thermonuclear reactor

Nancy: I need this simple thing

Other character: I’ll give this simple thing to you after you be a doll and power this thermonuclear reactor to power my art project that’ll need supplies from across the river that cost your life savings and need to be sacrificed to the gods before you make some tea out of this yard sale junk and I criticize you for everything and you’ll probably fail, more likely die. Eh, you’ll figure it out. Simple Really.

To Kiss a God

The Prequel

Clark admitted to himself that Bruce Wayne was the problem. Bruce Wayne’s perfect cheekbones, the electric grey eyes that beckoned from the front pages of a half a dozen magazines at any given time of the year. The tousled inky hair, the hint of stubble on his jaw that he could see even now. The suits that cost more than his yearly-take home pay, the scandalous vacations and threesome rumors- Bruce Wayne was the problem.

When he had first been introduced to the seemingly pretentious billionaire playboy he had been less than charmed. But as the years had passed and the Justice League had been established, escalating into one of the most powerful groups to have ever been created; Bruce Wayne’s inherent charisma and composure had made Clark like him. His razor sharp wit, and unrelenting determination had won him over. And his precision and meticulous nature, intelligence and thoughtfulness, had resulted in a feeling perilously close to love. As he said, Bruce Wayne was the problem.

Clark Kent descended from the cloudy August night sky and landed delicately next to the suit-clad vigilante, as not to disturb him. Batman was currently working to open a Svalbard safe without damaging the internal contents, waves of efficacious concentration radiating off him like some dark mesmerizing sun. Batman, despite seldom speaking, possessed a level of intensity and arcane veneer like no one Clark had ever encountered.

And it fascinated him.

It felt like everything he did was done with a unrivaled level of focus and ceaseless determination. Clark couldn’t even imagine what sex with someone like him would be lik-… Well, he definitely could imagine. He forced his thoughts back to the mission at hand, shaking his head with minor embarrassment. Clark had been noticing more and more things about Bruce ever since he and Lois had broken up. Like how his strong brow furrowed slightly as he inserted the borescope into the hole he had drilled. Or how his pink tongue darted out to wet his rather swollen enticing lips.

“How long is this going to take?” Whined Barry, appearing instantaneously behind him, he darted toward Batman to peer over his broad shoulders.
Once again, Clark was broken out of his reveries. He glanced a Bruce, interested to hear his response.
“As long as it takes.” replied Batman, his voice guttural and boarding on abstruse but Clark could hear Bruce’s smooth cadence underneath, like warm bitter chocolate. His focus appeared to be completely absorbed by the safe, but Clark knew him well enough to know he was surreptitiously aware of everything happening behind him. Clark couldn’t help but smirk at the knowledge and simply shrug when Barry turned away, rolling his blue eyes at him. An expression of camaraderie passed between them at their ‘talkative’ colleague. With a dramatic huff, no doubt for Batman’s benefit, Barry disappeared as quickly as he had come.
Clark took it as an opportunity to turn back to the safe and study it again, or at least that’s what he told himself he was doing. While he could see the thermonuclear reactor switch inside the safe with his X-Ray vision, he, and those of the Justice League who didn’t have extensive experience breaking into safes or disabling bombs were unsure how to go about receiving or disabling it without it’s detonation.

Which is where Batman came in, with his seemingly infinite number of talents. The Safe had been located behind a painting of Monet on the wall and while Clark attempted to remain focused on the mechanism’s interior, it was only so interesting. Clark eyes slowly drifted further and further South on their own volition - finding Bruce’s rather nice bottom. He didn’t know how he had never noticed it before. It wasn’t as if he considered himself totally straight, he had found some men attractive in his time. He had never acted on anything or really, ever truly lusted after a man before. However, as he stared at the grown man in the bat costume, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to trace the muscles along his scarred back, to nip at the skin around his corded neck, or to inflame Bruce’s already swollen lips with his own.