these all came out so pretty

((Some stuff about Francis and his turning:
▫His creator thought he killed him, but he didn’t– Francis was just unconscious. My personal lore hc is that if vampires don’t kill their human victims and the humans are mortal (not like nation personifications), their human victims become vampires themselves. And that’s why Fran is here today.
▫Francis came across a fawn shortly after he woke up all alone from his turning. Newly turned vampires can’t control their hunger, so their bloodlust is pretty intense for a few days. Francis pounced on it and sucked it dry. When he realized that he’d killed a small innocent creature, he couldn’t stop crying. He didn’t forgive himself for it for a long time.
▫Francis hid out at @ask-mage-arthur’s cottage for a few days while the villagers were looking for Francis. They never found his body, so he was presumed dead. His father, already in a weakened state, died shortly afterward, never knowing what happened to his oldest son. Francis’ little sister Lucille didn’t give up so easily. She spent years looking for him, and she eventually came to the conclusion that Francis may have become a vampire and that’s why they never found his body. Even so, she moved to a city and her search for her brother died down. She told plenty of stories about her supposed vampire brother to her kids and her grandkids, but died without ever finding him.
▫Francis’ supposed death is what triggered a ginormous man hunt against Francis’ creator, whom I’ve decided to call Raphael. He was captured, held prisoner at the village, then burned at the stake. All of his servants needed a new leader, and Francis was the last vampire he turned. So they all started to follow him. Raphael left behind a castle, but it was poorly maintained. Francis spent years restoring it to it’s full glory and adding his own personal flair.))

BTS as things me and my friends have said the night before our exam

Namjoon: “So far, I’ve run out of ink in 4 pens, broken the printer and I’m pretty sure I’ve been looking at the same essay for 7 hours.”

Jin: “I have reached the point of stressing so much that I am calm so I’m currently in bed with hot chocolate listening to the Frozen OST.”

Yoongi: “So I decided to take a study break. I fell asleep and woke up 6 hours later.”

Hoseok: “We all just gotta have hope, that the examiners are nice, okay? Optimism, we got this, it’ll be fineeee.”

Jimin: “No, that came up last year, which means it does not exist… and you’re not learning it because we’re in this together - you fail with me bro.”

Taehyung: “I’m a pro at pretending I know everything, but I actually don’t.”

Jungkook: “I’m winging it - like I always do.”

Ok story time. So I was coming out to a few of my friends over snapchat (cause the new bitmojis were v pretty) and then one of them was like “wait are you actually bi?” and I sarcastically said “no it’s all a big joke” and i left the groupchat for about 5 mins and then when I came back they were all like “lol i knew it, she obviously wasn’t gay haha” and I realised it was too late to say “um no actually I’m kidding”. ALSO I told one of them that I had a crush on some girl and? She? Told? Them? I told her not to tell anyone and I’m just >:(

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Hi there! I'm new to the Black Butler fandom and this Two Ciels Theory (and its confirmation) are just amazing, crazy, and have me confused and torn. Thanks for your wonderful posts, especially about Lizzy and o!Ciel. I want to say that I think Tanaka in addition to Sebastian knew about his true identity, what do you think?

Hi anon, welcome to the fandom!! You got here at the perfect time, I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with Kuro! (lies, it was the day the spoilers for Lizzy’s badassery came out hahaha).

Yes, I too believe Tanaka must know! He’s so observant that he even knew what was up with the food back at the Weston arc, so I have no doubt in my mind that he was able to tell which twin he has been with all these years. Not to mention o!Ciel seems to have been pretty close to him:

So I do believe he has known all these years. Plus, just as the fantastic @akumadeenglish mentioned in THIS post, he used to call r!Ciel “Lord Ciel” and yet, he always calls o!Ciel “Young Master” :’D

And not at all, thank you for the sweet message, anon! <3

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aaaa if you do it, good luck love! if you don't, dont worry <3

ohhhh my god I just came out to my dad (since my mom already knows and my brother isnt home yet) but first of all tysm aaaAAAHHHH im screaming

it went pretty well ??? he was really supportive and told me he didn’t care about who I loved as long as I was happy, we talked for awhile and it was nice and he like went on this whole thing about how I should cut off people who aren’t accepting of me which was awesome

towards the end though I was like “so you didn’t suspect it 👀” and he responded “Well with all the laughing you did, I just figured you were really happy. Not gay” AND THEN I WAS LIKE ALRIGHT GOODNIGHT SDJFHDSIO FUCKING ICONIC QUOTE ABOUT ME BEING BI FROM MY D A D

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So I've been more of a lurker for a while now, but I just wanted to say, hey your stuff is pretty awesome and inspiring that you're just 14 and doing such fun/great stuffs. :) LOL I think all I drew back when I was 14 was dinosaurs and Invader Zim hahahah *multiple thumbs up*

oh thank you so much!! this means a lot to me! 👍👍👍

Okay so

Some frustratingly sad news so skip over this if you’re having a day.

I’m pretty sure I have the issue under control, but it came at the expense of the meteor shower litter and Einstein. 

I think I had a bacterial outbreak in my mice. It started with Thumbelinos face, went to spice’s throat thing, then to her offsprings tooth and ear, then to another mouse’s ear (Einstein)

Chai, I’m pretty sure, had mastitis, which transferred to her babies not getting enough and essentially at that point were too far gone to save. 

Einstein lost his quality of life due to the head tilt and I was done.

I pulled all the mice out, bleached out everything, pulled any sick mice and so far? Nothing. Which is a good nothing.

No more mice are getting sick. No more issues are popping up. Not even nose or eye issues.

I think I can breathe finally.

I still don't know if he ever got his coffee.

I’m not 100% sure this even belongs here and I’ve posted this story elsewhere so some of you might have read it already.

Some background: I work in a rather specialized area of Forensics. Officially I’m employed by Police Scotland but they tend to let other law enforcement agencies, universities, etc borrow us from time to time. A lot of the time it’s for consulting work or guest lecturing but sometimes we’re sent to teach training courses.

About 18 months ago I was asked to lecture at a training course for some of the CID higher-ups in an English Police force. It was the first time I’d done anything like it and I was crapping myself.

I met with the conveners and other officials for dinner the night before my first day, and after dinner and drinks, I was dropped back at my hotel.

So to set the scene; it’s about 10pm, I’m all dressed up in my evening wear and I’m sitting at the bar in the hotel lounge. The place is dead, it’s just me and the barman so I’ve taken off my heels and am unraveling my hair having just ordered a hot chocolate. The barman asks if I want mini marshmallows on my hot chocolate. Yes, of course I want mini marshmallows on my hot chocolate. No I don’t mind waiting while you run to the kitchen.

So I’m sit there trying to trick my phone into connecting to the hotels WiFi when Angry Man walks in.

He stomped into the room and slammed his fist down on the bar about 3 ft from me and barked out one word:


I didn’t know it but apparently that attempt at communication was aimed at me; a fact I learned a moment later when Angry Man moved right up next to me, bent over me so his face was practically in mine and barked out again;


In an attempt to get away from the screaming coffee man I slipped off the bar stool, putting it between the two of us. Extremely confused and more than a little terrified, it didn’t immediately occur to me that he thought I worked there, hell it wasn’t even registering that he wanted a coffee. He was just repeating it the same way a toddler does when they learn a new word but don’t entirely know what it means.

I’m going to blame the confusion, fear and tiredness for my completely moronic response, which was to parrot the word back at him.

Me: “Coffee?”

Angry Man: “COFFEE”

Then he slammed his fist down on the bar again. This time I noticed that he was actually throwing down money.

My brain suddenly came back online.

Me: “Oh. Eh, the barman should be back in a sec. H-”

Angry Man: “Get me a coffee. Now.”

Ooooh four new words. Progress.

Me: “I’m sorry, mate, I don’t work here.”

Angry man (shouting now) “You fucking lazy liar!! Do you think I’m fucking stupid?”

Yes, actually, but I’ll be keeping that to myself.

Angry Man: “Get off your fucking phone and get me a shitting coffee”

Me: “I really don’t-”

Cue rant about me being the only person in the lounge so of course I must work there and I was just being lazy and did I take him for an idiot. All while I’m slowly backing away from the bar so he can’t pin me between it and the bar stools. Then he throws in this:

Angry Man: “Do you have any idea who I am? Do you have any idea how important I am?”

I never got to find out how important this guy thought he was. Instead Angry Man’s Friend came wandering in.

He took one look at me; pretty much cornered by Angry Man who is now screaming about how he’ll make sure I never work again while I’m trying to calmly tell him to back off and he tries to intervene.

He took Angry Man by the shoulders and moved him back away from me while asking him what was going on.

Angry Man: “This stupid little whore is refusing to serve me”

Me: “I really don’t work here”

Angry Man’s Friend: “She doesn’t work here. Let’s just all try to calm down”

There was a few moments of Angry Man’s Friend trying to calm Angry Man while he ranted about getting me fired until two barman arrived, one of them with my hot chocolate. The presence of the three men distracted Angry Man enough for me to grab my shoes and escape with my chocolatey goodness.

As I left I could hear him demanding to speak to a manager.

The next day, after being introduced to a lecture theater full of high ranking CID Officers, I stood and walked to the podium only to be greeted by one guy in the audience laughing hysterically.

I just sort of froze trying to figure out the joke. Did I have food on my face? Was my shirt on inside out?

A quick check confirmed that, no. I’d managed to adult that morning.

A few other people began to chuckle as this guy struggled to get a hold of himself. As he regained control he pointed to his left.

Where a very red looking Angry Man was sitting.

I think it was the sheer relief that he wasn’t actually laughing at me that caused me to open my mouth and say to Angry Man;

“Oh did you get your coffee in the end?”

He walked out and I didn’t see him for the rest of the course.

How to get into the Holy Trinity: Hamilton, Heathers, and Dear Evan Hansen. Ten easy steps.

Step one: Find out about Hamilton and halfheartedly listen to it.

Step two: This shit is goOD SHIT–

Step three: Coming down from the Hamilton hype a bit and you start listening to your other music again instead of Hamilton. Vulnerable to new musicals.

Step four: Hamilton blogs upload Heathers content. You check it out because you are apparently a musical person so maybe you’ll get into this one?


Step six: Start watching Heathers animatics because JD is hot in all of them.

Step seven: You watch a Dear Evan Hansen animatic because it came up on your dash because you watch so many Heathers ones.

Step eight: You listen to Dear Evan Hansen because you’re curious about it now and it seems pretty cool.


Step ten: Everything is a reference to one of the Holy Trinity. Your obsession has leaked into your every day life. Your friends don’t know you. You don’t know you. What have you become.


Columbine Songs
Columbine Songs

Eminem and Columbine

I am an Eminem Fan for years now and when I started to get more and more into True Crime I was surprised to find a lot of his Lyrics mentioning Columbine which I never really realised before. Of course he also mentioned other murderers or events, like Ted Bundy and the Aurora theater shooting but I wanted to start with the Columbine lyrics because there’s a lot of material. So let’s start:

The Way I Am, 2000
When a dude’s getting bullied and shoots up his school
And they blame it on Marilyn and the heroin
Where were the parents at? And look where it’s at!
Middle America, now it’s a tragedy
Now it’s so sad to see, an upper-class city
Havin’ this happening

Marshall states that he thinks that he thinks that not music is the reason for the shooting but bullying and the parents. But as we all know Marilyn Manson was partly blamed for Columbine by the media.
Em is also making fun of the fact that Columbine was the first shooting that people cared this much about although there have been a lot of shootings but now it happened at a “nice” school.

There is an alternative version of this song featuring Marilyn Manson (x)
He performed it live with Manson (x and x)
Manson also appeared in the official video (x)

Remember me, 2000
Came home and somebody musta broke in the back window
And stole two loaded machine guns and both of my trenchcoats
Sick, sick dreams of picnic scenes
Two kids, sixteen, with M-16’s and ten clips each
And them shits reach through six kids each

Em is making fun of the idea that musicians like him are a bad influence because he is not the one who gives these kids their weapons.

And as we all know, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both wore a Trenchcoat when the attack started, that’s why „both of my Trenchcoats“ were stolen. And so he thinks that they were stolen to start another Columbine.
And when you have these „two kids“ with guns that, when you shoot them, „reach through six kids each“ you have 12 dead kids. And as we all know, during the Columbine massacre died 12 kids (and one adult).

By the way, Eminem needed two months to write his whole verse on this song while Sticky Fingaz wrote his verse in one day. 

I’m Back, 2000
I take seven [kids] from [Columbine]
Stand ‘em all in line, add an AK-47, a revolver, a 9
A MAC-11 and it oughta solve the problem of mine
And that’s a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time

This is probably the most well known Columbine reference made by Eminem.
This album came out one year after the massacre so it was still an sensitive subject. Therefore his label censored these two words (Kids and Columbine), even on the explicit version of the album.
I don’t think I have to explain what exactly this lyric means, it’s pretty clear.
In his book he states this:

“ I was getting shit about the Columbine reference on “I’m Back” and the label was telling me that I wasn’t gonna be able to say it. My whole thing was, what is the big fucking deal? That shit happens all the time. Why is that topic so touchy as opposed to, say a four-year-old kid drowning? Why isn’t that considered a huge tragedy? People die in the city all the time. People get shot, people get stabbed, raped, mugged, killed and all kinds of shit. What the fuck is the big deal with Columbine that makes it separate from any other tragedy in America?”

In 2015 a 15 year-old boy was arrested. He posted these lyrics on Instagram and added “Cause I’m just like shady and just as crazy as the world was over that whole Y2K thing”
The origiginal lyrics are “ ‘Cause (I'mmmm) Shady, they call me as crazy
As the world was over this whole Y2K thing”

When authorities searched the boy’s home they found weaponry and eventually arrested him. He denied any knowledge of the weapons and said he didn’t post this text on Instagram.

White America, 2002
White America, I could be one of your kids
White America, little Eric looks just like this

In this song it’s not only about the Lyrics but also about the music video.
With “little Eric” he mentioned Eric Harris but it was also meant as an example for a typical white kid. He is from middle america because his name is in the middle of amERICa.
The interesting part is, as I said, the video. Where you can see news of an school shooting during “I could be one of your kids”
And during “little Eric looks just like this” you can see one of those typical yearbook pictures and the house of the school shooter. The house looks a bit like the one the Harrises had.

When these lines get repeated you can see a boy full of (probably) blood stepping out of the map of america. On his shirt is written “I am Eric”.

Rap God, 2013
I’ll take seven kids from Columbine
Put ‘em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver and a 9

This was the first time we could hear the Columbine Line uncensored. Eminem didn’t rap all of the “I’m back” lines because he just wanted to
“See if I get away with it now that I ain’t as big as I was”
As you can hear, he got away with it.

Eminem is one of the few people who openly give their sympathy for the two shooters.
He admitted to be interested in serial killers in this statement:
“I did find myself watching a lot of documentaries on serial killers, I mean, I always had a thing for them. I’ve always been intrigued by them and I found that watching movies about killers sparked something in me.The way a serial killer’s mind works, just the psychology of them is pretty fucking crazy. I was definitely inspired by that, but most of the album’s imagery came from my own mind.”

But Marshall Mathers seems to have an very personal realationship with the whole Columbine Issue.
He himself was bullied on a daily basis during his childhood, often for his race and for always being the new kid. When he was nine years old he got beaten up so bad he was in an coma for several days. I think he is one of the people who is trying to understand what Harris and Klebold were going through.
But I think it is important to mention, that he is the living proof that even when your life is is shitty right now because of some people who have nothing in their life but to terrorize you, that you can still have a better life. And you beat them best when you keep on living.

“That Columbine shit is so fucking touchy. As much sympathy as we give the Columbine shootings, nobody ever looked at it from the fuckin’ point of view of the kids who were bullied—I mean, they took their own fucking life! And it was because they were pushed so far to the fucking edge that they were fucking so mad. I’ve been that mad.

-Marshall Mathers

“Chris Pine was a rare and special casting. We wanted a man who was the true parallel to Diana. A giant spirit who is the kind of man one aspires to be, but isn’t afraid to be complex and leave room for and even compliment another. He is the kind of man women want to believe is out there. He’s also one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with.”

“He is so skilled, wonderful and funny. He’s such a talented guy. He came alive in this environment where he genuinely experienced the dynamic. He actually brought a performance that is so stunning to this film because he did something so tricky where he brought all the comic relief. Chris has those skills to call upon him when we needed it. We were able to go somewhere pretty incredible with him.”

“I cannot believe how perfect Chris was, from the moment we thought of him to the moment he played every second in this movie. Chris is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with in my life. But also, he’s a real man, very comfortable with his masculinity, so much so that he’s not sexiest at all. He completely takes other people on their own face value and is willing to leave space for them, and as a result he’s the perfect boyfriend for Wonder Woman because it’s someone who could actually look at her and admire her and appreciate her and it didn’t take anything away from him. And then he just made us all laugh all the time.”

“Chris is such a gift to this movie because he gave integrity to Steve Trevor. Steve Trevor is intrinsic to her story line. So, we needed to find the perfect guy. Chris is so honorable, hilarious and charming.”

- Patty Jenkins. Director, Wonder Woman.

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I wish they wrote alison's storyline better. To me, she's the most iconic character of the show but after she came back "from the dead", her storyline was a bit disappointing and sasha was given limited outstanding scenes to rlly act out her potential as alison :/

Alison DiLaurentis went from one of the most ICONIC mean girl characters of all time to a middle aged soccer mom who dresses like she’s insecure by the other moms who she sees at the monthly PTA school meetings so she shops at JCPenny and Payless during clearance sales and subscribes to style magazines that published how office attire is in but she went overboard with the blazers bc the magazines say blazers command respect while also being fashionable so she brought them in bulk so she can finally be noticed by others because her own husband hardly touches her and when he does its a 25 second pump and grunt that she doesn’t even get wet for. That’s who Alison DiLaurentis turned into and I blame it all on MK & Co. trying to “redeem” her character and the damn wardrobe department who don’t know how to DRESS Sasha just because she’s not a size 4. They give her the most unflattering looks throughout the time jump that one of her best looks is when she was in the hospital/fresh-faced in pajamas. Whoever is in charge of that needs to be ripped apart bc Sasha is so beautiful yet they make her look like someone’s grandmother 😒😒

“Love Me” by Yiruma

Manila traffic gets worse with each passing day. I doodled this in the car ride home and it came out pretty okay, so I decided to post it here! But come on Cheritz, this man is so bloody blessed, its unfair. Musically-inclined people are goals;; I can’t sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to save my life.

If you’re curious (youprobablyaren’t), the first three days of school were chill, but I can see it escalating pretty quickly. Not too long before I’m basically Jaehee, just y’all wait and watch me scrambling to submit all my science reports on time.

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Top 10 kinks people know Yuuri and/or Victor has and how they know it? I'm such a huge fan of everything you write and thought this could be a fun idea!

Ten Kinks People Know Yuuri and/or Viktor Has and How They Know It

10) Praise Kink - Both of them, but Yuuri especially, are really into praise style dirty talk. Chris found out about this when he was staying in the hotel room next to them and found out just how much Yuuri likes it when Viktor praises him and just how much Viktor likes doing it. The walls were thin, they were loud and he didn’t get much sleep that night.

9) Marking - Everyone knows about this one because of the amount of bitemarks/scratches/bruises/lovebites they both always seem to end up with. It gets especially bad if one of them gets possessive for some reason. For example, once one of the other skaters at the rink was flirting with Yuuri a lot and the next day Yuuri’s neck looked like he’d been attacked by a wild animal it was so covered in marks and Viktor was looking very pleased with himself

8) Phone Sex/Skype Sex - Especially during their time as long distance boyfriends before they moved in together. Yuuri was usually pretty good at not doing it when Phichit was around but one day Phichit came home from college early and heard them having pretty graphic Skype sex in Yuuri’s room before turning and walking straight out again. Yuuri also had a habit of leaving his phone lying around unattended and so Phichit has accidentally seen a grand total of twelve suggestive texts, eight incredibly graphic texts, 3 nudes and 1 dick pic, all courtesy of Viktor.

7) Pet Play (but not really) - In reference to an earlier top ten about presents, where Viktor got Yuuri a collar for Vicchan with his name in Japanese and Russian and when the name was translated the Russian was just the Cyrillic for Viktor. Yurio found it and in horror assumed that the collar belonged to Viktor. When Vicchan showed up wearing the collar they all realised the mistake but the Russian team found the whole thing hilarious and there was a period of time when the whole Russian team actually thought that Viktor and Yuuri were into pet play.

6) Spanking - Phichit overheard a conversation that he promptly tried to forget straight away because that was information that he did not need to know about his best friend. Then later he realised what great blackmail material it actually made and teased Yuuri mercilessly about it for days afterwards

5) Light Bondage - Chris found their handcuffs in the bedside drawer when he was staying at their apartment and looking for Yuuri’s glasses at Yuuri’s request. As a thank you present for being good hosts he sent them a much better and more expensive pair of handcuffs after he left.

4) Role Play - In reference to an earlier top ten about a fan who was tweeting about seeing them role playing in a hotel bar

3) Exhibitionism (of a sort) - Neither of them have a full on exhibitionism kink but they both enjoy the thrill of the risk of being caught so they’ve had sex several times in semi-public places. As mentioned in a previous top ten, Chris found this one out by walking in on them having sex in a bathroom during the European Championships when Yuuri had promised Viktor a reward if he won.

2) Clothed Sex - A reporter once asked Yuuri if he would consider wearing the Eros costume to skate again one day a couple of years after he had last used it. Yuuri replied that he’d like to but he couldn’t because the costume had been ruined. When the reporter asked how it had been ruined he went bright red and refused to answer.

1) Language Kink - Literally everyone in the world knows about this one because they are very unsubtle about just how much they enjoy it when the other speaks in their native language

so, apparently there was recently (like last month) a brazilian production of great comet and there are some videos on youtube and of course i watched all of them so here’s some of my favorite parts:

  • anatole had ripped jeans during the prologue for…. some reason
  • there were screams when dolokhov came in during the prologue but no reaction for anyone else
  • ‘chandeliers and caviar, the war can’t touch us here’ was changed to ‘that war out there doesn’t matter, we have caviar’
  • i’m pretty sure anatole was shirtless when he entered during the opera
  • in the end of dust and ashes pierre said ‘how can i die if i haven’t lived’ and i cried
  • in the end of the abduction, instead of ‘betrayed’ dolokhov just said ‘fuck’ multiple times
  • overall it seems great and i’d love to watch it but i think it’s closed already and i don’t live anywhere near rio anyway


I never thought this would happen.

I  never thought I would just  ‘Slip into the Shining life’ 

I never thought I would be a  Carat.

I fist discovered Seventeen with Adore U, their debut. But at that point I had only joined the kpop fandom for a few months and only liked older groups. I thought ‘how can someone Stan young groups?’ And so many of them…. I just learnt the names of Exo and Super Junior, how will I learn them too?!’

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Supernatural Preferences: Finding out you've got severe depression

Trigger warning!: If you have problems with mentions of self harm and suicidal thoughts, don’t read or read with caution.

Sam: When depression came a’ knockin and literally all hope seemed to be flushed down the drain, you finally turned to Sam seeking help. His initial instinct was complete and utter fear. For both himself and for your life. You meant so much to him, and the thought that you were on the verge/trying to take your life broke him down. How was he supposed to live on without being a constant in his not so normal life? For his sake and most importantly yours, he kept you at his side like a shadow. Making sure every second of every day was spent showing you how important your life was and that you were here on this dammed earth for a reason.

Originally posted by samwinchesterappreciation

Dean: You always acted so tough and brick walled around Dean. Trying to match his badass outer appearance (honestly he was like that inside too. Except the soft and squish center). So when you approached him and explained how you were weak and couldn’t bare anything anymore, he was at shock that he was hearing it from you. Never expecting you to be in such a horrible position. “That’s a load of shit. You’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever known, and I’m damn proud to have you in my life. That’s the hard truth.” He gave you a big hearted speech while trying is best not to cry.

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

Cas: From the start of your downfall into the darkness of depression, Cas knew something was wrong with you. At first he thought you might have been sick because of your ill acting. But after time he realized it was much more and a much deeper sickness than that. When it came down to it, he was the one that confronted you about it all. “Why didn’t you tell me what was going on?” He asked looking so hurt and sad that you were so mentally distraught. “You’re perfect in almost every sense to me, Cas. I felt ashamed to tell you how tainted I was.” He wouldn’t even let you finish replying to him before he pulled you in for a tight hug. “Y/n, I am far from perfect. But you- I could never see you as anything but just that…perfect.”

Originally posted by theoverlordmisha

Crowley: Maybe it started around the same time Crowley began to withdraw a bit from your presence. Maybe it all came to view when ‘work’ became even the slightest bit more important. Either way you felt like a hopeless piece of shit and he wasn’t anywhere to be found. The day came when you broke down to him, yelling at how you couldn’t take it anymore. How you couldn’t take another day being in this god awful body and life. He immediately dropped everything. The Winchesters. Deals. Everything. Whether he blamed himself for partially pushing you think far into this mind set or not, he was there for you unconditionally.

Originally posted by spnfans

Chuck: He caught you bawling your eyes out at three am. Debating on whether or not to take this life you called pathetic. A blade was in your right hand, and a shaky fist in another. He instantly took the blade from you before you even knew of his presence. “You can’t just force me to live! I can’t do this anymore and you don’t know what it’s like living with my mind. Your God-fucking God. Take it away, make the pain stop so I can be free and happy again to live…” each word you spoke drove into his heart like a blade. Sure he was God, but he couldn’t, and wouldn’t, just take away apart of you. Sure the part sucked, and it was a real life threatening pain in the ass. But he had his own cure for it. “Where are we going?” You asked as he took your hand and led you out off the floor. “To take a look at everything beautiful in the world. It always helps me. But this right here, this is the most beautiful thing that was ever created.” The two of you stood before a mirror, looking at your teary eyed reflection.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Gabriel: The moment you began to act even the slightest bit of odd, he knew. Whether it was a cold or just a bad mood from a period. He knew. So it was no surprise that he figured it off right from the bat that you were struggling daily with pretty much all will to do anything. “Come on kid. You’re badass with a capital A-S-S. I saw you stand up to my bag of dicks brother all for me, you can stand up for yourself all the same.”

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Lucifer: Lets just say that it took you awhile to feel comfortable being an open, honest emotional human with the Devil. So telling him “hey, sorry I’m a pain in the ass. But that level of pain assery just upgraded to level depression.” That was how you practiced it all in your head. Of course it came out nothing like that. In fact, you opened your mouth to tell him exactly how your mind and heart were cooperating and he kissed you. For a split moment he silenced every demon lurking in your mind. “Whatever you need me, tell me. You won’t have to ask twice.” He was more than understanding if the feeling of hidden isolation you were going through. “I just need you. I need you to hold on and please not let go. No matter what.” Every word you spoke was mumbled into his chest that he held you into. Yes, the Devil himself was even so caring for just his one not so irritating and worthless specimen of human life.

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Support Older Girl Groups Pt. 1: f(x)

This week on Support Older Girl Groups we are supporting f(x). If you want to know why you should participate even if this week isn’t about a group you stan, check out this post

So what this is is sort of a masterpost of ways to support the group of the week. And since it’s my favorite group and people have been taking about their status as a group a lot lately, I thought a logical place to start would be f(x).

This is far from everything f(x) has released, I just chose a few for each category so it would be easier to get the view up in a noticeable way. If you can’t put your effort into everything on this list, put your effort into 4 Walls, Free Somebody, All Mine, and On My Own. 

About the group

F(x) is an SM girl group that debuted in 2009. They were originally considered Asia’s Dance Group by SM.The members are Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal. Sulli also used to be part of the group. If you are looking for some different concepts, f(x) is definitely for you! They have done so many different concepts. I think you will notice their individuality as a group immediately!

Title tracks

4 Walls was their last music video and album to be released. It was released in 2015, so quite a while ago. It’s currently at 27,161,327 views, but deserves way more. Let’s get it to 30mil!

Red Light came out in 2014 and was their last music video and album with Sulli. It currently has 36,027,739 views, so it’s close to 40mil! it would be really awesome to get it to 50 mil sooner rather than later too. 

Rum Pum Pum Pum is pretty close to 50 mil, and it would be really great for them it! It currently has 46,309,778 views. 


All Mine was the last music video f(x) has released. it was released in July of 2016 and currently has 8,411,608 views. Let’s get it to 10mil! This is a really special music video and song because it had been so long since f(x) had any activities together, and it has been a long time since, Also the music video was directed by Amber! I would be really great if this music video in particular had a big spike in views! 

Heartbeat is an amazing and sweet song by Amber and Luna. It’s honestly such a great song and Amber and Luna make such a could unit (they really should be a subunit.) But the music video is still yet to reach 1mil views! It’s currently at 901,491 views. That’s not that bad for a Station song but Heartbeat and the group deserve so much more. Let’s get it to 1mil and then much farther from there!

Borders is an Amber solo that she wrote and is very special to her. Honestly I cried to first time I heard it, it’s just too dang relatable lmao. Another thing that you might like is it is in English, and it has subtitles in both Korean and English. It currently has 5,221,617 views, which is actually pretty good for a Station song. But Amber has really been having hard times with her solo work an SM, so a spike in the views could really help. 


Free Somebody is Luna’s solo debut from May 2016. It’s such a great song that shows off both her beautiful voice and dance skills. Sadly it was not promoted well and got overshadowed by other SM comebacks, so it didn’t do nearly as well as it should. It currently has 8,154,679 views. Let’s get it to 10mil! 

On My Own was part of Amber’s Crossing series that she was making on her own Youtube Channel. Sadly, Crossing was never finished. We are not sure what happened to it, but based off of her cryptic Instagram posts (still the last two she posted if you want to go read them), it doesn’t sound like it was good. On My Own is a really important song to support for the same reason as Borders. It’s currenly at 1,040,418 views. Let’s get it to 2mil! and then maybe even 5mil!

I Don’t Want to Love You was not exactly a solo, but a collaboration between Krystal and June One Kim. It’s also not under SM and it’s not in Korean so it wasn’t that popular. But watching it will still help support f(x)! Also, it’s a really interesting and different song. The music video is actually a little spooky (also the intro kinda drags on) But still please support it becasue it’s a good song! It currently has 453,638 views. Let’s get it to 1mil!

Other Stuff to Check Out

Luna’s Alphabet is a vlog series on Youtube that Luna has been making, and it’s getting a season 3 soon! The videos usually range from around 5 to 15 mins long. And don’t worry, there are English subtitles!

Amber’s channel is where she posted her Crossing songs. There are only 4 videos but it wouldn’t hurt to subscribe anyway!

What The Pineapple was Amber’s Youtube channel for basiclly anything else she wanted to post. There are lots of funny things on it you should really check it out! Also it is primarily in English but there are Korean subtitles. Sadly it has been a long time since she last posted to it, but maybe if the views spike she will bring it back, or get to start something like Luna’s Alphabet.

Ending Notes

Please reblog this and share this as much as possible! This project will do no real good unless it is a group effort. And please watch the videos as much as possible! It would do the most good if you guys watched each one (or at least the title tracks) multiple times a day this week (and weeks to come.) I’m not expecting you to take the time to watch all of Luna’s Alphabet or What the Pineapple, but if you could watch all the music videos that would really help not only f(x), but all older girl groups! If you want people to put the effort to help out your favorite older girl groups, help out other people’s faves too! Remember, next week’s post could be your favorite group!

Also remember!

Listen to all of these songs on Spotify

Buy them and or the albums if you can

Look out for Victoria’s solo album coming out soon

follow them all on social media

(If there is anything that needs to be fixed about this post feel free to message me)