Crown of the Queen

This was the last place he would visit before he would depart from this region. Shanza’s home. He had come quite familiar with the small dwelling during his illness. He was sorry that he had to return for more somber reasons. First disease and now the passing of a friend that was very close to her. 

He knew that he owed it to the little wanderer a token of remembrance as well. He just wasn’t sure how this encounter was going to play out. He had promised to Shanza that he would escort Habibah safely on the journey to the Summit and he imagined this meant that he had to escort her safely home, too. He did, but the destination had changed. That was his job. To take the dead to a resting place of closure from their lives.

He approached the tiny house, his lip beginning to quiver as the reality of the soon coming confrontation hit him once more. The first time with Hasan was hard enough. This would be the continuation of seeing pain that he felt along with them. There was no separation this time. He would be right there with them in grief.

He crouched down to his knees and called out to her quietly, hoarsely. {}|/Miss Shanza..? I have news to bring you. Please come out to meet with me..\|{} He almost hoped that he was speaking to just an empty house. He hoped she was out on a dig or meeting with her sister in the Undergrounds, but logic told him this wouldn’t be the case. She had seen them off when they left this house for the journey. She would be waiting for them to return. With the hat Habibah wore clutched in his hand, he waited for her to come out to meet with him.


Who is your best friend?

{: I must confess to having several! They’re very dear to me. :}

Advice/Words of wisdom?

{: Oh I suppose I could think of something… :} Her expression became a pondering one as she tried to form some piece of wisdom in her thoughts.

{: Don’t let others decide what you can and cannot do. You decide that for yourself. :}

((Okay so here’s what I got in my head…

Azrael promised to take Habibah to the Egyptian exhibit at the museum and Shanza offered to go halfsies on gas if he brought her along as well. Shanza later told Eikaea about their plans, and he told Labi and Labi was determined to go see the butterfly exhibit  because they let you touch them and shit but needed to bring Eikaea along for some sense of comfort seeing as he has to travel quite a bit with a couple random acquaintances and the spirit of a thousand year old queen trapped in a jar.

So now have some lumpy looking college!au wayfarers.))

Habibah and the Undertaker (Part 1)

((OOC: Habibah’s event will be coming to an end soon enough, and while she is still open to asks and RPs, The Undertaker’s mod and I are collaborating to bring the event to a close, and who knows what’ll happen when these two kooky wayfarers join up to tackle the queen’s first journey up the mountain? Also, if this isn’t motivation enough, The Undertaker will be telling his name for the first time!))

These are RP posts between myself and The Undertaker’s mod via email. Habibah’s posts will be Italicized while The Undertaker’s posts will be normal.))

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