these 2 are real sweeties everyone

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I don't wanna offend anyone but I honestly think most tae/kook shippers are kids/teenagers who think that just coz 2 members play together (they literally have a bros handshake ppl) or have on your face moments that are cute then they are "dating!!!" (Tae is also clingy and cute with everyone so i dont see anything different when he does stuff with kook) Like u know what i mean? I remember when i first got into bts and i didnt ship anyone and i thought all the pairs are cute af but i swear 1-2

i didnt get any weird vibe from any pair except jikook like some of their moments made me go “hmm interesting” especially the subtle ones or when they think no one is paying attention, their body language, also the way kook talks informally to jimin etc you know what im talking about ur a jikook expert haha like i dont ship ppl in real life but jikook man.. like im not saying they are real but there’s something going on and im keeping an eye on them like yall aint slick sweeties 2-2

lajlf why is this so accurate. I think the same thing ?? like no shade but a lot of tae/kook (and tbh nam/jin and like yoon/seok) shippers act like they are like 14?????? and yeah, taehyung is clingy with everyone, yet the only person people think he’s dating is jk?? okay lmaooo. idk, i feel like most tea/kook shippers are new bts fans, so they don’t really get the kpop industry and fan service and how guys are super close to appeal to fans. like…. it’s just how it is. okay but the second half of the ask is literally me. i only ship jikook because when i first got into jikook they made me raise an eyebrow at a few things that they did.  i agree, they ain’t slick at all. lmao.