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That “new breakthrough scientific discovery” you just read about on that news site/blog/Facebook page? It’s almost certainly wrong. This article from Vox is a seriously important thing that, if you care about science, you really need to read, like right now. 

My take: The tendency of the media to report on what is *NEW* in science is indicative of what I think is the largest perspective gap between scientists and nonscientists. 

The general public (<- apologies, I hate how homogenous that word is, because there is no single “general public”, but I have to use it here) seems to crave novelty and has a tendency to view every scientific finding as forward progress and individually meaningful, but science is a an ongoing process of self-correction and repetition. It doesn’t have an “end” and any single study is almost certainly wrong in that it is essentially impossible for one study to tell the full story.

This is why I have tried to steer clear of reporting on “breaking” science news in my own efforts here on OKTBS. Science communicators and journalists, we need to make a commitment to covering science as a process and not as a series of breakthroughs. When science IS reported that way, we run the risk of losing people’s trust when science later must later correct or contradict itself, which is something that will absolutely happen, because that’s what science does. We must also make people comfortable with the idea uncertainty and science-as-a-process is a good thing!

I’ll shut up now. Go read this.

Think about it though:

  • Dalish elves living in caves, using their superior night vision to get around. Scaring the living daylights out of any bandits that try to move in. The caves are filled with glowing eyes, they’re haunted.
  • Dalish elves living in the deserts of Tevinter, Nevarra, Antiva, The Anderfels, moving only at night on their Aravels. The tracks get washed away in the night, and they leave almost no trace. Merchant caravans tell stories of strange clouds floating and silhouetted against the top of dunes under the full moon.
  • Dalish elves living among frozen peaks, clad in camouflaged furs and hunting with griffons and bows, not knowing their mounts are supposed to be extinct.
  • Dalish elves living in tropical forests, spending their whole lives among the trees, feet never touching the ground. 
  • Dalish elves living in the wild corners of Thedas, The Tirashan Forest, The Gamordan Peaks, The Donarks, The Wandering Hills; only hearing about humans in their histories and stories. 
  • Dalish elves living in the halls of their ancestors, reclaiming what once was theirs one broken stone at a time.
  • Alec: *walks down the aisle* *grabs Magnus by the lapels of his suit and pulls him into a fierce kiss*
  • Izzy: bitch im crying my plan actually worked out
  • Clary: so cUTE OMG #ISHIPIT #MALEC
  • Lydia: im gonna tell the story of "how granny almost married a gay man and how said gay man left her at the altar to snog the coolest and most powerful warlock ever existed" to my grandchildren

Finished all the sketch night pictures! (x) Featuring:

  • What if that jacket was available at the Space equivalent of the Gap,
  • Rey telling training stories,
  • Rey loving food almost as much as she loves Finn, and
  • Rey giving everyone a piggyback because of that adorable picture with Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill

Gay marriage was legalized in the UK starting March 2014. So why, pray tell, did the writers of Sherlock include legalized gay marriage in their universe back in 2010? It’s almost as if the writers needed that to better tell their story…. but that would mean….. their story would include…. gay marriage…. somewhere……… but where…. could that fit…. i just… don’t… know….

Everything was starting to make sense
and now, nothing makes sense.

I think we almost made it. We were so close to the finish line. I had finally figured out what I wanted and you seem to be so sure of the direction you were heading in.

I figured we had more time. We were getting somewhere. You and I, were just starting to let each other in.

We almost got there.

—  Stories I’ll tell one day #49 – Ming D. Liu

How J.K. Rowling Plotted Harry Potter with a Hand-Drawn Spreadsheet

At the height of the Harry Potter novels’ popularity, I asked a number of people why those books in particular enjoyed such a devoted readership. Everyone gave almost the same answer: that author J.K. Rowling “tells a good story.” The response at once clarified everything and nothing; of course a “good story” can draw a large, enthusiastic (and, at that time, impatient) readership, but what does it take to actually tell a good story? People have probably made more money attempting, questionably, to pin down, define, and teach the best practices of storytelling, but at the top of this post, we have a revealing scrap of Rowling’s own process. And I do, almost literally, mean a scrap: this piece of lined paper contains part of the handwritten plot spreadsheet she used to write the fifth Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


Intimacy on Black Sails is unconcerned with the trappings of traditional heterosexual relationships, i.e., marriage, monogamy, and power skewed toward men. Open relationships abound. Four lead characters are sexually fluid, and two of the show’s primary romantic relationships are threesomes. Even more astoundingly, Black Sails doesn’t treat them salaciously. Rather, it legitimizes those nontraditional relationships involving more than two people by exploring their true emotional weight.
[…] In true anti-establishment pirate fashion, Black Sails audaciously builds itself on territory that holds a middle finger up to societal norms — both in the 1700s and today, when bedroom activities are still a political issue. Pirates don’t give a damn, neither does Black Sails. No other adventure show covers such an area with this degree of depth. It’s also nonchalant about it: It doesn’t laud itself for being “edgy.” It simply tells the story it wants to, almost charmingly unaware of its own uniqueness.
A response to AirBnb’s discrimination problem

For all of its insistence that it’s committed to giving back to the black community, Airbnb can’t quite shake its reputation for having something of a problem when it comes to its users discriminating against minorities.

The story, as #AirbnbWhileBlack will tell you, is almost always the same. A person of color will log on to the service in search of a place to stay, find an apartment they’re interested in renting, book said apartment, and then suddenly have their booking canceled.

That’s what happened to Rohan Gilkes earlier this year while he was searching for a cabin in Idaho to stay in while visiting friends.

Rather than merely filing a complaint with Airbnb about his inexplicable rejection, Gilkes decided to turn his experience with the service into a business of his own: 

Noirebnb, a homesharing site Gilkes says makes a point of welcoming people of color and other minorities that have experienced discrimination on Airbnb.

Meet the man behind NoireBnb!!!

The future of Black travel is here:


This man created a great site for people of color and this is some kind of backstroke to racosts from Airbnb!

The site is a a welcoming and inclusive platform for minorities to travel and connect with each other on a local and global level!

Thank you, Rohan Gilkes, for defending our interests! This is very important step against racism!



12x06 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”
“Wendigo.” (loose compainion piece to this post and meta)

While it’s of course never nice to know that other people are spreading stories about you that may be furthest from the truth, in the Winchesters’ case I almost dare to say most of the stories that people may tell about them are almost something like the fairytale version of what they truly went through. Because tbh what Dean experienced and endured? Hell and back, Heaven and back, Purgatory and back, Demon and back… I think I may quote Dorothy from 9x04 “Slumber Party” here: “Sometimes real life is darker than fiction.” And fiction one could consider “what other hunters say about Sam and Dean”, but their real life certainly has been much darker, much grimmer than what most could fathom.

The Signs as Types of Members (in a kpop band)

Aries - The one people are drawn to immediately and is probably the first bias. Adventurous and doesn’t blend into the background regardless of how quiet they could be.   

Taurus - The chill member that doesn’t come across as someone who would lose their cool easily but their stubborn ways may drive the other members a bit crazy. Messiest in the dorm and probably least pickiest. 

Gemini - The talkative one who spills secrets about the other members and makes you laugh. Gives fanfic writers inspiration from all the stories they can tell. 

Cancer - The mother that has a mysterious appeal and you want to bake them cookies to please them. Is an odd cross between cute and hot and is the quiet one unless they are with just a few people. 

Leo - A bias wrecker who you scour the internet to find shows that they are in. Entertaining and often takes the spotlight almost without meaning to. Like Gemini they have stories to tell.

Virgo - Subtle bias wrecker who you want to murder for looking so gorgeous constantly. Best fashion sense or worst there’s no in between. A member that the others would look to for advice or support.   

Libra - The member who keeps you glued to the fandom and the one who is everywhere. A sociable member who gets the quiet ones to talk more and is aware of what looks good on them.   

Scorpio - Pretty quiet member who you think is shy/reserved and makes you want to find out more. Has this magnetic and intense aura that people can’t help being drawn to at least once.

Sagittarius -The loud, slightly obnoxious and carefree member who causes trouble or strikes up conversation to keep a show going. Like Aries and is adventurous. Can come across as energetic and happy-go-lucky.

Capricorn - The goofy but kinda strict member who randomly lets loose occasionally. Is entertaining in their own way and is the member who seems dependable.    

Aquarius - Possibly the 4D member who you know about even though you might not even be in that fandom. The member who cares for other members behind the scenes and always has something interesting up their sleeves.

Pisces - The cute member you wouldn’t really have smutty thoughts about because they seem so innocent. Probably writes a lot of songs and is the dreamy member that all the other members have a soft spot for.

- Use sun and/or rising -


Men Without Men by Ernest Hemingway

  • Amazon: 4.2/5
  • Goodreads: 3.71/5

It’s always difficult to review or even talk about short story collections, this is because most collections have some bad ones mixed in with the good. Hemingway however, gives the reader a pretty solid selection in Men Without Women. Like the title suggests, this collection focuses almost entirely on men… without women. This overtly testosterone-fueled ride through the 1920’s harkens back to an earlier time in which men were defined by their daring exploits. This Arthurian-like masculinity is expressed in this collection through: bullfighting, boxing, alcoholism, war, gambling, and death among others. 

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How The "Scandal" Effect Has Changed Television

Starting this fall, TV will look more like life — with more actors of color leading casts than ever before.

In a rare departure from cat pictures and “Which Channing Tatum Is Right For You” quizzes, Buzzfeed has posted a fairly comprehensive rundown of diversity in the coming 2014-2015 network television season. Many have already pointed out good places to be wary: like Fresh Of The Boat’s use of an almost exclusively Korean American cast to tell a story based on the memoir of a Taiwanese American individual…or, all of Selfie (its only redeeming factor at the moment is John Cho in general and…John Cho in a suit). But, overall it would seem that the major networks are beginning to realize that demographics a) have never been as White as they suspected and b) are even less so now. Which is hopefully a good thing. Oddly enough, Buzzfeed failed to mention ABC’s upcoming comedy-musical series Galavant and its Indian Canadian female lead, or CW’s new series The Flash, which features a Black female lead and the blessing of Jesse L. Martin playing a cop again. At the very least let’s all shout hosanna for the fact that there is now a 3hr block of primetime television on ABC that is run exclusively by a Black woman at its head. 


Head of Emperor which amazed archaeologists in Sudan in 1910 goes on display

It was one of the treasures selected for the British Museum’s A History of the World in 100 Objects as the fix-gazed, sole bronze portrait of the Roman emperor Augustus to survive with its original inlaid eyes.

But the Merӧe Head, which has just gone on show in a display telling the story of its violent fate in Egypt almost 2,000 years ago, was once the subject of crushing humiliation rather than hushed admiration from its public.

Curators found clues courtesy of the Greek historian, Strabo, who wrote about a Merӧite army, led by King Teriteqas and the one-eyed queen Amanirenas to raid the Roman garrisons at Syene, Elephantina and Philae, in southern Egypt, in AD 25.

Enslaving residents and attacking landmarks, they decapitated Augustus’ statue and buried his head in the doorway to a building which served as a victory monument, allowing visitors to trample on the Emperor each time they entered the doors. Read more.