Event Gif Set : Henry and Temperance - Bedtime 

Temperance babysits Henry while her parents go out, at bedtime her brother demands her to tell a story. Temperance happily obligees. 

“Tell me a story.”


“Tell me the story about the princess who faces her demons.”


Name: Sasha Faye 

Parents: Jack and Anastasia Faye 

Siblings: Amber and Aspen Faye

Blood: Full

Age: 16

House: Hufflepuff

Dating: Spencer Robbins

Boggart: Disappointing everyone around her, failing.

Patronus: N/A

Disabilities: N/A

Strengths: Well spoken, Singing voice, Friendly, Caring. 

Weaknesses: Cares to much, Easy to stress, Frequently irresponsible. 

Best Friend: Dominique Weasley

Favorite Colour: Gold/Yellow

Favorite Food: Sweets - mostly ice cream

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite ‘Mystical’ Animal: Phoenix 

Future: Sasha grows up to become the new choir teacher at Hogwarts, in hope to help others the way Mr.Whales helped her. She is ultimately disowned by her mother, this happens a little while after she graduates from Hogwarts - but before She and Spencer get engaged. Her sister Amber lets her borrow money without telling their parents until Sasha finds a steady job. They never acknowledge it happened. The only person Sasha tells about amber helping her, is Spencer: and she does not do so until years later. She and Spencer get married in their twenties, and they go on to have two children. The eldest, a girl named Temperance, and the youngest, a boy named Henry.

(draft/form from: Becca)


She’s her father’s daughter.

She reads to many books for her own good

Only speaks when she is spoken too

And she’d most likely rather lock herself in her room then talk to you

But somehow she possesses an inescapable charm,

that entrances those around her 

she’s good company.