these all came out so pretty


HOLY FUCK i actually zoned out and drew
Im pretty sick right now and kinda stuck on my bed for a while so i havint really been able to do art other than that annabelle picture but i was watching a youtuber hyanna natsu draw and before i knew what i was doing i was already half way done with spell

I drew the girl first who i think is a human ver of annabelle but im not to sure at all i feel like i know her but like idk???

I drew sai second then spell

i really love how these came out and i kinda want to color them when i get the chance!


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“Nurse!” “Nurse!” “Nurse!”

That’s how it was for you all day. No one cared to learn your name. You were simply a nurse to them and you had an obligation to tend to their needs. You liked your job but some days it was just so draining. Your shift seemed like it would never finish.

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I just found out your watercolor gifs tutorial and ...OMG I'M SCREAMING!! I don't think I can't thank you enough, I always wanted to learn how to do that kind of gifs ❤❤ I'm definitely going to try and let you know how the gifs turn out :3 Thank you again, you're a great artist and a great person ❤

i’m so happy you found it helpful!!! ♥ i tried to find a good lineart gif tutorial a while ago but my searches came up with pretty much nothing… so i ended up experimenting with some methods i’ve used to make real life photos look like sketches :D i’m sure other people do them differently but this turned out to be the best method i could come up with!

naturally, the settings i used for the tutorial don’t work for all scenes but in my experience they’re a pretty good place to start from! also, if the scene has a very busy background i usually mask it before resizing and applying the lineart effect to make sure it looks as good as possible (and it also gives you the option to use the same frames in other projects without having to do it all over again)! in those cases the blurred layer leaves a fuzzy border around the image when you merge the layers, so you need to select the sharpened layer’s pixels before merging and mask the resulting layer with the selection. oh and i usually convert the layers for the first frame into smart objects before sharpening or blurring so i can easily adjust the settings to be optimal for the scene.

and yes please let me see the gifs you come up with!!! ♥♥♥ and thank you for all the compliments, you are too sweet ♥

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Could you maybe write something about Ali being sad so Ash just kind of sushi rolls her in a blanket and cuddles her and stuff to make her feel better

    Ali was usually pretty good at ignoring all of the negative comments that came her way on social media. She was a public figure so it was to be expected that there would be some people out there that were going to criticize her or try to bring her down. As sad as it was, that was just what people did. It was getting harder to ignore though.

This was the third consecutive game that Orlando had lost and Ali felt like she hadn’t been playing her best. Not because she wasn’t trying her hardest, she had just felt kind of off lately. People were starting to trash her online, saying things about her age and how she probably wasn’t going to last very many seasons if she kept playing this way.

Ashlyn could tell that this was getting to Ali. She knew that there was nothing that she could  do or say to make this better, she just had to be there to support Ali until she worked through her thoughts and feelings.

It was almost two in the afternoon and it was a rainy day in Orlando. Ali was curled up in a ball on the couch, wearing sweats and one of Ashlyn’s hoodies. Ashlyn had been curled up on the couch with her, but she had gone to their bedroom a few minutes ago with a promise that she would be back shortly. Ali could hear Ashlyn rustling around. Normally, Ali tried not to be too whiny or clingy but she was in a bad mood and she wanted Ashlyn to come back and cuddle with her.

“Ashlyn. Come back!”

“Just a second, Al. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Ali sighed and burrowed deeper into her pillow.

Seconds later, Ashlyn reappeared. She was holding a large, thick blanket in her arms and pillows stacked on top of that. She didn’t say anything to Ali. she just spread the blanket out on the floor and dropped all the pillows at her feet.

Ashlyn leaned over and scooped Ali up into her arms. Ashlyn didn’t question it and linked her arms around Ashlyn’s neck. Ashlyn laid her down in the middle of the blanket and made quick work of folding the blanket around Ali. She started with the side and laid it over Ali’s stomach and then she pulled the other side over to do the same. Ashlyn crawled to where Ali’s feet were still peeking through the edge of the blanket and she tucked it under her toes. Once Ashlyn was satisfied with her wrapping up of Ali, she shuffled all the pillows over and out a couple under Ali’s head and a couple next to her so that she had something soft to lay on as well.

Ali was all bundled up in the little nest that Ashlyn had made for her. “There.” Ashlyn said triumphantly. “Now you’re a sushi.”

Ashlyn had a proud smile on her face and Ali grinned when she heard what Ashlyn had called her.

“Did you just call me a ‘sushi?’”

“Yep! I saw this picture online and it was a step by step diagram of how to wrap someone up like a sushi and cuddle them if if they were sad so that they wouldn’t be sad anymore.”

Ali just smiled. Ashlyn was the sweetest person she had ever met. Ashlyn scooted her way over to Ali and wrapped her up in her arms. There was absolutely nowhere else that Ali would rather be. Ashlyn always made her feel safe and loved. Even though she was upset about the games and she had let some of the rude comments get to her, all of that faded away when Ashlyn pulled her close. Ali knew how lucky she was to have Ashlyn in her life and she thanked god everyday that they had found their way to each other.

It had been silent for a few minutes. Ali was lost in her thoughts and the feeling of Ashlyn running her fingers through her hair. Ali looked up and gently nudged Ashlyn’s chin with her nose to get her to look down. Ashlyn made eye contact with her and smiled.

“Hey, Ash. I’m not a sad sushi.”

“Oh really? Then are you a sad burrito?”


Ashlyn was confused. She wasn’t quite sure why Ali had brought this up. “Then what are you?”

“I’m a happy sushi.” Ali grinned up at Ashlyn.

Ashlyn showed off her dimple when she smiled, which melted Ali’s heart. “Well, good. Because there is nothing that I love more than a happy sushi.”

Ali gave Ashlyn a quick kiss and said, “It’s impossible to be sad when I have you to take care of me.”

“You would do the same for me, Princess.”

“I would. And I love you.” Ali whispered.

“I love you, too.” Ashlyn responded. “And you’re the cutest sushi I have ever seen.”

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I was tagged by @gaaji and I wasn’t going to do this but then Yugyeom came out on ASC’s snapchat so I HAD TO

My name is Lillian and the loml is Kim Yugyeom. The top photo is from when I when to GOT7’s fanmeet back in January. It was a hectic couple of days leading to January 25th, but that’s a story for another day.

I’m tagging: @prettymochi @bangtanhyungs @fldeparture @awkwardlyjin @jwxngs @jungshookiee and anyone who wants to do it
Ahgases are so pretty I want to see all y'all faces (but I get this tag is a little more personal since your face will be on the interwebs so skip over this if you’d like! Just know I think you’re beautiful)

Peridot, Amethyst, and Lapis go to mini-golf on a date together

because you know Beach City totally has some run-down mini-golf. 

Peridot tries to plan her shots via geometry and physics, but can’t hit the damn ball accurately, and gets pissy and frustrated. She blames the cheap construction of the golf course. Also she’s wearing ugly golf pants she found at the thrift store, which the other two find adorable. (They came from the boys’ section.)

Amethyst would probably be pretty good at it if she tried, but she doesn’t have the patience, so instead it’s more like, “Hey, I bet I can hit this ball so it smacks that bald guy over there in the back of the head.” Peridot thinks that’s a terrible idea, but Lapis thinks it sounds hilarious. Amethyst doesn’t want to get them all kicked out, so she hits the ball hard enough to hit a windmill blade and break it off, instead; and then claims it wasn’t on purpose. 

Lapis is great at it, but doesn’t care all that much, which frustrates Peridot and amuses Amethyst. But she also cheats at the water hazards. 

They get snow cones afterward. (Lapis won, of course.) Amethyst gets hers in clashing flavors–root beer and lemon–and eats it in one go. Peridot takes forever to decide on lychee flavor, and tastes it so slowly that it’s mostly melted by the time she gives up and gives the rest to Amethyst. Lapis gets hers with blue raspberry, decides it’s not her thing after a couple of tastes, and levitates it above Amethyst’s head for a moment, then lets it drop into Amethyst’s open mouth. 


So your friends are throwing you a birthday party and you thought you’d invite her. She made you realize how stupid that would be though (“A Talon assassin alone and unarmed surrounded by Overwatch agents? Do you really want me dead?”) and refused your invitation. It made you sad, but you understand.

Yet she came anyway. Even after all that she said, she’s here. You’re pretty sure Jack’s losing it in the background but you already tuned everything out when she pulled you close to her.

“Happy Birthday, chérie,” she whispered and you smiled.

Yeaaaaahhh, sorry about the text, I don’t really write. ;-;  The idea hit me this morning and I had to draw it but then the drawing doesn’t really explain the whole story I had in mind so…

So this is a totally useless rant, but as a skinny girl, I’m getting extra, extra tired of fat-shaming.

I work for a corsetier at a Renaissance Faire. We sell corsets. Not flimsy bullshit costume corsets; like real, durable, waist-training corsets. Today a woman came in with her boyfriend, so I helped her pick out a corset and try it on. While her boyfriend—who was decidedly enthused about the whole corset thing—sat watching me lace her in, he told me, grinning, “Of all the good jobs at the Renaissance Faire, I think you have the best.”

I shrugged in agreement. “I touch butts and reach down cleavage all day; I mean…” Because we like to be a bit rakish at the Faire, and, y’know, it’s true. Tying people into corsets pretty much invariably requires getting handsy.

The couple laughed at that, and the boyfriend said, “That’s the job I would want!” But then he chuckled again and said, offhand, “Or maybe not; while we were looking at the racks, there were some pretty big sizes on there!”

Our sizes are all done in inches, and the biggest we make is a 46. And you’d better believe our large sizes sell. For a second I wasn’t sure what to say to the guy’s comment, but I answered him casually. “We get a lot of beautiful big ladies in here.” Because we do. “We make corsets for real women, not Barbie dolls,” I added. Wasn’t trying to be smart, just kind of tossed it out there because that’s the line we like to use when people ask about larger sizes, and because, again, we do.

The boyfriend went quiet at that; I didn’t think anything of it, I just kept on lacing. A moment later, he said, a little awkwardly (but sincerely enough), “Didn’t mean to be offensive.”

I quickly smiled and brushed it off, said he wasn’t, said I was just saying. (Don’t want to make the customers uncomfortable, you know?) And that was the end of it. His comment had rubbed me the wrong way, but it wasn’t a big deal. Now, I wear a 20-inch corset. I’m a few cup sizes short of being one of the Barbie dolls. Like his girlfriend, I’m one of the “hot chicks”; he doesn’t have to worry about offending me by implying that I wouldn’t be fun to poke and pull at.

Honestly though, of all the people I fit sexy technically-undergarments to in a day, fat girls are maybe my favorite people to lace up. Because they are just so damn happy that we have stuff that fits them. They are so damn happy that the corsets we make in their sizes are all the same pretty, shiny colors and cool flower/dragon/skull/etc. prints that the smaller corsets are, not ugly beige and boring “granny” colors. They are so goddamn happy that at least one (of several on the grounds) corset shop carries things that they can wear, that they actually want to wear, and that they look fucking awesome in. This is only my second season working, and we’ve fit 60+ inch waists and double-K busts. The only people we’ve ever had to tell sorry, we don’t have anything that fits them, are twelve-year-old kids.

It’s half-wonderful, half-heartbreaking how excited those women get. Women who say with sad smiles, when we ask if they want to get fitted, “Oh, no, you don’t have anything that fits me,” and then are stunned when we’re 300% confident that yes we do, and we have options. Women who can’t stop smiling and looking at themselves in the mirror after we’ve got them laced in.

I had a lady last week whose waist I measured (cinching the tape tight, as per procedure) at 41 inches—honestly not all that big. So she picked out a 41-inch corset to try on. I could tell halfway through getting her laced that it was going to be a bit big for her, so I mentioned it and said she might do better to try a smaller size. She started crying on the spot. She was so overwhelmed; she couldn’t believe someone had just told her that a 41 was too big. She told me about how hard clothes shopping was for her, how her mother would tell her she needed an XXXL instead of an XXL, how she had recently lost weight but still couldn’t wear certain colors because they didn’t fit or she wasn’t confident enough.

She did end up getting her corset, and after I checked her out she asked if she could give me a hug, so we ended up standing there hugging each other for a minute. While we did, I told her, “Do not ever let anyone tell you any bullshit. You are gorgeous.” She said, “I have a new boyfriend and he keeps telling me that.” I told her he was right, and to just keep telling herself she’s gorgeous; it was okay if she didn’t always believe it, but to keep telling herself anyway. (That’s how I talked myself through shit when I had bad anxiety.)

We all know fat-shaming is bad. The stupidity, fatphobia, and misogyny of it has pissed me off since I first became aware of it. But working with clothing, especially as figure-hugging and precise as corsets, has given me a new perspective on it—how much it affects people and just how shitty it is. Like, what does it say that I had a grown, only average-big woman crying into my shoulder because she was so overjoyed not to be the uppermost extremity of what a manufacturer can clothe?

My job rocks and it’s really rewarding, but sometimes it highlights some of the ugliest shit about society. I’m so glad I work at a shop that’s not bullshit about body types and operates with more people in mind than just scrawny white chicks like me. The fat women I work with are a ton of fun to lace up, and they’re so much more than their size—they’re cool, they’re smart, they’re funny, they’re sweet, they’re great to talk to, and yes, they’re hot. I’m so damn done with them getting short-changed and shamed by petty fucks who refuse to make them nice clothes, who refuse to even try to work for them, who refuse to consider them pretty. This whole rant was useless and won’t get read, but I had to vent because it’s been driving me nuts.

So actually, screw you, random dude. Fat girls are the highlight of my job.


What did you do with your Emmy? Where is it living now? Did you get it on a shelf or something like that? Hum, no. My parents came to visit me recently and they kind of like, fix my life when they come over and so they got all these plants, and the Emmy was in a box, and my mom didn’t know that was the Emmy, and so she has a plant beautifully presented on top of the Emmy, with the box. Yeah, it gives a nice blue box. Yeah, exactly. It’s like, supporting life, so it’s pretty… It’s like a worthy thing to do, the right thing. That’s nice. You ever gonna take it out and put it up? No? You’re not gonna put it up? I don’t know. Why? 

To new rituals 💕
I don’t have the courage to tag lauren

This was supposed to be my contribution to the ZukeZine, but classes came around and kicking… hitting me in the face and killing most of my free time…. Anyways, I believe most of the fandom already knows about what happened with Lauren Zuke. So to show appreciation, support, and gratitude for the amazing things they did for the show and all fans, @e-mcwaffle organized the ZukeZine! My idea was to portray some pretty relaxed ambience, with the gems having a good time together while peridot would be freaking out about this show called “that’s so Zuke” starring Lauren Zuke! So yeah, the cartoons are people and the people are cartoons. I have no idea how the show would be… but I bet it would be a really funny one. 

ok as much as i love dadreyes sombra is. clearly her own woman. she’s 30 years old, she got herself those cybernetic upgrades, she lived through the crisis and came out of it with some serious power, im PRETTY SURE she joined talon for convenience considering she sacrifices their goals for hers. so yes, by all means, have reaper looking out for sombra and bonding over a shared heritage and all that good stuff; but she is not his protege or his baby and she sure as hell is not a fucking gremlin in a baby carrier. there is nothing he could give her that she hasn’t already taken for herself.

The @miracuclasszine finally came out and it’s amazing! Everyone’s posting their own masterpieces so here’s mine? I’m pretty happy with how this turned out overall.

 I tried to draw all the girls and managed to forget Lila though

Noisy resort neighbor gets his secret spilled.

(warning: long story)

Happened a few days ago.

My wife and I decided to go to Southern California for the holidays. We found ourselves a nice resort and checked in. All was well until we noticed that the walls in our room were very thin. As we entered our room we could hear our next door neighbor talking and having an argument with his girlfriend (we shared one common wall with them). They were shouting pretty loud and we could hear everything through the wall. We’ll refer to this guy as Noisy Neighbor (NN). NN kept fighting with his girlfriend about something she said earlier. We didn’t follow, wasn’t interested and decided to go eat and explore around the town we were in.

We came back around 10 at night and all was quiet. We figured that NN and his girlfriend already went to bed so we went to bed as well. Turns out he was out.

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i’m the secret santa for @twentyeightisalie who wanted bones doctoring so, how about bones delivering them gorn octuplets who came out biting and their proud n happy parents

ok so gorns usually have fellow gorn be their doctors, especially for something as personal as this, but there was an emergency and bones was the only option. it took him an hour or two to get the couple to trust him and no small amount of effort to get those babies safe and sound. they’re very durable and energetic so its pretty normal to have them naked n crawling everywhere after birth. he’s also their favorite doctor (and the family occasionally comms him from time to time).


How this deck of cards came to be —>
I am a fan of the body so that helped and I don’t know, suddenly I was following all these amazing people on tumblr who were showcasing their bodies in the most artistic/creative/liberated ways and I wanted to join in on the fun I suppose and it was also a way of showing my respect to these ladies/gentlemen/others for putting themselves out there and rocking it. 
I’m pretty sure most of you already know the 12 brilliant humans that illustrate this deck. If not, I highly encourage you to find out ! 
Enjoy it, don’t be scared to get it dirty ! It’s a sign of a well used deck and true fun (or keep it very clean, if that’s what you’re into) !
I thank a thousand times :
@soulescaper​ (who seems to have changed tumblr name) 
@sextathlon and @eau-trouble (who aren’t here anymore but were some of the first people I followed)
& last but not least @a-littleminx (who also has changed name or moved on to greener pastures :)
If you know these people’s new names
and think they’d want to see this don’t hesitate to tell me !
An enormous thank you to all of you for your permissions and general awesomeness. REALLY.

For you, for your “loved ones” or “kinda tolerated ones” I think this could be a sweetass present :D ( if interested BUY HERE )

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So like it's pretty cool how humans figured out how to bake. Like we made edible chemistry, we like mixed all of theese reactions together to make a delicious cake. Imagine an alien seeing this for the first time.

Oh my goodness!! My first prompt! Thank you!

Hruk’ib didn’t understand why everyone was so concerned about the humans. For the most part, they were polite and friendly, they followed the orders of their superiors, and they didn’t hesitate when it came to tossing protocol out the airlock in dire times. Hruk’ib respected them and had known from Day One that these members of their crew were not just allies but assets.

So it was that when Hruk’ib smelled strange smells coming from the food preparation bay, he wasn’t too upset; a couple of the humans - Konani and Frederik - loved to work with food and did so regularly. Still, curiosity drove him to enter the bay, and it was when he entered, the doors’ hydraulics hissing open and then closed, that he sensed the excess heat.


He froze where he stood, every instinct of his species urging him to flee yet conflicting with the ingrained training of the fleet to make sure his crewmates were safe and away and not near fire! He couldn’t see it, there was no smoke, but he felt it – hot enough to reduce flesh to nothing more than charred ashes.

“Oh, hey, Hruk’ib!”

Hruk’ib’s head snapped around to find the two humans hovering around one of the many stovetops. In his peripherals, however (and it was a miracle in the first place that he noticed at all), he spotted the most unholy mess: white dust coating a prep table, glob-like splatters of what looked like sticky excrement in bowls and dripping onto the tabletop, and at least four or five of what looked like some kind of metal mesh trays on various nearby counters. The trays bore small, round objects that appeared solid and gave off a most enticing scent.

Then his eyes drifted back to the humans who stood uncertainly. Konani had heavy, cloth gloves on her hands and held a long, thin tray. Her brown eyes flicked from him to Frederik beside her and back again. “Um, this batch has to cool but if you want a cookie, there are some fresh ones, uh, everywhere.” She gestured with her elbow to the counters.

The humans were calm. Why were they calm in the face of fire? They weren’t that stupid. They were determinedly foolhardy at times, especially when ethanol was involved, but even humans got worried when fire threatened.

Hruk’ib forced himself to take a deep breath. The heat rushed down his throat and into his lungs – no ash, no smoke, just heat. It was a different heat, similar to when they passed too close to a star and the very ship felt like an… an oven.

The oven was not designed to give off this much heat!

“What is it that you are doing?” he asked, trying to calm down.

Konani busied herself with the…cookies, leaving Frederik to explain. “Ve are baking,” he said. “Ve asked Yensen to tveak ze oven settings because zey vere too low for baking cookies.”

“We asked permission first,” Konani added. “Captain K’alo said we could but only if we did it to one. We made a notice and everything so other crew won’t accidentally set fire to their food.”

Frederik stepped out of the way and Hruk’ib spotted the massive note tacked to the wall above the stove in question. The bright red sign was impossible to miss and the white letters were clear in both Earth’s English, as well as Hruk’ib’s native language of Jubri.

Hruk’ib nodded his head in the humans’ agreement signal. “Very well. I was afraid you had set the room on fire. We usually do not encounter this kind of heat outside of the engine cores,” he explained.

“Ah,” said Konani. “That makes sense.”

“Ve apologise for startling you, Hruk’ib,” Frederik added, pressing his palms together.

Hruk’ib smiled at the human displaying the sign for formal apology among his species. He lifted his left hand, palm turning inward and then upward to accept it, and Frederik smiled in turn.

With her hands still full, Konani simply inclined her head to him, also apologising.

“What is baking?” Hruk’ib asked.

“In a word, chemistry.” Shedding the gloves, Konani faced him fully, leaning against the counter. “It’s different from cooking because the ingredients in baking react to the heat and, if you get the recipe right, work together to create something else. It’s not like we’re roasting meat where we have to cook it to eat it safely. You can eat an unbaked cookie without much threat.”

“Alzough, zere are many people who zink you can get salmonella - zat is food poisoning - from eating ze dough because of ze raw eggs,” Frederik put in.

“Oh,” said Hruk’ib. “Then, you are conducting a chemical experiment.”

“In essence, yes. Want one?” Konani held a mesh tray out to him.

Now Hruk’ib drifted forward, purposefully ignoring the mess, and bee-lined for the tantalising aroma wafting from these strange, dark-brown discs.

“They’re a friend’s recipe,” Konani explained. “She made sure I had enough cocoa powder to last me ten solar cycles, though I’m not sure I’ll use it all.”

Hruk’ib chuckled, sensing the humour, and picked up a cookie. It was still warm between his appendages. It was solid yet somehow soft, almost moist… He flicked his tongue out, sampling, and was rewarded with a burst of flavour. He took a bite. Barely hard on the outside, it was luxuriously soft on the inside. He had never eaten one of these things in his entire life and yet something about eating it and the smell of it reminded him of home, of blankets and coziness and something that was better than camaraderie: family.

Science. This rapturous product was one of science. May the humans and their ingenuity never die out.

Hruk’ib licked his fingers before turning to the two humans who watched him with mixed expressions of humour and curiosity. “May I have another, please?” he asked.

Konani grinned while Frederik laughed.

“Of course!” she answered while Frederik continued to chortle. “But it is a universally acknowledged truth that a glass of cold milk always accompanies the eating of cookies.”

Hruk’ib took the glass Frederik gave him, interchangeably eating and drinking. Milk and cookies, together: a universally acknowledged truth, indeed.