Ivan sighed sadly as he sat in the middle of a barren field. The flowers that used to grow there stopped a few years back. He pulled his knees to his chest and buried his face in his knees. The flowers were the only thing left he had that was close to companions. Everybody else was scared of him and ran away from him. The flowers must have been scared of him to to just stop growing like they did.

RP with thescottishdevil

Anneliese wanted aimlessly through the halls, bored. The pup trailed behind her, and she paused in the kitchen, raising the fridge for a bunch of grapes. Nibbling at them she sat in the counter.


“If you would like me to sir… I would be pleased to stay by your side” Hand resting against the others back, he smiled gently, and looked down at the elder man with wide amber eyes. “How would I sir?” He asked quietly, tilting his head to the side, a little curious to know.

A different beginning. Closed AU with thescottishdevil

As per usual whenever guests were expected to arrive at the house, Golo had asked the twins to stay out of sight and keep their aura and scent suppressed while he entertained. The boys had questioned why they had to do this before, and had been assured by their big brother that it was for their own protection. So it was on this understanding that Ludo had retreated to his domain within his brother’s library. The demon was curled up in front of the fireplace, a copy of Macbeth opened out on front of him as he read quietly to himself, completely unaware of the double doors in the corner, creaking open to allow someone entry; someone who should not be here.

Hunter and the hunted. @thescottishdevil rp

The day had been long the young women had been walking for hours through the highlands. Hourse back would of been better but she refused to do that. stubborn  in her nature she strode on.  Standing on top of the many hill in looked down into a woodland area seeking shelter

there in the tree was sigh of a fire. maybe she would ber able to take up residence for the night, her reason for all the  she was seek her prey. she had been sent out alone to take down this monster spawned form this very land.

Guys we need to talk.

I would normally put rants under read mores but no. This is way too important for me to put under a read more.

So….for a long while now lovinonotatomatovargas has been trolled by anons since…I don’t even know how long. But I DO know for at least as long as I’ve been following her she’s been trolled. Saying her Romano sucks and she’s a horrible RPer and she needs to die.

…That’s just….that made me sick. I’m gonna be honest, I threw up because of this before I wrote this. What you anons are doing, whoever you are, is sick. I’m not saying you are sick. But what you’re doing to this girl is sick.

JUST because you do not like how she roleplays Romano doesn’t give you right to say those things. You don’t know what she’s like in real life. She’s probably a really sweet girl. I bet she is. I bet she’s depressed too because of all this hate. Saying she deserves to DIE because you don’t like her way of roleplay a FICTIONAL CHARACTER is just rude and sick. I don’t know where you came from but where I came from, Romano isn’t real. He isn’t a human being. Lovinonotatomatovargas isn’t trying to RP a real human being. She’s RPing a fictional character who’s personality she can bend. Himaruya made Poland a selfish dick. I don’t make Poland as selfish as Hima does, so I deserve hate anons? Do I? Well this admin doesn’t make her Romano as rude as Hima does, accept the fact.

Also, anons, don’t go to other RP accounts about it. Recently I’ve been seeing anons rant about this Romano to thescottishdevil. (Sorry for just pointing you out like that, I had no one else to use for an example.) …Seriously, fucking SERIOUSLY? They’re friends, as far as I know, you think thescottishdevil’s admin wants to listen to you anons rant about her friend? I certainly wouldn’t. This is probably affecting her too. I’m honestly surprised she’s not the one writing something like this right now.

My point is, anons, what you’re doing is affecting people. It’s fucking with their brains and their hearts. How would you feel if you have to deal with random people hiding behind an ‘Anonymous’ name telling you that you suck at something? That you need to die. Or that same 'anonymous’ says you that your friend needs to die. And if you already have THEN YOU MUST KNOW THIS FEELING. Why are you making other people feel that way?! And for the people who are just standing by go do something about it. Try to cheer Romano’s admin up or something. I know I’m a hypocrite since I haven’t been doing this but I’m going to do it now. Guys we need to spread joy here. Isn’t tumblr for fun? Didn’t we all join tumblr to have fun? Well why are we making a poor girl wanting to kill herself to get away from the website she joined to have fun?