Redone Cat Soldier token, for roboram101!

I had fun making a grizzled, scarred veteran while keeping him Not Ajani.

I love Theros’s Leonin and their rejection of the gods and refusal to accept death and general badassery.

It’s really neat to see a White-aligned group that hates outside tyranny and control, and wants to overcome the gods and death and anyone who would impose their will on them.


the-architect-unstructured, check this out!


Just going to get this Elspeth spam out of the way! It was so hot that day but so worth it!

Cosplay is made and modeled by me! Check out my facebook for a LOT of other Magic the Gathering cosplays:

photographers are



and Eurobeat kasumi:


All Three Theros Block Trailers, with Additional Content

The Journey into Nyx video now shows some additional memories from Elspeth’s life, before she was killed and claimed by Erebos. And there’s a short “stinger” after the Journey video that confirms Elspeth’s presence in Theros’s Underworld. Check it out.


Theran Temples

Temple of Enlightenment by Svetlin Velinov
Temple of Silence by Karl Kopinski
Temple of Deceit by Raymond Swanland
Temple of Epiphany by Noah Bradley
Temple of Malice by Sam Burley
Temple of Malady by James Paick
Temple of Abandon by Mike Bierek
Temple of Triumph by Jason Felix
Temple of Plenty by Noah Bradley
Temple of Mystery by Noah Bradley

Where do you worship?