thermonuclear astrophysics

Thermonuclear Astrophysics (Pietro Maximoff x reader)

Request:  HI! oh my god requests are open i’m panicking okay okay could you write a thing where reader is a total nerd who works with Bruce or Tony and Pietro likes her and keeps hitting on her but she is awkward and shy and would be much more comfortable talking about astrophysics or quantum mechanics, so he tries to get Bruce to teach him and he’s awful at it but reader finds out what he’s trying to do and she laughs at him because it’s adorable and he’s pouting and idk fluffy ending? Thank you!

“When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics?”

“Last night,” you answered Tony’s inquiry plainly, as if any other answer would be ridiculous.  “Bruce needed help on his project and you were out doing whatever it is you do after the sun goes down.”

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Appalachian English

I took a linguistics course last year and one of the most important things I learned in that course is that dialects usually considered “sub-standard” (in English these include African American English and Appalachian English among others) follow sets of rules and do have their own grammar and especially that they are able to **communicate the same information** as the standard dialect.  Being from West Virginia has meant that if I slip into the accent when I’m in Raleigh, drop the g on my present participle, or use some slang, bring up the redneck jokes, as speaking this way conveys a lack of education.  When I’ve seen extraordinary displays of ingenuity, openness and community in my state, it doesn’t sit well with me that the dialect associated with it is seen as inferior.  But what we learned in linguistics was that if a dialect does communicate the same information, it is valid.  So my fellow Appalachians, continue to drop your g’s as you discuss thermonuclear astrophysics:) Destroy the notion that these are incompatible character traits.

  • Person: Wow, you're really good at drawing!
  • INTP: Yeah but it's just a hobby.
  • Person: Wow, you're really good at programming!
  • INTP: Yeah but it's just a hobby.
  • Person: Wow, you're really good at rocket science!
  • INTP: Yeah but it's just a hobby.
  • Person: Wow, you're really good at thermonuclear astrophysics!
  • INTP: Yeah but it's just a hobby.
  • Person: Wow, you're really good at being the president!
  • INTP: Yeah but it's just a hobby.

MCU Ladies Week | Day 2: Unsung Hero
              ↳ Maria Hill
When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics?

Maria Hill was Nick Fury’s second in command because she was very good at her job. She looked after the Avengers while working as the Deputy Director of the world’s greatest intelligence agency. She even saved Natasha, Steve and Sam when Hydra tried to take them out. She kept an eye on Coulson and his team. She worked at Stark Industries after she helped bring SHIELD down. Maria Hill is the reason half of our beloved superheroes are even alive. She doesn’t need superpowers to keep up with the Avengers.

I have now seen Civil War for the third time and I maintain that the most unrealistic part of the whole movie is the part where Tony didn’t already know that the Winter Soldier killed his parents.

Because friends. Hundreds of thousands of files dumped to the internet and Tony – the nosiest guy in the world, the guy who always has to be the smartest person in the room and knows that means having every scrap of information you can, who learns thermonuclear astrophysics overnight – wasn’t driven to take a peek?

Also, encrypted files. They might as well have put a sign on it that says, “I double-dog dare you.”

I call bullshit. Tony would’ve totally sifted through those files. He would’ve known before Zemo showed him.