leiaamidala  asked:

You seriously have one of the best (if not THE best) themes on Tumblr. Holy moly! Haha, honestly, it's fantastic!

SOBBING AKSJHKDJS OMG. I might cry, what? AHHHHH /dies/ You are honestly so sweet, omg, I’m probably going to sob and let myself drown in this puddle of tears. ;A;

Thank you so much. ;A; Your message made me smile and cry and sob. ;A; <333 You’re really kind, LET ME LOVE YOU DOWN OKAY? ;w;


Woohoo! 1st year anniversary on Tumblr!

It’s my blog’s first year anniversary!

Well, if you go to the very last page of my blog you’ll see the first post I ever, uh, posted was a quote in December of 2010 but I never posted anything else…..

Except on March 25, 2012. When I logged on here again and decided, eh, why not, I’ll hang around for a bit

I am really glad I came back here on that day, because I haven’t left since. Thus, I consider it my first true day here on Tumblr.

And I am eternally thankful to every single follower of mine (mine, I feel so possessive, heh) who still hasn’t pressed that unfollow button.  This is a multi-fandom blog, and so I know chances are that most of you may not like or care for everything that I post, yet you continue to follow, and I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me.

I’m not a mushy, touchy, feely person. But dammit, I love you all and want to plant a slobbery wet one on each of you.