these all have the same amount of frames it's weird

so, uh

i came up with what i think is a pretty rad idea for what the grim reaper might look like in zootopia’s universe


The figure was a head taller than her and dressed entirely in black, its body cloaked from view. Its head was on display. And yet, she couldn’t process it.

It was a skull, that much she could tell, but she couldn’t say what skull. It shifted in her vision, like a vague image in the corner of her eye, even though she was staring at it head-on. It melted from species to species, sharp predators and round prey. There were shapes she recognized – rabbits, foxes, deer, cats – but nothing lasted. It was all mammals at once, and at the same time, none of them.

apparently to spite all the wonderful visual artists in this fandom, my brain has produced a concept that is literally impossible to draw