Dearest, there are no accidents, and everything comes full circle.
No explanation I offer will satisfy you. You seek resolutions because you are young; but you will understand this one day.
Everything comes full circle, and when it happens I want you to imagine me there to greet you.
—  Carol(2015), Todd Haynes.

Most epic skate video i’ve ever seen <3

Okay, this prompt from thorinshielding has been bothering me for so long, so I had to write a fic for it, and I didn’t want to possibly give them notifications, so im posting here and there is now 900 words of angst beneath the cut, be wary.

[Past major character death]

The sun was setting slowly over the horizon, casting streaks of golden light across therolling hills of the Shire. Bilbo Baggins leaned his head back against the barkof the great oak behind him, a lazy smile spreading across his face as he staredup at the glow which filtered through the gently swaying leaves. His pipe and book lay forgotten at his side, and the faraway laughter from the pub on the edge of town soothed him, a gentle reminder that he was not alone—not anymore.

Bilbo tugged at his clothes absently, his eyes closing almost of their own accord while the warm afternoon breeze brushed through his curls like a lover’s hand, and Bilbo found that slipping into a dream was oh, so much easier than it had been before.

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