these 2 idjits are so cute

The Road So Far: Documenting A Rapid Descent

Day 1: Wow, tumblr looks fun. It would be neat to have an outlet for all my Supernatural feels for once!

Day 2: Gif sets! Moose! Guinea pigs! So much material to play with. I love this show. Bwahaha, cats:


Day 3: Awww, Dean and Cas jokes can be so cute! Look at those two dreamy idjits.


Day 5: I know man, the narrative structures employed in Season 8 were suggestive. Hmm.

Day 8: “My favorite part of Destiel scenarios is always the part where Sam finds out–”


*When did I start using ‘Destiel’ as a word?*

*What is happening?*

Day 9: No!

Not me!

I choose my own fate!

I am a mature grown-ass woman, hear me roar with great maturity!

Day 10: Last night’s episode…so much to ponder. Like…plot reveals and…lighting choices and…character arcs and…death and betrayal and…and..

I am fooling no one.

I need to know if that was flirting.

Day 12: Redemption Road? Well, I could use something to get me through the hiatus…

Day 25: If I tumblr hard enough will it make Destiel canon???? It’s so close! Just give me a sign! I’ll take anything! Pretty sure Cas doesn’t even need to be in the episode to make it happen!  Just takes a pillow or a moved bedside lamp, or–wait. a. minute! I think it just happened! Yes, Destiel is canon!! None of your logic for me, skeptics! Reality is what I make it! I believe! I believe! Tinkerbell, I’m clapping my hands! We all are! I’ll never grow up, Tinkerbell, I–