Scry Havoc
Puzzle #003

Here’s a classic puzzle from the distant plane of Theros. I’ve never been there myself, but I’ve heard the food is good.

You are playing a game against Kruphix, who you’ve managed to whittle down to 2 life. Unfortunately, due to some poor scry decisions you made earlier (and even worse deckbuilding decisions), your Magma Jet you need to win is the 20th card in your library, under 19 Islands!

It is currently your first main phase and you have already played your land for turn. Can you still find a way to defeat the God of Horizon this turn? The solution will be posted next Tuesday.

Remember: Try not to reblog with your answer! To avoid spoiling it for others, please hide your answer in a “keep reading” or message me directly if you want to know if you’re correct or not.


Just going to get this Elspeth spam out of the way! It was so hot that day but so worth it!

Cosplay is made and modeled by me! Check out my facebook for a LOT of other Magic the Gathering cosplays:

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and Eurobeat kasumi:


All Three Theros Block Trailers, with Additional Content

The Journey into Nyx video now shows some additional memories from Elspeth’s life, before she was killed and claimed by Erebos. And there’s a short “stinger” after the Journey video that confirms Elspeth’s presence in Theros’s Underworld. Check it out.