these amazing drawings omfg

nighty knight✨

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When I saw the first pic of that last post (drawings by Gert Dooreman) I just thought – Shard with a bass. Iron Crown Rockabilly AU. Diane – singer; Shard – bass, Joanna – guitar, Tango – drums. Isandar – manager stapling them to the ground in the middle of the hotel room so they don’t trash it after the gig because, dammit, they’re not that famous yet and can’t afford it…

anon, you’re the absolute best. :D  

(….willy’s totally the backup vocals, let’s not kid ourselves.)

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I'm trying to draw you fan art for so long but I've been in a "Everything I draw is bad" zone and also good anatomy? I don't know her

Ah no! I’m sure it’s not bad! But thank you for wanting to draw fan art for me omfg that’s amazing!!

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OMFG I am amazed at how you draw the scarf on US Sans, it's a like massive bow (ps - can you draw US Sans with a top hat thx X3)

When I saw @min-play’s US!Sans, he really got to me (like everyone else XD).
Then I found his scarf is looks like little wings.
so I wanted to put same like icon to mine. It’s just … butterfly shaped scarf blueberry!!(you feel annoyed sound)

anyway, Thank you for your wonderful idea!

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OMFG your art is amazing!! ;A; I really like how do you draw sunggyu omfg so perfect! <3<3<3<3<3 If you don't mind, would you please tell me what are the tools you use to draw? And if isn't much bother could you include photos of them? Please keep blessing us with your drawings! <3

Hello! First of all thank you so much for your compliments. I’m really glad that you like my Sunggyu drawings ^^

Here’s a quick tour of my work space, so people could probably imagine how I work.

TA-DAH! Let me introduce you to my workspace. So yeah… it’s a little desk with lots of things on it. I know I’m not really good at organising stuff and I actually really can’t stand being messy, but I just can’t help being lazy. So, on the corner is where my laptop usually resides for my reference needs and behind it lies an army of drawing tools that you couldn’t see because of the laptop blocking it and the fact that it’s super dark (I draw in the dark…. Not really. But my room is just naturally dark). So basically I build a wall of scattered things around my tiny working space so I can reach things easily.

For sketching I usually use an H pencil, preferably 2H. But lately I’ve been sketching with mechanical pencils and that Uni Kuru Toga (the grey one) is one of my favourite to use. As for inking, my favourite drawing pen would be Sakura Micron. They are affordable and basically quite good. Look at the 005 one, it’s basically worn out since I like to use that one a lot. It produces the thinnest lines out of all of them and since I usually draw small drawings, I use that a lot. But aside from Micron, I also have Copic Multiliner. A lot more expensive than the Micron one but quality wise, the ink doesn’t bleed much. It can make sharp crispy lines, especially with the 0.03 size (which has a smaller nib than Micron’s 005).

Oh and that long pink thing is my eraser…. It used to look like a pencil but now…

Now here we’re getting to the colouring tools. For markers, I’m currently into the combination of Copic and ZIG Clean Color brush pens. Copic for colouring wide areas and ZIG for lining or adding details. What I like about ZIG is that it has a watercolour kinda effect to it. I mean, when you making lines with watercolour. These are the colours that I use often and basically are skin colours. 

But I do have a bunch of colours other than the ones before. I don’t regret buying this much! (My wallet is in heaven right now)

Uni also makes really good markers. They are more or less like paints though. They have opaque colours and really good for making bold colourful lines. I use them to write thing on my drawing though.

And there’s liquid chalk marker that I got from Daiso and also Copic Opaque white for making highlights. You can smudge liquid chalk like any regular chalk, so I like using it to make misty effects. The Copic Opaque White is basically an opaque watercolour. I use it to make highlights, white lines or even writings. It’s pretty handy when I want to correct things too.

AAAAND here’s my watercolours. I use Winsor &Newton watercolour and Sakura Koi watercolour. For brushes well, I just randomly buy brushes. But the ones in this picture are Winsor & Newton Cotman brushes ranging from number 0000 to 6, there’s also the flat brushes, and Derwent brushes. There’s also this brush from Hwa Hong that I like. 

So that’s all that I use. I hope this can give you an image of what I use on my works. Thank you ifnt7kyu for asking and I hope this answer will not only help you but also others who are also curious on how I do art. ^^

Kaneki for @kaeveeohHappy birthday <3