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I was tagged by PeanutWorm.

1. Top three favorite ice cream flavors

Let me say: THANK YOU. Picking just one is stressful. D: They are all so amazing. In no order: creamcicle, blue berry cheese cake, and mint chocolate chip

2. Top three favorite TV shows

Uhm…Criminal Minds…American Dad…Bob’s Burgers

3. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done? (that’s not going to depress people)

>> << *snickers* Uhm, we’ll go with: About a week ago, I wanted to go swimming with my dog in the middle of the night and get high in the water. I planned it all out, got my best friend to go along. I had my lighter and weed tucked into my bra, and my phone, the leash, the towels, and my tea all in a bag. We get down to the water, and I put the bag where the dog won’t jump on it and I wade out. I realize it is higher than I realized but decide to push on because I know there is a rock in the middle of the river. It is up over my head. It’s dark. My dog has never gone swimming before. It’s a bad combination, but we made it out to the rock safely, and I’m feeling proud…and then I realize that my weed is gone-stolen by the current-and my lighter has been drowned. My only hope is that a fellow stoner in need found the little j in plastic and got to smoke it. 

4. Are you an alien?


5. What’s your favorite Holiday?

I don’t like holidays. xD;

6. What’s your favorite swear word/phrase?

Son of a whore or fish fucker

7. Whats the crappiest lie you’ve ever told that actually worked?

I don’t lie…at least, I try not to.

8. Who’s your favorite video game character?

My Sim. Fuck you. She’s perfect.

9. Who would win in a fight between Batman and Spider-Man?

Batman :Y 

10. Do you believe in Ghosts?


11. What’s your favorite Disney movie?


My Questions For You!

1. What are your initials ?

2. How would you describe your crush?

3. Do you enjoy flirting with people to just flirt without any deeper intentions?

4. Describe your favorite place to escape-can be irl, online, or even just a mental haven you’ve created.

5. Does it bother you that there is no reason for the alphabet to be in order?

6. Do you think that love is real?/Do you think all people are capable of feeling love?

7. What is your least favorite vegetable?

8. Do you ever paint your toe nails?

9. Feet are gross.

10. Sims 2 or Sims 3? Why? If neither, what game?

11. Do you ever try to figure out who sends you anon messages?

SandHut, Hinfallend, Imsooriginalithurts, Tryxal, anthony-max, peanutworm, battyponymonfan, AND all of my followers are invited to do it. Just tag me if you do so I can check it out. :3

thesandhut asked:

Homi you know how you were posting stuff about retsupurae before an ive watched that video and it was like yea some stuff is decent points but then some stuff is mean anyWAY HAVE YOU SEEN THEYRE LATEST ONE AND THEYRE SHITTING ALL OVER A PRETTY FAB FLASH GAME. LIKE THEY DIDNT INVENT GAMES IT FRUSTRATES ME THAT THEY THINK THATS OK ughhhh

is that the amagon one??? or??

cause when i went on their channel that was their latest and it was just them ripping on this kid