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Tucker’s just really glad Wash is okay.

Case no: 13-8265014-99

Transcript of excerpt from journal found at scene

Entry dated July 15, 1999


I don’t yet know how to broach this topic with you so I’m writing this down in the hopes I can make my words and feeling make sense. If this had been happening a couple months prior, I would feel no hesitation in bringing this to you, but now that we’ve embarked on this new phase of our relationship I feel a sense of uneasiness.

To be frank, these letters are scaring me. I tried to make light of them at first because I didn’t want to bring any darkness or negativity into what’s been happening between us. It’s been such an amazing and beautiful two months, and the last thing I want to do is cause any of that to dim in any way. But, it’s becoming clear these letters are not a mistake; they are intended for me. And Mulder, you know I don’t like to admit this, but I am terrified.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. You and I have both seen far worse. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of what happened with Padgett. No, I know it’s because of Padgett. Here we are again, with someone I don’t know attempting to look into my very soul and I can’t stand it. I feel so violated. And I’m torn, Mulder. Part of me wants to run to you, to tell you exactly how I am feeling and let you hold me and comfort me. But I think you and I both know that’s just not how I work.

We laughed at the first two letters. I tried to blow it off and not make a big deal out of it all, but on the inside I was reeling. I think maybe a part of you knew that. Knew that I needed to process this for myself. You made me promise to tell you if a third letter came.

And here I am now, with this last letter staring at me and my fear is growing exponentially with every day that I don’t tell you. This latest one is far more desperate in tone. Why do I this? Why do I let my fears and hesitations stop me from doing what I know I need to do?

I’m sorry, Mulder. I should have told you about this letter the moment I received it.  So tonight, I’m going to show it to you. And I’m going to pray that my reluctance isn’t misinterpreted as mistrust. I do trust you.

You’re the only one I trust.


Agent Carter Golden Age fancast

Lauren Bacall as Agent Peggy Carter
Leslie Howard as Edwin Jarvis
Errol Flynn as Chief Jack Thompson
Gregory Peck as Chief Daniel Sousa
James Cagney as Chief Roger Dooley
Vivien Leigh as Dottie Underwood
Clark Gable as Howard Stark
Hedy Lamarr as Whitney Frost

I can imagine Howard talking for hours how he wishes to produce a movie about Peggy’s adventures… and he would if Leslie Howard (his only option for Jarvis) hadn’t died in the 43.

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The text spoilers have just changed again on netabare but still unclear if they’re fakes again

Okay, how's this idea sound for something Marvel can do after “Agents of SHIELD” ends:

So taking a page out of the Netflix side of the MCU, ABC greenlights six miniseries that will eventually lead to one major series. Since Netflix has the Defenders and the Secret Warriors are Inhuman-focused, I was thinking that Marvel could resurrect the “Champions”. 

I say the Champions since they’re more of an all-star hero group. Anyways, here’s how I would set it up. Keep in mind, all of these shows are just miniseries. They’re not intended to have a season two.

1) “Marvel’s Quake” (8 episode series about Daisy Johnson’s life after SHIELD and establishing herself as a solo hero, premieres Fall 2018)

2) “Marvel’s Ghost Rider” (8 episode series about Robbie Reyes’ return to Earth, premieres Fall 2018 after a hiatus from Daisy’s show)

3) “Marvel’s Deathlok” (8 episode series about Mike Peterson’s origin story, premieres Spring 2019)

4) “Marvel’s Hercules” (8 episode series about Hercules’ origin story, premieres Spring 2019 after a hiatus from Deathlok’s show) 

5) “Marvel’s Kamala Khan” (8 episode series about Kamala Khan’s origin story, premieres Fall 2019)

6) “Marvel’s Amadeus Cho” (8 episode series about Amadeus Cho’s origin story, premieres Fall 2019 after a hiatus from Kamala’s show)

7) “Marvel’s Champions” (16 episode series featuring all six Champions, premieres Spring 2020) 

And from then on, ABC would just continue with “Marvel’s Champions” as one continuous show, but with only 16 episodes per season in order to have enough money for the special effects. 

Also, even though these are seven separate entities, there’s still room for crossover. In my head, Amadeus first shows up in Hercules’ show before branching off, Daisy greets Robbie on his return to Earth, Deathlok and Daisy meet because of their past history, and Robbie shows up in Kamala’s show as a nod to the comic books.