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What if the Eldrazi were imprisoned in Theros instead?

So let’s say instead of Zendikar, Ugin chose Theros as the Plane that will serve as the Eldrazi’s prison.

Theros’ planeswalker protector

Ugin and Sorin would have to get a planewalker of Theros to help them imprison the Eldrazi. This planeswalker would have to be on par with Zendikar’s Nahiri and have great knowledge and control of Theros. Nahiri created the Hedrons all around Zendikar that made it possible to imprison the monsters there. In Theros, there are no Lithomancers of that sort. I would say that a planeswalker who’s a prophet of one of the Theros Gods would be a good candidate. This prophet planeswalker [possibly a prophet of Kruphix] would have the most open mind about the idea of using Theros as a prison. She would also have immense knowledge of the Plane and its mana.

The Temples

It was the Hedrons that held the Eldrazi in Zendikar. In Theros however, there are no hedrons nor a lithomancer to make them. Ugin would have to device of a different way to channel his colorless magic against the Eldrazi. The Temples across Theros, built in honor of the Gods could take the place of the hedrons. They hold immense power due to the devotion aspect of the Plane.

The Gods 

As expected, the Gods will not agree to the plan; and they will do everything in their might to stop it. All of them, except maybe one… Kruphix, who is the eldest of the Gods and one of the few who knew the existence of the multiverse. This also makes sense as it would be one of his prophets who’ll be the planeswalker that helps Ugin and Sorin.

Kruphix would then agree to the plan and enact the Silence, banning all the Gods back to Nyx while the three planeswalkers set up the trap; and until such a time that the Eldrazi are imprisoned.

The Entrapment

When the Eldrazi finally arrives in Theros, the temples will all be ready - now forever changed with engravings of Ugin’s ghostfire magic. The Prophets of each God will have received an omen beforehand, announcing the arrival of “doombringers”. They would then relay this to the people of Theros and in return the people would pray in the Temples, empowering it with even more devotion.

The plan succeeds just like in Zendikar. The Eldrazi are imprisoned in Theros.

The Nyx Roil

Theros would react to the imprisoned Titans just like Zendikar did; but instead of the roil that changes the landscape, It would be the mark of Nyx that would suddenly burst through Theros.

Ula, Cosi, and Emeria as Theros Gods

Time flies. and after ages of being imprisoned in Theros, the Eldrazi [just like in Zendikar] would be later worshiped by some of the people as ancient Titan Gods.

Prayers in the Temples would continuously provide the devotion to keep the prison strong. But there would be cults that secretly worship these Titans. There would be forbidden Temples built in their honor; and in time, these eldrazi temples would somehow corrupt the prison, allowing for just a fraction of the Eldrazi to pass through. This fractions - fed by colorless devotion - would eventually create full-pledged Theros Gods, both bearing the mark of Nyx and the blind eternities.

Only the prophets of Kruphix know the truth about the Eldrazi. They would be the constant watchers charged with the difficult task of keeping the Eldrazi imprisoned.


All Three Theros Block Trailers, with Additional Content

The Journey into Nyx video now shows some additional memories from Elspeth’s life, before she was killed and claimed by Erebos. And there’s a short “stinger” after the Journey video that confirms Elspeth’s presence in Theros’s Underworld. Check it out.


Theros, you’ll be missed!

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Thanks,” whispered Kiora.

For what?” asked Thassa. “The lesson in humility?”

Kiora’s silent, desperate spell reached its climax.

The bident…”

she hissed, and melted away into the void, Thassa’s weapon still clutched in her hands. The last thing she heard before she slipped between worlds was the anguished cry of an angry god.

In the space beyond space, Kiora clutched her stolen prize and laughed.


Theran Temples

Temple of Enlightenment by Svetlin Velinov
Temple of Silence by Karl Kopinski
Temple of Deceit by Raymond Swanland
Temple of Epiphany by Noah Bradley
Temple of Malice by Sam Burley
Temple of Malady by James Paick
Temple of Abandon by Mike Bierek
Temple of Triumph by Jason Felix
Temple of Plenty by Noah Bradley
Temple of Mystery by Noah Bradley

Where do you worship?