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Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I haven't been playing Magic for that long (started right near the end of Theros) but the game has helped me so much with my life, letting me meet new friends and be social in general, help me come out of my shell much more easily, and cope with my anxiety. I inspire to become as great as you someday, Mr. Rosewater.

Thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot.

Ever wonder why that rock is covering part of the figure in Cavern Lampad by Volkan Baga?

If you get to see the painting, you may find that odd.

Even when you see the sketch, you see a giant rock covering her butt.

Why would that be?

Well, when an artist sells the unused sketches, you can see where an idea to have an interesting rock cropping can be expanded to cover a booty.

Free the booty.

The Magus’s Stories (UPDATED)

Hey there! Well, this post should be fairly self-explanatory, right? Simply put, I intend this to become a masterpost for all the stories I write. They will all be listed (and linked to) in this post, and whenever I write a new one I’ll add it. Not only that, but I’ll be rebloging this post every now and then (probably once every few days or something) and I’m also going to pin it to my blog’s page (you can also find it at That said, thank you for your attention and if you end up reading any of these and have any questions or comments, please, please don’t be shy and let me know!

  • MtG Stories
  1. The Weaver and the Hunter: Story about a young Meletian named Lara and her encounter with Ashiok. Set on Theros;
  2. Lost Souls: Story about Levantera, an ex-Custodi, and the task Brago bestows upon her. Set on Paliano before the events of Conspiracy 2;
  3. Dissenter: Story about Arel, the Whisperer, and her struggles within and without the Temur clan. Set on Tarkir (both timelines); written in collaboration with @pandoraeve;
  • Other stories:
  1. Hawk and Raven: A young sword master encounters a fierce opponent on her path to vengeance (may be developed more in the future but should be ok even as a one-shot);
  2. Found: sci-fi one shot about escaping an insidious underground society;

Thank you for your attention ^_^

EDIT: I’ve changed the descriptions a bit, added the new story and fiddled with the links. Thanks for your attention!