these 2 are my angel!!

Shit my wife has said to our cat part 2

- Hello my angel, my very most special piece of shit.

- I have several questions: Where the fuck did you come from? Why the fuck are you here? And, that’s it. 

- I cannot love you in the way you want, you spooning bastard.

- Is your flesh made of pain? If that’s true, why do you demand to inflict it??

- You could be the mother of darkness. You open your mouth and scream and that is what ushers in the darkness.

- If we had a saintly cat in this household, she wouldn’t fit in.

- I pet another cat. It was amazing, Miss Kitty. It was untouched by your evil.

- (Cat: gets sick) I never thought you mortal enough for a cold, Miss Kitty. I thought you ethereal, but not in a heavenly sort of way.

- (Cat: sneezes) Get the bad spirits out, Miss Kitty. Those are just the demons.

- You know what you are Miss Kitty? A nuisance. And a pixie. Who eats newborns. That’s how you get your gold. Where’s your gold, you little shit? 

-Lay down! Collapse your legs and put your body on the bed, you little monster!

- I’m arguing with you because you don’t have a brain. You have a festering cesspool of intentions. And I love you so goddamned much.

- You’ve got whiskers like livewire, hot stuff.

Part 1


Some doodles from BATIM chapter 2.

This chapter was very good ,I really was surprised about some things (jeje, don’t worry, no more spoilers)

I wish this was a real cartoon :( so I could know more about the character’s interaction .For the moment I can only imagine it … :/

It’s easy to fall in love with someone like her. You can write essays about her in alphabet soup and you can feel her in your room long after she’s left. It’s like having your guardian angel always in your bed. You should never let her go either. If you lose her you’ll still find traces of her in your bedroom because she never leaves. Someone like her is someone you feel for the rest of your life.
—  Try & Rearrange the Stars it’ll Never be as Pretty as Her