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What are you alergic to? my boyfriend is deadly alergic to eggs and milk and it's so hard to make something vegan without having rare ingredients..

Lactose, bird meat and starch, but I’m also very sensitive to dairy and sugar. Starch is the worst as it cuts out 80% of everything available in stores; ALL crops (including gluten free crops like corn and rice), all root vegetables from potatoes to carrots, all candies, ice creams, cutlers, processed food, microwave food, sausages, all nuts except 2 of them, all the seeds, all peas and lentils and beans, lots of ready made food like jams and sauces and dressings and custards and mayos, everything deep fried because of the coating, anything containing additives from E1400-series and E450, 90% of painkillers and medication, tapioca, anything stating starch, all pumpkins, apples, pears, banana, mango, all cakes and cookies, cocoa (as it’s made from beans, there’s currently only one chocolate egg I can eat), soy and tofu and soy sauce and emulsifier which is made from soy (usually added to chocolate), anything containing glucose and trust me that shit is everyfuckingwhere, sugary juices and sodas, most of stock cubes, baking soda (it has starch), whiskey and other crops based alcohol, junk food naturally… Rule also dairy out except forvery long matured hard cheese (can be eaten rarely) and sugary stuff, and the list of no-nos gets even longer.

Basically I can use only raw food options when baking or cooking. Almost everything needs to be done by yourself, except this one mayonnaise I can have. This week I found one sausage and one wiener brand I’m able to eat from the 0596845697860794 of different sausages, and I’m so happy!

Short to say paleo diet is the closest diet I can have, and even it has ingredients I can’t use, like starchy fruits, nuts and dairy. 

Milk can be replaced with coconut, soy, almond, hazelnut, oath and rice milk, but you probably know that already.
For butter there’s at least coconut oil, almond oil, different seed oils like sunflower oil and coconut butter. Just a few to mention :3 
Eggs can be replaced by bananas in baking! I heard this from my friend who is a pastry chef, working in a bakery.

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Wow i didn't know you had tumblr. Question time! From italy. We get barely nothing here. Saris. I wish I could have one, but i'm not sure where to look on the internet / what kind of fabric i should get to make one myself. 2nd. What is the Corset Grand Ball? those photos were incredible. 3rd i'm quite a full bosom (34GG i think in USA sizing) do you know some 100-150$ OTR corsets? i have a fairly good spring, natural bust spring is almost 30 cm. Keep rocking! have nice holidays <3

Ciao e Buona Pasqua. :)

1. I purchased my saris from zessinna-saris (I believe some of them were vintage from Bangladesh) although I’m not sure if she has any left in stock! I also inherited a couple from my great-aunt, when she lived in Pakistan for some 20 years. I know that saris are also available through Ebay, although I hear that importing fabric/ clothing is particularly difficult in Italy.

3. This was the first Grand Corset Ball coordinated by Melanie Talkington (corsetiere of Lace Embrace Atelier). Last year she launched a crowdfunding campaign to make the ball a reality. The funds went to flights and accommodations for Cathie and Bob Jung to attend, and to support Melanie’s antique corset exhibit.

There used to be other ‘Bals des Gracieuses’ back in the 80s (coordinated by by Les Gracieuses Modernes, a society of lifestyle tightlacers in England back then) but to my knowledge, those balls don’t exist anymore, so Melanie wanted to bring back a bit of that glam in the form of her own ball in the US. You can read more about Les Gracieuses Modernes on Cathie Jung’s website.

 None of us are sure if the Corset Ball will become an annual event, but many people would be in support of it!

3. I have a gallery of overbust corsets made for large busts, but the only one under $100 is from Corsets Boulevard Global. I believe that corset accommodates a bust spring of 11 inches (27.5 cm) so you might not get very much waist reduction in it unless you wear it with a “V” shaped lacing gap.


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hej ufo i can't check that video right now could you tell me the thing about coconut oil in short?

it was basically saying that coconut oil will clog ur pores (which idk it probs would if u just slathered ur face in coconut oil???) but the hair part was basically talking about how nobody should ever do it and how it makes your hair shit and if your hairdresser tells you to do it then they’re shit. it was lowkey racist bc a lot of ppl with natural hair use coconut oil as like a staple of their haircare and she just totally didn’t give a shit and just went on about how shit it was just bc it’s shit for some white people :/

also u called me ufo and that’s the cutest thing i have ever seen tysm for that love <3

“Good evening chef. I didn’t expect you will come here to personally give me your best wishes. That’s very courteous of you. I appreciate this gesture and as you probably already know I highly value your hard work during this year.”

Yves puts down the basket on her desk and looks at its content for a moment.
“I recognise this paw print. It belongs to this troublesome scout, doesn’t it? Ah, when you meet the yordle tell him that I kinda miss him. I always liked his strong conviction and strange humour.”

Chimera takes few bites of very tasty looking red apple and studies sketches more carefully.
“Do you know that I used to draw as well? When I was a student. I mostly drew anatomical schemes, just to help myself learn for my classes, so I wouldn’t really call myself an artist in that field. Though I wonder do I still remember how to draw humans…”

She takes a piece of spare paper and one of pencils from her organiser.
“Tell me chef how life goes for you…”

They were chatting for some time about more or less serious things. When Yves finished her sketch she handed it to the other woman.

External image

“Did I guess who is your second co-worker? Hah. You can keep it if you want. It’s nice to do something again after such a long time. I would love to talk with you some more, but there are things I should take care of. Merry Snowdown chef. I wish you all the best.”


That’s hardly a reason to don’t like someone. And I happily point out to you my little tease that I do have very long hair on my head. But apparently that’s not enough for your merciless standards. *sigh* How could I possibly make up for such unforgivable offence? For obvious reasons I don’t know how I would look with long hair.
But I can invite you to see a League match when I’m summoned with so called ‘Traditional’ attire. That should be enough to satisfy your curiosity.

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Assumption even if you didnt reblog that. YOU LIKE PIROGHY Or how the hell you call pirosky in poland

We call them pierogi! And actually I don’t. There was a time when I thought that they are okay and even liked them, but then we had a period when we had been eating them like almost every week and it was too much for me and since then they are pretty meh for me.

But I like kopytka a lot and I probably should learn how to make them myself.