these almost tell a story

Honestly I feel like Hayley’s sapphic music videos almost tell a story of how wlw crushes evolve.

girls like girls is your first crush, it’s soft and tentative and just so much it’s overwhelming

gravel to tempo is when you’ve realized you like girls so you start crushing on unattainable “popular” girls bc that’s what you think you should do

sleepover is when you’ve grown up a little and into your sexuality and you just want to have all those first times so so badly but you’re still stuck pining

cliffs edge is when you finally meet a girl that you like and likes you back and you begin your first wlw relationship and it just feels so natural

Yuri on Ice visual storytelling meta

While watching Yuri on Ice I couldn’t quite understand the vague sense of frustration I felt with some scenes where one thing was being told and a different thing was being shown. You know, like when Yuuri is all like “those are lucky charms blah blah” and the entire setting, montage, frames, sound etc. just scream “PROPOSAL”. The same goes for the airport scene, the kiss in ep 7 and some minor scenes too. It’s almost like the visuals tell a slightly different story than words and actions of the characters.

It seems like the writing is more focused on an inner journey, a path to self discovery etc., while the settings, montage, light, sound effects tell a romantic story - it all just bluntly screams “a love story”. The usage of romance iconography (like running to meet the lover) is clearly intentional and never a parody. They look like a couple. And yet we all feel that need for more confirmation.

I couldn’t quite put it into words until now, but there is indeed a curious gap between storytelling and directing here.

Disclaimer: I worked in a big-scale animation production, it kinda changes the way you look at things. And you start seeing that such a production is a result of many people having different ideas and different attitudes towards the same material. And even when they work together, they might end up telling different stories.

And that’s what I think is the case with YOI.

I think this gap between the raw story and its visual storytelling actually subtly reflects the attitudes of Mitsuoru Kubo (writer) and Sayo Yamamoto (director).

Kubo is very focused on characters’ inner journey and leaves almost everything to viewer’s interpretation, driving us all nuts with her vague answers. While Yamamoto apparently ships Victuuri shamelessly and comes up with scenes like the airport reunion (bless that woman).

Kubo tells a brilliant story about struggling to accept yourself, about getting over your failures, about struggling with (incredibly well-portrayed) anxiety and finding strength to go on. Yamamoto on the other hand literally does all that is humanly possible within directing boundaries to tell a pure and sweet love story, on top of all that is already there.  

I’m not saying that Kubo didn’t write Victor’s and Yuuri’s relationship as romantic.

What I’m saying that the one who tells the love story is not Kubo. It’s the director and the animation team. They tell us the love story. And if you can’t find what you are looking for in Kubo’s words, please pay attention to the pictures.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. ;)

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Why is it you think Carson Of Venus isnt as Popular as John Carter of mars?

The short version is this: timing.

Popularity isn’t just a question of quality, but of timing, of being the right work at the right time. A bookshelf has a funny way of smushing time together; a Carson of Venus novel written in 1939 and a John Carter of Mars novel written 25 years before seem like the same kind of story when put side by side, but they were written decades apart, in totally different worlds.

John Carter of Mars was written in the early 1910s, when science fiction stories were often just reskinned westerns and swashbucklers. Carson of Venus was written over 25+ years later, in 1939, when tastes changed and science fiction moved on to tell different kinds of stories. Carson of Venus was almost a nostalgia piece, a deliberate throwback; it sounds strange to think of nostalgia being a thing at all in the late 30s/early 1940s, but there you go.

To understand why the reaction was different, you have to understand why the Carson of Venus novels were written at all. The reason that the Carson of Venus novels and later Barsoom books exist is due to Amazing Stories editor and Edgar Rice Burroughs superfan Raymond Palmer, who once he got actual power as an editor, was such a fanboy that he used his authority as a publisher to ask Edgar Rice Burroughs to write more Barsoom stories and create a new series for Amazing Stories. Now, the amazing thing is that this wasn’t some power move for new readers, since John Carter style planetary romances were starting to fall out of fashion in the late 1930s (more on that later). The reason they got ERB back to write more John Carter and create a new series is that Barsoom Superfan Raymond Palmer wanted to see more Edgar Rice Burroughs planet romance stories.

In the early part of this century, scifi was all about adventure stories that were reskinned Westerns and swashbucklers. John Carter of Mars fit right in, and emblemized the entire trend. Come the 1930s, however, the most influential writer was Stanley G. Weinbaum, who wrote a Martian Odyssey, with non-anthropomorphized and inhuman to the point of incomprehensible Martians, deliberately as a reaction to Burroughs’ hot babe girl martians. Even in the Burroughs-style Sword & Planet romance yarn, tastes had moved to writers like Leigh Brackett, who’s take on Mars was as an eerie nightmare landscape of bat-winged hordes assembling for battle, crumbling, labyrinthine cities, and hard, pragmatic miners and desperados. The straight good vs. evil yarn was out of style.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Carson of Venus was a low seller. Far from it – ERB was the best selling novelist of the entire 1920s and had tons of name value a decade later. Amazing Stories was the top selling science fiction pulp of its era, easily outselling Astounding Science Fiction, and the ERB stories were the top selling issues (at least until the Shaver Mystery in the mid-1940s that preceded the later mass hysteria over UFOs…but that’s a topic too bizarre to go into here). Saying that Amazing outsold Astounding won’t help you understand significant developments though. It’s a little like saying that Marvel Comics, until the 1970s, were outsold by DC Comics (DC books were viewed as quaint and old fashioned even in the 1960s). Yeah…but look what they were doing! Look who ended up being more influential.

Personally, I like the Carson of Venus books very very much, not just because they are so romantic, adventurous and wildly creative, with worlds of immortality, swordfights, pirates, and evil fishmen, but also because you can tell at that point in his life, Burroughs was getting tired of the formula he himself created and so he decided to have fun with it all. Burroughs’s most underrated attribute was his wonderful sense of humor. Compared to John Carter, Carson of Venus seems like a big goof; he screws up and ignores obvious things, like when he built a rocket and missed the Moon. For a guy who likes genteel gentlemen-athlete heroes, the overbred Amtorian aristocrats laugh at Carson, saying that his ancestry is unimpressive and that his bloodstream germs make him a menace to all life on Venus.

I think this is why people today don’t respond to the Amtor/Carson stories; people read ERB stories to feel awesome and powerful, and Carson of Napier doesn’t deliver on that well. It’s no coincidence ERB’s life story until he started writing was as a guy who was often unemployed and had trouble taking care of his family (he wrote John Carter of Mars and Tarzan on the back of letterhead from failed businesses). His stories are Walter Mitty hallucinations where Walter Mitty doesn’t wake up. They’re based on the appeal of pure, concentrated daydreams.

Dating Fred Weasley

request by: @v0ldemortsbooty

-Okay honestly, he would do whatever it took to be around you. (even if it meant skipping potions)

-Along with that, he would not shut up about you.

-”ah so you’re the girlfriend that Fred won’t stop babblin’ about.”

-”ah so you’re the other one…”


-Fred would always be so silly and careless with his friends but he has this caring and sweet side when he’s around you.

-Molly being impressed that he hasn’t messed up yet(((TBH


-him hugging you almost every time he sees you

-those hugs where he picks you up and spins you around

-”I can’t believe you have a crush on me!How embarrassing!”

-”Fred, we’re dating.”

-”hehe yeah I know.”

-soft and gentle kisses aw

-sneaking off campus late at night to watch the sky together

-*coUGh* “studying” in the library

- Him sitting you down in a private place with him and having you talk about whatever was bothering you

-wearing his signature Weasley sweater

-holding your hand while walking down the hall and swinging both of your arms

-omg for your first date you two were walking down in hogsmeade eating pumpkin pasties so now he calls you pumpkin.

-practicing your dancing for the yule ball at the burrow which basically leads to more goofing around and not so much dancing

-so many inside jokes

-pillow fights.

-he would get jealous super easily and probably pull some sort of prank as a way to tell whoever is trying to get to you to back off


That “new breakthrough scientific discovery” you just read about on that news site/blog/Facebook page? It’s almost certainly wrong. This article from Vox is a seriously important thing that, if you care about science, you really need to read, like right now. 

My take: The tendency of the media to report on what is *NEW* in science is indicative of what I think is the largest perspective gap between scientists and nonscientists. 

The general public (<- apologies, I hate how homogenous that word is, because there is no single “general public”, but I have to use it here) seems to crave novelty and has a tendency to view every scientific finding as forward progress and individually meaningful, but science is a an ongoing process of self-correction and repetition. It doesn’t have an “end” and any single study is almost certainly wrong in that it is essentially impossible for one study to tell the full story.

This is why I have tried to steer clear of reporting on “breaking” science news in my own efforts here on OKTBS. Science communicators and journalists, we need to make a commitment to covering science as a process and not as a series of breakthroughs. When science IS reported that way, we run the risk of losing people’s trust when science later must later correct or contradict itself, which is something that will absolutely happen, because that’s what science does. We must also make people comfortable with the idea uncertainty and science-as-a-process is a good thing!

I’ll shut up now. Go read this.

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May I get a reaction of Infinite becoming your partner in dancing and acting for one of the award shows, but they had an eye on you for a while? Thank you so much!!

Hey there~ I’m happy to do that for you and hope that it turns out okay, sorry if it’s not what you wanted!



*the members tease him about liking you* “C’mon guys let me live!” “You’ll live until you’re face to face with Y/N then you’re a goner.” he groans in frustration “Stooooppp!”

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An excited puppy that has you smiling and laughing almost immediately, probably telling you stories about the members that shouldn’t be mentioned “…and then he had to run around without any pants on for two whole hours!” He keeps telling you things because he finds he can’t help but want to see you smile.

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*tries to impress you with his flirting skills* “Hey, come here often?” He’ll probably laugh at his own jokes, but he’s just so cute that you can’t help but laugh along with him.

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He’s taking his role as your partner very seriously and tries his best, making it seem like a block of ice. When he realizes how you feel he’ll try to break the ice with a big smile and wave in your direction “You’re doing so well, I’m glad we got paired together!”

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Another excited puppy who is happy as soon as you enter the practice room “Hi I’m Sungyeol and I’m a big fan and wow you’re really here right now and I never thought I would have this chance to talk to you and-” You interrupt him with a giggle saying ‘Cute~’ and he dies a little on the inside.

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He’s quiet and keeps a straight face for as long as he possibly can, trying to keep his image but when you meet eyes he melts and cannot hold back his smile any more. “This is really fun don’t you think?”

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*appeals to you with his cute and sweet maknae charms* “I brought us snacks and some vitamin water to have while we rehearse, you can choose whichever is your favorite and I’ll have the other.”

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Sherlock and Eurus at the end of ‘The Final Problem’

It’s a picture that speaks of great trust. Eurus stands with her back to Sherlock. She is almost leaning on him. Her head at the level of his heart. @loveismyrevolution  you spottet this already X.

Mind and heart on the same level, confident and trusting and playing a piece of beautiful music in perfect harmony.

Jim and Eurus in unsupervised conversation

This picture tells a complete different story. It looks almost like Eurus is sneaking up on Jim from behind. Slowly taking him over. It feels more like a duell … a challenge … mind against mind.

Jim’s head  captured between Eurus and her mirror. All of them at eye level. The music accompaning this scene is a deep pulsating string of sounds. Expressing threat and danger … ending on a single jarring note.

Even before Jim has reached the wall of glass a part of Eurus can already be seen behing him.

And as @gosherlocked  posted this afternoon (X) a picture of this confrontation between Eurus and Jim features in the booklet of the S4 soundtrack. An interesting choice indeed.

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Leagues and Legends

BEANSTALK by E. Jade Lomax. A review.

I found this author’s Harry Potter fan fiction on An Archive of Our Own, and it was excellent. Turns out she’s written books as well!

This story follows Jack of the Tales. It’s mainly his story, but it’s Grey’s story, too, and Laney’s, and Rupert’s. I was floored by how much the story told without telling, exactly. I was almost immediately invested in the characters, and the excellent world building and carefully crafted plot kept me riveted.

If you like stories about students learning magic, if you like stories about fighting monsters, if you like stories about mysterious pasts, hidden powers, shady characters, golden characters, fish and chips, rips in the space/time continuum, this is for you.

(Note: I think it was self-pubbed, but this is the best self-published book I’ve ever read. Better than some official books, even. Don’t discount it!)

Thanks, @ink-splotch

You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because of your words.
—  The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern.
The Signs as Types of Members (in a kpop band)

Aries - The one people are drawn to immediately and is probably the first bias. Adventurous and doesn’t blend into the background regardless of how quiet they could be.   

Taurus - The chill member that doesn’t come across as someone who would lose their cool easily but their stubborn ways may drive the other members a bit crazy. Messiest in the dorm and probably least pickiest. 

Gemini - The talkative one who spills secrets about the other members and makes you laugh. Gives fanfic writers inspiration from all the stories they can tell. 

Cancer - The mother that has a mysterious appeal and you want to bake them cookies to please them. Is an odd cross between cute and hot and is the quiet one unless they are with just a few people. 

Leo - A bias wrecker who you scour the internet to find shows that they are in. Entertaining and often takes the spotlight almost without meaning to. Like Gemini they have stories to tell.

Virgo - Subtle bias wrecker who you want to murder for looking so gorgeous constantly. Best fashion sense or worst there’s no in between. A member that the others would look to for advice or support.   

Libra - The member who keeps you glued to the fandom and the one who is everywhere. A sociable member who gets the quiet ones to talk more and is aware of what looks good on them.   

Scorpio - Pretty quiet member who you think is shy/reserved and makes you want to find out more. Has this magnetic and intense aura that people can’t help being drawn to at least once.

Sagittarius -The loud, slightly obnoxious and carefree member who causes trouble or strikes up conversation to keep a show going. Like Aries and is adventurous. Can come across as energetic and happy-go-lucky.

Capricorn - The goofy but kinda strict member who randomly lets loose occasionally. Is entertaining in their own way and is the member who seems dependable.    

Aquarius - Possibly the 4D member who you know about even though you might not even be in that fandom. The member who cares for other members behind the scenes and always has something interesting up their sleeves.

Pisces - The cute member you wouldn’t really have smutty thoughts about because they seem so innocent. Probably writes a lot of songs and is the dreamy member that all the other members have a soft spot for.

- Use sun and/or rising -


Laia and Helene: They’re so different. I like that Laia says things I don’t expect, that she speaks almost formally, as if she’s telling a story. I like that she defied my mother to go to the Moon Festival, whereas Helene always obeys the Commandant. […] But why am I even comparing them? I’ve know Laia a few days and Helene all my life. Helene’s no passing attraction. She’s family. More than that. She’s part of me. 

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Amami Rantarou

-When he sees your scars, he is worried that you hurt yourself

-You laugh and tell him it just that you’re really clumsy

-Extremely clumsy

-He’s  glad that these weren’t purposely caused!

-He thinks you’re still gorgeous, no matter how many scars you have!

-He sometimes teases you about how clumsy you used to be

-You just laugh about it whenever he does

Saihara Shuuichi

-He notices you always wear long sleeved or more covering clothing

-He is a bit worried and asks why you always wear stuff like that

-You explain that you used to play a lot of sports when you were younger and you got injured a lot

-He asks to see, if you don’t mind

-He finds it very interesting about you! He actually wants to know more

-You tell him almost every story and that you used to be very well known at your local hospital because of this

-He never knew about this side of you and he thinks it’s pretty cool


-Marks? What are these?

-He’s confused on why humans get scars so when you tell him he doesn’t understand

-You explain to him that scars are just permanent marks that usually appear after an injury

-He still doesn’t get it but he asks how you got yours

-You tell him because you just were very clumsy as a child

-He’s very shocked because you’re the exact opposite now

-He also thinks scars stay as injuries and you have to explain that to him as he tries to cover you in bandages

Ouma Kokichi

-He sees your scars one day without you knowing

-He immediately thinks they’re from something else and confronts you about it

-You have to explain to him that these were just injuries from your childhood

-He’s confused?? Until you explain that you used to be extremely clumsy

-He laughs.

-He doesn’t stop laughing and teasing you, reserved and proper you, were clumsy!

-You’re annoyed by his teasing,  but he thinks it’s actually really cute!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-He’s curious why you have so many scars on your legs and arms

-He’s seen them before and never asked

-So you explain

-He’s actually a bit shocked to find out you used to play a lot of sports when you were younger

-He thinks it’s really interesting about you

-Unlike how some people may react to scars, he thinks they’re gorgeous

-He does not judge!

Gonta Gokuhara

-Scars? How come he’s never seen them?

-You explain that you usually cover them because you’re a bit insecure about them

-He tells you there is nothing wrong with them!

-That makes you feel better about them! Just knowing he doesn’t care that you have scars makes you feel less insecure

-You tell him a lot of stories about them, like how you got some of them

-He listens to every story intently! He thinks it’s interesting

Kaito Momota

-Since you two have known each other from a younger age, he knows that you have scars

-He remembers that you used to be very very clumsy as a kid and lots of people would pick on you. He’d always be there to defend you

-He doesn’t understand why you always cover them though..

-He constantly reminds you that you’re beautiful and there’s nothing to be afraid of!

-He thinks that they make you unique

Ryoma Hoshi

-Unlike most of the boys, he doesn’t assume that your scars were self -inflicted

-But he does ask where you got them from. Were you in a fight? An accident?

-You explain to him that you were in an accident, but not a serious one

-You were dared to climb a fence and you fell while doing so

-He laughs

-You would seriously climb a fence because you were dared?

-..You were dared more than oNCE apparently and he can’t stop laughing

-You never learned your lesson, huh?

i am so high on red bull and coffee it is unreal and i don’t even like red bull lmao; i actually hate the taste and especially the smell of ‘normal’ red bull but the red edition is at least good enough that i don’t feel like throwing up when drinking it and on some days (for example today) i simply have to drink it because otherwise i’d just fall asleep from exhaustion and there is no time for that


You couldn’t remember how long you had run. There were people who wanted you dead and till now you had managed to always run away but you were tired of it.

Hiding in New York seemed like a good idea and for a while you had been safe. You almost felt normal again…
Now, just sitting here, telling Simon the whole story, made the situation way too real again and crashed your little fantasy of love and peace.

“I’m not gonna let them hurt you,” Simon said and smiled softly at you. “You don’t have to run away anymore, I’ll protect you.”
“I don’t want you to get hurt, Simon!”, you replied but Simon only smirked.
“I’m a vampire, (y/n) and my best friend is a Shadowhunter. Let these idiots just come and try to get you. They will regret it. I promise.”

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hope you like it

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They Told Their Stories...

How are all you lovely folks today? \(^▽^)/

Finals are right around the corner and I am about ready to tear my hair out!

I just discover I’m only good at writing sad fics. Trying to write Dying With You and This Merry Christmas (whose genres are supposed to be fluff) made me realize this. Also making everything sad brings me joy. ( ´ ▽ ` )

Summary: We were only kids but we gave the world our all. We’re no different from the heroes yet no one knows or really cares. There’s more than what’s on the surface. This is our story. Twelve chapter fic of the minor characters and the Second Titan War. 

Chapter 8: Chris - Repentance

Chapter summary:

I’m not sure if you heard but I was a traitor. The day Luke left, I left with him. Packed up all my stuff and follow him around. Did everything he asked me too. Then I entered the labyrinth on his command and lost my mind.

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When I was a kid I noticed that pretty much every person has the exact voice you expect them to have, if not, then they have a pretty similar one.

So when I was about to hit puberty I tried to act as tough as possible (quite hard because most people in my class made fun of me and I was the class autistic nerd kid with an abnormal lack of social interactions) so I could get a cool deep voice.

It either didn’t work or that attitude of myself was extremely childinsh because at this day I still sound like a fucking 10 years old.

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Libra boys reactions to their s/o telling the best ghost stories


  • He’d think that s/o is a really good story teller, and would be exceptionally good with telling ghost stories aha
  • Klaus would always be listening whenever his s/o always tells a ghost story or anything, since he honestly just loves listening to them tell them 


  • Lowkey gets shivers (lmao) sometimes when he listens to his s/o tell a ghost story 
  • He’d admire how s/o is such a good storyteller with ghost stories, and he’d be find it pretty impressive that s/o is able to bring the story to life almost 


  • Leo would enjoy listening to them tell ghost stories, and he’d be pretty impressed by how good of a story teller they are. Gets a little jumpy when he first listens to them tell one aha
  • I can see s/o just telling a ghost story to some little kids, and Leo just watching how s/o is able to make the story come alive 


  • The first time he listens to his s/o tell a ghost story I bet he lowkey got a little scared aha
  • He’d admire how s/o is such a good storyteller with ghost stories, and I bet if he was ever with s/o around a campfire, he’d probably convince them to tell a scary ghost story aha


  • He’d enjoy listening to s/o tell ghost stories, and or any kind of story in general since they’re such a good story teller aha
  • Sometimes he gets a little jumpy while listening to s/o tell a ghost story aha