Last week I got 100% committed and back on the food wagon. Totally rocked it.

Today, I decided to up the ante and add P90x to my workout schedule.  I’m clearly a masochistic asshole and make poor life decisions. 

First day: Core Synergistics. 389 calories burned in 45 minutes (no bonus time done… that extra 10 minutes was a hard no).

Important Things Learned: 

  •  While I was dying of cardiac arrest and muscle failure, Tony Horton kicked my ass all over the place and ended with a wink and smile. I hate that guy.
  • Eating within several hours of working out with these videos is a terribly awful idea. Just say no.
  • I kinda thought I was in pretty decent shape with all the miles and running and jump roping everyday….. Yeah, I’m not.
  • The most frightening 2 word phrase in the English language? Superman Bananas. Got Damn Superman Bananas.
Good Intentions


My mother has been going to a personal trainer for a month now.  I am 100% supportive and so very proud of her.  She has been looking for motivation for a long time and it seems she’s finally found something that really inspires her to get moving and get healthier.  


Now that she’s completely prescribed to this guy’s personal fitness regimen and life plan (which is 100% still a good thing) she is convinced that I should do the same and completely change everything from the way I eat, down to the way I workout. 

Things I heard: 

  • “He said running does nothing.  Circuit bursts, that’s the way to go.”
  • “If you build a lot of muscle, you can eat more.”
  • “I told him you were very thin and you never eat and that you needed his help”
  • “You need to go see him so you can be stronger.”


Soooo…. She’s my mother AND she’s excited, which is awesome…. but it was a little hard to ignore all the implications being made.    

“He said running does nothing.  Circuit bursts, that’s the way to go.”

  • I run for exercise, sure, but I also run because I love it.  I run because it relaxes me and puts me in a better mood.  I run to get out into the sunshine, even for a little while, after spending all day cooped up in an office crunching numbers and dealing with icky work.  It 100% does something.  Many MANY somethings, including helping me lose over 100lbs.  It’s my personal preference.  I don’t judge your circuit bursts… you no judge my running. 

“If you build a lot of muscle, you can eat more.”

  • My goal is not to “eat more.”  Do I want to build muscle?  Yes.  Do I want to consume wheelbarrows full of food just because I can?  No.  Would I like to eat more bacon?  Always.  Do I think that lifting weights will make the bacon healthier?  Not even a little.   

(moment of silence for bacon gif)

(wipe off drool…. continue reading.)

“I told him you were very thin and you never eat and that you needed his help”

  • I am currently 150lbs.  I am not “very thin.”  In fact, on the little “This is what you should weigh” chart thingy at my Dr’s office, I’m STILL considered overweight (total bollocks.)  I somewhat blame her mentality on our overall genetic body structures.  We are all sturdy tall robust Irish German people with big hearts and big appetites.  Pretty much all the bestest things.  But my being a wee thinner than our family norm, clearly has my mom a little worried over nothing.    

“You need to go see him so you can be stronger.”

  • I’m sure he probably could make me stronger.   But I can also get stronger, if I choose, my own way.  Weights, Yoga, resistance bands, anything?  As much as she loves that guy, he doesn’t own the patent on muscles. 

I feel like this scenario probably happens to a lot of people attempting to get fit and healthy.  We’re trodding along, just trying to do things the way we know how, the way we have planned, when someone intercepts and tells us another way is better.  Sometimes, this can be a great blessing, but other times it just leaves us feeling really confused. 

I love my mom dearly and I know she meant well, but everyone has their own journey.  Everyone has their own struggle.  The way you choose to do it, is YOUR call.  It’s YOUR decision.  No one else can make that for you.  So while my feelings got a little bruised, I know myself.  I know my body and I know my limitations.  I know what I will and will not stick with.  You know yours too.  Be honest with yourself.  Trust your instincts and experiences. Everything else will fall in place.