the one with the accidental groping

Grant is still new to taking the unscripted into his stride. // because Anne wanted me to do something with the seblaine hug from 5x01 being unscripted… // PG-13

Filming with Darren again seemed to fit like a glove, even if nothing they were doing was particularly exclusive to just the two of them, this time around. So, maybe Grant was a little disappointed to flip through the script and discover that there were no cosy little trips to the Lima Bean written for Sebastian and Blaine, a tradition broken, but he couldn’t really complain.

He was still back on set, and if anything they were trying to pack Darren into even tighter fitting pants than they had last year. He cocked his head as he stood on the sidelines, watching as Darren and Chord skated their way down the marbled hallway for what had to be the tenth time, their enthusiasm unwavering, Dom, Curt and Jon at the other end in their cramped little booths. Grant smirked to himself; they’d tried to put him one of them, but his head hit off the top and it was declared Not A Good Idea.

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seblaine (♥︎-♥︎) – as requested by various peoples