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Dinoween Days 7, 8, & 9: Werewolves/Wolfmen, Archeornithomimus, & Zombies

For @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s Dinoween.

Day 7: Myself as a were-Utahraptor under a full moon behind clouds.

Day 8: An Archeornithomimus hanging out in a pumpkin patch.

Day 9: Something terrible has risen from the fossil beds at Ghost Ranch. A mere fraction of a horde of zombified Celophysis thousands strong is on the hunt for blood and brains (Postosuchus) (hapless paleontologists).

Dinoween Day 6: Citipati

I’ve always loved how the word “Citipati” refers to both a protector deity or supernatural being from Buddhism and a dinosaur! I decided to draw a pair of Citipati osmolskae as Citipati. Based off this image here: [Source].

Citipati are often depicted as “…two skeletal deities, one male and the other female, both dancing wildly with their limbs intertwined inside a halo of flames representing change. “, and as you can see, that description heavily influenced this piece. Citipati are normally depicted as dancing, but these two aren’t mad-they’re just trying to keep a straight face before they bust some sick moves.

Disclaimer: By the way, if I have made mistakes in my depiction of the Citipati, please tell me so I can fix it! I researched the artistic practices of Buddhist art before making this, but if I missed something, please let me know!

For @a-dinosaur-a-day​‘s Dinoween challenge.


Somewhat speculative art of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus hunting a speculative species of “swamp-turtle”. I couldn’t really find anything about turtles/tortoises in the fossil-record of the Chenini formation but it seems highly likely turtles would have inhabited such giant swamp-area. I based the turtles on Axestemys and modern species of similar kinds.

Also I tried doing a background for once. Took me an entire day.


Waiting on the day someone discovers proof of that one theropod that looked like the dinosaur equivalent of a disco ball.