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And now, a ficlet by my friend claire..

Melkor’s dark gaze swept across the plains and up into the smoke of a million fires as his hands, already wrought around the balcony, grew whiter with tension and force. “Burn,” he growled, flames dancing in the light of his eyes and blotting out his pupils, “All of this, burn!" 

And Sauron, at his side, set down the tea kettle. "Cream and sugar?” He asked pleasantly.

When you find out there’s going to be a bechloe kiss in the bonus features!

Does it ever just hit you that you’re actually a full blown adult?

Whenever someone refers to something that happened 10+ years ago I think I was just a baby then..but no. I was at least 14. How is that possible? Wasn’t it just 2002 yesterday?

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idk my ~lesbian label~. i know im not butch but i definitely dont feel femme either? i also dont really know what it means to be femme. what does it mean

honestly i feel like i should hit u with some history or something here but i dont actually know a lot about the history of femme lesbians? (something i plan to change soon, i Really wanna get into it)

all i can explain is what it is for me, personally. like. i have some fashion-y traits that more stereotypically butch, i mean, i wear boots 100% of the time im outside and i have a side-shave haircut. but like. idk. i want to look pretty. i like to look pretty. i love to do my makeup and my hair and wear fruity perfumes and dresses with leggings and little button-up sweaters and jewellery. tbh a lot of the time i do not have the energy to do this because of The Depression™ but if i could look like i just came from a vogue photoshoot every day i would.

but i think the Important thing for me about presenting as a femme lesbian in public is the knowledge that i am not trying to look pretty for men? i do not want men to look at me. my appearance is not for them. it is for me, and for other women. i love to see my reflection in the glass as i walk by it and think ‘she really went all out today and she looks hot’. i love when other women compliment my hair, or my outfit. and at the moment, for me, that’s what’s being femme is about.

@thisshouldbegayer‘s Galra Keith to match my Altean Lance.

Crystal Golem: Oh, which one of you’s Merle? Oh yeah, you, short one.

[He swings at Merle and misses]

Crystal Golem: Oh man, that’s embarrassing. You’re lying perfectly still. I’m usually better than this, I apologize, I’ve got performance anxiety.


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Magnus wearing blue shirts.