'On Your Radar' - OUT NOW!!

The AMAZING @thesaturdays new album On Your Radar is FINALLY out. It’s a VERY busy week for new albums, someone called Rihanna is releasing an album, and One Direction are also out. So it’s going to be tough, but we can do this? Surely TeamSats?!

On Your Radar - is now available for you download from iTunes!! So fire up iTunes and grab that album that you pre-ordered, and well if you didn’t go buy buy buy it now!! Also support the girls in every way possible, you can pop into your local HMV and pick up a copy, or get over to the HMV Website and order a physical copy of the album there and those with a bit more money can pick up the Exclusive Fan Edition from the Universal Store so get buying, or plead with parents to buy you a copy or Christmas, it’s a great album, so really worth your money :)

01. All Fired Up
02. Notorious
03. Faster
04. My Heart Takes Over
05. Get Ready, Get Set
06. The Way You Watch Me (Feat. Travie McCoy)
07. For Myself
08. Do What You Want With Me
09. Promise Me
10. Wish I Didn’t Know
11. White Lies
12. Last Call
13. I Say OK
14. Move On U
15. On Your Radar - The Making of the Album (*iTunes Only)
16. Notorious (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)
17. All Fired Up (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)
18. My Heart Takes Over (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)

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The girls to play Capital's Jingle Bell Ball

@TheSaturdays have just been announced to be performing at Capital FM’s annual Jingle Bell Ball, the girls are playing on the SUNDAY - 4th December. This is the gap between their All Fired Up Tour shows in Liverpool (3rd December) and Cardiff (5th December)

Tickets for the event go on sale on Monday. The event takes place at London’s o2 Arena.

Source: CapitalFM

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Wednesday Chart Update

A tiny piece of good news for @thesaturdays - their new album On Your Radar has moved up a place, and now sits at number 15 nationally. The album is still Top 15 on iTunes - at time of writing it’s at number 14 (there are 2 NOW albums above it, and the Westlife album which has been wobbling all over the place has moved above them (again)), lets hope we can maintain this Top 15 album until Sunday!

Remember you can buy the album in all good record stores and obviously you can grab a copy from iTunes as well!

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Thursday Chart Update: Number 13

@thesaturdays seem to be suffering from the ‘new album out in a few days’ syndrome where people aren’t picking up the single as there is an album only a few days away. On the Thursday chart update 'My Heart Takes Over’ sits at number 13. Unless there is a sales burst between now and Saturday it looks like 'My Heart Takes Over’ will only be the 2nd single they’ve released that has failed to go Top 10, after Work charted at number 22.

You can still help change this, by buying the single using the links below :)

My Heart Takes Over - iTunes (£1.99)
My Heart Takes Over - Amazon MP3 (£1.69)
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) - Amazon MP3 - £1.99
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) - iTunes - £2.49
My Heart Takes Over - Club Remixes - Amazon MP3 - £5.34
My Heart Takes Over - Club Remixes - iTunes - £5.94

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Frankie checks into Clinic

We wish her a speedy recovery! Good luck @FrankieTheSats

POP beauty Frankie Sandford has alarmed fans by checking herself into a clinic.
The Saturdays babe was admitted to a centre for “unconfirmed reasons” after disappearing off the party circuit for over a week.

Her spokesman last night confirmed Frankie, 22, had signed into a clinic but said her treatment was nothing to do with drink or drugs and was not for a cosmetic procedure such as a boob or nose job.
Frankie herself admitted she had been poorly after posting a message on Twitter to bandmates Rochelle Wiseman, 22, Una Healy, 30, Mollie King, 24, and Vanessa White, 21.

She wrote over the weekend: “Sorry I haven’t Tweeted in a while. I’ve not been very well. Miss u. I’ll b back soon x.”
It comes after the star missed several group outings, leaving fans wondering if the sexy girl group were on the verge of a split. Last week the band members went to view a new Marie Curie Hospice Centre being built in Solihull, West Mids, but Frankie was forced to pull out.

Then she was also absent from a group visit to their vocal coach Priscilla Jones. Sources have said the singer is being supported by boyfriend and Manchester City footballer Wayne Bridge, 31, but they refused to speculate on the reasons why she has checked in.

Last night fans were sending her their best wishes. One wrote: “Frankie we miss you! The girls don’t look the same without you! Please come back!”

Frankie’s ex-boyfriend, McFly star Dougie Poynter, 23, checked himself into rehab after their relationship ended last November.

Source: Daily Star

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'Higher' featuring Flo Rida ... Listen to it here!

We’re lucky, right after airing it on CapitalFM they uploaded the audio to their YouTube account, and the video is coming soon. I’d imagine that’s why we should be tuning in to The Saturdays: 24/7 RIGHT NOW on ITV2!!


Update: No premiere for the ‘Higher’ video unfortunately, but lots of behind the scenes footage and more on the final episode of The Saturdays 24/7. Keep coming back because it’s heading your way!

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Rochelle Wiseman Was Always Destined To Be A Singer

External image
Rochelle Wiseman was always destined to be a performer.

The Saturdays singer - who previously found fame as a member of S Club 8 - revealed that she used to sing at a very early age.

“My mum says I was singing before I could walk,” the 21-year-old explained. “I’m lucky to have always known what I want to do.”

Rochelle - who is dating JLS hunk Marvin Humes - added to EveningNews24: “It’s always been a massive thing for me. I love Whitney, that’s what I grew up listening to. I love Mariah. I look up to anyone who’s successful.

"I literally get to do what I love every day.”

The Saturdays release their new single Missing You on August 9th, followed by the mini-album Headlines a week later, on August 16th.

Source: omgmusic

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The girls set for some TV appearances

@TheSaturdays are due on ITV1’s show This Morning today, according to their site they’re first on for a chat at 11.40am and then for a performance at 12.20pm. We’ll try and pop this up on the site as well as soon as we can :) They’re also due on for some more promo this week and next week:
04/09 BBC2-Something For The Weekend (Interview) @ 10am
05/09 ITV1-Alan Titchmarsh (Performance) @ 3pm
10/09 Ch4-Super Saturday (Performance) @ 11am and 9pm

For now, you can enjoy the 3 times before that the girls were on This Morning: to promote “Up” - sadly without Frankie cos at the time her appendix had just been taken out! - “Forever Is Over” and “Missing You”.



Forever Is Over:


Missing You:

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TV debut performance: "All Fired Up" & "Higher" on Tonight's The Night

Enjoy the TV debut performance of “All Fired Up” on Tonight’s The Night below, and their performance of “Higher” with a 6th Saturday member Connie Nash …

All Fired Up

Higher with Connie Nash

Huge credits to snoop for both these videos!! Tonight really IS the night! ;) Leave me a tweet on @Marito_Dorito or a message in our chatbox if you’d like this on another video source than YouTube.

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My Heart Takes Over Chart Position & Xtra Factor

@thesaturdays brand new single My Heart Takes Over debuts in the UK Singles chart this week at Number 15. It’s sadly their first single not to debut inside the UK Top 10 since the release of Work back in the summer of 2009. You can still buy the single to support it, and remember the new album On Your Radar is out in a matter of hours!!

The girls where supposedly appearing on the Xtra Factor tonight to perform My Heart Takes Over and no doubt get a last bit of promo in for the album - which is released very shortly - and now it seems they aren’t …. We’ll see how this develops … no doubt we’ll find out soon enough to why it didn’t happen!

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4Music Video Honours 2011

@TheSaturdays are nominated in the 4Music Video Honours 2011 - so everyone needs to get behind the girls and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

The girls are nominated in the ‘Best Group Award’ and 'Best Video’ (All Fired Up, Notorious).

You can vote for the girls via the 4Music Website (Best Group) and via this link here for Best Video

You can catch the results on the 4Music on 19th November at 12pm, along with the Video Honours Top 50 on Saturday 26th November at 2pm. Voting closes on November 11th, so get voting TeamSats!!

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Una celebrates her 30th with Family

Nothing wrong with being 30! @UnaHealy celebrated her 30th birthday with family in Dublin whilst her other half, Ben Foden, and his team mates crashed out of the Rugby World Cup after loosing to France.

‘I’m actually quite enjoying the not drinking because you know what? One thing I don’t miss is hangovers. I can tell you that for sure.

'For anyone who is thinking of giving up drink - it’s not actually that bad.

'You can get on with your life and get on doing things and not have that awful headache the next day. 'I’m quite enjoying that to be honest.

'And when you’re pregnant, for some reason you don’t even want to drink. It’s almost like a natural kind of reaction.’

External image
External image
External image
External image

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All Fired Up At... Tickled Pink Gig

As promised! @TheSaturdays take us behind the scenes of their first gig in the New Year, and it was for a good charity as well so if you went: go you!! This flip isn’t as much about the gig as it is about Una’s baby growing inside her belly… Apparently there’s 2 more months to go - well good luck Una! Although it might be at the safest place there, Mollie seems very keen to have it … As always you can catch the flip on their official site, there’s also 2 parts of the ‘The Best Of 2011’ flips up there to see what they were up to last year (and that’s a lot!). If you want to see those I think you’ll need to sign up if you haven’t already!

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Throwback: the girls on 'Something For The Weekend'

@TheSaturdays were on BBC2’s Something For The Weekend this morning, however Matt is on a day out so wasn’t able to get it up on the site this morning. They have been on this show twice before, once when they were out for just a few months in October 2008 (and took off!) and then a little bit later in March 2009. You can catch those videos below!

19th October 2008 - Interview:
[vimeo video_id=“28574197” width=“575” height=“323” title=“Yes” byline=“No” portrait=“No” autoplay=“No” loop=“No” color=“ffffff”]

19th October 2008 - Cooking / Interview:
[vimeo video_id=“28574422” width=“575” height=“323” title=“Yes” byline=“No” portrait=“No” autoplay=“No” loop=“No” color=“ffffff”]

1st March 2009 - Interview:
[vimeo video_id=“28575562” width=“575” height=“323” title=“Yes” byline=“No” portrait=“No” autoplay=“No” loop=“No” color=“ffffff”]

1st March 2009 - Cooking/Tasting food:
[vimeo video_id=“28576886” width=“575” height=“323” title=“Yes” byline=“No” portrait=“No” autoplay=“No” loop=“No” color=“ffffff”]

And see the post below for a reminder of something that has been released today … !!! “All Fired Up” is currently second (I repeat SECOND) on iTunes, can we get it to number 1 before Sunday finishes?! Keep purchasing everyone if you haven’t already!

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London Christmas Lights - switch on

@thesaturdays will be turning on the London Oxford Street Christmas Lights next week!!

Frankie, Rochelle, Mollie, Una and Vanessa will be on hand for the big switch on next Tuesday (1st November) at 5pm.

The Saturdays will also perform their new single ‘My Heart Takes Over’ when the button is pressed at the Marks & Spencer store at Marble Arch.

The annual ceremony is now in its 52nd year.

'My Heart Takes Over’ is the latest single to be taken from The Saturdays’ new album 'On Your Radar’, which is due to be released in November.

Source: CapitalFM

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