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You know what I appreciate about James Gunn and his Guardian movies? There is sex appeal for both men and women. Short sexy dresses are worn by extras and our main ladies wear tight outfits, yet almost no cleavage and minimal butt shots for them. Whereas in Vol. 2 all three of our leading males are shirtless at some point, they and the main villain discuss or display sexual prowess, and talk about their dicks. And then there’s the memorable line from Drax: “My nipples!” Also, in Vol. 1 there is a gratuitous, but much appreciated scene showing Ronan’s morning routine.

Thank you, James Gunn.


Star Wars Age!Squash AU, Comic #02

Initiate Era - Master Dooku & Qui-Gon

Master Dooku has the highest standards and only chooses the most elite of the elite as his apprentices. Initiate Jinn is a prodigy and looks perfect on the records and is also exceptionally gifted in sensing the Living Force. Master Dooku thought he would make the perfect Padawan. Sometimes, Master Dooku is wrong.

Or, Master Dooku has to bribe a young Padawan Qui-Gon with Obi-Wan’s company in order to get him to do anything.

[A/N] In this AU where everyone is happy, almost no one is evil and everyone lives, Master Dooku is that grumpy grandpa who looks super scary but is actually ridiculously soft once you get to know him. Qui-Gon is his third apprentice, and all three of his Padawans are ridiculously rebellious (and spoiled) in their own ways. You’ll meet the other two soon <3

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Confused? Have no idea why Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are only 3 years apart?

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the venus signs as  extracts I wrote

Aries:  As I was younger, I met a boy. Deep, deep in forest he lived in a cave, high up in the mountains. He was feared by his power, his long, sharp fangs, dark eyes, his animalistic behavior and hair, that was long and untamed. Wolf boy, that’s what my village called him. This boy was cold and forceful in everything he did, though he had a soft side. I saw it, once. I hated the narrow minded community in my home town, so I fled in the deep green of the nature to escape shallowness for a minute and explore reality in its purest form. The deeper I got into the forest, the more attention I gathered, by one specific creature. This was the first time that I met this boy. He was in my age and he asked me what I wanted here. I saw that he was careful with human beings - since he was something oddly different, I do not know till now if he was a spirit or guardian of the nature or just returned to the wild - but I saw that he had interest as well. The interest and fascination with the tiny amount of fear the both of us had grew to friendship, and soon, as I turned 18 I realized that I fell in love with this boy and the boy fell in love with me. The wolf boy remarked constantly that I was pure fascination, he could not stop thinking about the words I say, the actions I did, my face - not even at night. But the love took an ugly end. Though our relationship was a big adventure itself since the both of us were from another world, he kept tyrannizing my home town. He said it gave him joy and excitement and that I was just too prude and his pride did not let him feel just a little bit empathy for me. I tried convincing him to stay with me. We could have gone somewhere else, live in another small village together and just keep contact with my family since I loved them - but his raw love decided to turn against me. I turned to to his enemy and I became ‘one of them’. From this day on, he left the forest he lived in and I miss him still.’

Taurus: I am what they call a ‘femme fatale’ or, if you like, a maneater. I do not know my purpose, I honestly am as clueless as the poor creatures which soul I take every night. One day, I woke up, laying on a cold ground and the only thing that was in the room with me has been this giant mirror. I looked at myself. It is not like I had a life in the past or was I plainly made like this? Made for this life? I do not know. I just know that my full lips and curves are hypnotizing them and my deep, brown eyes are grabbing them so tightly, none of them would ever be able to forget me. And that is a fact. None of these men ever forgot me. Me or my voice, my soothing laugh and light touches. They bought me red dresses made out of fine silk, the wrote letters, telling me how they missed my soft, sun kissed skin. I loved that. Somehow it was nice to be spoiled. I drank the best champagne, ate the most exotic fruits and had my senses pleased by every good willed or desperate soul that crossed my way. That was my life before I got rejected. Rejected by a guy, so simple and dull looking, ugh, it gives me headaches just thinking about it. “I don’t want your company”, he said and ignored me. He even looked into my eyes but was still not reacting. Wasn’t I something different? Wasn’t I the demon that visited them every night just to slowly kill them? “Do you tell me, I am not appealing?” He dared to nod. “Yes.” I noticed how my real raging, evil nature wanted to show itself but I gritted my teeth and went back to my apartment. Hadn’t I everything I needed for them to fall in love with me? Wasn’t that what I was made for? As I cried hysterically, I noticed a little piece of paper lying on my desk. A little bit confused I picked it up and read the short sentence written on it. ‘Look in the mirror’, it said. Suddenly I was scared. What was that supposed to mean? A joke of some guy that in the end turned out to be vengeful, huh? So I looked into the mirror. And in front of me was an old woman. The woman was not ugly, but she did pass her best years in life already. I screamed and out of shock I threw the mirror to the ground, it shattered and little pieces of glass flew to my feet. I threw every mirror out of my house. What if it hasn’t been their souls keeping me alive? It doesn’t matter, because I refuse to believe that this is me.

Gemini:  I remember that my grandma told me many stories as I was younger. She told me a lot of her childhood, especially about her school time. Every dinner at her house ended with tears of laughter because of the memories she shared with us. One day though, she told me something I couldn’t believe at all. It was at her 74th birthday, the last birthday we celebrated with her. “As I was younger, there was not much to laugh about, I know, it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, but the times were harder than now, we had no time to be kids. And as I turned 14, I was an adult in the eyes of my parents. One day as I sneaked out of the house to play with a friend of mine - I wasn’t allowed to go out because I had to tidy up the house, but oh well, I didn’t felt like doing so this day - when I noticed that there  was a new family that moved in the house that was empty for years. I was and still am very curious, so I observed it all a bit. The family seemed regular, nothing really special, but the older brother out o these two - he was sixteen if I remember correctly - he was special. I don’t know what he was but for me he was a magician. No, something higher, like a chosen one. A story teller from another world. Since I was a polite girl I asked him if he want to play something outside - or if he wants me to show him the neighborhood - and soon the boy called Josh turned out to be my vanishing point, because the things he told me…they became real.” As my grandmother told me that I was highly alarmed. Maybe she was not right in the head because of her age, but then again she never showed any kind of symptoms or has been seriously ill. So I kept on listening and what she told me was unbelievable.
“ One day he asked me to close my eyes while he wanted to tell me a story he just heard and really liked. I did, since I did not see any harm in it and as his words - so full of energy and life - reached me, I felt a mildly stronger wind soothing me. “Open your eyes, carefully and don’t panic”, he told me and I literally could hear his grin. I was in a land mad out of clouds and everything gold, the sky was bright and blue, but somehow you could see the stars, planets, the moon and the sun. Even the earth. “What is that?!”, I asked as I started to feel anxious but he just kept smiling and told me that this was his own world. Well, from this point it was our world. Every day we tried to meet and every day we could imagine and create the world like we wanted. A world where we fought pirats like they did in Neverland and we talked to animals and I gained all kind of secrets the nature there bared. He was from another universe. He taught me everything beautiful and the power of imagination. If it wasn’t real of course. But one day as we actually wanted to meet again, he and his family strangely disappeared. As I asked the neighbors and my parents, they told us they never heard of their name before.

Cancer: You were innocence and brutality. You were the only sanity I had and somehow nothing but distraction of my mind. As I saw you the first time everything turned quiet and everything turned grey, except you. You shined in every color and my heard started bumping for the first time in years. I never talked to you, but sometimes I watched you reading your book in the middle of the class as you couldn’t care less about math and in the breaks you walked behind the school building with your friends and smoked a cigarette after another until there was no time left and you came late to almost every lesson and you smelled like smoke but that was okay. You kind of made me like this smell. You were the giant waves burying me every night as I realized it will never work out but you also were the gentle breeze at the beach in the afternoon as I sat down by the shore and thought about us - looking at each other and not even realizing what the other one thinks.
My heart ached just thinking about you and I flee into a world of lucid dreaming, lilac and pink toned skies with orange clouds adorning them, and I flee into a world filled with anxiety and fear of never being yours because I need you, but I guess you never thought about being with me. I search for broken sea shells because they remind me of something I wished to be, a thought, a wish, that was meant to fail from the beginning,
I wonder what I reminded you of me. Maybe I was only the boy who had math and history with you. Maybe I reminded you of nothing at all.
Maybe I was never a part of your world. 

Leo: Every night I walk up the sky. A ladder out of clouds appears in front of my window, I open it and make my way up to the sky where I will find the most bright and shimmering stars out of all. They are made out of something we human beings describe as ‘stardust’, but do you know what stardust is, actually? No, and I no clue either, but sometimes, when you look someone and you share  a deep, mutual feeling? Like love, joy, or even sadness? That’s how it looks like. I know, I know, it is complicated. But, every time i look at you I hope I will see this kind of shimmering in them, because your deep, brown eyes remind me of the darkness of the night sky and every night when I climb to the stars I sit among them and watch you having the most vivid dreams. Sometimes they are happy dreams, sometimes they are full of disturbing images, so horrific that I take a little bit of the golden dust and let it trickle onto you. And when you wake up and we see each other at the bus station I see you smile, no dark circles under your eyes: you must have slept well. You know, up there in the sky is a castle, the night told me it was created for me, and it is made out of gold and silver, jewels, little opals and rubies that are illuminating the walls and window sills and the ceiling is painted and the most glorious pictures are placed on it, like Michelangelo himself visited the dream castle. And on the ground made out of marble I dance, every night. All alone, once in a while in beautiful clothes made out of silk and satin but mostly in my casual clothes, like you tend to see me every day in. The instruments play on their own and I sing to the music. Everything is shining and my heart is pumping and you do smile at me from time to time but my heart feels very heavy, you have to know. I show you, I really do show you that you are blessed with the beauty of the stars but I am afraid and maybe asking you if you need money for food in school or telling you that I like your sense of humor isn’t enough.
Because I climb up to the stars for years now, the stars that do greed me once in a while, but do not love me as much as I wish you to love me. I dance alone, all alone in this castle and I cry all alone on this castle. Maybe one day, you will dance with me.  

Virgo: I was working for this family my whole life, since my little body was fished out of the lake by our dearest Lord, I was forever deeply indebted to him and his family. I was happy I could for such an honorable family. I was glad that I had something that I was able to call ‘home’. A bed. Some books. Education - not the highest, but enough. And a perspective. As a person maiden I was everything that the younger woman in the village sometimes wished to be: the true hidden gem in the most respected household in the country. But there was something missing. 
I looked at my shaking hands as I was washing the dirty clothes of my Lord’s wife. Suddenly, the water turned red. I felt a stinging sensation on my hands and pulled them out quickly, furrowing my brows I looked at them. 
They bled. 
It felt so wrong. Those hands that already looked like the one of a 50 years old, even though I would celebrate my 21th birthday this year. There was nothing I could truly give. From the bottom of my heart. There was nothing. 
Out of nowhere, a light touch on my shoulder gave me a shiver.
It was the Lord’s oldest son. “You, it’s late, go, get some sleep, let others finish it.” I wanted to protest - kindly of course - but he saw right through me. “You’ve done enough today. You deserve to rest - but let me help you with your hands first.” He smiled gently and his almond eyes gave me a feeling o security and warmth. “Thank you.”  From this moment on, I felt devoted to the son, it was a love made out of thankfulness and pure adoration. The Lord’s eldest son did not even care about my being and the effort I did, but he was gentle and not too harsh as some people here were. In special occasions he even asked for advice. I was able to give him a piece of my views and believes and he kindly treasured my words. I cried happy tears as my love’s wedding took place and I was allowed to give my opinion on the decoration and wedding theme. My love was unrequited but it was honest till the end. 

Libra: “My dear son, what are you looking at again?”, the father asked as he washed the dishes. They just finished breakfast. His thoughts being interrupted, the boy blinked before turning to his father. “I’m sorry father, I will help you instantly.” 
“You know, looking out of the window every day isn’t good, you will lose your sense for reality.” The son thought about this statement the whole day and the day after and even the day after that. “Why should I stay inside and help my father with his work? I am a living being after all. After all, I…I do feel as well.” The wooden boy went to the window in his bedroom and saw the neighbor girl, picking some flowers, probably for her ill grandmother. Once in a while when he was allowed to go out for a walk he chatted with her a bit - she was bubbly, but after all very soft and kind. Some people were fascinated by him, some told his father he should sell him to a museum or let scientist examine him, in the end no one knew how his father made the wooden boy come alive. And then there were people that were deeply afraid of him, calling him words like ‘monster’ or ‘accident’. “Oh my dear son, do not listen. You may think a little bit too rational sometimes, but after all you just came to live a few months ago - you still need to learn  and learning is one of the most common, human things on earth.” Yes, that indeed was true, but his father never saw what was going on inside his wooden heart. He was feeling like everyone else did. He wanted to help others, he wanted to socialize, but every time he gave, no one wanted to give this mutual feeling back - the feeling of someone special by his side was just too good to be true. This neighbor girl was the only one daring to talk to him and she even went picking flowers with him. The wooden boy was kind, talked politely and with his natural charm a fairy blessed him with the night he came alive, made her feel comfortable - the girl became special to him. One day though he saw the girl kissing a for him unknown boy. “What..what is that kind of feeling?”, he asked irritated and his father answered with the word: “heartbreak”. The wooden boy went to the shore a few days after that and with a wooden boat he made his way to somewhere else. “Pinocchio, where are you going?”, asked the sea concerned. The wooden boy did not know. “I guess I am made out of driftwood”, he answered. 

Scorpio: We sat by the shore and the setting sun let the world look even duller as it already was. His eyes searched for a fixed point, somewhere at the endless horizon, he always did that. Somehow, he never seemed to find one. Sometimes it got really quiet among the both of us. But it was pleasant. There were the crashing waves, the endless screaming of the sea gulls and the howling of the cold, hard wind. But it was pleasant. Somehow everything was pleasant. He was there and every inch of my body was filled with a vivid, magnetic feeling, I wanted to get closer to him, but I never knew if I wasn’t already close enough. I was attached. Attached  by one accidental, simple stroke of his warm hand when we walked through the city, attached by his deep, blue eyes and every time I looked at them I felt as I was jumping into ice cold water. He had a last drag of his cigarette before throwing it to the waves. They devoured it. “What are you looking at all the time, are you searching for  a fixed point?”, I asked simply and watched the cigarette swimming on the surface. He smiled shortly, lowering his eyes, before they moved to me. And it was quiet again. This pleasuring silence, and I knew he thought about something. There was something odd about his stare but in a good way. He smiled again before answering. “There’s no need for that, when you already have one, isn’t it.” 
I was too scared to say something, I was too scared to ask if it was me. Because I knew that he was mine fixed point. This love was like waves pulling me closer to the muddy ground, but I loved the coldness of the sea because he himself was the warmth that greeted me when I made it back to the shore once in a while. I really wanted me to be his everything, just as he was mine. 

Sagittarius:  “I once had a bird. It was the most beautiful,splendid bird I have ever seen, never ever had mother nature created such a beauty again. Once in a while, your eyes catch something so oddly beautiful, you just have to capture it. With his bright and shimmering feathers as it sat there on a branch. As it preened it feathers, I slowly crept up on it, taking my camera and took a picture. It stopped as it heard the clicking noise, but did not flew away. I had the feeling it looked at me, saw right through me. At this moment I thought this bird was new. A new species. I could give it a name, this majestic creature, I could make it my own. From this moment on I investigated all my time observing the time, drawing it, noting down some of my newest observations and thoughts to gain as much knowledge as I could get. But next to it desire to fly all the time, it sang. Often and passionately. Maybe it called a mate. Or some other bird of its species, male or female - it did not matter. Another thing I noticed was, that it was not a timid animal - no, in fact it liked to present itself - but it really had no place to stay. In fact, it rode down the wind, like it was searching for something. A nest? A mate? Sometimes I was scared, because the bird disappeared for days, but it always came back. Somehow, it always came back, but I could never be sure. One day, I was sick of it. ‘Goddammit, for the sake of science, do it!’, I did shout at myself and captured it. It was hard because of it sharp beak. I put it in the biggest cage I could find, I made my home as realistic as the actual forest it lived in. Excited it flew around its cage,a little bit nervous and scared, but over all very confident. I loved this unique, vivid bird, and it loved me as well. It answered me with some of its sing sang once in a while and it even dared to get closer to me. But something changed. The bird slowly started dying. There was no singing. No flying. No chirping. It lied on the ground, breathing heavily, it was exhausted. Moved and concerned by the picture in front of me, I opened the cage, carefully lifted the bird up and lied it down on the window sill. As I came back the bird was gone. I never saw it again.” 

Capricorn: As a florist I am deeply devoted to any kind of plant and the act of making them grow, creating a bouquet of flowers, nature itself - as I was a kid I already felt  like Daphne the nymph in the wood ,the green surrounding me soothed me, I found peace in the nature. Well, as I was 22 years old I got the idea to open my own flower shop - much to the liking's of my parents. I wanted to create something absolutely new: a flower shop with a touch of the unusual, kind of unique, maybe something that you won’t find everywhere.
I wanted to do black flowers.
My parents told me a thousand times that this would ruin me, an idea meant to fail.
But of course, they couldn’t stop me. Years later I opened my flower shop at the end of the city, it was small but cute and my flowers sure caught the attention of passengers and after a while I had some customers trusting me and buying my creations and flowers. But no one really seemed to appreciate the black ones. “They are..ahm…different, honey”, my aunt said as she visited my shop. “You really think that people want them? Flowers are meant to look good, make one happy and let the room look friendlier. This is…quite the opposite.” Before I couldn’t even respond a young man looking at small plants in one corner of my shop interrupted me, apologizing before speaking: “I see them as exciting. They draw attention to them and have something unique, maybe something that not everyone understands.” He smiled plainly before laying his eyes on me. “I’d like black roses. I need for a special occasion.” I nodded. I’ve never seen him before or even nearby but I did as he said. From this moment on he went to my shop every two weeks, only to order some new black roses, he usually was quiet but once in a while he dared asking me questions. A little bit odd sometimes, he was a bit cold, but otherwise kind of magnetic - I don’t know why. One day he stopped coming. After maybe a year. The year he disappeared was also the hardest year for my shop - my grandmother died and I neglected the shop to the point where I was close to abandoning it. It survived in the end, after they saw the rosaries I did for the grave more people gave me and my shop a chance. One day, as I was visiting her grave, I crossed a grave I have never seen before. I read the name out loud and wondered, before I gasped in shock and almost let the watering can fall down. Black roses were placed in front of the tombstone, they seemed old, almost rotten. I wondered if it was him laying six feet underground.

Aquarius: I was just watching. I saw her dancing on the other side of the room, like she was in a dream. The fluorescent light touched her skin softly and all I wanted was to talk to her. But I could not. I was not able to. Sometimes when she went to bed and suffered from nightmares - which she got pretty often - I started stroking her hair and she would sleep tightly and calmly eventually. When she forgot to pack her lunch I would carefully put it in her schoolbag and when she forgot to make her bed after waking up, I gladly did it for her once in a while. “Thank you, darling”, her mother would say. “But mom, that wasn’t me”, was her constant response. Her mother would smile then and lightly shake her head, but her daughter was going insane with her mother not believing her that she didn’t even touch the sheets till 7am. When she came back from school I listened to her soothing voice, humming to the songs that her phone played. I admit, I am not really fond of the music today, but I could get used to it, after all I was an open minded spirit, right? I just wish I could be with her and walk her to school and carry her books and pick flowers with her and all the stuff that she writes in her dairy - yes I admit yet again I read it once in awhile when she decides to write something down. But then I was afraid. I did not know how these things worked out. I mean, for me, things like love will never turn out again, but I was always a bit special when it came to occasions like those. Me, falling for a living girl? I was at the attic almost for 5 days before I decided to visit her. I listened to her calling a friend and she told her that she hated flowers. Hating flowers? Well,I guess I can cancel picking flowers with her now out of my imagination. And she complained about not having anyone for Valentine’s Day. I know, this girl would never ever notice me. Hell, she didn’t even believe in ghosts. But after all, that was the only thing left on earth that mattered for me - this strange love. So instead of flowers I made myself useful and I placed a jar with three fireflies I was able to persuade into being a gift for only one day in front of her door and happily she told her mom about a mysterious admirer. I know, I know, really cheesy. But that day I strangly fell asleeo. As I woke up I saw a bright, white light. Maybe it was my time to go.

Pisces: For you: War is over and I suppose it’s best for me to stay at the Summer’s islands. After such a dark period we would need the time to gather around again and work up the loss of our nation. I heard about your father and I deeply apologize, telling you my honest concern. But he was a good man, he fought for the right side and for justice and peace. After I heard that you are going to marry the oldest son of your dearest father’s friend I want to congratulate the both of you, may you live happily together. I want to be honest and please forgive me speaking so openly about my feelings, but I think it is the best if we would stop interfering with one another from this point on. This moment we live in right now, it is hard but the right time to start things over again. And I can not be a part of your life anymore. Since I was young and I was ordered to be your knight, I felt very attached to you. They describe magic creatures in those fairy tales my father told me not to read. They would make me weak, he said, I should see right in the dead eye of life. But I still read them. They helped me escaping out of the brutality of life. And you constantly did remind me of the dreamy fantasy these books told me about. Like those elves in the fairy tale you moved gracefully through the woods, going for a walk and your soft hair would blow in the wind and reminded me oh so often of the fresh and pure snow. I wished I would be able to vanish those feelings and memories, so I could watch you growing old, so I could see you in your purest form of the celestical being that you are every day. You made me stand up when I wanted to leave war and flee into the woods, when I wanted to escape life. You alone made me stay. And because I adore you with all of my being I wish you to be happy. I will let go. But I needed to tell you before I let you disappear out of my heart and mind. Do not write back, im asking you at this point. Do never change your heart.

Goodnight Kiss- Rafael Barba Imagine

Pairing: Rafael Barba x Reader

Word Count: 876

A/N: I really love flustered Barba, so please enjoy! This is also a musing that I’ve had for a while, mostly because I associated Barba with the song, “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, so strongly. Anyways, requests are closed! I have a few to finish up, then I will open them up again. Thanks! x


You started working at SVU seven months ago, and in those months, you seemed to be the only one to crack the “Barba Code.” Rafael Barba was a mystery in and of himself and getting close to him proved to be a challenge. Luckily, it’s been worth it.

Your relationship with Barba was truly one of a kind. He was your best friend and you were his. It didn’t start off that way, though. There was a lot of animosity in the beginning.

You were the forensic psychologist assigned to the team, and let’s just say tension was at an all-time high. Everyone was afraid that you were going to profile them and ruin their careers. Obviously, you were just there to offer a different perspective and fit right in after a few days.

It took a lot more convincing from Barba. You knew he had a bit of a troubled past; an abusive father was just the beginning. His trust took a lot longer to win, but when you did, it was yours forever.

Barba had called you into his office for some trial prep. You were the expert on the case, so he wanted to double-check that everything was airtight. As always, it was. You dodged his mock cross questions like a pro.

After what seemed like a lifetime, you finally finished. Before you could leave, Barba stopped you.

“Y/N, wait,” he called out, as you headed toward the courthouse steps.

You spun on your heels, turning to a quite flustered Barba.

“What’s wrong?”

“Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to attend a charity event with me tonight? It’s for the DA’s office, so I know it’s not very appealing, but,”

“Yes, Rafael, I’d love to! Send me the details? I have to go shopping now,” you chuckled, heading toward you taxi. You blew Barba a kiss, taking full advantage of his flustered state.

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I know that most of the fandom likes to gripe about Kija becoming Gija in the official translation, and other names to a lesser extent, but the part of the translation that I’m the least happy with so far is that it seems like they deliberately tried to avoid having Jaeha talk about beauty. For example, what the scanlation translated as “taking away someone’s freedom is the ugliest thing one can do in this world” became “depriving someone of their freedom is the most despicable act imaginable,” and “having my fate decided for me from the time I was born goes against my views of beauty” became “submitting to some fate that was foisted onto me when I was born goes against everything that appeals to me.” (And yes, it’s true I don’t know enough Japanese to compare it to the original, but I also remember the anime’s translation mentioning beauty/ugliness more prominently). 

The translation in the official version doesn’t really change the meaning in these specific contexts, but Jaeha’s conflation of goodness and worth with beauty is an important aspect of his character…which doesn’t become apparent until much later in the manga, not fully until the flashback chapter “Fly.” And it’s understandable that the translator wouldn’t have read so far ahead, but I wonder what other subtleties will be lost because of that. Will Zeno still refer to himself by his own name? After all, we don’t learn the reason for that until chapter 104…

anonymous asked:

For someone who claims to be a Jon fan you post a lot of Catelyn. She hated him and was awful to him. Why the fuck do you post a character who was a bitch to one of your 'favourites'

Wow, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to post whatever characters I like. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to like certain characters just because they don’t get along with other characters that I like. By your logic then, I shouldn’t like Jaime Lannister because of the awful thing he did by crippling Bran, a character that I love, but Jaime is one of my favourites too. Should I not post any Jaime related posts? I don’t judge whether I like characters based on their relationship with other characters, I like them for themselves. I love both Jon Snow and Catelyn Stark, and completely disagree with the amount of hate Catelyn gets from many fans. Catelyn is a character who has among the best morals in the show/books and there are many other characters who have done much, much more awful things than she has. I don’t think I need to list them. To be honest, when the worse thing you’ve ever done is ignore the product of your husband cheating on you, you’re not really that much of a bad person when you consider how the other characters murder each other.

First of all, I can post whatever characters I like, if you don’t like what I post, you can unfollow. I post a variety of characters and fandoms, and they’re not always going to be everyone’s favourites. I love Catelyn Stark and I think that she is a fantastic character. The show massively cut her role down, but she was still great in it, Michelle Fairley was very good at playing her, and I loved her POV chapters in the books.

Second of all, one of the biggest misconceptions is that Catelyn hated Jon. She never ‘hated’ Jon, she resented his presence at Winterfell and hated what he represented. She hated Tywin Lannister, Cersei and Walder Frey. That’s what it means to hate someone and Jon Snow certainly does not fall in the same category as those people to her. Jon represents a threat to her children, that’s why she resents him. History is filled with bastards who try to usurp their trueborn siblings (Blackfyre Rebellions for example), and she worries for her children, something all mothers do. Deep down she probably knows Jon won’t do anything to prevent Robb from inheriting Winterfell (even if she won’t admit that), but no one can know about his potential children and grandchildren. She also says that she doesn’t care that Ned has a bastard, she mentions that he could’ve had many so long as they were fostered elsewhere, as is the custom for bastards. Seeing Jon everyday must’ve really hurt her, even as the years went by and she and Ned came to love each other, every time she looked at Jon, she probably had doubts about Ned’s love for her, and it’s painful being in love with someone who loves another person more than you. In regards to her being awful to him was whilst she was grieving. Bran looked like he was dying and she said it in grief. It wasn’t right what she said, and it really hurt Jon, but it wasn’t something that happened everyday. We all say things we don’t mean in grief. She never abused him, she just ignored him, which probably did scar Jon because he would’ve seen the five Stark kids have the love of their mother when he got coldness, but she never laid a hand on him. I know the show added in the scene where she says she prayed for his death and then stayed by his side whilst he was ill, and that was awful (a beautiful scene though), but beside that and the scene in Bran’s room, she just ignored him. 

She could’ve made Jon feel even more excluded at Winterfell by poisoning her children with words of the evils that bastards can pose. She could’ve told them from when they were talking that bastards are evil and turned them against Jon, but she didn’t. She allowed Robb to eat with him and play with him. She never forbade any of her children from being with him. Yes, Sansa picked up on her problems with Jon, but I think Sansa was getting to an age where she realised what Jon being at Winterfell meant for her mother. And she loved and admired Catelyn so Sansa would’ve realised how much Jon being there hurt. And I’m sure, despite the fact that Robb and Arya loved Jon, there will be a part of them that feels for their mother and what she has to go through being forced to see Jon each day.

Yes, Catelyn’s treatment of Jon was not good, but it certainly could’ve been worse. Imagine if she was Cersei, Lysa, Selyse or even Olenna or Margaery. None of them would tolerate their husband’s bastard in their home, threatening their trueborn children. In fact, when Robert was considering bringing Mya to court, Cersei told him the city was not safe for her, implying that she would harm her. Cersei would’ve had Jon killed the moment he arrived in Winterfell. Did Catelyn ever harm Jon? No, she didn’t. Jon’s treatment by Catelyn is far nicer than what any other woman would’ve given him. Jon’s childhood wasn’t the best, but in comparison to other bastards, he got very lucky.

Take a look at the other bastards we see on the show: Gendry had absolutely no idea that his father was the King. He has a better claim to the throne than Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella but he didn’t know about it because Robert didn’t even bother to claim him. Ramsay is only brought to the Dreadfort after Domeric dies because Roose has no trueborn sons and, at that point, no wife. Otherwise Roose would’ve left Ramsay with his mother and Reek. Neither grew up among family, whereas Jon did, so in that aspect he is very lucky.

I’d also like to point out, that Jon was not the only victim of Ned bringing him to Winterfell and naming him bastard. Catelyn was also a victim in this choice. She was wed to a man she didn’t want to marry and didn’t know, but she still did it. She would’ve been under a lot of pressure to produce an heir considering House Stark had only two living males, one about to go to war and the other very young. But she did that, gave her husband the male heir that House Stark needed. And then she gets to Winterfell after birthing a child while Ned fights a war, she finds that Jon is already there. That really hurt her. Furthermore, he looks more like Ned whereas Robb looks like her and she worries that the Northerners will see Jon as more of a Stark than Robb. Then, when she begins to make a bit of peace at Winterfell, she calmly asks Ned about Jon’s mother, which she is within her rights to do, and he shouts at her to the point of frightening her, probably making the situation worse. Ned was only looking out for his nephew’s wellbeing, but he could see what his choice did to both Cat and Jon and chose not to tell her the truth, making BOTH Jon and Catelyn the victims.

In a modern day society, if this happened, she would’ve divorced Ned, as most other women would. A husband/boyfriend coming home with another woman’s baby and forcing you to live with it would definitely make you leave, but she doesn’t have that potion and instead has to see Jon everyday so it’s a massive slap in the face to her.

I realise I’ve gone on a lot here but I just have a lot of feelings about this and I’ve probably repeated myself but it just annoys me when people hate Catelyn for this one thing and can’t see what an amazing, well-rounded character she is. Yes, she has flaws, and her ignoring Jon is one of them, but I love characters who have flaws, it’s what makes them human. That’s why Catelyn, Theon, Sandor etc. all appeal to me. So, yes, I do love Jon but that doesn’t mean I can’t love Catelyn too. This post might make me receive hate since Catelyn is hated by some fans but I just wanted to explain why I love her in spite of the Jon Snow situation, and explain that I can post about whatever character I want.

Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 1

Since I did all the rest I figured I might as well translate the voiceover commentary in the choreography footage too. As this was not very long, I translated the complete script, it’s not partiaI (I actually wrote down all the Japanese and translated it). The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-”tn” in square brackets are translator’s notes.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.
I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Actually, one of the reasons I am translating all the content (booklet, commentary etc) is to encourage people to purchase the BDs/DVDs. I know many hesitate because they are expensive and they are only in Japanese, but you have the subs online and now you have translations for all the contents too, so it’s not like you will “not be able to enjoy the contents at all because of the language barrier”. The best way to support the series and help in the possible creation of a 2nd season (or a sequel in any form) is to buy the discs.

Miyamoto: Hello, I’m the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.
Kubo: Hello, I’m the original planner Mitsurou Kubo. Thank you for today.
M: Thank you~.
K: Thank you for coming. Well then, this is Victor Nikiforov’s free skating, “Aria (Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite)”. So, regarding the choreography, what did you pay attention to when you created it, Kenji-sensei?
M: Yes. Regarding Victor, I created the choreography trying to make his throat and chin look beautiful, like in the stone statues you see in museums.
K: So basically, it’s important to have a clear image when you create a choreography, isn’t it?
M: Yes. When you want to show something, you have to make it so that it comes forward.
K: So that it comes forward.
M: Yes. If you try to express too many things it will just get confusing, so I always try to show the points I want to convey as much as possible.
K: Ok. Regarding this choreography, well, it’s not really the choreography itself, but I would like to explain the reason Kenji-sensei’s clothing style is a bit unfashionable. If the right & left arms and legs don’t look different in some way there is a high chance that they’ll get mixed up when creating the animations, so we asked him to make them look somewhat different, and that’s why he’s like, showing only one sock, using different gloves, and so on.
M: Exactly. And it just happens that I was wearing striped socks that day (LOL). If I think about it now it’s quite embarrassing (LOL).
K: He’s also changing outfits a few times, and this is because from time to time we would like, retake the sequence, or ask him to skate again a part we didn’t have enough material for, and such.
M: This outfit [tn: the white shirt] was used to check how to depict the fabric fluttering because of the wind.
K: Though it was just in the beginning, right? (LOL.) But yeah, Victor’s skating in episode 1 is really, you know, the animated scene was really amazing, but actually “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite” is also the first program that was choreographed.
M: Yes. At the time there wasn’t a clear image for it, but I received lots of input from sensei, so…
K: Yeah, we requested the choreography when the story wasn’t completely decided yet, and I was kind of worried that we had made Kenji-sensei uneasy, but he came up with such nice steps.
M: Well, indeed, I did make it so that you could get level 4. In the program I used deep edges, choctaw, bracket, rocker, counter and all kinds of steps, so if you use it in a tournament you might actually get a good score. I mean, you will get a good score.
K: You do?
M: Yes.
K: See, we can feel at ease because we know that Kenji-sensei will think about all these things too when he creates the choreographies… Ah, this is my camera (LOL). [tn: when Miyamoto looks like he’s skating toward the screen]
M: This is when Kubo-sensei asked me to bring out a man’s sex appeal…
K: Yes, that’s right… (LOL)
M: That was really embarrassing (LOL).
K: I was gripping the camera and going “haaaaah” inside (LOL).
M: I see (LOL).
K: But I think that anyone who watches the final footage that was created for the broadcast will understand right away that Victor is a great skater, I mean, we could get a convincing sequence that conveys that. Thank you very much, Kenji-sensei.
M: Well, I’m not Victor, so it was really hard to skate that (LOL).
K: (LOL). Ok, so this was Victor Nikiforov’s free skating, “Aria (Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite)”.

K: Ok, next up is Yuuri Katsuki’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Eros~”. Regarding this short program, in the anime it’s said that he’s skating it picturing a katsudon, but actually that’s something I added afterwards, so I never told anything about katsudon to Kenji-sensei when we requested the choreography. How did you create it?
M: I created it expressing the passionate feelings that a person straightforwardly directs to the thing they like.
K: Since it’s eros it’s about sex appeal, so we wanted athlete Katsuki to skate it with plenty of sex appeal. When we were creating the image, you know, I believe there are many child skaters who use sexy choreographies, and I heard that when Kenji-sensei teaches children how to perform the choreographies he tells them to imagine having honey on their hands and such, so I thought, “oh, it’s possible to compare it to food”, and that’s how I came up with katsudon.
M: I see (LOL). It happens pretty often that I teach athletes using expressions such as “like when soft ice cream melts”.
K: As a result, I received quite a lot of comments like “what a naughty katsudon”, so I was really happy to have done it, even though the impression might change at some point. Also, I think you have already noticed from the footage, but here we are shooting the sequence without using the full rink. I think it takes a lot of stamina to skate this using the full size of the rink, doesn’t it?
M: Yes, normally it would take about 3-4 strokes to reach top speed, but here I’m using 1-2 strokes, so if you were to do the same using the full rink I think it would require lots of power and skating skills (LOL).
K: But really, I mean, since we have recorded this footage as a bonus, I really would like some people to try and actually skate it in real life (LOL).
M: That’s right (LOL). I also would like to ask my students to try their hands at it (LOL).
K: (LOL). But yeah, this Kenji-sensei… The footage is made by putting together parts recorded at the Edogawa rink and at the Chiba rink, but isn’t your body shape a little different from part to part? You look like you’re getting a lot thinner… Is it fatigue?
M: No well, that’s because here you were saying, what was that…
K: “Do your best Kenji”? (LOL)
M: You said “do your best Kenji” and so I was doing my best moving around as much as I could (LOL).
K: Thank you (LOL). Ok, this was nice. Thank you. So, this was Yuuri Katsuki’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Eros~”. Thank you, Kenji-sensei.
M: Thank you.
K&M: See you~.
K: I’m waving my hands (LOL).
M: Waving them a lot (LOL).

Just a final note in case you’re wondering: Yes I am planning to translate all contents of future volumes (from 2 to 6) as well. I’ll be very very happy if at least a few people decide to buy the discs thanks to the translations.


(July 2015)

A straight up sketch referenced from her debut ep to learn. I do that a few times to get the hang of new designs and then let it deviate into my preferences :P

And also a look at how I work things down into nice, appealing smols. It… takes me a few tries, man.

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kill la kill

“perhaps just accepting being objectified and valued solely for your sex appeal is what will truly empower women. yes. RYUKO! BELIEVE IN ME WHO BELIEVES IN STARING AT YOUR BOOBS!”

ryuko heard this, and had only one thought on her mind: “jesus christ i fucking hate anime”

The thing about marauders fanfiction is that J. K. Rowling kind of wrote us all into a hole with the whole “Pettigrew’s evil, but they all won’t find out about it for another decade, so all your prequel fic has to have the marauders being best friends with him even though you the reader know he sucks!” thing, plus the whole secondary “you probably want to love James as a character and make him into a total bamf, but (awks) there’s substantiated evidence that he was a complete dick during all those years, and you really can’t ignore that” thing, so it’s like all we as fanfic writers have left to do is make Remus and Sirius gay lovers and ignore all the other characters to make their gay love plotline central, ugh, what a bummer

I think what frustrates me the most about the whole f*elicity fans wanting her in the comics thing is that they don’t understand the extent of the situation?

 DC as an entire company is doing a rebirth, not just of Green Arrow but most of their properties. Because the New52 failed. Their reboot lasted like 5 years, because it just didn’t work. The sales figures weren’t good enough, they weren’t turning over enough profit. So they’re starting over, AGAIN. And DC’s rebirth promises to combine aspects of the old comics that people miss, with a few things from the New52 that they believe they can better incorporate.

 I hate Lobdell, he destroyed Roy’s character, completely wiped his Navajo heritage (as if there wasn’t already a lack of Native American representation as it is). And the New52 version of him doesn’t appeal to me at all. And yes, I vent it on my blog, but I tag it appropriately so that people who are fans don’t have to see it. I would never go onto his Twitter and bombard his timeline and disrespect his professional opinion just because I personally don’t agree with it.

 If they’re including Diggle, it’s because they think he’s a character that will work in their new interpretation, and he represents a dynamic that no other existing character does. There are a ton of computer hacker type characters in comics already, a lot of them are women. 

 And it’s not about misogyny, because Arrow treats its female characters worse. Thea’s only real storyline is about her being manipulated by a man into killing a LGBT female to save himself from another man. Laurel’s death was just to further the manpain. Amanda Waller was de-aged unnecessarily and arguably sexualised (they hired a model-esque beautiful actress as if there was something wrong with the traditional older, larger Waller). Then killed her without cause to give her job to a white woman.

 If you wanna talk about strong female characters, what about Mia Dearden? Oliver’s protege, a young, strong-willed, HIV positive woman who was erased in the New52? She is who should be in Rebirth before Felicity. What about Sin Lance? Who was aged up and white-washed and then entirely discarded by Arrow? She should be in Rebirth before Felicity. These fans who bombarded Ben, are not speaking out in the interest of female characters. They only care about felicity.

 And when Arrow eventually ends, it will probably continue as its own separate comic series, the way that Buffy and Smallville and Arkham Knight did. And fans of the show can buy and enjoy that.

 Let comic fans, who were disappointed by both the show and the New52, have something to look forward to. Haven’t we been robbed enough?

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Cisco: *Smiling confidently* Well, what you gotta do is-

Me: No….you are not giving advice on flirting, you flirt like an idiot, you’re not qualified to give this advice.

Cisco: *opens his mouth to argue but realizes I’m right and closes it*

Francisco: I don’t flirt, I’m just honest and people get all blushy and flustered by it *smiles at me* especially RJ.

Me: *blushes*

Mr. Ramon: I find that confidence works. Just speak to whoever you’re interested in with confidence, and they should find it appealing.

Me: Oh…yes…be confident with the cute person…great advice dude.

Pablo: I sing to people I like…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes people look at you really weird and walk away quickly.

Me: I’m not even surprised by that…Hope that helps Anon?

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“I felt a bit lost, to be honest. I was walking past the Gaiety School of Acting in Temple Bar, in Dublin, one day, and I thought I’d give it a go. I don’t know what drew me to it; I mean, if I hadn’t walked past it that day, and if I hadn’t been in that particular frame of mind, my life might have been very different. But I did, and so I signed up for one of their classes - acting for camera. It felt foreign to me, yet very creative, and I connected with it straight away. Getting up there and making a fool of yourself in front of people you hadn’t met before - that appealed to me.”  

Opposites Attract // Punk!Luke

hiiii. i haven’t been on in a week, or even written a proper smut in a week.. so I hope you guys haven’t lost interest in me bc I’m back and this was the first out of 40 requests that appealed to me bc it was pretty basic.. oops

Requested: Yes
“Can you please write a punk luke smut where he’s the school badboy and the girl is just a normal girl”

Rated: R

>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>

You had the biggest crush on him. You would never tell him. You see, you were just a normal girl in school. You weren’t popular, but you weren’t an outcast. You were.. You. It was known that you were the nicest girl in school. If someone spilled something on you, you didn’t show you were mad, you would simply call your mother to bring you a new shirt. If someone bumped into you, you would take the blame. You were just.. very nice.

Anyways, Luke Hemmings. You were head over heels for that boy. However, he was the school bad boy; The complete opposite of you. Someone spilled something on him, he would pick a fight. Someone bumped into him, he would pick a fight. Someone dared to talk back to him, well.. he would pick a fight. That’s just the kind of guy he was. He’s picked fights so many times, that nobody really approaches him and his group anymore. He had the school wrapped around his finger and he knew it. 

You have any class with Luke. However, the only period you ever see him in in gym. He never failed to miss this period, but you could never understand why. You were sitting in your leggings and the school uniform gym shirt on the bleachers by yourself, tapping away at your phone, this being the only class you didn’t have with a friend.

You would look up every so often and see Luke sitting by the side with his friends. You looked back down at your phone but would sneak glances at Luke every so often. By the tenth time, you looked up and your eyes locked with his. He was looking directly at you. The two of you looked away after what felt like eternity. Now, you were scared to look back at him. That didn’t stop Luke from looking at you. He would drown out his friends and just look at you. You felt his stare burning into you but you were still scared to look back up. 

You checked the time on your phone. You guys still had a half an hour until gym ended. You sighed, looking around the gym and moving your hair out of your face. Luke was still looking at you. You got up, giving Luke a great view of your ass, causing him to bite his lip. You turned to Luke and his friends, walking over to them.

“Can I help you?” You asked.


Luke’s POV:

Fucking hell he thought you looked hot. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Just looking at you do the simplest of things turned him on. In all honesty, Luke really, really liked you. Whenever he went to his classes, he only payed attention to you. The way you would bit your lip when you were concentrated on something. The way you would bite your pen when you didn’t know the answer, but raise your hand anyways resulting in you getting the answer right anyways. Hell, he even recognized your laugh when he heard it in the hallways. 

Luke’s friends would do nothing but pester him over his obsession with you. For example, right now, in gym class, Luke’s friends noticed he wasn’t paying attention to them. They followed his gaze to you and started laughing, making kiss noises at him. 

“Is little Lukey crushing over Y/N again?” Calum cooed poking Luke, making Luke swat him away.

“Luke I don’t know why you don’t just go up to her.. She’s probably wrapped around your finger like the rest of the school.” He continued.

“You really think a girl like Y/N would fall for a guy like Luke? They are way out of each others leagues.” Michael said.

That’s where his friends were right. You really were out of Luke’s league. You were quiet and had enough friends to pass yourself by. Luke was loud, and had two side kicks to make him to most feared student in school. You wouldn’t hurt a soul. Luke would hurt anyone who got in his way. You were probably a virgin.. Luke has fucked a fourth of the school. There were so many things that made you guys completely different.. but that only made Luke want you more.

Luke was about to reply when Calum hit him on the side snapping him back to reality. He saw you coming over to them.


Your POV

Luke looked up at you,his lip still in his mouth. 

“I could ask the same thing, can’t I?” He asked chuckling. That sound sounded like heaven to you.

“I’m sorry, but I looked away, you kept looking. Can I help you?” You continued. 

“Does the good girl have an attitude?” Luke’s friend Michael said, earning a laughing from his other friend Calum.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t talking to you.” You smiled at the red headed boy looking back to Luke.

“Listen, don’t flatter yourself.” Luke said. That shouldn’t have hurt as much at it did. You simply nodded and turned away, walking back to your spot on the bleachers.


You were walking home from school. Your walk home from school was always peaceful. you liked to take the main roads, the business of them making you buzz with happiness for some reason. You were probably half way home when you felt someone following you. You started to walk a little faster, only feeling the other body move faster. You turned around briefly, seeing the unknown man catching up to you. This only made you even more scared. You looked back forwards, seeing a Starbucks only a few steps away. You walked in, looking for someone alone. You spotted a boy and walked over to him.

“Hi! I missed you. Long time no see!” You tried your best to stay calm as the confused boy looked up at you. Luke. you looked down at him pleadingly asking him to play along.

“Hey, babe, I’m glad you could make it.” Luke smiled standing up and pulling you into a hug. You looked behind him and saw the scary man looking through the window at you. 

“Thank you.” You panted into Luke’s shoulder and he rubbed your back, hoping to make you calm.

“Of course.” he whispered back.

You were going to leave, but Luke only persisted on you sitting with him until you felt safe, and at least until the man left. You sat down across from him, the two of you looking at each other not saying anything.

“Thank you again.” You broke the silence. 

“No problem.. Uh. Listen sorry about earlier today..” Luke said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“No, I shouldn’t have confronted you.. I mean it was selfish of me.” You smiled at the boy.

“No.. Uh.. It made you uncomfortable. It was my fault.” Luke continued.

“No Re-” You started.

“No. Stop. It was my fault. Not everything is your fault.” Luke interrupted.

“Okay.” You smiled, silence taking over the conversation again. 

The two of you sat there for another minute, both of you thinking about what to say.

“So what are you doing here alone?” You asked him.

“Uh.. I like to come here and just think sometimes.” Luke shrugged. You simply nodded looking around. “Um, do you wanna maybe come over for a bit?” Luke asked. You nodded.


A month passed. You and Luke were sneaking behind everyones backs. There was no sex, but there was definitely heavy make-out sessions in the back of his car, in his room, in your room, at the park, in the school library.. really, anywhere you guys could be alone. After that night a month ago, you and Luke just kind of clicked.. However, nobody knew. You would keep quiet and pretend that you were scared of Luke like everyone else, and Luke would still be that cocky idiot in school.

You guys didn’t really label what you guys were. Luke really has never asked you out on a proper date. He would just ask you to come over and you two would spend the majority of your time sucking each others faces off. You would think you guys would get caught by Luke’s parents or something, but the one time his parents were there, you and Luke were able to contain yourselves. His mom seemed to like you a lot, as well as his father. 

Today, you were going backer to Luke’s house. You would wait for Luke until 3:40 after 9th period ends when nobody is around to see you guys sneak off. You looked up from your phone and saw Luke coming over to you, his bag on his back and his keys in hand. You smiled when you saw him get closer, taking a few steps to get to him as well. 

“Hey.” You smiled, standing in front of him.

“Hi.” He smiled back taking one of your hands and leaning down to kiss you. You kissed back, but not letting him get any further than lips on lips. “C'mon Y/N I haven’t touched you since last night.” Luke whispered.

“Not here.” You whispered back.

With that, Luke rushed the two of you to his car, speeding off to his house.

“Needy today are we Luke?” You giggled as you approached his street.

“Uh.. Kinda.” He mumbled, pulling into his driveway. His parents weren’t home and you suddenly became excited.. Well more excited than usual.

When the two of you got out of the car, Luke came to your side and backed you up so you were leaning on the car. He placed his hands on your hips, bringing them towards his own. He ghosted his lips over your, his need for you only growing. 

“You’re so fucking hot.” Luke praised pressing his lips to yours. Luke placed a hand behind your neck, and used the one of your hip to hoist you up. You obeyed and put your legs around Luke’s waist. You tugged on Luke’s hair causing him out a low moan. You took this opportunity to dip your tongue into his mouth.

The difference about the way you acted with Luke and the way you were in school was you were dominant. You had Luke wrapped around your finger and could get him to do anything you wanted him to do. Luke never really noticed your take on being dominant. He always saw it on you two just being equally as horny as the other. 

Luke put you back down, his lips lingering on yours. He took your hand and rushed the two of you inside his house. When you got inside you weren’t even given a second to take your shoes off. The second the door was closed, Luke had you backed up against a wall, his lips exploring yours as if it was the first time. You both parted your lips, allowing each other to dip your tongues into each others mouths. Luke’s hands explored your torso, pulling off your sweater while doing so. Today, Luke was very touchy. He grabbed your ass, pinching it lightly and then just leaving his hand over it. You gasped at the touch but molded back into the kiss. Luke hoisted you up again and carried you up to his room. It felt like dejavú. That’s probably because you were with Luke last night doing the same thing. 

Luke laid you down on his bed. He crawled over you, using his arms to stabilize his body weight over you. He peppered kisses along your neck, making you squirm for him to do something else. You put your cold hands around Luke’s neck making him shiver. He used one of his hands to move some of your hair away and began sucking on the skin. You let out some gasps and moans as he continued his action, surely leaving a mark. He began to trail a hand to the hem of your shirt, looking at you as if he was asking to take it off. You nodded and he pulled the shirt of your head, laving you in your white, lace bra. He looked down at your breasts.

“I saw you more for a cotton kind of girl.” He chuckled, pecking your lips.

“There’s so much you don’t know about me, Hemmings.” You giggled. You took the opportunity while he was distracted by your breasts to flip the two flip your over, so that you were straddling his waist. Luke went up to grab your face, but you only took both of his hands and pinned them to the side. 

You began to kiss along Luke’s neck as he did to you. You pulled Luke’s shirt over his head, quite impressed by the view. You kissed down his torso, stopping at his v-line. Luke began to squirm, wanting nothing but your lips around him at the moment. You began to undo his jeans, pulling them down little by little. You liked seeing him squirm for your touch. Luke stopped squirming, letting you do whatever you were planning on doing. You kept Luke’s boxers on, his bulge very evident. You looked up at him, his eyes looking back at yours. You pressed a kiss to his clothes cock, making him become very impatient. You continued to kiss along his clothes erect cock up to the hem of the boxers. You took the hem into your mouth, pulling them down. Luke tried to keep his eyes on you as you took him into your mouth. You hollowed your cheeks so you could take in as much of him as you could. You had to admit, this wasn’t your first time giving a blow job to someone. You may be quiet at school, but you weren’t the angel everybody thought you were.

Luke felt like he was going to ejaculate any second. He tugged at your hair, pulling you from his cock.

“Baby, I need you to grab a condom from the drawl.” He panted. You nodded and crawled to the drawl grabbing a condom and tearing it open. 

You rolled the condom onto his cock. You positioned yourself above Luke, then slowly lowered yourself onto him.

“Aren’t you a virgin?” Luke said through struggled breaths. You stopped what you were doing and looked down at him.

“Is that seriously what you’re thinking?” You asked.

“Well.. I mean I want this to be kinda special if it is.” He shrugged.

“Luke, having sex with you is special as it is, but no I’m not a virgin.” You told him.

“Fuck.. I owe Calum 15 bucks.” He said, causing the two of you to chuckle. You leaned down to give the blonde idiot a kiss.

You started to make slight movements with your hips making both you and Luke whisper profanities and moan rather loudly. Luke put his hands behind your back, pulling you down to his body. He brought his lips to your, kissing you slowly and rather passionately. He stopped your hips from moving so he could thrust his hips up to yours. You released moans into his mouth as he did so, his jaw clenching as he did so, his concentration on making this as pleasurable for you as it was for him. Luke flipped the two of you over, his body hovering over you. He pulled out briefly, then positioned himself again, slowly pushing back into you. 

“Y/N- Fuck- I’m close.” Luke panted as he continued to thrust into you.

“Me too.” You said back with your eyes closed.

Luke leaned forward so he could attach his lips to yours. You whispered to him to go faster so he did. He kept his lips attached to yours, both of your tongues dancing in rhythm. Your hands were tangled into Luke’s hair, tugging at it lightly as the pleasure built up in your stomach. You knew Luke was there because his movements became sloppy, his need to cum growing. At the same time, you guys managed to reach your highs, your pants and moans filling the room.

Luke rolled off your body, pulling the condom off and disposing it in the trashcan. He flopped back onto the bed where you were still catching your breath.

“I say we have sex more often.” Luke said, draping an arm over you.

“If you don’t have a weird question for me while we do, then I say we should.” You giggled turning so you were facing him.

“I mean it would have been awkward afterwards if i was kinda just like ‘Oh yeah I just took your virginity’ and you were like 'lol no.” Luke said causing you to laugh, him joining you.

>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>


Mitsu's Top Ten Anime of 2013

Mitsu’s Top 10 Anime of 2013

No particular rules here, these animes are ones I found were appealing to my own personal tastes and ones I recommend above others that came out this year. If something you love was missing from the list I’m sorry, but there were many of my own favorites removed from the list in favor of the ones I found most groundbreaking, inspiring, beautifully animated, written, etc etc. Some of these I haven’t had a chance to review yet! Please enjoy! (1 is the best, 10 is on the lower end (but these are the best of the best so number 10 isn’t by any means bad)

10. Nagi no Asukara

I added this anime after a great struggle to quietly push aside another anime I admire very much. Nagi isn’t done yet, but it’s shown great promise in its first half, being a show that focuses on an age group that usually is skipped over in most anime I’ve seen, preteens. It’s that awkward stage between childish innocence and adult maturity with the main characters fighting between the two while also trapped between the fight of the land and the sea. It’s about FISH PEOPLE to put it bluntly and to explain quickly (my dad cutely calls this “Fishy Anime”) that this anime is just incredibly beautiful and sweet, and paaaainful. I’m really hoping the rest of the series doesn’t disappoint me, but is a genuinely good series to carry over to 2014.

9. Silver Spoon

I love me some slice of life, and Silver Spoon is so much more. It’s educational, feel good, coming of age, and full of things I’d gladly show to anyone. It is a GREAT anime for just about anyone to get into. There isn’t a ton of action and fighting, it’s by no means supernatural, but it’s just so nice! I’m happy to see it return in January and excited to see what fun things we’ll learn next about agriculture!

8. Little Witch Academia


*coughs* I did a review on this one earlier, so much of why I love it has already been explained. Really Studio Trigger (and this little part of it) has just done so well in bringing life so such a tiny little gem like LWA. Anime is magical, and LWA takes that seriously, bringing forth animation that really stands out on its own, a story and characters (and their great designs) that bring color and light into the show and the fact that all of that, a small, half hour long OVA won itself an anime thanks to a mostly WESTERN audience! Please keep an eye out for announcements of the upcoming anime!!

7. Suisei no Gargantia

The Urobutcher strikes again!! And he makes a mecha anime about post-ice age earth nicer and more heartfelt than that painful magical girl anime. He is one backwards man, but Garganita was one of my favorite surprises this year, mostly for the writing and directing. The plot twists were insane I MEAN INSANE, the character development WAS AMAZING for all characters, and the world building and animation was just perfect (SERIOUSLY LEDO GETS A TAN OVER THE SERIES HOLY HELL DETAILS) and it went out with such a wonderful bang.

I wanna say I caught wind of some sort of sequel/movie in the works (I know OVAs came out but CR doesn’t DO OVAs which kinda is their biggest fault at the moment), but I’m not entirely sure, regardless, the anime to me at least ended at a point that was just perfect and I’d be okay if no more showed up, but PUMPED if more were to be released.

6. Kyokai no Katana

A lot of people were upset with KNK’s ending, which surprises me seeing as it was a pretty heart-racing, gut-wrenching and tear jerking climax in my book. I had read the manga for AOT and knew what was coming (and what’s to come) so the climax of THAT anime was not nearly as emotionally provoking as KNK was, as I’ve never read the novel.

Overall, Kyoani has just had a great year and I’m glad they did, but I still stand by what I said, KNK deserved more praise than Free, and I’m happy to see Free returning next year, I’m just more satisfied with KNK as it had an ending that was just perfect, along with a freaking amazingly great story, characters, comedy, romance, and wow the tragedy.  

5. Eccentric Family

One of the few animes I see hardly anything about around was Eccentric Family. It was a really nice short, concise anime with some great story telling and mythology. I’ve gotta say, this one had my attention nonstop, and I came into this series late, having to watch around 75% of the anime before I caught up RIGHT AT THE CLIMAX, so I was all built up and raring to go at the bad guys and crying over the big reveal, and praying that the ending would be good and not RIP MY HEART TO SHREDS, but in the long run, Eccentric Family is a BEAUTIFUL coming of age story, and a story about family.

4. Attack on Titan

I had to put it on the list, not to pander, but just to mention it as AOT really was the anime of 2013. People OUTSIDE of anime knew what it was and it had such a great online presence…The problem is, after months, AOT actually just wore out its welcome for me. It’s already hurt me emotionally in ways you cannot imagine if you haven’t watched the show, yet I absolutely love it. I should hate it, I should hate all of the characters, YET I LOVE IT. Maybe the huge outpouring of pornography keeps me going, and my colossal titan nendoroid, but since the last few episodes of the anime, the OVA, the prequel and the latest chapters of the manga, my soul is just dying.

No anime has caused such emotional chaos since Natsuyuki Randevous or Shiki, maybe even Fruits Basket, but the problem is, those anime are what make me LOVE anime. The pain is GOOD. ;_; There is something wrong with me…

3. Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen

You have no idea how important Rozen Maiden is to me. It actually had an effect on my life and I have been waiting YEARS for this reboot/special series. To explain to people new to anime, Rozen Maiden originally came out during one of the…worst time for animes based off of manga. None of them ever got an actually decent anime and because of this, fat was trimmed, and by fat, I mean STORY AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, replaced instead by pandering and FILLER.

Zurückspulen (German for rewind) was a completely new spin on this to fix the anime the best it could and wow…I could not stop watching it. I have a feeling it had to do with Kirakishou and older Jun. Oh, and that they just kept twiiisiting that knife into my back, which as you can see, seems to keep me interested in anime.

I am such a freaking masochist OTL

2. Kyousogiga

Wowza, this was a great year for anime, artistically and emotionally. I was…mostly mad at Kyousogiga at first (I’m about to watch episode 10.5 to get to speed on what I just watched). Firstly, let me explain: this story is NOT told in chronological order! So you’re jumping back and forth between 4 or 5 different worlds, time lines, character POVs it’s stressful and hard to keep up with, but at the same time, it felt like a puzzle I HAD to put together on my own, slowly putting the pieces together and watching as the big picture came together. I enjoyed every moment of it, the reveals, the concept, and I was SCREAMING in shock in the last two episodes at my poor TV.

Beautiful animation, symbolism, story (despite how hard it is to follow) and I just…I’m in awe of this anime. IT WOULD BE NUMBER ONE IF ONLY FOR ONE SHOW

1. Gatchaman Crowds

It’s great to see something like Gatchaman Crowds come out of the woodwork. It’s retro, but yet it has this new, almost futuristic appeal to it. To me, this anime feels lost in time. Gatchaman itself is an OLD franchise, super popular in Japan, but not in the west, but CROWDS brings forth new technology, character types, animation and music to make this beautiful chic anime that is a treat for the eyes, ears and mind.

I say eyes and ears mostly because of the music and visuals. This anime, from the second it started to the moment it ended had the most visually appealing art style to me all season. Yes attack on titan was beautiful in its own respects (especially once you see the source material), but Crowds had this poppy, minimalist art style and soft color pallet. A lot of people HATE CG in anime like in Tiger and Bunny, but Gatchaman just pulls it off beautifully, taking a new mecha like approach on the old Gatchaman uniforms that were actually one of the main trademarks of the original Gatchaman series.

The music is an absolute treat. As soon as I heard Tutu I was blasted back to 2007 when I’d be playing Katamari Damacy, and it’s such a mix. A lot of people joke that the soundtrack is very dubsteppy, but not in a bad way at all. It takes opera, orchestral works, rock, pop, alternative music, and electrocutes it with the industrial sound of EDM and Dubstep to bring out the futuristic appeal of the Gatchaman Crowds universe.

It also broke the mold on characters. There are characters, flamboyant, masculine, miniscule, feminine, awkward, strange, angry and all in places you don’t expect. I was in awe to see a character in drag…and hardly anyone pointed it out within the series. It was nice to see a lead female character who wasn’t of your normal pick of the litter. There was little to no romance in this anime (though I won’t lie, I will gladly enjoy some when the series picks back up) and WOW JUST THE ANIMATION IS GREAT.


Regardless of what my favorites were, be it Saint Young Men, Free, AOT or whatever, 2013 was a great year for anime. The year ahead looks incredibly exciting and full of many more TBAs and a great line up prepared for Winter and Spring. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL new year, stay safe, and resolve to watch more anime in the coming year!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to drop me a line be it via reblog, ask or whatever :3 I’m always up for feedback!