A summary of my Valentine’s Day drawings!

There are some mistakes (e.g. eye colors and some moles are missing), but I drew most of them for the first time, so please have mercy on me. :3 I also tried my best to include all the cute pets of them. UvU


My favorite youtubers/streamers as things I've said/done.
  • Delirious: the hop top- hota- hoptic- hoptopadap- the hot pockets are done.
  • Minx: you can straighten my hair, but you can't straighten me.
  • Entoan: *wakes up at like one in the afternoon* I need a nap.
  • Moo: *friend is sad* I will hug and smooch the heck out of you.
  • Nogla: *switching between like, four tabs with different videos* I have a short attention span leave me alone.
  • Terroriser: I make too many jokes about my sexuality. *continues to make them*
  • Panda: I'm gonna warn you, i'm bad at this game *accidentally kills my teammates repeatedly* I warned you.
  • Smii7y: Meme machine is my theme song.
  • Mini: *dyes hair blue* I'm the mega smurf.
  • Wildcat: *in a bad mood* touch me and i'll kick you.
  • Cory: *finds random cut/bruise on body* deMONS! // *lights flicker* not todAY DEMONS!


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@pewdie​  @cinnamontoastken​, @cryaotic​, @markiplier​, @therealjacksepticeye​,smosh, therpgminx and tobuscus !

WOop WOOp WoOpidifloop ! R u ready? Me, James and Bnh have worked on the new concept artworks/poods keyframes for several weeks !

(’s  not only a concept game anymore. The team is really working on playable prototype .)

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Imagine Bts’s Reaction To You Being Friends With Big Youtubers, Being One Yourself.

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The pastries that occupied your free hand seemed to stare you down as you lipped your lips eager to bite into the sugary sweet. Jin was in the same boat as you. His hand laced with yours as you walked happily out of the bakery. A man had opened the door that seemed familiar but you didn’t recognize the voice until he let out a wanton ‘Have a good day.’

“Wait Thomas! It’s me!” You smiled brightly as your old friend, he looked up at you shocked that you were actually standing in front of him.

“Haha, I haven’t seen you since vid-con!” He exclaimed as the three of you found a patio table to occupy while you talked. You had introduced Jin and they got along but Jin wasn’t super talkative, simply smiling in a agreement and putting in a word here or there. It wasn’t awkward or anything but more a polite way of letting you guys catch up without disruption.

Well, his silence seemed to dissipate the second Thomas told a signature cheesy joke at something you said, Jin responding with one of his own and that  had been what  sparked something between the two. They ended up (joke)warring mercilessly against each other and promptly laughing their asses of along with you.

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When Yoongi saw you and another man in a restaurant in Dublin he couldn’t help but think the worst. He was taking a break form the boys by walking the streets their latest tour had brought them to. The sweet smells of food and booze filled the streets, the pleasant energy was ruined by a sour taste in his mouth as his eyed focused in on you and some guy he hadn’t recognized.

The man was average of height, had a scraggly beard but the most eye catching thing was the mop of green hair that fluffed on his head. Yoongi tried to remember a time you told him about the man. He tried even harder to remember a time you had told him you’d be in Ireland. He trudged up to the restaurant patio with furrowed brows and deceit boiling in his stomach.

You saw yoongi approaching the two of you and you immediately picked out the near feral look in his eyes.

“Hey, Yoongi! ” You waved at him eagerly, stepping out of your patio seat to wrap him up in a loving hug.

“You dumbass, I was gonna surprise you. ” You muttered over his shoulder giving him a teasing smile as you pulled away. 

Yoongi looked pissed and hurt, you frantically tried to weed out a reason through your subconscious. When scouring your memory didn’t bring up a valid point you settled for sending Yoongi a head tilt and a questioning look.
After you had figured out what he was going through inside his mind you hurried to douse the thoughts.

“Huh? Oh no! nonononon, Jack and I are just friends. We’re working on a collab this weekend and he happened to be near the airport. I knew you were busy at the studio so I asked him to pick me up and we could discuss filming and ideas.”
Despite your words Yoongi continued sending the two of you distrusting glares in between casual conversation and bites of the food that lied on his plate. It was only after Jack’s girlfriend: Wiishu came out of the restaurant after being caught up with something inside did Yoongi fully believe you and apologize for misunderstanding.

On the way back to the hotel he would be really pouty and apologetic. Clinging onto you quietly until you convinced him you had truly forgiven him.

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The two of you were getting snacks from the convenience store and so far the mission had been successful. Namjoon’s philosophical thoughts met with your witty comebacks and the two of you seemed to meld together like hot chocolate after you started dating.

As you handed him the nachos to dress them as he pleased, you saw a glimpse of long hair turning a corner. You wouldn’t have thought much of it had it not been for the top of a familiar snap-back peeking over from  the isle next to yours practically screaming for your attention.

“Hey! That’s mine!” You blurt with a laugh, causing Namjoon to look away from the machine and cock an eyebrow at you in a 'are you talking to me’ sort of way. 

His eyes only drifted away from you when he felt a burning sensation on his hand. He had been so distracted the hot cheese had dribbled onto his hand as it completely missed the nacho tray.

“Huh? (y/n)? Oh my god! Wait, you’re the one who left it at my place!” The popular youtuber rounded the corner to sling you into a casual hug and Namjoon’s eyes widened to the size of the paper plates on the counter in front of him. 

You two conversed easily before you introduced your sweetheart to her. Your 'sweetheart’ who currently carried a dumbstruck expression and a dollop of nacho cheese still dribbling down his hand. 

“Um, hi I’m Namjoon, it’s nice to meet you. I’ve seen your videos before. Youre really cool.” He spoke in English, proceeding to wash his hands off afterwards.

I feel like these two would get along really well and talk for hours while you happily ate your nachos in peace.  

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J hope:

You and J-hope had just gotten cotton candy at a carnival the two of you visited while he was on tour in California. As the sweet candy was sticking to the roof of your mouth you heard a familiar voice cursing from behind you. 

Swinging around, clueless to the mess on your face you searched for the owner in the crowd. J- hope laughed and wiped at the sticky substance with a napkin he had wet with a water bottle from a stand nearby.

“Huh? Oh, thanks Hobi!” You planted a kiss on his cheek casually and withheld a giggle at the way a content blush spread across the apples of his cheeks.

“No problem, Jeeze you’re such a messy eater.” The two of you laughed as he pulled some stow-away cotton candy that rested on your nose.

“(Y/n)! Is that you?” The voice you heard earlier demanded your attention once more as you turned to lay your eyes upon your online friend Minx. She was with her wife as you walked up and greeted them both, exchanging hugs and smiles. You introduced your he was happy to meet them and talk about your online career that he hadn’t heard of up until this point.

Later on he would eagerly look up all three YouTube channels he had heard about and you only figured out he was sleuthing when you heard him squeal at one of the horror games you had recorded.

This resulted in you having to cuddle him to sleep and stroke his hair until your heart beat silenced the monsters and lulled him to sleep.

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Bonus! Taehyung:

“Jagi Jagi Jagi!” He whispered vehemently.

“What what what?” you spoke in an equally hushed tone. A smile conquering your face at his antics.

“That’s him, that’s Markiplier” he pointed to the man sitting a couple tables over, drinking a coffee and working on his laptop laid out in front of him. You glanced up at the man, before looking back to your over excited boyfriend.

“And? what about him?” Teasing him, you giggled over the rim of your steaming  coffee mug.

“(Y/n)! He’s so cool, I watch his videos all the time!” Taehyung responded excitedly.

“Do you want to meet him?” You questioned, the wide eyed look he gave you was priceless, his mouth open just a touch and his gaze flipped between you and the man sitting in the café.

You turned to the famous YouTuber, looking at him for a second before waving your hand excitedly at your friend.

Taehyung nervously smiled as the two of you approached Mark.

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