these 2 i stg

the halo antagonists and their motives

the flood: absorb all life in the cosmos to become a mirror of the domain, but twisted from the misery and suffering of the minds it’s consumed
the ur-didact: composing humanity as punishment for what he accuses them of and to serve his quest to destroy the flood and save the galaxy
the covenant: activate the rings and achieve transcendence
mendicant bias: [see the flood]
the created: ???

i stg buffy season 2 is the pure, concentrated manifestation of teen angst. “make a wish” joyce says. “i’ll just let it burn” buffy says. 

that shit shook me to me core. i’m now a teenager again. how am i supposed to look anyone in the face tomorrow. how am i supposed to do my job. “please file this report” they’ll say. “i’ll just let it burn” i’ll inevitably respond. 


What happens when you just wanted to draw Gundam in a suit but then you                 remember a certain someone… A Talent swap is born.

Little Bird - Part 5 - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Void/Reader, mention of Stiles/Reader
Words: 2,016
AN: OKAY ALRIGHT. Listen. There’s ONE MORE PART. And I STG this time it’ll be the end. I love you all.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Your eyes slid open, darting around the hospital room. Everything looked exactly as it had before you’d fallen asleep, except the room was empty.

“Stiles?” You called, but the boy was nowhere to be found. “Great. Thanks for staying with me.”

You sat up, swinging your legs to the edge of the bed, you socked feet slipping onto the cold tile floor. Your pulled on your shoes, tying the laces and stepping towards the door. “Mrs. McCall?” Reaching out for the door handle, you pulled it open, walking out into the hallway.

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i love it when people try extra hard to be offensive, and it just makes them look really boring and immature. that’s adorable. you’re adorable.


OK, let’s hit this point by point.

1. Maybe don’t worry about giving me a chance if you’re being disappointed this greatly? Just scroll past, I stg I will keep on living.

2. So many of my fics are from Felicity’s perspective, and I see her as being very hard on herself, especially following the events of Havenrock. I think it’s a mistake to call that “blaming” her, and I’m sorry if anyone sees it that way.

3. Would you really prefer to think Felicity just is blindly dating a dude she hates? I was trying something. Thank you for telling me it disgusted you. Again, feel free to never read me again.

4. I have written so many fics about the things Oliver has done wrong idek.

5. In all seriousness, I don’t want to make anyone mad. Please don’t read anything that makes you feel like this.