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The next morning, Arid, Timber, and Desert all waited with Keira on the train platform for Keira’s train home. It was bittersweet going home. She missed her fiancee dearly, but she also didn’t want to leave her family yet.

Arid: Well, kid. It was great seeing you. I’m sure if your dad saw all you’ve done in the short time you were here, he’d be proud of ya.

Desert: Oh, Arid. Don’t be ridiculous. You know Lost would be proud of the kid no matter what she did.

Keira: Guys, you’re flattering me.

The train shortly pulled in, whistling as it came to a steady stop.

Keira: Well, I’ve got to go now. I’ll miss you all. Thank you for everything!

Desert: We ought to be thanking you, kiddo! You really did a lot to help the family!

Timber: We’ll see you next time, Keira! Take care!

Arid: One of these days I’ll try to make a visit to Ponyville to see ya! Until then, keep an eye on your mailbox!

Keira: I will! I love you all! See you next time!

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On the way home, Keira pulled out her wedding magazine and thought about her trip in Trottingham. She was happy that she was able to find another one of her dad’s talismans, but was even more satisfied with the work she had done to help patch up her family. All in all, she was just excited to get back to Ponyville.

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When Keira got off the train in Ponyville, she was surprised to see Discord and Kaliq waiting for her. Excitedly, she gave Discord a hug and pet her gecko.

Discord: Welcome home, Keira.


Ruse tries to say happy birthday but he was happy for his mum
Keira was surprised, 
Keira: OH my thank you so much, thank you everyone
Discord: And you have many gifts your way, but first your guest are around Canterlot party area.

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Keira: Wow a rainbow 7 layer cake, thank you Discord, Thank you ruse, and everyone.
Pearl: Happy Birthday darling,
Starlime: Why is Keira’s gecko pet here?