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Unfortunately to new Owners of the Therme Vals decided to demolish
ALL Rooms designed by Peter Zumthor.

The “Temporaries” | Hotel Therme
„… The basic furnishings – black lacquer pieces designed by Peter Zumthor – are the same in all rooms, and yet each room is unique: bright kilims or gabbehs, twentieth-century furniture classics from Eileen Gray to Mies van der Rohe to Le Corbusier to Jasper Morrison, pure silk curtains in different colors to match the carpet. You sleep in a king-size bed with linen sheets …“

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Hey! do you know any project where the designers applied the concept of "genius locci" to it? I'm having a hard time to find some examples of it. Thanks :)

In Sense of Place, Authenticity and Character: A Commentary they state that the culmination of Norberg-Schulz’s examination of the genius loci concept is found in Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture where genius loci is described as representing the sense people have of a place, understood as the sum of all physical as well as symbolic values in nature and the human environment. 

In Norberg-Schulz’s description of the genius loci, as well as in his own use of the concept, four thematic levels can be recognized: 

  • the topography of the earth’s surface; 
  • the cosmological light conditions and the sky as natural conditions; 
  • buildings; 
  • symbolic and existential meanings in the cultural landscape. 

According to this definition, some call Peter Zumthor a genius loci architect, where a certain context also generates architecture, visible in his use of local materials or traditional building techniques.

Here are some of Zumthor’s most important projects:

Saint Benedict Chapel

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