thescienceofdepiction asked:

Hi there, thanks for reblogging one of my drawings! :) Your username rang a bell, and your icon seems to corroborate my suspicion: am I right in deducing that you're /the/ Nana_41175, author of the incredible 'Captive Hearts', and, therefore most perfect creature to ever exist?! Such an honour to meet you! :D I know you've got works by the most talented and popular fanartists dedicated to your story, but I was wondering whether you'd consider including one of mine, if I created one for CH?

Hello! Pleased to meet you as well. ^_^

Oh, thanks so much! Of course! I’d be very happy if you’d like to draw some art for Captive Hearts. Do let me know if you’ve posted it so I can link it or put it up inside one of the chapters at AO3. Thanks very much!