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As I finish up my first official T.O.T.D. post, I’m realising it isn’t at all short. I have a tendency to get very excited when I talk about this stuff, so I always find it hard to shorten everything as a whole down. I can explain something (example: the growth rate of Tyrannosaurus) shortly, but I like to write about all difference aspects, facts, and other not-so-well-known information for you guys. I’m just hoping it won’t be too long where no one will want to read. Of course, every post will vary in length because there are just some theropods we do not know enough about yet.

So in the end, are you guys down for lots of information or rather keep it short and sweet? Below is a screencap of what I have (it’s not complete yet) on T. rex. Too long?
Murusraptor, a megaraptoran theropod from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia
Theropods are some of the most famous and successful of all dinosaur groups. These bipeds include every known carnivorous dinosaur (and quite a few that were not carnivores), and range in size from giants like Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus, to diminutive wrens and hummingbirds. Many theropods are known to have been feathered, and they still live among us as birds.

Another day, ANOTHER new theropod from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia.

Have a theropod you'd like me to write about? List it below!

I know I have to get some more TOTD posts up, but I lost the list of requests. These posts do take time to write, and I’m not on Tumblr or my Mac 24/7 to write them daily (as you guys have figured out by now haha).

But I’m going to make this the official request post. Keep your requests for theropods in the Mesozoic, please. Here’s that mandatory question mark so you can answer?

Alright, people. "Theropod Of The Day" is a GO!

Even though only about 2 or 3 three people said I should do it, I’m going to start it up anyway. I’m pretty busy right now with a lot of different things (including lots of fossil and mineral stuff, of course), but soon I’m going to start a series which will have fun facts about all types of theropods (ex: T. rex, Allosaurus, the family Dromaeosauridae, etc)!

When it gets started and you’d like to request a theropod, just hit my ask up. There needs to be more love on this site for the dinosaurs!

Posts I'm currently writing up:
  • Masterlist of palaeontology group digs in western North America.
  • What to do if you find a fossil (especially a big one).
  • How to find fossils, rocks, minerals. What tools you’ll need, etc.
  • More Theropod Of The Day posts, of course!
  • Why palaeontology is important for science and society.
  • Posts on dinosaurs and technology.

I’ve got other things as well, but those are some key topics I’ll be talking about. If you have anything you’d like me to cover, let me know! Have a look through my past posts as well on: science, geology, palaeontology, paleontology (yes I use both tags), dinosaurs, & Theropod Of The Day.

Planning to have the first official T.O.T.D. post up today!

It’ll be on Tyrannosaurus rex! Thought I may as well start off with the “tyrant lizard king” before moving on to the others. I’ll be able to have about 4-5 this week, but with an event coming up in a week, things will be sporadic until that’s over.

Keep a lookout, and I’ll have it posted as soon as possibe!

Theropod Of The Day updates.

So I know many of you are patiently awaiting my T.O.T.D. series, and I can’t thank you enough for the positive feedback I’ve received on the upcoming series. Here’s a little bit of information on how the process is going/will occur:

As I’m getting the rest of the posts ready to go, I have been making mini-T.O.T.D. posts on reblogs and originals, which you can find on my Theropod Of The Day tag, giving short facts and information as a preview to what I have in store. The true/full posts will be labelled with “Theropod Of The Day” as well. Also, I cannot promise I’ll have posts every day as my schedule can be hectic, but I’ll do my best to have them as soon as possible. If there’s ever a day I cannot get a T.O.T.D. post up, there will be at least smaller reblogs/entries with a little bit of information.

Always feel free to send me a message with a theropod request! I’m planning to cover as many as possible (if not all), but if there is one you’re dying to hear about, a request will have that dinosaur farther up on the list to be posted.