these animators were having so much fun

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I actually know the woman who voices Daphne in most of the animations haha. She has a son around my age. (and a baby)

Whoa, wonderful!

Please offer her all of our sincerest appreciations – SDM’s community is an ever-growing 63,000 people that all very much appreciate the works she helps bring to life.

We salute her, and her talent! May the great Scooby-Doo never cease… and not just so she’ll have continuing employment.

Much as I’ve been privileged to talk with Bob Singer, I hope everyone who’s ever been involved with Scooby-Doo knows just how much their work is appreciated… it would be no fun to pick on the show were it not so great itself.


yo if okja turns you into a vegetarian thats great an all but like, they weren’t just making fun of evil corporations they were making fun of animal rights people too… both Mirdando and the ALF caused Okja to suffer and the real moral of the story should have been “Lies Hurt and Industrial Consumerism is Bad”

in the movie Mija eats chicken and fish and is not vilified… it’s the dirty Miranda Corp that caused these animals so much suffering because they were using immoral tactics and lying about what they were doing. AND the ALF used Okja and Mija to accomplish their goals because it was the easiest way even if it put Okja at risk


I was having problems with my internet so I could only share it now. And, thank you very much! I’m glad people really like it. It’s such an emotional song that I tried to put a lot of effort especially in getting the characters’ expressions right. Jared and Alana were especially fun to draw.♥ TuT

Bonus! Production sketches:

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because i didnt want to make a long post ^^;

this is actually sort of a ficlet i’ve had sitting for so long now, i decided to just bahhh put it out there.

i’m gonna put the script under the cut for those who use screen reader-things, and pretty much just to make it easier for some :3

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Favorite~ Sebastian Stan Imagine

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Note: Due to @imnoaingeal reblogging Sebby, I needed to write something for him. I decided to write not smut but something else, enjoy reading <3

You waited till Sebastian was done with his interview, waiting by his side. He was chatting with a young female interviewer who kept glancing at you, scoffing a bit. You look around uncomfortably, playing with your hands. Sebastian had taken you to the premier of Civil War as his date. You were beyond nervous, heart beating so fast and your breathing was heavy.

What you hated was being shoved into a dress and heels, you loved all his movies and friends but never being at the premier with every one taking pictures of you.

You are a fan. Of Marvel. Not people. 

Biting your bottom lip, blowing a piece of hair out of your face as it landed in the view of your eye. You only came here because Sebastian kindly asked you to be his date, he begged you to be his date. You couldn’t resist him, have you even look at him? He was so adorable like a puppy. Romanian puppy. 

You have been with his Sebastian for a month, your relationship new to his fans and the world. Sebastian and you met through Chris, Chris Evans not the other Chris’s. Yeah, the guy that always grabbed his left boob while laughing or grabbing others. Chris introduced you to Sebastian as the shy girl that Sebastian could crack. And he did, he certainly did. He made you be yourself more and open up to him. 

You’ve been a fan of Sebastian since seeing him as Carter on Gossip Girl. He was gorgeous and had beautiful eyes. His smile was to die for. 

After while seeing each other, just as friends. Sebastian asked you out on a date. He treated you right and then asked you to be his. You were beyond happy to say yes to being his. 

What Sebastian doesn’t know is that you have anxiety, where you can’t function without taking medication for it. It doesn’t usually happen around him because he makes you happy. But when it came to meeting new people, it was tough. It was really hard when you met the cast of Civil War, they all were so happy to meet you getting close to you. 

The reason you never told Sebastian was because you didn’t want to seem weak to him. 

Sebastian was an amazing man, you love being with him, laughing with him, spending time with with him, joking around, cooking for him, waiting him to come home to you etc. 

“ I’m sorry about that sweetheart, I got held up more than I thought” He chuckled wrapping his arm around your waist, laying a kiss on your cheek.

You nodded, a small smile on your lips. 

“ It’s alright” you answer, meeting his gaze. 

“ I am so happy your here with me” he says, one hand in his pocket of his trousers and the other running a hand through his hair. “ I thought you would be home watching TV on the couch, munching on some Recess Pieces like usual”

You rolled your eyes at him,at your free time, you’d watch some TV or Netflix or something to not let you miss him so much when he’s gone. 

“ Yeah, well you desired my presence” you chuckled, Seb smiled wide. He loves hearing you laugh. It was one of his favorite things to hear. He reaches for your hand lacing his fingers with yours as his thumb rubs circles on your knuckles. 

Chris makes his way over to you two. He was dressed up nice like the usual, he was beaming seeing you with Seb tonight. Along with him comes Anthony Mackie, who you grown to stick around with. He always made you laugh. 

” Hey butterfly” Chris greets you, it was his nickname of how gentle you are with everything. Seb didn’t like the nickname for some reason, he shifted on his feet looking at Chris. 

He thought Chris has a crush on you but you told Seb many times that Chris was your best friend and nothing more.

“ Hope your having a good time Vanilla Ice and Snow White” Anthony says, standing next to you. “ You look great” he glances at your dress, nodding his head.

“ Of course they are, they are the best looking couple on this premier” Robert joins the group. He was wearing a nice suit with sunglasses for some reason.

“ I agree” Chris says. Seb looked back at you, a smile reaching his lips. He was glad that you came with him to the premier. He was giddy inside seeing you in a dress and your hair done. 

He remembers seeing you for the first time, you had your hair in a braid wearing shorts and a tank top that had paint on it. You were painting outside when Chris and Seb approached you. He noticed that you were the most beautiful angel he laid eyes on and that you were piece of art that he needed to have.

When he asked you out, he never imagined you say yes to him. He grew close to you and learned everything about you. He loved how kind you were, how much you loved animals and how much of a nerd you were knowing so much about Marvel. 

Sebastian would always talk with Chris and Anthony about you, Chris knows you well but with Anthony, he was excited to tell every detail about you. It was like Anthony could picture you sitting next to him. 

You were adorable in Sebastian eyes, his friends could tell how much he cared about you. 

He couldn’t wait to bring you tonight, you never been to even like this and having your picture taken by the pops. He wanted you to have fun tonight, he was going to make sure of it.

Chris noticed how nervous you were, he sighs reaching to rub your arm which makes Seb attention on him. He wondered to why Chris was doing this, you were his girl. Jealous grew inside Seb, he held you close to him shooting a glare at Chris. Chris threw a confusing glance at his friend before connecting the dots as a smirk appeared on his face. 

He knew Seb was jealous. Through the night, Chris get doing things to piss off Sebastian and it was working. You could hear him growl and feel his intense glance at you when Chris touched you. 

“ What are you doing Christopher?” you whispered to him. He motioned with his head to your boyfriend as you were siting down next to Chris and on the other side you had Sebastian. 

“ He’s jealous, tonight he’s going to make it special” He winks at you, placing a hand on your thighs just to spite Sebastian. It was working, Seb eyes glanced at your thigh then to Chris. It was like looks could kill. 

Seb turn to glance at you then at Chris before he stood up adjusting his suit jacket and running a hand through his hair before he left leaving you with Chris.

“ I think you pissed him off” 

“ Just wait” Chris says, before adding, “ I know what I’m doing. I saw you being nervous earlier. Sebastian will unwhine you tonight..” 

“ Chris!” 

Note : Should I make this in a series?or just a part 2? What would you like to see in the next chapter, if so?


This is a collection of gifs that the fine folks at Cartoon Network commissioned me to make recently. It was so much fun playing with the world of Gumball. Ben Bocquelet and Mic Graves have created something really special there. Oh and Jacob Escobedo deserves a shout out too. He’s always pushing for fun stuff at CN HQ.

The first 3 were animated by me and had some clean up help from my buddy Jarrod Prince. The fourth piece was an anim colab with Ben Ommundson (I set up the gag and the design and and he delivered the punchline and finished everything off. It was a fun way to work!)

Don’t hate me for this

I looked at some of my older animations and I realized something
Yes, they were animations with not much to do in it, let’s just say “lazy”
At least I had fun doing them
Now that I’m trying to put as much effort as possible, repeating to myself “no, you must do MORE, don’t be lazy” I’m just starting to,, don’t like animating anymore? I’m losing motivation

So you know what
Fuck it
I’m going back to animate whatever I want
I don’t care anymore, I just want to have fun


“In a planet far far away, some random animation students decided to make a nonsensical fake teaser in order to fight the boredom of their school life.”

Yeah, it would be a pretty good pitch for dat.

believe me, subtitles are useless, there is nothing to understand, have a pure  minute and half of animation students just having fun. 

Well, still, the animations were done during summer so it’s starting to get a little old sometimes but meh :V

Barquin Chloé Colorscript and background artist

Corbin Mathieu Animator

Chansard Vincent pretty much everything…

Cortey Julien storyboarder and animator

Desfougères Laurie character designer

Gerat Mattthieu animator

Gesbert Aymeric animator and background artist

Le Couviour Pierre Typographer of HELL

Lenseigne Côme music

Ouvrard Charles character designer and animator

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I want the uprising arc as much as you do :( it sucks that we have to wait.

Dude, you have no idea… How much I am craving for that arc to be animated.. To tell you the truth, the main reason I was so excited for S2 these past four years was because of the uprising arc. The clash of the titans arc is nice but.. I’m not that crazy for it. Therefore, to be completely honest, I didn’t have much fun this season, especially after finding out that it’s only one cour and NONE of my personal favorite scenes were gonna be animated, so it automatically killed the hype for me. I was still watching S2, but I wasn’t jumping on one foot. 

Lots of people are getting upset that S2 is about to end, but for me, it’s more like “let’s get this over this so we can get to the fun stuff”. I want Levi back, there’s barely any Levi graphics left for me to reblog and I’m pissed and I’ve officially lost my patience. At the end of episode 37 (aka, ep. 12), it had better say a “to be continued” sentence at the bottom right like always, so we can be sure that they WILL work on a S3. They better hurry tf up and animate their way to victory with the uprising arc.. Cuz I am NOT waiting four fucking years again. 

  • I want my waifu back (Levi) 
  • I want Kenny fucking Ackerman 
  • I want the new fucking Levi squad 
  • I want Levi vs Kenny showdown 
  • I want Levi going on a rampage on the other MPs 
  • I want bar scene 
  • I want “I can’t get hard” 
  • I want 8 pack Eren 
  • I want shirtless Levi 
  • I want badass Levi & Mikasa duo 
  • I want Eren and Levi making intense eye-contact 
  • I want everything. 


After Hours

Some Alex/Eliza smut for the Lounge AU me and  @minky-for-short have been playing around with for a while. If you haven’t read her fic for it, you really need to go do that, it’s so good. But here is a short, sexy drabble from the same AU! Enjoy!

Alex had heard a lot of people in movies and television shows, the kind he avoided with a ten-foot bargepole for the most part, go on about how secrecy added a tantalising thrill to relationships. How the whole tragic, star crossed lovers’ thing was so romantic and exciting and exhilarating.

But after a few weeks of experiencing it himself, in real life, he’d firmly decided that that was bullshit.

Okay so he and Eliza were hardly Romeo and Juliet but still. He felt pretty damn close to challenging some of the rowdier, asshole customers to a Shakespearean duel when he had to spend his shift watching Eliza. Watching her sway and sashay up on the stage, the soft lighting catching the rhinestone edging of her dress where it hugged her full hips, highlighting the delicate curves of her arms through the sheer sleeves, illuminating her skin. Her long fingers trailing up the microphone stand as she purred and rolled her way through her songs, hitting each note perfectly and sounding like an angel, Alex couldn’t tear his eyes away as her fingers brushed and trailed and suddenly grasped hard at the stand in time with the music, making his knees feel weak. She was always sure to smile just a little and catch his amber eyes in her sweet dark ones whenever there was a particularly racy lyric or low note or growl in her voice, just so he knew that it was meant for him, no one else in the bar or the whole damn world. Just him.

More than once John had been required to tap him lightly on the shoulder to remind him that he was supposed to be pouring that whiskey in his hand into the glass, rather than just into a puddle on the bar top. Alex would jump a little defensively, mutter that he was just enjoying the song and be silently thankful that the bar covered him from the waist down.

So yeah. The whole secret relationship thing was turning out to be a lot of frustration and fidgeting and really, really wanting to run up and kiss her in front of everyone in the place. Or even just at least hug her when he saw her walk in, after having to take two train rides to hide the fact that she was spending every night at his apartment. That just an hour ago she’d been so tangled up in his arms, curled around him so tightly that he’d felt all the empty places in him healing just from her warm touch.

To hide the fact that for the first time he could remember, he was happy.

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OSF AU - All the Little Children (9/?)

Part 9: Wherein a pack of pint-sized preteens pools their knowledge, and Luffy is hungry.

Content warnings: Offscreen character death, though no one the reader will miss.

Luffy’s stomach growled.

“I knew we forgot to do something,” Fū mumbled, before she headed deeper into the hall.

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Felix and i made it to the Zoo! We were surprised when we got a second chance to go~ We first stopped at the miniature Shakespeare village (the buildings would be great for smaller dolls!)

After that we went to see the animals! They improved the enclosures from the last time i visited, and we had a lot of fun! That Camel I SWEAR. They have double and triple fences, if that helps explain why the Baboons are so far away. Safety first!

All in all it was a great visit, and much improved from the last time i went! 

Puppy Love || Daehyun

Request: Hi, can I request a scenario with BAP’s Daehyun where his girlfriend is obsessed with puppies and accidentally ignores him? Thank you 

Summary:  You’ve always been an animal person. Your boyfriend is only learning the downsides of that characteristic. 

Word Count: 1,322

A/N: Written for @soshibaby98 ! Sorry for the long wait but I hope you enjoy the scenario all the same. <3 You know how my last update I said I was dealing with shitty internet  (xx) literally after I posted that my internet dropped and this has been my first day with internet and I’m so done with NBN Australia wtf its Christmas Eve get your shit together. Anyway everything should be up soon and then I have a little sorry present for y’all when its all over.

“I should’ve known this was a bad idea…”

Daehyun huffed as he watched from the small circular table, elbows propped onto the lacquered wood as his hands cradled his chin. His eyes followed your form as you moved, slight defeat spread across his features as he did.

You laughed to yourself, a wild smile plastered across your face as you gleefully patted the small head of a Chihuahua seated in the gap between your criss-crossed legs.

“Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!” You cooed, scratching the underside of the dog’s jaw, its thin tail rhythmically hitting your thigh.

Daehyun found his lips pursing into a prominent pout as he watched in disgruntlement. A voice in the back of his mind taunted him, sounding too much like Youngjae.

‘It’s not gonna end well, it’ll backfire in your face.’

Daehyun sighed again, moving his hand so that he could rest his chin on his folded forearms. He should have known better.

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CPR | Part 5

Hello! This is part 5 of a short fanfic about Dan Howell. We leave off where part 4 ended, so if you haven’t read that yet, you can go read it here.

“So since I never actually got to take you out to that coffee shop…” Dan started his sentence, looking over at you with a smug smile on his face. The two of you had been hanging out for about two weeks now, seeing each other after school almost every day. Nothing had happened yet, it had just been friendly visits but they had been some of the most fun days you’d ever had. He was completely on the same page as you were with almost everything and it was really nice to have that around you. Right now they two of you were having lunch outside the school building, sitting on the ground in the sun. The warm sunny weather had caused a few freckles to appear on his face and it looked cuter than you could have imagined. “Yes…?” You responded, taking a sip from you water bottle and waiting for him to finish his sentence. “I thought we could go to the zoo this weekend!” He announced with a big smile on his face, clearly proud of this idea. “Oh my god, I’d love that!” You smiled back at him, half still surprised and half super excited. Your city’s zoo wasn’t huge but it was fun, and you always loved to go there. You hadn’t thought Dan would get tickets for the two of you, but it seemed like he did. “So if you’re free on Saturday, I’ll come pick you up around 10 so we have enough time to see all the animals.” He smiled, and you nodded excitedly. The two of you continued to have lunch normally, although something inside you had changed. It would appear Dan had just asked you out on an official date and the thought of it made butterflies fly in your stomach.

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*slides in* Yoooooo, I'm new to sending these kinda asks and you're a fairly new blog. This will go great lolololol SO! How about the RFA meeting MC prior to the whole game incident and growing to have a crush on em? (Maybe their first attempt to ask them out in this scenario? I dunno up to ya) 💚

my deAR friend i’m sure this will work out great ;) and what an interesting request! tbqh thathas been an hc of mine for quite some time! what if mc met rfa before all that fiasco?? this will be fun to write! fingers crossed so i won’t disappoint you!! ps! i am so sorry completing this took me long! Dx


  • jaehee didn’t know when exactly it started happening
  • but she was in too deep by the time she realized she was falling for mc
  • because! mc was just! so smart! and that was a trait this girl found so! pleasing!!
  • it wasn’t even that they got perfect scores every time
  • because mc didn’t
  • but their ideas and perception of each concept was so intriguing jaehee honestly felt offended when the teachers ignored them or tried to put them down
  • because ?? no?? if it’s not in the book, doesn’t mean mc’s point of view is wrong? it’s just new! and so fresh!
  • she lowkey worries for mc because their originality is great and all but they should focus on scoring higher grades so they can get a job they actually deserve??
  • their out of the box thinking and perceptive skills will go to waste if they can’t get into a nice college
  • gets blushy around mc a lot
  • they don’t  talk much but when they do, they have long and deep conversations
  • mc is so understanding too! sometimes jaehee is embarrassed that they bring out such a different side to her. that they manage to bring out her real feelings from behind her mask so easily
  • offers to tutor mc in whatever subject they need when final year exams are nearing
  • doesn’t listen to the voice inside her head telling her she’s mostly being selfish by doing this


  • ahhh! this boy! cannot handle!
  • he was so awed by that person! they made everything the did seem cool!
  • rika told him they had joined only a few months before him 
  • rika was helpful but mc helped everyone! even the people volunteering
  • which meant, embarrassingly, yoosung got to have his first actual conversation when he needed help calming a box full of puppies and mc came over
  • he realized he was crushing on mc ten times harder now because ! they were so gentle?!
  • he was always gentle with kids and animals, and rika had told him he was a natural
  • but if he was a natural then mc was so much more?
  • the first thing he said was ‘are you an animal whisperer?’ and promptly felt embarrassed
  • but mc just laughed
  • they said they’d teach him too
  • he had so much fun planning educational games for orphans with mc!
  • they were so creative and neat in their work but at the same time alway taking suggestions to heart and always asking for his opinions to keep him involved
  • boy wanted to confess sooo many times! but he never did! always chickening out
  • he hoped mc got at least a little bit of hint every time he lovingly baked them cookies or cupcakes?


  • zen was so impressed when a rebellious kid joined their gang
  • turned out mc had actually been in the gang before him
  • they had only been on ‘leave’ for finishing their last year of high school
  • zen was so drawn in because??
  • all the other members respected mc so much??
  • not that he thought it was problematic or weird
  • it was actually really nice
  • actually noticed he was crushing so hard on mc when they taught him a very cool moves
  • was shook and awed when he found out mc created those moves??
  • felt he could relate to mc’s shitty family situation- which happened to be the main topic they bonded over
  • felt even more motivated to become an actor after the endless discussions on past and future and plans with mc
  • especially because they were adamant he should follow his original dreams ‘even more so because it will be big fuck you to your family!’ they ended with a decisive nod
  • honestly felt he could kiss mc right then
  • totally refrained but always said the most romantic lines he could remember from the plays he read
  • loved how mc and the others used to bring him plays because they knew of his original dream
  • so totally wanted to marry mc but was satisfied watching them from afar for now
  • he felt mc was so much more than he was at the moment 


  • it was one of the times jumin escaped his security guards and went shopping by himself
  • it irked him how journalists kept ‘discreetly’ taking pictures but he couldn’t blame them entirely
  • he had left the security behind after all
  • cut his trip, which had been meant to be leisurely, short and hurried to the pet accessories shop he had seen online
  •  he had specifically planned the whole thing so he could go there during the busiest hours of day- meaning no crazy rich ladies to hog him there
  • cause they would be working or at saloons or planning kitty parties
  • is pleasantly surprised when the sales person just greeted him when he entered and went back to reading their book
  • no following him around too closely, no annoying chatter, no attempts at flirting, no buttering him up because he was jumin han and he was visiting their shop
  • surprisingly enough he found himself trying to make conversation
  • when they left their perch at the counter to come show him towards the latest collar collection, he noticed their name tag and found it to be a perfect fit to the owner
  • mc was not unpleasant to him in anyway, while at the same time they weren’t trying to leech him off. it was so refreshinG!
  • boy actually found himself coming every week at the same time, same day to catch mc
  • their behavior didn’t change towards him accept when he mentioned offhandedly that he liked buying things for his cat
  • they got so excited and asked if he could show pictures
  • he was so shook when he realized he was crushing on mc??
  • he wondered if it was because they adored cats so much or because they had nice eyes or because they dressed well?
  • after weeks of not seeing them and feeling so anxious and worried, he actually asked them out the first day he saw them
  • it was shocking to them both
  • mc laughed and told him they had been sick and then caught up with some exams, as a way of telling him why they hadn’t been to the shop, before saying that yes. they should go watch a movie together sometime


  • seven was ! so! stressed!!!
  • he saw a figure already at his usual spot
  • they weren’t at his spot. but they were still pretty close by
  • this way neither of them could actually relax, he knew
  • because why else would the person be there?
  • he made his way over anyway, and sure enough, about 2 feet away, and the person actually noticed him because they whipped their head around in his direction
  • he waved awkwardly at them
  • the third time this happened, he actually walked over to the person and tried to make small talk
  • mc was actually a good listener, so he found it easier to talk to them while staring at the stars
  • he liked that they didn’t pry too much or ask questions he might get in trouble if asked
  • he asked mc one day why they never asked questions? because he was so sure they must be dying to know some things at least. 
  • they told him that he never pressured too much when they didn’t wanna talk or tell him about something and they just wanted to return the favor. that they didn’t want to stress him anymore that he was by asking questions he ‘probably wouldn’t wanna answer’
  • was so relieved he thought he could cry
  • decided to never pressure mc into talking, not at all, not even as a joke
  • realized he was crushing on mc hard by the time 3 months were over
  • ended up running from his feelings before finally actually admitting to himself
  • but decided to resolutely noT do anything, for their own safety if anything

  • this was obviously before he met rika
  • he had been on a trip to the country side  to take pictures
  • it was a beautiful sunrise and looking through his lens at the scene, he had to take a double take because he thought he saw an angel or some other mystical creature?!
  • snapped away so many pictures within moments before he dared to pull the camera away
  • and no, it wasn’t an angel
  • it was a person who had conveniently been present at the scene he had wanted to capture
  • caught up to them because he felt he needed to thank them 
  • obviously mc had no idea what that sweet looking man was thanking them for
  • v asked them to have breakfast at the inn together because it was so! important!
  • now mc was a bit worried but they agreed 
  • excitedly showed them the pictures from that morning while they wait for their food and mc is shook?? are you a photographer??? these are so good!!
  • v can not contain his smile and is all dimples because the compliment is so honest and genuine. but he needs to tell them!
  • says that he is a photographer, but mentions he is nothing big yet. also says that mc had been what made the pictures so magical
  • mc is flattered but tells him to believe in himself more and to give himself the credit he deserved because his work was stunning
  • v realizes that day that it is possible to fall in love with your own art work. definitely!
  • because mc wasn’t even his art work and he was falling for them so hard by the end of the day?
  • is so satisfied that he got mc’s contact information because he had to send them the pictures
  • is totally going to ask them out sometime!

anonymous asked:

How did the whole hijack ship happen??? Like they aren't part of the same universe???? AaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I mean it's cute don't get me wrong but???????????!!

Basically what happened was people looked at the two characters and said, hey, they have complimentary personalities, I think they would get along if they met each other. Their colours are also aesthetically complimentary, green and blue, white and brown, etc. etc. Jack is a lot of fun and Hiccup is very serious about things so their personalities would also compliment each other and help Hiccup make sure he has fun and help JAck make sure he gets serious sometimes. It’s a good match! 

And then it just sort of went from there! What would have happened if Jack had met Hiccup in viking times? How would they react? Would Hiccup see him? Vikings were superstitious and if they had dragons, a guardian of fun wouldn’t be too much of a stretch right? Their personalities would work, what if they were together? How would that work? What would they do? What would they feel? What would they say? How would their relationship work as friends and then as romantic partners? 

And then it just sort of went from there! I mean it’s not like it matters that they’ll “never meet” because they are animated so who cares? 

John Mulaney Sentence Starters
  • "The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time."
  • "All my money is in a savings account. My dad has explained the stock market to me maybe 75 times. I still don't understand it."
  • "It is 100% easier not to do things than to do them, and so much fun not to do them - especially when you were supposed to do them."
  • "In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin."
  • "I was always the squarest person in the cool room, and alternatively, sometimes the weirder person at the mainstream table."
  • "I have a lot of stories about being a kid because it was the last time I was interesting."
  • "Why do people shush animals? They've never spoken."
  • "A lot of times you're anxious and people say, "Relax. Shut up." And that just feels like, Well, I guess I'm also crazy."
  • "I'm an idiot, but I've shoveled through life rather nicely so far."
  • "I kind of thought, wouldn't it be funny to take a swing at being on the weird side of mainstream?"
  • "I like when things are crazy. Something good comes out of exhaustion."
  • "There's just something really, really funny about someone tearing into me."
  • "Being president looks like the worst job in the world."
  • "Thirteen year olds are the meanest people in the world."
  • "I always though quick sand was gonna be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be."
  • "'Do you want a salad or fries?' that's like asking 'Do you want to go for a jog or freebase cocaine?'"
  • “You have the moral backbone of a chocolate éclair.”
  • “Anyone who’s seen my dick and met my parents needs to die; I can’t have them roaming around. They know too much.”
  • "I was once on the telephone with blockbuster video- Which is a very old fashioned sentence."
  • "I cannot express to you the humiliation of, every Saturday morning, putting on a pair of breakaway pants and never having a reason to break them away -- then they're just pants."
  • "My body is bad at sports: that's the problem."
  • "It was so beautiful today that I only watched four hours of "Law & Order" in my apartment."
  • "I don't look older, I just look worse."
  • "So, I would just have a couple of drinks, and my brain would be like, 'OK, I see where this is headed. We're just going to power down now and get restarted sometime tomorrow morning'."
  • "Here's how easy it was to get away with bank robbery back in the '30s -- as long as you weren't still there when the police arrived, you had a 99% chance of getting away with it."
  • "'Ocean's 11' with women wouldn't work 'cause two would keep breaking off to talk sh*t about the other nine."
  • “Sometimes I’ll be talking to someone, and I’ll be like ‘Yeah, I’ve been really lonely lately’ and they’ll be like ‘Well we should hang out!’ and I’m like ‘No, that’s not what I meant. That’s not what I meant at all.”
  • "We'd all go play jacks by the soda fountain."
  • "No one knows what you're talking about you idiot."
  • "Blackout drinking is when your brain goes to sleep but your body gets all 'Eye of the Tiger' and soldiers on.'
  • "Am I proud of it? No. Just like I'm not proud of the fact that I saw the movie The Notebook in theaters. But it happened!"
  • "You don't know me. I have secrets. Why yesterday I wore my footie pajamas under my clothes and pretended I was a fucking fireman."
  • “Excuse me: I am homeless. I am gay. I have AIDS. I'm new in town.”
  • "Because we're Delta Airlines and life is a fucking nightmare!"
  • "I could never be goth, don't get me wrong, I'm unhappy, it's not that."
  • "To me Person of Interest is almost too flattering. Like, if the police were to pound on my door and go 'A man has been murdered in your building and you are a person of interest' I'd be like 'Moi? Oh do go on. Fresh.' "
  • "Ma'am can you turn off your bluetooth? This is a baptism."
  • "It was really easy to get away with murder before they knew about DNA."
  • "Do you want a plate of fries? If I get fries for the table would you take some? I know you'll eat fries if I get fries!"
  • "I watch so much Law and Order that sometimes I think I'm on an episode of Law and Order."
  • "You asked if I brushed my teeth but I never specified that I did so tonight. If the court reporter reads back my remarks you will see I did not purger myself."
  • "Traveling can get kinda lonely sometimes, actually no that's not the right word, Life. Life can get kinda lonely sometimes."
  • "Scientists have long since wondered if you can make grown men and women cry by playing Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual. And the answer is yes."
  • "Like my god man people are dead! But no you keep stacking those boxes."
  • "You seen this shit? You seen this Home Alone 2: Lost in New York shit?"
  • "As they say in Jerry Maguire, 'You had me at AIDS.'”
  • “Papa, today I met a boy with no eyes.”
  • "Adult life is already so goddamn weird."
Them and their children are on The Return of Superman (BTS)

Y/S/N:your son’s name

Y/D/N:your daughter’s name

Rap Monster: -throughout the episode it was clear that your son was a ladies man. As they were out in public filming he would act different around girls older and his age alike than when he was just with Namjoon and you. When the other boys joked about how he would do anything to impress the ladies after seeing the episode- “do you see who he’s related to? Impressing women is what us Kim boys are best at” 

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Jin: -you were very worried before you left for him. He had to put up with three daughters alone. He wasn’t worried as much for your youngest because she was still in a stroller and unable to cause much trouble as he was for the others were going through the stage where they constantly need attention from one of their parents- “I mean it’s gonna be a lot of work but I think I can do it”

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Suga: -even though he was being filmed and even if it seemed unprofessional he was constantly texting you and sending you photos of your daughter throughout the day and laughing at your jealous texts- “Y/D/N come here lets send mommy another picture of us and what we’re doing”

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J-Hope: -many people were curious because you seemed to be in charge of family life. Which was true but Hoseok was capable of handling his twin boys pretty well alone. But it was pretty hard to keep both of them out of trouble when they were out in public and he made sure he told you all about it when you got back. Just so you wouldn’t find out from the show how much of a mess the three of them did- “oh yeah our sons are pretty destructive. They seem so much more behaved when you’re around” 

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Jimin: -your daughter had a hard time letting you go in the beginning. She loved her father but she was still very attached to you as well. So he spent the rest of the day trying to keep her happy. Every time she brought up how much she missed you he tried to make her smile or just happy. He made sure you knew how much your daughter loved you when you got back- “I never heard someone other than me talk about you so much. It’s so cute I swear”

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V: -He had spent many days alone with your son before. But today was their first trip to the zoo and he was very excited because it’s what he wanted to do most with him. They were filmed making weird faces and sounds to mimic animals, just having lots and lots of fun. They left with many souvenirs as well which you would come home to see filling the living room and your’s and your son’s bedrooms- “we had a really good time at the zoo so we brought the zoo home with us as well. Y/S/N really liked the lions and monkeys”

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Jungkook: -he spent the day hovering over his daughter with a boy. Even though they were little and didn’t know anything that made him mad. He still didn’t enjoy the fact of Namjoon’s son holding his daughter’s hand. And he was teased heavily by Namjoon about it- “you don’t know what I go through, you only have a son. You only have to worry about him while I have to worry about all boys.” 

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Jun x Reader

Jun x Reader


College AU

Warnings: Language

A/N: This one took longer to update and I’m not even sure why since I already have the parts written .-. but anyways I mixed two of the parts I had to make it longer to make up. I really hope you’re enjoying it ^-^

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You were out grocery shopping with Jeonghan, Jihun, and Wonwoo. Sungcheol asked if I could go since he didn’t trust them to get essential foods. You got to meet Jihun and Wonwoo after  your encounter with Mingyu. You walked into the grocery store and Jeonghan walked up next to you.

“So do you know how to cook?”

You looked at him. Seriously adoring his hair.

“I can survive if I need too.” He smiled

“Good, Mingyu is usually the one who cooks. What’s your favorite to eat? Can you eat spicy food or no?”

“I told you. I survive. I’ll eat anything. I do love spicy food though”

“Ahhhhh, Jun likes spicy food too”

You guessed Jun is the one person you haven’t met yet. You wanted to ask more so you were prepared and didn’t run into another Mingyu situation but Jeonghan ran over to link arms with Wonwoo. Jihun walked up to you.

“I heard you screaming back to Minghao screaming earlier today”

“I get irritated when I’m woken up.”

He nodded like he totally got you.

“It’s a never ending screaming fest in this house. I’m usually always just in my room working on my music or sleeping. So it’s getting annoying to listen to the screaming all day. So thanks.”

Huh. I still feel like he doesn’t belong in college but alright. You began walking around throwing things into the shopping cart that Wonwoo was pushing around.

“So Wonwoo, what are you like?”

He shrugged.

“I don’t think I’m the most interesting person in this household. The usual. I like playing video games, listening to music, or watching movies.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I’m scared of dogs”

“Seriously?” So no dogs. I don’t hate him so I wouldn’t want him to live uncomfortably.

After paying we got into the car. I sat next to Jeonghan. It was quiet in the car until Rap Monster started

“bogo shipda ireoke..”

Jeonghan yelled


Wonwoo turned up the radio. Jeonghan turned to you

“Sing with me!”

You thought what the hell. I love singing.

You and Jeonghan:

“nunkkochi tteoreojyeoyo
 tto jogeumsshik meoreojyeoyo
 bogo shipda (bogo shipda)
 bogo shipda (bogo shipda)
eolmana gidaryeoya
tto myeot bameul deo saewoya
neol boge doelkka (neol boge doelkka)
mannage doelkka (mannage doelkka)”

Jeonghan looked at you

“You have a nice voice!”

I smiled “Thank you, you’re not bad yourself”

He smiled back happily while you guys continued to jam out.

Once you guys got home. Jihun got inside deciding he’s done enough and was going back to his room. Wonwoo decided to start putting things inside. While Jeonghan went to call others to help. You decided to help Wonwoo and grabbed two bags and was beginning to walk towards the front door when you tripped nearly face planting the ground when someone caught your arm. You looked up to see this blonde guy that you didn’t recognize.

“So you’re a klutz? Literally there’s nothing around you to trip on”

You heard Jeonghan yell, “There you are Jun!”

So Jun’s a douche. So far is what I grasped. There’s 10 of them living in this household so I guess there had to be a douche.

Jun looked at you and took the bags with one hand and offered his other to you.

You looked at his hand and decided on taking it because you’re not sure on who’s bad and good side you need to be on yet.

“Thanks. I can carry those in”

Jun looked you up and down. You hid slightly.  He handed you a bag.

“Looks like the other guy’s got the rest anyways.” He started to walk inside. You couldn’t help but notice he has really good legs.


You swear you could’ve hit the roof with how high you jumped. Turning around ready to smack the shit out of someone, you chose to back away when noticing it was Mingyu.

“What the actual fuck Mingyu.”

“I saw your encounter with Jun. He can be an ass.”

“Well so far I think you’re more of an ass”

Mingyu laughed.

“Hey so since it’s your first day here lets go to this party” You looked thoughtful.

“Sure why the hell not. I need to get loose after this day”

He smiled at you.

“Alright. I’ll let the other guys know and see who else wants to join” He went to go ask the other members.

Later that night you were wearing a black crop top that came just above your belly button with some black skinny jeans because all black was your forte.

Mingyu came up to you.

“Well damn. I didn’t know you wanted to get that loose.”

You shoved him.

“Me? When I met you you wearing nothing but a towel!”

“Oh! So that’s what you’ll remember of our first encounter.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever. Just be glad I actually remember you.” You walked off to go grab yourself a drink because you were going to need it. You downed a couple of shots and grabbed a red solo cup filled with beer.

“So you’re an alcoholic?” Jun came up next to you grabbing a solo cup of his own.

“No. But you live in the same house as me. Wouldn’t you drink after a day with them?”

He shrugged and took a drink of his cup.

“They aren’t THAT bad once you get to know them.”

“I don’t think they are bad. Just.. it’s been an intense first day…”

Jun nodded. “You got lucky I live there” He smiled at you and left towards the dance floor.

He seriously has some nerve. He thinks he’s all that. You scoffed and decided to walk around.

Mingyu came up to you pulling you to the dance floor. Which you didn’t mind since you loved to dance and so you danced.

Every so often you’d escape for another shot. Coming back to dance. The more shots you took the more provocative your dances became. After other guys started coming up to you to get closer to you. The boys started to pull you away from them.

You started to stumble your way for another shot when an arm grabbed you.

“Listen princess, I think you’ve had way too much to drink at this point.” You looked up to see Jun. He was slightly sweaty from dancing. His blonde hair sticking to his forehead. Also either you were really drunk or his sweaty self smelt really good. You leaned towards him, which resulted him in grabbing your shoulders.

“Yeah, you’re done”.  

You could hear voices talking between them self. Probably about you but all you knew is that the arms you were being carried by smelt good and you felt safe.

You woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. You looked to the side and saw water along with painkillers.

Bless their souls. They’re considerate. You took the pills and decided to contemplate on what the fuck happened last night.

Well one thing you can ensure. You’re fully clothed and none of the boys are in bed with you. That’s the biggest relief. You pulled yourself out of bed and to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. You started to head downstairs after hearing commotion in the kitchen.

Mingyu was standing by the stove making something. Soonyoung and Minghao were standing by the counter looking like hungry wild animals. Sungcheol walked in and looked at you.

“Oh Good Afternoon. Fun night out I take it?”

“I suppose. I have a killer headache and I’m starving”

Mingyu looked at you and smiled “It’s almost done!”

You sat.

Jeonghan came in and grabbed some water.

“You know Y/N. You can really fucking dance. So many guys were so on you last night. You really could’ve gotten laid”

You put your forehead to the table and groaned.

“Who let me drink so much” Mingyu put a plate in front of you.

“We tried to stop you. But your feisty. Which only got people turned on more.”
Jeonghan laughed out loud.

“He probably means himself. He had his eyes on you like all night”

Mingyu shrugged.

“I appreciate attractive people when I see them.” He looked at you.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything to you though. I’d like to be wanted back” He winked. And left to go serve the others.

Jeonghan looked at you and leaned in.

“He’s such a fucking flirt. My god. Don’t fall for that. He’s full of shit”.

Sungcheol looked at Jeonghan.

“I’m going to make a swear jar, that way we use that money to buy groceries. It’ll fill so fast.”

Jeonghan stuck his tongue out of him.

“Whatever. I’m going to get my food.” He walked out.

You saw Jihun come down and retrieve some food then leave. Seokmin came in.

“I’ve got a class today so bye!”

Sungcheol grabbed a bagel. “I have work. So don’t destroy the house. Seriously.”

Minghao and Soonyoung ran off after eating. Probably to go dance. They were dance majors.

Mingyu came to sit next to you. “Guess it’s just us now.”

You shifted away a bit and ate.

“I have somethings to take of at the campus. So I’ll be going soon.”

Mingyu nodded. “I have work to go too”

You guys ate in silence. Then you put your dish away and looked at Mingyu.

“Well have fun with work. Bye” You left quickly.

You got to the university and took care of what you needed to take care of. Deciding to wander instead of going back to the house alone. You walked past this dance practice room that was playing music and peeked in. There you saw Jun by himself dancing. You stood there peeking through the tiny window. You couldn’t help but admire that he had a good body. He was wearing black jeans and a white sleeveless shirts. His arms looked good.

Suddenly you vaguely remembered last night. Drifting off into the memory you remember his arms and him laying you down in bed. Then you placed your forehead against the door remembering you pull him down once he laid you down.

You felt yourself fall forward. Jun catching you.

“Hi, I see you’re up”

You blushed. He seemed to always be catching you and now he knows you were watching him!

“Uh, you dance well…” Might as well keep up with that you saw him.

“You don’t dance bad yourself” He said as he walked to go drink some water.
You couldn’t help but watch as he drank his water. His Adam’s apple being prominent and sweat dripping down his forehead. You swear you weren’t into this before. Jun looked at you.

“So what are you doing on campus?”

You shook your head to pull you from your thoughts. “I had some paperwork to turn in”

He nodded, “Ah, I see. So you’re free? Let’s go get food. I’m hungry”

“Alright let’s go.”

You went with him. But you weren’t going to tell him you just ate before coming..

A/N: LOL so this is three parts of what I have. It seems like a lot.. Anyways I know there are three members missing from the household but they seemed kind of young to put into college so I left them out of the house but I promise that they will appear. OH and I wrote this like a week after seeing BTS live and PCD is fucking real hence the song.. yeah.. Anyways thank you for reading, I’ll be sure to update soon~