If you wanna talk about strong female characters, what about Mia Dearden? Oliver’s protege, a young, strong-willed, HIV positive woman who was erased in the New52? She is who should be in Rebirth before Felicity. What about Sin Lance? Who was aged up and white-washed and then entirely discarded by Arrow? She should be in Rebirth before Felicity. These fans who bombarded Ben, are not speaking out in the interest of female characters. They only care about felicity.

 And when Arrow eventually ends, it will probably continue as its own separate comic series, the way that Buffy and Smallville and Arkham Knight did. And fans of the show can buy and enjoy that.

 Let comic fans, who were disappointed by both the show and the New52, have something to look forward to. Haven’t we been robbed enough?

The thing about marauders fanfiction is that J. K. Rowling kind of wrote us all into a hole with the whole “Pettigrew’s evil, but they all won’t find out about it for another decade, so all your prequel fic has to have the marauders being best friends with him even though you the reader know he sucks!” thing, plus the whole secondary “you probably want to love James as a character and make him into a total bamf, but (awks) there’s substantiated evidence that he was a complete dick during all those years, and you really can’t ignore that” thing, so it’s like all we as fanfic writers have left to do is make Remus and Sirius gay lovers and ignore all the other characters to make their gay love plotline central, ugh, what a bummer

Block B′s Zico Spotted in Jeju Filming New Music Video

Block B′s Zico was spotted on Jeju Island.

A photo if Zico surfaced online on October 26 with the comment, ′Did Zico have a schedule in Jeju?′ In the photo, Zico is seen at the airport, wearing a cap.

The user who posted the photo wrote, ′I saw him at the Jeju airport and took a quick picture. He′s so handsome, there′s a ray of light shining from him.′ Fans who saw the photo have been speculating that Zico is on Jeju Island to film a new music video.

Zico′s agency, Seven Seasons, addressed the photo on October 27, stating “It′s true that he′s on Jeju Island to film a music video. He′s filming the music video for the lead single from Part. 1 scheduled for release on November 3.”

The agency continued, “The track, which has a mainstream appeal that is different from the pre-released track Tell Me Yes or No, also features a guest who has a fantastic chemistry with Zico that you can look forward to and takes the track up a notch in quality.”

Meanwhile, Zico′s new album Part. 1 will be released on November 3.